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Fury of Dracula 3rd Edition – Guide for beginners and

advanced players
Greetings! After dozens of gaming sessions with Fury of Dracula not only can I tell that it’s one of
my favorite board games and probably one of the most atmospheric, faithful adaptions of a well-
known topic (easily on the same level of quality as the wonderful War of the ring or Eldritch Horror,
in my opinion), but I also thought it was time to share the experiences I had with the king of
vampires and his 4 hunters with other enthusiasts.
The following not-so-short guide is in general directed to newcomers, but contains enough detailed
thoughts about this quite complex game that also advanced players should find some things to
think or discuss about. In the last part I discuss some rule clarifications, too.
I hope you’ll find the guide helpful and inspiring.

In the Variant section of board game geek you’ll find a few house rule ideas (title: ‘Dealing
with balance problems and theme inconsistencies – Some well tested [and some not-so-well-
tested] house rules after dozens of times playing Fury of Dracula’). As the title says, those are
mostly concerned with optimizing the balance of the game (which normally tends to give Dracula
the upper hand) and adjusting issues I personally have with some minor theme inconsistencies.

[Sorry for every mistake in language or writing – usually I don’t write or speak in English. I tried my
best, but as the Count says, native speakers always recognize the pitiable attempts of foreigners
… ;) ]

Table of content:
A) A Hunters’ Guide – How to defeat the undead
 Basics
 Starting positions
 Phases of game
o Phase I – Preparations (week 1)
o Phase II – The hunt (week 2 and 3)
o Phase III – Final assault (week 4)
 Item cards and combat – How to fight
B) A Vampire’s Guide – Bringing terror and death over Europe
 Basics
 Starting positions
 Phases of game
o Phase I – The blood awakes (week 1)
o Phase II – The blood pulsates (week 2 and 3)
o Phase III – The blood flows (week 4)
 Encounters and power cards – How to outsmart, ambush and crush your enemies
 Dracula combat cards – On killing a vampire killer
C) Ten clarifications of inaccurate original rules
A) A Hunters’ Guide – How to defeat the undead
 How many players? – FoD works very well as a 2-player-game. It can be most satisfying to
have this direct confrontation of one head against another. But if you perform a 2-player-game,
you’ll not experience the fun and challenge of a common hunt for Dracula. On the other side,
be careful with 4 hunter players: If they are of the becoming-bored-quickly kind, that
constellation could ruin your session. Then, it can be suitable to have 2 hunter players, so both
can control two hunters, which might give them the feeling of having more options.
Experienced players, however, will recognize that the hunters’ game is not about doing your
individual actions, but forming as a group and thinking about a common strategy to overcome
the lord of darkness. So just try a few games in various constellations with different players and
find your own favorite way of playing FoD.

 Communication! – Like in every hidden movement game: If you are at least 2 hunter players,
communication is the key to victory … or at least a glimpse of it. If you don’t interact and plan
your actions as a group, you have already lost your immortal souls to Dracula.
But be very careful with sensitive information: Don’t give away too much about specific item
and event cards. The trade action allows you to talk in secret about your cards, so use it if
you need to. Especially, Van Helsing’s leader ability gives you the chance of showing event
cards to each other without having Dracula any knowledge of it.

 The hunters’ net: To catch Dracula, it is best to circle him with all 4 hunters and then to
constantly close draw this ‘net’, to which the hunters represent the four corners (or three if Mina
goes with another hunter to use her ability). Consequently, if you don’t know anything about
Dracula’s current location, keep the ‘net’ wide and only tighten it after you have assured that he
is not in a location outside your net. Also, if possible, put yourselves to locations from where
you can track Dracula as fast as possible if he should try to slip through the net by using
WOLF FORM. That means there should be a minimized number of places Dracula can move
to by leaping over the hunters.
 Example: A crucial crossing place is the triangle Munich-Vienna-Zagreb: If you
apprehend Dracula to flee from the east into the west, you should have Vienna and Zagreb
blocked by at least two hunters so that Dracula might not use WOLF FORM or Prague and
Munich remain the only free locations. Then, the hunters will definitely search in Munich – if
Dracula is not there, they can easily locate him in Nuremberg or Berlin now if he did not choose
to hide in Prague; but even in that case, he will probably be an easy target for well-informed
hunters. Conversely, if Dracula tries to escape from the west into the east, Munich and Zagreb
should be blocked because Vienna can easily be reached by train.

 Hunter event cards: Get as much of those precious event cards as possible. The best
situations to do so are the beginning of the game, where the hunters get their first supplies, and
phases in which Dracula uses sea movement. Keep in mind that you can’t move when
performing the day supply action (which can be fatal later in the game where usually you need
every move action of your hunters), but at most stages of the game a supply action can, in the
long run, be of more use than an uncoordinated, risky move into the blue.
The event cards you want to get most: your allies SISTER AGATHA and RUFUS SMITH (and
maybe JONATHAN HARKER if you play it with a slightly stronger effect  see my variants),
CONSECRATED GROUND, GREAT STRENGTH and hunter-specific cards, especially
Also, use Van Helsing’s leader ability throughout the game to give a certain event card to the
hunter who can make the greatest use of it.

 Dracula event cards: Conversely, you want Dracula to get as few event cards as possible.
That’s because almost every Dracula event card can be very nasty and even a single one of
them, cleverly used, can guaranty the win for Dracula. If any, you will want Dracula to have
event cards at the beginning of the game, when their effects can sometimes be tolerated. But,
as every rule has its exception: If your hunters are starved and need new supply quickly (which
can be very probable at the later stages of the game), consider some night supply actions. You
may be lucky even if Dracula might draw some event cards – not all of them are useful to him
at game’s final actions. Also use LONG NIGHT wisely for it can be helpful to keep on Dracula’s
track (especially when hunting him in the Balkans), but it might also give Dracula a game-
winning event … Well, no vampire hunt without risk, I assume.

Starting positions:
The following setup has proved quite well (but of course there are other good setups you might find
out for yourselves):
 1 hunter in Great Britain: This is of high importance. In many game sessions I have seen
Dracula win because he was alone in Great Britain at the game’s start and could freely lay
down his vampires and other encounters to guard these vampires. After that, he would leave
Britain (e.g. from Edinburgh), only to land on the island again (from the Irish Sea or the English
Channel). Meanwhile, a vampire had matured and cleared the Britain location cards so that
Dracula could place them again. When finally one or two hunters came to search in Britain, it
was already too late: With the help of UNNATURAL FOG, Dracula hindered the hunters and
could mature a second vampire.
Long talk, short sense: Always place exactly one hunter in Great Britain, preferably in London
(because it makes Plymouth useless to Dracula and the hunter can swiftly reach France if the
Count is discovered on the mainland), and after Dracula has placed 4 city location cards,
the Britain hunter only has to check Edinburgh to assure whether Dracula is in Britain or not
(only exception: Dracula used WOLF FORM to leap over the hunter in London – but in all my
game sessions this rarely happened). From Edinburgh, the hunter can quickly come to
northern Germany to help the other hunters.
But who should make his- or herself comfortable in London? I prefer to have Van Helsing there
because he must not be close to another hunter to use his event trading ability. Admittedly, an
isolated, unarmed Van Helsing with his 8 health points is an easy prey for an aggressive
Dracula in the first steps of game, but still Van Helsing can save himself on sea and move to
the other hunters. If you want a different hunter to start in London, then take Seward since Lord
Godalming’s ability to quickly gain tickets and move through Europe fast is kind of wasted in
Britain and Mina’s PSYCHIC BOND is also needed elsewhere.

 1 hunter in the far west: This hunter represents the down-left corner of the hunters’ net. I
recommend putting Seward or Godalming in Madrid. From there he can quickly travel into
France if he needs to. Also, if you are in Madrid and should be lucky enough to draw the event
LOCAL RUMORS in your first turns, you can clear Spain in just one round (except of
Barcelona) and maybe find Dracula there. Seward or Godalming should take over the part of
Spanish conquistador.

 Mina and 1 hunter in the middle east of the map: Mina and the remaining hunter form the
east corner of the hunter’s net at the game’s start. Either put both hunters in the same city
(which is not a rule violation) or in neighboring cities. I highly recommend Munich and/or
Vienna. From there, you can easily, and right at the game’s start, check Germany, Austria-
Hungary and Italy and even France (by travelling to Strasbourg via railway). Also, with a few
moves by railway you can enter the Balkans relatively fast.
But who should go with Mina? I recommend Godalming (who can give needed supply to Mina,
which he is able to get very quickly) or Seward (which makes Godalming free for quickly
organized movement actions on his own to discover Dracula’s trail by chance).

Phases of game:
This part gives some action advices for the different phases of the game. It is sometimes based on
the assumed setup from above.

Phase I – Preparations (week 1)

 Supply: It is essential to draw item and especially event cards as much as you can in the early
rounds of play. If you cannot get good combinations of items (for further information, read
below), try to draw another one or trade with another hunter. Otherwise, you won’t be ready for
an encounter with the forces of evil at all.
Also in week 1, drawing good items and useful events is almost every time better than moving
over the board and hoping to find Dracula’s trail by chance. Doing the latter, you only waste
precious chances to arm yourself. Draw event cards instead and you will most certainly get
some of the following: EVIL PRESENCE, HIRED SCOUTS, LOCAL RUMORS and
NEWSPAPER REPORTS. With these, you’ll probably find the trail in a more comfortable way
while also equipping for encounters and battles. Especially NEWSPAPER REPORTS can be of
excellent use if Dracula has already moved twice. If you draw HIRED SCOUTS, you might use
it on central or suspicious locations which are in a region you don’t want to check by Mina’s
ability for now.
If you want a hunter to move into the blue, then take an isolated Godalming in Madrid, who
should be able to travel fast between Spain, France, Germany and Italy, mostly via railway.

 Psychic bond: Make frequently use of Mina’s ability to possibly discover Dracula early. The
setup described above gives Mina quick opportunities to do so in different regions.

 Clear Britain: The hunter who is placed in London only has to wait until Dracula has placed at
least 4 city location cards on the trail (and has not played WOLF FORM). Then, he just has to
go to Edinburgh: If its location card is not on the trail, then Dracula is not in Britain.

 Keep calm: Don’t panic if you can’t find the trail. Even if Dracula manages to mature a
vampire, that’s not the end of the world: Now he has to clear the 4th, 5th and 6th space of the
trail (and thus has to discard every encounter card on them) and he must show you the location
card where the vampire matured. At least now you have a clue, where the Count might be, and
you should have enough time to get on his trail by sharply analyzing where he could have
gone. That said it is of course always better if you can prevent any vampire from maturing.

Phase II – The hunt (week 2 and 3)

 Don’t lose the trail! – This is essential even if Dracula tries to mislead you by clever use of
encounters, power cards and sea movement. Be wary and take every possible option, where
Dracula might have gone, into consideration.
Should Dracula try to shake you off by a constant use of sea movement, open up an
already closed hunters’ net and place yourself in central locations, from where you can quickly
follow the Count if he comes back to land again. Suitable places are: Marseilles, Genoa,
Venice, Amsterdam, Hamburg (and cities that are connected to Amsterdam and Hamburg –
thus preventing an effective use of WOLF FORM in northern Germany) and other places in
France that allow you to travel per railway.
Also try to figure out from where Dracula started so that you can count the possibilities where
he might land. Don’t panic if you fear that he will land in the Balkans: You can get there swiftly
by using sea movement from Venice to Valona or by train movement from northern Germany
through Prague and Vienna.
While waiting for Dracula to end his wet (and vampire damaging) trip, don’t absurdly move
your hunters from one location to another, but perform supply actions to draw some
good events against Dracula’s ocean adventures. This is what you want to get: EXCELLENT
WHEATHER (to follow Dracula after you know his target or after he landed), HYPNOSIS (to
know Dracula’s whereabouts if you got lost) and especially MONEY TRAIL and RUFUS
After Dracula landed, you must check the contemplable regions with Mina’s ability and examine
havens by going there. If it becomes likely that Dracula landed in Britain, at least two hunters
should quickly move there, too. Otherwise, you take the risk that Dracula recovers on the island
and places some nasty encounters – don’t leave him the time!

 Clear hideouts … but maybe not all! – To prevent vampires from maturing, you have no
chance but to follow not only Dracula’s current locations, but also his other trail locations.
Hunters who carry DOGS and STAKEs are best for this task.
However, since every encounter that is not a vampire often represents an unnecessary danger
and obstacle towards the hunters, you should consider avoiding some locations with
encounter cards on them (if you can be sure which location it is). You could speculate that
Dracula does not place his vampire cards on the three spaces behind another vampire
(because they are discarded when the vampire matures). So after you killed a vampire, you
could risk ignoring at least one of the three following encounter cards. On the other hand, an
experienced Dracula player might use this hunter strategy to his advantage and place several
vampires in a row. His ARISTOCRATIC VAMPIRE cards are particularly suited for that
because they are the weakest of the vampire cards and Dracula can sustain a loss of some
vampire that isn’t able to fight.
All in all: If you want to go for sure, then clear as many hideouts as possible (thus at least
preventing matured effects), but it could be wise to avoid some encounters – and probably a
needless fun with bats, that will delay you, or snappy little rats (both even haven’t a matured
Note that you can use Seward’s WAX CYLINDERS if you really want to know if it’s necessary
to visit a certain location and its encounter(s).

 Kill the vampires! – This you should do with stakes if you have some, because thus you can
avoid damage, losing items and getting frustrated by battling every single vampire.
Nevertheless, if there is no hunter with a stake around, a fight becomes necessary. If you have
to beat a NEW VAMPIRE, it is of great help to fight him with more than one hunter.
But if it is at any time foreseeable that you won’t be able to kill a certain vampire, let him
mature, spare some precious health points and go for Dracula instead (after you managed your
obvious item problem).

 Fight Dracula … but only if no fog blinds you! – You should use every situation in which
you can attack Dracula himself, preferably with more than one hunter, but even a single, well-
armed hunter can be a serious threat to him. Just be sure that you don’t die (use ESCAPE,
before you have too little health and risk defeat by playing it, or have a HOLY CIRCLE with
you). As an exception, you should not attack Dracula with a single unequipped hunter: Not only
might he/she be defeated, but you also give Dracula an easy chance of playing ESCAPE AS
BAT and getting away from all hunters.
One encounter, however, you should try to foresee and thus avoid like the devil (or vampire)
the holy water: UNNATURAL FOG. Dracula will keep this best of his encounter cards (next to
the vampire cards) and most likely place it on haven locations where it is super effective if he
manages to lure more than one hunter into the trap: Every hunter will get delayed and held
captive in the city and Dracula can avoid combat.
What are your options if you suspect UNNATURAL FOG?
1. Send a well-armed hunter to the city, but hold back every other hunter who might be able to
reach the same location: Dracula might wait to ambush with the fog until more than one
hunter is in town. But if no other follows, you have successfully tricked the vampire lord
because he cannot activate the fog now. Thus, you might yet get some good hits in combat
with the single hunter.
2. If Dracula has already gone off to sea, consider to avoid the haven location totally. Dracula
might fool you by having placed a vampire, but that’s not certain. Consider to send just one
hunter who can search the location and assure whether there waits thick fog or a sick
3. As the ambushed hunter, have the event card FOREWARNED with you, which can discard
the fog without its effect being activated.

 ‘You shall not pass!’ – When it comes to the end of week 3 and Dracula is quite heavily
wounded, you must take into consideration that he tries to reach castle Dracula to recover 5
health points. This you should prevent by all means necessary because a recovered Dracula
can be an insurmountable opponent in the final stages of play. To reach his castle, Dracula has
to get through the west-east-passage at the Munich-Vienna-Zagreb-triangle if he doesn’t want
to travel by sea. Ensure that at least one hunter (or rather two) blocks the passage to give the
Count a hard time trying to pass.
If you have held back CONSECRATED GROUND, now is the time to play it: By placing it on
Munich, you can prevent even a Dracula in WOLF FORM from just jumping into the east
(heavenly host tokens can also be used to block Prague, Vienna and Zagreb or even circle
Dracula, if he should have made it into Vienna, by blocking Munich, Prague and/or Zagreb).
Should the Count now try to reach his castle by sea, he must take further damage and you can
easily take position in the Balkans and/or follow him via sea.

Phase III – Final assault (week 4)

 Do not rush! Do not panic! Think! – Well, if you haven’t been able to kill the vampire king
until now, it is of course high time. But that doesn’t mean that spontaneous, thoughtless actions
will save you or the world. More than ever it is now crucial to exactly plan and coordinate your
movements for the final assault. Otherwise, if you attack Dracula as a single hunter and are
defeated, you might give him the last victory points he needed or weaken the strength of the
group by going to hospital, without all your equipment.
On the contrary, you should steadily, but carefully close your hunters’ net and make
sure that the Count cannot escape from it (be wary of WOLF FORM!!). If this means that
some hunters rather stay where they are than move, then that’s totally legitimate, even if
meanwhile Dracula earns a few victory points by his FURY OF DRACULA ability. Also, don’t
leave a seriously harmed hunter alone, since Dracula might decide to go for a last,
desperate offense that could end the game immediately.
Then, in the right, well-planned moment, all the hunters must strike together. This doesn’t
mean that every hunter must be able to get to Dracula’s current location (although that would
be best), but at least two hunters or one well-armed hunter should come into combat with him.
If you don’t find the Count’s current location with your first movements, then it might be better
not to search for it with the remaining movements of the round, but to rather block Dracula’s
path and plan a second assault for the following day.

 ‘You shall not pass!’ 2.0 – If the Count managed to escape to castle Dracula at the end of
week 3 or the begin of week 4, he very probably wants to get away from the Balkans again
where he would be in a trap when he still needs a lot of victory points that come with his FURY
OF DRACULA ability. So you should follow the recommendations from ‘You shall not pass!’
above in reverse: Block Dracula’s way through the west-east-passage, best with
CONSECRATED GROUND, and keep him in the Balkans.
Here I highly recommend differing from the official rules and using house rules that give
Dracula some disadvantages if he wants to move by sea in week 4 (and in following weeks
if there are any). Otherwise, it would be easy for Dracula to get away from the Balkans by sea
although the hunters could try to block at least Valona, Salonica and Athens.

 No time for maturing: Because the time is running short for Dracula (but also the hunters of
course), he won’t be able to mature the encounters he places in the last rounds of play. So as
a hunter you can easily neglect those locations – focus on your final goal now: killing Dracula.

 Road runners: If Dracula tries to survive the last rounds of play in the east of the board, where
moving conditions are quite bad for the hunters because of an underdeveloped railway system,
the FAST HORSES item card can be pretty powerful. Just ensure that not all of the railway
tickets with a yellow 2 are held by the hunters (I also recommend a slight improvement of the
horses  see my variants). Equally useful can be the event SENSE OF EMERGENCY.

Item cards and combat – How to fight:

It is very important for beginners to be familiar with Dracula’s combat cards early. Although he
draws them at random every single combat, it can save your life as a hunter to know what awaits
you. So study the cards when Dracula lies in his coffin, sleeping, and recognize that there are 2
copies of every card, except ESCAPE AS MIST. That means that it is for example quite likely to
get hit by claws in the first combat round, but that it’s not so likely to encounter the claws in the
second round, too, and that it is impossible to get hit by claws a third time, no matter what round it
is …

 Have a weapon: If possible without performing dozens of supply actions while being stuck in
one location, you should at least have 1 weapon card. Not only does it protect you against
WOLVES, SZGANY BODYGUARDS and other encounters, but also, you need a weapon card
(or HEAVENLY HOST) in combats with more than one hunter, since otherwise Dracula might
ignore you and your Crucifix or Garlic (because those cannot hurt him unless you are the
engaged hunter) and he will attack your friend(s) first. Additionally, only weapon cards (besides
However, if you cannot get a weapon yourself and no hunter is nearby for a trade (or no hunter
wants to trade with you … poor weaponless hunter …), you should have at least one combat
item card at all. If not, you will definitely be an easy prey to the Count’s thirst for blood.

 HEAVENLY HOST: This combat card is extremely powerful: Not only does it inflict 4 damage
points when resolving, but it cannot be canceled by STRENGTH or MESMERIZE, too (the
latter is canceled by HEAVENLY HOST itself). Yet, it has one great, great weakness: If the
vampire uses FANGS, you will be removed from combat and suffer severe damage (of which
kind that is, read in the rule clarifications below). When trying to play HEAVENLY HOST, you
should consider playing DODGE or a combat card which cancels FANGS first.
Also, a hunter who is already bitten should rethink the risky use of HEAVENLY HOST.
Consider to give it to another, non-bitten hunter.

 HOLY CIRCLE: The value of this combat card cannot be overestimated:

1. In combat as a single hunter: You will be rescued and removed from combat for sure
(only exception: Dracula plays the event ENRAGED).
2. In combat with several hunters: As the engaged hunter you can, with certainty, cancel
Dracula’s card, which can be very useful if Dracula tries to escape, while the other
hunters can further attack the opponent.
So since there are only 2 copies of this card, you should keep it for the right moment although it
takes a place in your item card hand, which could also be occupied by a combat card that
threatens Dracula more.

 Good item card combinations:

o 3 weapon cards with at least 1 KNIFE  With this you are a killing machine and will
still be if you lose a weapon by Dracula’s STRENGTH. Furthermore, if you have at least
one KNIFE and a RIFLE (or 2 of one kind), you might be able to hinder the Count if he
tries to ESCAPE AS BAT.
It is also very powerful to have 2 weapons which are being supplemented by GARLIC,
o 2x RIFLE / 2x PISTOLE / 1 of both + HOLY BULLETS  Even if you lose a weapon,
there’s still another one to damage your opponent with the mighty bullets.
o GARLIC WREATH + HEAVENLY HOST  The wreath reduces the probability that
Dracula might use FANGS, which would be fatal against your HEAVENLY HOST. In
combination with an active SISTER AGATHA, this precautionary measure gets even
more effective.
o 2x GARLIC  This combination can be very weak when it comes to combats with more
than one hunter since Dracula can totally ignore you and yet you’ll not be able to harm
him (apart from PUNCH, which isn’t very effective, obviously). But if you encounter the
Count alone, it protects you with all certainty from FANGS. Also, GARLIC is the only
damaging combat card the hunters have that cannot be discarded by Dracula, not even
by STRENGTH, which is canceled by GARLIC. Though it can be canceled by
MESMERIZE, the latter doesn’t reduce the damage GARLIC inflicts when played
against FANGS or CLAWS.
Note that also in combat as a single hunter, Dracula can get through the fight without
taking any damage if he knows about your double-GARLIC. In this case, bring another
directly damaging card with you.

 Don’t underestimate non-combat item cards: Although you really need the combat cards –
otherwise you will never be able to defeat the vampire lord and his children – the non-combat
cards can be very handy in specific situations (some of them are mentioned above). I
recommend my variants, for some effects of the weaker non-combat item cards have been
slightly improved there ... In the long run I couldn't bear seeing things like the DOGS or FAST
HORSES being discarded again and again only in favor of items of warfare … what a world! …

B) A Vampire’s Guide – Bringing terror and death over Europe

I learned that many people who never came in touch with Bram Stoker’s Dracula tend to be a little
surprised about how ‘weak and cowardly’ Dracula seems to be from their point of view: ‘What? He
never unleashes a storm of thousands of bats, which squashes thousands of armored enemies in
the blink of an eye? But he does kill more than a hundred humans a day and terrorizes their cities,
doesn’t he? No?! And he could even be beaten in a fight with just one woman he has already
bitten? What a loser …’ Well, bad Hollywood clichés sadly have influenced the popular image
of the lord of vampires over a very long period of time.
In any case, if you expect the Dracula of this game to be something like an evil version of
Superman, you presumably won’t become happy with FoD. But if you recognize, how Dracula –
the original creation of Stoker – is a devilish smart, insidious and truly creepy inversion of
mankind’s piety and therefore far more realistic than some of his silly copies, you get it right. The
literary Count Dracula hides his true powers, like some animal beasts do. He lurks in the shadows,
seduces and deceives his victims until he shows what he’s capable of. Still, his hellish might has its
limits: The light of day weakens him; garlic is not his favorite meal and all artefacts of the church do
him severe harm. And let’s be honest: Doesn’t it make the whole story far more interesting, that the
bad guy has to use his brains, too? Consequently, the conflict between Count Dracula and his
conspired pursuers is not only a fight for live and death (with blood, scars and sharp teeth,
yes), but also a very exciting battle of wits.
The designers of FoD did a great job in catching all this in their game. So, what does it mean for
the gameplay?
 A clever beast: As king of all things foul and dark, you certainly have the power to badly
wound and defeat the hunters – but there is a huge difference whether you fight them at day or
at night. Thoughtless, aggressive assaults could cost you valuable health points and finally
victory. So heed the following recommendations:
o At most moments of the game you want to flee the hunters, not fight them. Keep
the distance between you and them as far as can be, so your vampires have a chance
to mature and bring you as many victory points as possible. Hide yourself; and once the
hunters have found your trail, use ESCAPE AS BAT or WOLF FORM to disappear
o Sometimes, especially later in the game, it can be of advantage to be found by a
single hunter. The combat will happen during night (which is always far better than
day) and you might have a good chance of defeating the hunter and gain some bonus
victory points. But even if you can’t beat him/her, you can try to do plenty of damage
and then ESCAPE AS BAT, which allows you to leap over other hunters and slip
through their net. So be clever; let one hunter find you … and his worst nightmares.
o However, avoid being attacked by more than one hunter by all means! Even a
well-equipped single hunter can become a bothersome danger. Two hunters you might
withstand if you know their combat cards well. But combats with three or all four hunters
tend to be Dracula’s death sentence. Especially, observe Godalming and Seward and
their options of movement closely. Since they are usually the first two hunters to move,
it can be fatal to be found by one of them, most notably if Van Helsing and/or Mina are
able to follow them and give you a hard time.
o Dracula should only initiate an attack, if he has good chances of defeating a
single hunter even in the light of day. This means that the hunter should have not
more than 4 health points left (2 left health points are the better deal) and should not be
heavily armed. If such a situation occurs, give it a try: Some precious victory points
await you and can be very relieving in the last rounds of the game.
Note that if you possess some precious event cards like ENRAGED or NOCTURNAL
VISIT, it can make a Dracula assault a lot more effective and probably successful.

 Memory: It is of greatest importance for the Dracula player to collect as much

information about the hunters’ equipment as possible before a combat occurs between
him and his pursuers.
Newcomers to the game often are confused, why so many encounter cards want the hunters to
just show their item cards instead of discarding them to avoid negative effects. Isn’t this quite
useless?! Definitely not! It is the chance for Dracula to get a huge advantage over his enemies.
To understand this, every Dracula player must be very familiar with all the hunter item cards –
and of course his own combat cards. Only then, he can decide which combat cards he should
play against a certain hunter and which not.
So, spread your encounters; as many hunters as possible should be forced to show their item
cards to you. For this purpose, don’t hesitate to ambush even with your precious vampire
encounters: They can bring you useful information and damage the hunters before they might
get defeated for nothing by a cheap, wooden stake.

 Travelling safe and sound: If on land, Dracula must always travel via road, never via railway.
The hunters, on the other side, will frequently use the train. So beware of locations that have a
rail link, especially those which represent central transition points on the map, like: Madrid,
Saragossa, Bordeaux, Paris, Marseilles, Brussels, Cologne, Berlin, Venice, Genoa, Munich
and Vienna. However, an encounter which hinders and delays the hunters might be well placed
on locations like these.
Now to the movement by sea action: Many people criticize that it’s a weak point of the game
because it would advantage Dracula in a serious, unfair way. While I do believe that sea
movements should not be an unimportant element in a game about Dracula, I don’t think it
makes the game significantly unbalanced here (except for sea movements in the 4th week,
but that I handle in my variants article). Sure, Dracula can avoid encounters with the hunters
and might blur the trail, but experienced hunters can manage that. Also, sea movements do
come with disadvantages for Dracula, and not with just a few:
o Dracula gets damage points, especially if RUFUS SMITH is activated.
o Dracula can place no encounter cards. That means he won’t get any matured vampires
or other matured effects or the needed information about the hunters’ equipment. Also,
he cannot draw new encounter cards.
o The hunters on the other hand can use the time to supply again and draw some
powerful event cards.
o If you play a variant (not only my own – there are many well done variants that try to
solve the balance problem in week 4), Dracula won’t get his victory points of the FURY
OF DRACULA ability easily if he tried to become a sailor in week 3.
o Most of all, the ‘pirate Dracula’ strategy (with Dracula making constant use of sea
movements) bores and frustrates all players, not only the hunters. And it will, in the end,
not be of much use for Dracula when facing experienced hunters: Once he has to get
back to land, most likely with more than a few damage points, he will be torn apart by
super-equipped hunters, who have not been harmed in any way by any rats, wolves or
vampires etc.
So, consider the sea movement to be an excellent chance to outpace the hunters and reappear
at an unexpected location, but, whenever possible, you should travel on land. It will not only
make a far better game experience, but excessive sea movement will also very likely mean
your defeat against experienced hunters.

 Rare event cards: Experienced hunter players know that every Dracula event card can have a
very negative effect on the hunters’ plans (see the hunters’ guide above). Consequently, they
will avoid performing any night supply actions, if possible. Should you, as the Dracula player,
be lucky and receive some or at least a single event card, keep the card(s) until you can get
the best effect out of it.
The only way, Dracula can get an event card by himself when he has none, is a matured
HOAX card (for further information see below).

Starting positions:
Of course, Dracula’s decision about his first location depends upon the starting positions of the
hunters. In general, it is very wise to keep the distance to any hunter as far as possible. If
you assume the hunter starting locations from above, the following locations might be suitable for
Dracula to begin the game:
o Barcelona: From there, Dracula can walk north into France while avoiding railway
o Galatz: In the far east of the board, the Count might be unmolested by the hunters for
quite a time. Also, he can spread his encounters to the south and depart from Valona,
Salonica or Athens to reach new borders.
o Florence: From Florence, Dracula has the opportunity to place a vampire on Rome,
Naples or Bari and then go to sea early. By doing so, Mina won’t find him in Italy, so
that the hunters might not assume that there could be anything at all.
o Amsterdam: By walking south with movements that switch between France, Germany
and Italy, Dracula might avoid being found by Mina’s ability while also placing a bunch
of encounters in the heart of Europe.
Besides that, take the following thoughts into consideration:
 Your decision might also depend on the encounter cards you draw first:
o If you have drawn neither a vampire nor a hoax, consider to start not in the best, remote
locations because that’s where you want a vampire or a hoax to be placed after you’ve
drawn one.
o If you do have drawn a vampire or a hoax, you should position in a way that you can
place those ideally. If you got a vampire and a hoax, consider placing the hoax first and
then the vampire, since you will give away the matured hoax effect if it is discarded by a
priorly matured vampire.

 If you want to play aggressively at the start or even try an assault on a hunter, choose the
most isolated of them – that would obviously be a lonely hunter in Great Britain. Implicitly, avoid
starting near the Mina-male-hunter-double!

Phases of game:
Phase I – The blood awakes (week 1)
 Keep yourself and your trail hidden! – This is essential if you want a vampire or a hoax to be
matured at the end of week 1, which will give you your first victory points or an event card at an
early stage of the game. If you neither have drawn a vampire nor a hoax, you also want to stay
hidden as long as possible to play encounters and possibly draw a wished card. Should you
want to speed up this process, consider using DARK CALL.
Also, to protect vampires (or even maybe hoaxes), play HIDE, after you placed the vampire,
and place BATS, SABOTEUR or UNNATURAL FOG on it to prevent a hunter from performing
a search action in the location of your vampire babies. However, note that UNNATURAL FOG
maybe shouldn’t be wasted for this, since it can be extremely useful later in the game, if
Dracula has to get out of a dangerous situation.

 Value your encounter cards: Avoid placing encounters you deem worthy and important for
your strategy on the three spaces behind a vampire, since a matured vampire will discard
those cards. Note that BATS and RATS have no matured effect and might therefore be suited
to be placed after a vampire. Some ARISTOCRATIC VAMPIRE might also be spendable and
can even raise your chances of maturing at least one of several vampires on the trail.

 Blur the trail: If you’ve been lucky and have drawn a vampire right at the start, it can be a
good move to go to sea right after placing the vampire. By doing so, Mina will not be able
to find Dracula by her ability. Also, since you will not have placed many cards, the hunters will
have problems to find your vampire, which comes nearer and nearer to maturing while Dracula
is still travelling per ship or has already reached new borders.
MISDIRECT is also a very effective way of blurring the trail.

 Don’t panic, if the hunters discover your location early! – Since you can escape from
combat as a bat or as mist from round 2 of combat, you can almost easily avoid much damage
and even get some new distance to the hunters. However, a carless single hunter, who finds
your location, might even give you the opportunity to get rid of him/her and earn some early
victory points.

Phase II – The blood pulsates (week 2 and 3)

 Be clever, be careful, but know about your powers: As time proceeds, confrontations with
hunters might get more dangerous since your escape combat cards have to be played later.
Also, the possibility that more than one hunter might find you, raises. In consequence, you
must minimize that danger by moving smartly and placing the encounters in a way that they
become as useful as possible: Get hunters delayed at central transition points (BATS,
SABOTEUR), collect information about the hunters’ item cards (especially SPY, WOLVES and
DESECRATED SOIL) and damage your enemies by WOLVES, RATS, SZGANY
BODYGUARDS, SZGANY MOB but also by your powerful vampires.
If you can foresee, that a movement by sea might soon become necessary, place
DESECRATED SOIL before the departure; thus, you might heal 3 damage points you got by
moving to sea later in the game.
Maturing vampires will be a more difficult task than in week 1, for the hunters will have drawn
their net closer and will find your vampires quicker. Consider to place several vampires in a
row: This will not only be a good chance of inflicting heavy damage to the hunters, but you
might also manage to mature at least one of the vampires.

 Lairs: Lairs can be very useful if organized properly. By converting a hideout into a lair, you are
allowed to place an additional encounter card and thus to draw a new card, which might be one
you were waiting for. Note that even revealed hideouts that don’t hold an encounter anymore
can be converted into a lair (for further information, see the rule clarifications below). Those
revealed lairs can become no-go-areas for hunters.
Later in the game, Dracula can use the lairs to have a refuge with several encounters, which
might give the hunters a hard time. But take into consideration that moving and also not moving
to a certain lair might give some crucial information about Dracula’s trail to the hunters. If this
could be of great danger for the Count, think about clearing a lair; this you are allowed to do at
any moment.

 Think about your future! – If week 3 comes to an end, you should make some preparations
for week 4. First, you should avoid moving by sea anymore. Although the original rules don’t
include any restrictions, if Dracula does, I highly recommend playing with different, stricter rules
in this case (as mentioned above  see variants).
Furthermore, think about if you want to visit castle Dracula to heal 5 damage points. That can
be of great use to you, but if you go there before victory is in sight, you will have to survive the
last rounds of play in the Balkans, cornered closely by the hunters, or you’ll have to try a
desperate escape through the west-east-passage. So if it becomes clear that you will not be
able to win the game in the early rounds of week 4, stay in the west and do not strive for the
east before week 3 ends. By doing so, you might reach castle Dracula immediately before you
get your last victory points through your FURY OF DRACULA ability. If you’re lucky, you can
stay at castle Dracula and await your victory.
Phase III – The blood flows (week 4)
 To the castle: In most sessions with FoD, if the hunters are no bloody beginners, Dracula will
be quite harmed at the end of week 3. Therefore, daring to reach castle Dracula and recover 5
health points uses to be a good idea. Such a recovery at the end of the game can be very
bad for the hunters: They might not have a powerful combat card like HEAVENLY HOST or
HOLY BULLETS in combination with PISTOL or RIFLE anymore.
However, experienced hunters will take all of this into account and try to hinder the Count from
reaching his castle by blocking the east-west-passage. Now, you have three options:
1. You try to slip through the passage anyway, either by using WOLF FORM or by
being attacked and using ESCAPE AS BAT. However, the hunters might be well
prepared for this. Thus the Count’s attempt could become a death trap for him.
2. You move into the Balkans by sea. If you should choose this option, take into
consideration that it might hinder you from gaining victory points by your FURY OF
DRACULA ability if you play a variant. If you only need a few victory points to win, you
might rather head for the Balkans by the final days of week 3. Be aware that the hunters
might follow you very swiftly via the route Venice-Valona or Bari-Valona. In that case,
the hunters might corner you from north and south once you arrived in the Balkans.
3. Try to deceive the hunters by pretending that your target is castle Dracula. This
you might achieve by using WOLF FORM: Make the hunters belief that you leaped over
them on the east-west-passage or that you jumped into the Balkans from the Adriatic
Sea. However, head the other direction instead – a jump from the Adriatic Sea to Milan
or Munich via Venice might also be very useful. No matter how you organize this
deception, the hunters might need some rounds to see through it. You might get
enough time to get away from the hunters … and achieve victory as a damaged
Dracula, too.

 Sudden attack: It will rarely happen with sophisticated hunter players, but, at the end of the
game, there might be a bad equipped hunter with just a few health points left, who stands
isolated from the other hunters. If you don’t see any other way to win the game or if you are
inclined to take the risk, move Dracula to the hunter’s location and fight him at dawn. Such
a move uses to be surprising, even for well-playing hunters, especially if you pretended to be a
cowardly, fugitive Dracula.
Speaking of fighting the hunters in the final rounds, know that even if your enemies manage to
initiate combat with several hunters, you will still be able to win the game by defeating just a
single one of them if you have collected enough victory points before. I have seen final combat
rounds in which Dracula was just about to be totally destroyed by three or four hunters, but he
chose his combat cards (which always resolve before any of the hunters!) wisely and killed a
hunter in the same round he would have been defeated, too. However, he wins immediately by
reaching 13 victory points.

Encounters and power cards – How to outsmart, ambush and crush your enemies:
Thoughts about Dracula’s encounter cards:
 Even a rat can be a good spy: As mentioned above, one of the most important functions of
your encounters is to get information about the hunters’ item and especially combat cards.
Thus, Dracula can behave much more tactically in combat and avoid damage. To collect the
information, you should only move by sea if it becomes necessary since you are not allowed to
place encounters while on sea. Also, you’ll rather be able to build effective lairs by moving by
road most of the time.
 Encounters against several hunters: WOLVES, SZGANY MOB and UNNATURAL FOG can
be used to ambush all hunters who are at the same location. This can be very powerful,
particularly in the case of UNNATURAL FOG: All hunters at the location will be delayed and
maybe stuck there for a whole day, if it’s a haven, and most of all, no hunter can attack Dracula
in a foggy city if the Count doesn’t want to fight. Thus, UNNATURAL FOG represents the most
powerful of your encounter cards, next to your vampires, of course. In the final rounds of the
game, the fog might hinder the hunters from attacking you in non-haven-cities, too, which might
gain you the win.
Note that sophisticated hunters will know of your multi-ambushing encounters and might
deceive you by moving not as many hunters to such a threatening location as you hoped for.
Thus, you might not be able to play the card at the planned moment at all since you are only
allowed to play it after a hunter moved to the location.

Thoughts about Dracula’s power cards:

 WOLF FORM: This is your mightiest and often most useful power card of all because it not
only gives you good chances of disappearing out of dangerous situations, but you are also
allowed to place an encounter on your target location. Since you don’t have to move 2
locations with WOLF FORM, but can also just move 1 location, this card might give you a
whole bunch of opportunities to outsmart your opponents.
However, don’t play it thoughtlessly: You will have to wait 5 rounds until the card comes off the
trail again. If you need it before that, you will have no chance of playing it. So always keep this
card for the right moment!
 DARK CALL: This is your weakest power card and will be played very rarely. The reason is,
that most of the time you won’t need other encounter cards as urgently as the card suggest.
Also, you have to sustain 2 damage points and are not allowed to discard non-wished
encounters. However, DARK CALL might be helpful in the early rounds of the game if you drew
neither a vampire nor a hoax. Even in the later rounds of the game, if you managed to use up
the whole deck of encounters so that it has to be remixed, you might consider to use DARK
CALL to maybe get UNNATURAL FOG or another encounter you probably want to have.
 FEED: Contrary to WOLF FORM, this card should be used as soon as possible to recover
damage points (of course it’s not necessary if you don’t have any) and get the card back from
the trail so that you can use it once again. However, be careful to use it if the hunters are
nearby, since you are not allowed to place an encounter on it and have to stay at the same
location. FEED can often be used well after you end sea movement and have come back to
 MISDIRECT: This card can be of excellent use if you want to reduce the possibilities the
hunters have to find your trail. Note that MISDIRECT can be played on any space of the trail so
sometimes you will get it back from there very quickly, which raises its value indeed. A
disadvantage might be that you have to discard the encounter(s) of the hideout that is cleared
That is not a problem when you use it to clear a sea location since you are never allowed to
place an encounter there. Also, getting back a sea location card that you might use again, can
be very useful to confuse the hunters. Such a move can even be so powerful that I recommend
to play it with the restriction that MISDIRECT may only be played when Dracula’s current
location is not a sea location (see my variants).
 HIDE: This card can be used to protect your vampires with things like BATS, UNNATURAL
FOG or SABOTEURs. But of course, you can also play it to confuse the hunters about your
trail since the facedown HIDE card cannot be recognized by the hunters (except for Seward’s
WAX CYLINDER). If you want to stay at a revealed location, probably to attack a hunter at
dawn, you can play a face up HIDE card, too.
Always remember that the encounter played on HIDE does not mature! It might therefore
be appropriate to place BATS or RATS on it since these cards don’t have a matured effect.
However, it can also be very powerful to build a hideout with two vampires by using HIDE, even
if just one of them will be able to mature.

Dracula combat cards – On killing a vampire killer:

 Do your homework: It may be clear to you (as I’ve mentioned it too often, I fear), but combat
will be a kind of frustrating rock-paper-scissors to Dracula if he is not familiar with his and the
hunters’ combat cards. Conversely, if he is familiar with them and has gained enough
information about the items the hunters carry in a particular game, he will be a serious
opponent for the hunters.
 Combat with several hunters: Ignore hunters who don’t have a weapon or HEAVENLY
HOST. Such a hunter will not be able to damage you (except for the weak PUNCH), even if he

Some recommendations:
 Playing defensively: If a hunter is equipped with many dangerous combat cards, especially
weapons, or if you have little to no information about a hunter’s item cards, it can be wise to
fight defensively, at least until you have more information or managed to discard some of the
hunter’s cards.
The combat card of choice now is STRENGTH: This powerful card can cancel 5 (!) hunter
cards (PUNCH, PISTOL, RIFLE, KNIFE and CRUCIFIX) and even discard them when it’s night
(except for PUNCH). You will only be damaged if the hunter plays HEAVENLY HOST.
However, the hunter gets 2 damage points before that. Even if your STRENGTH is canceled by
GARLIC, you won’t take damage.
Next to STRENGTH, MESMERIZE can also be very helpful if you want to play defensively. But
if you lack information about the hunter’s combat cards, I recommend STRENGTH higher than
MESMERIZE, for you could suffer severe damage by CRUCIFIX or HEAVENLY HOST, which
cancel MESMERIZE, without damaging the hunter at all.
 Facing HEAVENLY HOST: If you know that a hunter carries HEAVENLY HOST, consider
playing FANGS against him/her, even if he should also have some cards which cancel it. It
may be worth the risk, since FANGS will severely harm the hunter and remove him from
combat if he played HEAVENLY HOST. Also, CLAWS can be very powerful at night since they
will inflict 4 damage points to a hunter who wants to resolve HEAVENLY HOST.
 PLOTTING: Don’t underestimate the effect of this card. It not only allows you to draw a combat
card which misses on your card hand, but it can often be well used in further combat rounds if
a hunter wants to ESCAPE, DODGE or PUNCH (the latter would also cancel MESMERIZE).
By canceling these basic hunter combat cards, you might have a chance of resolving powerful
cards like FANGS or CLAWS. Note that Plotting can be played without danger against hunters
who only possess GARLIC and/or CRUCIFIX.
 FANGS and CLAWS: Though both cards are very powerful, note that they can be canceled
my many hunter combat cards, especially by weapons. So before playing FANGS or CLAWS,
get to know what items the hunter carries and/or discard some or his/her weapons by using

C) Ten clarifications of inaccurate original rules

1. Lairs:
Is it allowed to convert hideouts that are revealed and have no encounters anymore? 
The rules are somewhat spongy formulated, but it is indeed allowed. A revealed location card
that comes off the trail from space 6 can be placed on a lair space and immediately gets an
encounter card.

2. Hunter starting positions:

Can several hunters start at the same location?  Yes!


The HEAVENLY HOST card states that if the Dracula player played FANGS against it, the
hunter gets bitten and removed from play without HEAVENLY HOST doing any damage.
Instead, it gets discarded. So far so good, but does the hunter also get 2 damage points? Since
Dracula’s combat card resolves first, that seems to be the case, which makes FANGS even
more powerful against HEAVENLY HOST because Dracula is allowed to recover 2 health
points, too.
However, now it gets problematic: Assume that the combat takes place at night and the hunter
has already been mesmerized. If FANGS is now played against HEAVENLY HOST, the hunter
immediately gets a bite token and is removed from play without resolving any effect of his own
combat card. Does that mean that the effect of HEAVENLY HOST (which says it is discarded
after being resolved) is not resolved at all and the hunter may keep it? I think that would be
very unthematical. Also, it would mean that a mesmerized hunter at night would only receive a
bite token while a not-mesmerized hunter or a hunter who fights at day would also get 2
damage points. Sure, only in the case of the nightly fighting mesmerized hunter, Dracula would
gain 1 victory point, but still, I find all of this very inconsistently.
I recommend talking about this problem in your gaming group to find a consistent resolution
that states that the hunter either receives 2 damage points on top of the bite in every situation
or that he doesn’t receive them at all. I personally assume that there should be a severe
downside to the powerful effect of HEAVENLY HOST. Thus, I play it as follows:
 Combat at day: 2 damage points + bite + HEAVENLY HOST discarded
 Combat at night, hunter not mesmerized: 2 damage points + bite + HEAVENLY
HOST discarded
 Combat at night, hunter mesmerized: 2 damage points + bite + 1 victory point for
Dracula + HEAVENLY HOST discarded
In every case, the hunter is removed from play and Dracula doesn’t get any damage, but
recovers 2 health points instead.

4. DOGS against WOLVES:

If several hunters are effected by WOLVES (not matured):
a. Is only the hunter who arrived last (thus the directly ambushed hunter) allowed to
play DOGS?
b. Does DOGS protect all hunters from the WOLVES or just the hunter who played
 According to the rules, if you follow them strictly, only the ambushed hunter would be
allowed to play dogs, but if he does, the effect of WOLVES would be completely canceled. I
find that unsatisfying and handle it this way:
a. If the directly ambushed hunter has DOGS, he may discard it to completely cancel
the effect of WOLVES.
b. If not the directly ambushed hunter has DOGS, but other hunters on the same
location do, these hunters may discard their DOGS to just protect themselves (and no
other hunter) from the effect of WOLVES.
 FOREWARNED: This event card works like DOGS, but does so against every encounter,
except for vampires. Therefore, I determined for my games, that it may only be played by the
directly ambushed hunter, even if several hunters are affected by an encounter and if not the
ambushed hunter, but other hunters on the same location possess FOREWARNED. In this
case, those hunters have bad luck and are not allowed to play it.

5. Power cards and cleared hideouts:

Does Dracula get a power card back if the hideout containing the power card is cleared?
 No! The rules don’t ever write about power cards in cleared hideouts, but since they do write
about location and encounter cards, which are discarded, I assume that power cards just stay
where they are. Also, it would be too easy for Dracula to get back his extremely useful
cards by just clearing a hideout (which would always be possible by MISDIRECT). Thus, all
power cards have to go all the way through the spaces of the trail until they come back to
Dracula. However, note that as soon as a card slides off the trail, Dracula is allowed to place it
again in the same round.
All of these rules also affect the combat card ESCAPE AS BAT.
However, the only exception to this is a facedown HIDE card on the track, which you are
allowed to take back if the space, it is placed on, is cleared.

After Dracula resolved PLOTTING and drew a combat card by its effect, does he draw
another card right after that like at the beginning of every combat round?  Although the
rules imply that Dracula would draw another card, I personally think that would be too big an
advantage for Dracula. Thus, I understand it this way: The card that is drawn by the effect of
PLOTTING replaces the card Dracula would draw at the beginning of the next combat round.
Therefore, Dracula is never allowed to have more than 5 combat cards on hand.

7. DOGS again:
There has been some confusion about whether DOGS is also discarded if used in a search
action. But no: In a search action, DOGS just have to be revealed, but are kept by the player.
If the encounter is SPY, SABOTEUR, RATS or WOLVES, however, the encounter is discarded.
In an ambush on the other hand, DOGS has to be discarded, too.


If, in a combat with more than one hunter, at least one hunter has played GARLIC
a. Is that hunter forced to discard GARLIC WREATH even if CLAWS were played
against another hunter?
b. Must every GARLIC WREATH be discarded, if several hunters played one?
 The official rules are of no help here. Thematically, I would handle it this way: Every hunter
who gets damage points by CLAWS has to discard GARLIC WREATH, even if he isn’t the
engaged hunter.


If a mesmerized hunter is bitten at night, does Dracula get 4 damage points,
nevertheless?  No, because a bite is not considered damage. Thematically, imagine the
vampire to have persuaded the hunter to take away the wreath by MESMERIZE.
 A different case is a hunter who gets bitten because he played HEAVENLY HOST against
FANGS. Here, if you agreed that the hunter doesn’t get damage points, Dracula would also get
no damage. However, if you play it as I recommended above and the hunter receives 2
damage points, consider giving Dracula 4 damage points by the effect of GARLIC WREATH if
the hunter is not mesmerized.


Does Dracula also get damage points if the hunters fight vampire encounters and not
Dracula himself?  No! Although the card is poorly written, it just affects combats between
the hunters and Dracula himself. Also, it would make an already powerful event card
overpowering if it was different. Thus, the card has no effect on combat between hunters and
vampire encounters.