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Fury of Dracula (Third/Fourth Edition) Solo

This solo variant was adapted from the rules made possible by BGG user ​nyhotep​ “Fury of
Dracula alone.” for the second edition; whose invaluable work made this attempt possible.

This version allows a single player to play against a semi-random Dracula. All rules are the
same except that Dracula’s trail starts the game as if Dracula had already moved six times (as if
there were six cards already on his track). Hunters can only search in face-up cities, and instead
of revealing Dracula they reveal the next facedown card in the trail. If another hunter occupies
that newly revealed city, then the next city is immediately revealed, and so-on. In effect, the
location track is filled with face-down cities, but you don’t place an actual card there until you
have revealed the previous city.


1. ​Place hunters in any cities.

2. ​Place Dracula on the #1 space of the location track.
3. ​Draw 1 random city (not sea or castle) and place it face-up on the #3 space of the location
track without an encounter card.
4. ​Make 1 ​trailing​ city from the revealed location and place it face down on the #2 space of the
location track with an encounter card & rumor token. ​(see trailing below)
5. ​Remove the Misdirect & Dark Call Dracula power cards from the game.
6.​ Remove the Local Rumors(2), Evil Presence(2) & Hypnosis(1) Event cards from the game.

The term refers to placing a face-down location card on the Dracula track.
1) There may never be more than 1 face-down card on the track.
2) There may be any number of face-up cards, as normal.
3) There may be any number of empty spaces between the face-down card and
Dracula. Each such empty space is equivalent to a face-down card.
4) At the start of the game the track looks like this (from Dracula’s point of view):

1> 2> 3> 4> 5> 6>

empty face face empty empty empty
(Dracula) down up

Whenever a player makes a trail, he places a face-down card in the next empty box to the left of
the source city. If this is box 1, it is Dracula’s current location. The trail card is the next location
on Dracula’s path for the hunters to find. The previous card on the track is always face-up and is
known as the ​source city​.
Dracula’s Movement:
* Each turn Dracula moves by sliding each location card to the right along the track.
*​ Location cards without an encounter dropping off the track are converted to Lairs (location
card face up).
*​ Location cards with an encounter dropping off the track are matured if applicable, otherwise
they are converted to lairs (location card face up).

The City Hand

Choose the face-down card as follows:
​1)​ Sort through the location deck, and take out every card which could be reached from
the current ​source city​ in a single move. Include any adjacent sea area if in a port or
at sea. Any locations already revealed remain on the track normally.​ Do not​ include
any blocked city (eg. Heavenly Host / Consecrated Ground ). This is the ​city hand​.
* If a location card that can be reached is a Lair, add it to the city hand and mature the
encounter (if applicable). If not, discard the encounter.
2)​ Shuffle the cards taken and draw one from the bottom of the deck (important due to
the different backs for sea cards)
3)​ The drawn card is placed face-down on the first empty space. ​The remaining cards
​in the city hand are kept aside ​– do not look at them. Once the face-down card is
revealed in play, add these cards back to the location deck.
4)​ Dracula places an encounter on the newly placed card.

When choosing a face-down card while at sea, remember to include all ports in the sea area
and also all sea areas which could be reached. If a sea area is drawn, blood is spent as per the
normal rules.

Whenever a face-down card is revealed (due to clearing Dracula’s trail or due to a hunter
occupying the last face-up card in the search phase) follow the trailing procedure above to place
a new face-down card.

Special rules:

* ​If Dracula has only one or two possible locations when trailing: ​add the
hide and wolf form cards to the city hand. If ​wolf form​ is drawn, suffer 1
damage & remove hide. Make a new choice from every available location which
could be reached using wolf form (two moves). Place wolf form with the new
location - it can’t be used again until it drops off the track.
* If the hunters are within two cities of Dracula: ​add the wolf form card to the city
hand until there are at least three unrevealed locations. All normal rules apply, so
cards on the track cannot be used again until they drop off or are taken from
converted Lairs.
* ​Dracula will always convert locations to a Lair with a new encounter, ​and will
always remove a city card from a Lair if it can be placed in the city hand. A city card
that drops off the track is always converted to a Lair and placed face-up. If it has an
encounter when dropping off, the encounter is matured. Discard the encounter if it
can not be matured.
* ​If the last face up card drops off the track, ​reveal the face down card and make
a trailing action as above. There must always be one face-down and at least one
face-up card on the location track. Exception - Dracula’s location is revealed.

When a card is revealed, a hunter may already occupy the newly revealed location. The next
face-down card is also immediately revealed. Continue until an unoccupied location (or
Dracula!) is reached. If the location revealed is unoccupied, the hunters will have to move to the
last face-up city in order to pick up the trail again.

Dracula has no hand limit. When an encounter needs to be placed, draw the top card from the
Always place an encounter on any newly placed face-down location card.
Always place an encounter on a converted Lair.
Encounters that drop off the track are always matured if applicable - if not discard.
Encounters from Lairs added to the city-hand are matured if applicable - if not discard
Encounters remain face-down until either a hunter performs a search action or Dracula chooses
to ambush.

When a hunter enters a hideout or lair with an encounter ( hidden or revealed), roll a d6 to
determine if Dracula will ambush. 1-3 no 4-6 yes

Add the feed card to the city hand whenever Dracula has 7 or less blood remaining. If Dracula
has less than 3 blood, use this card automatically (do not make a city hand).

Event cards:
When a bat card is drawn, add it to Dracula’s hand without looking at it. Dracula will always play
event cards so as to cause the most trouble. He will always play 1 card at the start of each
combat (if able): Draw 1 random card which will affect combat. At the start of every Dracula turn,
randomly draw and resolve one event card: if a target hunter is required, always choose from
the following priority list:
1. The closest hunter (one closest to the left-most face-up card)
2. The weakest hunter (least health remaining)
3. Choose randomly.
Never choose a hunter who would be unaffected by the card. If no-one would be affected,
choose a new card from Dracula’s hand and discard the unplayable card.
If Dracula exceeds his hand limit,​ randomly discard down to the limit. Do not look at the

● If one hunter is in the combat, remove one of the two “Mesmerize” Dracula combat
● Add the “Escape as Mist” & “Escape as Bat” Dracula combat cards when Dracula
satisfies the conditions of his “Pride” ability.
● Roll a d6 to see which hunter Dracula engages if two hunters are in the combat: 1-3 =
lower Activation Order # 4-6 = higher Activation #
● Roll a d6 for three hunters: 1-2 = lowest 3-4 = second lowest 5-6 = highest
● Roll a d8 for 4 hunters: 1-2 = Godalming 3-4= Seward 5-6 = Van Helsing 7-8 = Harker
● Resolve effects normally.

Rumor Tokens:
Rumor tokens are acquired through normal means & placed immediately if able.
Placement priority:
1. Box 3 if encounter is hidden or revealed encounter is a vampire.
2. Box 2 if the encounter in box 3 doesn't meet the above requirements or has no
3. Box 1 if neither box 2 or 3 meet requirements and has an encounter.
4. No placement until requirements are met.
If an encounter is revealed with a Rumor token that is ​not a vampire,​ place the rumor token on
the closest hideout to the left that meets the placement requirements. If unable to do so, the
Rumor token is discarded.

Roadblock Tokens:
Priority for blocking roads/railways leading to:
1. Dracula's current location closest to hunters
2. The location with a revealed vampire closest to box 6
3. The location with an encounter closest to box 6
4. The revealed location closest to Dracula

Bats Tokens:
1. Target the hunter in the city closest to Dracula on the trail.
2. If tied, choose the hunter with the fewest damage.
3. Choose randomly with a die roll.
On the targeted hunter’s next action, Dracula will move the hunter to an adjacent city farthest
away from the city closest to Dracula on the trail & in the direction away from other hunters.
Fog Tokens:
Placement priority
1. The hunter with the greatest strength in Dracula’s current location.
2. The hunter with the greatest strength in a revealed vampire’s location closest to box 6.
3. The hunter with the greatest strength in an unrevealed encounter’s location closest to
box 6.
4. The hunter with the greatest strength closest to Dracula.

Storm Tokens:
Place in the Sea Zones that are closest to the source city.
Remove tokens that are furthest away from the source city first.

Mina Harker:
Replace Mina’s “Psychic Bond” ability with the following:
If Mina is in a city with another hunter that is in the same​ region​ as the current source city; as
an action, Mina can have Dracula reveal the next location on the trail.