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Dear Cadet-Applicant/ Parents

We are providing additional information to some questions that you may have about the Pre-
Enrollment Briefing (PEB) and Pre-Enrolment Medical Examination (PEME). Feel free to e-mail us at
ntmaadmission@gmail.com for any other information that you require.

Thank you and we hope you have a safe trip coming to the Academy for PEB and to Manila for
your PEME.


NTMA Admission

Question (Q): How many days should we allot Q: Am I really required to be accompanied by
for the Pre-Enrolment Briefing (PEB) and Pre- my parent to the PEB?
Enrolment Medical Examination (PEME)?
A: Yes, applicants are required to be
Answer (A): The PEB and PEME require two accompanied by their parent, either the
days (Friday and Saturday). If you are from father or mother. This way, your decision to
Visayas/Mindanao most likely you will need a pursue your maritime education will be guided
maximum of four (4) days to include travel by your parents. This is important especially
time. when you will avail of loans (“Study-Now-Pay-
Later”) to finance your education and the
Q: What happens if I fail to attend the PEB and
corresponding responsibility if you resign or
discontinue your studies.
A: The PEB and PEME are mandatory to all
But as mentioned to you, the final decision
applicants before admission and enrollment.
must be your own.
The PEB, held in the NTMA Campus in Laguna
on a Friday, will allow the applicants to be Q: What time must we report for the PEB
oriented on life of a cadet and their future life (Friday)?
as a seafarer. Apart from the orientation,
A: Registration starts at 6:30 to 7:30am. But
applicants also will undergo psych and
again if you come from far provinces, we
physical fitness test.
encourage you to travel the day before
The PEME will be done at the Transnational (Thursday) or earlier to have ample time for
Medical and Diagnostic Center (TMDC) which rest in preparation for the PEB which will
is near the AMOSUP Bldg. and San Agustin include psych and physical fitness test. If you
Church in Intramuros, Manila on the next day, have relatives who are near, it is best to spend
Saturday. Thursday night there.

Failure to attend either the PEB or PEME Q: What time will the PEB and PEME end?
puts at risk your chances to be included in the
A: The PEB usually ends by 5pm-6pm. For
final list of qualified passers.
PEME, it is at 5pm or earlier.
Q: Why do we need to attend the PEB?
Q: Do you have prescribed dress code when
A: The PEB is the perfect venue for you to we report to NTMA during PEB?
choose if you are really decided in pursuing
A: Applicants must report already wearing
your maritime education in NTMA and
rubber shoes, jogging pants, and t-shirt in
eventually working onboard ocean-going
preparation for the Physical Fitness Test. Bring
cargo vessels. This is a decision that must be
extra t-shirt.
your own and not because other people
forced you. For parents/other guests may wear casual
attire. Mini skirt, sleeveless, plunging neckline,
tattered jeans, slippers, shorts, and sando are three (3) shots, and submit to us the
not allowed. Bring sweater or jacket as the certification for every shot.
venue may be cold.
3. Measles – you need to have an MMR
Q: Do we have to pay to attend the PEB? How vaccine and submit a certification.
much money should we prepare?
4. Varicella or chicken pox vaccine- if
A: The PEB is free of charge. The amount of you had chicken pox before, you need to
money to be prepared depends on your submit a certification from your doctor that
transportation, meals, and accommodation you had already a chicken pox. And along
needs. with it you have to acquire a varicella booster
shot. If you haven’t had a chicken pox, you
Q: What if we decided not to continue my
need to complete the two (2) shots and get a
application after we attended the PEB is there
certification for submission to us as well.
any cost we need to pay?
Q. Are we required to complete all the
A: None. But you have to inform us
vaccines previously mentioned prior
immediately so we can hand-over the
attending the PEB?
documents you have submitted previously.
A: No. However, those vaccines and
Q: What are the documents or items that we
certifications will be required during the last
need to bring to the PEB?
stages of the selection process for the final list
A: Please refer to the attached checklist of qualified applicants.
for your reference. Bring pen and small
Q: Will the Academy provide for our
notebook (tickler).
transportation, accommodation, and food
Q: What if I have incomplete documents which expenses during the PEB/PEME?
I was unable to send via courier, am I still
A: No, transportation, accommodation
allowed to attend the PEB?
and food expenses will not be covered by
A: If you remember, we already informed NTMA. However, during PEB, the lunch of
you to prepare in advance the required applicants will be provided for free.
documents. Applicants must submit all the
Q: Since lunch will be provided free to
required documents for evaluation by 2020
applicants only, do you have a canteen where
March 11. But if you have incomplete
we can buy food for my parents?
documents, you are still allowed to attend PEB
but you will be given a deadline that you must A: Yes, you can buy food for
comply with; otherwise your application will be breakfast/lunch at a minimal cost of Php 50-
marked as incomplete and your slot will be 100. We will also sell snacks such as
given to other interested applicants. sandwiches, biscuits, coffee, water, and juice
for your convenience.
Q. What if the health center/hospital cannot
retrieve anymore my vaccination record, but I Q: Can we bring our own food during PEB?
am sure that I had it during infancy?
A: Yes, you may bring food for your
A. If you/they cannot retrieve anymore breakfast and lunch. There is a designated
your record you need to do the following: area where you may have your meals. We
strongly urge applicants to take their breakfast
1. BCG – you need to acquire a
prior reporting to NTMA.
certification that is duly notarized by a notary
public near you. Q: You mentioned a physical fitness test (PFT)
during PEB, what is it?
2. Hepa B – you need to have a test
(HBSAG) if the vaccine is still active or not. If still A: Physical Fitness Test and proper posture
active, you only have to acquire a booster and bearing are requirements for our cadets
shot, but if not, you need to complete the all throughout their stay in the Academy. The
PFT that you will have is a way for you to have A: Please refer to the attached checklist
a taste of the various fitness activities done by and prepare needed documents. And please
cadets such as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and be really be firm on your decision to pursue
road run. So, it’s best to start practicing now. your studies in NTMA.

Q: Do we have to pay for the PEME? Additional details for hotels within Calamba
City for your reference:
A: The PEME is free of charge. Please refer
to the checklist for additional information. (Nearest to farthest)

However, if there are some additional post- 1. HOTEL TURISTA – 0915-524-4311

PEME tests that will be required, it will be on Back of Imall, Canlubang, Calamba City
your own cost. For example, the dentist
requires you to have tooth extraction which 2. HOTEL OLIVA - 0923 717 1207
you can have in TMDC at your own cost or you NATIONAL HI-WAY PACIANO CALAMBA
may undergo the said procedure in any LAGUNA (infront of Bus Station in
accredited DOH Clinic. Mayapa, Calamba)

Passing these tests is necessary for you to be 3. RIVERVIEW RESORT – (049) 545 34 21 /
declared medically fit for inclusion in the final 0975-260-4883 (rates: P2,500 for 2
list of qualified passers. persons with free breakfast; additional
500/person if more than 2)
Q: Do we need to bring extra money for PEME?
Brgy Parian, National Hi-way, Calamba City,
A: Not really, but if you were required to Laguna
have tooth extraction, you may have the
same at TMDC but at your own cost. 4. ASTROTEL - (049) 502 03 60
Q: Do you provide transportation from Laguna
(NTMA) to Manila (TMDC) for the PEME? 5. GREEN GLASS HOTEL (049) 502 1881
A: No, applicants go to TMDC on their own. CROSSING CALAMBA, LAGUNA

Q: What if I cannot attend on the date

assigned to me? Can I join in some other

A: No, unless it is coordinated and subject

for approval.

Q: Is it okay to attend the PEB only and PEME

will be scheduled in other time?

A: Applicants who are interested to pursue

their application are required to undergo
PEME on the next day. Changing of date is
subject for approval.

Q: Do you know of a boarding house/hotel or

room for rent near the campus?

A: Yes, there is a dormitory operated by a

NYK-TDG Training Center nearby. Please
contact them directly for reservations at
(049)508-8602 / 0998-9668853.

Q: Any other reminders?