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Peek at the Week
January 2011

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

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Day 1 - Spanish Day 2 – Gym Day 3 – Music Day 1 – Spanish Day 2 - Gym

Agents of Change Agents of Change Agents of Change JERSEY DAY

FINAL DRAFT DUE! Presentations Presentations
Presentations 12:45-1:45pm 12:45-1:45pm Watercolor Art Lesson
with Kyle from
Book Browse WBL Center for the Arts Field Trip to SPMS
First Grade Buddies
Spelling Test
Friday Activity Day


The Orange team will continue duties  1/14: Field Trip to Sunrise Park On Thursday, January 20th, Sunrise
until January 14. Look for the schedule (Band and choir) Park Middle School is hosting a 5th
posted on the class web site. Check out  1/14: Jersey Day Grade Parent Information Night. This
photos from our bowling reward trip on  1/17: NO SCHOOL will start at 7:00pm. This will be
our class website.  1/20: SPMS 5th Grade Info. Night especially helpful for current WBL 5th
7:00pm grade families as students will be
Keep up the great work patrols!  1/21: MAP Testing (Reading) registering for classes sometime this
 1/28: NO SCHOOL month.

We have set up a website for all the 5th grade classes this year. Please check it out!
This week in math we cruised through
many lessons on fractions. Students learned MUSIC
about mixed numbers and improper fractions. Students are learning and practicing with
Students should be able to go back and forth recorders in music. Please make sure
between those two forms. We solved addition your child is bringing his or her recorder
and subtraction problems involving mixed to school.
numbers and also learned how to find equivalent
fractions. Students were introduced to the
concept of simplifying, or unsimplifying fractions.
Next week we will tackle adding and subtracting
fractions with unlike denominators!
In our current IB planner, students are
focusing their inquiry on Agents of Change. The Next Student Council Spirit Day:
central idea of this planner is that individuals Friday, January 14
have made contributions through language, JERSEY DAY
science, and the arts. This week students worked Wear your favorite team/sports jersey!!
hard on finishing and editing rough drafts. Isaiah and Josie pleased with results
Several students were able to finish typing their
final drafts in class. Final drafts are due on
Monday. Students will be giving their
presentations on Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday. Students were able to watch
sample presentations from previous years. This
was helpful to see and they should be better
prepared for their own.
In literacy, students read from various
books on different agents of change. We will
be starting our Poetry unit next week. Our
spelling list this week focused on plural forms
of words.
We enjoyed our Art lesson with Sarah
Watkins of a Cartoon Character on Canvas.
Lori Felton
Next week, we will have a watercolor art Art lesson with Sarah Watkins
lesson from Kyle (WBL Center for the Arts) and Room 114
also visit Sunrise Park to learn about music (651) 407-7600 x1608
options for 6th grade. Have a great weekend! lfelto@wbl.whitebear.k12.mn.us