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AUR ‘ACKNOWLEDGMENT The kind permission of the Royal Canadian Air Force to make the text of this training Pamphlet available to the public is grate- fully acknowledged. FOREWORD “The Five Base Exercises (SBX) Plan presented inthis ootet le designed to show you how to develop and hold & ‘igh level of piysial fines, regarlss of where you may be Ioeate.” The scheme isnot Gependent on elsborete facies for equipment, The exerebes require only lever misses a ‘ay and canbe done in your bedroom or beside your bed la ‘te burke ‘The diversity of work asignmens, combined with lack of adequate gymasiun facilis st many of out slaons maker 1 aca to schedule formal py! Waning periods fr all four personel. ‘The SBX Plan pus physica ness within east of every member af the RCA 1 i your duty and responsibilty at 4 member of the RCAF to maintain high level of pyle and be ready for any emergency which may require the extended we of your physical resources Postve physical well-being i allo ‘owl alied with mental snd emoinal fines, all of which fre esenial ie the dicharge of normal ly aks, Chie ofthe Defence tt CAUTION Before You Start... 1 you have any doubt as to your capabilicyw unde ‘ake tis programme, see Your medial advise, ‘You should oot peor fst, vigorous oe, highly compeiive phyeal atv witboot gradual? develop- ine and cootouoly aincning an adequate level of sta oem, paral if you ae over the age of 30 Gor Wham?... This exercise progamne has been designed for varying age groups covering male mebers ofthe Royal Goadian Ale Force, Royal Canadian Alt Cadets, and ‘ependent children. (A similar execne progr for gil and women fat ten poled) ander the cle "XBX Plan for iets” and maybe purchased fom the Queen's THE ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE S5BX Plan Here is a new scientifically designed approach to Physical Fitness which can develop an adequate level of reserve energy needed for vigorous positive well being and zestful living. ‘This plan enables you to get fi: By yourself At home In your spare time At your own rate of progress Without discomfort and in only 11 minutes a day. 5BX means FIVE BASIC EXERCISES ‘The SBX Plan is unique: SIMPLE. because i i ety to do, ety t fellow: PROGRESSIVE cr tro Jour raged ee, wot tg si oF sore mate. COMPLETE rcs are appedskaneoly and proscanveh SELF-MEASURING because it sv os for your age so ody bull sloog ib adeied standards for checking your proses CONVENIENT Scum, ou ci, do, hess any ne a our atl PER DAY Research has Demonstrated that the 5BX Plan will: Tecrease the sength of the important muscle groups sede in everyday ling crease the ally of muscles used in eseatal body movements t0 function ficiently for long periods of time. Tees the speed response of the important muscles of the body. ‘Keep the important muscles and joins of the Body supple and flexible 1 snd capacity ofthe beat, lungs 20d ter boy organs reas the capacity for phys exertion. Why Should You be so Concerned About Physical Fitness? Mechanzatin, stomatin, and worksaving devices to make Iie ‘easy are depriving of desire pia activity. Canadians, sr eu ‘re in danger of deteriorating physically. Here are the Pertinent Facts ‘Morclervnless adequately exercised or use will become weak end inefciest. Let's take a look at some of the evidence which sows shy ropular vigorous exerci ir so evento pial well-being. ‘Weak back muscles are associ, many eases, with lower back tin. It fas been estimated that 90% of these backaces may be ‘minted by seresing the srengh of the back musles trough ‘A bulging sagging abdomen resting from weakened abdominal ‘muscles Is detvimental to good pose “The eficiency and espaciy of your Heat, lungs and eter oraas an be improved by regular vigorous exercise. AS person i es susceptible to common injures, and, if recover more mpi red, The incidence of degenerative beat diseases may be greater in ‘ose who have Bot fllowed a physically active Iie Regular vigorous exercise plays an important role in costoling your weight Regular vigorous physical activity an help you snd nervous tention, You are never too olf o begin and follow 2 regular exercie rorramie. You can collect valuable dividends of physical efficiency from your daily activities Hidden in the simple actives we do every day are wonderful ‘onportunities to get exereie and ep relresbed, Because we have ‘veoped an attude of "doing & the eaty way" we take shortcus which seldom save time, Consequently We have developed habits to void physical exertion, Here are sme roitine activites which can be turned into small ‘hallenges that ill hep to msitin physical Fess once you have Saind the suggeed level of physical capacity for you. Make them | HABIT! Ralance on one foot without support while oting om your seks of shoes. Fe55 —ote yunll a vr ibdown wih & ough towel afer a shower ‘Take the sir two at a ime instead of AG , it your eh, don't shore ‘end your knees flly and keep back when picking ar objet of the Boor. AA wee pry ns mt &f ways you cam walk a few Bosks rather than ways in which to svoul waking. Step out ( arly and reste depy 4 PHYSICAL FITNESS Physical Fitness ‘The human body is made up mainly of bone, muscle and ft Some 639 diferent muscles acount for about 455 ofthe body weight Each ofthese muscles har four distinct and measurable quality which se of intern to us (1) can produce forse which can be smesured a arent of (2) can sore eneray whi permits ito work for extended periods of time independent of culation, "This is generally Fefered to muuclarendarance, (0) Ie cam shorten at varying rats, This Is alld speed of contraction. (4) cam be suetched and wil recoil. This it called the eat of masse ‘The combination of these our qualities of muscle i refered 0 MUSCULAR POWER. 1 muscles are to function effslenty, they must be con Vinay “supplied with energy fuel. ‘This ls accomplished by the ‘ood which earls the energy fel from Iung and digestive system to the mosces, The blood forced trough the blood vessels by the heart The combined capacity 10 supply energy face to the working mutle called ORGANIC POWER. ‘The capucy and eliincy with which your body can fenton pends on the degree of development of both your muscular and forganie power through regular exercise, However, the level to which you can develop these powers i nfenced by such factors the ype ‘of body you inert, the food you et, presence of absence of dete, You are physically only when you have adequately developed your muscular abd orpaic power to perform with te highest posible oe te oe te BRYSICAL CAPACITY SCALE Bor w & 8) Pare Ey 10 co How fit should you be? erediy and health determine the top limi to which your ply eapoclty can be developed. This i known your potent Dyical capaciy. This potential capacity varies from individval to fndividul. Most of vs for example, could train for a Wetime and ever come clove to running « four minute mule simply because We sreren "but™ for i ‘The top level at which you cam perform physically Hght now is callod your “soguirel capaciy” because It has been acquired ot Aevlope through physical activity In your daly routines. ‘Your body, lke a eat, futons most eficenly well below is scquired capacity. A car, for example, driven at its top sped of, sy, 110 mies per hour user’ more pur per mile thin when it ven sound $0.40 miles per hour, which Is Well blow is capac. Your ody fanctions ia the same way, In thatthe ratio of work performed 10 energy expended it better when i functions well ow acquired ‘You can avoid wastage of energy by acquiring level of physical capacity well above the level requied to perform your normal daily taste This can be accomplsed by suplementing your duly phys fsctiviy with a Dalanced exercise progamme performed regualy. ‘Your capacity increases a you progressively srs the loa on your muscular and organic systems Exerc will increase physical endurance ond stamina thus ‘roiling a reser revere of ener for lnure tie activites, LEAD A BALANCED LIFE