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Robin D. Lawsahan
night's black agents
night’s black precursors

Calling Back to Your Past NBA Series in YKRPG

If you’ve already run your players helping them round up copies of the their eyes at the in-joke. Treat it as
through a Night’s Black Agents play is an ominously familiar creature foreshadowing in case A, or an idea
series, you can incorporate elements of the night. to quickly discard in case B.
of it into your Yellow King game, This shifts the core YKRPG Like the immortal king and his
creating the sense that those events assumption that no real supernatural daughters, vampires make splendid
prefigured the eruption of Carcosa power exists until the play is published, enemies to thread through the four
into our world, and the timeline to one in which the vampires act as sequences. A vampire you introduced
splits that bring about The Wars and an occult force untethered to the in your present day NBA game as old
Aftermath. Hyades. enough to have been running around
Do this only if you figure that your Alternately, you could reprise places in 1895 can bedevil the art students
players will enjoy revisiting the bad and situations from NBA to show that of Paris. One who was just getting
guys and key images of a previous they have now been overwritten by started in the Belle Époque might
series. You want them to react to any the King in Yellow’s incursion. The be enjoyably weak and uncertain,
callback with excited recognition, art students’ journey from Paris to giving you a fun contrast with a past
rather than a slumping of the shoulders Transylvania might take them to portrayal. A version of a past Big Bad
and a series of sighs that say, “oh, no, Dracula’s castle, site of a big scene who now appears as merely Evenly
not this again.” from NBA. Once there they find it Matched against the party affords
The past PCs might, for example, stocked with Carcosan nobles instead them the satisfying chance to quickly
have defeated Dracula or a legendary of the denizens their past characters off a GMC they once found impossibly
vampire of your own creation after would have encountered there. The bad-ass.
a long and exhausting struggle. In Brides in the basement have been Versions of Edom figures from its
that case, bring your antagonist back replaced, transformed, or staked and WWII era can appear in distorted
onstage with great care, signaling turned into party decorations. form as English intelligence officers
from the jump that you’re neither The best villains to bring back for in The Wars. Depending on which side
invalidating that victory, or requiring Yellow King might be those who the British are fighting on, the names
them to repeat all the actions they took on secondary roles in NBA. The players remember from the dusty files
took in NBA. vampire who got away is the perfect of the 1940 operation might show up
Instead, focus on story threads they one to refit, in original or reality- as sympathetic types in league with
didn’t get to pursue in the other game, altered guise, to featured antagonist the squad, or its enemies. Some, like
or switch up the players’ relationship status. This gives the players the an undead Wilhemina Harker, make
to past events and characters. chance to shake their fists and decide sense only when Stokeresque events
If they fought Dracula in NBA, he that this time around they’re finally occurred in the same timeline as the
might become an untrustworthy ally going to get Karmilla or the Dread art students’ adventures in Paris.
in YKRPG. Accustomed to lordship Count Esterhazy. Others you can lift from your copy
over the undead, he might decide to Or you could take the Easter egg of the Dracula Dossier and bend into
resist Carcosan influence rather than approach, where past characters get the Continental War, even for groups
bending the knee to the Pallid One. name-dropped but without coming you never ran NBA for.
He could assist the art students and fully to the fore. Ilie Patrescu (DH, p. 81) could
their predecessors from afar, likely Like any GM, you can jump from serve as an agent of the Turks, a
under an alias or working through one plan to the next in accordance freelance spy, or war profiteer.
a network of cat’s paws. This sets with player reactions. Start with a Sigmund Walther (DH, p.
you up for the fun reveal, when they name drop and see if it gets them 82) appears as a German officer,
discover that the patron who has been sitting up and taking notice, or rolling intelligence operative or collector of
Carcosan artifacts. He’s an information In This is Normal Now you might
source or object of a rescue operation refer to the more publicized exploits
if the Loyalists include Germany, an of the NBA party as famous past news
antagonist otherwise. events. Did they blow up the Gdansk
In the Continental War, a nasty shipyards? The emigre biotech
bit of work like Michael Anghelescu engineer the TINN investigators
(DH, p. 83) must surely work for the interview about a weird mask-faced
king or one of his daughters, perhaps animal sighting still bears the scars of
wielding weird white-sky weapons. that conflagration. Did the NBA PCs
Edom itself might exist as the secret stop a nerve gas attack in the Hanover
British directorate in charge of anti- transit system? The perpetrators are
Carcosan operations. You might need about to go on trial, but there’s an
them to be smarter this time around. odd connection between one of the
Or they could have Dracula in tow, suspects and the team’s current case.
assured that he will definitely aid When rampagers show up, feral
them against Cassilda and Camilla, vamps might number among them,
and by no means take advantage of leaving players to picture a potential
the cover they offer him to advance dread future straight out of Richard
his own schemes. Matheson.
CIA agents who appeared in your Should you bring back your Big
NBA series can recur in demonic Bad for a final reprise, look for a
guise as Castaignite revanchists in connection to the memes and themes
Aftermath. Emphasize the topsy- of the oh so Normal present.
turvy quality of this warped timeline „„ Dracula data mines his
by making the good ones corrupt and way to a roster of perfect
the sleazebags decorated heroes of victims to feed upon.
the revolution. „„ The Brides become top influencers,
Vampirism could echo into getting all the sustenance they
this sequence as a regime science need from draining the attention
experiment to grant immortality of their Instagram followers.
to select elites. A supposedly dead „„ Red Jack hopes to turn
former Emperor might have fled the memetic power into a fresh
basement of the exploding imperial incarnation through the latest
palace. Now his henchmen must Netflix true crime series.
prowl in search of blood to transfuse In any of these cases, they might
into him, keeping his waxy, quasi- really be back in the undead flesh—or
embalmed body alive in a world have slipped from myth to actuality as
losing its supply of Hyadic energy. consensus reality continues its spiral
The weird science vampire project into obsolescence.
might be managed by traditional
undead types, perhaps even your
recurring Big Bad. This antagonist
might have emigrated to America by
way of Carcosa. Now holed up in a
secret laboratory, this once and future
grand vampire villain prepares for ex-
insurgents to come bursting through
the door.