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local brands or foreign brands

Many Indonesian people who prefer to buy clothing to accessories from foreign brands.
Even according to famous designer Ali Charisma, local brands are still less competitive with
international outside brands in their own country.
Ali also said that 60% of Indonesian consumers would rather buy various foreign products than
made in Indonesia. The chairman of the Indonesia Fashion Chamber (IFC) admitted that foreign
products have good quality. "60% of consumers are still pursuing foreign brands because I
admit their quality is good and the prices are affordable. Garment companies in Indonesia are
also still working on foreign products because they sell more in the market, this is our difficulty
in becoming the center of the world fashion," Ali explained when talking to CNBC Indonesia at
The Ice Palace, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kuningan, Jakarta, Monday (3/26/2018).
The Balinese designer also revealed that the development of Indonesia's fashion industry still
lags behind other countries. Not in terms of trends or uniqueness that Indonesia has but the
industry side. For example, Thailand, a neighboring country whose local fashion business is
more advanced than Indonesia."I personally think Thailand is still industry better than us. In
terms of malny, its business, its local brands have done a lot of wholesale. Many Indonesian
producers also buy in Thailand to sell again here, "he added While Indonesia is still not strong
enough to compete, especially in terms of quality and price. Many good quality local products
but the prices are less affordable. Not to mention the habits of today's Indonesians who prefer
to be 'followers'.The development of the digital world makes it easy for designers to do business
and find inspiration. But Ali said that the all-digital era also made many millennial designers
only become traders, not designers, so they did not have any characteristics."Many are still
followers. They can be inspired from the internet and then changed a little and sold, it can't be a
trendsetter. My advice is to try to keep innovating and collaborating to become a sustainable
designer," Ali said again.
It can be said that international fashion brands still dominate the fashion market among the
middle and upper classes of Indonesia. Whereas domestic products are also not inferior to local
brands, even many well-known foreign brand products are made in the country. So why are
foreign brands superior? "It must be recognized that these international brands have good
management, creating a trend in the fashion world," said Mega Perintis CEO, FX Afat Adinata
Mega Perintis is a company that develops fashion for men under the brand names MOC, Men’s
Top, Fakelondon, Ollo, Batiksplus, and button ink and has 90 fashion shops specifically for
Manzone men. Afat said, foreign brands consistently continue to strengthen "branding" in the
minds of consumers. "The company which manages the international brand is competent in
terms of organization, system, and human resources," he said To build competence that is on
par with international brand owner companies, it has encouraged Mega Perintis to take the
opportunity to become a Nike retail partner in 2014 (NOS: Nike Only Store). "Until now, Mega
Perintis (through its subsidiary PT Mitrelindo Global) has managed 9 Nike retail stores. Mega
Perintis also focuses on developing department store channels in developing the MOC and
Men’s Top brands," he said.In addition to learning from Nike, Mega Perintis also conducted
benchmarking with international brands such as Zara, H&M, and Uniqlo. Manzone stores, which
now number 90 in Indonesia, are developed with a touch of store concept and visual
merchandising that reflects Manzone's tagline "Feel the Difference". "Manzone is indeed a
destination where men will get all the needs to look more fashionable, trendy by wearing
products "Indonesian fashion products," he said. Mega Perintis will also make a breakthrough
by launching a new custom made concept with the name of the Mankind store in mid-July
"There is already a brand from Japan that is present in one of the malls in Tangerang with a
similar concept, but Mankind will be the pioneer of a local brand that introduces this custom
made concept," he said. The concept of Taylor made in which consumers come to choose a
model to be measured and then wait a few days/weeks to get the desired clothing products.
With this custom made concept, consumers will get satisfaction because they can make the
desired clothing personalization, "It's me, different from others".
And the situation in Indonesia about Corona or COVID-19 is getting worse, where every day the
number of patients always increases. So, now it is increasingly important for us #DiRumahAja,
to reduce the spread of this virus everywhere. Now, in support of this movement, last week
several malls had stopped operating, for example, the Grand Indonesia mall, Plaza Indonesia,
Senayan City, and the entire Summarecon Mall. With the closure of this mall, of course the
effect is also felt by several local brands, both beauty, food, and fashion.
In addition to the mall, some fashion brands decide to stop operating first, to keep employees
and customers from being exposed to this Coronavirus. Of course, the decision to close their
offline store is a tough decision. Because income is decreasing, operational funds are still
running, for example rental of shops, electricity and so on. Indeed, as a whole our economy is
going down, since the COVID-19 case. Not only local businesses affected, but all businesses in
the world are affected. But yeah, we can't try to save everything right? The small thing we can
do besides channeling donations and helping small traders, we can do is support this local
brand so that it can survive after the Corona pandemic is over. Then, what can we do to support
this local brand? I'm not saying we have to spend extravagantly to keep shopping. But, mindful
shopping and tailored to our individual needs. So, here are some ways we can support local
businesses in Indonesia.

Always choose a local brand

Try it from now on, when you want to buy food, clothes or other beauty products, try to find a
local brand first. Why the heck is it important to support local brands? Because the local brand
is still small and the chance of survival during the pandemic is also very small. When we help or
buy a local brand, indirectly, we also ensure that employees, whose contents are Indonesians,
still earn a living.

Share and Share

Surely you guys are increasingly active on social media? Surely you spend 1/2 day to open
Instagram and Twitter, compared to you looking for or sharing news that might hoax or even
add stress, because you are constantly exposed to negative news, what if you fad share your
favorite brands? In addition to sharing, you can also give a little review to 'poison' people why
you should try these foods or products.
Besides the two points above, what needs to be instilled also is, when we support local brands,
we are not just helping the brand to survive. But we indirectly help their employees to still be
able to buy their daily needs to survive. When their business gets income, it means that their
company can provide a salary to its employees.
So, as long as we can give a little kindness to others, why not? How about you? What have you
done to help local businesses?