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“Aghosh, my home and my life”

As human beings when we see a little boy or girl in particular vulnerable children who may easily
desperately in need of help the natural reaction is be taken away and fall into the wrong hands.
to go out and give them a helping hand however
Ever since its establishment 21 years ago MWF’s
in reality this is not taking place as it should
core objective is to provide welfare to the poor
be. The reality of the world or of our individual
and needy; struggling to enrich them with
state as humans is preventing us from showing
education, skills and the courage to earn for
commitment to such children. Our commitment
themselves along with their families. The same
is often only for ourselves, our family, friends and
ethos still remains within the framework of MWF
community. We frequently question as to why
and in a short period of time it has established:
we should aid those who speak a language which
is foreign to us, who come from different cultural • More than 580 primary schools
backgrounds, who have no direct connection to • 40 IT Colleges
us or our way of living yet if we take a closer look
we are not so different. • A chartered and recognised university

Helping or assisting an orphan child is a natural • 115 medical dispensaries

instinct and so soon after the Kashmir earthquake • Emergency relief and assistance to
in 2005 Minhaj Welfare Foundation initiated a thousands of unfortunate people
pilot project entitled ‘Aghosh’. Initially this project
Since the launch of ‘Aghosh’ 5 years ago and after
catered for the welfare of 50 orphan children
the idea of converting the building into a multi-
who were directly affected by this earthquake
purpose orphanage thousands of people have
but since then the project has been expanded
flocked to support this unique project. The key
and is now working towards providing essential
factor which remains vital to the success of this
facilities for 500 orphans.
project is that this support continues so that
We have reached many milestones in the past together we can ensure a safer future for the
5 years even though the current climate has orphans.
acted as an obstacle for us to carry out a more
Founder: Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri
productive outcome. Nevertheless we are
Minhaj Welfare Foundation
confident that with your help and support we
Worldwide Humanitarian Development
will soon be able to complete the Aghosh Orphan
Care Home Project.

Being part of a global village we all have an added

responsibility to look after the people around us,

Minhaj Welfare Foundation is a registered charity Charitable Framework of MWF:
which has actively implemented its projects in • To advance in Humanitarian projects focusing
Kashmir, Afghanistan, Palestine, India, Bosnia, at three key elements of welfare; Education,
Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria and Health Care and General Welfare.
numerous other countries. • To develop short term projects and reform
The charity began operating in Pakistan in the them into long term sustainable projects for
year 1989 and ever since has worked closely on the destitute.
projects in under developed regions of the world. • To advance in education amongst the deprived
in society focusing at Orphans in particular.
MWF Pakistan was founded by Dr Muhammad
Tahir ul Qadri in 1989. He rallied the Pakistani MWF has established a unique project in Aghosh,
nation throughout the country to start local an orphan care home and by doing so gaining
projects by providing aid to children, widowed an excellent reputation for delivering and
women and the impoverished within the society. implementing projects. We hope that you will
MWF’s initial aim was to provide support in three continue supporting this unique project.
major areas focusing at Education, Health Care
and General Welfare. Within years MWF’s activities
have expanded into a variety of relief activities
especially in Pakistan including education, water MWF is one of the largest
& sanitation and health care. You can find further INGO’s in Pakistan with over
details of MWF’s projects on www.mwfuk.org.
600 education institutes

AGHOSH: Progress since 2009
The Aghosh project is an orphanage based in Progress of work
Lahore, Pakistan which will provide care for 500 Progress of work
children. The majority of the children have lost 1. Phase 1: 85% is complete.
1. Phase 1: 85% is complete.
both of their parents in natural disasters but some 2. Phase 2: 25% completed.
have a parent who is alive yet they are unable to 2. Phase 2: 25% completed.
provide even the basic essentials a child would
need to survive.
The pilot project of Aghosh has already been The cost and duration of the
established in Lahore. It caters for 50 children, project
providing them with secure boarding, quality
Basement and Ground Floor (Phase 1 – 18th
education, medical facilities, recreational facilities
December 2008 till 18th June 2010)
and educational trips.

Progress on the construction of

the Aghosh Project Type of Work Cost - Rs
Aghosh is a five story building (basement plus Civil work Rs 119,999,786
four floors) currently under construction at the Electrical work Rs 12,103,903
New Campus, Baghdad Town, Township, Lahore
on more than 90,000 Sq feet (20 Kanal) piece of Total Rs 132,103,716

Phase 1. First, Second, Third & Fourth Floors (Phase 2 – 5
i. Basement 30051 Sq ft December 2009 till 4 June 2011)

ii. Ground Floor 30051 Sq ft

Type of Work Cost - Rs
Phase 2. Civil Work Rs 117,500,571
iii. First floor 30051 Sq ft Electrical work Rs 7,888,657
iv. Second Floor 30051 Sq ft Total Rs 125,389,228
v. Third Floor 30051 Sq ft
vi. Upper Floor 3010 Sq ft
Total 153265 Sq Ft

2006, our father died from a heart attack. Mom
To create a safe, loving & was never the same, she was the vice principal of
a secondary school, she really missed dad. Two
nurturing environment years later mom passed away, all of a sudden
for the children our lives were turned upside down. We did not
know what to do; no one was there to look after
us. We were very fortunate to have had relatives
REAL LIFE STORIES who cared and took us to Aghosh. It has been
Umer Aziz is one of Aghosh former students; he two years since we have been here and it is like
is currently studying theology at the renowned our own home. We enjoy playing football and
Minhaj University. He tells his story of how he taking part in other activities after school. When
came into the pilot project of Aghosh. we grow older we want to become doctors, this
dream has only be made possible because of
“After the disaster of 2005, theft and looting Aghosh.”
was widespread. One evening a thief came to
my father and demanded money from him, my
father gave him the money, the thief was not
satisfied he killed him. We are a big family, I have
4 brothers and sisters, and my mother was not the I will never be able
same after my father was murdered. My relatives
told us about the Aghosh project in Pakistan, me, to pay back Aghosh
my brothers and sisters got entry into Aghosh.
I successfully completed my schooling. My for all its support
dream is to eventually go to the famous Al Azhar
University in Cairo. Aghosh provided me with an
opportunity, I never felt lonely and deprived of
love. I will never be able to pay back Aghosh for
all its support”.
The story of Numan and Rizwan, twin brothers
who are currently part of the Pilot Project of
Mohammad Numan Iqbal and Rizwan Iqbal are
identical twins from Lahore. Both brothers share
their story in how they were bought to Aghosh.
“Our father was a very respectful member of the
community; we lived a very good life. In the year

• To give orphans and street kids a home. Aghosh - a place for better Education
• To create a safe, loving and nurturing
Minhaj Welfare Foundation ranks education as an
environment for the children.
important tool to international development. It is
• To give children a healthy diet and a good
the harsh reality of the world that we live in but we
must acknowledge that the lack of education and
• To send children back into the community pursuit of knowledge has led to many conflicts,
as healthy, educated and well-accustomed bloodshed as well as allowing general ignorance
adults so they can play their part in the future of to prevail. Education plays an important role in
their own nation. the development of not just a child but an entire
• To apply an ethos of good morals and etiquettes nation as these children today are the future of
into the individual and collective lives of the tomorrow and it is with good education that their
orphans. future can be prosperous. It is for this very reason
• To provide a prosperous future through that within ‘Aghosh’ it has been made paramount
higher education, training and prospective to advance underprivileged, vulnerable children
employment. into a brighter and prosperous future.

AGHOSH A BETTER FUTURE FOR Through the Minhaj Educational Society there
OUR CHILDREN are currently 150,000 students, all of whom are
in different areas of education. The core objective
What is AGHOSH? of MES is to provide both spiritual and secular
1. The hostel will have space for 500 children with education which will ideally affirm a solid future
modern facilities including a common room, an for the children.
excellent canteen, recreation facilities and new
Stages of education:
2. The children will be enrolled in a 1000 student • Primary and Secondary Education through the
capacity school, facilitated with modern Minhaj Model School.
classrooms, science laboratories, lecture • Enrolment into the specialised IT colleges within
theatres and sport facilities. Minhaj Colleges.
3. Safety for all children is vital thus the Aghosh
• Excellent facilities of computers and access to
complex will have fire alarms and other safety
the worldwide web.
measures in place in order to ensure that the
children are protected at all times. • The children study the core subjects English,
Maths, Science and Urdu alongside Religious
Aghosh will be providing • Opportunity to gain a recognised degree at
education from Primary the Minhaj University thus enabling better
prospects for jobs.
Level up to University
A view of the Aghosh Orphan Care Home: The latest building work taking place.
Work has commenced on the third and fourth floor of the new Aghosh building.


Celebrities, political figures

and many others who have
visited the Aghosh Project
and had an insight into the new
complex that will cater fro 500
Orphans. Everyone has given very
positive feedback.

Aghosh is a multi complex building with state of the art rooms, of Aghosh will be able to stand on their own two feet and
expenses of the charity are kept
excellent play areas, onsite medical staff, canteen and full time
carers for the children. The 5 multi storey building is coming
become ambassadors of their country.
to an absolute minimum. The
As mentioned previously, MWF is grateful for the donations and
towards its second phase of building work. It is projected to
be complete by June 2011. MWF hopes with the generous
contributions made towards the new complex. A lot of work Head Office for UK & Europe is in
since has been completed by MWF, we are hopeful with your
donation of its donors, that it can officially open the doors of
Aghosh for the 500 children to start their new home.
continuous support; we can hasten in completing this building. Nelson. UK and operations in MWF
Benefits of supporting this project
Our aim is to build hundreds of Aghosh buildings in cities and
towns of Pakistan, ensuring those children who lack behind • We believe in 100% going towards the cause and in this Pakistan are co-ordinated with the
100% goes to this unique project.
in education, become number one in their class. A country
in which the illiteracy level is sky high, MWF’s primary goal is • The child who will reside in Aghosh will get the best care: team in Nelson. There are also
to improve the education and upbringing of impoverished home, food, school and medicine.
children who have lost their parents. It wants to ensure that • You can visit it yourself and see the work with your own eyes branches/representatives in over
tomorrow, these same children who walked through the doors • You get the latest update.
80 countries around the world.

It was an evening full of inspiration and A short documentary showing the work carried
entertainment. The event celebrated the success out by MWF was played to the audience.
music and art has had in the sub continent. What The audience applauded in order to show
was more exciting and something which is not appreciation for the work carried out by MWF
seen often was that the crowd who had filled and to acknowledge its efforts in improving the
the auditorium in the space of ten minutes were lives of the less privileged. The event highlighted
electrifying. the ongoing project of Aghosh which led to
many people donating generously towards the
This was the first time that the performers were
project especially after they were able to see the
together on stage inside Nelson’s newly built Ace
quick progress of the work via the documentary.
Centre. The event was sponsored by the local
council which enabled us to give the tickets for Minhaj Welfare Foundation made this an evening
the event for free. to remember and a successful family event. Credit
however must go greatly to all the performers
The following guests performed on the night:
who performed continuously for four hours
Shaykh Ahmed Tijani ben Omar (USA) ensuring that the audience were captivated
Milad Raza Qadri (Scotland) throughout the event. Similar successful events
were arranged in Bradford, Nottingham, Keighley
Romana Qureshi (UK)
and High Wycombe.
Hamza Robertson (Manchester)

Thousands of people of different ages turned out Ashiq e Rasool (UK)

to support the Aghosh project. Husnain Hanif (Nelson)

Abdul Jabbar (Nelson)

BANK DETAILS www.mwfuk.org/donate
HSBC BANK info@mwfuk.org

SORT CODE: 40 15 17 01282 723456


“making the most of every moment for every moment will be all too few”

www.mwfuk.org | info@mwfuk.org | 01282 723456 | 12 CARR RD, NELSON, LANCASHIRE, BB9 7JS (UK)

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