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Impact of COVID 19 on RDP programmes

The below lists the activities that have been impacted by restrictions posed by the pandemic. In most
cases we have had to defer 100% achievement of those targets around those activities to the
subsequent quarter. Some processes would carry over to 2021 and those outputs will be achieved only
then. Any further delays if the situation deteriorates would further affect performance vis-à-vis targets.
We therefore we take stock of the situation monthly, next could be early June when we have access to
more reliable models that can explain who the pandemic would run its course in Afghanistan.



1. Triggering process of targeted three communities have been suspended to avoid COVID-19
outbreak. These activities were planned in First and second Quarters of 2020. We won’t be able
to carry them out till end of second quarter if the current situation continues because these
stages are the most important and demanding steps of CLTS requiring huge gatherings of
communities. We can transfer these activities to the third quarter 2020, and if that works out
might still be able to complete all works by end of the year.




- RDP CGLP Staffs Exposure visits outside Afghanistan which was planned in first quarter 2020 is
cancelled / can be shift to next quarter depends on Covid-19 outbreak status.


- The linkage of Producer Groups with Markets is cancelled due to Covid-19 outbreak but can be
shifted to third quarter 2020.
- The livelihood committees capacity development trainings (productive loan management,
leadership, and role of Microfinance in business/enterprise development (CGLP) ) have been
postponed in Dare Soufe Payen but would be carried till end of June 2020 using alternative
methods of trainings. We will not have budget deviations.
- Capacity Development Trainings of Targeted 20 CDCs under CGLP with huge gathering
requirements scheduled for Q1 were cancelled but would be carried out during next quarters
using alternative methods of trainings.
- Mutual Learning Event among saving groups are cancelled and will not be shifted to the next
quarter given the immediate uncertainty. If restrictions persist it may be entirely cancelled.
- 15 CDCs Community Development Plans review and Initial Proposals approval were planned in
first quarter 2020 but delayed and would be completed in second quarter using various
methods of small gatherings of communities. We will not have budget deviation.


Construction Projects:

- Construction start of Tange Yaqub school is delayed due to Covid-19 outbreak which was
planned in April 2020. We will start construction in June 2020, but we won’t be able to achieve
targeted works within 2020. Of the total 15,000,000 AFN budget we will be able to utilize
11,500,000 AFN till end of 2020. It means we will be 3,500,000 AFN underspent in this project.



Activities that require large number of participants are suspended for the time being. Such as, quarterly
meetings of Cluster CDCs with local government authorizes (linkage), Exposure visit of CDC members to
another district or province (Cross visit), and assessment of community health, Education and
infrastructure facilities (Score card). Therefore, output targets number,, Is
mostly affected, while others are affected with slow progress.

On the other hand, SCA has approvals from MRRD for time extensions. SCA may undertake additional
activities related to COVID 19 and MRRD will allow revision of milestones to accommodate these
emergent tasks.