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Baby, Be Mine (Miki Howard song)

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"Baby, Be Mine"

Single by Miki Howard

from the album Love Confessions

B-side "My Friend"

Released October 1987

Genre Soul

Length 5:29

Label Atlantic Records

Songwriter(s) Ashley Ingram, Jackie Rawe

Producer(s) Nick Martinelli

Miki Howard singles chronology

"Come Back to "Baby, Be Mine" "That's What

Me Lover" (1987) Love Is"
(1987) (1988)

"Baby, Be Mine" is an R&B song by the American R&B singer Miki Howard. It was

released in 1987 as the first single from her second album, Love Confessions. The song
was an R&B hit, reaching number five on Billboard's R&B singles chart, her second top
five song on the chart.[1] The track was produced by Nick Martinelli and features the
saxophonist Sam Peake.[2][3]

Chart (1988)

U.S. Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop

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