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Transaction Successful Acknowledgement Slip

Monthly Bill for LT Consumers Only

Customer id. 43000019585

A/c Month Nov-18
Amount Rs. 500.00
Transaction Date 06-01-2019
Transaction Ref No PSBI7077789054
Paid Using Netbank (Bill Desk)
Status of Payment SUCCESS
Updation of Payment is subject to realization of funds from Service Provider/Bank.
This acknowledgement slip is being issued subject to the Terms and Condition applicable for payment of
electricity consumption bill through Netbank ( Billdesk ), as detailed on our website.
The Company reserves the right to reverse any payment effected by a consumer through Netbank ( Billdesk ),
in situation, where ultimately the Company is not in a position to retain such payment, on the ground of
unauthorized usage of the mode through which settlement has been made.

Thank You for your concern towards the Environment by paying Online

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