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I want to express my sincere gratitude to the school management and

all my teachers for conducting online classes even during this lock

down period. From day one, I enjoyed each and every class and would

look forward for the next class. I ensure all my teachers that all their

efforts will not go unnoticed and that their legacy will forever live on

in us! -Nisma Fathima.I

Thank you for your hard work of taking online class in this lockdown

which is very useful for the students.“Your expertise in teaching has

put our minds at ease". We are so grateful to have you as our teachers.

We thank all our school teacher and the school management.

-Jeswanth Kumaar.C.S.G

The online classes conducted by Alagappa Schools are very helpful for

understanding the concepts easily. I whole-heartedly thank all the

teachers for their great efforts for making easily understandable

presentations and also with their excellent teachings to learn well!

-Sarvesh Babu.T.Y

I especially loved the math class but there was a drawback in that, I

was not able to see the video clearly because it was very blur. During

the first chemistry class, miss took the lesson well, but I felt that she

took it in a hurried manner. I also suggest that if she takes hard

concepts in tamil it could be great. -Sathish Kumar.J

During this quarantine there were chances for us to get distracted in

many ways like gaming, but our teachers made us busy in our studies

and this helped us to allot some time for studies also. We were given

assignments and this made us more clear in the concepts. I look

forward for these online classes to continue. -D.Manoj Kumar

It is very useful for our studies and this is a safe and secure for us. We

are all very thank full for our school management and our teachers for

this online classes. And we are all glad to see that you make so much

efforts for our studies during this quarantine. Billion of thanks to our

lovable teachers

Online Classes are useful for Students. When our teacher teach us live,

we understand the concepts more clearly. Its was very useful for me,

thank you! Thank you teachers for making us understand concepts

easily. -K.G.Ruthrishwar

Online classes are really helpful and awesome to study in home itself

safely. And really thank you so much teachers for taking efforts for us.

we are glad to say our teachers are taking this mush of sincere efforts

for us and videos are just awesome expecially the way u explain is

totally amazing. Once again a big thanks to all our teachers and sir's to

taking care of us

During this pandemic situation where all think of their own personal

issues, our management and teaching and non teaching staffs took the

initiative to continue to develop and enrich the knowledge of the

students here. Inspite of their daily chores they are taking online

classes for the students beneficial. This online class is very useful

because we don't procrastinate our work and learn the lessons at the

given time. The video modules sent by the teachers were very well

explained. Thank you all! -A.Barani Sree

The session is very good, the ppt is very useful to all the students to

take notes easily. I suggest to all the subject teacher to follow the same

methods because the ppt is very clear and neat compare to notes writen

in board. Overall the session is exellent!

-Arabath Bin Zakir Hussain

Online classes are very interesting and effective. It enables me to plan

my Study Schedule and has given me confidence in preparing 12th

standard Syllabus. I whole heartedly thank my teachers for their

efforts. -D.Monisha Adithya

It was so good and so amazing that all students can understand it

easily. I thank all our teachers for this opportunity to study online.

Thank you! -Lakshmi Priya

For me those online classes were really good, but I would suggest my

teachers to send the notes or ppt in group for us so that we understand

the concept more clearly.

-V.Dharmesh Kumar

I'm glad to say tat online classes are very helpful to see videos and

even if we miss any class we can refer the video modules.I thank you

teachers for teaching us in this quarantine days it is very helpful for us

to recall all chapters. Once again thank you all!

-Syed Altaf

Online classes are a new experience for us in these lock down period

and it is very useful and helpful for us to learn. I thank my teachers for

the efforts they are putting on us.