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Network System Administration

Group Project
Posted: Sept. 9, 2010
Project Progress Demo Date: Nov. 9, 2010
Project Final Demo Date: Dec. 2, 2010
This is a group project. Each group can have up to 3 students. Please form the group
yourself and email me your group information.

Project Description:

This is a project combining Apache, PHP, MYSQL and JAVA technologies. This project
is based on Ubuntu.

Apache webser
Table User : 1. username, A Fictitious
2. log in passwd Network WSN

Table Network: 1.
Internet Web PHP number of nodes; 2.
Bob Page script network topology Java program to
modify the
Network table


Suppose remote user Tom wants to access a web server (implemented using Apache) to
retrieve some dynamic network information (For example, network topology).

First, Tom needs to log into the system. After Tom types his username and password, the
PHP script will retrieve Tom’s information from Table User in order to authenticate

Second, after Tom successfully log into the system, the PHP script will retrieve the
network topology information from Table Network and GRAPHICALLY display the
network topology on the web.

In reality, Table Network will be updated by a fictitious network WSN. In our project, no
such network exists. Therefore, to simulate the dynamic topology, a Java program is
needed to modify the Network Table.

Basic Steps:

1. Download, install, and configure MySql, Apache, and PHP.

2. Create one database using MySQL. There are two tables in this database: a. User: this
table is used to store user information. Basically, there are two fields: username and login
password; b. Network: this table stores the basic information of a network. b.1 number of
nodes; b.2 network topology.

For example, suppose you have 5 nodes in the network. One way to represent this
network is to use 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 1. 1 denotes there is a connection between two nodes. 0
denotes there is no connection between two nodes.

3. PHP script reads from the table Network to GRAPHCALLY display the network
topology on the web. One example display is (you may just display the network

What to hand in:

A document about how you download, install, and configure MySql, Apache, and PHP.
This includes how to make Apache, MySQL, and PHP work together, how to design and
implement MySQL tables, how the PHP script reads from Table User; how the PHP
script reads from Table network, how the Java program to modify Network Table, how
the PHP script GRAPHICALLY displays the network topology

There will be a project progress demo and final project demo.