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.--. - . ' , - ­ _- .,~: ~ BS 5368 : Part 1 :



BS 5368 : Part 1 : 1976

EN 42

UDC 69.OIl B.2 . 6 20.1 93.2 9 : 697 .952

~t!'!~ ARV COP'( '.





J .,







Methods of testing Windows

Part 1.' Ail' permeability test

Methodes d'essais des fenetres Partie 1. Ess ai de permeabi l it f; a I'ai r


Partie 1. Ess ai de permeabi l it f; a I'ai r o Prufmethoden f ur

Prufmethoden f ur Fenster

Teil 1. Prufung der Fug endurchlii ssigkeit

This Euro peal\ Sta ndard EN 42 was given, as fro m 30 April 1976, th e status o f 8 Brit is h Stand a rd

British Standards Institution



BS 5368 ; Part 1


BS 5368 ; Part 1 1976

EN 42

O '1tents


Page Inside front cover

Foreword Brief history National Appendix A Cooperating organization s



Inside back cover Back


Method of testing

1. Scope


2. Field of application


3. Terminology


4. Apparatus Preparation of window for testing








Preparation for the test


7. Test


8. Diagrams




Expression of results

Form of test repor t








·· "


BS 5368

: Part 1 [EN 42)

is the f irst Part of a series on


methods of testing windows. Subsequent European Standards in the series will be published as further Parts

of BS 5368.




European Standard Norme Europeenne Europaische Norm

EN 42

Fi rst edit ion

October 1975

uoc 69.028.2: 620.193.29 : 697.952

Descri pto rs: Wil"ldow~,1",,1,. air permEabili ty. IElUifl9 condition•• defin; , 'o " ' ,

E n91ish version

Methods of testing windows

Part 1. Air perm eabi Hty test

Method es d'essais des fene tr es

Parti e 1. Essai d e permeabi lite a I'a ir  

Parti e 1. Essai d e permeabi lite a I'a ir


Pru fm ethoden fUr Fe nster


T eil 1. Pr uf u ng de r Fuge ndu rc h lass igke it


h is st andard was accep ted by CEN as a European St a ndard

on 1 5 Octobe r 197 5 w h e r eby th ~ membe r s commined t


accor d to it the status of a na tional st andard must do so

witho ut c h a nge . Th e de ta il s of the conditions under whi c h me mb ers are so com m itted are gi ven in the CE N




p- ta-d ale lists of t he n ationa l sta nda rd s o rganizatio ns

whic h hava ado pted th is Eu r opean St anda rd, and re levallt

ibli ograDhi ca l refe renc es, may be obt ain ed on appli cation to the CEN Ce ntral Secreta riat , or t o th e sales offices of any CE N memb er.


may be obt ain ed on appli cation to the CEN Ce ntral Secreta riat ,

T h is EUro p ean Standa rd ex ists in t h ree ve rsio ns (F rench,


Na t iona l vers ion s

and in case of do u bt shou ld be c heck ed aga inst o n e of the reco gni zed vers ion s (Fr enc h, Engli sh , Ger ma n ).

CEN membe rs are the nat ional standar9s organ izat io ns of Austria, Belgi u m, Denmark. F inl a nd, F ra nc e, German y, Irela nd, It aly , Netherlands, Norway. Port ugal, S pain, Swed en, Switzerlan d and Un ited Kingdom.

ng l is h , Ge r man) recogn i zed b y CE N as equivale nt.

in other langu ages ran k as trans lat ions ,



ur opea n

Comm it t e e


St an dard i z a t i on


om lte Eu ropee n de No rm a li s a tion


uro pa lsch es

K oml tee .

fu r


o rmu


o Central Secreta ri at : 5 Bou leva rd de l'E mper eur, B-1 000 B rux ell es

COPyright reserved t o all nat iona l CEN membe rs

.EN 42 p ag e 2

~-. f history

( text of t his standard, drawn up by a CEN working

g'~<JP,was su bmi tt ed to t he CEN members for ballot in

Ap til 1914, wi th a view t o Standard.

Thi s standard was adopted by CEN on 15 October, 1975 as

a result of its adoption bv Ihe

its adopt ion as a EUlOpean

follo wing CEN members'

Austria, Belg ium, Oenmark, Fr ance, Ita ly. Net herland s, Spa in , $w iaer land and United Kingdom.



Austria, Belg ium, Oenmark, Fr ance, Ita ly. Net herland s, Spa in , $w iaer


")" i$Bd t iSh Standard wa$ publ ished under Ihe aUl hor ity of rile <ecu live Soa rd on 28 May 1976. Q Brili,h Standards Institu1ion, 1976

ISBN:05S009344 1

'~ Copyright .~f-:~',U.sers of Br it ish Standards are reminded that copyright

t all BSI publications. No part of this public~ticn may be reproduc ed ·,1<.;in.l!ny form with o ut the prior permission in writing of 8SI.

, This do es not prec lud e the fre~ use, in the

suhsists in

course of impl ementing

the standard, of nec essa ry detail s such as symbols and si~e,t ype or g,a'de designalions. Enquiries should be addressed to the Pub li cations Manager, 1 01 Pentonyille Road. London Nl 9NO (Telephone 01 ·837 8801 ; Telex 23218).

BS 5368

Part 1


EN 42

Contra c t requirements Aue nti on is d l awn to the lact thai this Bd t ish Standard does not

purport to

Revision of Brit is h Standards Brili sh Stand ards a re revisad, whe n

include a ll th e necessary provisio n s of a c ont ra c t

necessary, by Ihe issu e e it he r

of ame ndme n t slips or 01revised ed itions. It i s important th a t u se fS of Bri tish Stllndards shou ld ascertain that th ey ar e in possession of the latest ilmendments or editions.

Th ~ f o ll owjrl 9 8S 1 rrieren c es re l~ te 10 the



n t h i s s l "ndard :

Committee reference 8/1 42 Or~h fo r com ment 74/1 t 607


Cooperating organizations

Th e European Co m mill"e for Standa rdjza t io rl , u nder w hOM!


Deutscher NormeMu55chu55

'O perviJiOl'l thi~ european Stll ndard was prepared, comprise Ihe

Irela nd

Institule for Indunr ia l R~earch a nd Sland5 rds

t ionel stend ar<:l'5 orgaoiZil l ions of the following Wen er n


Ent ! Na ziona le It l!l iar:o d j Un if ic u io(le

ropesn countries:


Nederland . Norma lisatie· in.t itu u l



S e lgium




Oe$ teueichisches Nor mungsinstitul In~litul Beige! de No rma li sa lio n Dans k Standilrdiser ingsrn;,d Suomen Staodardisoimil liilto,r.y. ASSoc iation Fran.;.eise d e Nor ma lisa tion

Nor way




United Kingdom

NO'ges Slilndardiseringsforbund

Repart ir,;;io de No r mal i;rilCi O

S ver iges St3ndardiseri (l95komm iS'lion

Associ at ion S u isse de No rm a li sa ti o n Br il is h Slil nda r ds In. li l ull On



Ame ndm e nts iss ued sin ce pub lica tion

Amd. No.

Date of issu e

Text affected


m OJ






British Standards Insti tuti o n

7605-1.Sk- B

2 Par k Street Londo n W1A 2BS . Te lep ho ne 01 · 629 9000 · Telex 266933






Methods of testing windows Part 1. Air permeability test





Thi s sta nda rd d efines th e m ethod to be u sed fo r th e air


lest o f window'S to be fitted in exterior walls


nd sup plied

in th e form of fi n is hed u nits in actu al

ope rating conditions.



Field of applic ation

This standa rd appli es to all

w indows, incl uding do or he ight


indows made of a ny ma te r ia l, in t h e actua l o perat ing

conditions in which they sh ou l d be used and fixed

according t o the manufactu rer's recomm endati ons ilS in a finished bu ild ing, bearing in mind t h e con d it io ns of test as defined hereafter. The stand ard does no t apply to t he joi nts betwee n the windows a nd surroundi ng components

and material.





pre 51 ur e. The d iff er e n ce be tw een t he abso

lu te air

pre ssu r e- o n

the externa l su rf a c e of a w in dow a nd th e­

b solu te ai r window.


pr eswre o n th e in ternal su

rf a ce of the sam e

The diff erence is positive when the externa l pressure is

higher t h an t he internal pressure. In the o the r case, it is


egat ive . Th is pressure is exp ressed

in Pasca ls (Pa). '


air Pt!rmeability. Til e p ro perty of a closed wi ndow to

let air p ass wh en it is submitted to a differential pressure. The air p ermeability is charac terized by a flow of air expressed in m1 /h as a f un c t io n of the p ressu re. Thi s flow

may be related to the open ing surface area of the window {flow pe r u nit of surfa ce m1 / (h 01 2 )), o r to Ihe lengt h of open ing join ts (flow per u nit 011en9th m 3 /I h m)), or to the total surface area of the window (fl ow per unit of surface m 3 /(h m 2 I). 3.3 opening li ght. Any pa r t o f a wind ow t hat can be

moved within t he main

frame . By convention, the surface

of th e open ing light is eq ua l to the app arent surface, seen from in s id e. The leng th 01 the joint s is obtained from th e same dimensions as th ose used for calcu lation of th e

surface area.




The ba sic test appar atus co nsists of the foll o wing:

(1) a cl1amber \o'.lith e n op ening to which the test window is fitte d by it s su r roun d;

(2) a means o f pro vid ing a co ntroll ed d iffe re ntial (lir pr ess ure ac ro ss t he wi n d o w ;

(3 ) a de vice for rapid contro ll ed c h an ges of the

different ial air

preS$ ure operat ing betwee n d efin ed

li rnit$; (4) a means o f the apparatus;



flo w o f a ir in to or out o f

(5) a mea ns of m eesu ring


difference in p ress ure

be tw ee n the

two fa ces of the

window .




" Pa


N/m' = 0 . 102 mm H,O.


EN 42 Page 3

5. Preparation of window for testing

A su rroun d fo r the specimen t o be tested s h all b e prepa red.

T h is sha!1 be st iff enough to w ithstan d the te st p resS u res

without d efl ecting

to impose bending stresses on the test speci men. When

act ual oper a t ional condi t iOM are know n , t he fix ing of th e

sp eci men may si m u lat<! t hese (e.g. , a w indow in cu r tain

to an exte nt likely t o impair jointin g or

wa llin g).


The window shall twist or bends.


fi xed p lu mb,

squar e , and without

T he

win dow shall


cleaned in its entirety and dr ied.

The th ickness, type of the glass and the method o f glazing

shall co mp ly with the requ ir e men ts of til e milnufac tu rer .

specifi ca tion or wh e n there is <l po ss ibil i ty

that the window shall be used with different glasses, tests shall be carried out wi th a glass of minim u m t hickn es s wi th

respect to the surface standard s.

In the ca se of no

a rea, as specified in the nation al

6, Preparation for the test

The a ir temperatu re 01 the laboratory and the test ch a mber shall be measured and recorded in th e report.

Th ree a ir pr essu re pul ses shall be a p p li ed and th e ra te 0 1

appli cat ion sha H be over a pe ri od of not less than 1 s.

Each pul se shall be maintained over 3 s at least. Thes e pu lses shali be at a pressure 10 % higher than P max required fo r the test , wi t hout ho wever b eing less than 500 Pa.


the window shall be opened and closed five times and

finally se cured in th e c lose d

the p ress ure reduced t o zero, all ope rat ing pa rt s of

positi on .

Extra neous perm eabi li ty of the apparat us shal l be

a cco u nted for a nd pref erab ly e li mi nated. Ex traneo u s

cl1ambe r p er mea bility, w il en measured, shall b e de t er m ined

with t h e w indo w sp e

differ ences to be exe rt ed permeab ility tests.

T he metering eq uipment

w indow air per me ab ili ;Y m oy extr a ne o us perm eabi lity or it

additional air metering equipment.

Th e metho d ado pted t o meas u re permea bility sha ll be

dea rl y stated in th e test report .

cim e n sealed, at

t h e air pre ss~ tr e

during th e w indow air

for the

measurem ent of t he

b e used fo r measuring the may be n ecessar y to p ro vide

7. Te st

Th e windo w sh a ll b e su bjected to increa sing p os i t iv e

pre ssure in stag es for periods of

at least

10 s u p to

t he


axim:J Ol pres s ure r equi r ed fo r

the tesL

T hese p ressures shall be 50, 100, 150, 200, 300. 400, 500

an d 600 Pa an d can the n be incre ase d in ste ps of 250 Pa max imum it th e pressure requir ed tor th'e te st is, exceptionally, higher than 600 Pa.

The pressures shall then be applied in

the reverse o rd er.

N O T E . If II is ' 1:"Q>I)' ed 10 tesl;; window lor

i r p" , m eab l lily in Ihe

reverse di,ect ior., i.e

sh ~ 11 be u~ed.

"nder nega tive pressur e. 1h" same melhod






• o o o . Diagrams Jiagrams 1 and 2 show Ihe sequence o f operation



Jiagrams 1 and 2 show Ihe sequence o f operation for :

a requi r ed pressure P max less t han 600 Pa. for example. of 300 Pa (s ee d iag ram 11;

a requi red pressure P max greater tha n 600 Pa . for

example, of 700 Pi Isee diagram 2).

9. Expression of results

The air pe rm ea b il

it y re adings at each p ressure shall be

r ecorded . Th e h ig her of the two readings a t each pre~u r e.

inc rea si ng 8S well as dec reas ing, sha ll be noted in t he report.

'I n preparation

For ea c h window lested, record th e vol ume o f air fl ow

passing thr ough the specimen e)(pressed as cub ic me tres of

ai r per hou r :

(a) per met re of length of openi ng joint;

(bl per SQuare metre o f opening l ight ;

Ie) pe r sq uare metre o f total surface area o f the window.

These s ha ll be p lo tted o n twO graphs aga imt risi ng pre ssure and the graphs sh a ll b e included in the les t repo r t.

, O.

F orm of test report

T he te st

repo r t sha ll be pl esen t ed in acco rda nce

with EN 78."




• EN 42 Page 5 N E E 0 , 0 0, ~ 0 0
EN 42 Page 5
_ -' '1.
000 0 ----r


6 \



National Append ix A

T he

United King dom pan ic i pation in t he preparation of

th is

European StCl nda rd ca me under t he authority of t he

Building Oivisional Council. Th e fo ll owing organi zat io ns

were involv~ in the work o n this stan dard:

Aluminium Wind ow

As sociation

Association of Bu ild er$ ' Hardwa re Manufacturer s

British Pla st ics !=eder ation


Wood w ork Ma nufactu re rs' Associat ion

De pa rtm ent o f the Establish ment Depa rtment of the

Enviro n m ent Build ing Research

Environ me nt, Housing a nd Conn ructio n

BS 5368

EN 42

Pa,t 1


Department of the Enviro nment, Property Services Agency Fibre Building Boa rd Developme n t Organiza t ion l td. F lat Glass Man ufacturer s' Assoc ia t io n Grea ter London Council Incorporated Associati on of Architects and Surveyors

In st itution of Fire Engin ee r s"

Interdepartmental Constructio n Development Group

M~tal Window Federat io n of Grea t Bri ta in Modul ar Society Roval, l nstitute o f Bri t ish Arch itects Tim ber Research and Developmen t Associatio n