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Debt Market Outlook – 11 May 2020

Pankaj Bobade – Head Research (Fundamental) 1
GoI’s new borrowing programme to drive yields

 Government of India has floated a new borrowing programme for FY21 in wake of economic disruption due to lockdown to prevent
the spread of COVID-19. The new borrowing programme has estimated the gross borrowing for FY21 to be Rs 12 lakh cr vs earlier
budgeted estimates of Rs 7.8 lakh cr., with a skew towards longer end. GoI has also revised its issuance calendar for raising funds for H1,
FY21. The revised calendar with plan to raise the corpus of Rs 6 lakh cr. by Sept. 2020 (vs. Rs 4.88 lakh cr planned earlier) involves
resetting the weekly auction to Rs 30,000 cr (up from Rs 19,000 cr earlier). The new weekly borrowing programme constitutes of
additional issuances of 2 year paper worth Rs 30,000 cr, 5 year paper worth Rs 1.2 lakh cr, 10 year paper worth Rs 1.8 lakh cr, 14 year
paper worth Rs 1.1 lakh cr, 30 year paper worth Rs 70,000 cr, 40 year paper worth Rs 50,000 cr and Floating rate bonds (FRB) worth Rs
40,000 cr indicating a skew towards long dated securities as compared to previous plan. The amount of fund raising planned is on the
higher side of the expectations and hence the yields are expected to rise. In addition to the upward revision of borrowing programme
from the central government, the state governments are also expected to follow up with their plans and probably higher supply of
paper. Overall, we expect the yields to move northwards closer to 6.5% in near term.

Exhibit 1: Brent Crude (USD/bbl)  Crude oil prices are cooling off as the demand looks to be
100 precariously low compared to the supply despite the
production cuts by the OPEC plus nations. Global oil demand
has plummeted by about 30% as the coronavirus pandemic
60 curtailed movement across the world, building up inventories
50 globally. signs of second wave of COVID-19 in northeast China
40 Possible and South Korea coupled with delay in finding a
vaccine accentuated the concerns about demand scenario.
Crude oil prices are expected to trade weak given the supply
0 demand mismatch and near full storage capacity.
May-15 May-16 May-17 May-18 May-19 May-20

Source: Reuters

 The economic situation- slower GDP growth (probably slight contraction), lower tax collections and call for aggressive support from the
government to support the economic revival- all point towards the conditions in 2008-09 post GFC, when the spread between the GSec
and the repo rates were as high as 300 bps vs normal 100-120 bps spread (Refer Exhibit 3). We expect a similar situation may play out
with 10 year GSec yields rising and the central bank cutting repo/ reverse repo rates which give a scope for further repo rate cut to be
around 50 bps and the yields rising nearer to 6.5% despite the repo rate cuts.

Name/ Type of Securities Auction Date
(Rs. Cr.)
Auction of State Govt. Securities 10,750 May. 12, 2020
91 day T Bill 15,000 May. 13, 2020
182 day T Bill 16,000 May. 13, 2020
364 day T Bill 14,000 May. 13, 2020
Source: RBI

Exhibit 1: Term spreads (10/1 Year GSEC) Exhibit 2: Term spreads (10/2 Year GSEC)

Spread (RHS) 10 Year GSEC 1 Year GSEC Spread (RHS) 10 Year GSEC 2 Year GSEC

9 3.0 8.0 2.5

8 7.0

6 2.0
1.5 4.0
3 1.0

1 1.0

0 0.0 0.0 0.0






















Source: Reuters. 4
Exhibit 3: G-Sec & Repo rate spread Exhibit 4: SDL -10 Y GSec

Spread 10 Y GSEC Yield Repo rate Spread (RHS) 10 Year GSEC Yield SDL Yield

10 4 10 1.4

9 9
8 8

7 1.0
6 6

5 1 5
4 4
3 3 0.4

2 2
1 1

0 -2 0 0.0



























Source: Reuters. 5

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