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Last Updated on February 01, 2020

Business Research Method-Team Project1

Project Report: Phase-II

Content Guidelines

 Project Report: Phase-II submission must contain revised phase-I submission. In all
likelihood, you will have to improve and update your phase-I submission.
 The Project Report: Phase-II submission will also include relevant hypothesis testing
for the developed hypothesis of the study, implication of research and conclusion and
limitation of study, in addition to problem definition, approach to problem and research
design. Essentially, it means this submission should cover all points of research and
should be complete in itself.
 The report should also contain executive summary.
 While reporting hypothesis testing only properly edited relevant information of data
analysis (SPSS) outputs should be reported in the document.
 The suggested number of data points for the project is 75 with +/- 25 variations.
However, if your group collects data points more than 100, it is good.

 While revising Part-A following points may be considered.

 The submission must contain Suitable title on the cover page. Please do not put any
design in the cover page. You may suitably edit the wording of the title also.
 Define management decision problem and research problem(s). Please note that, it
is required for you to carry out a thorough preliminary investigation in order to zero
down the problem(s). In this section, you can include only focused literature
review, focused qualitative research, secondary data analysis and decision with
decision maker that are relevant for problem definition only.
 Develop approach to the problem (Research question and Hypothesis). For this
part, you must conduct extensive literature review, secondary data analysis and
qualitative research.
 Before developing hypothesis, you must report the details and findings of
qualitative research. While developing hypothesis, detail out proper explanation
or logic for hypothesis development. Both Null and alternate Hypotheses must be
mentioned with proper naming. You can mention your semi-structured
questionnaire of qualitative research in annexure.
 The research design and the specifics of research methodology fixed to address the
research problem(s) and information needs. This will broadly contain the structured
questionnaire or research tool(s) for hypothesis testing.
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Last Updated on February 01, 2020

Submission Guideline

 There are 2 submissions: 1) Project Report document in MS Word, Times Roman font
with 1.5-line spacing and 2) MS power point of project report (max 35 slides)
 Maximum length of the main body of the report is 35 pages. However, if your group
wants to share more information regarding your project, the document may have
Annexure to report such information.
 The whole document including annexure should not be more than 50 pages, in any case.
Exceeding page limits in either main document or whole document will be penalized.
 The report should be brief, specific, and to the point. Bonus will be awarded for concise
report covering all relevant information. However, documenting irrelevant content will
be penalized.
 Document must have a cover letter with project title, group no, group members details
and section. All pages must be numbered in a continuous sequence. All figures and
tables must also be numbered in a continuous sequence.
 The weightage of this part of project report is 17 marks and out of this, 2 marks is meant
for the professional documentation of the report (No beatification, please).
 Plagiarism in any form will be penalized as per institute policy. Proper referencing
should be done in the report.
 Please upload soft copy of the report and presentation on AIS or mail directly to me
from one of group members (in case you are not able to upload on AIS). No hard copy
submission is required.
 Late submission will be suitably penalized. The penalty for late submission will be
governed by: first 6 hours late: 0.5; first 6-12 hours late: 01; first 12-24 hours late: 02
mark; and after one day late: additional 01 mark deduction for each late day.


I will not be available for any possible meeting on the last two (2) days before submission.

In case your group wishes to get your project-work approved for your CV, you must add
one slide in the project presentation containing matters in Maximum 50 words for CV point
approval (No character count). Failure to adherence to the word count guideline (i.e. 50
words) will lead to rejection of points for possible consideration for approval.

All project work may not be approved for CV points.