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Study Guide No 6

Deadline to turn in this document, Saturday June 20th, 2020.

Section No 1
Tuesday, June 16th 2020

Activity No 1

Answer these questions.
What do you know about silk?

R: which is a soft and shiny.

Where does it come from?

R: I think from China.

Do you have anything made of silk?

R: Yes, a kimono.

Do you know whether silk is cheap or expensive?

R: I do not know.
Let’s try to find out more about this fabric.

Now watch the following video: https://www.samyakk.com/blog/wp-

What do you think of the process described above in terms of complexity and animal
R: It should not catch the poor animals that cannot defend themselves, it is as if they are
killing us to do something and it is too unfair.
We wear clothes most of the time, and people have their preferences about the type of
clothing. What is your favorite type of fabric? What is it made of? Where do you get it? Is
it cheap or expensive? Why do you like this particular type of clothing? Interview 5 people
in your class and find out how similar or different your clothing preferences are.
R: I like elastane fabric. It is made of a fiber resulting from mixing two materials: polyester
and rigid diaconate. It’s super easy to get, can be obtained at any clothing store. It’s not
expensive. I like it because it is very comfortable.

Section No 2
Wednesday, June 17th 2020

Activity B
Listening Section.
This section is going to be completed in class with your BET.

This part guys, is so funny!

Section No 3
Thursday, June 18th 2020

Activity C
It’s time to talk about…

How good are you at choosing presents for your friends or relatives?
R: I am super good at choosing presents for my best friends and my family because I know
their likes.
Let’s watch this video and find out some ideas to take into account when buying presents.
1. Based on your opinion and the suggestions in the video fill in the following
What would you give to…, why? or why to whom?


Your mom
Little kids
Because this person hates
Gadgets such as smartphones,
laptops, iPads etc.

Formal vs Informal Emails

Read the following email and answer the question below.

To: mol@worlwide.net.uk
Subject: Birthday Present
Hi, Molly
Thanks very much for the cinema tickets. They’re a really
great present! There’s a film I want to see, so I’ll them this
Love, Axel

To: lewisp@worlwide.net.uk
Subject: Thank you
Dear Mr. Lewis,
I just want to say thank you very much for the book you gave
me on my last day. It’s a very nice present.
I really enjoyed working for you and I wish you all the best.

1. How is Molly’s email different and similar Axel’s email?

R: Emails are similar.

2. Which phrases did they use in their email to someone know well (1) or someone you don’t
know well?
Hello, Mrs. Frinch Love
2 1
Hi, there Thanks
1 2
Hi Marie Best wishes
1 2
Dear Mr. Parker Regards
2 2

1 See you

A. Think of anyone you need to thank for something.
B. Plan a thank-you email
1. how to begin the email
2. how to end your email
3. and what to say about the issue

C. Write two emails, one formal and one informal and upload them to google

Section No 4
Friday, June 19th 2020

Activity D
Review Grammar
3. Grow your vocabulary by learning word in context. Look at the different meanings
of the word TIME and complete the activities given.
Introduction Unit 10

1. Watch part of Melissa Marshall’s TED Talk. Answer the questions below.
1.1 Why is good communication from scientists and engineers so important?
1.2 What type of communication methods do you know?
2. Watch Part 1 of the TED Talk. Choose the correct options.

3. Watch Part 2 of the Ted Talk. Check (√) the advice that Marshall has for Scientists
and engineers.

1. Watch Part 3 of the Ted Talk. Check (√) Answer these questions.