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Guru Talk: Sajan Pillai, UST Global VC Talk: Bejul Somaia, Lightspeed Ventures Most Promising Mobile App Companies


Sunil Rao
Head, Forum Nokia India

Vol 7 Issue 1  January 2011

Alok Chaturvedi
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February 2011
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Contents - January 2011


Forum Nokia
By Vimali Swamy Sunil Rao
Head, Forum Nokia India

[Guru Talk] 8 [Technology 38 50

Evolution of Mobile Devices and Future of Test Automation Tools & In-
Services frastructure
By Arun Samudrala, By Anand Bagmar, ThoughtWorks
United Mobile Apps
[Buyers Perspective] 54
By Sajan Pillai
[Technology] 40
Mobile Data Growth in India an
Beyond the Metros: Bringing IT Opportunity and a Challenge
[Events] 56
Opportunities to Tier II and III Cities siliconindia MentorGraphics Leadership
By Anjan Ghosal,
By Sajan Pillai, UST Global awards for the Embedded/VLSI Industry
IntelliNet Technologies
By Eureka Bharali
[In Focus] 10 42
Security Challenges in Using Social 59
[Tech Buzz] 14 Media Bug- Experts Throw Solutions for Bud-
By Gary Bahadur, KRAA Security ding Testers
By Shwetha Raghavan
[VC Talk] 16
Financial Services & Education Potential 44
Areas for Startups “3G & speech” reconnecting India [Tech Products] 60
By Bejul Somaia, Lightspeed Venture Partners By Sunny Rao,
Nuance Communications [Leadership] 62
Move Beyond Logic
[Venture Beat] 18
46 By Binu T Paul
Enterprise Level SAN Features and So-
[Business] 19
Indian Startup Founders Are They Serious
on Sales?
By Eurekha Bharali
lutions at SMB Prices
By Tad Lebeck, Huawei Symantec Mobile App
ost Promissing
48 Interworld Commnet 28
[Technology] 36 Nonlinearity Initiatives in Software Dot Com Infoway 29
Enhancing through Learning Collabora- Testing Services Business 30
tive Technology By Ajikumar TN, Robosoft 32
By Minhaj Zia, Cisco Wipro Technologies o2s360 33
Nex-G Exuberant Solutions 34

The Smart Techie

January 2011
GURU TALK By Sajan Pillai
Author is CEO, UST Global
displacement—the need for people to For sustained commercialization skills right from that level. If the ba-
immigrate to find work. The Tier I and confident investment, we need an sics are in place, the skills and con-
cities were becoming saturated with amalgamation of four fundamental cepts required in professional life can
Beyond the Metros: Bringing IT people and were nearing the limits of
their infrastructures. It became very
aspects: government support, re-
sources, quality talent input, and fa-
be learned from the employer organ-
izations. We at UST Global have spe-
apparent that these limits would have cilities. There is no substitute for any cial career development programs,
Opportunities to Tier II and III Cities an adverse impact on our ability to re- many of which focus on the new gen-
duce costs while operating in these Traditionally, businesses eration. We believe in giving our as-
have tried to speak the
locations. sociates the gift of lifetime
Tier II and III cities were a re- employability.
freshing alternative, once the model language of “employee The government, for its part,
was seen to work. Suddenly, there satisfaction,” which is now should ensure that we have the right
were a whole lot of them to invest in.
Competition among these cities is in-
being replaced in favor of kind of infrastructure to showcase to
potential investors. Although we do
tense, and this is where key differen- “employee engagement have some infrastructure, it is not
tiators can come into play to help enough to support the amount of busi-
with cost reductions. In terms of so- of these, but investors should be ness that can potentially come to our
cial displacement, the use of Tier II made aware that these are available shores. What I mean by “infrastruc-
and III cities makes use of what you together in one place. This calls for ture” in this context goes beyond of-
might call an IT “necklace strategy” solid marketing on behalf of the gov- fice buildings and telecom facilities
that builds mega-centers offering em- ernment. While a beautiful country- to include aspects such as a decent
ployment opportunities to the masses side is nice to have, it is hardly way of life, civic amenities, enter-

in more dispersed areas around, enough. Investors need to be con- tainment options, and security. Em-
rather than in the country’s biggest vinced of the commercial advantages ployees must be confident that there
cities. Eliminating much of the social they can expect from investing in a is a sufficient supportive infrastruc-
displacement in this way is one of the country like India. I can speak from ture in town to justify bringing their
biggest social benefits of Information UST Global’s experience of expand- families to live there.
Sajan Pillai Technology. And being a service in- ing operations into Manila, Philip- In fact, some of our clients, after
dustry, there are no environmental pines and Chile. In both cities, the they have seen Kerala while visiting
hen we started our opera- the potential of a service economy. We de- concerns to worry about, either. governments welcomed us with open our facilities, are so impressed that
tions in 1999, we were cided: Kerala had to be the right place. Attrition is a costly affair in most arms. They promised us the best re- they want to bring their own busi-
looking for the perfect loca- Today, we have grown to 500 times our organizations—the cost of replacing sources, and most importantly, deliv- nesses here. Unfortunately, a bit of re-
tion for our offshore devel- original strength, largely because about 60 per- an employee is estimated to be 1.5 ered on their promises with prompt search into the geographical,
opment centers. Our choice cent of our workforce is located in Kerala. times the employee’s annual compen- follow ups. These are the kind of political, and economic climate of the
surprised everyone around us. “Why would When we looked at the big cities—what we sation. UST Global has been success- cities that are competing with India state reveals an unattractive side as
you choose Kerala?” asked our well-wishers. now call Tier I, at least in the Indian context— ful in keeping attrition to a level well for investments. well. While we might have convinced
Kerala’s industrialization in 1999 below industry standards, primarily Most cities in South East Asia them in earlier times that the advan-
included ER&DC, Keltron, and a Attrition is a costly affair in most due to efficient employee engage- have a rich culture and heritage like tages we have to offer easily out-
ment practices. Since employment the one we often boast of. Cities like weigh the disadvantages, there are so
few small private companies pep-
organizations—the cost of replacing an must have consequences more far- Thailand and Shanghai offer the same many options available today that
pered over Technopark. No global
company had a significant presence employee is estimated to be 1.5 times reaching than simple contentment or even better cost advantages than they just don’t have to take the risk.
in the state, and prospects were hes- the employee’s annual compensation with a job well done, a well-engaged India does. So these two points will What we do have in our favor is
itant to take the plunge. workforce results in happy employ- no longer set us apart from the crowd. the abundance of skilled talent and
We decided to look at the facts ees, which in turn reduces attrition. India still needs to work on a few crit- the cost factor. If the government
rather than believe the propaganda. The qual- we saw the advent of a whole lot of industrial Traditionally, businesses have tried to ical aspects like education, industry steps in at the right time, bringing in-
ity of education in Kerala is among the best in clusters, corridors, estates, hubs, and other speak the language of “employee sat- regulations, and communication. vestment to our cities will be a cake-
this part of the world. The people, too, are sur- business units. When looking at possible target isfaction,” but that is being rapidly re- When I speak of education in Tier walk. But we cannot afford to wait
prisingly cosmopolitan from years of exposure sites, we envisioned a model that took two placed in favor of “employee II and III cities, I should emphasize another decade for the effects to
to different cultures and from considerable mi- basic elements into consideration. First, that engagement.” In this context, en- that important personality develop- trickle down. We must strike while
gration to and from the state. The workforce is the concept of outsourcing was primarily gaged employees are an essential fac- ment is taking place during high the iron is hot. India has many prom-
highly stable and productive, while the gov- driven by the desire for cheaper talent and re- tor for any business, but the school. Schooling should be more ising locales for an IT destination.
ernment at the time was slowly waking up to duced operational costs. There was also social requirements don’t end there. oriented towards communication Let’s make it work!

The Smart Techie

January 2011 The Smart Techie
|9| January 2011
in in

Indian Companies Adapting Best Global Practices ICT Can Reduce GHG Emission by 10 Percent
ndian companies are keen in cially those associated to corporate nformation, Communication and The report by the Digital Energy the adoption of ICT in buildings,
adapting best global practices governance, should be framed after Technology (ICT) solutions have Solutions Consortium India (DESC) transport and nine sectors under PAT
and are increasingly doing so, taking into account the view points the potential to reduce India’s total and CII-ICT Centre of Excellence for (Perform, Achieve and Trade). This
says an expert, though he warns that of all market participants. He also greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by Sustainable De- contributes to about 30 percent of the
these companies need to have regu- suggested that there should be an 10 percent by 2030. According velopment in- overall reduction. “Till date, no report
lar evaluation at all levels to sustain annual evaluation process in place to a report this will result in vestigated the in India has quantified the specific
good corporate governance. “Cor- to assess the effectiveness of the energy cost savings of possible savings possible using ICT solutions.
porate governance has evolved enor- board as well as the corporate gov- around Rs 137,000 crore GHG reduc- The report allows industries to quan-
mously in India and many big ernance in companies. per annum. India is tion opportu- tify their potential energy as well as
companies in the country are com- cial numbers while just having good “Entities should anticipate and be presently the third largest nities via ICT monetary savings by adopting ICT-
mitted to embrace global best prac- names on the (firms’) board need more prepared to tackle risks and emitter of GHG after China solutions in based solutions,” said Rahul Bedi,
tices for their business,” said not ensure the same,” he said. It was shocks, mainly since the world is and the U.S. The report named three mitiga- DESC Chairman.
Stephen Wagner, Chairman Emeri- the `14,000 crore accounting fraud getting more interconnected that is ‘ICT Contribution to India’s tion-related The high technology costs, inade-
tus of global consultancy Deloitte’s of Satyam by its founder-chairman also resulting in connectivity of National Action Plan on Cli- missions of quate energy benchmarks, weak regu-
Global Centre for Corporate Ramalinga Raju that brought the shocks,” Wagner said while talking mate Change (NAPCC)’, at- NAPCC - National latory norms on carbon emission
Governance. issue of corporate governance into about the change in taking and man- tributed the maximum potential Mission on En- standard and low research and devel-
“Good governance at companies sharp focus in India. Wagner aging risk by the companies in the of saving of carbon dioxide emission hanced Energy Efficiency opment support are the main factors
usually translates into good finan- pointed out that regulations, espe- recent years. to the construction industry with a (NMEEE), National Mis- that are preventing the country from
whooping 42 percentage, followed by sion on Sustainable Habitat ICT adoption. The report recommends
road transport with 30 percent while (NMSH) and National Solar to create a platform for green jobs, un-
power sector came third with 16 per- Mission (NSM). dertake steps to develop ICT adop-

Diamond Studded Planet Discovered by U.S. Indian cent. The NAPCC was released by NMEEE has set targets to reduce 100 tions, rationalization of direct and
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in million tonnes of carbon dioxide emis- indirect taxes, funds allocation, and to
Astronomer Led Team 2008 as part of the nation’s strategy to sion by 2015, of which 31 million encourage research and development,
manage GHG emission. tonnes reduction comes as a result of as remedies to these ailments.
stronomers led by an Indian made largely of gas and only its core
American have discovered a contains carbon-based minerals such

giant planet with an atmos- as diamonds and graphite. This planet
Expo Partner Supporting Partner

phere and a core dominated by carbon. was discovered in 2009 by re-

Gold Sponsor

Nikku Madhusudan, a Banaras Hindu

University (BHU) alumnus who
searchers in the UK-based consor-
tium called Wide Angle Search for
Bus ness Jan 23, 2011 • Delhi
Jan 29, 2011 • Pune

works at Princeton University, New

Jersey, and his colleagues have ob-
Planets (WASP).
He also added that the structure of
served that an extremely hot planet
discovered last year has a never before
this planet might make us rethink our
long-ingrained ideas of planetary for-
Conference Topics:
Emerging Trends and Technologies in the Business Intelligence Market

seen characteristic of having more car- mation and that with much hotness
BI Design and Implementation Challenges
In today’s economy, businesses need quality
bon than oxygen. They said that this and no solid surface the planet could
Solution Centricity- The Pivot for Successful BI / DW Implementations

actually raised the prospect that dia- not support life. “If life exists on such
insights driven by accurate data more than Integrating Search and Business Intelligence

mond-studded stars may exist. planets, it has to sustain low oxygen,

SharePoint 2010 Insights: BI for Everyone
ever. Yet many IT organizations struggle to
A computational technique devel- perature of this planet, named WASP- low water and lots of methane and
Advisory board:
provide easy-to-access data stores with the
oped two years ago by Madhusudan, 12b, seems to be 2300°C, which other hydrocarbons that would be in
Andrew Oh, General Manager - Asia, Microstrategy
right analytic capabilities, not to mention
while he was at the Massachusetts In- the atmosphere,” Madhusudhan said.
Rajgopal Kishore, VP & Global Head of BI, HCL Technologies
makes it hot enough to melt stainless integrated systems with all the metrics
stitute of Technology (MIT), used to Scientists used U.S. space agency
Sanjay Mehta, CEO, MAIA Intelligence

steel. Madhusudhan, who is now a Dr. Gopala Krishna Chitta, Founder & CEO , INSTA Intelligence

analyze the atmosphere of the planet postdoctoral scientist in the depart- NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope to
different business users need. At the Confer- Vibhas Joshi, SAS R&D India, Head R&D

which orbits a star about 1,200 light- ment of astrophysical sciences at observe light emitted by the planet
ence, you will learn about the challenges,
years from Earth. The surface tem- Princeton, said that WASP-12b is WASP-12b. solutions and future of BI from top industry Don’t miss a power packed day with several BI developers, architects,
experts and leading-edge peers. project managers, IT managers and professionals, analysts and

business decision makers.
The Smart Techie January 2011
Learn from the BI experts. Don't miss this unique opportunity. Limited Seats For speaking and sponsorship opportunities write to
Register Now at or call 080-43402006
in in

e-Waste Recycling
Startups-VCs Confident, Yet Too Many Loopholes India Third Largest
By Eureka Bharali

Cloud Service User
he green statement has ganized e-waste recycling is achieved the products once it reaches the unor-
been luring a lot of then there is no looking back for any ganized scrap dealers’ hands. Herein, ndia is the third largest cloud (22 percent).
startup to grab a pie of the firm in this sector. the work of the organized recycling service user in world and is The study assessed how IT man-
huge e-waste market. The The biggest snag is the lack of companies comes. We, for instance, ahead of U.S. The ranking is agers are evolving their data centers (69 percent) and India (76 percent)
computing devices, elec- awareness and the urge to socially use a specific technology to re-format based on Cisco Connected World and taking advantage of new tech- in the near future.
tronic garbage that piles up within come to a conclusion. “One is paid for the hard-disks to ensure no data can Report, a new study commissioned nologies, at the same time working The study conducted in 13 coun-
every company, have always been a giving out the garbage to an unorgan- be retrieved from the product. Also by network equipment vendor Cisco. to accommodate new trends in the tries also revealed that just about 18
source of the quick cash, thanks to the ized recycler. Even if being socially the hazardous bi-products are dis- The study was conducted by the U.S. workplace like social media, device percent of respondents are using cloud
scrap dealers, and currently, just five conscious about pollution is kept on posed safely,” says Rohan Gupta, Co- market-research firm InsightEx- proliferation, video and an increas- computing today, while an additional
percent gets recycled in an organized founder of Attero Recycling. It serves press. The countries that lead the list ingly mobile workforce. It maintains 34 percent plan to use the cloud. Also
way. In such a scenario, how would a more than 200 clients which include by taking maximum advantage from that globally 52 percent of the IT a large majority (88 percent) of IT re-
company venturing into the realm Wipro, HCL, Tata Tele Services, and cloud computing today are Brazil professionals have stated that they spondents expect to store some per-
bring in a better return on invest- Google among others. To some (27 percent) and Germany (27 per- use or plan to use cloud computing. centage of their company’s data and
ment? Sachin Maheshwari, extent even electronic manu- cent); followed by India (26 per- Higher cloud adoption rates are pre- applications in private or public clouds
who has recently joined facturing firms have started cent), U.S. (23 percent) and Mexico dicted in Brazil (70 percent), China in the next three years.
the boards of Zephyr Pea- taking a notice of the re-usabil-
cock as its Director ity part. For instance, Nokia
quickly pinpoints, “The claims that 65-80 percent of the
amount of recycled goods materials in their mobile phones
that comes out of a product cov- can now be recycled and given a
ers all the recycling cost.
Whether it’s metal or gold, the
second life. Best practices can even
recover 100 percent of the materi-
open market has a good price for
it.” During his stints in Draper
Fisher Jurvetson Maheshwari
als - partly as energy. The market is
huge, yet till a complete agreement
from every nook of the society
2011 siliconindia Jan 29, 2011 • Chennai
himself was a part of one of the re- comes it may not grow big.
cycling startups. A sneak view of the recent laws
The testing community today, and test managers in particular, are facing a number of new problems such as increasing

There are 58 million television show that the government has intro-
complexity, ever-increasing demands to reduce time-to-market & the need for testers to take on more varied roles in the

units in India which is expected to duced legal compliance whereby

organization. The focus of this event will be how best to address the problems and cope with changing conditions and the Platinum Sponsor

reach 234 million by 2015. On the every company will have to give out
need to optimize every effort. The conference provides clear guidance to the delegates and helps them understand the
challenges and issues faced in testing today, how best to address them and how to cope with changing conditions and the
other side, there are 75 million com- the goods to the authorized recyclers.
need to optimize every effort.

puters in India since the life cycle of a Yet till 2012, the law will not be im-
PC has come down to 3-4 years from plemented on a full force. As per At-
TOPICS Speakers
• An optimum approach to n-tier architectured T.Ashok, Founder & CEO, Stag Software

7-8 years a few years back. Similarly, tero’s Founder, Nitin Gupta, the
application testing Prashant Lambat, Sr Manager-SQA Engineering, Symantec Corporation

the Indian mobile handset market is the sidelines for a minute, there are country may also be seen as a hub for
• Building an Automation Framework around Pichumani N, CEO,SoftSmith
Anuradha Biswas, Founder & CEO,Prakat Solutions

set to zoom across the 200 million also issues on security. For instance, e-waste management considering the
Open Source Technologies
• Commercial Test Automation Tools and its real benefit Samir Kulkarni, Project Manager, Kpit Cummins

mark soon. E-waste management recently, many of the U.S. companies’ fact that it takes $2 to recycle a single
Siddharth Gudagunti, Project Manager,Wipro
• Software Security Testing

firms claim that now it is possible to crucial data were found openly dis- PC in India compared to $20 in U.S.
Keerthi Kulkarni, Technical Consultant,Micro Focus Silver Sponsor
• Mobile/Infotainment Apps testing
Sathishkumar S, Manager-Test & Infrastructure and Tools,IBM

recycle around 98 percent of a cell- tributed on an online site of Nigeria. But will it happen before 2012,
• Cloud Testing: The future of software testing Vinay Srinivasan, Senior Technical Associate- Testing CoE,Tech Mahindra
• The Case for a Standard Uniform Test Modeling Language

phone. If a general consensus on or- This happens as there is no track of chances seem to be meek.
• Globalization testing- Getting your software World-ready
• Avionics Testing

Meet the Senior Testing Leaders and get practical solutions. Limited Seats
The Smart Techie January 2011
Register Now at
For speaking and sponsorship opportunities write to or call 080-43402006
Digital Vidya Camp: How to leverage social networks’
potential for businesses
Compiled By Hari Anil Based on expert opinion social net- Why do we need to have social
works are the next big things in the media marketing? How can it help us
business world. In the U.S. compa- to improve the business? What
Intel’s new Atom E600 series processors
Intel launched Atom processor E600 series, System-on-Chip (SoC)
nies have already realized this and should be the approach and what are
technology based processor in India. According to Intel, these
the social networks are spreading in the ways it can be structured? These
SAP’s new High Performance Analytic
processors with their open interconnect allows easier pairing with
the business world like wild fire, but are the normal set of questions that
Appliance (SAP HANA) software
Participants engrossed in discussion
a various input/output devices. Intel South Asia Embeded & Com-
SAP AG unveiled High Indian companies are still shy. Indian arises into one’s mind and the camp
munications Group Managing Director (Emerging Markets), Sanat
Performance Analytic companies for some reason try not to proved to be an opportunity to get
Rao said that the E600 series is ideal for applications such as in-
Appliance (SAP mix social networks and business, these questions answered. It also pro-
vehicle infotainment systems, internet phones and smart grid de-
HANA) software and as a result are not leveraging the vided the attendees with an opportu-
which is based on in- huge potential of the medium effec- nity to be the early player to leverage
The processor, earlier codenamed ‘Tunnel Creek’ put together
memory database com- tively. Pradeep Chopra, Co-founder the advantage of social marketing
additional capabilities onto the chip and accelerates connectivity to
puting. This first of Digital Vidya, and his team took media and also gave them an under-
the internet. The main benefit of the E600 series processor seems
version of SAP HANA this as their milieu when they organ- standing on which channel one have
to be its high performance on optimum power, enabling the small
is the result of a robust ized their event on Social Media to select to engage more on Twitter,
form factor devices to be built on the chip. The total cost of the
co-innovation program Marketing. “In India, people have Facebook, LinkedIn or any other
material is also reduced due to the chip’s compact design.
between SAP and its still not understood the power of so- platform, and the different ways to Associate Architect at Yahoo!, Jessie
Some of the third party vendors are optimizing the chip for
key partners and cus- cial media and that’s where the op- strategize the marketing campaign. Paul, CEO - Paul Writer Author of
various embedded applications. OKI Semiconductor for in-vehi-
tomers. portunity is,” said Chopra. The speakers in the camp in- No Money Marketing, and Gaurav
cle infotainment and telecommunications terminals, Realtec Semi-
SAP HANA lever- What is Social Media Marketing? cluded Pradeep Chopra, Manas Garg, Dublish, Director, Wildcraft India.
conductor for connected services gateways and medical devices,
ages the power of in- Vishal Sikka and STMicroelectronics for in-vehicle infotainment systems, are
memory data among the few.
processing by primarily relying on main memory for Cisco’s new VXI and Cius HP Network University all set to create
computer data storage. The main memory databases are Juniper to expand Indian Excellence Center Tablet next gen IT Professionals
faster than disk-optimized databases since the internal California based network solutions vendor Juniper Networks plans Cisco launched Cisco Virtu- HP in association with International Institute of Information
optimization algorithms are simpler and execute only to expand its India Excellence Center (IEC) by adding 750 seats alization Experience Infra- Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B) launched HP Network Uni-
fewer CPU instructions. “SAP HANA and the first ap- with 450 equipment racks at a new site in Bangalore over the next structure (VXI), a system that versity. Based out of the IIIT-B campus in Electronic City, the
plications built on it are already showing customers the two years. The new office will be located at Bangalore’s new Pres- addresses the current state of university will allow IT professionals to advance their knowl-
unprecedented speed of in-memory computing, as well tige Exora Business Park and is being developed in two phases. fragmented solutions with edge in the delivery of next-generation enterprise networks.
as the latency they have in the layers of their current IT This expansion is part of Juniper’s plan to continue its expansion complicate virtual desktop The university will provide the tools, methodologies and
systems,” said Vishal Sikka, Executive Board Member, in India. Dinesh Malkani deployment, and Cius tablet. labs to teach the latest standards in networking solutions for
Technology and Innovations Platform, SAP AG. The IEC participate in activities including hardware and soft- Cisco VXI helps enter- both students and the employees. Spread over three to six
As a part of the co-innovation program, SAP has ware development, test engineering, field trials, program manage- prises in attaining the financial, data security and work- months, the course will cover basic to advanced levels of net-
used data from customers to demonstrate how particu- ment, quality assurance, technical documentation and product line force flexibility benefits offered by desktop virtualization working, network security, consulting and converged infra-
lar business processes could be improved by SAP management. IEC also provides 12-hour-a-day global customer and reduces the total cost of ownership of desktop virtual- structure. “Organizations are increasingly network dependent
HANA, and these customers are already seeing valu- support covering all Juniper products and operates a Finance ization solutions by significantly increasing the number of as they develop new ways to engage their customers, employ-
able results. Coca-Cola, Hellenic, Future Group, and Shared Services Center, which delivers functions to Juniper Fi- virtual desktops that can be hosted on each server. “Rather ees and partners. This brings a challenge as well as an oppor-
Hilti are some of the key customers who provided data nance, an open network infrastructure that allows financial service than deploy a parallel IT infrastructure to support virtual tunity for the IT community,” said Neelam Dhawan, Managing
for analysis. “We participated in the co-innovation pro- organizations to keep up with business requirements in a rapidly desktops, Cisco VXI helps businesses take advantage of Director, HP India.
gram of SAP HANA and saw how SAP in-memory changing environment, organizations across the world. current investments by unifying data center, collaboration “We bring together expert faculty, best in class infrastruc-
computing can dramatically improve our processes,” “Any Product that Juniper ships today will have a substantial and networking architectures into one system,” said Di- ture and a proven industry academia relationship. Our associa-
said Martin Petry, CIO, Hilti. amount of its work done in India,” said dhar Sarathy, Managing nesh Malkani, Managing Director-Collaboration, APAC- tion with HP will add immense value to our education system
Working together with its partner and customer Director of IEC, Juniper Networks. Currently their India Excel- Cisco. and bridge the gap of training between employers and academic
ecosystem, SAP plans in the next year to introduce new lence Center (IEC) in Bangalore employs 1,800 staff and 300 de- Their new WebEx High Quality Video turns web con- institutions,” said Prof. Sadagopan, Director, IIIT-Bangalore.
applications based on SAP HANA that will help utility velopment partners. “This expansion reflects our ongoing ferencing into a virtual video conferencing room, as meet- HP and IIIT-B will also establish up a dedicated lab to study
companies manage power supply in real time, provide commitment to increasing the depth of experience and expertise in ing participants can see other participants with exceptional and analyze networking technologies. HP has already put in an
retailers more timely analysis of point-of-sale data and the India region, which is becoming increasingly important not clarity in full-screen video mode. The company expanded investment of $1 million to set up the lab and is prepared to in-
enable more accurate sales pipeline forecasting for all just as a source of engineering talent but also as a fast-growing this capability by extending it to mobile users through the vest more in the venture. The certification for all courses will
types of companies. market for Juniper Networks,” said Sarathy. Cisco Cius tablet and the Apple iPad. be provided by Prometric.

The Smart Techie

|14| January 2011 The Smart Techie
|15| January 2011
VC TALK By Bejul Somaia
Author is Managing Director, Lightspeed Venture Partners

the recession but it also recovered very In India where ever you look there
strongly and fundamentally whether you are opportunities to innovate and apply
Financial Services & Education look at credit cards or home loans or in- technologies in interesting ways. The
surance products the penetration is tiny limitations are only by the entrepreneur’s
compared to any other markets including imagination and knowledge of a sector,
Potential Areas
other emerging markets. This means that so it is not fair to say that there are only

the head room is significant and an en- limited ways to innovate.
trepreneur has to find the right way to Entrepreneurs need to make sure that
for serve those needs.
There are opportunities for innovat-
they are solving a large painful problem.
Sometimes we see solutions looking for
ing really across the board. The power re- problems and sometimes we see really in-
lated sectors are going through a lot of teresting technologies or ideas that no one
changes now. One of our recent innova- is willing to pay for. In India the willing-
he areas we invest in India are fairly broad. Currently we focus tions is in Power Exchange. This is a ness to pay is often a challenge. That is
on four investments— power sector, financial services, edu- Bejul Somaia company that is now a couple of years why it is important to solve a large and
cation and media. These sectors seem to be reflective of the old so it is essentially a start up and it is painful problem, because if it is painful
opportunities set in India. Even though they sound like tradi- When a financial recession comes being a transparent competitive market then people will pay. Another thing is to
tional sectors we have actually invested in the non-traditional there is generally nowhere to hide, but for electricity. That is something that have a great team. This helps to increase
segments of these sectors. In these large traditional sectors there are pock- what an entrepreneur must to do is stay India needs, to create the right kind of in- your chances of success. Building busi-
ets of emerging subsectors that create a lot of opportunity for entrepreneurs. focused as if there is a large unmet con- centives for investments and price sig- nesses are not easy, it is an unnatural act to
For example, in power we are investing in the Power Exchange and in the sumer need. If you are solving it well, nals. Now this is an innovation in a very build something from nothing and so the
financial segment we have invested in a prepaid card company. Then there then over time you will be able to build a large, very mature market but still it is a human capitol that you assemble is the
is technology and technology enabled sectors like the internet and e-com- business that can survive recession. Fi- disruptive innovation that has a signifi- most prudent weapon you have. And fi-
merce, which are seeing a revival of activity. The same is the case with mo- nancial services were quite badly hit by cant impact on the industry. nally the focus should be on execution.
bile sector with the 3G and BWA rollouts.
This is a growing trend. A lot of activities are being registered around
the cloud, though it is not generally focused on the domestic market. Areas
that are gaining speed more than others would be Internet and e-commerce.
We are also witnessing a lot of activity in the education sector, not just
schools but in IP related businesses and content driven businesses. Take a
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In financial services, we are seeing increasing opportunity for niche or
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specialized lending businesses. For example, the banks typically lend to
the cream of the crop in any particular area, and a shift from housing finance My personal mailing details (IN BLOCK LETTERS): NAME ________________________________________________________________
or construction finance or student finance to microfinance is being seen ADDRESS_______________________________________________________________________________________________________
and at the same time specialized lenders are coming to the market as well. __________________________CITY______________________________ STATE_______________________PIN___________________
The same trend is beginning to be seen in the Indian market too. Financial
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service to me is very exciting I read an article recently according to which
from $15 billion seven years ago, the bank consumer credit outstanding
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had become $100 billion a couple of years ago. An increase of this mag-
nitude in five years and we are just at the beginning. Financial services Age in Years__________Occupation __________________________________________ Education ________________________________
touch every one’s lives in different ways, unlike a sector that sets a single
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BUSINESS By Eureka Bharali

Indian Startup Founders
Compiled by ST Team
Are They Serious on Sales?

Appnomic Systems Receives $2.5 Million in Series B Funding f a product can not be sold factor is always about doing for the first
by the makers themselves, time. “They are initially hesitant as it takes
no sales team perhaps can time to move out of their comfort zone,”
ppnomic Systems, a provider frastructure Perform- one of the leading host- make the sale,” says says Abhishek Goyal, Associate at Accel
of application aware IT infra- ance Management solu- ing and cloud compa- Bharat Goenka, the Tally Partners. They move forward with a better
structure management solu- tion has been adopted nies, and continue to Chief. Goenka jumpstarted the accounting goal in mind and as their hands get full with also contributed immensely. So, for a
tions to large and growing enterprises, by many customers in- experience high demand software firm by selling the first 700 prod- the other core activities they tend to side- startup it’s important that they do look at
has closed a $2.5 million Series B cluding one of the for its services offering. ucts on his own, before passing on the line the sale proposition. the sales proposition of the CEOs. How-
round of funding led by existing in- largest banks in India, a The company head- league to a set of sales managers. But how And of course, a look at product com- ever, only if the CEO has unmatched tech
vestor Norwest Venture Partners leading travel portal and quartered in Palo Alto far are today’s startup founders and CEOs panies, we would see more of technocrats knowledge, sometimes sales might be
(NVP). NVP had previously invested a mid-sized bank in also has its presence in in India willing to put their hands on sales? towing the entrepreneurial line. “In terms compensated by bringing in an expert,”
$4 million in the company. “NVP has West Africa. Appmeter, India with offices in “One has to sell the vision of the com- of sales and marketing, the CEO doesn’t says Gaurav Saraf of Epipheny Ventures.
been very supportive of Appnomic’s the cloud based version Bangalore, Chennai, Hy- pany at every point. Whether it is to the handle any of it he is a core IT person,” However, there are founders who have
growth and we are happy to be ex- of their solution, has derabad and Mumbai; employees or to the investors, the selling says an Associate VP of a learning solution plunked their hands on every possible do-
tending our relationship with them been featured on the D Padmanabhan Europe and Middle East. does happen. In direct selling of the prod- provider. In such a scenario, they are more main. Gautam Rage, Founder and Director
with this round of funding,” said D Rackspace and Amazon “We believe Appnomic ucts, at times CEOs are not ready and rely oriented towards building a taut product of Josh Software quickly pinpoints, “We
Padmanabhan, CEO of Appnomic. cloud for monitoring transaction per- continues to be well positioned to ad- on a more business-experienced person,” without much loopholes instead of moving make sure that either me or the other co-
The company’s total financing to date formance of cloud-based applications. dress IT management requirements of says an ex-business developer of a loan across the market and making the sales founder are the only ones who become the
stands at $6.5 million. The company Their existing clients include Red- growing enterprises that are working startup. pitches. “When we as VCs look towards face of the company while doing sales. In-
plans to use this series B funds to fur-, Tata Business Support Serv- with both on-premise and What is not realized, if one has a com- investing, the company needs to have an fact, at times, we tend to work on the prod-
ther enhance its sales presence in the ices Ltd, Tata Sky,, Ramco, hosted/cloud-based technologies. We pany, one is in some way or the other in- amiable CEO. Look at every big product uct development, do the coding and at the
U.S., launch operations in Europe and DataCore Software, Everest Bank Ltd, look forward to partnering with App- volved in selling whether in a conventional firm, Sony, LG and you can see the CEOs same time make time for proper research
enhance the application aware IT in- and Karnataka Bank. They have also nomic to help grow the company fur- or in an unconventional way. The deterring with significant sales experience and have to pitch in for sales”.
frastructure management platform. acquired key U.S. customers such as ther.” said Promod Haque, managing
Appnomic’s Application Aware In- Cypress Semiconductor, Stratus ASP, partner, NVP.

largest independent remote consumer model and believe that we have estab-
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iYogi Raises $30 Million
tech support company which has driven lished the new market standard for tech Jan 22, 2011
an impressive 300 percent growth for its support and related services through a
Yogi, the first consumer service
premium annual subscription service consistent user experience. Our planned
brand from India, has raised $30 mil-
lion in a new round of funding lead
by Sequoia Capital. With this invest-
ment iYogi will expand services outside
alone, and solved more than two million
tech problems for consumers since its
inception. The company’s existing mar-
expansion includes making our services
available in any geography, across any
platform, for any device, and at afford-
ket includes North America, Canada, able price-points,” said Uday Challu,
the existing consumer
Lanyard Sponsor Exhibitors
the United Kingdom Co-founder and CEO of iYogi.
market and the Windows
and Australia, and with “I believe that iYogi will be cited
Operating System plat-
the funding the com- amongst case studies of disruptive busi-
form. It will provide the
pany has plans to in- ness models delivering world-class
company with the capabil-
The Siliconindia Mobile Developer Conference brings
creases its services to service to global consumers from
ity to extend its platform to
together thought leaders and experts from different We have 4 exciting tracks:
other countries in the India,” said Shailendra Singh, Manag-
the global SME market
aspects of the mobile ecosystem. Tailored specifically iPHONE ANDROID
Europe, Middle East ing Director of Sequoia Capital India.
and also aggressively ad-
for mobile application developers and technologists BLACKBERRY QT
and India. “We have in- Apart from Sequoia Capital, iYogi’s ex-
dress the growing need for
this conference will help startups, investors, mobile
vested significantly in isting investors Canaan, SVB Capital
supporting mobile con-
carriers, device manufacturers to better understand Listen to some of the brightest minds in mobile
extending our game Partners, SAP Ventures and Draper
sumer devices.
the latest technologies that will define the mobile industry discuss the future of mobile technology.
changing platform-as- Fisher Jurvetson, also took part in this
iYogi is the world’s
market of tomorrow. A one of its kind event covering Don't miss this unique opportunity. Learn from the
Uday Challu a-service delivery round of fund raising.
all aspects of mobile content development – mobile experts!
jam-packed with presentations, demonstrations, and

panel discussions. With some of the most interesting Register now at
The Smart Techie January 2011
and engaging presenters from the Mobile industry
this conference is for beginners, intermediate, and For speaking and sponsorship opportunities write to
advanced programmers of mobile content. or call 080-43402006
The mobile industry has al- Indian market a decade ago,
ways been the biggest driver of Nokia continues to rule the mo-
entrepreneurial ecosystem in bile handset market with a 49.2
India, earlier with Mobile VAS percent hold in terms of revenue

Forum Nokia
(example OnMobile, mCheck, share. And with its global devel-
AdMob) and now a bigger push oper community and support pro-
seems to be from Mobile App gram, Forum Nokia, the
development. The app develop- company ensures that its reach
ment is one area which has across the developer community

hooked every one from an indi- in India is as wide and in depth as

vidual developer to a startup to it is with the consumers. The fact
an established mobile solutions that India is one of the top five
company. With a plethora of plat- markets for Ovi, it is understand-

forms like iPhone, Andorid, able why Nokia is bullish on the
BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows developer community here. And
CE, Palm, MeeGo, the play- ensuring this is Sunil Rao, Head
ground is wide open for Indian of Forum Nokia in India.
Mobile developers to test their Of the 62.4 million smart-
skills. phones shipped globally,
By Vimali Swamy One of the first entrants in the Nokia’s market share with its

t is an era of unprecedented of growth for smartphones with 62.4 mil-

lion smartphones having been shipped globally in second quarter of OVI Store Trivia
2010. It is an era of unprecedented mobile connectivity with people
using their mobiles to access email, IM, VOIP, and social networking  Ovi Store attracts 3.5 million downloads a day, with an average of
sites. According to a report by Morgan Stanley, in the next four years, 2.6 apps downloaded per visit.
 About 90 percent of Ovi Store traffic converts to downloads.
number of people accessing the internet from their mobile will be much more  Of Ovi Store's signed-in users, 85 percent are repeat visitors.
than those accessing Internet from their PCs or laptops. It is an era of un-  Each active user averages 8.5 downloads per month.
Sunil Rao
precedented device convergence from maps, games, photos, camera, video  Active users represent more than 190 countries.

and everything else coming to one single device. It is an unprecedented era of  Games are No. 1 among paid downloads, and apps are No.1 among
free downloads.
adoption of the apps. Analysts predict that by end of 2012, 50 billion apps  40 percent of the content downloaded are games and 30 percent are
will be downloaded globally. These statistics bring color a rosy picture for the apps.
mobile market globally. And the case in India is no different, the future looks  In India, the top apps downloaded are Utilities followed by Games

equally promising. At 15 million mobile users being added monthly, the In- and Entertainment
 90 percent of Ovi Store users have Ovi Store in their local lan-
dian mobile industry is hot on the radar of OEMs, operators and mobile en- guages.
trepreneurs.  Publishers from more than 90 countries distribute their content
through Ovi Store.
 400,000 new Forum Nokia developers were added in the last 12
 92 publishers have over 1 million downloads each on Ovi Store.
 Ovi Store supports 135 devices models, including 80 Symbian device
 Touch devices account for 6 of Ovi Store's top 10 downloading device
models: 5800 XpressMusic, N97, N97 mini, 5530 XpressMusic, 5230
Nuron, and X6 where available.
 The 10 most active countries are (in alphabetical order) China, Ger-
many, India, Indonesia, Italy, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the U.K.
and Vietnam.
 Over 80 percent of Ovi Store users can purchase content from Ovi
Store using their local currencies.
 More than two-thirds of customers choose the mobile-billing pay-
ment option in countries where it's available.
 With support for 30 languages, 90 percent of visitors are using their
local languages in Ovi Store
from around the world. With its ven-
Qt: The ‘cute’ software for Developers ture fund arm Nokia Growth Partners
The Nokia Qt is a single, easy-to-use software developer kit for rapid develop-
founded in 2004, the company offers
ment, testing and deployment of native applications for millions of Nokia smart- growth-stage fund to mobile startups
phones and mobile computers around the globe. Nokia has multiple platforms to across U.S., India, China, and Eu-
serve different purposes and address different markets. Its Symbian platform is rope.
known to bring in smartphones to the masses having more than 40 percent of the
global smartphone market.
The forum also works closely
The primary benefits of Qt SDK are productivity (ease of use) and distribution with the local developer communities
(cross platforms). For instance, if a developer wants to access specific feature of like the Mobile Monday in India and
Symbian or MeeGo devices to further differentiate their application the Nokia Qt actively supports several mobile de-
SDK enables them to integrate the Symbian and Maemo SDK and make use of
any other the APIs these platforms offer in their application. Additionally, Qt will
velopment events including the Sili-
play in bridging the gap between Symbian and MeeGo, the open source mobile op- conIndia Mobile Application
erating systems that Nokia uses on its phones. Mobile Qt applications can support Conference among others. Apart from
the two operating systems, which means that the third-party application develop- the events, the company is also ac-
“We are not chasing numbers ers won't have to write their software twice if they want to reach users of both
tively engaged in simplifying its de-
of total apps downloaded or platforms.
veloper platform and recently its new
available in the store but rather Nokia has been constantly innovating to aid developers and ensure that they
Qt (pronounced as ‘cute’) SDK (Soft-
empowering the developers,”
have the right platform to maximize downloads of their applications irrespective of
Symbian OS stood at 43.5 percent oper competition that was launched in the operating system in use. As per the Nokia’s developer strategy, Qt is one such ware Development Kit) for develop-
followed by others. Its Ovi store 2008. In the first year, the forum saw Purnima Kochikar, VP for Forum cross-platform application and UI framework that is the sole development platform
ers. This software makes it simpler
today clocks 3.5 million downloads a almost 1,000 developers from 57 Nokia and Developer Community for Nokia smartphones moving forward, enabling the developers reach hundreds of
and less laborious for developers to
day. Though it is comparatively be- countries participating in the compe- thousands of smartphones with one development platform.
software engineer from India. The Post the introduction of the Qt application; developers have seen a 70 percent create an app by reducing the number
hind world’s biggest app store, Apple tition and competing for a cash award
Toddler Tutor app, a voice-based in-
reduction in code – saving development time, project costs, language international- of lines required to write a code by
iTunes Store that has over 300,000 of $40,000. The following years saw isation, and code maintenance. Using Qt, developers are able to write web-en-
teractive teaching aid app for toddlers, about 70 per cent.
third-party applications available on close to 2000 submissions from over abled applications once and deploy them across desktop, mobile and embedded
ultimately created by Spice Labs “Mobile Applications is making
it and has hit 7 billion download mark 85 countries competing for the prize operating systems without rewriting the source code.
bagged the third position. its way to be an inseparable part of a
as of October 2010, Nokia is not per- purse of $250,000. In all the three skills, new connections, and new this will be the first step in creating a
The company also holds an an- mobile users life and it is this that will
turbed. “We are not chasing numbers years, Indian developers put in a ideas to create future technologies. highly collaborative ecosystem that
nual developer conference in India. drive the next wave of mobile entre-
of total apps downloaded or available spectacular show, some of whom The conference also has information will grow and thrive by sharing best
Aimed at bringing together attendees preneurship. At Nokia, we do not look
in the store but rather empowering the went on to grab top awards. sharing sessions by Industry, Busi- practices and setting a high bar for in-
from across India to learn, share and at app development as a technology
developers,” says Purnima Kochikar, ‘Hackathon’ is another such pro- ness and Technology experts. novation,” says Kochikar.
explore the latest in application and differentiator anymore but rather our
VP for Forum Nokia and Developer gram where Forum Nokia called for “The convergence of mobility and Other programs include Forum
content development, integration and focus is on understanding the chal-
Community. developers to create an app based on the internet is creating unprecedented Nokia Launchpad, a program de-
distribution opportunities for Nokia lenges from a developer stand point
ideas submitted from users all over the opportunities to create innovative mo- signed to accelerate mobile applica-
devices and services, the forum en- and in return help them understand the
Engaging the Developer world, in 36 hours! 13 professional de- bile apps that transform the way we tion development for companies and
ables developers to utilize the poten- facts, feelings, interactions and prob-
Community velopers from around the world live and access information. The In- individual developers in order to ele-
tial of Nokia’s Ovi Store by ensuring lems that a consumer may potentially
In just a few years of its launch, worked through 36 grilling hours to dian developer is uniquely positioned vate their business visibility through
easy access to publish applications face and the role of all the stake hold-
Forum Nokia has managed to quickly create real applications for the new to leverage this opportunity. Forum Ovi store;Forum Nokia PRO, an invi-
and content to millions of Nokia de- ers in the value chain. At the end of
grasp the interest of developers across Nokia N8 using the Qt framework , Nokia is excited about partnering with tation-only program for companies
vices. The conference further helps the day, we want to empower every
the world, especially India. To ac- based solely on ideas submitted by and supporting this vibrant community and Nokia growth partners currently
developers acquaint themselves with mobile app developer and make him
tively engage with the developer consumers during the Nokia N8 Make of developers to find success not only working with it; and Forum Nokia
dynamic technology platforms for realize the opportunities that are out
community, it runs a multitude of My App contest. One of the winning in the Indian market but also in the Champion, a recognition and reward
creating truly compelling user expe- there for him This is what Forum
programs, the major one being “Call- app ideas at the 2010 Hackathon was markets worldwide. Conferences like program for top mobile developers
riences, equipping them with new Nokia is all about,” explains Rao.
ing all innovators”, a global devel- by Revathi Sreedharan, a 29-year-old

Calling All Innovators: Indian Developers hit jackpot

Toddler Tutor – Runner-up at Calling All Innovators Green Plaza - Second Runner-up at Calling all Innovators Nano Ganesh – Winner of Calling all Comics Creator – Winner of Calling PlanEasy2D - Second Runner-up of Call- Socially - Most downloaded social app on
Green Phone – Runner-up at Calling all Innovators
Hackathon 2010 in Eco-challenge Category Innovators 2008 in Emerging Mar- all Innovators 2010 in Entertainment ing all Innovators 2010 in Productivity Ovi Store
2008 in Eco-challenge Category
Developed by Delhi based Spice Labs, Toddler Tutor Developed by , Green Plaza is an innova- ket Category Category Category Developed by Bangalore based Antarix,
An S60 application maximizing battery life through
is a talking app that teaches children alphabets, num- tive Green application where individuals can test their Developed by Ossian Agro Automa- Developed by Nextwave Multimedia, Developed by InfiMatra Technologies Socially utilizes the rich data emerging
improved regulation of device backlight, WLAN,
bers and common words. The app displays flash everyday life, know their carbon footprints and get learn- tion, this application allows farmers it is an easy-to-use mobile applica- Planeasy2D application allow users to from your social networks to enrich your
Bluetooth and charger power consumption.
cards that can be swiped through and a speak button ing tips/hints to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle. Appli- in India to establish remote contact tion that allows you to create your start drawing rooms and walls of their phone's Address Book, Calendar, Cal-
that speaks out the displayed card. The app also in- cation is well categorized to check out emerging 'Green' with distant, modem-equipped elec- own comics, cartoon strips, photo dream home in the dimension of their lerID, Idle screen and more. Available on
cludes a coloring book with lots of images where chil- conceptions and technologies that will change the way we tric irrigation pumps , to check on journals, and more. With this applica- choice on a sq.ft , on a basic blank screen Ovi Store since August 2010, the app has
dren can select different colors to fill in. live. Users can play an interesting green Quiz and can get power supply and pump operation tion, you can turn your ideas into a of their mobile or desktop. One can also seen over a million downloads.
quick Go Green Tips that assist to reduce carbon foot- without the need to travel long dis- comic format that you like, and share use it to draw floor plans, building exit
prints and help people to make environment sound deci- tances . it with your friends. plans and other plans easily and quickly
sions in day-to-day life.
Forum Nokia Developer Conference

Ovi Apps categories downloads split for India

“Two out of every three con-

sumers will choose to pay for Retail Revenues by Category
their downloaded apps via their
operator rather than through
their credit card”
Kenny Mathers, Head of Developer
Relations, at Forum Nokia Asia-Pacific

91 telcos in 27 markets to introduce op-

erator billing mechanisms in the Ovi
Store of these markets.Within the re-
gion, all mobile carriers based in Singa-
pore, Australia and Thailand have
integrated their billing systems with the
Nokia app store to provide a more
seamless end-user experience. The sig-
nificance of such a billing service is that
not every customer is comfortable using
their credit card to pay for apps, which
is the system Apple’s iTunes and
Google’s Android Market currently uti- payment system to credit card billing by Today, with these initiatives in
Ovi Store: What is in store for the In- margins overall, he said. create additional value for developers. lize. Furthermore, credit card usage is integrating operator billing services into place, Nokia is aiming to drive the
dian Developers? Nokia, however, has “simplified” its This strategy leverages the company’s not high among the emerging markets, their app stores, is yet to be done by ri- thriving developer community and
The OVI store is the ultimate Mecca for revenue-sharing system to assist devel- global marketing reach to bring local particularly for rural communities. With vals like Apple, Google and Research in become the most preferred app devel-
the developers working on the Symbian opers who might not have the experi- apps to an international audience as well OVI, users can still access apps by pay- Motion (RIM) have yet to integrate opment platform for developers.The
platform as it decides the fate of an app. ence of dealing with such billing as increase the visibility of local apps ing for the apps through prepaid or post- Google and RIM, though, are currently fact that Forum Nokia saw 400,000
In order to make it developer friendly, complexities. This system, which the according to the user’s location. paid accounts with local operators. working to offer such arrangements. developers join in 2010 alone indicates
the company has ensured that the entire Finnish handset maker describes as Nokia has implemented location-based Kenny Mathers, Head of Developer For the Indian market, the company its success amongst the developer
engagement process is hassle free and “flat-rate revenue share”, ensures de- features into its Ovi Store to help mo- Relations at Forum Nokia Asia-Pacific, is going one step ahead by launching a community.
the user friendly. Also it has been proac- velopers take home at least 60 percent bile users discover locally relevant apps notes that two out of every three con- separate circle of operator billing. Also Just as the company had reached
tive in increasing the revenue margin for of the gross price of an app even after much easier. This is done through the sumers will choose to pay for their Rao notes, “In an emerging country like out to all levels of consumers - from
developers, for example in Singapore, local sales tax has been deducted. company’s TopApps tool which will downloaded apps via their operator India, we cannot compeletly depend on rural India and urban India to student
in carrier-run app store, the mobile op- “With this program, developers stand push local apps to users based on the rather than through their credit card. OVI store in terms of distribution. One populace to avid gamers to corporates,
erator takes 50 percent of the total earn- to benefit from (receiving) over 50 per- country they are in. Ovi Store, which is “The convenience that consumers ex- of the biggest advantage in India is the Forum Nokia hopes to cut across the
ings each time an app is purchased and cent more revenue share (compared to preinstalled in Nokia devices, will also perience through an operator billing-in- retail outlets. Today there are 100,000 psyche of mobile developers across
billed through the telco. While develop- a carrier-run app store),” explains Rao. showcase a “local apps” tab to improve tegrated app store will result in 13 times Nokia retail outlets and in a year’s time the world and encourage the growing
ers take the remaining 50 percent, their Besides touting potentially higher the app discovery process. more the volume of sales than credit we will be selling apps out of retail out- mobile entrepreneurial ecosystem, es-
cut has to account for bad debt and local revenue streams, Nokia has also been For an easier billing purpose, Nokia card-based app stores,” he says. lets. Also OVI will soon launch billing pecially in India. And this does not
sales tax, resulting in lower revenue enhancing its “ultra-local” strategy to has inked partnership agreement with This provisioning of an alternative in INR too.” seem to be an unachievable task.

The Smart Techie

|24| January 2011 The Smart Techie
January 2011
>>>> >>>>Most Promissing Mobile App Companies

Most Promissing Mobile App Companies

Mobile App ost Promissing

Carving a Niche in Mobile

Software Development Varun Khurana
Companies By Hari Anil

obile phones are rana, Sunil Goyal and Lomesh more relevant, not all have been
becoming much Dutta to develop a platform to opti- able to pick it up as a serious prac-
more powerful in mize the web and bring it to the tice. For the bigger companies it is
their capabilities mobile, it initially began as product too small to be a focus area at this
and higher data development company but entered time and for the smaller ones, it is
connectivity; the data based mobile the services segment in 2006. hard to demonstrate it without a
applications that allow users to do Today, they provide services rang- track record. This puts us in a sweet
various things on the go are prolif- ing from social networking, instant spot.” says Varun Khurana, Co-
erating. Mobile applications are messaging, location based services, founder and CEO, Wirkle Tech-
seeing an increased push in the con- multimedia streaming, banking, en- nologies.
sumer as well as in the enterprise terprise applications, payments to The company tremendously val-
Name Founded CEO Description
Dot Com Infoway
segment. Blackberry, iPhone and barcode scanning and many more. ues its employees and considers
A multinational Information Technology company that does Mobile Applica-
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 2000 C.R. Venkatesh
tion Development and Marketing. The company's headcount is above 300.
android based phones are leading With an impressive list of big plat- them as its greatest strength. “We
Bangalore, Karnataka 2008 Vaideeswaran Sethuraman
A mobile application development startup which works on iPhone, BlackBerry,
Nokia, Android and Samsung. The company operates with around 50 employ-
the market now. While blackberry forms like iPhone, Blackberry, An- strive to create a culture where peo- ees. continues to be the dominant player droid, Symbian and Windows ple are passionate about what they
The company provides custom software development, Mobile App Develop-
in the enterprise segment, iPhone Mobile for whom they develop ap- do, to have fun and treat others with
San Jose, California 2003 Vikash Chhawchharia
ment, and offshore IT outsourcing services. and Android are dominating the plications, this Delhi based com- dignity.” says Khurana.
consumer segment with a wide pany has carved a niche for itself. While mobile is an upcoming
range of mobile apps available via Using their patented technology area, it also comes with many chal-
Interworld Commnet
A web designing company by orgin, later ventured into web app development
Chandigarh 1998 J K Menon
their app stores. Taking advantage frameworks they provide low cost lenges. Mobile projects can mislead
and mobile app development.
NEX G Exuberant Solution
The company offers software solutions, technical consultancy, expert man-
of this fast growing market is and high quality offerings with a company in a direction when they
NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh
2002 S.S.Bhowmick
power, and technical training in mobile communication technologies. Wirkle Technologies, a software lesser time to market. are working on a lot of small proj-
A customer engagement technology solution provider devloping solutions
development company with spe- According to International Data ects which do not justify the
Bangalore, Karnataka 2010 Vaibhav Tewari
which can be used to build and manage customer database, keep in touch cific expertise in building mobile Corporation (IDC), the number of process overhead, have lower mar-
with customers, run and manage multichannel marketing campaigns, and
measure service quality.
applications and solutions across downloaded apps is expected to gins and don’t result in continuous
Robosoft A mid-sized software company specializing in C/C++/Java product develop-
the various handset platforms, grow from 10.9 billion worldwide revenue. To challenge this Wirkle
New Udupi, Karnataka 1996 Rohith Bhat ment for Mac OS and Windows, providing software product development across various wireless operators, this year to 76.9 billion in 2014. have is now focusing only on big- services andf top-notch games for different Mobile platforms. across geographies as well as That will translate into mobile app ger, longer term projects that would
The company created a social media platform and mobile phone client appli- across various client server tech- revenues surpassing $35 billion in result in repeat business. The com-
nologies. The company’s unique 2014, which shows the exponential pany also seems to have big plans
San Diego, California 2005 Rajiv Kumar
cations that provide a variety of fast, easy-to-use multimedia services.
United Mobile Apps
proposition is its focus on mobile growth phase this market is going for the future. “Mobile continues to
Bangalore, Karnataka 2009
Arun Samudrala (Co-
Founder & President
A privately held company that develops intelligent solutions for next genera-
tion wireless devices by focussing on end user needs.
and the great track record it has as through. This gives a huge oppor- grow as a business / consumer need
a company in this space with multi- tunity for mobile application and and we are one of the leading com-
Wirkle A software development company with expertise in building mobile applica- ple applications on various app solution development companies panies in India in this space and
stores of blackberry, android and like Wirkle. “While almost every aim to be at the forefront of this, as
San Jose, California 2004 Varun Khurana tions and solutions across the various, handset platforms, wireless operators, geographies as well client server technologies.
iPhone. software services company today is it continues to grow over the next
Started in 2004 by Varun Khu- seeing mobile becoming more and couple of years.” says Khurana.

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|27| January 2011
Most Promissing Mobile App Companies >>>> >>>>Most Promissing Mobile App Companies

Interworld Commnet

Today, we offer both Mobile Applica-
tion Development and Mobile Applica-
tion Marketing. Many tend to think that
you can see ROI when you build a great
Mobile Apps at Attractive Price on Time app. Never. The app is profitable only
when you market it. Mobile apps mar-
keting is a must to reach your target
users,” says Vijayakumar Radhakrish-
ndia, with more than 680 mil- opened into the mobile apps market pany highly effective in the space.
nan, CTO, DCI. Their marketing style
lion mobile connections, is the global business world was hit by Menon feels that there is a

is very unique and often viral, in which
now only behind China in recession. This was a severe setback scarcity in the availability of human Vijayakumar they gauge the USP of every apps they
this regard. According to a for the company as they had to bring resources in India. This scarcity is
market and frame their strategies ac-
Girish Ramdas Radhakrishnan Venkatesh C. R
forecast by Informa Telecoms down the price of their apps to at- pushing companies to offer very
& Media, the number of active mo- tract customers during this period. large packages to new recruits and
Dot Com Infoway: The mobile apps market is a very
bile subscriptions in India will touch “We brought down the price and further reduce their profit margin.
competitive, dynamic, and ever-chang-
1.159 billion by the end of 2013, lowered our margins and now even He says this lack of availability of
Pioneers in Indian Mobile App Market ing market where no players have any
making it the world’s largest mobile talented people has to change in
elbow room. “You can create a break-
market overtaking China. Inter- order for this industry to bloom fur- obile market all over Studios engages developing of apps for through in the app stores only if you
world Commnet which had its in- ther. Since its introduction into the the world is in for an multiple platforms — iPhone, iPad, build apps that reach your target users.
ception in 1998 entered the mobile mobile market the company has all time boom. It is BlackBerry, Android to Windows, Sym- An innovative and useful app that is
world in 2007, and is today one of changed dynamically. It has hired almost similar to the bian, BlackBerry PlayBook, Samsung well-marketed makes a mark. Your app
the leading web and mobile app de- several new managers and in terms dotcom boom of the Galaxy and more. “Since we build apps has to be in news always to stay in
velopment company in the country. of employee development has up- 1990s. Everyone and everything is in such diverse platforms, we have a user’s minds or to get to top rankings.
In a short span, the company has graded itself with social media, and going mobile. With smart phones being commendable knowledge and experi- Also, usability of the app is an impor-
mastered in mobile application de- now is among the very few compa- able to manage everything from busi- ence in the mobile app sector. We know tant aspect. If your app lacks in usabil-
velopment including iPhone Appli- nies in India who has done this. And ness to credit card payments, the mobile what sells where,” says Venkatesh. ity quotient, it may fail miserably,” says
cations, Windows Mobile the working culture is also different application industry is going through a As pioneers in this field, they have Ramdas. They keep this in check by
Applications, and Applications on J K Menon from similar companies. “Instead of tipping-point phase. A recent survey by the industry intelligence, domain doing feasibility studies and competitor
Google Android for the niche mar- asking our developers to do this and the BBC states that India has more knowledge and experience to lead the analysis before they venture into app de-
kets. Its technology leverages J2EE,
By 2013, total active mobile subscriptions in
number of mobiles than toilets; this mobile revolution in India where more velopment.
J2ME, Personal Java, CORBA, and marks the massive mobile revolution users are switching to smart phones Like most players in the industry
India will touch 1.159 billion, making it largest
.Net in order to provide mobile ap- that is happening in the country. In such now. Back when the iPhone platform the company also suffered from lack
plications at attractive costs and on
mobile market, overtaking China
a climate, mobile app companies like was introduced in India, they launched of resources with necessary skills and
time without any compromise in Dot Com Infoway (DCI) will find the the Galatta Cinema, the first-ever Indian experience. Their HR team addressed
quality. Its mobile application de- platform to innovate and experiment movie and entertainment magazine on this challenge by hiring and training
velopment capabilities includes with applications of diverse kinds. the iPhone. Today, two years later the resources. The company values its
adding a mobile device interface to after the recession the customers are use this technology, we tell them Founded in March 2000, DCI came DCI studion has churned out several employees highly and provides them
existing applications, augmenting not ready to go back to the old price. that this is the need of the hour and into being after a merger between C.R. apps, available at different app stores. with Performance Linked Variable
mobile application infrastructure So it seems recession is not over for ask them what they can do about it Venkatesh founded web design firm “We believe that mobile is the next plat- Bonus (PLVB), health insurance,
with a location-based service com- us. The tech investments have gone and they choose a suitable technol- CRV Infotech and Girish Ramdas form for communication and hence, a cash incentives, and paid leaves, as
ponent, mobile-enable existing en- up but the profitability is yet to ogy,” says Menon. headed internet company GNG Solu- mobile app will be the next level of part of their motivational programs.
terprise applications, test mobile match up,” says J K Menon, CEO, The company has developed tions. Currently, Venkatesh is the CEO growth for them. Our official IPLT20 The company has set tall plans for the
applications, SyncML-based syn- Interworld Commnet. “We have cer- partnership with crowd funding and Ramdas is President of DCI, a app is the best example of this. We have future. “We are expanding across
chronization of data between mobile tain plans set in place for the next bodies and plans to use this for ex- multinational Information Technology also mobilized the film industry. The continents, in both developed and
devices and enterprise applications, couple of years and these will boost pansion purposes. It is presently fo- company based out of India with offices tamil film ‘Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya’ emerging markets. We have offices in
and mobile-enabled company alert- our profitability by 100 percent.” he cusing on Asian territory, and plans in Netherlands and the United States. In songs (search as VTV Songs in app the U.S. and Netherlands and are
ing and notification services. added. The company understands to expand into Malaysia, Singapore 2008, the company entered the mobile store) – is the first-ever app to feature planning to open branches in Aus-
But despite its proven prowess, the business marketplace, current and Kuwait soon. “Indian market and wireless device programming serv- the composition of Academy Award tralia and Singapore. We have plans
the company is facing challenges in trends and issues it faces, which is a still remains to be our priority and ices and formed an internal division winner A.R. Rahman for the movie. We to establish our client base in the
setting a stable foothold in the mar- critical element of marketing any we have plans to expand further into called DCI Mobile Studios. DCI Mobile did this in association with Sony Music. Middle East too,” says Venkatesh.
ket. Not far after the company company and this makes the com- this territory,” explains Menon.

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January 2011 The Smart Techie
January 2011
Most Promissing Mobile App Companies >>>> >>>>Most Promissing Mobile App Companies

Growing Strong in Mobile World

hough the market is still the IT industry. Various studies sug- This vast exposure makes Hid-
reeling from the after- gest that the demand in the field of denBrains divergent from similar
math of the economic mobile apps is only going to get companies in the industry. It has de- From Left to Right:Pramod Sinha, Head - Business Development,
crisis, the mobile indus- larger in the coming years. According veloped more than 400 applications Ram Chhawchharia, C.E.O / C.T.O, Vikash Chhawchharia, MD, and
Vishal Chhawchharia, Managing Director
try is already witnessing to International Data Corporation’s worldwide i.e. for almost 84 coun-
an exponential growth phase and so (IDC) forecast the mobile apps mar- tries. The company caters to the
is the mobile apps market. The ket revenue, which is $4.9 billion in needs of clients in different platforms
iPhones, Blackberrys and other smart 2010, will grow in mammoth propor- like web, desktop, toolbar develop- aim is to have 100 percent satisfied
customers and will not stop with any-
The aim is to have been a rosy expedition for Hidden-
Brains. It was a challenge for com-
100 percent satisfied
phones are taking the mobile market tions and reach $35 billion by 2014. ment and provides complete solu-
by storm, and a second colossal wave HiddenBrains has a vast experi- tions to them. This makes clients thing less than that. This care in cus- pany to maintain the expectation set
comprising of tablets are also prepar- ence in mobile platforms with expo- content as their business can be ex- tomer satisfaction is reflected in the
fact that 80 percent of the company’s
customers which by Apple and Google’s framework
and that too with a fresh team of en-
validates the fact that
ing for the same. These are not just sure in different technologies like posed on to different cadre of their
increasing the size of the mobile mar- business comes from repetitive client gineers. Every application is unique
ket but also every market related to it. IDC forecasts that the mobile apps market base, and the company takes true
pride in saying that their success has
80 percent of the and it caters to various domains;
keeping up with these domains for
revenue, which is $4.9 billion in 2010, will company’s business
The tech savvy users of these gadg-
ets are demanding more and more truly been based on partnerships every new app is a big challenge.
mobile apps for their professional, grow in mammoth proportions and reach $35 from the very beginning.
HiddenBrains keeps the commu-
comes from repetitive However, Chhawchharia believes
that ‘every challenge is an opportu-
billion by 2014 client base
personal and entertainment needs.
Many of these mobile apps are actu- nication overhead to a bare minimum nity’ and the company has created a
ally expanding the business horizon by emphasizing on the standard significant competitive barrier by of-
way further than anybody foresaw it iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, customers; to maximize profitability. processes which has increased the fering its applications on almost all
would reach. The workforces of com- Windows, Symbian and has created It has more than 2500 clients spread- productivity and in minimizing extra the whole we represent. We accom- platforms.
panies are highly mobile now and multiple business solutions for vari- ing across the U.S., Europe, and Asia work which subsequently eliminates plish this by promoting and enrolling Today, HiddenBrains is expand-
they demand apps that help them to ous kind of industries like eCom- Pacific and its affiliation directly & future expenses. Market research is each of our team players in training ing in terms of new geographies,
do their job on the go without inter- merce, Education, Community, indirectly reaches to several big another aspect of their research ef- they seek or that can be used to de- newer applications and services,
ruption. Entertainment, Gaming, Job Portals, names in fortune 500 companies. forts. These research helps the team liver better products, adopting new alongside aiming for having a differ-
Most companies that are now in Real Estate, LMS, Restaurant, Travel “We enjoy educating our clients when they encounters some poorly technologies based on our team’s re- ent product range in near future.
this space realized the potential of Portals, Hospitality, Retail, Whole- as this helps them save money on fu- designed solution, as the team can quest, and having an open out of the Company’s plan is to lay foundation
this market only recently, where as sale, Communications and many ture projects and also help them un- refer into the researches and learn box thinking,” says Chhawchharia. for these expansions by aggressively
HiddenBrains InfoTech, a company more across platforms like Web, Mo- derstand the next and biggest step, what not to do in the situation, and The company’s focus is on strengths increasing their workforce by 60 per-
which provides custom Mobile App bile and Desktop. The company de- ‘Marketing’,” says Vishal Chhawch- thereby ensuring continuous im- rather than on weaknesses and this cent to cater the needs of increasing
Development, Software Develop- velops applications that are eminently haria, Director & CEO, Hidden- provements in process and orienta- has helped them to stay sharp. market demands. Seeing the market
ment, Web Application Development utilized for extensive functionality in Brains, as he explains the working tion. Everyone in the company is Every company that runs in size and the rate of growth, it is clear
and offshore IT outsourcing services, today’s competitive corporate world process. He explains that the mar- accountable and their own boss. “We today’s highly volatile business sce- that, with its 200 intellect work-force,
had recognized the potential of these by offering offshore development keting summary, which is a part of model this culture throughout the en- nario faces challenges. Establishing 400 plus apps, and a 100 percent cus-
markets as early as 2003 and today service for client’s custom require- their package, has helped several tire company. It is important that a convincing position in Mobile Apps tomer satisfaction goal, Hidden-
has evolved into a prominent name in ments across the globe. clients to maximize their returns. His each of our team players feel part of development in the market has never Brains is in the right space.

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|30| January 2011 The Smart Techie
|31| January 2011
>>>> >>>>Most Promissing Mobile App Companies

Most Promissing Mobile App Companies

Bringing Retail Industry
Robosoft: Gaming on the Go Closer to Its Customer
he IT sector has recov- discovering innovative solutions, to- grams are conducted to provide em-
ered well after the eco- gether forms an integral part of the ployees with opportunities to en- ith competition o2s360. “We currently support mem- ward initiative and help our employees
nomic meltdown and has company’s Product Development hance their technical and multiplying geo- ber clubs, mobile coupons, mobile learn new skills as they need. Our
started to pick up its cycle and this sets them apart from metrically for feedback, mobile reviews and mobile whole idea is to build a company with
pace opening avenues their competition. Still in all its mar- every consumer redeemable offers. We are currently many entrepreneurs so that at every
for development firms. With the kets, whether it’s Windows or Mac or product and serv- developing social versions for all the stage of company’s growth, we can
Smartphone revolution, platforms Mobile platforms, the company is ice in every aspect across the country, capabilities,” he adds. sustain ourselves to the next level eas-
like iPhone, Android and Blackberry facing stiff competition. “The market knowing who your customers are, The real life experience inspired ily,” says Tewari. The company con-
have created a huge demand to de- is booming, so obviously the compe- learning what they think and keeping products proved to be very siders experiential learning
velop on the go applications for both tition is cutthroat and to survive it, them engaged is crucial for survival. effective and useful to their process as a very crucial
businesses and entertainment. The we focus on strong R&D and nurtur- This is a lot more critical if you are to customers. Unlike its com- part and provides ample
result is that the Mobile Develop- ing a results-driven team passionate operate across multiple locations. Over petitors, whose products time and space to experi-

The rise of varied

ment space is expanding widely, gen- the last few years, the Indian Retail In- take a long time to get de- ment and learn. This has
erating a lot of revenue and has dustry has been witnessing stupendous ployed and become fully helped them to get past the
quickly become a domain to be fo- mobile platforms like growth and has been acquiring cus- functional, the company challenges that they faced in

iPhone, Android,
cused on. “Our expertise in develop- tomers rapidly. Technology, today, can with a simplified rollout the past.
ing applications for the Mobile play a key role in managing this model can deploy its solu- When it comes to chal-
platforms has given us an edge and Symbian, Blackeberry growth and the need for the hour is to tion in a medium sized Vaibhav Tewari lenges, in the begining

has led to a larger

because of this, we’re attracting Rohith Bhat bring innovative technology solutions company in as less than o2s360 had a hard time in
clients from all over the world,” says to help consumer businesses reach, en- seven days. Be it the im- convincing the businesses
Rohith Bhat, Managing Director & mobile gaming gage and manage their customers in a plemented comprehensive on the need to better engage

market, increasing
CEO, Robosoft Technologies. professional skills. The company scalable and comprehensive manner. coupon issue, redemption with their customers. Most
In 1996 Robosoft Technologies also has an internship program with This is the space that Bangalore based tracking processes, multi- of the consumer businesses
started as a small startup that grew to both opportunity and which they mold raw talent and o2s360 is eying. location review processes at that time believed ex-

a mid sized company, specializing in grooms students into working pro- Just a year old, o2s360 provides or member club processes, panding to more locations
C, C++, and Java product develop- fessionals providing them exposure customer engagement technology so- all can be easily managed was all that was necessary
ment for Mac OS and Windows, pro- to the current technologies. “The lution to all multi-location consumer by a non-technical busi- to grow. “Now with in-
Sridhar Turaga
viding software product about the working on new technolo- only thing constant in the IT indus- products or services, including fast ness analyst, there by strik- creased competition and
development services to its global gies,” says Bhat. “We believe in try is change. With new platforms food chains, beauty services, gyms and ing out the need to hire a coming out of a demand re-
clientele. The company expanded it- making our employees feel at home coming up in succession, it’s a chal- electronics products. It provides retail- technical expert. The company be- cession there has been mass conver-
self into the mobile market and took with cutting edge technology. Em- lenge to adapt to these changes and ers with solutions to build and manage lieves in focusing on business results sion across the country on the need to
on the iPhone platform when Apple ployees have access to a plethora of deliver,” says Bhat about the chal- their customer database, keep in touch and metrics rather than abstract value hold onto current customers and de-
launched the device in 2008 and resources and are encouraged to lenges that the company faced. with their customers, run multichannel propositions, and this has ensured the light them always. The time for solu-
came out with top-notch games for learn more about their area of inter- The gaming industry is booming marketing campaigns, and measure technology works in a measurable tions that help better manage
clients. With the rise of other mobile est. Each individual is challenged to right now and this is the best time to service quality through reviews and manner. customers has come,” said Tewari.
platforms like Android, Symbian and test their potential and come up with be in this business. “We have plans customer feedback. “Built to handle For Tewari, the fundamental belief Presently the company’s focus is
Blackberry, they also successfully ideas that’ll someday change the face to get our games on other major mo- the ground realities of Indian environ- is “Business Results First” and the on Indian market as the country is pro-
ported these games to suit these plat- of the business,” he adds. bile platforms in the coming years. ment, we use mobile and social tech- same is instilled in to every employee, viding them with excellent opportuni-
forms. The most precious resources for Along with this, we also hope to ex- nologies to give our retail clients an whom the company considers and im- ties. Future plans include covering the
Teams that are driven by the de- the company are its employees and it pand our base of global clientage and easy, scalable and cost effective way to portant part of the company’s future entire spectrum of customer engage-
sire to create world-class products continuously works on creating the make Robosoft a brand to reckon build customer databases, engage them vision. This has helped the team to ment and loyalty across channels, a
and applications to solve real world right work atmosphere that fosters with,” Bhat says, giving an insight and increase repeat business,” says think big and give their best in building feat not seeming tough for this dy-
problems and the R&D’s focus on creativity. Extensive training pro- into his company’s future plans. Vaibhav Tewari, Co-Founder & CEO, the company to the next level. “We re- namic company.

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|32| January 2011 The Smart Techie
|33| January 2011
Most Promissing Mobile App Companies >>>>

Nex-G Exuberant Solutions
Delivering End to End Mobile Solutions
he revolution in mobile in- surance, NMS and M-Commerce. comments and act upon them, respect
dustry is visible from the Every growing company identifies all employees’ individuality, encourage
point we wake up (by an customers as the centre piece of their creativeness and desire to innovate, try
alarm in our mobile) to the growth; more satisfied their customers our best to accommodate professional
point we go to sleep (by are, higher their growth percentage will and personal preferences of employees,
putting an alarm in our mobile). The en- be. Nex-G keeps its focus on optimiz- encourage learning from ones mistakes
tire day we indulge in our mobile ing its customers’ investments in mobile and moving on, and totally understand
phones and see other people doing the technology and helps their customers to and appreciate that each employee has a
same. Life without a mo- envision and shape their life outside work,” says Bhowmick.
bile phone is unimagin- future around the key Advertising or marketing the prod-
able now. The mobile is drivers of technology, ucts properly is a very important aspect
like a life supporting ap- productivity and cost-ef- in the success of any products, more so
paratus for us, something fectiveness, thus keep in the mobile space. It is not enough to
we cannot live without. their customers satisfied. have a good product, it is very impor-
Nex-G Exuberant Solu- “We provide complete tant to let customers know about it. It is
tions, a Noida based end to end solution in hard to get this covered as advertising
company that offers soft- mobile space. We are the brings a very huge expense onboard and
ware solutions, technical only company in world most small and medium companies
consultancy, expert man- with such a vast portfo- struggle with budget constraints. Nex-
power, and technical S.S.Bhowmick lio,” says G successfully managed to overcome
training in mobile com- S.S.Bhowmick, Founder this challenge by using social network-
munication technologies, leverages on and CEO, Nex-G Exuberant Solutions. ing sites and creative ideas to promote
this opportunity. The competition in the SME level itself. They also had problem with re-
Their Mobile Technology Academy is comparatively less as there are not source management, another major
provides Individual Training, Enterprise many who can provide end to end solu- challenge faced by the Indian industry,
Training and Internship Training, tions in this space. Nex-G is knowledge and is working on overcoming this.
whereas the Mobile Technology Solu- oriented company and it makes sure that When its contemporaries are con-
tions encompasses Mobile Application each and every resource in the organi- centrating on the U.S., Europe, and the
Solutions, Network Application Solu- zation is enriched with updated infor- Asia Pacific as their venues for expan-
tions, Product Design Solutions, and mation on a regular basis. Corporate sion, Nex-G is targeting the Latin
Protocol Stack Solutions. It also has a Responsibility (CR) is an integral part American markets and the African mar-
division called the Mobile Technology of its business strategy and management kets. Latin America, with 530 million
Experts, through which it executes and approach. Apart from various charity mobile connections (Wireless Intelli-
implements varied technology assign- works its CR also involves the adoption gence Quarterly World Review: Q2
ments for its clients. It is well versed of environmentally sustainable busi- 2010), in the second half of 2010, sur-
with mobile technologies like GSM, ness; it reduces its environmental foot- passed the Western Europe and became
GPRS, CDMA, UMTS, CDMA 2000, print and helps its customers to do the the second largest mobile market after
LTE, eHRPD, IMS, VoIP, UMA, NFC, same. Asia Pacific. Africa has as many as 506
WiFi, and WiMAX, for mobiles or net- For Nex-G, its employees are the million mobile connections (based on
work platforms such as iPhone, An- primary and only real asset and guar- an AfricaCom DailyNews research)
droid, Blackberry, MeeGo, SYMBIAN, anties them an unparallel working envi- now. Both these markets have enor-
BREW, WinCE, Windows Smartphone, ronment and quality of work. “We listen mous potential to provide a huge boost
LiMo, IN, VAS, Billing, Revenue As- to our employees, their suggestions and to the company’s growth.

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|34| January 2011 The Smart Techie
|35|January 2011
Author is National Sales Manager-Cisco,
Unified Communications – India and SAARC experience, over the internet. Such col- documents together. Sessions can be Tele-presence solutions help pro-
laborative technology solutions expand recorded and stored for future use, and fessors address students across multiple
the learning opportunities for students for students who missed the live ses- campuses virtually as though they were
in remote regions around the world. sion. sitting in the same room, collaborate
Teachers are able to share knowledge Within a classroom teachers can use with other experts on academic re-
either for free or for a fee. the Cisco WebEx ‘attention indicator’ search, and bring classrooms together
The true benefits of technology are feature to monitor whether students are across geographies. This helps to en-
in its application. An effective deploy- giving the class their full attention. gage in an interactive, face-to-face
ment of a network that enables aca- Teachers can ask students participating learning environment. TelePresence
demic information to flow to rural areas in the WebEx session to turn on ‘desk- sessions can be recorded and played
can give millions of children access to top sharing’ to ensure that the students back for future viewing. Such solutions
Enhancing through better education. A recent effort in that
direction has been made by several IT
are actively engaged in the class. Edu-
cators can also collaborate and share re-
can underpin future changes in teaching
and learning environments by merging

majors who have come together for a search with colleagues and institutions the potential of student centered learn-
District Learning Centre initiative at scattered across the globe and educa- ing methodologies with interactive, rich
Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, to pro- tional institutions can expand their re- media to create a new form of collabo-
vide learning opportunities and IT train- search, develop professionally, and rative educational experience.
Collaborative Technology ing to the youth of the district. Using bring additional perspectives to their in- Educational institutions can bring
collaborative technology, and initial stitutions. teachers and professors with specialized
mentoring on how to use it, the students Schools and collges that are looking expertise to students efficiently and eco-

connected with tutors in the nearby city, for new ways to cut costs and reduce nomically and create new educational
who could offer special after school tu- carbon emissions can connect and share opportunities, such as global class-
toring services to them and those in knowledge across geographies without rooms and customized executive edu-
nearby villages for a small fee. leaving the campus. By taking advan- cation programs. Virtual learning
The students got extended support tage of web-based meetings, training, environments created using tele-pres-
for English and Math while the tutors and conferencing capabilities, educators ence solutions help colleges and uni-
were able to reach out to new learners can enhance communication internally versities embrace environmental
through this medium and the small en- and externally to keep all members of sustainability goals through the reduc-
ducation has undergone As the education process continues Technologies like streaming video, trepreneurial tutoring company created the education community on the same tion of travel, while extending the reach
tremendous transformation to evolve, Web 2.0 and social network- rich media conferencing and telepres- a profitable business model bridging the page. They can also remove the burdens of university experts and attracting new
over the last few years. ing tools such as blogs and wikis, on- ence make live distance learning situa- gap between the students and tutors. of support and maintenance through the students.
Globalization has com- line video repository and delivery tions interactive. The content is more Such models can be scaled globally WebEx Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Going forward, technologies like
pelled educational institu- websites such as YouTube are facilitat- dynamic when the student can talk to with tutoring services can be offered to delivery model. ‘Cloud computing’ will help to improve
tions to examine ways in which they ing collaborative learning in ways like the instructor, ask questions, and offer students online in a group or personal Telepresence delivers real-time, the learning and teaching experience in
can integrate collaborative technologies never before. knowledge from his or her own experi- setting in many different parts of the face-to-face interaction using advanced universities.
to further enhance the learning experi- ence. Voice, video, and web collabora- world at school and higher education visual, audio through collaboration.
ence and improve productivity. These Collaborative learning: tion tools save the time, expense, and level. Distance and time differences evaporate Future scenario:
tools are viewed as key assets to create Educational institutions continuously environmental impact of travel and and collaboration among remote groups Collaborative technologies will con-
intellectually vibrant and relevant cam- seek ways to facilitate collaboration to allow earning revenue from a variety of How it works: can advance the learning process. This tinue to play an increasing role in
puses and attract the best students and enhance teaching, research, foreign ex- vocational distance-learning courses. Collaboration and communication tech- helps to scale expertise, foster more higher education in the 21st century.
faculty. change programs, alumni relationships, Properly planned, such technology plat- nology tools offer numerous ways to open innovation between academic and Innovative solutions will change the
The delivery of content has evolved and private sector partnerships. Collab- forms enable educational institutions of enhance the experience and effective- industry researchers and develop inno- way students learn, communicate, pro-
dramatically, and today it is possible for oration solutions enable students and in- all kinds to aid next-generation learning ness of education. Employing rich vative distance learning programs that duce, and study. On and off campus
teachers to post all study material, in- structors to connect anywhere they have safely, securely, and efficiently. media conferencing offers remote stu- benefit from in-person collaboration. technology solutions will help im-
cluding complete audio and/or video a network and combine voice, video, Collaboration technologies from dents an engaging, interactive learning Educational institutions facing dif- prove interactions among faculty,
recordings of lectures online, to help graphics, and text to bring people to- companies like Cisco for example, experience and helps teachers to teach ficult challenges with fewer resources staff, and students. The need of the
students download the course material gether with information, and with each which include TelePresence, Unified their classes from wherever they are. and increasing demands can benefit hour is for powerful, reliable, expand-
from far away locations. Videos that other. In learning or training environ- Communications, Cisco Digital Media Rich media tools provide an efficient, from the immersive, life-like commu- able, and secure infrastructure with ad-
contain both educational and entertain- ments, these tools allow instructors and solutions and Cisco WebEx, provide a highly secure environment for sharing nications experience, realistically con- equate bandwidth, quality of service,
ment value in podcasts, and course con- students to come together over distance powerful audio, video and web inte- information. Students and instructors veying the body language and human and storage, to disperse knowledge
tent posted on education channels create and time, exchange information, study grated virtual classroom experience al- can communicate, share documents, elements that are critical to the interac- seamlessly. The possibilities are
a more engaging learning environment. together, and learn from each other. most mimicking a face-to-face demonstrate software and even annotate tive nature of a traditional classroom. abound and they are here to stay.

The Smart Techie

|36| January 2011 The Smart Techie
January 2011
TECHNOLOGY By Arun Samudrala
The author is President & Co-Founder, United Mobile Apps

software platforms, each vying to be

the market leader – Google Android,
Apple, Symbian, Qualcomm Brew,
Blackberry, Windows Mobile just to
name a few. In order to present a
comprehensive solution, each com-
pany has its own suite of software
that’ll enable Users to backup and
share content. Video call with Face-
time is limited to iPhone 4, Ovi is for
Nokia devices alone, Mobile Me is
for Apple devices.
Seamless data and media sharing
across devices of any make (of course
limited by their hardware capabili-
ties) is still not available. At United
Mobile Apps, we solve precisely this
problem. Our cross platform software
Unify combines a rich set of features
that leverage the native device capa-

bilities and present application devel-
opers with simple interfaces to
Evolution of Mobile Devices develop innovative information shar-
ing and distribution software that cuts
across this device-data barrier.
and Services Unify enables individuals to not
only share their content across Mo-
he rapid growth of Mobile instantly share them with my friends bile devices, but also across desktops,
usage in India is indeed all over the world. mobile phones have laptops and ipads. Some salient com-
remarkable. In the past emerged as gateways to create, share ponents of Unify are – a module that
few years, mobiles have and consume personal content. syncs data on multiple devices and
penetrated the most re- Two parallel developments have keeps them all up to date, a module
mote sections of our country where contributed to the transformation of that provides an intuitive interface to
getting a landline used to be a distant mobiles into all-in-one information share content, a module that enables
dream. This phenomenon is a reflec- sharing and storing devices. While the remote management of devices.
tion of the global ubiquity of mobile capabilities of the devices themselves While the industry waits to herald
phones. This decade has witnessed not have improved on the one hand, ad- a leader with a steadily increasing
only strong proliferation of mobile vances in the deployment of faster share in the platform space, there ex-
technology, but also phenomenal ad- data transfer Technologies such as 3G ists a significant opportunity to im-
vances in innovation. and 4G have considerably enhanced prove user experience in leveraging
From being a voice only device, user experience on the other hand. cross platform capabilities and share
the ‘mobile’ is now a personal data and However, this convenience of personal content regardless of the recipients
media repository. It is hard to find a content creation and sharing is not phone make.
device in the market that does not have without limitations. Mobile phones have transformed
a high resolution camera, and a pow- Race to grab the biggest market how we communicate. Now the sec-
erful processor. Being a convenient share, has led device manufacturers ond wave of innovation using Mobile
handheld device with such capabili- to focus on improving networking phone as platform will transform
ties, the mobile has ushered in an era and data sharing among their own de- how we use computational abilities
of information and content creation vices, while inter-platform data shar- in our day-to-day activities. The
and sharing such as never before. I can ing remains unaddressed. The scope of innovation in this space ap-
snap pictures on my holiday trip and industry has several hardware and pears limit-less.

The Smart Techie

|38| January 2011
TECHNOLOGY By Anjan Ghosal
The author is President, CEO and Founder, IntelliNet Technologies
player high-definition gaming and
videoconferencing which can become
Levels Description

technology. Both these technologies a major revenue generator for them.

Unmanaged Offload Cellular devices (i.e. phones, dongles) detect the presence of available carrier or

allow data to be moved at a fraction of Another important factor that is

partner hotspots and automatically connect to them after authentication against
the operator’s subscriber database. Traffic is routed directly to the Internet using

the cost – though Wi-Fi can be an order likely to drive up data traffic is India is
the Wi-Fi operator’s infrastructure.

of magnitude cheaper than deploying general internet access from mobile de-
Managed Offload Post authentication, the traffic is routed via an ‘edge’ device that is managed by the

femtocells. vices. While India has a rapidly grow-

operator. This edge device allows the operator to ‘control’ the subscriber’s internet
traffic without having to route the traffic back to the core networks. It allows

India has been late to the 3G party ing mobile subscriber base, the low
operators to implement volume based billing, enable prepaid subscribers, perform

but is fast catching up. Earlier this year, penetration of laptops and personal
legal intercept, enforce traffic shaping and policy controls, etc.

seven private operators paid a whop- computers means that the primary
Converged Offload In addition to the above establish seamless connectivity with the core network – so
that as required traffic can flow between the two. The enables carriers to deliver

ping $14.6 billion to buy 3G spectrum. source of internet access are likely to
premium content and walled garden services to their subscribers via the Wi-Fi

A number of operators like Reliance be mobile devices. Whatever be the band customer base.” Seamless transition between 3G
interface. This is extended to provide seamless handoff between the two networks.

and Tata have already launched their driver, the focus on mobile data is In parallel with the 3G roll out, al- and Wi-Fi – no need for sub-
3G services. As of end of September likely to become a double edged ternative wireless services are being scribers to manually register or
2010, the wireless subscriber base in sword, quickly outstripping network deployed to address the demand for log in to use the network
India stood at 687.71 million, second capacity. These factors, coupled with wireless Internet services. Companies  Utilization of the existing mobile
only to China. However, iSuppli fore- the limited spectrum allocated to oper- like Tikona, a recent startup, are build- billing and charging infrastructure
casted that 3G will garner 250 million ators in India, may lead to a ‘perfect ing all-IP wireless networks using un-  Subscriber access to secure con-
subscribers by 2012. storm’ where the networks get over- licenced spectrum. The technology, tent provided by the mobile oper-
While there are similarities be- whelmed. referred to as WI-BRO - a variation of ators – known as “walled garden”
tween India and other 3G enabled na- Operators are already aware of this WiMAX, is built on meshed network- services
tions, there are some very significant problem and are actively seeking solu- ing routes traffic over wired and wire-
differences. Due to fierce competition, tions to this problem using offload lessly meshed access points. The However, some work must be
voice tariffs in India are one of the low- techniques. Femtocells are a valid iSuppli study forecasted a subscriber done to implement this functionality.
est in the world. The Telecom Regula- proposition for them but they are base for such services to reach 19 mil- Based on the operators’ requirements
tory Authority of India recently pricey and are still not proven in the lion by 2012. we have classified them into the fol-

reported a year-over-year decline in current deployments. A more appropri- lowing three categories.
Average Revenue per User (ARPU) ate solution for the Indian market is The Telecom The 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards

per month of 33.9 percent for GSM data traffic offload to Wi-Fi networks. bodies have published specifications
Mobile Data Growth in India subscribers and 19.6 percent for With this in mind operators are look- for these techniques and some compa-
CDMA subscribers. As of June 2010 ing at developing Wi-Fi zones of their Authority of India nies have developed products to en-

recently reported a
an Opportunity and a Challenge the ARPU for GSM was Rs. 122 own or partnering with Wi-Fi operators able seamless integration of Wi-Fi and
($2.71) and for CDMA INR 74 and aggregators to see if some of the Cellular networks. IntelliNet has been
obile data continues tions.
($1.64). This can be compared to an data can be offloaded to these net- year-over-year actively involved in a commercial trial

decline in Average
ARPU of more than $50.00 for post works. Both, Tata Communications with a leading edge operator in India
to grow at a phe- One such solution is a ‘small cell’
paid service in the U.S. Hence, to re- and Bharti Airtel have been actively and the initial results are promising.
Revenue per User
nomenal rate in approach where operators deploy fem-
cover their huge investments in 3G, In- deploying hundreds of Wi-Fi hotspots However, successful deployment of
countries that have tocells in locations with poor cellular
(ARPU) per month of
dian operators will have to increasingly across the country as a service to their this solution will require the vendors
already deployed coverage. The data is backhauled via
look at data services to drive revenue broadband subscribers. BSNL, Re- and the operators to work closely to
33.9 percent for GSM
data centric 3G networks. AT&T for the existing broadband network using
growth. liance and Spectranet are also offering implement a complete end-to-end so-
example has noted a data growth of standard IP providing a more cost ef-
subscribers and 19.6
Indian operators do have a great Wi-Fi Internet access. lution which will not only address the
over 5000 percent in just three years. fective data coverage. The alternative
track record in generating significant Vikas Singh, CMO for Telemedia technological aspects but also all the
percent for CDMA
Most of this growth is attributed to solution that is gaining favor is to en-
revenue from VAS services like ring Services at Bharti Airtel was quoted as operational issues in deploying this
high bandwidth video related services able the Wi-Fi radio on the user’s smart
back tones, music downloads, SMS saying: “Airtel Wi-Fi hotspots will be service such as the integration with the
like video chat, IP TV and access to phone and deoliver data over that in-
and a variety of downloadable applica- strategically located at leading pre- backend OSS systems.
video content over sites like YouTube terface rather than over licenced spec-
tions. Most of these services are of- mium hotels, hospitals, chains of This technology will not only as-
on the Internet access. The continued trum like UMTS/3G. Data in this case
fered through a strong web portal as restaurants, coffee shops and corporate By deploying a Wi-Fi data offload sist operators with 3G licenses offload
price pressure on data rates together is also backhauled via the pubic Inter-
‘premium services’. So it is reasonable buildings that are the hub of corporate, solution, mobile network operators can their excess traffic but also will help
with an unprecedented growth in de- net. Studies have shown that the ma-
to assume that as 3G gains momentum, community and social activities. For provide: operators with 2G licenses to provide
mand has created a major challenge for jority of mobile data is generated by
a lot of these services will be supple- us, this is an initiative to increase cus-  Improved coverage and Quality of their subscribers a 3G-like experience
operators around the world forcing smart phones in indoor settings which
mented by high bandwidth services tomer stickiness and enhance average Service (QoS) for mobile data sub- - and do so at a fraction of the cost of
them to seek ‘unconventional’ solu- make Wi-Fi an excellent data offload
like video sharing, mobile TV, multi- revenue per user (ARPU) of our broad- scribers deploying 3G infrastructure.

The Smart Techie

|40| January 2011 The Smart Techie
January 2011
TECHNOLOGY By Gary Bahadur
The author is CEO, KRAA Security
to read it, so when using social media defamation. Employees have to be 2. Information Classification – You
sites, do not let your employees post in- made aware of the polices on the cor- have to explicitly define what informa-
formation that is confidential. In order to porate brand image, intellectual prop- tion can be shared and what information
block them from doing that, you have to erty, who they friend, who they should not be Tweeted or FaceBooked.
have social media monitoring tools in endorse, customer information, and If your employees do not know how
place to actually know what information other confidential information. Human valuable information is then you cannot
employees are posting on the Internet resource monitoring should be strictly blame them for inadvertently being
Another thing one should not do is post controlled. It can go wrong as was the sucked into the blogosphere.

Security Challenges in Using his or her own identifying information case in 2006 when Hewlett Packard il- 3 Keep It professional – If you allow
publicly, such as date of birth, his or her legally used pretexting to gain infor- your employees to Socialize information

Social Media social security number, or an employee

ID number. If a site requires this infor-
mation, 1) it is most likely not a rep-
utable site, and/or 2) one could make
something up or ensure that it is not
mation on employees. A number of
senior managers were in trouble over
the poor judgment in how to manage
employee monitoring.
Social media usage is being retro-
about your company, you have to give
them standards to follow. Things like
cursing, grammar mistakes, casual con-
versation style discussions might not be
the image you want to portray when dis-
ocial media sites have ment. While these applications can open all of one’s accounts if they know the going to be displayed in a profile that fitted into the corporate environment. cussing anything related to your com-
gained popularity in the past up a great many doors for communica- one password. A security breach of one will be public. If your employees post But the consumer is already used to pany.
ten years as a medium to tion, some form of guidance or gover- account could snowball. Passwords too much personal information about using social media in an insecure, “in- 4. Tracking and Monitoring – If you
keep in contact with loved nance is necessary. Because banning the should be complex and change every 90 themselves and your company, this formation must be free” manner. Em- are going to have a policy, you have to
ones, business associates use of such sites is most likely unen- days. Accessing social media sites could entice an attacker to try and gain ployees who have been used to giving have a mechanism for tracking compli-
and friends. However, there can be forceable or impractical, a hospital or should be over SSL and only from access to your company with the infor- up all their information in places such ance, reporting on activity and have con-
drawbacks to the usage of the said media other such entity that must shield private trusted network connections, not coffee mation the employee has posted. as Facebook and Twitter must now be sequences for breaking that policy.
when one is employed in certain career information should at least ask or force shops especially for business purposes! Some information may not be con- retrained to use social media in a whole
fields, such as the healthcare industry. their employees to adhere to some So- When looking at confidential infor- sidered confidential; yet not posting different manner to meet corporate Conclusion
Utilizing social media networks can in- cial Media Policy guidelines. mation, apply the same security require- these items to public social media sites is standards. (Assuming we have a corpo- A baseline set of requirements has to be
advertently give way to the sharing of We can take a lot of security re- ments. A company would let an probably a good idea. This can include rate standard for social media security) agreed upon between IT and HR and
confidential patient information with quirement from traditional IT secu- employee send out confi- anything from rumors, to purchases the But what is a corporate standard for Legal departments to implement a se-
people that may not have a need to know rity practices. For instance, when dential information to company plans on making, anything using social media in an appropriate cure social media strategy. This list of
which would then cause the company to utilizing social networking someone who didn’t about the technology one’s company fashion that does not put the company requirements can include:
violate HIPAA Security Rule compli- sites, one should use separate have authority uses or will use, and any projects the in- at risk? Corporations have not made a  Defining the necessity for monitor-
ance. The compliance risks increase with passwords for the different dividual may be working on. Develop concerted effort to define that secure ing community managers and em-
uncontrolled social media utilization. sites, as an individual and follow practical posting guidelines social media strategy, or even a strategy ployees use of social media
Social Media has become part of the can easily hack and do not share more information than for training their employees in the “cor-  Understand and update security
user community several years ago. is necessary in corporate social media rect” use of social media. A social threats to social media platforms
Today we have social media in the cor- activities. media policy is required to address all used by the company and monitor
porate environment. The main prob- If an employee’s personal posting the concerns about employee posting, employee activity on affected plat-
lem we have is how social media has about the company can be considered training in appropriate usage and mon- forms
evolved. It has evolved to become a defamation or are targeting a customer itoring and reporting of social media  Monitor reaction and change in be-
bottom up approach. By bottom up I or competitor, HR has to know to take activity. havior based on training
mean that the consumer has determined action even if it’s difficult to measure  Monitor sites mentioning the com-
how to use a technology and the corpo- the value of defamation. Laws already Social Media Policy Infrastructure pany
ration is playing catch up. But the social cover the social media posts of em- What is a good starting point for im-  Track tools used by employees in
norms that are appropriate for a con- ployees when it comes to things like plementing a social media policy? Here social media usage
sumer “product” are not appropriate in defamation, confidentiality and intel- is a basic guideline.  Monitor activity of other organiza-
a corporate environment. lectual property theft. There should be 1. Define a policy – You cannot assume tions in your industry
Social media applications are not some level of monitoring off hours employees will do the right thing with-  Monitor and report on what online
just a part of one’s personal lifestyle; postings by employees. out guidance. You already have things communities are saying about your
this has also become incorporated in Employees should be made aware like Expense Policies, Acceptable Use company
the corporate climate. Many places through training and written social Policies, and Internet Use Policies.  Track the influencers in your indus-
use social media applications for media policies that the company will be Write a basic guideline. What’s in that try and those specific to your brand
marketing, file sharing, commu- monitoring for confidential and propri- guideline will vary from company to  Monitor your competitor’s use of
nication, and employee recruit- etary information and activities such as company. social media

The Smart Techie

|42| January 2011 The Smart Techie
January 2011
The author is MD - India and South East Asia, Nuance Communications
ally diverse nation such as ours. In  It is also the most effective interface tions, combining voice, visual and audio
rural and remote areas citizen infor- for blind people. They can easily interfaces on a single mobile device and
have not connected to yet.
mation services can be provided more browse on their mobile by just in a single session. Multimodal inter-
Another daunting task is overcoming
effectively by using speech interfaces speaking to it and listening to the faces can be used to search and down-

the illiteracy and dialect problems in
crossing barriers of literacy, language output with the help of TTS. load the entertainment content like
India. With the largest illiterate popu-
and infrastructure. Speech as the primary interface will music, trailers and videos on the phone
lation our rate of literacy is 65.38 per-
 Providing a huge impetus to the m- revolutionize the concept of “user with the 3G. Web search, YouTube
cent as per the last census and a
governance initiatives, Voice verifica- friendly interfaces”. We will see mobile search and driving directions are just
considerable portion of which is in
tion aspect of speech technology can devices that enhance e-mail, browsing, one click away using speech, with the
fact semi-literate or has little or no
be used for unique identification and gaming and social networking. The ex- help of ASR and TTS. 3G enables these
technology prowess.
recording attendance. Voice verifica- perience of these services on the mobile services by reducing the latency in
Also, the provision of internet in rural
tion can eliminate the cases of fake at- using speech will overcome the limita- downloading the content.

areas does not necessarily mean that
tendances in social schemes like tions of small screen sizes, incomplete
people will be able to benefit from
NREGA. keypad, unavailability of the keyboard Conclusion
any technology. There are a range of
 Speech interfaces can be used to leave and cumbersome typing. Mobile, 3G, and Speech Technology are
factors to be considered, such as the
voice tweet messages using either data For insight into how this technology bound to open infinite avenues in terms of
availability of relevant applications
or voice channel. The backend sys- can permeate all aspects of our life it is Communication Technology and are
and content in local languages.
tems use ASR to transcribe the voice important to understand how it works. going to play an extremely vital role in
tweet message to text message and There are three components of speech revolutionizing our lives. It is quite appar-
3G & Speech – Transforming & all-em-
send it as an SMS further. technology: Automatic Speech Recog- ent that the mobiles and handheld devices
 Also, people can use speech to dictate nition (ASR), Text-To-Speech (TTS), will be the choice of future communica-
The use of speech as the primary medium
their messages in social networking and Speaker Verification (SV). It is now tion. 3G will create great potential in the
to access the web through mobile and
sites. Others can listen to it with the possible to combine these three plat- Indian market and speech platforms will
handheld devices, with the momentum of
help of Text-to-speech (TTS). Users forms with mobile Internet and multi- leverage these to ensure that the web
the 3G wave will be the interface that
can listen to their friend’s messages media technology. This combination reaches to all the sections of the popula-
seamlessly binds the vastly diverse India
and postings handsfree while they are allows rapid development and deploy- tion making technology an integral, indis-

“3G & SPEECH” – which is illiterate, semi-literate, and also

is the on-the-go ‘tweeting’ kind.
Inspite of the challenges, 3G and
driving. ment of genuine multimodal applica- tinguishable part of our lives.

speech together have the capability to

RECONNECTING INDIA weave itself into the texture of our every-
day lives in many forms and also across
cross-sections of our society. To give a
Now that the 3G auction is over in India and results are out, it is clear that

view of the scope of its application:

Indian consumers are standing at the threshold of a telecom revolution.
3G has the potential to immensely impact with 3G will become the chief vehicle for  Today, government is talking about
almost every individual, both socially and connectivity. Financial and social inclusion through
economically. Recognizing that, all eyes mobile telephony to provide a variety
are trained on how 3G in India opens the 3G powering speech technology - tran- of services to the society. This com-
door to innovative value added services al- forming & all-embracing bination will now also be capable of
lowing everything to be accessed though Buoyed by 3G and mobile, we see many delivering telemedicine, m-com-
just one convergent device. parallel stories unfold, one of which re- merce and distance education services
In a country, where broadband pene- volves around use of speech technologies that the government has constantly
tration is less than one percent, ironically to maximize the reach of mobile services. been struggling to deliver to all seg-
mobile penetration is 45 percent. Infact, in There is a large amount of information and ments of the population. Services like
a recent Google report, India has emerged content in the network. 3G in combination Kisan Call Center – to provide agri-
as the second largest consumers of mobile with speech interface will accelerate the culture related queries solutions,
Internet after U.S. To add another per- access and usage of it for the masses. Weather information, complaint reg-
spective to these facts, Evalueserve (‘Up- As we speak about the convergence of istrations rely on the power this com-
take of 3G services in India’) reports the speech and 3G technologies and its im- bination brings to telecommunication.
number of 3G handsets will increase to portance, the challenges are also huge.  Speech recognition solutions today
395 million by 2013.  With a population of 1 billion and encompass all prominent Indian re-
An indication, that in terms of reach with just 45.1 percent mobile pene- gional languages, thus scaling the
and penetration, mobile internet along tration, there is still a huge number we challenge of reaching out to a cultur-

The Smart Techie

January 2011
The author is CTO, Huawei Symantec
With limited resources, many SMBs are who rely on manual methods to access is now attainable; the barriers have in-
forced to be very cost-conscious and it. In addition, many SMBs are scattered deed come down.
might not even have someone on staff across multiple locales, and trying to or- Vendors now recognize that SMBs
dedicated to IT backup. Additionally, IT ganize and access data in multiple loca- constitute a significant constituency,
staff at SMBs may not be able to keep tions and jurisdictions can be a doubly and have therefore scaled their wares
up with the increasing flow of data. impossible task without the right tools. accordingly. The S2600, for instance,
Given the limited resources, many Fourth, SMBs need to utilize re- is both scaled down and scalable, and
SMBs may not have developed system- sources efficiently to squeeze what they can accommodate between 12 and 96
atic ways to handle backups. Disk space can out of their investments. This is a SAS or SATA disks. In addition, it of-
is relatively cheap so many SMBs sim- key point in the context of data storage. fers multiple options of host interfaces,
ply buy more disk space on an ad hoc Preventive care is essential in order to including fiber channel (FC), iSCSI, or
basis and neglect to consider the mo- minimize total cost of ownership. Fail- a combination of both. This means that
ment when they might need to perform ure to address storage and recovery is- a SMB can attach multiple servers—
a comprehensive backup. Those who sues with foresight can mean that an mail servers, database servers, file
have had the misfortune of having to re- SMB is one catastrophe away from en- servers, backup servers—and provide
cover data are exposed to the nightmare during a devastating loss of valuable hierarchical storage using either the FC
caused by haphazard backups and the business information. Preventive care is or the iSCSI networking mode.
existence of fragmented information lo- not only prudent, but it is an effective This type of next generation SAN
cated across multiple servers and stor- use of resources that will maximize re- aligns itself perfectly with both the re-
age elements. Lucky SMBs would have turn on investment. sources available to and the needs of
been able to recover data after spending SMBs. The future is now for SMBs:
an excruciating amount of time, while Enterprise level features and solu- enterprise-level data protection that is
many more are confronted with the re- tions at SMB prices cost effective, secure, scalable, energy-
ality that their inadequate backups have Look around the marketplace today, and saving, economical, and easy to use,
caused them to permanently lose im- you will see that a large number of ven- install, and maintain is well within
portant business data. dors now offer middle-range and entry- reach.
Second, as the amount of data level SANs that are both priced and
grows, data protection becomes crucial. scaled for SMBs. SANs have become Entry-level SAN solution for SMBs
Backups, as noted above, are vitally im- commoditized and plummeted in price Growth of data continues at an expo-
portant, but additional redundancy in- while their feature sets have gotten bet- nential rate. Certainly, in the near fu-

frastructure is now a necessity, given the ter and better. It is to the benefit of ture, there will be seismic shifts in the
constant inflow of data. It is crucial to SMBs that they learn as much as they way SMBs approach data storage,
Enterprise Level SAN Features keep the amount of time it takes to re- can about the options available in the management, and protection in order to
cover data in case of a failure (a concept market. deal with this reality. SMBs will begin
called “recovery time objective” or Huawei Symantec, for instance, of- to explore virtualization strategies and
and Solutions at SMB Prices RTO) as short as possible so that down- fers the Oceanspace S2600, a next gen- will try to control the tide of data
time is minimal. In addition, it is im- eration storage solution for SMBs that growth using data deduplication. In ad-
storage area network changed the storage landscape and have will balloon to 35 zettabytes or, in other portant to do backups frequently in was designed with the intention of al- dition, cloud computing will play a role
(SAN) comprises the made SANs more important and acces- words, 35 trillion gigabytes. order to minimize the amount of data lowing SMBs to have access to enter- in data storage, as online storage serv-
most powerful technol- sible to SMBs. The first is the recent ex- As a result of this massive growth in that could be lost (commonly known as prise-level technology in one small ices will become more prevalent and
ogy available for block- plosion of digital data, and the second is data, SMBs will face a number of chal- “recovery point objective” or RPO). If a box. It allows SMBs to reduce total affordable going forth.
level storage and has the increasing availability of entry-level, lenges in the coming years as they try to SMB performs a backup at the end of a cost of ownership by buying a piece of That said, it is vitally important that
been used by enterprises for years. For feature-packed SANs that are specially deal with the increasing flow of infor- business day but its system fails in the consolidated equipment that will keep SMBs do not get too lost in the big pic-
many small to medium sized businesses priced and designed for SMBs. mation. middle of the next day, a half day’s both long-term capital expenditures ture or in hypothetical scenarios. SMBs
(SMBs) though, SANs were long out of First, SMBs do not necessarily have worth of valuable data is lost. and operating costs low. Most impor- simply need to look at their data stor-
reach due predominately to their high Managing storage in an age of data standardized data storage, backup, re- Third, data does not necessarily tantly, the S2600 provides superior age, management, and protection situ-
cost. In addition, many SMBs simply explosion covery, or archiving methods. This is equate to useable information unless it data protection with value-added, cost- ations here and now, and ascertain
did not have the need for large amounts According to research firm IDC, the due in part to cost constraints, and due can be easily sorted and readily ac- effective features such as an advanced what is necessary and viable to grow
of scalable storage space and were amount of digital information created, in part to existing behavioral norms. cessed. Without a means to catalog the snapshot interface that enables SMBs their businesses in an efficient manner
therefore able to function adequately captured, or replicated in 2010 will While there is more digital content to growing amount of data, it merely be- to keep RPO and RTO extremely tight. today. The answer lies not in some
using direct-attached storage. amount to 1.2 zettabytes (1.2 trillion gi- handle now more than ever, resources at comes a steadily growing collection of This level of data protection was never complex solution but instead, in an
Two underlying factors have gabytes). By 2020, IDC estimates this SMBs have stayed at the same levels. bits and bytes that can suffocate SMBs before even considered by SMBs, but entry-level, next generation SAN.

The Smart Techie

|46| January 2011 The Smart Techie
|47| January 2011
The author is Head - Testing Competency Team ), Wipro Technologies
which solve a specific problem. These test team, identify right candidates for tasks can be done through differently
solutions improve productivity of the outsourcing’ competent and time-shared team

Software Testing
team or aid the team in improving the members. Such team members can be
value of the deliverable. Earlier, these Nonlinear Finance Models part of what is called as ‘Delayered

Nonlinearity Initiatives in
benefits were passed on to the cus- Quality Based Pricing Model Service Center’. This is known in dif-
tomer without any fee. Now, we are This is taking over complete testing ferent organizations with different
successful in positioning these tools responsibility of customer’s product. names such as – flexibility centers,
as value addition and charge for the The payment will be linked to the factory centers, industrialization cen-

added value. An example is a test au- final quality of the product and not the ters etc. These centers will support
tomation framework for embedded effort spent to achieve the same. For multiple clients since their activities
software. example- payment is linked to are defined and selected to be inde-
Services Business  the estimated residual defects in pendent of client sensitivities. The
Lab-On-Hire Models the product at the end of testing or time sharing thus achieved combined
Certain test infrastructure is very  the field defects during the first 6 with lower employee cost results in
costly to build and not many cus- months of rollout or overall cost push down.
n the earlier days, Product  We are discussing about Services ii. Emerging Technology Test- tomers want to build on their own. In-  a combination like: 50 percent

companies used to struggle organizations ing Solutions stead they depend on the service linked to effort, 25 percent linked Subcontracting
with what is called ‘Box Men-  Nonlinearity is defined in terms of iii. Test Consultancy Special- organizations which have that lab. to estimated residual defects, 25% This is what is called Outsourcing 2.0.
tality’. Box Mentality means Gross Margin (GM) which can be ists Here the client is paying for the lab linked to actual field defects de- Indian IT service providers themselves
that companies were getting measured at project, account or c Nonlinear Finance Models and not for the employees who man tected in the field during the first 6 will start outsourcing to tier 3/4 cities
paid only for the boxes or products business unit level. i. Quality based pricing the lab and thus achieving nonlinear- months. and also to small firms in the city
they could sell and never paid for in-  Rate of Gross Margin is defined as model ity. An example is a mobile handset where they are already in. The objec-
stallations or system integrations they GM per employee. Nonlinearity is ii. Risk based pricing model testing lab. Risk Based Pricing Model tive is to have overall less cost in get-
did. It took a lot of effort on the part all about improving this ratio. iii. SLA based pricing model This is actual partnership with the ting the projects executed. Certain
of leaders to come out of this mental-  ‘Substantial’ is relative to the or- 2. Cost Reduction Measures
Specialization induced Services client in designing, developing and Service organizations have already
ity and to start charging for their serv- ganization. The target has to be a Delayering Specialized Testing Services testing of the product. The returns are started thinking in this direction and
ices too. more than the long term average of i. Delayered Service centers Specialized testing services like au- divided between partners. The pay- also we can spot certain small players
On the other hand, Services or- Gross Margin and also we should ii. Sub contracting tomation testing and performance ment is linked to the risk exposure supporting them in this endeavor.
ganizations had been struggling with aim for an improvement we get as b Productivity improvements testing attracts more revenue since each partner takes. Usually this hap-
‘Reverse Box mentality’ for quite a result of usual systemic improve- they are special compared to the usual pens when a client is getting into Productivity Improvements
some time. This means they were ments. Revenue improvement measures functional testing. They command a untested waters and need the service In case of Fixed Price projects, the
only getting paid for the services they Product Induced Services premium in the market since special provider’s help. Services Organization can lower their
deliver and not getting paid for tools Margin is the difference between Productized Services knowledge (including that of tools) is cost by introducing productivity im-
and IPs they deliver along. Testing Revenue and Cost. So, we can Productized services are those serv- required to execute these services. SLA based model provement tools and thus achieving
Services organizations were also not achieve nonlinearity by increasing ices which are packaged as a product Here a portion of the revenue is linked the same output from lower number of
different. Over the last few years, revenue and / or reducing cost. The and is charged based on outcome. An Emerging Technology Testing Solu- to the service level agreements the employees – thus gaining an improve-
there are attempts from top and sen- methods to achieve nonlinearity is example is- delivering 1000 test cases tions firm signs with the client. There will ment in the profit per employee ratio.
ior leaders in the industry to reverse also broadly classified on these lines- for an insurance application. Here the Emerging Technology commands be penalty as well as reward clauses Do or die competition between
the trend. The move is to start charg- 1. Revenue improvement measures organization or the client is not con- premium from scarcity of offerings. in the SLA. The firm’s objective is to service providers – home as well as
ing clients separately for the IPs and 2. Cost reduction measures sidering the number of employees Since it is new, not many organiza- maximize the reward and bring more abroad – is putting pressure on billing
this became a new revenue stream as who will work towards this outcome. tions will be in the game. An example revenue with better performance. A rates and thus bringing down margins.
well. This method also resulted in get- A brief of different methods to The rate is defined per test case in- is virtualization testing. services organization gets into this So it is time to think beyond the tradi-
ting more revenue from the same set achieve nonlinearity is given below. stead of per employee. This way, the model only in case of services in tional employee billing rates and bring
of employees and thus become part of 1. Revenue Improvement Measures organization benefits from the pro- Test Consultancy Specialists which it has higher level of compe- in other sources of revenue in the serv-
what is known as nonlinear initia- a Product Induced Services ductivity measures it took internally Even while outsourcing substantial tencies. ices business. As mentioned in the be-
tives. i. Productized services and also the tools they used. This part of their software testing works, ginning of the article, it is time to
Nonlinearity in a Services organi- ii. Point Solution Sales leads to more revenue from the same clients still need advice on certain as- Cost Reduction Measures come out of ‘reverse box mentality’.
zation can be defined as ‘achieving iii. Lab-on-Hire Models or lesser set of employees. pects of testing. Consultancy services Delayered Service Centers Year after year, the portion of nonlin-
substantial improvements in Gross b Specialization induced services play a role here and this job com- This idea stems from the fact that not ear revenue has to increase for the or-
Margin per employee’. Four things i. Specialized testing prac- Point Solutions Sales mands very high premium compared all tasks in a testing project require ganization to be competitive and also
are important here. tices Point solutions are those solutions to outsourced services. An example is equally competent, qualified and full to be profitable enough to meet the
‘advise me to bring efficiency in my time team members. Some of the Street expectations.

The Smart Techie

|48| January 2011 The Smart Techie
January 2011
TECHNOLOGY By Anand Bagmar
The author is Lead Consultant, QA, ThoughtWorks
How does this affect the software test
• Discovery Execute tests

Well, this affects us in a major way.
• Author • Form within or command line

 We eventually will be developing

Future of Test Automation
• Publish • Create run command

software to support and build on

• Plugin Manager • Remote machine(s) or locally

top of this technology.

Tools & Infrastructure  If we are developing software,
that means we need to test it.
IDE Runtime

 This also means that we need to

do automation for it.
here are some specific ferent frameworks. allow the user to create their own cus- It is imperative for us to start think-
trends noticeable in the There has been a need for writing tomized pages, based on the data they ing about how will we, as testers, test
Debug Report

way we do UI-based test tests in a new lingo. Something that will want to see. And all this is done not by in this new environment?
automation. Technology be easier for non-coders (example: major configuration changes, or talking What tool support do we need to
• Regular debugger • Result analysis

has advanced, new inter- Business Analysts) to read, understand, to a sys-admin. test this effectively?
functions • Charts & Graphs

faces have been created, and, as a result, and maybe also contribute to. Example: In the below image, the Lastly, let’s think BIG - why
• Advanced debugger • Archive

new tools have been developed that Thus arose a new type of methodol- Yahoo page has widgets which you can can’t we create / write our automa-
changed our way of doing test automa- ogy and framework for building our Au- configure and arrange in the order of Discovery Author
tion tests using similar interac-
tion. tomated Tests - BDD - Behavior Driven your preference, so that you are able to This is a very essential and critical piece To create new objects / tests scripts, the
Development. There are many tools in see what you want to see. This is done of functionality. We want to make sure test author will use the UI objects from
Evolution of Test Automation Frame- the market that allow BDD, namely, simply by doing some mouse gestures we do not need to reinvent the wheel. the palette / repository, and, ‘simply’
works Cucumber, JBehave, RSpec, Twist, etc. and actions (drag and drop). We would also like to reuse our existing drag-&-drop various UI objects to cre-
Let us revisit how the test automation The BDD frameworks have also The whole world appears to be frameworks as much as possible and ate new objects / test scripts. All the ‘in-
tools and frameworks have evolved. been around for some time now. When moving towards providing content make the transition to UDD as seamless telligent’ code refactoring and

 The crux of any automation frame- thinking about this pattern, the question based on preferences or doing actions as possible. restructuring will happen automatically

work is its core engine. that comes in my mind is - What is based on direct “interactions“. This component will be able to re- in the backend. Refer to the picture
 The traditional record-and- next? New generation mobile phones verse engineer the existing code base, below for reference.

playback set of tools sit on top of this have touch screens that allow doing var- and create an UI object hierarchy avail- Note: Currently, using reverse engi-
Record &

core framework. ious different activities using touch- able in a palette / repository. neering tools, we can create class dia-

 The rigidity and difficulty (amongst based gestures, or orientation of the Example: After running the discov- grams / UML diagrams from existing

ery tool against the existing source code base. In the context of UDD, these

other factors) in customizing the device itself.

What is Next?

standard record and playback scripts If you recall the movie, “The Mi- repository, the UI objects will are at present dummy objects. The UDD
UDD - UI Driven Development
resulted in the new layer being nority Report”, the technology depicted be created like this: objects, which when moved across,

If a user can interact with a system

added - that of the Custom Frame- there is a step ahead of all this. The using gestures, why can’t we testers

works. movie shows the actors interacting with change the way we write automated
images, videos, voices, all using ges-
Record &


tures made by the sensors in his hand. Why do we have to rely on cod-

This technology is already advanced ing, or writing tests in BDD format?

M odular it y Data Key word M odel

enough and is being used / tried in a Why can’t we raise the bar and
Dr iven Dr iven D r iven Based

Hybrid What is next? few specialized fields - like Image edit- write tests using a different, interac-
To answer the question - “What is ing, high-end store catalogs, etc. tive mechanism to represent our
next?“ we need to understand the cur- “Gesture Based Technology“ is the tests?
Custom Frameworks are our cus- rent UI advancements. future that we have already stepped UDD provides us the ability to
tomized scripts that do optimal record Most major portals / websites now into! develop our test automation suite and
and playback. These frameworks can be framework using a visual (non-code,
of any type as depicted in the picture on non-text) medium. Since a picture
the side. speaks a thousand words, seeing the
More often than not, when one starts test components as UI objects will
to develop a Custom Framework using provide quicker visibility into the
either of the 4 mentioned types, you functionality being tested.
eventually end up with a Hybrid solu- The UDD framework will have
tion - which is a combination of the dif- the following components:

The Smart Techie

|50| January 2011 The Smart Techie
|51| January 2011
would result in the framework making appropriate modifica- to track the health of the system.
tions in the underlying code-base, without the user having to The Reporting Engine & Trend Analyzer will provide this
manually intervene. functionality out of the box.
Example: To create a new test, simply drag & drop vari-
ous existing UI objects in proper sequence to Plugin Manager
create new test scenarios as shown below. This complete framework will be built on plugins. A set of
core plugins enables this framework. The community can
contribute various other types of plugins based on their need,
requirement and vision.

A ‘hot-deployment’ mechanism will enable additions of

the new plugins into the framework without needing a restart.

Example: Some plugins include:

page Make
selection from
Login results

Test Data Languages /
Generator Frameworks

Tools &
Select Analyzer
ticket Login
Enter Record &
Ticket Search Playback Omniture
details Engine

Checkout Checkout
This provides a pictorial view for the people looking at
Utilities ---

these tests.
When new functionality needs to be added in the code  Record & Playback Engine - to record user actions as UI
base, the test author can use the Record & Playback Engine objects
functionality in combination with writing specific code for  Custom Reporting / Trend Analyzer - to allow creation of
the same if so required, and the UDD framework will auto- customized reports
matically create appropriate UI objects for it. There is also an  Scheduler - to provide test scheduling
option to publish it to the repository for everyone’s use.  Languages / Frameworks - It should be easy to change
the underlying framework at the click of a button. This
Execution Engine way the admin user can choose to change from say using
The execution engine provides a lot of flexibility in terms of Selenium to Sahi just by choosing which UI framework
how the tests should be run. There are is to be used. Similarly, it should be possible to select
various options: which language (C#, Java, Ruby, etc.) should be used for
 Specify Critical Test Failure (CTF) dependencies. the code generation.
 Run the tests within UDD framework  Integration with External Tools and Repositories - ex-
 Generate a command for the set of tests the user wants to ample: file diff / compare tools, source code repositories,
run, which the user can simply copy and paste at the com- integration with CI (Continuous Integration) systems, etc.
mand prompt and execute the tests directly without hav-
ing to create the command manually. How do we get ready for the future?
 Execute the tests on the same machine, remote machines By following a few practices in existing test automation,
or combinations so desired. we can be in a good state to adopt what the future would
 Launch tests via CI (Continuous Integration). have to offer.

Reporting Engine & Trend Analyzer

Test code should be of Production quality! Use private / protected member variables / methods.
Make them public only when absolutely essential.

We are used to seeing the default, yet quite comprehensive

reports generated by the various unit testing frameworks
Import only those classes that you need. Keep test intent separate from implementation
Example: Avoid import java.util.*

(jUnit, nUnit, TestNG, etc.). However, what is lacking in this

Use xPaths with caution. Do NOT use Do not simply copy / paste code from other

is the ability to automatically consolidate reports from various

indexes. sources without understanding it completely.

different runs and archive them, create trend analysis and

Keep test data separate from test scripts. Duplicating code is NOT OK. Refactor as appropriate.

charts of various types which may be required and interesting

Do not over-engineer your framework. Have Follow the KISS principle - Keep it Short and
flexibility to scale up, but do not add extra Simple! functionality that is not needed at that
point in time.

The Smart Techie

|52| January 2011
Buyers Perspective
Q&A Buyers Perspective
Intel Eyes Rural India By Hari Anil
Lenovo: Focusing on SMB Segment
In a candid conversation with The SmartTechie, Gopal Swaminathan, General Man-
ager – OEM Business, Intel India talks about the challenging Indian PC market and
Intel’initiatives for Rural India in partnership with Indian Government.

How big do you hope will be the Mo- thing that an SMB customer can ask Q: What is Intel’s biggest chal- vernacular content and applications of Statistics Organization (CSO), a
bile PC market for Lenovo in India? for. Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z all-in- lenge in Indian market and how and reach out to people. This will statistician goes acre by acre to cal-
The mobile PC segment is one of the one PC that is ideal for the small and do plan to address it? make sure the PC is relevant for the culate the acreage of paddy in a vil-
fast growing segments in India. As per medium businesses, is also one of the The PC penetration of India is com- common man. lage, then get his numbers to national
IDC’s India Quarterly PC market most ‘green’ products in the market. paratively less as opposed to that of statistics and the government uses
tracker, November 2010 release, the We are bullish on the Indian SME China, Australia and Japan. Every 10 this to estimate whether the paddy
sales of Notebook computers grew at market and are committed to enhance percentage increase in broadband supply and demand are met or not.
52 percent year-on-year (July-Septem- our market share in this space. We connectivity and PC penetration will Similarly, in healthcare department,
ber 2010 over July-September 2009), have streamlined our business models have a significant impact on the GDP representatives go village by village
to cross 11.1 lakh units for the quarter. by replicating best practices from our of the country. Thus, PC connectiv- to find out infant mortality rate. All
With the revival of growth in the global and emerging markets’ experi- Alex Li ity, broadband and people utilizing this is paper driven work. Taking this
economy and sustained consumer con- ence. these, are all linked to the economic into account we have developed an
fidence, more consumers are purchas- growth of this country, be it in the interface which will have a finger-
ing PCs in India than ever before. What are the challenges and compe- of our LES. Buoyed by our ‘Get closer consumer segment or in the SMB print reader, a small screen, keyboard
Lenovo has worked persistently in tition you see in the market? to customers’ strategy, we are aiming segment. Thus, the biggest challenge and a printer, and can be used for mi-
streamlining operations, driving down The Indian consumer has become to achieve stronger partnerships with that Intel faces in the Indian market crofinance and other statistics com-
costs and improving time-to-market. more discerning today, given the var- our business partners and bring higher today is how to increase the PC pen- puting. So if a person goes into a
Our fine tuned focus on the young In- ied options in the market today, con- quality retail experience. Our aim is to etration and resolving this will be our village with this and connects it with
dian consumer is a concrete step for- sumers are price-sensitive / value- have close to 400 LES Lite stores biggest mission in the next couple of the core server through broadband or
ward to help us achieve steady growth conscious and at the same time un- across key tier 3-5 cities in India by years. 3G, he can collect money, give
in the consumer and SMB segment. willing to compromise on product the end of FY 2010-11. We will con- Multiple factors need to fall into Gopal Swaminathan money, and give receipt on the move.
quality and features. tinue to keep enhancing the quality of place in order to make a change in
How strong has been the SME pen- By constantly studying market dy- our customer service and open more the issue of PC penetration. First Q: How are you going about your
etration? namics and evolving consumer re- service centers in different parts of the among these is ‘connectivity’. In Another initiative is ePCO, where partner initiatives?
Lenovo addresses multiple market quirements, Lenovo is effectively country in due course of time. India, the broadband penetration is we work with the government of Our biggest partner in all our initia-
segments with its wide range of prod- addressing the requirements of PC just 8-10 percent, much smaller when Karnataka, BSNL and ItzCash. There tives is the government. Today the
ucts and SME is certainly a high users across the world. On a habitual What are your future plans? compared to other countries. But the are about 5000 PCOs in Karnataka, PCs and the Laptops are moving
growth segment for us. Lenovo intro- basis, Lenovo has launched innovative As a company, we want to drive con- roll out of 3G wireless services will and all these are given an option to away from just being gadgets of the
duced variety of products for the SME and award-winning products for cus- sistent product innovation, understand make a huge difference. Today cus- upgrade themselves to ePCOs. With elite to being useful devices of the
segment early this year – of these, the tomers, with intent to deliver afford- the pulse of our customers and de- tomers not only want a PC but rather this we aim to drive self-employ- common man. The government has
Lenovo ThinkPad Edge laptops, our able innovation across a wide range of velop game changing products that a connected PC and how one opti- ment, bridge the digital divide and shown tremendous interest is ensur-
flagship SME products, have been po- products. give us a competitive edge in the mar- mizes it and hits the market will be a increase IT adoption in semi-urban ing that the policies are helping peo-
sitioned as the ultimate business tool ket place. Lenovo has a clear roadmap big initiative. That is something that and rural areas. ple across levels. The second part of
for SMEs. Our Lenovo ThinkPad Give an insight into you recent ex- for India. Our aim is to drive better ef- we are focusing on. partnership involves OEMs and some
X100e is a pioneering product in the pansion of retail presence across ficiency, expand our product portfolio The second is how the customers Q: What are you looking to do in of our deepest association is with HP,
industry as it offers ultra portability India. and increase partner profitability – are going to use the PC once they mobile device segment like Tablets Lenovo, Dell, HCL and others. The
and the ThinkPad brand promise at an Currently, we have 120 plus Lenovo while ensuring that our customers get have it. A good percentage of com- and other hand held devices? third level of partnership is with the
entry-level price point. Lenovo B460 Exclusive Stores (LES) across India. nothing but the best. We will continue mon man does not speak English so We are working on different plans for distributors who take our products
is a splendid business series laptop We are now focusing on improving the our strategic investment in key growth we need to get vernacular content in this segment. At present, we are into the market. The fourth piece is
with excellent features aimed at pro- profitability of our existing LES. To markets, especially tier 3 -5 cities. the PC. At Intel, we are working to working in a concept stage for multi- the application developers and the
viding high-performance. Lenovo increase our retail footprint in tier 3-5 With our winning suite of products achieve this. We work with various ple end customers for hand held de- fifth, NGOs. With this intricate mesh
V460 is a high-feature, high-design cities in India, we have embarked on a and strong channel partnerships, we service providers and application vices. In the rural India there is a lot of multilevel partnerships, we have
super-slim machine. It is an enviable major retail expansion with our LES expect to achieve incremental growth vendors, and have an initiative called of work that is done on paper but can been and continue to drive our pres-
piece of technology, providing every- Lite stores – these are a smaller format in the coming months. app up stores where we will create be computed. Today, from the Centre ence in the Indian market.

The Smart Techie

January 2011 The Smart Techie
|55| January 2011
EVENTS By Eureka Bharali

Best VLSI/ Embedded Design Best VLSI/ Embedded Design – MNC: Qualcomm
The company is a leader in next-generation mobile
Established Indian company - HCL
technologies. It is the largest provider of wireless
This $2.5 billion
chipset and software technology, which powers the
global IT services
majority of all 3G devices commercially available
company, HCL, has a
very strong product
The charter for the company’s Bangalore De-
engineering services
sign Center is to provide highly integrated chipset
focus which has con- Saman Hejmadi, VP of solutions that allow the latest wireless devices to
tributed nearly 20
offer more features and smaller, sleeker designs that
Engineering Qualcomm
BN Pal – VP & Head, OEM
percent of the com-
use significantly less power. Qualcomm’s engineers
Strategic Initiatives at HCL
pany revenue. The
collaborate with other companies’ design centers across the globe, to deliver
Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)
complete system solutions – including reference designs, software and ap-
group has about 12000 strong engineering
plications - that reduce device manufacturers’ materials costs and develop-
team servicing customers across domains
ment time, while speeding new products’ time-to-market.
like Aerospace, Automotive, Medical de-
vices, Consumer Electronics and Telecom. Best VLSI/ Embedded Design
This group has a very vibrant system de- Startup - Cosmic Circuits
sign practice that includes ASIC design This Bangalore-based company pro-
across eight verticals and 30 designs over vides Analog and Mixed-Signal silicon
the last 15 months. Formation of the test IP cores. A large team of designers,
lab and other initiatives like Joint venture whose experience and expertise in cre-
with a leading EMS company has enabled ating complex analog IP is unmatched.
HCL to offer comprehensive Concept to They have built a strong portfolio of Ganapathy Founder & CEO,
Manufacturing solutions (C2M) to leading more than 250 cores in nanometer Cosmic
Jury members and winners
OEM companies. process nodes of leading foundries.

VLSI/ Embedded Awards Best Electronic System Design company - Outstanding Contribution to
Established Indian company VLSI/ Embedded Design Industry -
Best VLSI/ Embedded Design - MNC

LEADERSHIP awards for the

Tejas Networks academic institution: IIT Kharagpur
We are witnessing This academic institution has unique expertise in

an explosive advanced chip design and CAD for VLSI. The

Embedded/ VLSI Industry

Best VLSI/ Embedded Design Established

growth in telecom institute’s Advanced VLSI Design Lab has been

Indian company

over the last cou- involved in research in niche areas like formal
Best VLSI/ Embedded Design Startup Prof. D. Acharya, Director,

ple of years. One make to the event, sent his verification, RF, MEMS, analog CAD and med-
Cosmic Circuits IIT, Kharagpur, who couldn't

of the key en- Acceptance Message ical electronics. More than 50 PhD students have
Best Electronic System Design company -MNC

ablers of this is a graduated in these areas and about 40 more PhD students are cur-

Bangalore-based rently enrolled in these areas. The institute takes pride in taping out
Sanjay Nayak, CEO of Tejas Networks
Best Electronic System Design company -

he semiconductor space has continuously evolved

Third from left
company, Tejas nearly 90 chips in the last decade, which is considered significant by
Established Indian company

in India with significant contributions from the dif- Networks, which provides innovative optical net- any standards.
Tejas Networks

ferent sects – individuals, companies, institutes.

Best Electronic System Design company - Startup
working solutions ensuring high quality telecom
There are crucial success stories which have
Redpine Signals
Award for Youngest Entrepreneur in Semiconductor space
services available to over half a billion people at
Award for Youngest Entrepreneur in Semiconduc-
transformed the stumbling blocks into stepping
-Notion Ink Team
the world’s most affordable prices. The company They are a three year old Bangalore based company. Alumni of IIT,
tor space

stones driven by their passion, determination and undying has built complex networking products using the Kharagpur, a team of 24 year olds, Rohan Shravan, Rohit Rathi and
Notion Ink Team (Rohan Shravan, Rohit Rathi and

spirit of entrepreneurship. It is to honor those success latest semiconductor technologies as well as de- Sachin Ralhan, they have a dream to design devices which can do
Sachin Ralhan)

streaks and recognize the business leaders of tomorrow sign tools to not only reduce the system costs, but anything, pushing computing devices towards singularity. And that’s
Outstanding Contribution to VLSI/ Embedded

within the Embedded/ VLSI industry that Mentor Graphics

Design Industry - Corporate
also gain a time-to-market advantage. what they are doing right now. The first thing you do to realize your
and SiliconIndia jointly instituted the SiliconIndia – Mentor

The company is a true testament of what a dream is to write it somewhere. And that’s what they will help oth-
Outstanding Contribution to VLSI/ Embedded
Graphics Leadership Awards. product company based in India can do to serve ers to do with the first ever ebook reader and tablet, ADAM, that
Design Industry - academic institution

the highly competitive domestic market and at the they showcased at the ‘Consumer Electronics Forum’ at Las Vegas
IIT Kharagpur

same time produce high quality, leading-edge last year. Having got rave reviews from there, they are all set to take
Outstanding Contribution to VLSI/ Embedded
Design Industry - Individual
Dr. Bobby Mitra, President & MD of TI India
products relevant to the rest of the world. on the world.

The Smart Techie

|56|January 2011 The Smart Techie
|57| January 2011

By Shwetha Raghavan

Bug- Experts Throw Solutions for Budding Testers

Best Electronic System Design Outstanding Contribution to VLSI/
company -MNC : Cisco Embedded Design Industry – In-
Led by Senior Vice President and Gen- dividual: Dr. Bobby Mitra, Presi-
eral Manager Pankaj Patel, the Service dent & Managing Director,
Provider Business Group (SPB) of Cisco Texas Instruments India
Partho Mishra, Vice President generates nearly $10 billion in annual Bobby Mitra, the ardent believer of
& General Manager - SPB
revenues for this company. SPB-India is
Dr. Bobyy Mitra sharing his
‘once-in-a-generation’ opportunity has he worldwide market for
computer software and
group, Cisco India Acceptance Speech, as he
around 1000 people strong and develops couldn't make to the event been instrumental in playing a pioneer-

a set of products like core routing products, optical switching ing role in creating the India semiconductor ecosystem – systems testing services is
products and access technology for service providers (operators). with key partnerships with the industry and the academia. projected to reach $56 bil- Hemanth Satam

In the recent past this group has overseen major product Under his leadership, Texas Instruments has established part- lion by 2013 despite taking
launches, including the ASR 9000 and the CRS-3 core router. nerships with over 650 engineering colleges in India. Today a hit from the global economic cri-
While the Group does recognize there is a lot of value silicon he is actively involved in creating the India Electronic sis.There are issues and concerns re-
providers bring to the table, it designs its own chips too. They Ecosystem. Bobby leads several activities of the Indian semi- lated to testing like Tools and Micheal

had launched the QuantumFlow processor that sits in its router conductor industry as the President of the VLSI (Very Large mechanical Part of testing, Handling
family of products. Scale Integration) Society of India. As amember of the Ex- Process and Metrics, which has been a
ecutive Council of NASSCOM & Chairman of India Semi- hassle for the testing community to grab
conductor Association (ISA), he plays an active role in a share of the huge pie. Siliconindia’s Sagar Patankar

Softec Conference helps testing profes-

Best Electronic System Design
several key policies and directions.
sionals to have a broader view and gain Hypothesis Based Testing (HBT) faithfully reflects their business needs
company – Startup- Redpine
solutions on the same from the experts. A new approach to detect defects dur- and provides a very effective mainte-
Founded in 2001, Redpine Signals was Jury Members
the first in the industry to launch an ultra The latest edition of the event that ing testing is by using HBT. In simple nance of these tests all along the appli-
low power and low-cost single-stream Chandra Sekhar Abburi, the Guru Ganesan took place in Mumbai had a great re- words, as T Ashok, Founder and CEO, cation life cycle. By so doing, one can
802.11n Wi-Fi chipset in late 2007. The SIgnals
Founder director of Redpine
Managing Director, ARM-India Operations sponse from the audience especially STAG Software said, “HBT is a per- move beyond testing, towards certifica-
company offers chipsets, modules and from the younger testing professionals. sonal test methodology that enables tion of the IT.”
solutions covering multiple market segments including industrial, This event brought in several Software rapid defect detection. Sharp goal clar-
consumer electronics, medical, mobile, PC, and smart energy. Techies from all over India who gained ity, purposeful activities, wide net are The Reactions
Pravin Desale, an insight from the top leaders of STAG vital for good testing and cannot typi- People were thrilled to learn about the
With 95 of its 110 employees based in Hyderabad, all aspects of VP Milpitas CA
system & software design, customer applications and adaptation Software, Rave Technologies, Flux- cally speeded up by mere tools or the entire array of the testing space in IT
(Storage Components Division), LSI onix, Accenture, Smartesting, and
to customer environment — all carried out of the India center for organizational process.” with specific sessions delving deep on
its global customers. Of the 53 patents filed from this center, 19 Symantec. one or the other type of specialized
have been granted. What’s its USP? Well, majority of the engi- Architecture Testing testing. The theme for the event was
neers who work at the Hyderabad center are handpicked from Rajiv Kapur Automation Framework around Sagar Patankar, Practice Manager, ‘Bridging the Gap; Meeting New
campuses like IIT Madras, IIT Gauhati and BITS Pilani. Managing Director, Broadcom Open Source KPIT Cummins Infosystems said, Challenges’. “Conference was well
Re-usable test automation frameworks “Time to market has become key focus organized across the testing commu-
coupled with open-source tools and while maintaining High Quality of nity targeting a good mix of corporate
VLSI/ Embedded Design Industry technologies is a key solution to shrink Service for n-tier architecture testing to and college audience to create and
- Corporate - Wipro Technologies Santhanakrishnan Raman, test cycle times and related costs. He- ensure high defect containment.” An nurture large spread of knowledge in
Although Wipro’s R&D services arm ini- Managing Director, LSI India R&D mant Satam, Associate Vice President, optimum approach will be by using various dimensions of testing. It gave
tially focused on client-driven product Datamatics said, “There are several op- Testing accelerators to provide speed a good insight and visibility into do-
engineering, it has come a long way. portunities using open source in au-
Srini Rajam, and agility and ensure high quality n- main specifics and well and non func-
Today it’s a leader in spotting technolog- tomation testing; having a completely tier architecture testing. Some of the tional aspects of test coverage. It was
VLSI Group, WiproTechnologies ical opportunities, optimizing processes,
A. Vasudevan, Vice President, Chairman and CEO, Ittiam Systems
planned framework will help us to key testing accelerators are Test case very well supported by platinum and
managing effective New Product Devel- leverage the benefits in a way that we optimization, planned percent distribu- co-sponsors in multitude of value
opment, and driving project-to-project learning. It is a hotbed of can increase the ROI of automation tion of unit tests, Integration tests, GUI added products and solutions in mod-
New Product Development learning that is likely to provide a lot testing beyond acceptable levels. We
Dr. Satyanarayan Gupta functional tests across n-tier applica- ern testing community. Was very well
of managerial lessons for the future. The third party R&D serv- need to understand the integration of
CEO, Concept2Silicon Systems. India tion, Performance and load testing ap- focused on presentations by the sub-
ices provider started with product development for the Indian various applications within our eco sys- proach, Script less automation testing. ject experts in their respective arenas
market and moved into R&D services for the global market pro- tem including other products used in or- On the same lines, Michel Guez, gave confidence in segregated world
viding VLSI design embedded software and complete product ganizations and collaborating with
development services. The product engineering services business
Vivek Sharma Managing Director of Smartesting said, of testing solutions products and serv-
V P Asia Pacific India Operation Director, systems that may not follow open “There are softwares that enable organ- ices,” said Ankur Damle Senior Man-
serves customers across telecom, computing, peripherals, semi- source architecture.”
India Research Centers, STMicroelectronics izations to produce functional tests that ager at Accenture
conductor, automotive, industrial and medical segments.

The Smart Techie

|58|January 2011 The Smart Techie
|59| January 2011
By Hari Anil

Logitech’s Rechargeable Speakers

for iPhone and iPods
Logitech India has launched the Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S715i in In-
dian market. It has two three-inch laser tuned neodymium drivers for mid
range music, two half-inch neodymium tweeters for the
high notes and four two-inch passive radiators for
deep bass. It features nickel-metal hydride
rechargeable batteries which have eight hours of
life. The speaker comes with a wireless remote
control that lets you command the power, vol-
ume, play, pause, shuffle, skip and repeat op-
tions from as far as 30 feet (10 meters). It
supports iPhone and all iPod models includ-
ing the earlier versions (1st - 3rd generation)
and comes with a 2-year limited hardware
Price: `9,995
View Sonic launches two new tablets Lava A10 featuring latest IPS
ViewSonic launched two full touch screen tablets ViewPad 7
Samsung introduces Intel Atom powered NF210 screen
Samsung recently launched its NF210 netbooks in India. NF210 is windows and ViewPad 10 in India. These 3G enabled tablets run on
Indian mobile phone maker LAVA has released the A10,
7 based and is powered by the Intel Atom Dual Core processor N550 which Google Android 2.2 operating system. ViewPad 7 feature a
a touch screen phone that features a 3-inch IPS (In-Plane
runs at 1.50GHz. The netbook has a 64-bit Dual Core CPU with 1 MB L2 seven inch capacitive multi-touch LCD screen with 800x480
Switching) screen; the type of screen that is used in the
Cache Hyper-Threading and Inbuilt Graphics. It comes with 2GB DDR3 WVGA and a three megapixel back camera and a VGA front
Apple iPhone 4 and iPad. Lava claims this will provide
RAM and 320GB hard disk. With its 10.1 inch Anti Glare LED Backlit screen camera where as ViewPad 10 comes with a 10.1 inch screen
the A10 a superior image and a 178 degree wide viewing
NF210 weighs 1.34 kilograms. It is equipped with SRS 3D sound with stereo and 1.3 megapixel webcam with built in microphone. They
angle. The A10 comes with a 3.2 mega-pixel camera with
speakers, integrated webcam and a 4-in -1 card reader. For connectivity it fea- come with Accelerometer (G-sensor), Digital Compass and
Flash, a Yamaha PA system, and a 3.5mm headphone
tures Bluetooth 3.0, LAN and Wi-Fi. With its six cell battery NF210 offers a Ambient Light sensor. The ViewPad 7 has a 3240mAh Li-ion
jack. The phone features dual SIM capability and has
10.5 hours long battery life. A free one year Pick and Drop Warranty is of- battery that gives up to 600 hours of standby time or 6.5 hours
gravity sensor for motion based gaming. It has Snaptu
fered, within municipal limits of the city where the service center is lo- of video playback, and can be charger by using a charger or
applications for cricket updates and Facebook. Its Super
cated. This warranty can further be extended to two years by adding an USB when connected to any computer system. It also has 512
Picture Album claims to have the unique 3-D picture
additional `699. MB internal memory while ViewPad 10 1 GB of internal
viewing style. It supports up to 16GB in microSDHC as
Price: `22,990 memory. They come with leatherette cover.
expandable memory.
Price: `32,000 – 38,000
Price: `5,500
s new interchangeable lens digital cameras
Sony launched its new Alpha NEX cameras series in India, the Alpha NEX-5K and Strontium introduces pWn Series Gaming Memory Modules
NEX-3K. The primary feature of this series is their interchangeable
lenses. The cameras come with 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 OSS Kit lens, two Strontium introduced an entire range of Gaming memory
other lenses presently available are a 16mm F2.8 and a 18-200mm modules in India. This new range is available up to 2GB
F3.5-6.3 OSS. These 14.2 megapixel cameras are equipped with capacities with triple channel for Intel Core i3/i5/i7. They
Background De-focus function, HD movie recording, 7 frames per have introduces a total of four memory modules: DDR2
second High Speed shooting and 3D Sweep Panorama. The cameras 1066 with PC2 8500 speed and 4GB size, DDR3 1600
also have Intelligent Auto Focus and Direct manual Focus. NEX 3- with PC3 12800 speed and 4GB or 6GB size, and DDR3
K is capable of 720p HD movie recording while NEX-5 features 1080i 2000 with PC3 16000 speed and 4GB size. They features
full HD movie recording. They have three inch wide tiltable LCD mon- good memory timings and fast clock speed. The power
itor which can be angled 80 degree upward or 45 degree downward. A consumption of the modules ranges between 1.5 volts and
4GB memory card and three year warranty is included with the Cameras. 2.1 volts. The family comes with a lifetime warranty.
Price: `29990 – `34990 (with 18-55mm standard lens) Price: `3,950 – 5,950

The Smart Techie

|60| January 2011 The Smart Techie
|61| January 2011

Move Beyond Logic
he world steps aside for the per- only a matter of positioning in the right way”.
son who knows where he is The most important criteria to project
going. When Mahatma Gandhi, oneself as a good leader is passion. It is the
returned to India, people sneered absolute commitment to the vision you want
at his idea of making it a free to achieve. A large part of the human brain
country. A similar reaction would have con- does not work on logic. When mind does not
fronted Michael Dell, had he mentioned work on logic, it follows the emotional sig-
about building the largest PC company when nals. Passion helps us to charge that large
the likes of HP and Honeywell were doing part of brain by which one can achieve these
the rounds. Had they refrained from their vi- illogical goals. This passion is mostly por-
sions merely guided by the logic of others, trayed through better communication of your
today India wouldn’t have a free economy ideas and also via commanding enough re-
stand and the IT industry would have been spect and trust as a leader. In an organiza-
bereaved of a customized PC expert like Dell. tional setup, co-operation and least favoritism
In short, to be a successful leader, defy logic. will help one to earn the trust of others. And
Each person, who may have landed as a talk about better communication, U.S. Presi-
leader needs a massive vision. “Goals are dent Barrack Obama, whose ‘Yes We Can’
measurable and logically possible while vi- speech inspired every parts of the world, por-
sion is illogical and might look difficult and trays the best example. It’s all about commu-
impossible to achieve. A leader has a goal in nicating to make the listener feel to be an
the direction of the vision,” said Dr. Vivek important part of your vision.
Mansingh1, President VTG & Unified Com- A look at the surroundings will show up
munication Group India at Cisco Systems. many good managers, who are guided by the
Certain snaps of history would show many logic and those who brave those logic to
such people who were forced by circum- achieve desired results are leaders in the true
stances to take up a broad vision without sense. They tend to stand as the change
being prepared for it and then set their path agents portraying exceptional execution skills
to success through experience and guidance. and follow up on every step taken and con-
Within the IT industry itself there are tinues to challenge any opposing situation.
scores of examples, like Azim Premji, who To be the phenomenal cream of the crop, it
was another Stanford student and was doesn’t take thousands of skills rather just
overnight entrusted with the respon- one powerful skill that would one apart from
sibility of Wipro. If wished, he others. Whether, it’s the simplicity and
could have passed on the responsi- charisma of Narayana Murthy or the boldness
bilities to experienced personnels, of Indira Gandhi or the tolerant and non-vio-
but it was the zeal to learn and ac- lent attitude of Mahatma Gandhi, each of
cept the situation that makes him these strong personal skills make them idols
an admirable leader. So, are for everyone. All it takes is to build up the ob-
leaders born or made? As per session nurturing the key skill and even after
statistics, only 10 percent of years your ways will be remembered and ad-
leaders are born, the rest of the mired, as it’s beyond articulation. .
90 percent are made or trained.
Dr Vivek Mansingh In Dr. Mansingh’s word, 1 Dr. Vivek Mansingh was Country Man-
“Everyone has the leadership ager, Dell India R&D when he spoke at the
skill hidden within and it’s siliconindia Leadership Summit in 2010

The Smart Techie

|62| January 2011
Regn. No. KRNA/BGE-1046/08-10 RNI REG.NO. KARENG/2006/16955