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Stondord Two Bids Document for Trip,,ri"c iourism Developntent eorporotion Ltd

Tripuro Tourism Development Corporotion Ltd

(A Govt. of Tripuro Uneledokioq)


The Mcnoging Director. Tripura T*urism Devei*pnrerii ilorgir:rciion Ltd inviles percerilclg*
rate e-tender fronn the Cenirol & State public sector undertaking / enterprise and eliglblm
Biddens/Firms/Agencies regisfered vriih PWfi,{TAADCinrlE51CPiffD,rftuitwoy/Qther Stcte PWS/U*ion
Territory{L!T}lCentral cnd Slste S*ctor undertuking/reEister*d fir-m cr er cornp*ny fulfillit"tg th*
Eligibilify Criteri* oE:d hcvi*g required creden?iclsid*cuments us mefttioned i* th* HtT
docurnents up ic 3.0C P.tfr. *n 2S-05-3020 for th* f*ll*wing wor$c:-

? pbe o
-9,1 XoI *9?= o
o z eOz

U o
llr =
eE aZA =oog o
F vt l.Ll o-
<fz \)=6j

ze ==tro
lIJ ^l r =6E6
8=2t .o
ll,t llJ O ltr <1.

=bE c
e 3
Construction ond Development ol
ql ol
:) o
of Tourism lnfrostructure ot rfl ol tr
o- 0
Boxonogor West Tripuro District, t\t
t\l {l ,,\q
,Ae !
o E
ol = Otr) O'o c
I Tripuro. -i
ol x1 o o L
r'-1 .ol
NF Np f

ilql ilql
) jd qr= o
No: 35/MD/TTDCI/CHOTL- vrl F o =o.. r] ..
PROJ ECT/201 9-20 dt.24-O4-2020
utl c{ o9 tr

F a

l. Bid documents consisiing of quolificotion informotion ond eligibility criterio of

bidders, plons, specificotions, drowings, the schedule of quontities of the vorious
closses of work to be done ond the set of terms ond conditions of the controct to be
complied with by the bidder, con be seen in the websile
htlps://lripurotenders.sov.in ot free of cost between 24-04-2020 and 26-05-2020
2. Bid fee ond Eornesl Money ore to be poid electronicolly over the online poyment
focility provided in the portol ony time otter storl dote of bid submission ond before
bid submission end dole using Nei Bonking focility by the bidders. The Bid Fee of
'5000.00 (Rupees five thousond) only, to be poid electronicolly over the Online
Poyment focility, is Non-Refundoble ond to be deposited to the Governmenl
occount outomolicolly os revenue.

3. o) Bid sholl be uplooded in two-bid system - (i) Technicol bid ond (ii) Finonciol bid,
with oll other required detoils. Bidder sholl porticipote in bid online through website
htlps://tripuroienders.qov.in, for which they sholl register/enroll themselves in the
some website. Submission of bids physicolly is not permitted.
b) To porticipote in bid, the bidder sholl hove o volid Closs 2/Closs 3 Digitol
Signoture Certificote (DSC), obtoined from the certifying outhorities enlisted by
Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) ot http://cco.qov.in.
c) Technicol bids will be opened online through website
htips://tripurotenders.qov.in of 16.00 Hrs on 26-05-2A20 in the office of the Monoging
Direclor, Iripuro Tourism Development Corporotion [td, Shwet

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Stondord Two Bids Document for Tripuro Tourism Development Corporotion Lid

Iripuro if the office hoppen to be closed on the dote of opening of the irids cs
specified, the bids will be opened on the nexl working day ct the scrne lime ano
d) Iechnicol bids sholl be opened first oncl ofter completion of tecnnrcol
evoluotion, price/finonciol bids in respect of techniccrlly occeptoble offers oniy shol!
be opened.
4. A Pre Bid Conference sholl be held by the Monoging Director, Tripuro Tourism
Developmenl Corporotion Ltd, Shwet Mohol, Agortolo, Tripuro on 12-05-2020 crt
I I.00 Hrs for clorificotion of ony doubts of the prospeciive Bidcjers on ony condition
of the controct, specificoiion eic.

5. Bidders must check they fulfill the eligibility criterio of the tender documenl prior to
bidding, ony deviotion found from the required eligibility criteric meniioned in ihe
tender document in course of evolucrtion of the tender, the bid of the concerned
bidder sholl be summorily rejected.

6. Bids of intending bidders who ore neor relotives of ony officiol working with Tripuro
Tourism Development Corporotion Limited will be rejected.
Note: A neor relotive includes wife, husbond, porents, in-lows, children, brothers,
sisters, uncles, ounts ond cousins.

7. No Engineer of Gozetied ronk or other officiol employed in the Engineering or

Administrotive duiies in on Engineering Deportmeni of the Stote Government is
ollowed to work os o bidder for o period of two yeors ofter his retiremeni frorn
government services, withoui Government permission. This controct is lioble to be
concelled if either the bidder or ony of his employees is found ony time to be such o
person who hos not obtoined ihe permission of the Government os stoteC obove
before submission of ihe bid or engogement in the bidder's service.

8. lf ihe percentoge quoted in the pre-defined BOQ by o bidder is found to be either

obnormolly high or due to unethicol proctices odopted of the iime of bidding
process, such bids sholl be rejected.

9. Eoch Bidder sholl submit only one bid for the work. A biclder who submits more thon
one bid will couse disquolificotion of oil the bids submitted by the bidder.

'10. The bidder. of the bidders own responsibiiity ond risk, is odvised to visit ond exomine
the Site of Work ond its surroundings ond obtoin oll informotion thot moy be
necessory for preporing the bid for entering into o controct. for construction of the
work. The costs of visiting the site sholl be of ihe Bidder's own expense.

11. A) The bid for the work sholl remoin volid for occeptcrnce for o period I80 (one
hundred eighty) doys from ihe lost dote of submission of the bid.

B) lf ony bidder withdrows his bid within the volidity period then Tripuro Tourism
Development Corporotion Ltd. sholl, without prejurJice to ony other right or
remedy, be ot liberty to forfeit the eornest money @50%.

C) ln cose the bidder foils to commence the work specified in the biding
documents on lSth doy or such time period os mentioned in letter of oword
ofter the dote on which the Monoging Direclor, Tripuro Tourism Development
Corporotion Ltd. issues written orders to commence the work, or from lhe
dote of honding over of ihe site, whichever is lcter, the GovernypgLt,

BTDDER Pageeorlo8 "rfrfrffi,

Stondord Two Bids Document for Tripuro Tourism Deveioprnent Corporotion Ltd

without prejudice io ony oiher right or remedy, be ot liberiy to forfeit whole .*

of the eornest money obsolutely.

12. Role Quolotion:

(i) Bidder sholl quote rqle in percenloge below / obove /ol por in figures only in the
Bill of Quontiiy (BOO) which is in MS-Excel (mocro enobled) ond should be
downlooded from the e-procurement opplicotion https://tripuroten
ond the some BOQ should be filled up properly ond uplooded os o port of bid
with digiiolsigning.
(ii) Nome of bidder must be written in the oppropriote field of Bill of Quontity (BOO)
by bidder.
13. Eornest Money of those bidders who ore disquolified otter technicqt evoluotion will
oulomoticolly be returned lo the respective bidder's bonk occount os used during
on line poyment, once the online process of "Aword of Controct" (AOC) is
compleled in lhe e-procuremenl porlol.
Eornesl Money ol oll bidders including Ll will outomoticolly be returned io their
bonk occounl once process of "Aword of Conlroct" (AOC) is completed. ln cose of
lowesl rote quoting bidder i.e. Ll, the bidder is to deposil o "Bonk Guorontee" of
equivolent omount of the Eornest Money from ony Notionolized Bonk hoving
bronch of Agortolo in the formot os prescribed by the Tender Inviting Authority
(TlA) ond to be deposited within lS(fifteen) doys from the dole of letler
communicoting to deposii the omounl in fovour of lhe Monoging Director, Tripuro
Iourism Developm6nl CorporolibnlFt, Shwet Mohol, Agortolo, Tripuro by the bidder.
On receipl of "Bonk Guorontee" lrom the Ll Bidder, the Monoging Director, Tripuro
Tourism Developmenl Corporotion Ltd, sholl scrutinized its oulhenticity, volidity ond
omount os per bid documenl
14. The security.deposit will be collected by deductions from the running bills of the
Bidders of the iote mentioned below ond the eornest money will be treoted
os port of security deposit. Performonce security only for bids with quoted rote
less thon the l5% of the estimoted cost of work put to bid) moy be occepted os
Bonk Guorontee of Scheduled Bonks : -
A sum @ 10% of the gross omount of ihe bill sholl be deducted from eoch running
bill of the Bidder till the sum olong with the eornest money equol to omount ol 10%
of the bided volue of the work subjeci to following limit.
o. Bided volue upto Rs.100.00 lokh Security Deposit @ 10% subject to moximum of
Rs.5.0 lokh.
b. Bided volue obove Rs.l00.00 lokh upto Rs.200.00 lokh Security Deposit @10%
subject to moximum of Rs.l5.0lokh.
c. Bided volue obove Rs.200.00 lokh Security Deposit @10% subject to moximum of
ln oddition, the Bidder sholl be required to deposit on omount equol to moximum
5% of the bided volue of the controct os Performonce Security (only for bids with
quoted rote less thon the l-) 15% of the estimoted cost of work put to bid) within the
period prescribed for commencement of work in the letter of oword issued io him
os per condiiion given in the NIT for two bid system.

For Bids up to l5% less thon the estimoted controct volue of work, no odditionol
securiiy deposit is required. But for bid less thon 15% of the Estimoted Controct
Volue of work, the difference beiween the bided omount oncl 85% of the estimoted
controct volue, sholl be poid by the successful bidder of the time of concluding
ogreement os on odditionol security to fulfill the controct through o Bonk
Guorontee or Demond Droft on o Notionolized Bonk / Scheduled bonk in the
prescribed formot volid till completion of the work in oll respects"
!t rsctot i
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Stondord Two Bids Document for Tripuro Tourism Developnient Corporotion Ltd

15. lf on individuol mokes the bid, it sholl be rJigitolly signecl by hirrr/her on<J the
undertoking sholl olso be signed with his/her fuli nome ond his/her oddress, lf c firnt
mokes the bid, o member of the firm sholl digitoily sign it ond ihe undert<rkirrg sholl
be signed with the co-portnership nome by the sorne member of the firm. who shcll
olso sign his/her own norne, ond the nome ond oddress of eoch member of the
firm sholl be given. lf the bid is mode by o corporotion, it sholl be digirolly sigrred by
o duly outhorized officer ond the undertoking slrcli olso be signed by ihe sorne duly
outhorized officer who sholl produce with his/her bid sotisfoctory evic]ence of
his/her outhorizotion. Such corporotion submitting bids moy be required io furnish
evidence of its corporote existence, before the controct is execuied.

I6. The percentoge rote quoted by the Bidder sholl be deemed to be inclusive of oll
Toxes, GST, duties, royoliies, cess, ioll ioxes of Centrol ond Siote Governments, locol
bodies ond outhoriiies thot the Bidder will hove to poy for the performonce of this
controc't. The employer will perform such duties obout the deduction of such toxes
of source os per opplicoble low.

17. lf o bidder is enlisied in the Tripuro PWD/CpWD/MES/Roiiwoys or other stote pWD,S

sholl be eligible to bid for works upto the omount permitted by the virtue of his
enlisiment of the Tripuro PWD even if he moy be outhorized to Bid for bigger works
in the MES/CPWD/Roitwoys.

18. Other detoils con be seen in the bid documents ond for ony enquiry, pleose
contoctby e-moiltotripurotourismOg@rediffrrroil.com.

_ *enagipg_Dlrotro?,
Ir{pu ra
ffi Drvc ic,p rnr, nt
Monoging Direclor,
Tripuro Tourism Development
Corporotion Lid, Agorlolo,

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