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Fiberon is a innovation leader in the manufacture and development of PVC and composite decking and railing products.
Since its inception in 1997, Fiberon has continued to advance the technology of providing homeowners with decking and
railing products that extend the beauty of the indoors to a carefree relaxed backyard lifestyle. Fiberon decking and railing
systems have achieved an unequaled reputation for quality performance while presenting homeowners with a wide variety
of choices of designs, colors, and grain patterns. Fiberon, The Decking Solutions Company, is dedicated to offering the best
and widest selection of products in the business.

Choosing beautiful railing that complements Fiberon decking is made easy with the choice of three different systems.
Colors can be mixed or matched depending on the design the homeowner prefers. With a variety of different railing
shapes, balusters and components, Fiberon provides virtually unlimited choices to create a deck that will be the envy of the
neighborhood. In addition to offering beauty and true low maintenance, Fiberon railing provides the ultimate in quality and
long term performance.

Fiberon makes it simple to design your own deck with the Deck
Designer tool which is located at www.fiberondecking.com. This easy
to use design tool offers you the opportunity to create a variety of
different decking and railing designs. The design tool also features the
capability to determine all of the materials required to build a decking
and railing system, complete with a listing of local dealers who supply
Fiberon materials and deck builders to craft your custom deck. A
variety of designs can be developed and retained to provide a wide
range of choices to build a dream deck that will result in an elegant
backyard lifestyle for years to come. Long live beauty.

Fiberon Decking Recycled

Railing System Type Description
Complements Content
Traditional white railing with well
designed profile, hidden brackets
PVC finish with super strong high and customizable infill options. PVC Outdoor Flooring™, Horizon™, Tropics™,
impact PVC composite core Engineered to save contractors Professional or Premium Grain decking 34%
time - up to four times faster to

Coordinates with Horizon decking

PVC Outdoor Flooring™
and complements all Fiberon
PVC finish with super strong high Horizon™ decking
decking lines with six, rich color
impact PVC composite core
choices and customizable infill
Tropics® decking 34%
Professional or Premium Grain decking

Available in three colors with all

Premium quality wood products
matching components for a uniform Professional decking
and plastic resins
design. 61%

The Universal Handrail Kit provides a code and ADA (American
Disabilities Act) compliant continuous hand rail to any stair and
railing application. End support brackets are made of powder coated
cast aluminum and are mounted to any railing post with three color
matched screws. The connector is constructed with the same rugged
materials and allows you to create a long continuous rail with solid
support. The handrail has an interior metal core that is surrounded by a
low maintenance vinyl surface. The entire system works well with any
of Fiberon’s many rail offerings. The Universal Handrail system is only
available in White.

Continuous Hand Rail Return Bracket Connector Support Bracket

For product and installation information visit www.fiberondecking.com

Inspirations Railing offers traditional beauty and functional elegance. With choices of
popular, round black metal balusters or composite balusters that can be installed in square
or angled patterns, you can customize your railing to suit your style. Top and bottom rail
brackets are hidden to provide a well-designed profile for any deck, porch, balcony or stair.
Inspiration Railing is made of high impact PVC composite core, surrounded by a durable PVC
finish, to resist cracking and flaking and is backed by a 20-year performance warranty.



Top Rail Bottom Rail

Baluster Options

Composite Metal
Baluster Baluster

Composite Post Sleeve

For product and installation information visit www.fiberondecking.com

Fiberon Horizon Plus railing adds style and design versatility with rich color choices and
customizable infill options. Colors coordinate with the revolutionary Horizon Decking and
complements all other Fiberon decking lines. Lean on Horizon Plus for strength and stability
for a sturdy and smooth surround for decks, porches, balconies and docks.



White Black Brick

Bronze Sand Slate

For product and installation information visit www.fiberondecking.com

Surround your deck with railing without blocking the view. Fiberon’s ClearVisionSystem
replaces traditional balusters with a durable, tough acrylic shield for a clear, uninterrupted
view. Elegant in design, the ClearVisionSystem offers invisible protection while blending
seamlessly with your home’s architectural elements. The ClearVisionSystem is backed by a
20-year limited warranty.


*ClearVisionSystem available in six foot sections only.

Clear Panel Tinted Panel

For product and installation information visit www.fiberondecking.com

Designed to complement Fiberon’s Professional decking, Professional railing completes the
finished look, adding strength, stability and style. Professional railing is available in three
colors with matching post sleeves and caps. Made from premium quality wood products and
plastic resins, Fiberon Professional railing creates a tasteful and elegant outdoor space for
relaxing, entertaining and everyday living.



For product and installation information visit www.fiberondecking.com

Headquartered in New London, NC with manufacturing facilities in New London, NC and Meridian, ID, Fiberon created
the benchmark for innovative, alternative decking, railing and fencing products through extensive product development
and leading edge manufacturing capabilities.

Fiberon responds to the growing public concern for environmental conservation by offering consumers durable product
options that save natural resources, produced in a virtually waste-free manufacturing process. From raw material
sourcing to homeowner maintenance, Fiberon outdoor living products incorporate the following sustainable practices
and benefits:


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