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Darewro Delivery Service

Darewro is an on-demand delivery service that unites customers with local businesses. We are
passionate about empowering the community we serve, to do more, feel better and live happier
by sending/receiving anything, anytime anywhere within an hour or scheduled time. We also
believe that delivery services must be a hassle-free and thrilling process.

1.Customized Delivery Services:-
Consumer have their own choice to customize order according to their needs or wants .
Our expert riders and well-organized managing team are always motivated to make the service a
beautiful experience.
2. Safety And Security :-
We are ensuring security of both buyer’s personal data and prospect’ order from picking
the order till its delivery.
3. Reliability :-

We strive our utmost best to deliver our service reliable with customer. Our efficient operations
team continue busy 24 hours to prepare and arrange everything need to deal with valued

In today’s highly competitive marketplace ,Darewro need to adopt a

customer oriented strategy:-
Because it puts the customer at the beginning, center and almost at the end of every
possible transaction. It is very effective for those firm who deals in service dealing directly with
consumer that’s why the company shifts its focus from the product to the customer directly to
achieve better their desired goal.
From delivery driver to the CEO of the organization , it is very much necessary that
every employee in the firm is totally committed to the consumer strategy. All of them has an
important to play when it is about to serve the customer and retention.
Steps To Guide You Become Customer-Oriented :-
1. Make A Customer Value Proposition (CVP) :-
Choose at board level the sum total of benefits which you as seller promise to
provide to your prospect , in hoping for the customer’s loyalty .
2. Recruit Consumer-Friendly Persons:-
The key mantra here is hire for attitude , train for skills. Problem solving ,Good
communication abilities and empathy are the qualities to look for while selection.
3. Train Your Team Well :-
Frontline as well as back office staff should have a understanding of the customer ,
product offering and industry they worked.
4. Implement A Basic Core Program:-
In this program cross functional teams focus on the needs or wants and behaviors of
consumers as well as internal processes . As usual orientation is build always around
customer needs and the prospect profile forms a preference point for the business.
5. Describe Your Standards :-
By evaluating the feedbacks that had been received from your clients , you will be in a
position to tune your service according to the customer needs and expectations . Create a
standard scorecard to measure your performance.
6. Treat Your Workers Well :-
How your staff feels at work is an important factor and has much impact on how they deal
with your customers.

Internal Marketing :-
We employ this specific strategy because a company’s employees can be seen as the most
important and powerful marketing tool ever, Because they are as usual on the front line, adapting
a enterprise’s marketing strategies to the needs of each consumer that they are dealing with .
Their behavior , appearance , attitude all communicate something about the firm they represent.
So , it is very important for Service based firm that they need to train their employees to provide
efficient service but this is not an easy task to undertake as would be expected it needed to
create a work- force that is educated about the company’s goal.

Interactive Marketing:--
This strategy is essential for us to serve because customer express their preferences through a
two way dialogue conversation. It give chances to consumer in developing their own desired
products and brands from the firm. Darewro tries to capture consumer’s interest and opinions by
employing various form of interactive marketing :-
1. Search Engine:-
It helps in showing our web page higher in search results.
2. Email Marketing :-
It deliver our deals, notifications through email and is very cheap and effective.
3. Social Networking:-
We had very effective presence on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
etc. which helps us always connected with our respected prospects.
Who Are Our Customers :-
Well not easy to determine , But we find our answer according to our customer ‘s needs . Our
Customers all those individuals who does not want to go physically at every shop for buying or
simply they want convenience in their life . Those who want products at their desired place and
preferred time without facing any difficulty.
Psychological Factors:-
When it comes to converting consumers, the secret to more sales is as simple as understanding
consumer behavior and learning what your buyer wants from your business.
1. Motivation:-
It is what will drive consumer to develop purchasing behavior. It is directly related to the
need and usually working at a subconscious level and is often difficult to measure. So
Darewro should try to create or reinforce a need in the minds of clients to purchase
2. Learning:-
Learning is generally through actions. It changes the behavior of an individual as he/she
acquires information or experience regarding any product or service . If the buyer has
negative experience regarding service , then he would surely not use that particular
service again because of his past learning or experience.
Connecting With Customers:-
Customers are the only ones who drive the business , so it is very essential to note how they
interact with the brand . So especial enterprises that are consumer-centric, needs to be stay
connected .
Some effective ways to connect with them are :-
1. Social Networking:-
We had very effective presence on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
etc. which helps us always connected with our respected prospects.
2. Provide Superior Customer Service :-
Customer service is an absolute need in today’s customer based world. It means
responding to them in a timely manner on social channels , forums, review or mails,
whenever they have question , inquiry or concern.
3. Focus on face to face interactions:-
While emails and telephone calls are easy , but nothing defeat face-to-face contact.
Because understanding customer is much more better in person than over the phone or
through a screen. And its very easy to learn about a client by talking to them in person
rather than on phone or email.
4. Showing Your Appreciation:-
When prospects buy our service , now its our responsibility to recognize their effort and
time in choosing our particular service by thanking them with love and care . This may
win their hearts and they may buy our services repeatedly because of the kind brand
character. If your clients are happy, your chance of growing business will increase.