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In my journey towards this degree, I walked with special people who deserve my

warmest gratitude for leading the way, especially when the terrain seemed difficult.

My deepest recognition goes to my prolific academic mentor, Dr. Gloria P.

Gempes for sharing her expertise to me. I thank her for accepting the challenge being

my adviser and for introducing me to the mixed methods research. I am deeply indebted

for her invaluable guidance in my quest for knowledge.

I take pride in acknowledging my gratitude to my dissertation committee for their

credible ideas and feedback. In particular, the unprecedented effort and support of my

committee chair, Dr. Teresita Q. Adriano. I was fortunate to have Dr. Danilo Baradillo,

Dr. Virgion Mamonong, Dr. Lilian Dupa and Dr. Maureen Aguisando as panel members

whose insights in the field of Applied Linguistics were fundamental in achieving my

academic goal. Their positive criticism shaped my way and guided my direction of

thinking. Likewise, many thanks to Dr. Catherine S. Roble who unconditionally offered

her study on communicative competence as my reference. I truly appreciate it.

I have great pleasure in expressing gratitude to the Dean of the Graduate

School, Dr. Avee Joy Dagayanon for being an understanding and transparent leader to

all the graduating students. I would like to acknowledge the warm assistance received

from the faculty and staff members of the University of the Immaculate Conception, Dr.

Emma Sagarino and Miss Aileen of the Research Ethics Committee.

My gratitude also goes to all the university and college presidents and research

directors involved in this study for allowing me to conduct this research in their tertiary

institutions. My sincerest appreciation goes to all student participants for their trust and

confidence in me to document their responses and insights in my survey questionnaires

and interviews.

It would be inappropriate if I fail to mention my PhD buddies, Roxanne Duat, Chic

Makiling, James Royo, Melody Mira and Yonilyn Loyloy for their enthusiastic company,

constructive comments and constant motivation. Thank you for ensuring that good times

keep flowing. I will miss us together. To my special friends, Edmund, Franco Ben and

Ellen and my colleagues and friends, your unwavering support and inspiration gave me

valor to finish my studies. Thank you everyone for your prayers.

My acknowledgement would be incomplete without thanking the biggest source

of my strength, my family. The utmost care and support of my father Arnulfo and mother

Brenda, sister Tata and her husband kuya Edgar, brother Jun and nephews Theophilus,

Francis and Thirdy have all made tremendous contribution in helping me reach this

stage in my life. Thank you for the love.

Ultimately, the worthiest to be appreciated is God Almighty for giving me

strength, knowledge, ability and opportunity to undertake and complete this dissertation.

In all these, to God be the glory!