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IR/ _________________________ /2010

Carried out Annual Inspection of _________j BO in account with ____________

SO under Rajouri H.O on 24.07.2010. The office was last inspected by Shri Vijay
Kumar SDI(P) on 26.11.2009. Shri Rattan Lal is working as GDS BPM since DLI.

1.1 Sanctioned establishment of the BO with the names of incumbents holding posts is as
under: -
S.No. Designation Name of Date of Date of Rate of Community
Incumbents Birth Appointment Allowance

1.2 ‘A’branch Divisional Office will verify service particulars of the incumbents.

1.3 PM Rajouri will verify if F.G Bond of the GDS BPM is on record and current.

2. Verified cash and stamps balance of the BO with satisfactory results. Accounts Office
to further verify.
Cash in Hand Postage Stamps Revenue Stamps Total

2.1 Against availability of cash, there was no liability as no MO or SB withdrawal was

pending to be paid.

2.2) GDS BPM was instructed to remit surplus cash Rs 2000/- to A.O. A.O will

2.3 Memo of Authorized balances issued was on record which needs to be revised.’E’
branch Divisional office to issue afresh MAB with the following balances as proposed
vide para 05 of IR for the year 2009.

Cash Max-Rs 2000/-

Min-Rs 500/-
Postage stamps- Rs 1000/-

3) Checked the balances of BO Account for the following dates selected at random, bio-
monthly, since last inspection by comparison with the balances noted by the account
office on BO slips with satisfactory results.

Date of BO Date of BO Balance Balance Results

Account Slip As per BO As per HO

3.1 Examination of BO Account revealed that BPM has retained excess cash without any
liability with him on some occasions. He was instructed on spot to put an end to this
practice in future. He should send excess cash to the Account office regularly to keep his
office balance within the authorized limit. Account office will also keep a watch over the
retention of cash in the BO and keep the BPM informed of the consequences of such

3.2 LC Bag is available with the BPM. He should ensure that the same is exchanged
regularly, even if there is no remittance from BO. BPM to take note of it.

3.4 Following remittances made to Account office by the BPM were examined with
satisfactory results. Account office to verify.
Date Remittance Date Remittance Date Remittance

4) Checked MS-87 (a) Preliminary Receipts used for issue of Money orders. The
following receipts were found issued since DLI.

R.No. Dated Amount Last Receipt Dated Amount

R.No. to in duplicate were found blank and intact A.O. to


4.1 Credits were checked with satisfactory results.

4.2 Certificate in token of having checked MS-87 (a) before supply to BO was not found
recorded/endorsed on the Receipt Book. Account office to ensure that certificate
invariably be given whenever any Receipt Book is supplied to the BO in future.

5) VP articles received were found properly delivered and VP amount realized.

Following VPs were examined with satisfactory results.
Date of Particulars Office of Amount VP delivered on
Receipt of VP Issue

5.1 No article was found in deposit on the date of inspection. Articles in deposit in good
condition and have not been unduly withheld.

5.2 Money orders received for payments are paid promptly. Test checked payments in
respect of following MOs paid with reference to BO journal & BO account with the
result noted below.

6) Working hours of BO are to hours and to

hours. Mail is exchanged through up to Account office. Mail is
received at hours and dispatched at hours. No change is
required in the mail arrangement of the BO.

6.1 The BO functions as transit BO for

7) Two Letter Boxes are installed in the BO and the same are cleared at before
hours. Before dispatch of mails to Account office.

7.1 The Letter Box is cleared punctually, with suitable timings of clearance and mails
included for dispatch on the same day.

8) The registered and unregistered articles posted in the BO and meant for delivery
through the BO itself are reportedly not routed to through Account office and disposed of
in the BO itself.

8.1 Examined the BO bag received on the date of inspection and found articles with
transit norms ____________________________________.

8.2 Posted Test letter to ___________________________________.

9) Examined BO Journal and found the same properly maintained.

9.1 The Delivery Agents have been authorized to carry stamps/ stationary for public use.
Examined Postman Book (MS-27) and Visit Book (MS-87) of GDS MD and found the
same correctly maintained.

10) Examined the Daily account and other contents of the BO bag made ready for
dispatch with satisfactory results. BPM was found habitual of sending loose BO bag to
the Account Office. He was instructed on spot to put an end to this practice henceforth
with. He must ensure that BO bag is closed for Account office. Account Office to keep
watch over it.

10.1 No change is required in the accounts and delivery jurisdiction of the BO.

11) Checked SB-26 Preliminary Receipt Books issued since DLI. Following Receipts
were found issued.
Book No. R.No. Dated Amount Last Receipt Dated Amount

R.No. to in Triplicate were found blank and intact. AO to


12) Separate specimen Signature Book has been maintained for each category of SB
Accounts ( ) in a single SS Book. SS Book was found maintained.

12.1 Separate Journals for SB/RD/TD were found maintained by the BPM.

12.2 The BPM has opened SB Accounts, RD Accounts and

TD Accounts since DLI.

13) Examined SB-28 book regarding Depositors receipts issued since DLI. Book No.
was in use in the BO. R.No. dated to R.No. Dated
were found issued. R.No. to in duplicate were
blank and intact. AO to verify. Depositor’s copy of Receipt No.
__________________________________ was not on record.

13.1 Depositors signatures were not found obtained in respect of R.No. And
. BPM will obtain the same and keep this document up-to-date.

14) Checked totals of deposits and withdrawals with reference to SB/RD/TD Journals and
with corresponding entries in BO Account and balances of those dates acknowledged by
the Accounts Office with satisfactory results. AO to further confirm.

Date SB Date
Deposit Withdrawal Deposit Withdrawal

Category Date Deposit Withdrawal

15) No undelivered Pass books were found in deposit with the BPM. 15-i Balances of
following passbooks obtained from the depositors for inspection work were verified with
BO record with satisfactory results.

Account Office
Category SB to further Verify.
Account No. Deposit Withdrawal Balance Date of Last Transaction

16) Interest for the year to was not found

posted in the SB Pass Books. BPM was, however, asked to collect all SB Pass books and
forward them to the Account office for verification of balances and posting of interest.

17) Commission on net SB deposits was reportedly never claimed by the BPM. However,
he has received commission on TD deposits.

17.1 The BPM has not been authorized to transact certificated business.

18) The BO is not authorized to make pension payments.

18.1 Checked register maintained for recording RPLI transactions and the same was
found maintained by the BPM. Following Receipts were found issued from PLI-2
Receipt Book since DLI.
Book No. R.No. Date Premium Last Receipt Date Premium

R.No. to in triplicate was found blank and intact.

Account office to further confirm.

18.2 Premium collected was found duly accounted for in Govt. Accounts. Credits were
checked with satisfactory results. AO to further confirm.

Date RPLI Credits Date RPLI Deposit


18.3 Test checked the entries in following Premium receipt books w.r.to RPLI register,
receipt book (PLI-2) and BO account with satisfactory results. Account office to verify.

Policy No. Name Rate of Date Amount R.No. Dated







18.4 The RPLI premium accepted in the BO is not properly shown in PLI-2 Receipts by
the BPM. A Lump entry is made in the PLI-2 Receipt and interest taken on late premiums
is not shown separately. Similarly, late premiums are not shown in the columns
prescribed for the purpose. BPM was instructed on spot.

18.5 BPM is fully conversant with the RPLI Rulings/instructions and takes interest in the
business procurement.

19) NO PCO facility has been provided in the BO.

20) Work Load of BO is not enough to examine up gradation of this BO.

20) Area Mail overseer has last visited BO on and thereafter he has not
paid any visit to the BO. ASPOs/SDI will obtain explanation of the Area
Mail overseer and forward the same to Divisional office.

22) No item of stock has been received in this BO since DLI.

22.1 Forms of all types were found available in the BO.

23) No old record was found available sufficient with BPM for disposal. 1 to be needed
out during Inspection.

24) Complaint and suggestion ha been maintained. Village Sorting List, Route List and
Beat Map, Book of Postmarks and Error Book were also available at BO.

25) No action is pending on any Para of the Previous IR except those repeated above.

26) Para-wise compliance in respect of all forgoing Para should be furnished within 10
days of receipt of the IR Positively.

Supdt. Of Posts offices

Rajouri Division
Rajouri – 185131
Copy to: -
(1-2): - The SPOs Rajouri
(3): - GDS BPM
(4): - ASPOs Sub-Division / SDI (P)
(5): - Office Copy