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UC & EX Family Data Sheet

OMS 1200 (UC & EX)

Flexible Multi-Service Transport Nodes
Today’s transport networks have to deliver an evolving mix of data and TDM-based
services in a competitive environment. The UC & EX multiservice transport nodes
enable this. They function equally well in both domains using the resilience of SDH
to deliver Ethernet (E-LINE and E-LAN) and TDM services cost-effectively.
The UC & EX products provide highly flexible Optical Multiservice (OMS) family
solutions in terms of service type, volume and Marconi’s OMS portfolio is a world leading
mix. Combining scalability with low first in family of next generation transport products,
cost, the platforms allow bandwidth, and designed with the most demanding of
individual interfaces, to be added only as customer applications in mind. Flexibility and
justified by revenue earning opportunities. innovation have cemented its position as a
The range is optimised for economical market leader, building on our pedigree with
delivery/hubbing of Ethernet, PDH and SDH carrier-grade transport. A number of core
traffic at the edge of the network; for characteristics are common across OMS:
backhaul solutions in fixed and mobile radio Flexibility
network applications and for protected Proven ability in many network types and
delivery of Ethernet and TDM leased-line applications: PTT, CNO, Utility, Mobile,
services in metro edge/access applications. National and International, CLE, edge, metro
Configured from a range of high-density, & core, Packet Convergence, triple play, and
flexible interface cards in two subrack more. It is an ideal tool for the evolution to
options, UC & EX products feature a Packet networking and for the convergence
comprehensive range of data and TDM of fixed and mobile networks.
1/4 UC Innovation
Delivers smooth migration to a carrier Technologies such as ASTN, OTN, multi-
grade data service network, efficiently reach WDM with embedded optical switch
transporting Data and TDM traffic over the capability, 40G support and carrier-grade
SDH network Data, build upon our heritage as a pioneer in
Provides cost-effective growth in data or SDH & WDM.
narrowband traffic through multi-service Technology building blocks
flexibility The OMS products are all built upon
Combines low first-in-cost with scalability common technologies such as: Data (e.g. IP,
Enables service delivery in restricted-space GFP) WDM, ASON and TDM
applications Simplicity
Manages volatility of service variety and Simplified installation, management and
traffic growth with in-service upgradeability upgradeability (with future proof architectures
and component commonality – eg
SFPs/XFPs) enable the cost effective
integration, planning, control and upgrade of
OMS networks.
16 EX
Mobile Internet
STM -16/ OMS2400
Residential OMS1664/ OMS1664/ ASTN/
OMS2400 OMS2400

STM -16
OMS STM -16/64/
Business 1664 GE/10GE/λ OMS3200

OMS Voice Video Data

Mobile ServiceOn
Business management
Access: PDH, SDH, Ethernet

Customer Access Metro Core

Multiservice delivery Major-customer premises Keeping costs down
The UC & EX family delivers Ethernet, SDH and For premium customers with the need for High-density tributary cards result in a low
PDH services from an SDH platform with GFP, service variety coupled with high levels of cost-per-interface.
LCAS and VCAT mapping for efficient transport security, the UC & EX family combines flexibility High-capacity switch options provide high
and switching of Ethernet services over SDH. with economy to deliver a wide range of hubbing capacity and tributary flexibility in a
With its scalable, flexible configuration options, services, including Ethernet LAN, 2 Mbit/s and low-cost package.
UC & EX is perfect for co-location with many other PDH circuits, together with STM-1 and
Spare inventory is minimised with
different types of equipment, such as DXCs, STM-4. With card/unit protection
SFPs common to Data and SDH interfaces,
IP/Ethernet routers or DWDM. supplementing network protection, and with
both in the UC & EX family and in other
subrack format options, the UC & EX family
The UC & EX family enables multiservice Marconi next-generation products.
provides high levels of functionality whilst
delivery in metro access and metro edge rings
making best use of available space. Hot-pluggable GigE, FastE, STM-1, STM-4
or in spurs operating at STM-1, STM-4 or
STM-16. The high-capacity switches and the and STM-16 Line Interfaces (SFPs) allow fast,
Residential areas simple and reliable installation or upgrade.
high-density, flexible-interface cards provide
The compact design makes the UC & EX The SDH multi-rate tributary unit means that a
low-cost hubbing nodes close to the edge of
family ideally suited for deployment with single SDH tributary base card is stocked with
the network where aggregation increases the
primary multiplexers to deliver mass telephony. the appropriate SFP modules being fitted as
efficiency of the higher layers.
Scalability, flexibility and low first-in-cost Designed for ease of installation the OMS UC
Multiple-customer locations
Low-cost platforms with integrated line/ core & EX family allows reduced installation and
In multi-tenancy buildings, on business parks
units allowing aggregate scalability offer low commissioning time.
or campuses, the UC & EX products distribute
first in cost.
multiple services from the existing SDH
infrastructure. The multiplexers provide Multi-rate interface cards increase the variety
powerful hubs that can be deployed in suitable of interface types available on a single platform
street cabinets or in operator-controlled and improve slot-efficiency. Flexible data
equipment. rooms, providing a cost-effective tributary units include a multirate Layer 2 card
point of presence to serve multiple business (GigE/FastE) and a FastE mapper card that
customers via compact terminal units located allows a flexible mix of electrical and optical
inside the customer premises. interfaces. A multi-rate SDH tributary card
hosts a mix of different STM-1 interfaces or a
Fixed and mobile radio backhaul In fixed and
single flexible STM-4 interface. This versatility
mobile radio applications, the UC & EX family
allows a lower cost ADM to provide a higher
ensures economical, protected backhaul
number of interface types and fewer
solutions, with a very compact (6U) device and
multiplexers may be needed.
high-density 2 Mbit/s interfaces. STM-1
electrical SFP line interfaces also reduce
interfacing costs in the associated radio
High availability UC & EX
The Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme Two subracks and two integrated line/switch
(LCAS) allows diverse routing of Ethernet units form the UC & EX family.
traffic, reducing the impact of fibre-break to
capacity reduction whilst Link Loss OMS1/4UC & OMS16UC, are housed in an
Forwarding (LLF) allows the initiation of fast ultra compact subrack that can be mounted
protection switching. The products also offer vertically or horizontally to make the most of
Multiplex Section Protection (MSP) or Sub- available space.
Network Connection Protection (SNCP). Use
of the higher capacity switch allows OMS1/4EX and OMS16EX, are housed in a
MSSPRING at both STM-4 & STM16. compact full-width subrack.
Duplication of the line/switch units and
tributary card protection means that high Two line/switch unit options allow maximum
availability is assured. accessible capacities of 3.8Gbit/s and
8.4Gbit/s depending upon the
subrack/switch combination.
Key Features Each of the line/switch units has a choice of
Next-generation SDH design line rates simply enabled by the selection of
The UC & EX family is based on worldwide the appropriate SFP module
experience and innovative use of the latest
technologies and techniques to produce true OMS1/4UC and OMS1/4EX are upgradeable
multiservice delivery transport nodes. in service from STM-1 to STM-4

Flexible service delivery OMS16UC and OMS16EX are upgradeable

Makes the most of
The multiplexers offer cost-effective transport in-service from STM-4 to STM-16. available space
of mixed traffic types over the SDH

Ethernet Services
A range of Ethernet tributaries give access to
revenues for the provision of Ethernet services Management
E-LINE and E-LAN (EVPL and EVPLAN and End-to-end integrated network management
provide hubbing for optical Ethernet is provided through the widely deployed
distribution. Marconi ServiceOn Optical and ServiceOn
Access solutions, providing rapid service
provisioning, end-to-end performance
monitoring and fast fault identification.

The Client Circuit Centre Module, under

ServiceOn Advantage, allows end-to-end
provisioning of Ethernet circuits and the
creation of service templates supporting
standard operator-defined service types for
rapid subsequent service deployment. It
provides Data Flow Management and
Bandwidth Management, Client Alarm List
and Management of CoS & QoS.

Configuration, performance, error and alarm

monitoring are available centrally via the
network management system, or locally via
the Local Craft Terminal. The Element
Manager and the Local Craft terminal both
provide operational benefits from enhanced
graphical representation in common with the
rest of the Marconi Next Generation
Multiservice transport nodes.
Access and security management can be
programmed to provide various levels of
operator access. Embedded software can be
downloaded for feature enhancement in
service. In addition, the multiplexers can
report details of their inventory status from
non-volatile memory, either locally or
Data summary
General The equipment is designed to meet the appropriate sections of ITU-T Recommendations:
G.703, G.704, G.707, G.783, G.784, G.803, G.841, G.842, G.921, G.957, G7041 (GFP), G7042 (LCAS)
Aggregate Interfaces STM-16 1310 nm and 1550 nm options S16.1, L16.1, L16.2 – SFP hot plug-in units- LC
STM-4 1310 nm and 1550 nm options S/I4.1, L4.1, L4.2, L4.2+ – SFP hot plug-in units- LC
STM-1 1310 nm and 1550 nm options S1.1, L1.1, L1.2 – SFP hot plug-in units- LC
CWDM interfaces –STM-16
STM-1 electrical SFP hot plug-in units
Tributary units
Ethernet tributaries, LCAS, GFP, VCAT (IEEE 802.3)
VC-12/VC-3/VC-4 SDH granularity
Configurable Ethernet interface rates and flow rates, MAC Pause
Link loss forwarding enabling fast protection switching
Extended length Ethernet frames transported
• 8 x 10/100Mbit/s electrical
• 8 x 10/100Mbit/s electrical/optical – supports Ethernet port extension
• Layer 2 Aggregation 2 x GigE, 4 x FastE – supports Ethernet port extension
E-Line and E-LAN (EVPL and EVPLAN) services
MAC address learning, Independent VLAN learning, 802.1Q VLAN aware bridging, RSTP
Policing, Class of Service handling, 802.1p priority, RED and Tail Drop buffer management
Electrical/optical interfaces – wide choice of types, configurable via SFPs
Performance Management (Ethernet snapshot and historic counters)
SDH tributaries Multirate SDH tributary
Up to 4 x STM-1 interfaces, any mix of S1.1, L1.1, L1.2 and STM-1 electrical SFP hot plug-in units- LC
Any one STM-4 interface, S/I4.1, L4.1, L4.2 or L4.2+ SFP hot plug-in units- LC
Dual STM-1 electrical, LTU access
PDH tributaries 63x 2 Mbit/s, I.421
1 x 34 Mbit/s transmux
3 x 34 Mbit/s
3 x 45 Mbit/s
140 Mbit/s
Management interface Element Manager interface
OSI 7-layers conforming to ITU-TSS G773 (Q.811 /Q.812)’B3’ stack
F2 byte OLO communications
E1 OLO communications
IP tunnelling for management of third party equipment
Network Protection LCAS, LLF
SDH line 2 fibre MSSPRING, STM-16 and STM-4.
Line and tributary MSP protection.
Sub-Network Connection Protection
Card protection Core switch/line unit, SDH & PDH tributaries 1+1 and 1:N.
Synchronization outputs 2 Mbit/s with/without SSM, 2 MHz, 1.5 MHz
Dimensions Subracks UC range Vertical mounting: 445 mm (high) 280 mm (deep) 218 mm (wide)
Horizontal mounting: 218 mm/6U (high) 280 mm (deep) 445 mm (wide)
EX range Vertical mounting: 445 mm (high) 280 mm (deep) 448mm (wide)
Environment: The equipment will operate to ETS 300 019-2 Class 3.2
– Radiated susceptibility to EN 61000-4-3 (10 V/m)
– Conducted, radiated and electrostatic discharge, susceptibility and conducted and radiated
emissions to EN 55022 (Class B)
– Optical safety to EN 60825- 1& 2, ITU-T G.958
– Electrical safety to EN 60950:2000

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