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Mohamed Ahmed Shawky Farrag

H S E Engineer
To obtain a challenging position in a high-quality engineering environment where my
resourceful experience and academic skills will add value to organizational operation.
Date of Birth: 11/01/1996
 @ Marital Status: Single
(+20)128 134 1112 mohammedshawky2018@gmail.com Military Status: Exempted


Bachelor of E ngineering ( 2 0 13 -20 1 8 ) | Mec ha nica l Dep art ment Alexandria University
Overall Grade: Good, Graduation Project: Designing and optimization of a RC Aircraft with Excellent Grade.

Wor k Experience

Health, Safety, and the Environment Engineer Engineer|Evyap Egypt

1. Maintain and update emergency response plans and procedure and manage
the emergency team and Coordinate with all governmental authorities and
interested parties related to safety to Ensure complying with all applicable legal
2. Lead the development of risk assessments and influence the team leaders and Provide
works permits for internal staff & external contractors and keep its records.
3. Ensuring awareness of all hazards and its related risks through trainings, toolbox
4. Prepare the Safety Management system during several HSE audits from SGS
and other multinational organizations like Henkel and Reckitt Benckiser also
Lead and Implement requirements of OHSAS 18001 and lead the initiative
(09/2018– Present) to upgrade for ISO 45001:2018.
5. Investigate accidents / near misses / unsafe conditions, health-related
complaints to identify root causes and to provide safe working
conditions and Inspect work areas to ensure the presence of fire
prevention equipment, safety equipment and first-aid supplies,
Following- up safe labeling, storage, transportation and disposal of
hazardous waste in compliance with governmental legislation.
1. Designing a complete system of the safety floor marking in Evyap
2. Leading a project to recycle the wood and tier scrap to create a relaxing
environment for the workers in order to decrease the stress hazards
3. Creating and implementing a Lock-out Tag-out system
4. Achieving a records in the HSE audits from SGS, Henkel and Reckitt

(07/2016– 07/2018) Performa nc e E ngi neer (Volunteer) | Pega sus Aero des ign
Work Related Courses

N ebos h I GC 2 Cert ified, I ES P 3 0- hour OS HA S ta nda r ds,

HSE Courses
Civil D efens e firefight ing , Firs t A id C ours e, NI OS H

Health, Safety, and the Environment Engineer Intern | Evyap Egypt

Summer 2018

Mechanical Engineer Int ern| Al Ezz Dekheila Steel Co.

Summer 2017 EZDK
Flat Surface Department (FSD): SMPII
Thin slab caster Hot strip
SKP and Roll Shop Steel Service
Center Pickling and ARP
Mechanical Maintenance Hydraulic

Mechanical engineer Trainee| Egyptian Projects Operation

and Maintenance
Rotating Equipment: Pumps, Compressors, Fans and its Maintenance
Summer 2017 Static Equipment: Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Piping System, Heat Ex-Changers Inspection and
Condition Monitoring
Non-destructive Testing Using Oracle
for Schedule

Mechanical Engineer Int ern| National Authority for

Summer 2016 Remote S ensing & Space Sc iences
Satellite Technology Level 1 From NARSS with association of TÜVRheinland

Mechanical engineer Intern| West Delta Electricity

Production Company
Summer 2016
Steam Turbines 640 MW output - Mechanical Components - Turbines - Combined Cycle -
Condenser - Boiler - Compressor - Generator – SCADA

Extracurricular Activities

Vice Head Media and Marketing | TEDx French

(07/2017– 02/2018) University
Administrate the creation and publishing of relevant, original, high-quality content,
Identify and improve organizational development aspects that would improve content
and Create a creative publishing schedule.

(10/2016– 07/2017) Volunteer| American Society of Mechanical Engineers

SAE-Aero design 2017
2017 Representative team of Alexandria University in SAE Aero design competition
that’s held in Texas, America and we won the First place on Egypt and The Middle
East also the ninth place worldwide out of 35 teams

Minesw eepers c omp et it ion

2016 hosted by Zewail City of Science and Technology in conjunction with Second
International Workshop on Recent Advances in Robotics and Sensor Technology
for Humanitarian Demining and Counter-IEDs (RST)

NASA Space Apps Cairo

Designing of a jetpack that helps the astronaut moving on mars

March 2018 PACE | Petroleum Arabian Conference and Exhibition at the American University

April 2016, November 2017 R OS AT OM | Seminar on Russian nuclear technol ogy

Arabic ∎∎∎∎∎∎
English ∎∎∎∎∎∎
Deutsche ∎∎∎∎∎∎

Managerial Skills
-Strong Organizational skills gained as a Lean and 5S proven track in Evyap.
-Leadership skills as participating in a civil society in addition to working with some different personalities.
-Strong Project Management skills gained through my experience as a HSE Engineer.

Software / Academic Skills

-Very Good Command of Microsoft Office Suite.
-Safety Courses (NEBOSH IGC), Quality courses (Lean manufacturing)
-Very Good Command of PREZI and presentation skills.
-Good Command of AutoCAD 2d Design, Solid works and Video editing softwares.
-Good Command of Ansys Simulation software and Computational fluid dynamics.