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1. Don’t act fast, you might make a mistake. HASTE
2. She could not answer the merchants in their own language. ABLE
3. We were asking ourselves if they were really there. WONDERING
4. Don’t you think we should ask the price? HAD BETTER
5. We can’t buy the house because the down payment is so high. SO … THAT
6. She is not a young woman which is not important because her
admirers find her ageless. NO MATTER
7. It is really difficult to control the increase of vandalism. RISING TIDE
8. Vandals are often youngsters who have done poorly in school and
want to take revenge on the administration and the teachers of the
schools. GET EVEN
9. The vandals spoil the appearance of the walls and break the
windows. DEFACE
10. I think I should take a coat. HAD BETTER
11. Paul won’t try because he’s afraid of failing. SO … THAT
12. They were successful in their affairs for a time. DID WELL
13. It is not important who you are because you are expected to
obey the law. NO MATTER
14. He feels stupid by comparison because his brothers are very
bright. SUCH
15. When the great leader died and they were left on their own, they
began to lose their conquests. IN CHARGE OF
16. The scientists said that Voyager would reach Jupiter in March,
and it did. ACCORDING
17. She did it because she was kind. OUT OF
18. Your brother is young, but he has enough experience for the job. DESPITE
19. Everything was covered with gold paint except two very small
holes. WITH THE …
20. Washington’s example strengthened his soldiers’determination. STRONGER
21. That noise is making people deaf. DEAFENING
22. People ask questions either because they are curious or bored. OUT OF
23. My friends are proud of their sons, but they don’t talk about
them. IN SPITE
24. Only a mother buffalo finds baby buffalos pretty. IT TAKES …
25. It is impossible to please everybody. THERE IS …
26. The offenders are determined to do better. BENT ON
27. Peter has been arrested twice for careless driving. He has
decided to be more careful. HAVING
28. Even if you are noticed, your eagerness will be helpful to you. YOUR FAVOUR
29. Be certain that your clothes are clean and well pressed. MAKE SURE
30. Joan tried to explain her ideas, but she could not convince her
father. DESPITE
31. The judge listened to their story in silence. He decided to give
them a lecture. THE JUDGE WHO
32. There’s a teacher’s meeting tomorrow; several classes are
cancelled. DUE TO
33. The boys promised to behave in the future. They were allowed
to go home. ONCE
34. The director has a good opinion of people who are early. VERY HIGHLY
35. The boys had nothing to do that evening. They thought it would
be fun to smash some windows. SINCE
36. The meeting will take place in his office. IS
37. Until now women’s vote has not made much difference. SO FAR,
38. He smoked a cigarette. At the same time he waited for the
manager. WHILE
39. Employers prefer to hire younger people. That’s the truth. THE FACT
40. They can make a mistake if they don’t know the people’s
origins. AWARE
41. Sometimes, manners are related to national customs. A MATTER OF
42. He said that his shyness prevented him from behaving well
in society. KEPT
43. He shaved his beard to please his wife. SHAVING
44. George always helped his father in the store. A HAND
45. Do you ever think that geology is a very interesting field? OCCUR
46. Perhaps I can persuade you to study. TALK … INTO
47. How can I compensate for my mistake? MAKE UP
48. We felt like going out last night. MOOD
49. That book deserves to be read. WORTH
50. Supposedly, oil can be extracted from a rock called shale. THEORY
51. The operation is far from simple. NOT AT ALL
52. Most people are impressed and afraid of nuclear energy. AWE
53. He only went to the concert because Mary wanted him to. PLEASE
54. Your contract says that you are to be here by nine every day. UNDER
55. He looks exactly like his father. IMAGE
56. His arrival was completely unexpected. TOOK
57. I’ll be unable to keep my appointment with Mr Marshall. CANCEL
58. If I’d been Jane, I wouldn’t have told Andrew about the car
accident. PLACE
59. The stories James tells about his war experiences are quite
incredible. BEYOND
60. It’s no use asking Mrs. Carrouthers to sing at the concert,
she’s going away. THERE’S
61. We shouldn’t consider the other theories. WORTH
62. I knew he was our man the moment I saw him. SET EYES
63. My brother speaks French well. COMMAND
64. The flags were sold to help the blind. AID
65. Let me know as soon as you have any news. THE MINUTE
66. I advise you not to believe what you read in the papers
about me. RELY
67. We missed the bus because we had overslept. CONSEQUENCE
68. They continued to suggest that I was lying. PERSISTED
69. Both children and adults will enjoy this game. ALIKE
70. Tax contributes to the cost of local services. PAID
71. The milkman appears to be running away from your fierce dog. AS IF / THOUGH
72. I find his clothes the most irritating thing about him. WHAT
73. The discovery of how to light fires gave man a new control over
his environment. ABLE
74. However friendly he seems, he’s not to be trusted. THOUGH
75. The suitcase was extremely heavy but he managed to lift it. DESPITE
76. This must be true so we should inform the President. IF
77. He will come. It is in his own interest. BOUND
78. Although I was told that I would be unhappy I married him. IN SPITE
79. Mr Smith won’t attend the meeting. UNDER
80. Although they are poor they can afford beer. THOUGH
81. She answered the policeman’s questions as accurately as she
82. Romantic love must be present, or the marriage will seem
insincere. OTHERWISE
83. What I like about him is his honesty. MORE THAN
84. We were late because we missed the train. THROUGH
85. She said I was a liar. ACCUSED
86. To be fair to him, I don’t think he really meant to deceive you. JUSTICE
87. The cook is brilliant but knows nothing about French sauces. AS / THOUGH
88. A mistake of this kind could cause the wrong person to be
arrested. RESULT IN
89. The company may well make a profit next year. SURPRISING
90. I seldom go to pop concerts. ONLY ON …
91. This matter is too serious to be dealt with hurriedly. A MATTER
92. Don’t repeat this to anyone, but Jones has been sacked. LET
93. How do you feel about capital punishment? WHAT ARE …
94. I can’t believe the Prime Minister really means to resign. I FIND …
95. My knowledge of medieval art is very limited. I DON’T …
96. It is impossible to prove that Louis was in the flat on the night
of the murder. EVIDENCE
97. The value of this Spanish coin is about 200 pounds. WORTH
98. The raising of the school-leaving age has resulted in unforeseen
difficulties. ARISING
99. Do you agree with the Council’s plans to widen the High Street? AGREEMENT
100. As these are your conditions, I have no choice but to abide
by them. BEING
101. It’s curious that he didn’t mention it to me. ENOUGH
102. We had not expected that we should encounter so much difficulty
in finding the place. UNEXPECTEDLY
103. Although Samson was very strong, he perished at the hands
of his enemies. FOR
104. That she was a duchess made a great impact on the boy’s
family. HER
105. The problem was tricky enough to challenge the minds of the
best scientists. SO
106. Whatever your opinion on vivisection, you must admit that it
helps to save human lives. HOWEVER
107. People who cannot bear with a little inconvenience
should never enter the state of matrimony. SUCH
108. If anybody broke into the house, the alarm would go off
automatically. ANYBODY WHO…
109. It’s time for the commission to reach an agreement. REACHED
110. There must be few people so ignorant of the past as he is. WHO
111. Hardly anybody failed to attend the meeting. THE MEETING …
112. He had never before addressed such a large crowd. THE CROWD …
113. I shall consider this matter seriously. I SHALL GIVE …
114. Few people would agree with you. THERE AREN’T …
115. He threatened to resign if they did not give him a rise. HE WARNED …
116. It was only after I had read the last sentence that I realized
how important the letter was. NOT UNTIL …
117. I wrote the announcement in large black letters because
I wanted everyone to notice it. SO
118. Your arguments have had very little influence on him. HE IS FAR FROM …
119. He did not start speaking until the whole class was
attending to him. HE WAITED …
120. I followed the doctors’s orders exactly. I DID
121. She had two candles ready on the table as there might be
a power cut. LEST
122. His rapid recovery was due to silled medical attention. AS A RESULT …
123. This door may be used only in an emergency. ONLY …
124. He has been speaking for three hours. IT IS …
125. My anxiety was quite unnecessary. UNNECESSARILY
126. He had complete confidence in his ability to deal with
the matter. SURE
127. He completed the novel only after five years. IT TOOK …
128. The explorers meant to follow the river to its source. AIM
129. My cat and my dog are on very friendly terms. GET
130. It looked like rain. AS
131. It’s getting late. We ought to go home. HIGH TIME
132. The fortune-teller’s warning impressed the emperor far
more than anyone would have expected. IMPRESSION
133. Some problems are inevitable if you go to live in another
country. BOUND
134. Whether he is worshipped or despised is all the same to me. DIFFERENCE
135. The police have told Bert that they believe it was he who
stole the car. CHARGED
136. At last I slipped a five-pound note into his hand and it was
only then that he gave me the information. NOT UNTIL …
137. He has had to give up his legal practice because he is
so often ill. REASON
138. Speaking personally, I could stay here for ever. AS FAR AS …
139. For a moment she thought he was her long-lost husband. MISTOOK
140. I don’t see why we must start so early. POINT
141. Washing in cold water is nothing unusual for him. USED
142. He asked me if I thought it would be a good thing to buy
the second hand car. WORTH
143. The bell in the corridor should be rung if there is a fire. CASE
144. He next said that there were, of course, exceptions. WENT ON
145. That’s not your business. NOTHING
146. He told me he was sorry he had lost his temper. APOLOGISED
147. Returning the same day would be senseless. NO SENSE
148. He wasn’t at all annoyed by my criticism, which, he said,
he found very helpful. FAR FROM …
149. This has nothing to do with the case we are considering. DIFFERENT
150. There is a danger that you will get a serious illness if
you drink this water. RUNNING
151. How loudly he always speaks. WHAT
152. Everybody must wear a seat belt. COMPULSORY
153. I have a strong feeling that he was involved in last month’s
bank robbery. SUSPECT
154. It was assumed that local residents had permission to use
the path as a short cut. GRANTED
155. They haven’t enough time to cover the basic syllabus, least
of all do background reading. LET ALONE
156. In spite of his illness, he attended the memorial service. ILL THOUGH …
157. He was operated on many times. UNDERWENT
158. The performance was not so good as I had anticipated. CONTRARY
159. I think it’s a great pity you didn’t tell me before. I WISH …
160. He has not only written the words of the songs but he has
also set some of them to music. BESIDES
161. Please, change this pound note for me. I WONDER …
162. I felt so full of self-pity that I could take little interest in life. SORRY
163. Although there may be a bad storm later in the day, the
fishing boats are all leaving the harbour. IN SPITE …
164. They will have completed the redecorating by next week and
then we can use the room again immediately. AS SOON
165. She provided them with all they probably needed. PROVIDED FOR…
166. If wages are increased too much, there will be further
inflation. TOO BIG
167. He behaved in such an extraordinary way that I wondered
whether he was quite sane. SO …
168. I intend to take the day off tomorrow, whatever my boss’s
opinion. WHETHER
169. Coffee prices are not likely to go up next month. LIKELIHOOD
170. The dog caught sight of the stranger sitting at a table and
immediately started barking furiously. NO SOONER
171. That child is always asking questions. REST
172. Conditions in factories gradually got better. IMPROVEMENT
173. His inability to control his temper has made him many
enemies. FACT
174. I don’t like that colour. APPEAL
175. All but three or four of these sentences have been easy
to deal with. EXCEPTION
176. He plays the guitar, and he also writes songs. AS WELL AS …
177. The town was too small to be marked on the map. ENOUGH
178. My advice is: take the train. IF I …
179. What a pity he didn’t spend more time revising. IF ONLY …
180. He started work as soon as the term had finished. NO SOONER
181. I should have learnt French at school. I WISH …
182. They didn’t follow the map so they got lost. IF THEY …
183. They ought to mend the roof. THE ROOF …
184. The coat was so expensive that I didn’t buy it. TOO
185. Your car wants cleaning. IT’S TIME …
186. People are doing research into ways of curing cancer. RESEARCH …
187. The doctor asked me politely to wait outside. “WOULD …
188. I expect that he will get there by lunchtime. I EXPECT HIM …
189. His second attempt on the world record was successful. HE BROKE …
190. Helen can play the piano better than Elizabeth. ELIZABETH …
191. What particularly impressed me was her excellent
command of English. I WAS …
192. The result of the match was never in doubt. AT NO TIME …
193. I’d rather we started at 7:00. PREFERENCE
194. There’ll be trouble if you do that again. YOU’D BETTER …
195. The accident was not his fault. TO BLAME
196. Most people know that Britain’s economy is heavily
dependent on North Sea oil. KNOWLEDGE
197. I’d be grateful if you would check these accounts for me. WOULD YOU …
198. It’s unlikely that the constructor will complete the work
before February. THE WORK IS …
199. The jumper you knitted for my daughter no longer fits her. OUTGROWN
200. Immediately after his arrival things went wrong. NO SOONER
201. I applied for the job but I was turned down. MY APPLICATION
202. The refugees continued to feel unsafe until they crossed
the border. NOT UNTIL
203. The students’s rioutous behaviour should have been
severely punished. DESERVED
204. There are more people out of work in this country than
ever before. NEVER HAVE …
205. The chances are that the whole thing will have been
forgotten by next term. IN ALL
206. He said he was anxious about the plight of the homeless. HE SHOWED …
207. He owed his rescue to a passer-by. HE WAS INDEBTED
208. There was not a singly copy of the new book left in the shops. SELL-OUT
209. You must be on time for your interview. ESSENTIAL
210. She’s proud of being such a good cook. SHE PRIDES …
211. My protests were ignored. NOBODY …
212. We only despatch goods after receiving the money. ONLY AFTER …
213. You pay 50 pounds a month for a period of one year. YOU PAY IN 12 …
214. He will not be put off by their comments. DETER
215. Some people accept that nuclear war is inevitable. RESIGNED
216. The fridge is completely empty. LEFT
217. Money is of little value on a desert island. COUNTS
218. Can you tell me where the Midland Hotel is? DIRECT
219. The Prime Minister felt it appropriate to make a statement. FIT
220. Immediately after his arrival things went wrong. NO SOONER …
221. The truth only came out on the publication of the general’s
personal diaries. ONLY WHEN …
222. In spite of the forecast it stayed fine. ALTHOUGH RAIN
223. We’d prefer you not to smoke. WE’D RATHER …
224. You really should be able to dress yourself by now! IT’S HIGH TIME …
225. Providing your handwriting is legible, the examiner
will accept your answer. SO LONG …
226. He will have to accept your offer. OPTION
227. Not many people attended the meeting. TURNOUT
228. He has definitely agreed to accept the job. COMMITTED
229. The old lady’s handbag has been stolen. ROBBED
230. Without his help, we would all have died. IF IT …
231. He forgot about the gun until he got home. NOT UNTIL …
232. You can use it as long as you like, and it won’t wear out. NO MATTER …
233. You have disobeyed; you will therefore be punished. AS A RESULT OF …
234. You scarcely ever hand in your work on time. SCARCELY EVER …
235. It’s a pity I couldn’t go to your party. I WISH ….
236. They say Mr Scott is a very good administrator. Mr SCOTT IS …
237. Proving that I had not been guilty of such an offence was
my responsibility. IT WAS UP …
238. They were concentrated on their reading when I saw them. ENGROSSED
239. It soon began to snow very hard. EARNEST
240. We finally managed to persuade him to take the job. SUCCEEDED
241. Find more about working conditions before you contact
the manager. UNTIL …
242. We saw to it that our shoes didn’t make marks on the lino. KEPT
243. How does pay relate to job satisfaction? RELATIONSHIP
244. She tries hard, but she cannot master German. NO MATTER …
245. The cost of living has gone up considerably. THERE …
246. The telephone rang the moment I stepped into the bath. NO SOONER …
247. Although the team played well they lost. DESPITE
248. We never suspected that he was already married. AT NO TIME …
249. The manager confessed to being astounded when they told
him about the robbery. ON …
250. She was extremely tired after the party but she still
washed the glasses and tidied the room. TIRED …
251. Are you sure he isn’t making that up? TRUTH
252. The proposal for a new Town Hall was dropped because
so few local people supported it. LACK
253. If the weather is fine we’ll have a picnic tomorrow. PERMITTING
254. She doesn’t know the difference between margarine and
butter. TELL
255. I almost finished today’s correspondece. VIRTUALLY
256. I’m sure he was having a bath when I called. HE MUST …
257. I know he will be confused by the direction. MISLEAD
258. This has nothing to do with the case we are considering. THIS IS FAR …
259. They assumed that someone would pick up their signals
and come to their aid. GRANTED
260. He advised me to rest for a month. ADVICE
261. There was a water restriction because the weather was dry. OWING TO …
262. The strikers will probably go back to work next week. PROBABILITY
263. The last time it rained was a fortnight ago. IT’S A …
264. Even though the weather wasn’t very promisiong, we
still went to the beach. IN SPITE …
265. The first sign of the disease is a feeling of faintness. ONSET
266. He hated politicians. AVERSION
267. I didn’t know that you wanted to come, so I didn’t call
you up. HAD …
268. When I got to the station, I found that the train had left. ON …
269. “How about painting the house green?”, he suggested. HE SUGGESTED…
270. He determined that nothing should prevent him from
going. HE MADE UP …
271. She did not want to get married. UNWILLING
272. He broke his promise to help me. KEEP
273. I wish you a long and happy life! MAY YOU …
274. What must I do next? WHAT AM I …
275. He preferred that nothing should be said about his
generous gifts. HE’D RATHER …
276. As he was poor, he could not afford to buy books. BEING …
277. I took my car to the garage last Saturday and they
repaired it. I HAD …
278. They didn’t prosecute any of the protesters. NONE OF …
279. He seemed to me a highly efficient manager. STRUCK
280. At first the new computer made me feel a bit afraid. AWE
281. I only called the police when I tried everything else. LAST RESORT
282. You can try as hard as you like but you won’t succeed. HOWEVER HARD …
283. I felt that it had been a mistake to write the letter. I REGRETTED …
284. Although it rained torrentially all day, we all enjoyed
the excursion DESPITE
285. I went down with flu as soon as I had recovered from
bronchitis. NO SOONER …
286. The manager is not to be disturbed. ON NO ACCOUNT …
287. She said she thought I was a liar. SHE ACCUSED …
288. If you didn’t distribute generously, we couldn’t continue
our work. BUT FOR …
289. Look after yourself! CARE
290. Be careful of thieves if you go to that part of town. WATCH OUT …
291. I put a lot of care and attention into this letter. I TOOK …
292. I’ve installed an alarm to stop thieves stealing my car. PROTECT
293. I bought it without thinking about it first. SPUR
294. You’re making a judgement before you’ve heard the facts. CONCLUSIONS
295. I choose very carefully who I discuss my private life with. PARTICULAR
296. I’ll look for you at the concert although I expect it will
be very crowded. EYES
297. She chooses the kind of hotels she stays in very carefully. FUSSY
298. Be careful not to hit your head. MIND
299. Be careful to notice a red door when you arrive –that’s my
flat. LOOK OUT …
300. He’s never afraid to say what he thinks. MIND
301. Because I believed his lies, I paid far too much. HE CONNED …
302. They cheated me. THEY RIPPED …
303. When I checked my change, I realised I’d been deliberately
charged 5 pounds more. DONE OUT
304. You didn’t believe his story, did you? TAKEN IN
305. He got angry because we all disagreed with him. TEMPER
306. I don’t want to be treated as an inferior any more! SICK AND TIRED
307. He got extremely angry when he saw the damage. FIT
308. Waiting for buses irritates me. NERVES
309. Having to get up so early is upsetting. NECK
310. I don’t think his reaons for being nice to me are sincere. SCEPTICAL
311. Think about the good things! You’re young and healthy
and will have plenty more opportunities. BRIGHT SIDE
312. I wasn’t sure about him at first, but now he seems very
good at his job. RESERVATIONS
313. I find the whole subject very confusing. BEWILDERS
314. What I don’t understand is why he did such a strange thing. PUZZLES
315. They look so alike that it’s very easy to confuse her with
her sister. TO MIX
316. I was so worried that my mind couldn’t function normally. STRAIGHT
317. I don’t understand how to fill in this form. CLEAR
318. The news of his death was such a shock that it hasn’t been
fully understood yet. SUNK
319. He’s got such a strong accent that half the time I can’t
understand a word he’s saying. MAKE OUT
320. He feels bad about cheating them. CONSCIENCE
321. I didn’t have the courage to tell him what I really thought. DARE
322. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I’m pessimistic. WORST
323. I don’t want to imagine how much it’s going to cost. DREAD
324. I wouldn’t dare say a thing like that. NERVE
325. I don’t mind discussing it with you. WILLING
326. I’m very excited about seeing you next week. FORWARD
327. I don’t want to criticise him because he’s a good friend. RELUCTANT
328. Her job is making her miserable. DOWN
329. She gets bored with things very quickly. BORE
330. I find grammar exercises extremely boring. STIFF
331. She’s angry that she is treated like the office slave. RESENTS
332. He feels bitter and inferior because he didn’t go to university. CHIP
333. He got revenge on her. OWN BACK
334. I don’t feel resentful towards her –she deserves her success. BEGRUDGE
335. The offer to work in Brazil was a complete surprise. BLUE
336. I’m not surprised that he’s got money problems. SURPRISE
337. I was surprised by his rudeness. TAKEN ABACK
338. I wasn’t expecting you, so I haven’t tidied the house yet. UNAWARES
339. I didn’t want a serious conversation. MOOD
340. They buy nice furniture. TASTE
341. I don’t really like this kind of music. KEEN
342. They’ve been saying how wonderful the hotel was. RAVING
343. I don’t think that violence is right in any circumstance. APPROVE
344. I don’t believe that the film is as good as people say. OVERRATED
345. People are persuaded by adverts to spend more than they
can afford. ADS TEMPT …
346. I find their lifestyle quite attractive, although I probably
wouldn’t enjoy it. APPEALS
347. The dress was so tempting that I bought it. RESIST
348. I don’t know why people are attracted to spending all
day on the beach. ATTRACTION
349. When she left home, she had to do everything on her own. FEND
350. If you leave this job, don’t assume that you’ll get another. COUNT
351. I’m expecting to be promoted soon. BANKING
352. Our car is extremely reliable; it hasn’t disappointed us
once in the last ten years. LET
353. The original painting and the copy look the same to me. TELL
354. I don’t want to point out a trivial difference, but your
facts aren’t quite right. SPLIT HAIRS
355. Being mean and being careful with money are not quite
the same. SUBTLE
356. Some people say there’s hardly any difference between
love and hate. LINE
357. I have a friendly relationship with everyone at work. TERMS
358. Have you become anyone’s friend since you arrived? MADE
359. He’s stopped being friends with Clare. FALLEN
360. Have you heard the news? Roger has divorced. SPLIT
361. I used to be a friend of his. WITH
362. You know I told you I was a millionaire? Well, I was
teasing you. PULLING
363. Her comments used words in a very clever and amusing way. WITTY
364. It’s a brilliant film –I laughed uncontrollably all the way
through. HEAD
365. Everybody made fun of him because he’d had his hair cut
so short. MICKEY
366. What did his silence mean? SIGNIFICANCE
367. He pretended that his latest business failure was not
important. LAUGHED
368. Football is the most important thing in his life. LIVES
369. You must see a doctor as soon as possible. VITAL
370. It’s time you realised what’s important and what isn’t. PRIORITIES
371. He said that the crisis wasn’t important. LIGHT
372. I met some old friends by chance in the pub. BUMPED
373. By chance I was there when she revealed the truth. HAPPENED
374. If I’m lucky, I’ll get a job as soon as I get there. LUCK
375. Guess who I met by chance on my way here. RAN
376. Fortunately, the boat hadn’t left. BY A STROKE …
377. If nothing unfortunate happens, I’ll see you next week. ALL BEING …
378. Because of good advice, I was able to make the right decision. ENABLED
379. I’ve tried, but I simply can’t cook at all. GOOD
380. He finds it impossible to make decisions. HOPELESS
381. I’ll have to wait before I know whether he’ll keep his
promise. IT REMAINS …
382. I’m afraid I’ll be a bit late because something unexpected
has happened. CROPPED
383. There was never any doubt what the result would be. CONCLUSION
384. It’s impossible to predict how long it will take to do this. TELLING
385. I shouldn’t think that anything will go wrong. ODDS
386. He’ll probably get here late; he usually does. LIABLE
387. The profit that might be made is enormous. POTENTIAL
388. It’s not certain whether I’ll be able to pay the bills. TOUCH AND GO
389. A lot of things keep stopping me from working. WAY
390. You’ll have to stard doing some serious work soon. GET DOWN
391. I’m trying to concentrate but all that noise you’re making
is distracting me. PUTTING
392. I don’t like disturbing her when she’s busy. INTRUDING
393. You should think about the price before you decide whether
to buy it or not. CONSIDERATION
394. He’s not sure whether to go or not. TWO MINDS
395. I’ve considered the advantages and disadvantages and I’ve
decided not to go. WEIGHED
396. Considering that she’s only just started, she’s doing very well. BEARING
397. She’s not sure whether she wants to marry him or not. SECOND
398. They will consider age and experience when they decide
the salary. ACCOUNT
399. I was going to argue with him, but I decided that it was a
bad idea. BETTER
400. I’m not considering that suggestion. RULED
401. When I agreed to do this. I didn’t think that it would be so
expensive. BARGAIN
402. Let me give you a clue to help you remember. JOG
403. I’ve completely forgotten what I was going to say. BLANK
404. I can very nearly remember the word. TONGUE
405. I remember this song from somewhere. BELL
406. I can’t remember when or where I’ve met him. PLACE
407. Although I don’t speak Italian very well, I understood the
general meeting of what she said. DRIFT
408. I’m fully aware of the fact that it’s not your fault. APPRECIATE
409. He doesn’t realise what other people are saying about him. OBLIVIOUS
410. From what I read in the paper, the economic situation is
getting worse. GATHER
411. The way I see it, there’s only one thing you can do. STRIKES
412. He didn’t realise the cost involved in buying a house. AWARE
413. After a while, I realised that I’d made a terrible mistake. DAWNED
414. I don’t mind changing my plans. OBJECTION
415. The neighbours were arguing. ROW
416. Do we agree? AGREEMENT
417. I don’t like having to pay so much for so little. OBJECT
418. I don’t want to argue with you. ARGUMENT
419. In the end we found a solution that suited us both. COMPROMISE
420. I’ll compromise with you. HALF-WAY
421. We’ve agreed to share the cost. COME
422. I expressed my disagreement with his plan. OPPOSITION
423. He thinks that capital punishment is a good idea. FAVOUR
424. If you do what I ask, everything will be all right. CO-OPERATE
425. I never have arguments with my parents. ROW
426. I was going to leave, but because of what she said, I didn’t. SHE PERSUADED …
427. I didn’t want to buy it, but because he insisted, I bought it. HE PUSHED …
428. You must think about it carefully before you decide, she
told me. SHE URGED …
429. They have security guards so that people won’t try to steal. DISCOURAGE
430. They’re telling me that I must make a decision soon. PRESSURE
431. When I make my complaint, I hope that you’ll say you
agree with me. BACK
432. She’s always trying to force other people to accept her
opinions. IMPOSE
433. He has always done things to help her in her career. SUPPORTED
434. He offered them more money to encourage them to do the
job quickly. INCENTIVE
435. The judge gave a harsh sentence so that other people wouldn’t
commit the same crime. DETER
436. She was nervous about going to the doctor’s, so I went
with her so that she wouldn’t be alone. MORAL SUPPORT
437. Many people believe that the death penalty deters criminals. DETERRENT
438. I was forced to apologise. CHOICE
439. Don’t listen to him –he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. NOTICE
440. The recent increases in air fares haven’t changed the
number of people wanting to fly. EFFECT
441. I don’t influence the way that the business is managed. SAY
442. Everyone contributed to the team’s success. PART
443. I wish he wouldn’t keep asking me about my sex life. PRYING
444. This is none of your business. CONCERN
445. I didn’t get involved in their conversation. KEPT
446. She said it was none of my business. NOTHING
447. I prefer not to get involved with him. DISTANCE
448. I didn’t participate in the argument. TAKE PART
449. The decision had nothing to do with me. INVOLVED
450. Although I set off late, I succeeded in getting there on time. MANAGED
451. Nothing had happened on my first day at work. SMOOTHLY
452. The whole day happened as planned. ACCORDING
453. I gave up trying to make friends with the other students
because I was making no progress. NOWHERE
454. It seems that whatever I try to do, something bad always
happens. WRONG
455. She always gets what she wants. WAY
456. He’s becoming very successful. PLACES
457. The evening was unsuccessful and ended in an argument. BADLY
458. The house was so badly damaged in the fire that it couldn’t
be repaired. THE HOUSE WAS TOO
459. He told me my request was unreasonable. HARDLY
460. I was exasperated when the appointment was cancelled
once again. EXASPERATION
467. He found the pressures of the job intolerable. PUT UP WITH
468. The workers did not arrive home until midnight. IT WAS NOT …
469. The ships in the harbour took the full force of the storm. BRUNT
470. Most of the orders will have been processed by Friday. BULK
471. They renovated and redecorated the old house. DID UP
472. Not much heat came from the radiators. BARELY
473. In this job you have to work long hours. INVOLVES
474. He was so skilful that he could complete a portrait in
two days. SUCH
475. A day rarely went by without a phone call from mother. RARELY
476. He had no idea that armed police were waiting for him. LITTLE
477. We had only just reached the summit when the storm
began. HARDLY
478. It was the first time the cave had been entered by human
beings. NEVER
479. It was so cold that we stuffed our boots with dried grass. SO COLD WAS IT …
480. Although he found the car difficult to steer, Andrew was
able to negotiate the long course. NOTWITHSTANDING
481. The authorities failed to accept responsibility for the
accident, and that’s difficult for the drivers to come to
terms with. WHAT THE DRIVERS
482. Repeated attempts to revive the injured driver were made,
but he did not recover consciousness. IN SPITE
483. My job allows us to live where we want to and to pay the
mortgage. ALONG WITH
484. The organiser’s action almost amounted to negligence. SHORT
485. The driver had been travelling at over 180 m.p.h. IN EXCESS OF
486. Up to half a million people may have perished in the
earthquake. CLAIMED
487. The team is unlikely to reach the summit. THE ODDS …
488. The boxer agreed to take part in the match only on the
conditions he himself laid down. TERMS
489. Mrs Brown is not involved in the management of this
company. NOTHING
490. Although he liked strawberries very much, John couldn’t
face eating any more that day. MUCH AS
491. Although some of his shares had gone down in price, he had
made an overall profit. IN SPITE
492. She was interested in nothing except making money. MAKING MONEY…
493. Peter’s workload is more than he can handle. COPE
494. If you don’t pay by the end of the month, interest is charged. INCUR
495. The company does not intend to replace this model. PLANS
496. There is not much difference between these two vehicles. CHOOSE
497. It gave him great pleasure to contemplate the misfortune
that had befallen his rival. GLOATED OVER
498. Children often over-react when they learn that animals are
killed to provide meat. ON …
499. It is probable that there will be strong resistance to the
ban on shooting. LIKELY
500. Some people respond to the issue of battery farming by
avoiding it. ONE RESPONSE
501. The panther took the girl thinking she was a dog. MISTOOK
502. A child may react initially in a variety of ways but will
usually come round to accepting the parents’point of view.WHATEVER
503. The tiger was stalking the hunter, who was quite unaware. STALKED
504. The young girl died when she was attacked by the panther.LOST
505. The authorities estimate that there are only six tigers now
left in the nature reserve. PUT
506. Don’t tell anyone about our plans. BREATHE
507. Any goods in excess of what is necessary can be returned
to the manufacturers. SURPLUS
508. I know those nursery rhymes because I was taught them
as a child. BROUGHT UP
509. Very few people are willing to do this job. HARDLY
510. She likes presenting seminars on self-promotion more than
anything else. WHAT
511. Sally was never at a loss for Word. AT NO TIME …
512. He did not hesitate to write a letter of complaint. HESITATION
513. Unless we use a special crane we cannot move these
containers. ONLY BY …
514. I don’t think that Mary is able to accept criticism. LACKS
515. Work done before 9 a.m. isn’t overtime. COUNT
516. He was forced to accept a transfer to another office. CHOICE
517. His conviction for theft was not known to us. AWARE
518. Are we likely to get this contract? CHANCES
519. He would do anything to get revenge. NOTHING
520. John said he disapproved of capital punishment. DISAPPROVAL
521. The crime rate has risen sharply in the last ten years. THERE HAS …
522. Whatever your personal opinions, you must carry out
your duty. NO MATTER
523. The police officers never mistreated the prisoner. AT NO TIME
524. A high standard of customer service is the reason for the
company’s success. FOUNDED
525. He decided to make Edinburgh his permanent home. SETTLE
526. She felt unable to accept the court’s decision. RECONCILE
527. He became an extremely popular singer. ACHIEVED
528. Christopher was determined to get revenge. GET BACK
529. Most stage-struck teenagers think twice before embarking
on a career on the stage, even if they are very keen. HOWEVER KEEN
530. Anna’s mother is worried about her health, as well as
being concerned about her career. QUITE APART
531. This jockey continued to break the rules, although he was
officially warned about his behaviour. DESPITE
532. Mr Taylor was sacked from his job as Minister of Defence
when details of his private life were revealed. REVELATIONS
533. This letter guarantees that the boots are authentic. THE AUTHENTICITY
534. Mary plans to finish her novel and then go abroad. WHEN
535. These events did not benefit Tom. DETRIMENT
536. She’s very proud of the way she keeps her house clean
and tidy. PRIDE
537. He always took the best jobs for himself without thinking
of the bad effect on his colleagues. EXPENSE
538. The commentator decided to criticise particularly the
council’s housing policy. SINGLED OUT
539. This TV programme will not make any difference to the
difficult situation that exists between these two organisations. RELATIONS
540. The raft seems to be in good condition despite a leak in the
observation port. ALTHOUGH
541. I was soon lost, as I couldn’t see anything from the vehicle
in which I was being transported. BEING
542. There was hardly ever enough work to keep me occupied
for the whole morning. RARELY …
543. The team of experts finally managed to get the right
solution to the problem. CAME UP
544. There was sufficient time for us to feel we had no need
to hurry. WORLD
545. I spend all my energy trying to support my family. GOES ON
546. You have to be very clever to be able to wash under a
push button tap. SKILL
547. Although it was a small thing, I felt I should make myself
as presentable as possible. LEAST
548. I think everyone got a lot of the training course. WORTHWHILE
549. With this machine you can do all the calculations you need. ENABLE
550. This company stands a very good chance of winning an
551. The speaker was soon surrounded by a large crowd. GATHERED
552. Martin suddenly started to sing. BURST
553. These happenings may be bizarre, but the fact that they
are well documented means they should be investigated. HOWEVER …
554. I may forget about the meeting, so remind me about it. IN CASE
555. Many people were conned into giving donations and very
few realised even later that they had been duped. WHOM
556. The conjuror obtained alarming effects and many of them
frightened the younger members of the audience. WHICH
557. The evidence on this point is not totally convincing. FALLS SHORT
558. Let’s not waste any time but get down to the business in
559. People are now claiming that Jones is the murderer. ALLEGED
560. Tom arrived at 11:30 when the party was really and truly
under way. SWING
561. Francis discovered the evidence to prove his theory quite
by chance. STUMBLED
562. The work he has done is not up to the standard that we
expect. FALLS
563. Terry is allergic to pears and that is one way in which he
takes after his mother. WITH RESPECT
564. Stephen just couldn’t manage to explain how he made so
many spelling errors. LOSS
565. At the age of eight, Helen first encountered classical Greek
and she’s been fascinated ever since. HOOKED
566. Tom comes from Yorkshire, but you couldn’t tell his from
his accent. TRACE
567. Technical manuals are quite suitable for this purpose. BILL
568. The skier injured his back, so that was the end of his
championship hopes. PUT PAID
569. Not many people completed the questionnaire. It is
disappointing. THAT …
570. She was prepared to accept the job. This surprised
everyone. WHAT …
571. He found the treasure. We don’t know where. We will
never know. WHERE …
572. He lived in Spain for ten years. He didn’t learn Spanish.
This is surprising. TO …
573. The car is very old. It continues to run well. This is amazing. HOW SUCH
574. He may be rich. He may be poor. It will make no difference
to his application to build a house in the village. WHETHER …
575. People can invest 1000 pounds now.They will receive 1700
in five years’time. WHOEVER …
576. He wrote in his diary. The diary contains nothing but false
information. WHATEVER …
577. The gansters threatened Peter with violence. THREATS
578. The driver behaved in such a way as to place the
passengers in danger. THE PASSENGERS …
579. Sheila has every chance of getting the job. LIKELY
580. It wasn’t Jill’s fault that we got lost. TO BLAME
581. The full story of the disaster was not told until 2010. NOT UNTIL …
582. One is very much inclined to dismiss the whole thing as a
583. After a short prison sentence, he decided to go straight. SPELL
584. The right attitude to the job is as important as the right
qualifications. NO LESS
585. He paid no regard to his own comfort. INDIFFERENT
586. Compared to what we had to put up with before, the meals
we are getting now are delicious. COMPARISON
587. We have long since ceased to keep information in printed
form. AGES
588. You shouldn’t wander away from the path under any
circumstances. UNDER …
589. I didn’t leave the office at any time. AT NO TIME …
590. She could rely on nobody but him. NOBODY
591. They would not confess to the murder until the police came. NOT UNTIL …
592. We not only ran into fog but it began to rain. NOT ONLY …
593. You can try phoning but it’s possible that the car has been
sold by now. THE CAR …
594. If you’ve been out of the country, you obviously haven’t
heard about the robbery. CAN’T HAVE
595. I just don’t believe that the line has been engaged all this
time. Maybe there’s a fault on it. MUST HAVE
596. Don’t start worrying. It’s possible that he took a later plane. MIGHT HAVE
597. I’m sorry to trouble you but I was wondering if there was any
possibility of my using your phone for a moment. MIGHT
598. I’ve forgotten to return the key to the safe. I’m sure
people have been looking everywhere for it. MUST HAVE
599. It’s possible that you won’t even to show a pass to get in. MAY
600. She’s unlikely to have left without warning anyone. CAN’T HAVE
601. You’d like me to come with you to the hospital, wouldn’t you? YOU’D RATHER
602. Don’t treat him as a criminal! AS IF …
603. When are you going to listen to me? I WISH …
604. This is confidential, don’t mention it to anyone. I’D RATHER
605. Any correspondence from the London office must be dealt
with before other matters. PRIORITY
606. I advise you not to believe what you read in the papers
about me. RELIANCE
607. We’d better leave. IT’S HIGH TIME…
608. You’ve got a nerve, implying that it was all my fault. HOW DARE …
609. You lent me a tent. It was damaged in a storm. You heard
about the storm on the news. WHICH
610. He arrived rather late because he had been held up in the
rush hour traffic. HAVING…
611. The weather was unsettled so we decided not to venture
very far from the hotel. BEING
612. I wasn’t given the flight number so it was rather difficult
to find out when the plane would arrive. NOT UNTIL …
613. Contracts exchanged, you will be free to move into the
house. ONCE …
614. I would prefer you to wear something more formal to work. I’D RATHER …
615. This is the worst coffee I have ever drunk. NEVER …
616. I’m not friendly with him; in fact, I hardly even know him.FAR …
617. I’d better be getting home now. IT’S TIME …
618. If I have plenty of warning I’ll willingly baby-sit for you. PROVIDED …
619. As he grew older, he became more and more forgetful. THE OLDER …
620. Since the company’s methods were exposed in a newspaper,
people have lost their good opinion of it. DISREPUTE
621. The prisoner was recaptured as he rushed towards the gate. DASH
622. I was supposed to finish the report by today. SHOULD
623. It was in your power to do a lot more to help people than
you did. COULD
624. It’s important for me to come to a decision soon. Otherwise
I might lose the chance. MUST
625. It wasn’t necessary to buy all those provisions. We’re only
going for a weekend, not a month! NEEDN’T
626. Is it really necessary for you to ask my advice about every
little matter? NEED …
627. Perhaps it would have been wise to think of the consequences
before you told the boss to drop dead. OUGHT
628. She suggested organising a protest meeting. THAT
629. He recommended us to visit the City Museum. THAT
630. “You could try the corner shop.” SUGGESTED
631. “If you are eating at Mario’s, try the squid.” RECOMMENDED
632. The detective wouldn’t be able to relax until he caught
the criminal. NOT UNTIL …
633. Such a journey has not been possible since the invention
of the jet engine. NOT SINCE …
634. There isn’t any place where you can escape timetables. NOWHERE …
635. Bad manners infuriate me. WHAT …
636. My boyfriend loves Italian food. IT’S …
637. People who don’t leave a tip get on my nerves. WHAT …
638. A bird learns to say hello or goodbye. It is likely to use
one as the other. A BIRD THAT …
639. A study of higher animals reveals language systems.
None of these systems is creative in the way human
language is. NONE OF WHICH
640. The man tried to say something. The people around him
did not understand him. WHAT …
641. People are unwilling to spend a lot of money. They will
always spend a lot of money if they think they are getting
a “bargain.” HOWEVER …
642. Pushy shop-assistants are unpopular. They always sell
more than their colleagues. NO MATTER …
643. British people are often dissatisfied with the products they
buy. They rarely complain about them. EVEN IF …
644. High-technology products are not reliable. They are always
more expensive than less sophisticated items. DESPITE
645. He would prefer architects to study the classical style. HE’D RATHER …
646. Some bosses act like dictators. THOUGH
647. She talks like a person who has lived in a palace, but I know
she never has. AS IF
648. She thinks it’s a pity that the British are so obsessed with old-
fashiones styles. SOONER
649. I regret the fact that I bought such an expensive house. I WISH …
650. I wish I lived in a house with a garden. IF ONLY …
651. My neighbours keep interfering in my private life, which
really gets on my nerves. I WISH …
652. The horse and the dog have become workmates as well as
companions. Their history is closely linked with that of
humans. WHOSE
653. There is a good chance that the first Europeans to set foot
in North America were Vikings. MAY HAVE
654. We are sure that the ancient Egyptians were not the first
people to use a written language. CAN’T HAVE
655. It is now certain that the first humans came from East Africa. MUST HAVE
656. There is a slight possibility that Christopher Columbus was
Spanish and not Italian. MIGHT HAVE
657. There is a good chance that the Chinese invented printing
several hundred years before the Europeans. MAY HAVE
658. It was impossible for the Japanese to have known about the
American’s work on the atomic bomb before 1945. CAN’T HAVE
659. We are certain that the dinosaurs became extinct before
the appearance of humans on the earth. MUST HAVE
660. We are now sure that Marco Polo wasn’t the first European
to vist China. CAN’T HAVE
661. It is probable that Adolf Hitler burnt his diaries before he
662. I know a lot of people are using environment-friendly products,
but I’m really not convinced that this will help. IF I THOUGHT …
663. Annie joined the World Wildlife Fund a few months ago.
She’s very interested in animals and this is a way of
helping them. WOULDN’T HAVE
664. I would be happier if newspapers spent their time and money
on investigating stories about ordinary people. I’D RATHER …
665. I wish photographers would stop spying on famous people
with their telephoto lenses and hidden cameras. SOONER
666. Judging from the way they act the gutter press obviously
thinks that every detail of a celebrity’s personal life is
public property. AS THOUGH
667. Her friends’messages of sympathy helped her during her
illness. COMFORT
668. Please, behave in my house as you would in your own house. YOURSELF
669. He deals calmly with everything. STRIDE
670. She was relieved when she realised that her bag hadn’t
been stolen. A SIGH OF RELIEF
671. You aren’t allowed to smoke on the tube. BAN
672. The fact that he will never race again is something he
cannot accept. TERMS
673. I could tell by the tone of his voice how serious the situation
674. You should make an effort to get out and about more. HIGH TIME
675. Let’s invite the Marshalls to a barbecue on Sunday. HE SUGGESTED …
676. It was overeating which caused his heart attack. IF …
677. Alternative medicine is a complete mystery to some people. MYSTIFIED
678. “Why don’t you think about how you’re going to play the
character?”, the hynotherapist suggested to Annie. THAT ANNIE
679. The government have been reviewing their immigration
policy for some time. THE GOVERNMENT’S
680. “I’m in a bit of a hurry, but I’ll ring you tomorrow,” he
681. I find it surprising that she didn’t like her present. I WOULD …
682. She discovered eight new comets in the course of her work. RESULTED
683. The police have never arrived on our doorstep in the
middle of the night before. WE’VE NEVER …
684. My hair has never fallen out in handfuls before! NEVER BEFORE …
685. The gas explosion blew out all the shop windows. ALL THE SHOPS …
686. A thief picked my pocket on the tube. I HAD …
687. They laid a new carpet yesterday. WE HAD …
688. They’re fitting the windows tomorrow. WE’RE HAVING …
689. We had double glazing put in by the builders. WE GOT …
690. They are not allowed to smoke in my classroom. I WON’T HAVE …
691. They’ll all want to stay the night if we don’t ask them to
leave now. WE’LL HAVE …
692. She managed to walk around the room with a little
encouragement from me. I HAD HER …
693. I never thought of going to Iceland for my holidays. OCCURRED
694. His holiday insurance scheme failed through lack of support. BACK
695. It poured down all day. TORRENTS
696. It seems likely the company will fold. IN ALL …
697. I hope my remarks haven’t upset you. OFFENCE
698. There are some people who didn’t agree with the decision. UNANIMOUS
699. The decorators have finished the whole of the first floor. WE HAVE HAD …
700. It is difficult to know what one’s reaction would have been
in such a situation. IF I HAD BEEN …
701. The children are in disgrace for being so badly behaved. UNDER A CLOUD
702. My car has never broken down on a motorway before. BREAK DOWN
703. The storm completely wiped out all my crops. I’VE HAD …
704. The regiment’s reputation was greatly damaged by his
outrageous conduct. HARM
705. The ships were hardly visible through the thick fog. MAKE OUT
706. We are unaminous regarding the formation of a new
alliance. SHARES
707. The disagreement is a lot of fuss about nothing. TEACUP
708. A government official leaked the story to the world press. GOT WIND
709. It was with great reluctance that they came to our aid. LOATH
710. Organic vegetables are said to be very healthy. WONDERS
711. If you hadn’t been speeding, the police wouldn’t have
stopped you. MUST
712. It is essential that no one is told about our plans. MUSTN’T
713. It was wrong of you not to call the doctor at once. SHOULD HAVE
714. He stood no chance of passing his exams. BOUND
715. I’m sure he missed the eleven o’clock train. MUST HAVE
716. I’m annoyed with you for not phoning me to say you’d be
717. I hardly think she will agree to giving you a pay rise. I DOUBT …
718. The house has got everything except a large garden. LACKS
719. I’m afraid to say that we haven’t got any oil left. RUN OUT
720. The film is similar to Shakespeare’s Hamlet in a number of
721. In all probability we will finish the project on Thursday. CHANCES
722. He knows he shouldn’t have said those terrible things. HE REGRETS …
723. I have to admit I’m a chain smoker. I WISH I …
724. I can’t stand the way he falls asleep in the middle of dinner. IF ONLY …
725. Oh dear! I didn’t realice it was so cheap. I WISH I …
726. They were seasoned travellers, which we had not expected
them to be. CONTRARY TO …
727. Unfortunately, he hasn’t phoned for days. I WISH HE …
728. The police arrived as the thieves were committing the crime. RED-HANDED
729. We don’t seem to have much sugar left. RUNNING
730. He celebrated his birthday last Saturday. TOOK PLACE
731. They lost not only their money but their passports as well. ADDITION
732. Bad weather delayed the flight. DUE
733. They arrived at their destination alive and kicking. SOUND
734. Travellers consider themselves superior to those who lead
a more sedentary life. LOOK DOWN
735. You’d be wasting your time trying to make him change his
736. She earns money from her paintings. SOURCE
737. My impression of him was that he was a very capable person. STRUCK
738. It is her father who is Italian. FATHER’S SIDE
739. They believe the senator is well over seventy. THE SENATOR …
740. They will not officially declare independence until next year. NOT …
741. He’s always ready to be of assistance, when we’re busy on
the farm. HELPING HAND
742. Every time he opens his mouth, he says something tactless. CAN’T HELP
743. Experts say that the fall in the birth rate will cause the drop
in the number of school leavers. THE DROP …
744. They feel that the forecasters are doing an unsatisfactory job. ARE FELT
745. He’s tried as hard as he can. BEST
746. They have narrowed the many applicants down to three. SHORT-LISTED
747. They disapprove of smoking in this restaurant. FROWNED
748. When she sold the jewellery at such a low price, she was
cheated. RIDE
749. We’d been thinking about helping them for some time. BACKING
750. Under no circumstances would I have missed the concert. ALL THE WORLD
751. You’ll just have to take a chance! POT LUCK
752. I can’t understand why you didn’t come and see me earlier. WHAT I …
753. She wouldn’t have been upset if you hadn’t lied about your
past. IT
754. Many school leavers speak English inadequately. COMMAND
755. Although the papers claim that they are going to get
divorced, they are not. CONTRARY
756. His memory gradually failed as he grew old. THE OLDER …
757. Vitamin intake and intelligence are not connected. CONNECTION
758. During exam time he always revised all night. IF IT …
759. He can’t be at home. He promised he would phone as soon
as he got back. IF HE WERE …
760. Why didn’t you tell me about the party? You know I like
going to parties! HAD YOU …
761. What a shame we didn’t go by air! Think of the saving in
time! IF ONLY
762. A successful interview means that you will be offered a job. PROVIDED
763. It’s a pity that the TV packed up. We can’t watch the
football now! IF THE TV …
764. Provided that you leave a forwarding address, we will be
able to contact you. UNLESS …
765. Whenever he felt depressed, he went for a long walk
across the hills. IF HE …
766. Many species of wild life are threatened with extinction. VERGE
767. Pandas need a special diet without which they perish. PROVIDED
768. He liked the new job straight away. EASE
769. We would like a copy of your new prospectus. GRATEFUL
770. She felt uncomfortable in the huge hotel. PLACE
771. I don’t see any point in trying to save endangered species. WORTH
772. No smoking in the underground. BAN
773. It is roughly estimated that some turtles lay 28,000 eggs
a year. AVERAGE
774. I regret shouting at him. IF ONLY …
775. The customs of the people no longer seemed strange. BECAME USED
776. Basically, a couple’s happiness depends on their ability
to communicate. THE MORE
777. I’m trying to eat fewer fatty foods. CUT DOWN
778. That is the most shocking story I have ever heard. I HAVE …
779. This is my brother’s first solo flight in a glider. FIRST TIME
780. The train left before the got to the station. BY THE TIME
781. The school was founded ten years ago. IT IS TEN YEARS …
782. He must learn that behaving like that is quite unacceptable. NOT ON
783. Could you explain that again –I can’t quite understand what
you’re trying to say. GETTING AT
784. Do you think that people are attracted to partners who
remind them of their parents? GO FOR
785. The latest round of peace talks have collapsed amidst
bitter recriminations. BROKEN
786. I had to throw the milk away because it was sour. GONE
787. “Why don’t you have a barbecue,?” said Tim to his mother. SUGGESTED
788. “I most certainly did not steal the money,” he said. DENIED
789. “I am the greatest gymnast ever,” said the gold medal winner. BOASTED
790. “Don’t tell anyone or you’ll be sorry,” Mary said. WARNED
791. “If I were you, I’d tell your parents about it,” Anne said
792. “You stole my gold bracelet,” she said to me bitterly. ACCUSED
793. The business is hardly making a profit at the moment. BREAKING EVEN
794. We never purchase small quantities as we would make
less profit. BULK
795. “Please, don’t take my money, it’s all I’ve got,” said the
old woman to the intruder. BEGGED
796. Selling antiques made him a little extra money. DABBLED
797. The new manager blames me for everything that goes wrong. PICKING ON
798. They sold the car for 1,500 pounds. WENT
799. Books on animal diseases in Outer Mongolia are not
exactly best sellers. CALL
800. We shall have an in-depth discussion about these
recommendations at the next meeting. FULL
801. I would prefer you not to discuss details of this case in
public. I’D RATHER …
802. Craig claimed that he had not fired the gun. DENIED
803. It’s a waste of time to try and get your money back. WORTH
804. They sent him to prison for three years. SENTENCED
805. This mix-up is not my fault. BLAME
806. We were not very surprised to hear that he had been
stealing money from the company. IT CAME …
807. Everyone notices that Jane was absent. CONSPICUOUS BY
808. Soldiers obey orders as a matter of course. USED TO
809. The coloner and the doctor did not get on well. TERMS
810. The three men were each sentenced to prison for life. SENTENCE
811. Try to stay inconspicuous when you get there. PROFILE
812. I’m afraid that I think she shouldn’t marry him. CAN’T HELP
813. He was working all day and all night as well. NOT ONLY
814. He hadn’t ever stayed in such a dreadful hotel before. NEVER …
815. She dances beautifully and sings sweetly too. NOT ONLY …
816. I have never met such an infuriating person before. NEVER …
817. She didn’t spill a drop. NOT …
818. They don’t spend much money on entertainment. RARELY …
819. She doesn’t understand how much suffering she has caused. LITTLE …
820. We had only just finished putting up the tent when it
started to rain. NO SOONER …
821. They didn’t understand what the whole thing was about
until they saw the evidence for themselves. ONLY WHEN …
822. You can enter the competition to meet the cast only if you
purchase a ticket for the show. ONLY IF …
823. She didn’t shed a tear when the story ended in tragedy. NOT …
824. I suddenly realized the meaning of a “feebie.” DAWNED
825. Don’t panic about something so trivial. MOLEHILL
826. What you have done is inexcusable. AMENDS
827. The fact that they are always in trouble doesn’t surprise me. WONDER
828. The pressures of being in the public eye have proved too
much for him. COPE
829. No sooner had he bought the car than it broke down. SCARCELY
830. Mass tourism has been one of the causes of the problem. BLAME
831. He was not given details of the company’s new plans. DARK
832. The “environmentally friendly” label on this product is
misleading. CONTRARY
833. He was so overcome with emotion that he didn’t know
what to say. WORDS
834. My brother’s not feeling terribly well these days. WEATHER
835. They managed to get to the airport with only seconds to
spare. IN THE NICK
836. I resent the way that she clearly feels herself to be superior
to me. NOSE
837. I was very annoyed by his refusal to listen to reason. WHAT …
838. Starting smoking was a big mistake. I WISH …
839. The comedian soon made everyone in the audience laugh. HAD EVERYONE
840. He did not pass his driving test until he was nearly 30. IT …
841. It was the weakness of the foundations that led to the
collapse of the building. IF …
842. “I think you ought to see a doctor,” he said. SUGGESTED
843. It is thought that the Prime Minister is considering raising
844. It started to pour with rain moments after we had started
our walk. HARDLY
845. The phone stopped ringing the moment I got downstairs. NO SOONER …
846. His disabilities did not prevent him from sailing around the
world. DESPITE
847. She agreed to go out to dinner with him because she assumed
he was not married. HAD SHE …
848. The music teacher managed to make the whole class sing
in tune after a few weeks. HAD THE CLASS
849. I just didn’t know what to say. LOST
850. The press seem to have found out about the MP’s
indiscretions. WIND
851. I enjoy being the boss of a small company. SMALL POND
852. I think you should try and be as optimistic as you can. BRIGHT SIDE
853. The sound is detected by the microphone hand set. PICKED UP
854. This is the procedure. FOLLOWS
855. When I saw the condition of the patient I realized how
serious his illness was. CAME HOME
856. You ought to go and see a doctor about those spots soon! IT’S HIGH TIME …
857. The Minister doesn’t make a good impression on TV. COME ACROSS
858. I felt that the last candidate seemed rather inexperienced. STRUCK
859. Some of Peter’s expressions make me think of my brother. REMIND
860. Dealers have been selling the new Mercedes since December. SALE
861. Oh, just go away! I’m getting very annoyed by you. PUT OUT
862. I doubt whether you will have any trouble getting a visa. IMAGINE
863. The police have been watching the house for several weeks. SURVEILLANCE
864. Apparently poverty and crime are linked. APPEARS
865. Why do I always get the boring jobs? I’m fed up with it. DONKEY WORK
866. No one ever benefited from being poor! BEING POOR
867. She looks great with that new hairstyle. WONDERS
868. Doctors say that smoking is bad for your health. HARM
869. The thief was sent to prison for the crimes he had committed. SERVED TIME
870. It’s possible that John wasn’t feeling well. MIGHT
871. It’s very annoying that you didn’t tell me you had changed
your plans. TOLD
872. It was wrong of me to speak to her like that. SPOKEN
873. You ran the risk of killing yourself by touching that wire. COULD
874. It turned out that I had been worrying about my cat
unnecessarily. WORRIED
875. If he hadn’t followed you home, he wouldn’t know where
you live. MUST
876. I should have picked Jane up from the station, but I
completely forgot about it. SUPPOSED
877. Please stop complaining about the heat! I WISH …
878. Her career took a different course when she was 30. TACK
879. Only Maria’s mother is French. SIDE
880. Janet’s husband can behave very aggressively at times. STREAK
881. The film star is staying in a specially designed caravan. PURPOSE
882. You have 30 days in which to complete and return this
form. WITHIN
883. Don’t tel me what to do! I WISH …
884. It appears that railroad agents distributed popular
literature throughout the US and Europe. WAS
885. I seem to offend people, however much I try not to! HELP
886. The staff are always so obliging to customers in this store. LEND
887. The coffee is just about finished. SHORT OF
888. I’m worried about Jason because he just watches TV all day. ALL HE
889. Picasso `painted GUERNICA, not Dali. IT WAS
890. Harriet was upset because she saw Peter with another
woman. IT WAS SEEING …
891. He broke the window because there was no other way of
getting into the house. THEREFORE
892. In case of emergency, break the glass and sound the alarm.SHOULD …
893. Supposing I got the job abroad, would you come with me? IF I WERE …
894. We must take steps to preserve natural resources, otherwise
the planet will be in danger. UNLESS
895. Sally is very disorganized so she has no chance of getting
the secretarial job. WERE IT NOT …
896. The road was water-logged so we were unable to move our
vehicle. IF IT HADN’T …
897. After the crash, there was debris all over the runway. LITTERED
898. The Minister accepted that he was to blame for what gone
899. My mother was unsure whether my decision to become an
actor was advisable. MISGIVINGS
900. I drove 200 miles to the concert, but then found I had gone
on the wrong day. ONLY TO FIND
901. “No, I had nothing whatsoever to do with the theft,” said
the security guard. DENIED
902. “What about trying to buy more products in bulk?”, said
the Marketing Manager. SUGGESTED
903. “Unless we improve our sales figures, the firm will go to
the wall,” said the Sales Manager. WARNED
904. “Zenco is the best packaging company in the country,”
said the foreman. PRAISED
905. “The government has consistently failed to support small
businesses,” said the reporter. ACCUSED
906. “If I were you, I wouldn’t make any decisions yet,” said
Peter to his son. URGED
907. “All right, the company is only just managing to break even,”
said the accountant. CONCEDED
908. “Today is a day which will go down in history,” said the
factory owner to the workers. ANNOUNCED
909. Products which seem to lack credibility are not popular. MUCH CALL
910. Many people find themselves in difficulties by not paying
for goods immediately. DO CREDIT
911. Buying old maps was a hobby of John Samson’s. DABBLED IN
912. “Why don’t you invest some of the money you have
inherited?”, said Susan to William. SUGGESTED
913. The twins always seem to disagree with each other. PICKING ON
914. We have run out of small sizes. OUT OF STOCK
915. When he returned home, he found that his flat had
been ransacked. ONLY TO
916. If you want to catch the 5:15 train you will have to leave
early. MEANS
917. I really wish I hadn’t said what I did. REGRET
918. The bank manager said he wouldn’t lend me what I needed. UNWILLING
919. Mozart’s last work was unfinished when he died. LEFT WITHOUT
920. Emma was very surprised when she heard she had passed
the exam. IT CAME …
921. I’ll always remember the first time I saw the Pyramids. FORGET
922. Under the circumstances the company can do little but
accept the situation. COULDN’T MAKE
923. No suitable play was found by the company to draw
audiences back to the theatre. FAILED
924. The least problem and the director always panics! MOLEHILL
925. I suddenly realized why the audience was being so hostile. DAWNED
926. There was a loud scream from backstage immediately
after the concert ended. NO SOONER …
927. The actors did not realice that the scenery was about to
fall on them. LITTLE…
928. The performer learned how to juggle by practising day
after day. ONLY …
929. Entertainment must be sympathetic to the needs of its
audience if it is to be popular. CAN’T DO WITHOUT
930. Mr Tipper’s wife was very sorry she couldn’t celebrate the
New Year with her husband. REGRETTED
931. The tabloids provide news and entertainment. NOT ONLY …
932. Who owns that car? BELONG
933. I don’t understand a single word of this letter. HEAD OR TAIL
934. She fully understands that she will have to work hard. WELL AWARE
935. He suddenly thought that he might have misunderstood her. CROSSED
936. He never thought of telling her. OCCURRED
937. That sentence doesn’t have an understandable meaning. NO SENSE
938. He didn’t know about her feelings for him. UNAWARE
939. The heat was such that I nearly fainted. IT WAS …
940. He’s getting someone to mend the windows. HE’S HAVING …
941. I haven’t enjoyed myself so much for years. IT’S YEARS …
942. We couldn’t go out because the weather was so bad. IT WAS SUCH …
943. My brother and I both went to that school. SO DID
944. She and I had never been there before. NEITHER …
945. Someone must meet him at the railway station. HE MUST …
946. I often get up early. I’M USED …
947. He borrowed my book, but he forgot to return it. I LENT …
948. They made him wait for two hours. HE WAS …
949. It’s the cheapest watch but it’s the nicest. NOT ONLY …
950. He spoke so quickly that I couldn’t understand what he said. SO QUICKLY …
951. You can exclude me. COUNT
952. They managed to extinguish the fire. PUT OUT
953. They rejected lots of perfectly good suggestions. TURNED DOWN
954. You should consider further what I’ve just suggested. THINK OVER
955. John obviously resembles his father. TAKES AFTER
956. I refused to tolerate his rudeness any longer. PUT UP
957. The plan met a lot of criticism. CAME IN FOR
958. A new manager assumed control last week. TOOK OVER
959. They Kenyan runner soon caught up with and passed the
other competitors. OVERTOOK
960. He was born at the beginning of the war. OUTBREAK
961. The chairman’s proposal seemed to be irrelevant. BESIDE
962. Although the testimonial was quite good, the employer could
read the hidden meaning. LINES
963. Valuable documents are usually kept securely locked. LOCK AND KEY
964. Generally the weather experts are right in their forecasts. BY AND LARGE, …
965. He believes in not being friendly with his employees. ARM’S LENGTH
966. Every sailor wanted to turn back, but Columbus sailed on. TO A MAN
967. Is he stupid? Certainly not. MEANS
968. He will play his accordion at a party when necessary, but
not as a general rule. OCCASION
969. The idea occurred to me suddenly. SPUR
970. Will you be able to come without much prior warning? NOTICE
971. The witness gave his evidence having sworn to tell the truth. OATH
972. The model posed for the artist without clothing. NUDE
973. Confidentially, what is your opinion of Brown? OURSELVES
974. Come later, now I am very busy. PRESENT
975. Very likely I shall be leaving you quite soon to go to South
America. IN ALL …
976. He was prepared to get hold of the enemy’s plans at any
cost. PRICE
977. Don’t tell me about your long journey, it’s irrelevant. BESIDE
978. Your retirement is impossible to be considered. QUESTION
979. A very energetic man, Tom is never still except when he is
asleep. REST
980. The train left late on account of the fog. SCHEDULE
981. The man changed jobs and started his career again from
the beginning. SCRATCH
982. When the girl saw the diamond ring she was carried away. RAPTURES
983. In tennis, it’s no good hitting the ball haphazardly. RANDOM
984. There was a feud between the two tribes, and several
murders were committed out of revenge. ON ACCOUNT
985. He was intelligent, worked his way up, and was soon
in control. SADDLE
986. The boy felt that his whole future was at issue when he
entered the examination room. STAKE
987. We decided to enjoy ourselves and have a good time to
celebrate our success. SPREE
988. John went home because he was feeling depressed. SORTS
989. Jane was dejected after she had heard the bad news. SPIRITS
990. Are you sane to make such a suggestion? SENSES
991. I wasn’t going to come, but after reconsidering I shall. SECOND
992. Counsel for the defence was quiet during the case for the
prosecution; everyone knew he had something hidden in
reserve. SLEEVE
993. His aunt asked him to stay for a short time. SPELL
994. We must work united. SHOULDER
995. Her dress was badly torn after falling down the cliff. SHREDS
996. Britain and the United States fought together against the
Nazis. SIDE
997. Keep the mixture almost boiling for half-an-hour. SIMMER
998. You cannot possibly set off not having eaten. STOMACH
999. The engine functions irregularly; I must send for a
mechanic. FITS
1000. Apples are not plentiful in December in England. SEASON