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Munck Civil Engineering A/S

Attn: Mr. Matthew Ball, Project Manager

Toftegårdsvej 18
DK-5800 Nyborg

Date: 2019-01-30

Your Ref: MUNCK/SWECO/132

Our Ref: 80.5215.03_SMT-091_MUNCK

Re: Danida Bridges in Northern Ghana.

Subject: DS-ITP-02 – Concrete Works

Dear Sir,

Reply of above-mentioned submission.

Yours faithfully,
Sweco Danmark A/S

Shimeles Molla Tsegaye

The Resident Engineer / Danida Bridges in Northern Ghana

Enclosure: MUNCK/SWECO/131, dated 25th January 2019.5 pages.

Cc: Chief Executive, Mr Ernest K. Arthur, GHA

Dy. Chief Executive (Dev.), Mr A. B. K. Nuhu, GHA
Dy. Chief Executive (Admin.), Mr David D. Hammond, GHA
Director of Contracts, Mr Collins Donkor, GHA
Director of Bridges, Yaqub Koray, GHA
Snr. Engineer, Mr William Amankwa-Boahin, GHA.
Bridge Engineer, Joshua Allotey, HAG
Thomas Fleurine Sørensen. The Engineer, Sweco
Kjeld B. Nielsen, Sweco.

Sweco Phone +45 72 20 72 07 Sweco Danmark A/S

Ørestads Boulevard 41 Fax +45 72 42 89 00 CIN 48233511
DK-2300 Copenhagen S www.sweco.dk
Danmark 1 (1)
Resident Engineer Shimeles Molla Tsegaye,
Resident Engineer/ Danida Bridges in Northern Ghana,
The Engineer's Office Bolgatanga,

E-mail: residentbridqes@qmail.com


Date: 25th January 2019

Danida Bridges in Northern Ghana

Re: DS-ITP-02 – Concrete Works

Dear Sir,

Please find enclosed request for Inspection Testing Plan Approval DS-ITP-02 – Concrete Works.

Kindly sign the Document Transmittal Sheet and return for incorporation in the QA documentation.

We look forward to your early approval.

Yours sincerely,
Munck Civil Engineering a/s

Matthew Ball
Project Manager

Attachment: DS-ITP-02 – Concrete Works

Cc: Ernest K. Arthur, Chief Executive, GHA (ernest.arthur@highways.gov.gh)

Kjeld B. Nielsen (KJEN), SWECO (KjeldBoje.Nielsen@sweco.dk)

Munck Civil Engineering a/s

Toftegaardsvej 18, DK-5800 Nyborg, Denmark
CVR. 6664 3719
E-mail: mba@munck.dk

Project : Danida Bridges - Northern Ghana Submittal Cover Sheet Ref. No. :

Employer : Ghana Highway Authority DS-ITP-02

Engineer : SWECO Revision no. : 0 Date : 23-Jan-19
Contractor : Munck Civil Engineering a/s Total no. of pages (incl. cover letter) : 4


Project Manager Submittal Codes: Review Codes:
Name : Matthew Ball A: for Approval APR: Approved
Signature : I : for Information APC: Approved with Comments
R: as Requested APC(R): Appr. with Comments, Resubmit
NAP: Not Approved, resubmit
Document Subm. Review
Item Rev. Document Title Initials Entry initialed
Reference No. Code Code
1 DBNG-MCE-ITP-03 0 Concrete Works A APC SMT










ENGINEER'S COMMENTS Engineer's Representative

Item 3. Reinforcement - Controlling Document based on the Special Name : Shimeles Molla
Spec. section 20.2.1S is acceptable. However, it should be noted that in Date: 2019-01-30
addition to submission of test certificate, the Engineer may call for Signature :
additional tests to be carried out on steel delivered to the site.

Attachments : 3-pages
Project: Danida Bridges in Northern Ghana ITP Ref. No. DBNG-MCE-ITP-03
Contractor: Munck Civil Engineering A/S Rev. 00
Engineer: SWECO Date: 23.01.2019
Works: Concrete Works Pages: 1

Item Controlling Document Verification activity (Inspection/ Test) Verifying Party

Activity Acceptance Criteria Responsibility Records Remarks
No. (Drwg, spec, etc) Method Frequency Munck SWECO
1 Method Statement and Risk Review Prior to commencing Approval by the Engineer Construction H
Assessment works Manager
2 Concrete Mix Design Standard Specifications 18.5 Review Prior to commencing Approval by the Engineer QA Manager H
3 Reinforcement Special Specifications 20.2.1S Visual inspection Each delivery From the approved Supplier. QA Manager Material Inspection Report ID W
Documents review Mill Certificate received
4 Placement of Blinding Concrete Dwg. No.101 Visual inspection Each section Conforming with the Specifications. Construction Work Inspection Request I M
Standard Specifications 7.3.2, Survey Thickness as per drawing Manager Concrete Pour Record Sheet
5 18.2
Reinforcement and embedded items Standard Specifications 19.4, Visual inspection Prior to each casting Laps as per Bar Bending Schedule. Construction Work Inspection Request I H
Formwork 19.7, 20.5 Measurement Reinforcement ±20mm parallel to a Manager Pre-pour Checksheet
concrete face; ±5mm at right angle to a
face, provided that the concrete cover
is not less the minimum shown on the
6 Placement of Structural Concrete Standard Specifications 18.10, Visual inspection Each pour Conforming with the Specifications. Construction Work Inspection Request I M
18.11, 18.14 Concrete temperature ≤30°C Manager Concrete Pour Record Sheet
7 Consistency of Concrete Standard Specifications 18.5.5, Slump test For each batch from Slump in accordance with Mix Design. Lab Technician Concrete Pour Record Sheet T W
2.10 BS EN 12350-1 which the cubes are ± 20 mm for Slump 50 to 90 mm
BS EN 12350-2 taken. As instructed ± 30 mm for Slump ≥100 mm
by the Engineer
8 Compressive strength of concrete Standard Specifications 18.5.2, BS EN 12390-2 One sample for max For 3 consecutive results the average Lab Technician Compressive strength report T W
2.10 BS EN 12390-3 50 m3 of concrete. of 28 day compressive strength test
150 mm cubes. results reaches the specified
compressive strength +4 Mpa. No
1 at 7 day, 2 at 28 day,
individual results fall below by more
1 spare than 4 Mpa.

Verification codes:H - Hold point Prepared by: QA Svetlana Sergijenko

W - Witness Reviewed by: CM Hazem Al-Khodari
I - Inspection Approved by: PM Matthew Ball
T - Test
D - Document Review
M - Monitor

Concrete Pre-pour Checksheet

Date Planned to cast on

WIR Ref. No.
Drawing Ref. No.
Bending Schedule Ref. No.

Setting out/ Survey MUNCK SWECO Formwork MUNCK SWECO

Line Dimensions
Position Plumb, Line & Level
Level Cleanliness
Reinforcement MUNCK SWECO Chamfers
Steel grade used Cast-in Items & Embedments
Number Box-outs
Size Release Agent applied
Shape Adequate support
Spacing/ Alignment Joints & Waterbars
Laps Ties & Bolts
Spacers/ Chairs Cover to reinforcement
Rebar Cleanliness
Tying/ Tying Wire


Munck Civil Engineering A/S SWECO

Position Position
Name Name
Signature Signature
Date Date

Concrete Pour Record Sheet

Description of Elements or Structure Cast Date Cast
Time Start Finish
Grade of Concrete
Target Slump, mm ±

Volume Temperature °C
Delivery Truck Reg. Cumulative Time Time on Accepted Time Nos. of
Delivered, Slump, mm
Note No. No. Volume, m3 batched Site Concrete Air (Yes/No) Complete Cubes

Position Name Signature Date