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Why Do Most Student Don’t Know How to Read

A Research

Presented to the Faculty of Bunguaio National High School

In partial fulfillment for the requirement in

Mini Research Paper


Jeynie L. Santos

Co – Author
Lady May C. Tagle
Chapter I

Background of the Study

Proficient reading and

writing skills are critical to
success. If students are not
competent readers, they are at
Proficient reading and
writing skills are critical to
success. If students are not
competent readers, they are at
Proficient reading and
writing skills are critical to
success. If students are not
competent readers, they are at
Reading is one of the important skills in English and it gives many benefits

for us. Reading is the window of the world. By reading, people can get more

knowledge and information from books, magazines, newspapers, and others.

Reading is the process of constructing meaning through the dynamic interaction

among the reader, the text and the context of the reading situation. Reading

process involves visual motor skills and perception of the symbols by the brain. It

is generally broken down into two components: „reading‟ the words, or decoding

and understanding what is read, or comprehension (Cooper, Warnoke &

Shipman, 2008; Samuels, 2010).

According to Manzo and Manzo (2003) who define reading as the act of

simultaneously reading the lines, reading between the lines, and reading beyond

the lines. Reading the lines‟ is the process of decoding the words in order to

reconstruct the author‟s basic message. Reading between the lines‟ is the

process of making inferences in order to reconstruct the author‟s implied

messages. This requires an understanding of the integral logic of facts presented

as well as an understanding of connotative and figurative language. Reading

beyond the lines‟ is the process of judging the significance of the author‟s

message and constructively applying it to other areas of knowledge and

experience. Typical reading difficulties of adolescents with mild disabilities

include problems with vocabulary, word recognition, reading comprehension and

reading rate. Reading appears to affect performance in all other academic

subjects as well as to impact vocational needs and options (Feagans, 2010;

Hallahan, Kauffman & Lioyd, 2010). Mercer (2005) denotes several types of
reading problems that are typically found among students such as reading habits,

word recognition errors, comprehension errors and miscellaneous symptoms.

Smith et al., (2005) also lists several common problems experienced by some

students who suffer from reading disabilities. These include: omitting letters,

syllables or words; inserting extra letters, words or sound; substituting words that

look or sound similar; mispronouncing words; repeating words and using

improper inflection during oral reading. Reading disability is a deliberating

problem for many children, adolescents and adults throughout the world.

Educators, parents, physicians, as well as society in general share a common

concern about individuals who do not learn to read. All teachers have the

responsibility of understanding and helping their failing and frustrated students.

Elementary classroom teachers, reading teachers, special education teachers

and secondary school teachers need knowledge about the assessment and

treatment of reading difficulties (Richet, List & Lerner, 2009).

Moreover, the available reading materials and class readers are often

ignored due to the wrong attitude of teachers towards teaching reading. Finally,

the researchers seek to identify and establish why some of students having

difficulties in specifically on the academic performance.

Chapter II
Statement of the problem
This paper will aim to evaluate if the Students of Bunguiao National High

School experiencing difficulties in reading.

Specifically, it attempts to provide answers to the following questions:

1. To find out the effects of reading difficulties on students‟ academic


2. To identify challenges faced by secondary school English language

teachers in dealing with reading difficulties regarding comprehension

errors in Bunguiao National High School.

3. Establish appropriate strategies that would enhance reading

comprehension among English teachers of Bunguaio National High


Purpose of the Study

The purpose of study is to know the improvement the student’s reading

comprehension of Bunguaio National High School Students.

The Significant of the Study

The result of the study will be useful for:

The Students

To motivate and make enthusiasm the students in the learning process

especially in reading teaching and helpful for students will be able to create more

enjoyable and meaningful learning.

The Teacher

This method makes the teacher easy in teaching reading and this expect

to give useful contribution in teaching reading and give another way for the

teacher develop student’s reading.

The School

This research useful to improve the quality of education and develop

English language teaching of the school

Future Researchers

The researcher will improve his knowledge in teaching reading method

and have experience in observation and apply with classroom action research at

Chapter III
Presentation and Discussion of data

This chapter includes the discussion of the research design, research

locale, population and sampling design, ethical consideration, research

instrument, data gathering procedure, and statistical tools.