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GSM Based Security System by

Fingerprint with Motion

This paper has been submitted to the department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering of
European University of Bangladesh in Partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of
Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.


Md.Mostafizar Rahman ID: 160216018

Pujon Kanti Das ID: 160216053
Auvizit ID: 160216055
Bappy Soheb Ahmed ID: 140316083


Mrs.Runa Kabir
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


[September, 2019]

Letter of Transmittal

17th September, 2019

The Supervisor
Department of EEE
European University of Bangladesh
Gabtoli, Dhaka-1216

Subject: Submission of Project Report

Dear Sir,

It is your great pleasure to submit our project report as a part of our project paper to you that we
are assigned to prepare under your direct supervision. We have got the opportunity to make a
report on “GSM Based Security System by Fingerprint with Motion”

We should tried to show our best skill on project report. We should like to assure that we will
remain stand by for any clarification or explanation when required. Thank you in advice for your
inexorable assistance.

Sincerely yours,

Bappy Soheb Ahmed
ID: 140316083

Md.Mostafizar Rahman
ID: 160216018

ID: 160216055

Pujon Kanti Das
ID: 160216053


We do hereby solemnly declare that the work presented in this report entitled of “GSM Based
Security System by Fingure print with Motion” has been carried out by us and has not been
previously submitted to any other University, College or Organization for an academic
qualification, certificate or degree.

We do hereby warrant that the work that has been presented here does not breach any existing
copyright. We further undertake to indemnify the University against any loss or damage arising.


Bappy Soheb Ahmed

Md.Mostafizar Rahman
Pujon Kanti Das



This is to certify that the report entitled “GSM Based Security System by Fingure print with
Motion” is the valid record of the submitted by Bappy Soheb Ahmed,Md.Mostafizar
Rahman,Auvizit, Pujon Kanti Das.

For partial fulfillment of the requirement of the degree of B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronics
engineering (EEE) from European University of Bangladesh.

This Work has been carried out under my guidance and is a bonfire record of valid works carried
out successfully.

Faculty Guide

Mrs. Runa Kabir
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
European University of Bangladesh


We would like to express our greatest gratitude to the people who helped and supported us
throughout this work. First and foremost we would like to thank our supervisor,Mrs. Runa
Kabir,Lecturer, Department of EEE,for giving us enormous support, advices and valued
guidance concerning this project.

We are grateful to professor A.O.M Abdul Ahad, Chairman,Department of EEE,Faculty of

Engineering, and European University of Bangladesh(EUB) for this comments, encouragement
and support.

We are grateful to our respected coordinator Abdullah Al Faruk,Lecturer,Coordinator of

EEE,Faculty of Engineering, and European University of Bangladesh(EUB) for kindly agreeing
to examine my project.

Next,we would like to thank our family and friends for their valuable support to complete this

Finally, we would like to express our heartiest gratefulness to Almighty Allah for His heavenly
blessings. Without his blessings it would not possible to complete our work successfully.

Thank you all



Automated security system is a useful addition, where safety is an important issue. By this
project a security system has been designed to protect the home security from thief or
unauthorized person. This security system consists of two sensors, and GSM (Global System for
Mobile communication) module. Sensors are fingure print sensor and Motion sensor. GSM
modem is used to send warning SMS to dedicated phone number. When any of two sensors
detect something wrong, then a warning SMS is automatically transmitted to a dedicated phone
number and also a warning alarm turn on through Arduino microcontroller and GSM module. As
a security system of Security has been designed and it has been tested several times and found
most suitable security system

List of Contents

Name of Contents Page Number

Letter of Transmittal ii
Declaration iii
Certificate iv
Acknowledgement v
Executive Summary vi

Chapter 01 Introduction 01-04

1.1 Introduction 02
1.2 Motivation 02
1.3 Literature Review 03
1.4 Objective 04

Chapter 02 Description of Component 05-18

2.1 Introduction 06
2.2 Name Of Component 06
2.3 Description of Component 06
2.3.1 Arduino Nano 06
2.3.2 Introduction to Arduino Boards 07
2.3.3 Pin Description of Arduino Nano 07
2.3.4 In addition, some pins have specialized functions 07
2.3.5 GSM Module 08

2.3.6 Features of GSM RS232 Modem 08

2.3.7 Specification of GSM 09

2.3.8 Specification for SMS via GSM 09

2.3.9 Working Process 09

2.3.10 LCD 16*2 09

2.3.11 Features 10

2.3.12 Pin Symbol I/O Description 11

2.3.13 Logic Status on control lines 11
3.3.14 Writing data to the LCD 12

2.3.15 Read data from data lines 12

2.3.16 Sonar 12
2.3.17 These sectors include 13
2.3.18 Diffuse and Retro reflective Mode Sensors 13
2.3.19 Thru-Beam Sensors 13
2.3.20 Double Sheet Sensors 13
2.3.21 LED 14
2.3.22 Resistors 14
2.3.23 Buzzer 15
2.3.24 Servo Motor 15
2.3.25 Jumper Wire 16
2.3.26 Power Supply 17
2.3.27 Bread Board 17
2.3.28 Dustbin 18

Chapter 03 Design and Working Methodology 19-22

3.1 Introduction 20
3.2 Circuit Diagram 20
3.3 Working Principle 20
3.4 Block Diagram 21
3.5 Flow Chart 21

Chapter 04 Result and Cost Analysis 23-26

4.1 Introduction 24

4.2 Project Image 24
4.3 Cost Analysis 26

Chapter 05 Discussion and Conclusion 27-29

5.1 Limitation 28
5.2 Advantages 28
5.3 Conclusion 28
5.4 Disadvantages 29
5.5 Future Work 29

References 30

Appendix 32-37

List of Figures

Name of Figures Page Number

Figure 2.1 Arduino Nano 06

Figure 2.2 Pin Description of Arduino Nano 07

Figure 2.3 GSM Module 08

Figure 2.4 LCD 16*2 10

Figure 2.5 LCD pin symbol I/O description 11

Figure 2.6 Sonar 12

Figure 2.7 LED 14

Figure 2.8 Resistor 14

Figure 2.9 Buzzer 15

Figure 2.10 Servo Motor 15

Figure 2.11 Jumper Wire 16

Figure 2.12 Circuit Diagram of Power Supply 17

Figure 2.13 Bread Board 17

Figure 2.14 Dustbin 18

Figure 3.1 Circuit diagram of smart dustbin 20

Figure 3.2 Block Diagram of Smart Dustbin 21

Figure 3.3 Flow Chart of Smart Dustbin 21

Figure 4.1 Internal Image 1 of Smart Dustbin 24

Figure 4.2 Internal Image 2 of Smart Dustbin 25

Figure 4.3 External Image of Smart Dustbin 25

Figure 4.4 Data Table of Cost 26