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Senior DevOps Engineer (Remote)
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X-Team – No office location
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Posted 13 days ago DevOps Engineer [100% REMOTE]
Clevertech • No office location
About this job amazon-web-services jenkins devops

Job type: Full-time Industry: Software Development 6d ago • Remote

Experience level: Mid-Level, Senior, Company size: 51–200 people

Site Reliability Engineer - Remote
Company type: Private Numbrs • No office location
Role: DevOps go kubernetes amazon-web-services

8d ago • Remote

Software Architect - Remote
devops amazon-web-services docker kubernetes Numbrs • No office location
amazon-web-services kubernetes docker

yesterday • Remote
Job description
Most important: Senior DevOps Engineer
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Titan School Solutions • No office location
3+ years of experience in software development
3+ years of experience in software development amazon-web-services kubernetes hangfire

10d ago • Remote

Strong background in managing and maintaining large scale Linux
Experience with configuration management tools (e.g. Chef, Puppet,
Proficiency in scripting languages (Python, Ruby, Perl, Shell)
Experience with CI tools (e.g. Jenkins, TravisCI, GoCD)
Experience with monitoring tools
Experience with Nginx, Apache, Mysql, Mongodb, Redis…
Experience with Travis, Jenkins, AWS, CloudFormation, Fargate or Hiring developers? We have Talent
Codepipeline Solutions.

Experience with Docker Learn more »

Nice to have:

Experience working remotely

Experience with Kubernetes


Independent, self-motivated
Fluent in English, written and spoken
Proven track record of always learning and growing
Proactive attitude
Possess a spirit of generosity


Get the chance to work with big brands like Riot Games (League of
Legends), Sony, Fox Broadcasting, Kaplan Inc. (top education
company), Coinbase (#1 crypto exchange), BeachBody (#1 fitness
company), etc.
Work from anywhere as part of a community of digital nomads.
Live and work in one of our roaming hacker houses (X-Outposts)
around the world:
Be part of the most energizing community for developers in the world
by participating in our Seasons, a 3-month experience filled with
by participating in our Seasons, a 3 month experience filled with
challenges, rewards, RPGs, competitions, and more, all centered
around a theme that will inspire and energize you.
Get $2,500 per year (Unleash+) to spend on doing more of what you
love and staying energized. Use it on conferences, courses, video
games, photography gear, music gear, cooking gear, a gym
membership, adventure sports, baby/pet sitting, productivity apps,
restaurants, coworking, movie tickets, headphones, etc.


Life at X-Team

X-Team: Commit From Anywhere.

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About X-Team
"X T id hi h f i d dt fd l f
"X-Team provides high-performing, on-demand teams of developers for
leading brands."

Watch this video from our CEO to learn more about the X-Team experience and
the inspiration behind it.

X-Team is a 100% remote company that’s helped companies build remote

development teams for more than a decade.

We believe in living a life of freedom that allows you to spend more time staying
energized by doing more of what makes you come alive.

“These guys are from the future.” - Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder

The X-Team lifestyle, centered around passionate people doing more of what
energizes them, attracts thousands of developers to apply every day.

If you want to be motivated to learn, grow and explore in an environment rooted in

respect and positive energy, X-Team is where you belong. Join us and our
community of developers from 40+ countries around the world as we continue to
build the most energizing community for developers.

Who is X-Team meant for?

A potential X-Teamer is a developer with experience working on large-scale,

remote teams and projects. They are self-motivated, proactive, and have a strong
team spirit. If you're tired of the traditional freelancing platforms, you'll be happy to
hear that we’re so much more. X-Team is a community of like-minded individuals,
carefully chosen to ensure that they can become part of the community of the
most motivated people in the world who come together to unleash their potential.
What we've created is truly special and not merely a faceless platform. X-Team is
where developers go to feel truly at home together while becoming more
motivated than they've ever been.

Get the chance to work with big brands

Live and work in one of our roaming hacker houses around the world
Work from anywhere as part of a community of digital nomads

Join our vibrant community

We provide up to $2,500 in funding for your growth & wellbeing

Gym reimbursement

Learn more about X-Team

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Senior Angular Developer (Remote)

X-Team • No office location
javascript vue.js reactjs angular

24d ago • Remote

Senior Python Developer (Remote)

X-Team • No office location
python django flask

24d ago • Remote

Senior React Native Developer (Remote)

X-Team • No office location
react-native flutter javascript ios android

24d ago • Remote

Senior React Developer (Remote)

X-Team • No office location
reactjs react-redux typescript javascript webpack

24d ago • Remote

Senior Node.js Developer (Remote)
X-Team • No office location
node.js javascript express

24d ago • Remote

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Coder • No office location
go reactjs typescript kubernetes docker

3d ago • Remote

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