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List of solar projects under GoI-LOCs for announcement at ISA Founding Conference

March 11, 2018

S. No. Country Proposed solar project Estimated cost

1 1 Bangladesh Establishment of solar based Base Stations in hard-to-reach areas USD 30 million
for strengthening Tele-talk Network Coverage
2 Bangladesh Setting up of Mollahat 100 MW Solar PV power plant US 150.26 million
2 3 Benin Electrification by photovoltaic solar system of 550 social community USD 21 million
infrastructures (health centers, high schools and hand-pumped
boreholes) in Benin rural areas
3 4 Burkina Faso Solar powered water stations for semi-urban water supply USD 36.50 million
4 5 Chad Establishment of a Solar PV module manufacturing plant at USD 27.45 million
5 6 Democratic Building of 15 MW Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant and Public USD 58.94 million
Republic of Electricity Network at Karawa
7 Democratic Building of 10 MW Lualaba’s Provincial Solar Photovoltaic Power USD 32.43 million
Republic of Plant and Public Electricity Network at Kolwezi
8 Democratic Building of 15 MW Oriental Kasai’s Provincial Solar Photovoltaic USD 56.82 million
Republic of Power Plant and Public Electricity Network at Mbuji-Mayi
6 9 Ghana Solar powered Street Lighting Project USD 34.80 million
10 Ghana Solar powered mini-grids for island and forest zone communities USD 6.3 million

7 11 Guinea Solar Project for Supply of Electricity and Drinking Water for 7 USD 14.40 million
Public Universities
12 Guinea Solar Project for Electrification and Refrigeration in 200 Health USD 5.82 million
Infrastructures in Guinea
8 13 Mali 50 MW Solar Power Plant in FANA, Mali USD 120 million
14 Mali Development of 2500 hectares to be irrigated through solar power USD 22 million

15 Mali Construction of 2 MWc Solar Photovoltaic plants in Mopti USD 8 million

9 16 Niger Electrification of 250 villages through solar photovoltaic systems USD 38.2 million

10 17 Nigeria Solar PV Renewable Micro-Utility (REMU) in six political zones of USD 8.36 million
18 Nigeria 50 MW Solar Power Plant in Bauchi State in Nigeria USD 66.60 million
11 19 Rwanda 30 MW ( 2 x15 MW) Solar power project with storage capacity for USD 90 million
supplying power to the National Grid
20 Rwanda Solar Mini-Grids for 50 centralised off-grid areas, 200 Public USD 32 million
institutions and 200 Business centres
12 21 Seychelles Solar LED street lighting project in Mahe, Praslin and La Digue USD 0.60 million

22 Seychelles Solar Rooftop PV Project for Government Buildings in Seychelles USD 3 million

23 Seychelles 2 MW (1MWx2) Solar Power Plant with Battery Storage in Praslin USD 4 million
and La Digue
13 24 Sri Lanka Development of 200,000 rooftop solar units for low income families USD 50 million

25 Sri Lanka Establishment of rooftop solar units in hospitals, schools, colleges USD 50 million
and other government establishments
14 26 Tanzania Development of 150 MWp Solar PV Farm at Shinyanga Region, USD 385 million.
Kishapu District.
15 27 Togo Electrification of 350 villages through solar photovoltaic systems USD 40 Million

Total 27 Total: USD 1392.48

projects in 15 million