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Ampegy offers the lucrative opportunity to own your own business by harnessing t
he power of deregulated energy.
Why Ampegy?
Because we operate in every deregulated State in the nation this means more oppo
rtunity with us than with any other provider.
Because we have the most experienced team of leaders in the industry a proven re
cord of success that you can count upon.
Because we take an active interest in helping our entire Ampegy family to find s
uccess in short, we care about people.
Ampegy is your avenue to personal, professional and financial fulfillment take a f
ew minutes to learn why Ampegy is in a league of it s own, when it comes to provid
ing incredible opportunities for you and your family.
How does Ampegy work?
As an Ampegy Independent Representative, you have the potential to earn multiple
revenue streams by harnessing the deregulation of the Energy Industry. Ampegy i
s aligned with one of the largest and fastest growing Energy providers in Americ
a. Through the referral of Energy Customers and by the building of an organizati
on of other Independent Representatives who do the same, you will have the oppor
tunity to earn Bonuses and Commissions, all of which are based on the acquisitio
n, or referral, of energy Customers.
There are several ways to earn money in the Ampegy business, and our model is so
simple to understand because everything we do revolves around two simple concep
ts; the first is referring a few Customers and the second is sponsoring other Re
presentatives, and helping them gather their first Customers. It really is that
simple. By following this simple formula, you can earn immediate income and crea
te a long-term residual income as you develop a team that builds unlimited incom
e generating levels. This Compensation Plan is proven, effective and provides y
ou the ability to create a serious amount of money!
Here is a breakdown of the different revenue streams available to you:
Immediate Income:
Fast Start Bonuses
Recurring Income:
Active Customer Commissions
Unlimited Income:
Business Development Bonuses
Customer Development Bonuses
Check Match Bonuses
Fast Start Bonuses are generated when a new Representative gathers their first f
ew Energy Customers within the first thirty days of joining. Upon joining, your
first goal is to refer your first three Energy Customers so that you earn this F
ast Start Bonus, for yourself and for your sponsor. Likewise, as an effective Sp
onsor, you must help your new Representatives get their first few Customers with
in this time period in order for the below Bonuses to be paid out.
There are three segments of the Fast Start Bonus, as further described and illus
trated below;
1. Fast Start 100 You Qualify to earn $100 when you personally refer 3 Subm
itted Customer Points within your first 30 days in the business, one of whom can
be yourself.
2. Fast Start 200 You Qualify to earn an additional $100 (For a total of $2
00) when you personally refer 10 submitted Customer points within your first 30
days in the business.
While you will Qualify and become eligible for the Fast Start Bonuses described
above, and based on Submitted Customers, you will not be paid until said Custome
rs move from Submitted status to Active status.
3. Sponsor Fast Start You Qualify to earn $100 when any Representative you
personally Sponsor gets their first 3 Submitted Customer Points within 30 days o
f joining the business. Sponsor Fast Start Bonus payments will not be made until
the Customers referred by the Representative you sponsor move to Active status.
Multiple Energy Services within the same household only count as 1 Customer Poi
nt for the sake of all Fast Start Bonuses. These Bonuses will never be paid base
d solely on the recruitment of Ampegy Representatives.
When the above described goals are successfully achieved, the corresponding Bonu
ses are paid out. Only Independent Representatives, and not Fundraisers, are eli
gible to earn these Bonuses. For your ease of reference, please see the below ch
art that visually communicates the Fast Start Bonus Payouts.
As you successfully begin to personally refer Active Customers, as well as grow
an organization of other Representatives who do the same, you will begin to buil
d a Customer gathering machine. As these Active Energy Customers consume and pay
their energy bills, you will be paid monthly Active Customer Commissions on all
Active Customers on your personal level, as well as all Customers in the 6 leve
ls below you. Both Independent Representatives and Fundraisers are eligible to e
arn these Commissions. See the chart below that illustrates the Active Customer
Commission payouts.

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