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We admitted we were powerless over our addiction,

that our lives had become unmanageable.
1. Explain what powerless means (locate the proper dictionary definition).
2. Explain when and where you become powerless over substance use.
3. Explain what unmanageable means (locate the proper dictionary definition).
4. Explain where and how your life has become unmanageable.
 What are the harmful/hurtful affects of your chemical use on these areas: Financial,
Parents, Siblings, Extended family, Wives/Partners, Children, Friends, Jobs, Law,
Community, School/Education, Physical-Health.
5. Explain your first pre-meditated use of chemicals.
 That is, explain the first time where you chose to use a narcotic and/or alcohol.
6. Explain the progress of your substance use. How did it evolve?
 Describe specific kinds, combinations, amounts, frequencies, using-partners, dealers,
physical/psychological affects, blackouts, memory losses, self-medicating purposes.
7. Explain your expression(s) of anger when using, and also when you are not using (dry).
 Not using drugs/alcohol does not signify sobriety – you may only be dry).
8. Explain the extreme way(s) you isolated from family, friends, &/or society when using.
9. Explain the humiliating &/or embarrassing moment(s) when you were using.
10. Explain the extent of your guilt & shame feelings/emotions.
11. Explain the irrational (crazy) thoughts &/or behaviors during use of chemicals.
 Identify specifics of lying, cheating, stealing, misleading, manipulating and physical
12. Explain all the ways you would hide your substance use, including your symptoms.
13. Explain how you attempted to control your use of substances WITHOUT help.
14. Explain the excuses you created that enabled more use of chemicals.
15. Explain your personality WHEN USING substances.
16. Explain your personality WHEN NOT using substances.
17. Explain any nickname(s) that people coined for you related to your substance use.
18. Explain how you fool people into believing your lies and schemes.
 What do you specifically do & say when you manipulate, minimize, scheme, and lie?
19. Explain the special talents or goals that you neglected because of using substances.
20. Explain what other people, places, things in your life that you neglected and/or
abandoned when you were using substances.
21. Explain what you assumed you were going to GET when you started using substances.
22. Explain what you ultimately GOT from using substances.
23. Explain your current level of self-worth, and also your hope to gain sobriety.

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