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I have ... I l've got Tengo ...

Se puede decir I have o l've got, he has o het got y no cambia el signtficado.

I (l've got)
WC (we've got)
have got
you (you've got)
they (rhey've got)

he (he's got)
she has got (shet got)
ir (itt got)

forma corta

O have blue eyes.

I o
l've got blue eyes. Tengo los oios azules.
O Tom has two sisters. o Tom has got two sisters. ... ttene ...
O Our car has four doors. o Our car has got four doors. ... ttene ...
O Sarah isn'r feeling well. She has a headache. o She! got a headache. ... Tiene dolor de cabeza.
C They like animals. They have a horsg rhree dogs and six cats. o They've got a horse ... ... Tienen

I don't have / I havent got etc. (negacion) = No tengo

Se puede decir:

l/you UYou
dont havent
we/rhey we/they
have got
he/she he/she
doesnt hasnt
ir rt

O dont have a car. o I havent got a car. No tengo coche.


O Theydonthaveanychildren. o Theyhaventgotanychildren. ... notienen...

.O lct a nice house, bur it doesnt have a garden. o ... ir hasnt got a garden. ... no tiene ...
C Amy doesnt have a job at the moment. o Amy hasnt got a job ... ... no tiene ...

do you have? / have you got? etc. (interrogacion) = ;Tienes?

Se puede decir:

l/you I/you
do have
we/chey we/they
have got
he/she he/she
does has
ir ir

O 'Do you have a camera?' 'Nq I dont ! o

'Have you got a camera?' 'Nq I haven't.' '2Tienes ... ?' 'No.

O 'Does Helen have a car?' 'Yes, she does.' o

'Has Helen got a car?.' 'Yes, she hasj '2Tiene ... ?' 5i.'

o Whar kind of car does she have? o ... has she got? iQuetipo de cochetiene?
o How many children do they have? o ... have they got? ; ... tienen?

Tanto has como is se contraen en -'s (-+ Apendice 4). Observa:

OlrI (lr is) a smal! flat, but itt got (it has gor) a nice view.
Es un piso pequeno, pero tiene una buena vista.

a/an detras de have t Unidad 67

Ej ercicios
1 They have two children. Thay' yQ AeL lwa children,
2 She doesn'r have a key. )heha?n'L AOT akey:
3 He has a new job. He
4 Do you have an umbrella?
5 We have a lot of work to do.
6 I don't have your phone number.
7 Does your father have a car?.
8 How much money do we have?

Escribe estas frases con do/does/dont/doesn't. significado es el mismo.

@ El

1 Have you got any money?

2 got many clothes.
I haven't
3 Has Tom got a brorher?
4 How many children have they got?
5 Have you gor any questrons?
6 Sam hasn't got a job.


1 Have you got a car? No. 1 le hagn'l qel a eaf.

2 Have you got a bike? Yes. 2 He
3 Have you got a dog? No' Mark 3
4 Have you gor a mobile phone? Yes. 4
5 Have you got a warch? No. 5
5 Have you got any brothers or Yes, two brothers 6
sisters? and a sister.

iQu6 tienes t(r? Escribe frases usando I've got o I haven't got.
7 (a dog)
8 (a bike)
9 (brothers/sisters)
Sarah dQe?n'thaYa- a car. She goes everywhere by bike.
2 Th.y like animals. They haye three dogs and two cats.
3 He
Charles isn't happy. a lot of problems.
4 They are always busy. They much free time.
) 'What's wrong?' 'l something in my eye.'
5 'Wheres my pen?' irl
Amy wants to go a ticket.

Completa las frases con have/has got o havent/hasn't got y una de las siguientes expresiones:
sixlegs akey {seadaehe alotoffriends ajob muchtime

2 Everybody likes Tom. He

3 She can'[ open the door. She
Quick! We

G) Traduce al ingl6s. aspirina = aspirin

Tengo una hermana y dos hermanos. 5 Tengo dolor de cabezay no tengo una aspirina.
iTiene Ana coche? 6 iQue tienes en esa bolsa?
Luis tiene un nuevo trabajo. 7 Tienen muchos amigos en lnglaterra.
iTienes un minuto? 8 Mark no trene coche. Tiene bicicleta.

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