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hh 8b


heavy heavier expensive more exPensive

pesado mas pesado caro mas caro

older / heavier / more expensive son comparativos.

El comparativo termina en -er (older) o seJorma con more... (more expensive).

Comparativo en -er (older lheavier etc.)

Adjetivos/adverbios cortos (una silaba) -+ -er:

old -+older (mas viejo) slow -+ slower (mas lento) cheap + cheaper (mas bar;.:
nice + nicer (mas bonito) late + later (mas tarde) big + bigger (mas grande)
Orrografia (+ Apendice 5): big + bigger hot + hotter thin + thinner
Adletivos/adverbios terminados en -y + -ier:
easy + easier (mas facil) heavy + heavier (mas pesado) early -+ earlier (mas prontc

Rome is old, but Athens is older. (no more old)

ls it cheaper to go by car or by train? (no more cheap)
Helen wants a bigger car. (no more big)
This coar is OK, but I think the other one is nicer. (no more nice)
Don't take the bus. lt's easier to take a taxi. (no more easy)
far {lejano) + further (mas lejano):
A: How far is ir to the station? A mile?
B: No, it's further. About two miles.

Comparativo con more ...

Adjetivosladverbios mas largos (21314 silabas) + more ... :

careful -+ more careful (mas cuidadoso)

expensive + more expensive (mas caro)
polite -) more polite (mas educado)
interesting + more interesting (mas interesante)
You must be more careful.
ldon't like my job. lwant to do something more interesting.
ls it more expensive to go by car or by train?

Co m p a rativ os i r regul a res:

good/well + better bad/badly + worse

bueno/bien mejor malo/mal peor

The weather wasn't very good yesterday, but it s better today.

A: Do you feel better roday?
B: No, I feel worse.
Which is worse - a headache or a toothache?
Ej erci cios
Observa los dibujos y escribe el comparativo (older / more interesting etc.).
O heavy @ bie O slow
i-- -- -
"Ir- ** **-



@ expensrve 6 high
@ dangerous

4000 m

5000 m

Escribe el compararivo.
1 old 6 good
2 strong 7 large
3 happy 8 serious
4 modern 9 prery
5 important 10 crowded
Escribe el conrrario de esros compararivos:
1 younger 4 berrer
2 colder 5 nearer
"3 cheaper 6 easier
r!!| Compteta Ias frases usando un compararivo.
Helen's car isn'r very big. She wanrs a biqTQl one.
My job isn't very interesting. I wanr ro do somerhing m afAfitefA?Linq
You're not very tall. Your brorher is
David doesn't work very hard. I work
My chair isn't very comforrable. Yours is
Your idea isn't very good. My idea is
These ffowers aren'[ very nice. The blue ones are
My bag isn't very heavy. Your bag is
l'm not very interested in art. l'm in history.
It isn't very warm today. lt was yeste rday.
These tomatoes don't taste very good. The other ones tasted
Britain isn't very big. France is
London isn't very beauriful. Paris is
This knife isn't very sharp. Do you have a one?
People today aren'r very polire. ln rhe pasr rhey were
The weather isn'r roo bad roday. Ofren ir is much

G rraduce al ingl6s.
saber = tzste
Tu coche no es muy viejo. Mi coche es mis viejo. 5 Tengo un trabajo mds f6cil ahora.
No me sentia bien esra mariana, pero me siento 6 Estos zapatos son mejores, pero son mis caros.
mejor ahora. 7 El hotel Central esrd m6s lejos, pero es mis
Este queso es mds caro, pero sabe mejor. barato.
No me gustan los aurobuses. Siempre viajo en Me levant6 m6s pronro ayer y
tren porque es mis ripido y mis c6modo. estaba mds cansado por la noche.