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OLIVIA HICKMAN 07792499538 olivia_h53@hotmail.



I have had years of working within the creative industry and I am now looking for a new
challenge. I have always been keen to support my local community and encourage local
participation. In recent years I have become confident working with all different types of groups
and developed a passion for co-ordinating and assisting with delivering events. I began the
MA in Cultural Events Management to expand on my project management skills and find new
ways to employ the skills gained from my experiences so far.


Just Mustard Dance Academy – Ongoing

Company Director
• Organise and run dance academies within schools across the east midlands.
• Write lesson plans for teachers working for me
• Liaise with the schools to organise new projects
• Managing budgets
• Working towards deadlines
• Marketing and advertising classes and projects across the east midlands.

2009 – Ongoing Castle Theatre Wellingborough

Resident Dance Artist
• Each week I lead dance sessions for Castle Youth Dance Juniors, middles and seniors.
• As the group is always evolving and bringing in new members I am responsible for building
team work and a safe environment for the young adults to work in.
• Encouraging creativity and confidence within all the members of the group.
• Generating new innovative choreography to show in local platforms.
• Organise scheduling for performances.
• Assisting backstage.
• Supporting pre and post production.
2009 - Ongoing Northampton
Dance and Yoga Practitioner
• Taught sessions in all schools around the east midlands and Spain.
• Taught all ages and abilities.
• Organised and delivered projects within schools taking into account pupils needs,
budget and facilities available.
• Involved curriculum within sessions by liaising with teachers to help pupils with different
learning styles.
• Taught different styles of dance including Street, contemporary and even Dance on
Screen – Programs which I developed myself.
• Organised platforms for the children to perform in, including the local arts centre at the
Fishmarket Gallery.
• Co-ordinated after school dance sessions.
• Choreographed movement and assisted with school productions.
• Organised and delivered workshops for school holiday periods and weekend retreats.
• Attended workshops and training for delivering, researching and organising events in
OLIVIA HICKMAN 07792499538 olivia_h53@hotmail.com


Olivia is currently learning Spanish

2009 - 2010
MA Cultural Events Management
• Developing project management skills
• Liaising with peers and professionals to enhance my understanding of festivals and
• Widen my interests within certain aspects of project management such as
• Exploring key concepts within Human Resources
• Extend skills in budgeting and finance management
• Recognising the importance of research and development
• Marketing and communications
• Understanding Health and Safety and Law
• Leadership and working with others

2003 – 2007
Dartington College of Arts
BA (Hons) Choreography with Performing Arts:
• Built upon team skills by working in groups for many projects throughout the course.
• Established great time management after meeting coursework deadlines.
• Developed organisational abilities when completing coursework for different modules.
• Increased confidence when presenting to large groups for class projects.
• Obtained project management skills through delivering performances and events.
• Gained a greater knowledge of Dance on Screen.
• Developed creative ideas and themes for choreographic work which yet need to be
• Transferred these skills to project since leaving university and have gained more skills
through personal development and workshops in connection with local dance agencies.

1997 – 2002
Weston Favell Upper School, Northampton
3 A-Levels achieved including Drama, Sociology and English Literature.
9 GCSE’s passed including English and Maths.


• Competent in all Microsoft Office packages including Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
• Using Final Cut Pro on a regular basis has improved my editing skills when
choreographing Dance on Screen and making film.
• Confident with photoshop


OLIVIA HICKMAN 07792499538 olivia_h53@hotmail.com