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CSIR- Summer Research Training Programme 2020

Details of CSIR-CLRI Scientists as Mentors

1 Name of the Scientist : Dr. Debasis Samanta
Designation : Principal Scientist
Department : Polymer Science and Technology
Expert research area : Polymer Synthesis, Surface
Mobile Phone No: : 9789073297
Email ID : debasis@clri.res.in
Contact : Polymer Science and Technology
Department, CSIR-CLRI, Chennai-20
Title of the project : Synthesis and characterization of
responsive polymers

2 Name of the Scientist : Dr. S Easwaramoorthi

Designation : Senior Scientist
Department : Inorganic & Physical Chemistry
Expert research area : Molecular Materials for optoelectronic
applications, Luminescence, Sensor
Mobile Phone No: : 9566078880
Email ID : moorthi@clri.res.in
Contact : Dr. S Easwaramoorthi
Inorganic & Physical Chemistry
CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute,
Sardar Patel Road, Adyar, Chennai – 600
Title of the project : Low cost Methods for Toxic Species
detection in water

3 Name of the Scientist : Dr S Ganesh

Designation : Principal Scientist
Department : Organic & Bioorganic Chemistry
Expert research area : Supramolecular gel materials, Protein
Structural Characterization, Drugs
Discovery for diseases associated with
protein fibrillation
Mobile Phone No: : 9677123494
Email ID : ganesh@clri.res.in
Contact : Dr S Ganesh
Principal Scientist
Organic & Bioorganic Chemistry
CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute
Adyar, Chennai 600 020
Title of the project : Analytical tools for protein structural

4 Name of the Scientist : Dr. A. Gnanamani

Designation : Head & Senior Principal Scientist
Department : Microbiology
Expert research area : Microbiology-Environmental
Biotechnology- Biomaterial
development for environment and
human health care
Mobile Phone No: : 9444829103
Email ID : gnanamani@clri.res.in
Contact : gnanamani3@gmail.com; 91-44-
Title of the project : Microbiology based ( including
Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses) techniques,
research and antimicorbial agent
developments from Microbes and

5 Name of the Scientist : Dr S. N. JAISANKAR

Designation : Senior Principal Scientist
Department : Polymer Science & Technology
Expert research area : Polymer blends and nanocomposites
Graft copolymers, Polymer melt
Mobile Phone No: : 9445436344
Email ID : snjsankar@clri.res.in
Contact : Polymer Science & Technology Division,
CSIR-Central Leather Research
Adyar, Chennai 600 020, Tamil Nadu,
Phone: +91- 44- 24437199 (Off.)
Fax: +91- 44 - 24911589 (Off.)
Email: snjsankar@clri.res.in
Title of the project : Preparation and characterization of
polymer nanocomposites

6 Name of the Scientist : Dr. Malathy Jawahar

Designation : Principal Scientist
Department : Leather Process Technology
Expert research area : Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics,
Computer Vision, Machine learning,
Image processing, Neural Networks and
Pattern Recognitions
Mobile Phone No: : 9500002186
Email ID : malathyj@clri.res.in /
Contact : CSIR-CLRI
Title of the project : Machine learning techniques for Data /
Image Augmentation

7 Name of the Scientist : Dr. P. Thanikaivelan

Designation : Senior Principal Scientist
Department : Advanced Materials Laboratory, CSIR-
Expert research area : Chemical Sciences - Leather Science;
Materials Science
Mobile Phone No: : 9840588642
Email ID : thanik@clri.res.in
Contact : Advanced Materials Laboratory, CSIR-
CLRI, Adyar, Chennai 600020
Title of the project : Carbon-Titania Nanocomposite
Materials for Photocatalytic Treatment
of Wastewater

8 Name of the Scientist : Dr D Suresh Kumar

Designation : Scientist
Department : Shoe & Product Design Centre (SPDC)
Expert research area : CAD / CAM / Footwear
Mobile Phone No: : 97909 20258
Email ID : dsureshkumar@live.com
Contact : SPDC Division, CLRI
Title of the project : CAD / CAM for Life style Accessories

9 Name of the Scientist : Dr. V.G. Vaidyanathan

Designation : Principal Scientist
Department : Advanced Materials Laboratory
Expert research area : Bioinorganic Chemistry/Biophysics
Mobile Phone No: : 9677104826
Email ID : vaidyanathan@clri.res.in
Contact : CSIR-CLRI, Adyar, Chennai 600020
Title of the project : Purification and Characterization of
Covalent-DNA Adduct

10 Name of the Scientist : Dr T. S. Uma

Designation : Principal Scientist
Department : Biological Material Laboratory
Expert research area : Biomaterials for wound healing
Mobile Phone No: : 9940081005
Email ID : tsuma@clri.res.in
Contact : Biological Material Laboratory, CSIR-
Adyar, Chennai
Title of the project : Fabrication of collagen-based

CSIR-Central Electrochemical Research Institute

Karaikudi – 630 003

Summer Research Training Programme during June-August 2020

Name Designation Department Research Area Expertise
1 Dr. James Joseph Senior Principal EEC Nano Materials.,Electrocatalysis
Scientist and sensors
2 Dr. S.T. Nishanthi Scientist ECPS Development of materials for
batteries and supercapacitors
3 Dr. A. Palaniappan Principal Scientist EEC Materials., Inorganic and organic
4 Dr. V. Principal Scientist EOD Electro synthesis chemicals and
Suryanarayanan materials

5 Dr. P. Tamilarasan Scientist EEC Surface Enhanced Raman

Spectroscopy (SERS);
techniques. Organic
Electrochemical Transistors
6 Dr. V. Ganesh Principal Scientist EEC Electrochemical Biosensors,
Sensors, Electrocatalysis,
Nanomaterials, Microbial Fuel
Cells etc.
7 Dr. K. Giribabu Scientist EEC Food Sensors & neuromodulator
8 Dr. N. Principal Scientist Electroorganic Solid State Chemistry and
Lakshminarasimhan and Materials Materials Science,
Electrochemistry Photofunctional Materials,
Division Electroceramics, and Energy
Conversion & Storage Materials
9 Dr. J. Mathiyarasu Senior Principal EEC Electrochemical (bio)Sensors and
Scientist nano(bio)materials
10 Dr. M. Sathish Senior Scientist ECPS Energy Storage Devices,
materials Chemistry,
11 Dr. P. Murugan Principal Scientist EPS Computational Materials Science
12 Dr. A. Pandikumar Scientist Electro Organic Nanomaterials, Dye-Sensitized
& Materials Solar Cells, Photoelectrochemical
Electrochemistry Water Splitting
CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute

Summer Research Training Programme during June-August 2020

Name Designation Department Research Area

Dr. R. Ravishankar Chief Scientist Molecular and Structural Structural Biology,
biology computational

Dr. Raj Kamal Tripathi Sr. Principal Toxicology & Experimental Virology and
Scientist Medicine toxicology

Dr. Niti Kumar Sr. Scientist Molecular Parasitology and Molecular

Immunology Parasitology and

Dr. Nilanjana Senior Scientist Medicinal & Asymmetric

Majumdar Process Chemistry catalysis and

Dr. Chandra Bhushan Scientist Medicinal and Process Organic synthesis

Tripathi Chemistry and catalysis

Summer Research Training Programme during June-August 2020
Scientist's Name Designation Division Discipline
Wastewater Treatment,
Science &
1 Mr. Soumitra Maiti Sr. Scientist Industrial Pollution
Technology and Clay
2 Dr. Anindya Pain Sr. Scientist Geotechnical Engg.
Heritage Struc., SHM,
NDT, Tall Buildings,
Disaster Resistant
Building Systems, Fluid
Struc. Interaction,
3 Dr. Debdutta Ghosh Scientist Structural Engg.
Struc. Dynamics,
Concrete Technology,
Retrofitting, Intelligent
Buildings, Makeshift
engineering, ground
Dr. S. Ganesh improvement
4 Scientist Geotechnical Engg.
Kumar techniques,
landslide assessment
and mitigation
Application of solar
energy in building,
5 Dr. Tabish Alam Scientist Efficiency of Building renewable energy,
heat transfer
enhancement, CFD,
and green buildings
Advanced Structural Corrosion, Collapsible
Dr. R. Siva
6 Scientist Composites & Structures, Structural
Durability Engg & Earthquake
Building Energy
Efficiency, Fire
Dr. Kishor S. Architecture &
7 Scientist Damaged Concrete
Kulkarni Planning
Thermal Confort
Solar Energy, Heat
transfer, Two phase
flow, Experimental and
Dr. Chandan
8 Scientist Efficiency of Building Numerical Boiling Heat
Swaroop Meena
Computational Fluid
Polymer, Plastic & Polymer Blends and
9 Dr. Hemlata Scientist
Composites Nano Composites
Building Materials,
Polymer, Plastic & Concrete technology,
10 Mr. Rakesh Paswan Scientist
Composites Alternate cementitious
Materials- Geopolymer
Concrete technology,
Construction materials,
Mr. Mohd. Reyazur Polymer, Plastic & Cement chemistry,
11 Scientist
Rahman Composites New and Alternate
building materials,
binders, Geopolymer
Structural behaviour
Mr. Chanchal and design of prefab
12 Scientist Structural Engg.
Sonkar construction
Building Energy
Mr. Nagesh Babu Building Energy
13 Sr. Scientist Methods in heat and
Balam Efficiency
fluid flow, Solar energy,
Heat and mass transfer
Solid Mechanics and
Acoustic Mechanical Systems
Mr. Ravindra Singh
14 Sr. Scientist Instrumentation & Design, Construction
Mechanical Systems Automation and
Fire Modelling and
15 Dr. Aravind Kumar Sr. Scientist Fire Research Group
Heritage Buildings,
Engineering, Masonry
16 Mrs. Hina Gupta Scientist Structural Engg. Buildings, Structural
Health Monitoring,
NDT, Seismic Analysis,
Structural Testing
Advanced Structural Admixtures for
Dr. Mohd. Jeeshan
17 Scientist Composites & Extreme Weather
Durability Concreting
Ground Improvement
Techniques, Deep
Mr. Manojit Foundation, Tunnel
18 Sr. Scientist Geotechnical Engg.
Samanta Engg., Earthquake
Geotechnical Engg,
Geosynthetic Engg.,
Building Materials,
Advanced Structural Health Assessment
19 Dr. S. R. Karade Sr. Pr. Scientist Composites & and Repair of Concrete
Durability Structures; Corrosion &
Its Control
CSIR-Central Building Structural Dynamics
Prof. N.
20 Director Research Institute and Earthquake
(CSIR-CBRI) Engineering