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The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Table of Contents
Introduction ... 3
Chapter 1: A Little Bit about Frank ... 5
Chapter 1, Section 1: Adaptations ... 6
Chapter 1, Section 2: Cultural Relevance ... 11
Chapter 2: A Return To Gaming ... 11
Chapter 2, Section 1: The Big Questions ... 12
Chapter 2, Section 2: Challenges of Making A Punisher Game ... 15
Chapter 3: Characters ... 18
Chapter 3, Section 1: Playable Character ... 19
Chapter 3, Section 2: Supporting Characters ... 20
Chapter 3, Section 3: Antagonist ... 24
Chapter 4: Story ... 46
Chapter 4, Section 1: Challenging Aspects and Theme ... 47
Chapter 4, Section 2: Storyline ... 49
Chapter 4, Section 3: Act, Part, Mission & Story Length ... 58
Chapter 4, Section 4: Non-Linear Effects On Gameplay ... 59
Chapter 5: The Levels, The Missions, & The Details ... 60
Chapter 5, Section 1: The Setting ... 60
Chapter 5, Section 2: The Levels & Environment ... 61
Chapter 5, Section 3: The Missions & The Details ... 73
Chapter 6: The Game Mechanics & Gameplay ... 113
Chapter 6, Section 1: Open World Setting ... 114
Chapter 6, Section 2: A Man About Town ... 116
Chapter 6, Section 3: The Punisher Task Force … 118
Chapter 6, Section 4: Infiltration ... 120
Chapter 6, Section 5: Interrogation ... 130
Chapter 6, Section 6: Armor, Customization, Gear, & Leveling ... 133
Chapter 6, Section 7: Skull System ... 147

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Chapter 6, Section 8: Combat ... 152

Chapter 6, Section 9: Joint Operative System/J.O. System ... 154
Chapter 6, Section 10: Health System ... 157
Chapter 6, Section 11: Fatigue ... 158
Chapter 6, Section 12: Enemy Type ... 159
Chapter 6, Section 13: Boss Battles ... 165
Chapter 6, Section 14: The War Journal ... 227
Chapter 6, Section 15: Fast Travel ... 228
Chapter 6, Section 16: Hidden Goodies ... 229
Chapter 6, Section 17: Replay It: Modes & Modifiers ... 230
Chapter 6, Section 18: The Dangers Of Lingering Around New York… 234
Chapter 7: The Control Scheme ... 236
Chapter 7, Section 1: Combat Controls/Normal Controls ... 236
Chapter 7, Section 2: Driving Controls ... 240
Chapter 7, Section 3: Drone Controls ... 241
Chapter 7, Section 4: On Sight Interrogation Controls ... 242
Chapter 7, Section 5: Off Sight Interrogation Controls ... 242
Chapter 8: Game & Graphic Design ... 243
Chapter 8, Section 1: Graphics ... 244
Chapter 8, Section 2: Design ... 247
Chapter 9: Video Game Score ... 248
Chapter 9, Section 1: Soundtrack ... 248
Chapter 9, Section 2: Modern Soundtrack, Style, & Tone ... 249
Chapter 10: Casting ... 251
Chapter 10, Section 1: Casting Sides ... 252
Chapter 10, Section 2: When Cast ... 252
Chapter 11: Downloadable Content ... 253
Chapter 11, Section 1: Downloadable Content Ideas ... 254
Conclusion ... 256
Footnotes ... 258

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

For many people Marvel Comics has been a long-standing institution of American culture

since their days as ‘Timely Comics’ during the late 1930’s and early 1940’s and the beginning of

the comic book superhero Marvel arrived on the scene with the creation with Namor the

Submariner. Marvel, having a universe of unique characters, has inspired many fans through

time with their imaginative characters, exciting stories, and social commentary of the world as it

is, was, and could be. Often fans select these favorite characters per style, stories, art, and

commentary on the social structure of the world at the time. Taking these traits and mixing them

together, the combinations create something vastly unique- admiration for these characters.

Frank Castle, also known as The Punisher, has gained that admiration for being an urban-based

vigilante who kills the guilty who’ve slipped through the crack of the judicial system.

Created in the 1970’s by writer Gerry Conway, with artists Ross Andru and John Romita

Sr., and named by comic book icon himself, Stan Lee, The Punisher exploded into popularity as

a vicious foe of the Amazing Spider-Man. As Conway continued to write the inaugural story for

the character, he found a conscience in a character that was originally a one-note assassin. He

found himself writing lines such as, “I don’t do things that way,” and eventually ended the story

with a slight twist; The Punisher was only after Spider-Man because he was lead to believe

Spider-Man murdered an innocent civilian. The ending scene established a clear characterization

for The Punisher; anyone he kills isn’t a good person. A character rooted in the American

consciousness evolved from a one-note character to a vicious vigilante who evolved to represent

the modern conception of justice. Ripped from a back story that is both cliché and heart

wrenching, a simple family man, and U.S. Marine lost his family. When the law did nothing

about it, he did. He made a vow to his family to never let anyone suffer the way they had.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

The Punisher erupted on the scene making a big, bold first impression targeting high-profile

mafia targets with military precision, causing growing criminal organizations to see him as a

mythical terminator of gangsters. The Punisher is a terminator, taking the vicious element of

society, the mad dogs who make the world insane, and rips away their right to live. With a

mythology steeped in the American mindset, and the numerous riots of injustice, it has made

many members of the American public feel a sensation of safety in the idea that there is a

watcher- someone who will make the injustices right. The American people no longer have

toleration for due process. America wants an eye for an eye justice, which is what The Punisher

best represents. With the tragedies that have happened in the world, the world has flocked as

countless members of the American public and American military have become fans of the

character. Noted ‘American Sniper’, the late legendary Navy Veteran Chris Kyle, had made

many appearances wearing The Punisher’s trademarked skull. Kyle was a fan of the character for

the character’s method of dispensing justice.

Considering the digital medium, The Punisher is a character of limitless potential,

harnessing a unique popularity, unique skill set, and unique motivation that makes him stand out

from other Marvel comic book characters. The Punisher is as much a part of the American public

as Spider-Man or Daredevil. With few notable game adaptations, this is a document intending to

go into great detail as to why and how a Punisher game could, and should, be done through a

specific vision that takes the most unique and groundbreaking elements of modern gaming and

puts gamers in the mindset of The Punisher. Aimed for a mature audience, this unique

experience will detail how The Punisher operates while giving the players a full range of choices

that allows them to create a quintessential Punisher that is suited to how they perceive or wish to

see The Punisher.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game


Introduced in February 1974’s The Amazing Spider-Man #129, created by writer Gerry

Conway and artist Ross Andru and Marvel’s Senior Artist John Romita Sr., The Punisher is a

vigilante crime fighter based in New York City. In August 1975’s Marvel Preview #2, again

written by Conway but drawn by artist Tony DeZuniga, The Punisher’s origin was revealed.

Frank Castle was a former United States Marine Corps Officer and family man. In a fateful

incident in Central Park, The Punisher’s family witnessed a mob execution and were gunned

down to eliminate any witnesses. These tragic events were later elaborated in the 1994 and 1995

limited series Punisher: Year One by writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and drawn by Dale

Eaglesham. Since then, The Punisher has been a major force in comic books as a vigilante.

Castle is famous for being the only hero in the Marvel Universe not only willing to kill but

actively engaging in the murder of supervillains and other nasty criminals he encounters.

Adorning a signature skull totem on his person, this acts as a signal to the criminal element that

they’ve no chance of escaping death while also cleverly focusing their aim from an unprotected

head to a heavily protected body.

From the early days, The Punisher has risen from ‘D’ and ‘C’ list status to ‘B’ and,

temporarily, ‘A’ list. The popularity of The Punisher soared in the mid 1980’s with two Punisher

monthly series and another in the 1990’s totaling 3 comic book series: The Punisher, Punisher:

War Journal, and Punisher: War Zone respectively. These titles allowed for different writers

and artist to give various depictions and show the root flexibility of Punisher stories. Another

bout of high popularity occurred in the 2000’s when Frank Castle was brought into the Marvel

Knights and Marvel Max imprints both simply titled The Punisher by writer Garth Ennis. For

many fans, Ennis introduced a definitive take on the character.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

As a character, The Punisher has evolved from a simple, low-grade vigilante to a major

symbol in the American consciousness, and America’s law enforcement and military, many in

the latter whom often carry his trademarked skull insignia into battle. It is such an honor being

something of acclaim for The Punisher considering the plethora of other popular heroes; it helps

to show that people from all branches of life gravitate to a figure known for dispensing his own

style of justice even at the cost of their own humanity.

The Punisher has seen the light in popular media through many adaptations. The first

known major adaptation of The Punisher outside of his normal comic book medium came in the

1989 film The Punisher starring then major action star Dolph Lundgren as the titular anti-hero.

Set five years inside his career as a vigilante, long removed from the life of a former NYPD

detective, the plot of the film pit The Punisher against an emerging force in the Yakuza who was

attempting to take over the New York Mafia. The film was poorly received by fans and critics

alike and bore little resemblance to the comic book character, ditching the trademark skull and

classic white boots and gloves for a standard all black ensemble and replacing the marine based

origin to a mafia hit on a cop via car bomb with doses of wrong place, wrong time sprinkled in

for dramatic effect. The film only released as direct-to-video in the United States and had an

underwhelming European box office run as another more major comic book adaptation stole box

office glory in 1989. This caused The Punisher to momentarily vanish from the live action

medium while still having a margin of dominance in comic book sales as the stories featuring the

character remained a stronghold of the 1980’s Marvel brand. Large sales were attributed to the

two ongoing comic book series Marvel had been publishing. Despite a widely panned but later

cult-classic film, other adaptations of the character where later sought.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Following a poor first outing, The Punisher returned; this time in video game form

between the years 1990 and 1993 which saw four different adaptations of The Punisher in

stylistically different games all with the same title: The Punisher. They were released for three

different groups of systems; a computer and Atari port which feature three different game modes,

a Nintendo and computer release rail shooter, a Gameboy port of the rail shooter, and finally

capped off in 1993 a Sega Genesis side-scrolling “beat ‘em up” game where The Punisher would

physically take on the gangs of New York City. These all received mixed reviews at the time, but

have later found life as popular cult-classic video games fans return to.

In 1994-1998, The Punisher made numerous appearances in the highly popular Fox

animated series Spider-Man by showrunner and developer John Semper Jr. and voiced by known

actor John Beck. Appearing as one of many favorite guest stars of Semper, The Punisher in the

animated series bore a stronger resemblance to the Ross Andru design of the character from the

1970’s with alterations for the show: a blue kevlar body suit with the iconic skull. While this

characterization was approved for animation, network censors were quick to nix the idea of The

Punisher disposing of his enemies and using traditional fire arms. This resulted in The Punisher

as a laser-gun toting vigilante who often attempted to dispose of these criminals, but, because of

his reputation, they would often run to the police. This characterization remained the most

popular off comic portrayal of the character for years to come until more recent adaptations

emerged. His first appearance in the series was inspired by his first appearance in comics, The

Punisher was targeting Spider-Man, thinking the superhero had committed a crime that he

hadn’t. A later appearance saw The Punisher battling Kraven the Hunter and the Man-Spider, as

well as helping Kraven return Man-Spider to Spider-Man, after this final appearance in the series

The Punisher would remain off Movie and Television screen for many years.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

A series of attempts to bring a Punisher film were engaged by Marvel with some attempts

coming closer to others, one of which had Vin Diesel cast as the Punisher, until commitments

with another project, which became The Fast & The Furious, and a once great script was

rumored to have had rewrites plunging the quality of the aspiring film. It wasn’t until 2004’s The

Punisher that the character returned and with his popularity quickly rising due to the critical

acclaim of the comic book series by Garth Ennis. The film saw many changes, some

understandable like updating Frank Castle’s war-time status from being a Vietnam Veteran to a

Gulf War Veteran, and other changes that seemed unnecessary, such as giving Frank the former

occupation of an F.B.I. Agent and setting the film in Florida over New York, as the plot centered

on Frank Castle after losing his entire family in a mafia revenge hit for his work as an F.B.I.

Agent. Despite its separations from normal Punisher canon the 2004 release proved that The

Punisher still had power at the box office hitting a full worldwide total of $54,700,105 in a 13-

week release from a production budget of $33 Million. Star Thomas Jane was well received in

the role, replacing John Beck’s performance as the most popular adaptation of the character.

Following the Major Feature Film, a sequel was quickly brought into development, with a

promised increase in production budget, star Thomas Jane and Writer/Director Jonathan

Hensleigh began working together on a Punisher 2 Script. The script followed Frank to New

York City as he took on Jigsaw, the popular rumors at the time said the film was too be heavily

inspired by the Max Imprint series by Garth Ennis and follow a psychological decline in The

Punisher, where he had grown accustomed to being a vigilante killer. Interviews with Thomas

Jane suggested the film was to have a gritty ‘Taxi Driver/Travis Bickle’ approach to the

character. This eventually collapsed as numerous issues from script approval to loss of passion

eventually forced out star Thomas Jane and writer/director Jonathan Hensleigh.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

The Punisher remained in a state of theatrical limbo for a long time, but Thomas Jane had

already reprised the role of Frank Castle, this time in a video game, penned by Punisher veterans

Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmiotti. Following his critically acclaimed performance in the film

Thomas Jane had also performed voice work in Volution’s 2005 movie tie-in released video

game adaptation of the character, The Punisher. Upon release, like its predecessors, the game

received mixed reviews but, in an article by Ben Kuchera for Polygon concerning the Adults

Only Game rating, Volution General Manager Dan Cermak revealed the game sold a staggering

1 Million copies across multiple gaming platforms such as Playstation 2, X-Box, and PC, and

was profitable for Volution. A sequel to the game was in development before Volution and

publisher THQ lost the Licensing Rights, which returned home to Marvel. The game has new life

as a cult-classic game among Punisher fans.

Following the limbo where the game filled and the movie’s potential sequel was

extinguished, then rights holder Lionsgate and the emerging Marvel Studios worked together on

rebooting The Punisher. Their efforts were brought together in 2008’s Punisher War Zone

directed by independent filmmaker Lexi Alexander and starring Ray Stevenson as The Punisher.

The film pitted The Punisher against his most popular nemesis: Jigsaw, returning the character

too his New York roots picking up 5 years inside his career as a Vigilante. The film became a

Cult hit while underperforming at the box office and eventually became a divisive film among

fans of the character. 2008 also saw the release of another movie tie-in video game in Punisher:

No Mercy by Zen Studios. Packaged as a Playstation 3 Exclusive the First-Person Shooter, the

game featured a Player vs Player mode, with a cast of several notable Punisher characters. The

game was poorly received and had a very short life span on the Playstation Network. Following

the failure of this The Punisher has been absent from the video game medium.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

As time went on there were few attempts to bring The Punisher back, one of the more

notable attempts was to be a Punisher Television Series where The Punisher was a Cop by day

and Vigilante by night. The development of this series was done by Fox which announced the

oncoming project sometime in 2011 and a year later had quietly announced it was pulling out.

The show, which already was getting negative feedback on premise alone, never made it past a

Pilot scripting stage. The Punisher finally did return in 2016, when Marvel and Netflix had

brought the character in as a season lasting guest star for the 2015 hit series Marvel’s Daredevil.

Cast in June of 2015 actor Jon Bernthal, at the time best known for the film The Wolf of Wall

Street and hit television series The Walking Dead, was brought in as The Punisher and with that

new hope for the character’s onscreen future emerged, as this would be the character’s

introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The casting of Bernthal and his portrayal of the

character were met with overwhelming positive feedback and reviews. Such critical acclaim had

been gained by Bernthal that Netflix worked with former Hannibal executive producer Steve

Lightfoot and Jon Bernthal to develop Marvel’s The Punisher, a popular Netflix series that

lasted two years and expanded the character’s fanbase even wider.

Outside of these main examples The Punisher has made other appearances in the wider

Marvel adaptations. Punisher War Zone Star Ray Stevenson reprised the role in a 2009 episode

of Marvel’s the Super Hero Squad Show. The character also made non-speaking appearances in

an episode of the 1990’s X-Men Animated Series, and 2013’s Marvel’s Avengers Assemble

Animated Series, and a video game cameo in Activision’s Spider-Man video game, released in

2000. These appearances gave the lasting life as sparingly used appearances kept interest in the

character alive.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game


The Punisher has been a culturally relevant character for some time, and that status only

continues to grow as time goes on. The Punisher’s methods of killing criminals instead of

allowing them yet another chance to break the law or harass innocent people. Many citizens of

the U.S. have been in a social revolt against local injustice and with his ever-growing presence in

the Military The Punisher is gaining a popularity because of his methods and ideology.

Stirring a popularity, the character’s brand is ever growing and constantly looking to

expand. The character’s motivation, concepts, and ideals are starting to strongly match that of the

Public. Many members of the American Military have adopted his ideology. The most notable

case of this could be found in the aforementioned Chris Kyle, who famously wore The

Punisher’s skull into combat and his daily life, had a love of the character. The Punisher has

grown to mean a lot to the people. With a fan base that remains all over the world, and certainly

aren’t limited to just the United States, The Punisher continues to be a modern ideological Icon.

The Punisher has been absent from the video games for, now, 8 years. While the character

has an expanding popularity. His treatment in video games has been less than stellar compared to

characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men, and Batman. It’s been one of many wishes among fans

of Marvel Comics. With the announcement of Insomniac’s (as of now) Untitled Spider-Man

game for the Playstation 4, it’s curious that there are no known plans for The Punisher’s

triumphant return. With comic book based video games having brand new life and gaming

technology hitting a whole new playing field, the time has never been better to see The Punisher

return to video games and it needs to happen soon.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

It’s been an issue among fans. Many have wanted to see a well-made, well-envisioned

game. The Punisher as a character is certainly one that could be an easy fit for this medium, and

through this design document a vision of what a Punisher Video Game could be will certainly be

the focus.

With gaming technology now having come to a very powerful apex, becoming an industry

taking in more annual income now, then at any other, with some games grossing as much as

feature film budgets. It’s time The Punisher returned to gaming. With an ever-loyal fan base as

well as a rise in popularity and even a television series on the way, the time is as good as it could

be for The Punisher to get AAA Video Game treatment.


When dealing with the video game medium there are numerous questions that have to be

addressed and answered. In this the goal is fully explore those questions and answer them with as

much logic and passion as it’s possible to have.

2.1.1 Why Is The Punisher Fit For A Video Game?

Marvel has a (literal) Universe of enriched and layered characters. Many of whom never

have seen proper or any sort of treatment in the gaming industry. So right off the bat the big

question is why ‘The Punisher is fit for a video game, especially over other characters?’ From a

logical standpoint, he’s a character that fits many of the necessary steps of a good, challenging

game. He’s not invulnerable, he has a setting, an established history and fan base, and a method.

He can dispose his enemies in a certain manner and his humanity makes him increasingly

vulnerable to challenges both physical and psychological as well as being a killable protagonist.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

He allows for high paced action, interesting challenges, and a good narrative experience.

His skill set does not create a need to be nerfed, he is human and has human vulnerabilities.

From the standpoint of a passionate fan, he is one of the most beloved vigilantes in comics,

whose endearing fan base is waiting for proper treatment in a video game. With fans reaching the

American Military, many of which are also gamers, who would certainly have an interest in a

Punisher game. As well, The Punisher is a character that has a relatability to many modern

gamers, as well as having interesting history that could bring new fans into comic books.

Overall the best answer for this question is, it is time for The Punisher to get a game. As

an action based character he fits many molds of what could be classified as popular video game

genres. Just about any format fits with the character making him increasingly adaptable and

while this document will consider a specific vision it’s always best too point out that with

gaming as evolved as it is, the timing is great to give The Punisher a unique gaming experience.

Comic books have become dominating over the course of the video game medium, many

have already broken Guinness World Records, as well making genre changing innovations to

games. Video Games like the Batman Arkham Series has given a brand-new life, and a strong

branch of hope to the idea that comic book based video games can be amazing in both gameplay

and story.

2.1.2 What Genre?

Video games have numerous genres, much like the film industry. The Punisher as a

character can fit many, almost all, the different genres that exist in gaming. So, finding a genre is

on surface much easier said than done. Concerning the character, his history, and his

methodology, there is a specific genre that plays to the character’s strengths, weaknesses, and

narrative structure.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Stealth Action/Adventure, a genre made very famous by the Metal Gear Franchise by

gaming icon and legend Hideo Kojima, has evolved to be the best fit for the character. With

more recent games like Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Ubisoft’s

Assassin’s Creed Franchise, and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Series it has shown that methodical

planning as well as knowing when, what, and how to attack is now a key feature in gaming. This

allows players an experience inside the mind of The Punisher. Having to adapt too his tactical

technique, and choosing your own method of taking down enemies.

2.1.3 Why Not A ‘First-Person Shooter’?

While First-Person Shooters have become not only a dominative genre of gaming, it’s

become the often go-too genre as well as the most popular genre due to the popularity of

Activision’s Call of Duty Franchise. It is easy to ask why not develop a FPS Punisher game. The

answer to that lies in the fact that while most FPS games are fun, and involve a very creative way

of the player placing themselves in the mind of the character. The FPS genre doesn’t offer much

for a character like The Punisher.

As a genre, it does feel limited to the simple run and gun technique of gaming, and would

have been a better fit for the character in the years prior. Unfortunately, Punisher: No Mercy

used the FPS genre and didn’t excel, as the studio and game had limitations that didn’t work for

the character. Each Punisher game has been different from the ones prior, trying to find a proper

genre that allows the character too flourish. Simply it seems the character and his skills couldn’t

be as taken advantage of under an FPS banner, while a genre like Stealth Action/Adventure

allows for a much more in-depth character study, as well as work of off the character’s numerous


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

2.1.4 What Can This Genre Add To The Punisher?

Stealth Action/Adventure has evolved to employ tactical thinking. Giving players the

challenge of thinking, moving, and acting like The Punisher in that setting set the character up

for a pathos, the players acting as either they feel The Punisher should act in situations or

allowing players act as they feel The Punisher would act. Without adding narrative limitations,

the players get to feel an enriching perspective on how The Punisher, as a character, works.

Diving into his methods and evolving from their own standpoints. This could create such a

dynamic between players by allowing them to handle simple objectives in different ways.

Give players the objective such as “Eliminate Target, In Their Home” players could walk

in and execute, blow up the home, or sneak in and execute the enemy to accomplish the

objective. Each way is different, following a different path as the players lay it out. This concept

adds a sense of operational accountability to the players, every action committed by The

Punisher is selective and adapts to how players wishes to advance the character and the narrative.


No task is without its challenges. The Punisher is character constantly challenged by nearly

all around him. He faces challenge by both heroes and villains. Like many other games, there is

no end of challenges to getting the character and the game right. It’s a needed category to look

into in any game. Without addressing these factors, numerous problems become infinitely more

detrimental to the progress and development of the game. These challenges are the most

dangerous hurdles to cross in gaming development. It’s very important to take this process

seriously in looking to what challenges there are to any game, let alone a Punisher game.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

2.2.1 Where To Start?

As The Punisher stories are often more character based, characters are the best place to

start. Getting together characters that works with the basic mechanics of the genre will be a key

factor, as well as a story that has a wide enough scope to encompass the need for major action,

numerous set pieces and the decision of an open or closed world environment. Selecting

Characters and crafting a story involving The Punisher and his list of colorful supporting

characters and numerous enemies is a great start to developing the game.

2.2.2 A Developer And A Publisher?

The biggest question by far in the challenge of making any game is ‘what developer?’

There are numerous developers highly qualified and with a pedigree of fantastic production.

There are always a number of positives and negatives to selecting any game developer for a

project. With only a knowledge of existing developers is limited, some have been looked into. At

this time it’s best to consider all options in terms of selective developers. Some of the more

notable studios applicable for this type of game would include: Naughty Dog Studios, Ubisoft,

Yager Development, Guerilla Games, High Moon Studios, Square Enix, Square Enix Montreal,

and IO Interactive among many other heavily qualified developers.

Out of the numerous options it’s best to iron out a specific vision for the game and match

that against the various developers. With that comes also that the Publisher should also be

factored as part of the development team. At this stage a Publisher is best to be considered

through suggestions of the developer. As of now Marvel Entertainment does not have a known

Video Game Publishing branch, Currently Marvel holds a partnership with previously mention

Square Enix. With their massive library of AAA Video Games as well as a partnership with

developers, they would be the number one choice to work with in developing The Punisher.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

2.2.3 The Rating Discussion…

To put it bluntly, it would be comically irresponsible to consider a video game entitled

The Punisher to garner any other rating than an “M.” (For Mature) The character, his ideology,

and inherent purpose as it always has been, is designed for mature audiences. While The

Punisher certainly started out in an all age friendly book, he’s evolved beyond that. The character

has been rooted in violent, action based storylines, with use of language. Characters in his world

often use drugs, drink alcohol, and commit various acts of crime, none of The Punisher’s world

is suitable for Children Under the age of 17.

Now many might argue that The Punisher and his world could be appropriately muted for

a ‘T’ (For Teens) rating. While that is the case, muting or toning down anything does take away

from the experience of being The Punisher. His world is and always has been violent and tuning

down does sacrifice some of the integrity found in the character’s action, as well as puts a

negative impact on the game’s mission of putting people in the mind of The Punisher. This is

The Punisher’s world we’re dealing with, serving it too fans under any limitations devalues it

both artistically and honestly. Fans want to be The Punisher in the section of the Marvel

Universe he inhabits as dirty and as grimy as it is, it is owed to the fans to serve it without any

reservations or restrictions.

Any imagined impact of an M rating hurting the game financially shouldn’t be

considered a serious lobby. The most financially successful game franchise, earning millions of

dollars upon each new release is the Call of Duty franchise, which with a badge of honor and

pride brandishes its M rating. With other games, including Batman Arkham Knight having

received the M rating, and selling many copies of the game there is no question that an M rating

would be a sign of relief for players as well as show Marvel can make adult oriented games.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

While any game can have a groundbreaking or emotional story, it’s ultimately the

perception of the characters, and the characters appearing that make or break any designed story.

With video games character is integral to the overall structure as characters are the eyes and

mindset we view things from, as well as learn from. Characters simply make or break the game

for many players, and dealing with The Punisher’s world we’re introduced to some very rich

characters. From protagonist and supporting characters to antagonist The Punisher comics have

always had a rich library of characters too explore. This game should be no different.

The Punisher has always existed in a rich cast of characters, despite their nature to be short

lived, he always has had meaningful interactions. The Game intends on making those

interactions as factor and foundation of the game itself. The Characters the game possess are of

upmost important as it both establishes the New York The Punisher sees as well as informs

players of its connection to the greater Marvel Universe.

The connection to the wider Marvel Universe, and how The Punisher perceives it is a very

important role in establishing the player’s connection with The Punisher. This is a tactic for the

players to let The Punisher inside their head as much as they are going inside his. The circles and

interactions The Punisher has with numerous characters is what really helps progress the story.

This is a way of making sure this vision plays to character and character strengths as much

as it will story and gameplay. Keeping those main features of game development on par with

characters and how they’re adapted is a key focus point in making The Punisher’s world come to

life for the players to explore. This is about getting them into the mindset of The Punisher and

his world.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

While some Marvel Villains are popularly associated with The Punisher some were left out

of this based on serving those characters better compared to the needs of the story, which

unfortunately lead to a lack of proper placement for characters like Wilson Fisk a.k.a. The

Kingpin, and Billy Russo a.k.a. Jigsaw. Despite their exclusion there are still rich and fantastic

Punisher characters that all play important roles in this adaptation.


As the game is centered on The Punisher, and no planned expansions for a multiplayer

setting, this adaptation, like many before, only has the original Punisher – Frank Castle as a

Playable Character. This is a choice that roots the game in its mission. The intent is for players to

understand the character of Frank Castle, only then is the world the game is built in will makes

sense for the players, playing to the darker themes and nature of the game’s main character.

There is still information to learn about him for those who are unfamiliar with the character.

Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher [Height: 6’ 1”, Age: Mid-To-Late 30’s]: A former Captain of

the United States Marine Corps, a veteran in time of combat, Frank Castle became The Punisher

after his family was gunned down in Central Park. When the law failed to act, he did and became

a vigilante known as The Punisher. With a background of extensive training in armed and

unarmed combat, as well as tactical planning, he has become a fearsome figure in the criminal

underworld. A figure with the soul mission of eliminating crime, saving many others from

suffering the way he did. Players take stage as The Punisher, taking on the criminal element from

a tactical stand point.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game


With one foot, firmly in a dark world aware of the crime and chaos and one foot in a world

where hope exist, the Punisher has often had assistance in his war on crime, whether it be from a

distance or in the field, there have been numerous characters added to The Punisher mythos

joining the war.

There have also been characters who have been decisively against The Punisher because of

their commitment to the law. These are the characters that have a rich history of interaction with

the Punisher, enhancing the experience of his stories and giving meaning to them.

There are two existing categories for supporting characters, detailed more in the game

mechanics, Field-Based Support and Intel-Based Support. The vast number of supporting

characters interacting with The Punisher will be ones fitting in those two categories.

3.2.1 Field-Based Supporting Characters

Characters in game who join The Punisher during missions as Cover, Enemy Distraction,

or Spotters.

Rachel Cole-Alves a.k.a. The Punisher [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: Late 20’s]: A member of the

United States Marine Corps, and wife to late Medicinal Doctor, Daniel Alves. Rachel’s whole

world was ruined on what was to be the happiest day of her life, her wedding. Caught in crossfire

by members of the Exchange, the entire wedding party was killed except for her. Surviving she

was later found by Frank Castle and joined his war on crime, seeking meaning after her

husband’s death.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Andy Lorimer [Height: 6’ 1”, Age: 30’s]: Son of a late British Spy, his father was killed by

Finn Cooley. Feeling a strong drive to avenge his Father, and hearing of Cooley’s activities in

New York, Andy and an old friend of Frank’s, Yorkie Mitchell take on the Kitchen Irish.

Kathryn O’Brien [Height: 5’ 8”, Age: 30’s]: Former member of C.I.A. Black Ops, O’Brien was

thrown under the bus for a failed mission to bring in The Punisher years earlier. Escaping Prison

to start a new life and get out of New York, her plans change when her Ex-Husband William

Rawlins is found to be working with Mobster Nicky Cavella. Upon the revelation of his

involvement she teams with The Punisher to bring Rawlins down and get revenge for his hand in

several atrocities that befell her.

3.2.2 Intel-Based Supporting Characters

Supporting Characters who either interact with The Punisher in disguise, in secret, or

speak to him casually over an Ear Piece as a Communication point. These characters offer

information as well as assistance via hacking. These are the characters The Punisher has been

more inclined to rely on.

David Lieberman a.k.a. Microchip [Height: 5’ 8”, Age: 40’s]: A computer expert, world

renowned hacker, and a weapon smith, David joined The Punisher after the murder of his own

son. Inspired after The Punisher hunted the man responsible down, David has a loyalty driven to

The Punisher, having established a strong friendship that defines David’s role as the right-hand

man in The Punisher’s operations. He is the voice directly in the Player’s ears and assists in

numerous ways through the game.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Yorkie Mitchell [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 40’s]: A longtime friend of Frank. Yorkie served with

Frank in time of combat and went on to become a towering figure in the British M.I. Agency.

Joining young partner Andy Lorimer, he comes to the United States on the Hunt for Finn Cooley.

Norah Winters [Height: 5’ 8”, Age: 30’s]: A news reporter for the Daily Bugle’s Televised

News. She has assisted The Punisher in numerous gang related incidents and thus is given the

scoop. She assists Frank in the discovery of the Wedding Day Massacre as well as helping him

keep Rachel Alves from getting caught.

Viorica [Height: 5’ 5”, Age: Late Teens-Early 20’s]: A young Moldovan girl who escaped from

the Bulat’s human trafficking ring. Resulting in her Daughter’s death she attempted to kill every

one of Bulat’s associates and by chance came across The Punisher to whom she told her story.

Jen Cooke [Height: 5’ 7”, Age: 30’s]: A social worker who is spreading awareness on how

human trafficking works. Approached by The Punisher for information, she refuses to help until

she is forced to realize that The Punisher is the only one who can help some of these girls. She is

later mortified with what she’s done.

Martin Soap [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 30’s]: The most down on his luck dope who gets assigned to

the Punisher task force. This later sees him working as a man on the inside for The Punisher.

Soap is a highly resourceful, intelligent person and is very aware of his bumbling antics.

Molly Von Richtofen [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 30’s]: Molly is one of the few cops who got to her

role in the NYPD via honest means. Initially antagonistic towards Tthe Punisher, they find

common ground upon some blackmail information to assist their careers. Thus, making her a key

alley in The Punisher’s mission.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Walter Bolt [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 30’s]: NYPD Detective, informant for The Punisher and part

of The Punisher Task force, unknown to him he isn’t the only informer on the task force. He

continues to have an inner turmoil about himself, feeling guilt towards aiding The Punisher and

to keep his reputation as a good detective making what arrests he can.

3.2.3 Inter Active Supporting Characters

Supporting characters who players interacts with through the story but do not offer any

mission assistance. These characters are intractable, some will attempt to apprehend The

Punisher others are just nice towards him. These characters are taken from the vast Library of

Supporting Punisher characters.

Oscar Clemons [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 50’s]: Oscar Clemons is a Detective in the N.Y.P.D. He

was partnered Walter Bolt. He tried to stop The Punisher and his war on crime. Clemons refuses

to acknowledge The Punisher’s efforts as anything less than deplorable.

Marci Miller [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 30’s]: Tempered NYPD Officer, who attempted to

apprehend The Punisher, but failed. She briefly aided him in discovering the NYPD Mole that

worked for Cristu Bulat’s Human Trafficking organization and assisted to bring them down. She

later quit the NYPD and Joined Jen Cooke as a Social Worker.

Russell Parker [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 30’s]: A calm and reserved NYPD. Russ, along with partner

Marci, assist The Punisher in finding a department Mole working for Cristu Bulat.

Joan The Mouse [Height: 5’ 4”, Age: 20’s]: A quiet and reserved person, she befriends The

Punisher and Microchip, being able to confide in them, she assists them in odd manners such as

baking for them, or hiding them after an attack.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Nathan Bumpo [Height: 6’ 5”, Age: 30’s-40’s]: Neighbor and friend of Micro. The two often

talk over cooking. Bumpo watches out for any oddities (like F.B.I. Trucks, Mobsters ect.) for

Micro. He’s very unaware of the trouble surrounding his neighbor but finds a sense of loyalty to

the small apartment complex.

Spacker Dave [Height: 5’ 8”, Age: 20’s]: Neighbor to Micro, Spacker Dave is a young straight

edge kid who has no idea his neighbor works with The Punisher. Upon discovering, he takes to

protecting the secret despite how much torture he’d endure. He believes in The Punisher and

helps them in any way, like Joan the mouse.

The criminal element of the game, split into several groups, these are the threats the

players will encounter over the course of the game in both the Main Story and Side Missions.

3.3.1 Main Story Antagonist

These are the Main Antagonist players will encounter during the games main story,

involving several classic Marvel gangsters. This section includes the Mafia bosses, underbosses,

and supervillains aiding the families and will not go into detail towards the basic hired help. The Exchange

An Elite Force of Criminal Undertaking in New York, Comprised of Several Ex-Terror

Organizations, such as: A.I.M., and Hydra, and ran like a publicly traded company.

Dr. Stephanie Gerard [Height: 5’ 8”, Age: 40’s]: Co-Head of Board of Directors. Dr. Stephanie

Gerard co-founded the Exchange as a border between all crime. This allowed her and her

organization to take control of most crime in the western world.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Christopher Poulsen [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 40’s]: The Co-Leader of the Exchange. Very

organized and very efficient in the planning of the meetings. He finds Stephanie a strong

presence in assisting the leadership of the Exchange, working it like a Company rather than a

Criminal Organization.

Dawson [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 40’s]: A member of the Exchange, A person with a shadowed past

and a very cryptically spoken individual. He works more as an accountant for the organization,

as primary money man that has helped the Exchange turn profits from all corners.

Alec [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 30’s]: An operations expert. The Exchanges planner. He handles all

operation and starts the initial meetings with each member of the respective criminal heads,

brings them to the Exchange to join the Organization.

Liam Malloy [Height: 6’ 1”, Age: 30’s]: The wet-works operation specialist with Exchange. He

is personally responsible for the Alves Wedding Day massacre. He is a skilled fighter in armed

combat but very helpless in unarmed combat. He’s the man who gets the dirty work of the

Exchange done.

Reggie [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 30’s]: One of the members of the Exchange. A torture specialist. He

was present at the Wedding Day massacre that took the life of Rachel Alves’ husband. His works

make him a valued member as second in command of wet work operations who may be in a

position to overthrow Liam.

Tommy [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 40’s]: A locations expert. Choses the locales of all the Exchanges

property, giving them a tactical and psychological advantage over New York. He is very

demanding over his part in the organization and does his job with upmost certainty.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Dove [Height: 5’ 7”, Age: 30’s]: The Assistant of Dr. Stephanie Gerard who takes leadership of

the Exchange after her boss’ death, one which she caused. She takes her position down a crazy

rabbit hole employing a more sadistic nature to the company than the former leaders. Causing

many other members of the organization to doubt her leadership.

Jimmy Natale a.k.a. The Red Vulture [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 30’s]: Jimmy Natale was a fixer for

the mob whose job was to clean up the messes that others made. Over time, the workload

became too much for him to handle, and he went to his superiors requesting help. He suggested

picking a candidate to mutate into a human-vulture hybrid using the same technology that

created the Scorpion and the Fly. However, under the impression that the operation would cause

memory loss, he was chosen to be the candidate and was forcibly turned into a new vulture. He

went rogue soon afterward and began eating weak and wounded goons. He was hired by the

Exchange to kill The Punisher, but the resulting fight ended with him being stabbed repeatedly

until he died

Tony Masters a.k.a. Taskmaster [Height: 6’ 2”, Age: 40’s]: Tony Masters gained an ability

known as "photographic reflexes" during a mission as an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. This ability enabled

him to watch another person's physical movements and duplicate them without any practice, no

matter how complex. It was only limited by the fact that the memories he gained by watching

others overwrote his personal memories. He was previously a naturally gifted athlete who trained

himself to superb physical condition. He committed the fighting styles of Captain America,

Black Panther, Daredevil, Elektra, Hawkeye, Punisher, Tigra, USAgent, Spider-Man and

Wolverine to memory, as well as many others. He is hired by the Exchange for personal security.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Bulats A.K.A. The Slavers

Human Trafficking Ring working out of 2nd and 3rd European Countries, kidnapping

young girls and forcing them into prostitution. Through numerous methods they broke their

victims’ spirit, and took complete control over them.

Cristu Bulat [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 40’s]: Cristu Bulat was born in Romania and the son of

Tiberiu Bulat. The two of them ran a mercenary company in the Bosnian War killing Muslims

for profit. When NATO was about to get involved in the war knowing it would come to end

quickly Cristu along with his lover Vera Konstantin hatched a plan to create a Human trafficking

ring. Cristu eventually included his father in the deal hoping it would calm him down and allow

him to live out his life in relative peace.

Tiberiu Bulat [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 70’s]: Tiberiu Bulat was born in Romania and grew up in a

world of violence and loving it. He formed his own mercenary company with himself and his son

in charge and killed Muslims in the Bosnian War for profit and pleasure. His son knowing that

NATO once involved in the war would end it quickly and convinced him to move to New York

City and set up a slavery ring.

Vera Konstantin [Height: 5’ 7”, Age: 40’s]: Vera Konstantin is a Romanian who is

romantically involved with Cristu Bulat. She and Cristu came up with the idea of creating a

forced prostitution ring during the end of the Bosnian War. Unlike Cristu, she figured out not just

the business idea of sexual slavery but how to make it work. She came up with the idea of "rape

them to break them." Which she explained to Cristu that rapping and beating the kidnapped

women they had would make them more controllable since they would be too scared to try and

escape or lash out at them. Together the two of them along with Cristu's father Tiberiu Bulat

formed the human trafficking ring.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Stu West [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 30’s]: Corrupt NYPD Detective who works with the Bulat’s,

giving them insider tips and do their bidding in any matters needed handing, such as The


Barracuda [Height: 7’ 0”, Age: 40’s]: The result of a savage upbringing and elite military

training, Barracuda is a ruthless criminal and a killer for hire who haunted The Punisher for

months. He took every possible shot at The Punisher and refused to stop, He’s incapable of

stopping as The Punisher is the first challenge he hasn’t been able to overcome. The Cavella Family

Coming up from Boston to join in the Exchanges offer, the Cavella family operate from

the recently deceased Don Caesar Massimo.

Nicky Cavella [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 30’s]: A mobster with the reputation of a psycho.

Implementing sadistic and sociopathic tactics, he’s a coward at heart and is petrified of his own

mortality. He harbors specifically cruel resentment towards The Punisher, seeing him as the

ultimate spit in the face to the mafia society.

Carmine Gazzera a.k.a. Pitsy [Height: 5’ 8”, Age: 60’s]: A wise guy working for Nicky

Cavella along with Ink. He was well known for his indomitable will and vicious fighting

abilities. He’s kept relevant as he is an old-world mobster with a new world mentality, constantly

evolving with the times as a true sadist of industry. He is very volatile and violent in his manners

and is quick to tell someone where to stick it, regardless of their position.

Ink [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 30’s]: Ink was one of Nicky Cavella's enforcers, and was always

paired with Pittsy. Ink received his nickname when he killed his first man by stabbing a pen

through the man's eye and into his brain. Ink is an expert cook finding most dishes very simple.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Teresa Gazzera [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 50’s]: Sister of Carmine "Pittsy" Gazzera, she works as

Nicky Cavella's bodyguard. Although rude and violent, she is in love with her boss. She has a

vulgar mouth and is quick to insult and threaten anyone who challenges her or her family.

William Rawlins [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 40’s]: Kathryn O’Brien’s ex-husband, Rawlins was an

extremely manipulative, sociopathic CIA operative who felt little in the way of remorse for his

actions. He orchestrated several jihadist terror attacks on the orders of a corrupt cabal of U.S.

Army and Air Force generals, never questioning the ethics behind such plots.

Jake Niman a.k.a. Johnny Nightmare [Height: 6’ 2”, Age: 30’s]: a vet of the Afghanistan

conflict and former friend of Frank’s a super soldier experiment turned him into the insane

Johnny Nightmare. After losing Control The Punisher had to put him down, or so he though.

With Powers of immense super strength fueling Johnny, he had escaped and has been waiting for

his opportunity to get revenge on The Punisher. The Enforcers

Former Supervillain Mercenary turned Supervillain Mobsters. Joining the effort against

The Punisher for a Criminal Based New York.

Daniel Brito a.k.a. Fancy Dan [Height: 5’ 3”, Age: 50’s]: Daniel Brito (aka Fancy Dan) was

born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. With a great mind for business and is a talented fighter.

This makes him a threatening leader.

Raymond Bloch a.k.a. Ox [Height: 6’ 8”, Age: 40’s]: Raymond Bloch, the Ox was a member of

the criminal gang known as the Enforcers. Although he was very, strong he was never

particularly bright. This lead to him being a top enforcer for lesser pay.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Jackson Brice a.k.a. Montana [Height: 6’ 2”, Age: 30’s]: Jackson Brice was born in Bozeman,

Montana. Along with Fancy Dan and the original Ox, he was a founding member of the

Enforcers. He’s a master at trick shooting and a decent fighter.

Willard Harrison a.k.a. The Hammer [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 40’s]: Willard "Hammer" Harrison

was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was a world class boxer, but turned his skills to crime.

Rising to the top as an enforcer, he’s a master at hand-to-hand combat.

Sylvester Marston a.k.a. Snake Marston [Height: 6’ 3”, Age: 30’s]: Sylvester "Snake"

Marston was born in Ontario, Canada he was a skilled contortionist, but turned his skills to

crime. Joining the Enforcers and taking in the Snake theme he quickly became one of the scarier

members of the group having the rare combination of Brains and Brawn.

Aaron Cashin a.k.a. Snakebite [Height: 6’ 1”, Age: 40’s]: A Hitman who attempted to unite

European crime rings together until stopped by The Punisher, narrowly escaping he found a

home with the Enforcers and helped them become big name bosses in the mob world.

Lester a.k.a. Bullseye [Height: 6’ 1”, Age: 30’s]: A deadly killer for hire capable of using

practically anything as a lethal projectile weapon with flawless accuracy and deadly force. He is

one of the most psychotic and sadistic characters in Marvel and serves as one of Daredevil's most

dangerous foes. He has been hired by the Exchange to help kill The Punisher. The Gnucci Family

The Infamous Gnucci Family, the most notorious group of Italian Mobsters still in New

York. Running everything from Drugs to Guns Ma and her family are one of the most feared

bosses in New York.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Isabella Carmella Magdalene Gnucci a.k.a. Ma Gnucci [Height: 5’ 11”, Age: 60’s]: Ma was

the matriarch of the Gnucci Crime Family, a Mafia-like group that appeared to have majority

control of illegal activities in New York. As such, she had subtle control over both the mayor and

the police commissioner. Other members of the Family included Ma's brother, Dino and her

three sons- Eddie, Bobbie and Carlo.

Dino Gnucci [Height: 6’ 2”, Age: 60’s]: Brother of Ma. Head of the Ennis docks where they

receive drugs from. He’s very hard on staff giving almost slave like conditions and employing

many tortures methods on staff or guests who he feels doesn’t know their place. After hearing

about the Punisher, he turns himself into Police Custody.

Carlo Gnucci [Height: 5’ 8”, Age: 30’s]: Ma’s Oldest and Favorite Son. He runs the Clubs they

deal drugs out of. He usually allows himself to slack and ride the reputation of his family name.

He has a love for Hookers and often goes to great lengths on his dates with them.

Eddie Gnucci [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 30’s]: Ma’s Middle child, he runs the Warehouse where

they pack the drugs for distribution for the other companies. He tries to make his mother proud,

and often succeeds while proving himself a moron.

Robert Gnucci a.k.a. Bobby [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 30’s]: Ma’s Youngest Son. The physical

embodiment of a date rapist, He lives and operates parts of Ma’s organization from a Safe house,

Keeping close eyes on her assets for her. He fights for his part in Ma’s Organization but seems to

care for Ma in a genuine light.

The Russian [Height: 7’ 2”, Age: 40’s]: The man known as the Russian was hired by the crime

boss Ma Gnucci to eliminate The Punisher, He is a simple-minded man. He seems to be

superhumanly strong, having been able to rip a toilet out of the ground and use it as a weapon.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Lonnie Lincoln a.k.a. Tombstone [Height: 6’ 7”, Age: 40’s]: Born in Harlem, in New York

City, he started out as troubled youth who was bullied by his peers because he was Harlem's only

African American albino. Lonnie allowed his personal demons to direct the course of his life and

he turned to a life of serious crime. As a hitman and enforcer, he used his albinism to his

advantage. He filed his teeth and nails to points, giving him the appearance of a vampire. He’s

extremely ruthless and enjoys his career as a killer. The Hammerhead Mafia

Broken away from the Silvermane criminal empire, they’ve expanded a Drug and

racketeering Empire 2nd to Silvermane. Weakened by his dealings with Wilson Fisk had left

Joseph nearly decimated until he was able to rebuild his empire after returning to his hideaway in

Russia returning when the Kingpin was incarcerated by Daredevil.

Joseph a.k.a. Hammerhead [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 40’s]: After starting is criminal career as a

“Maggia” hitman, the man now known as Hammerhead was beaten so badly in a fight that his

skull was shattered. His skull was replaced with reinforced titanium. He then adopted the name

Hammerhead. A person very proud of his Russian heritage he has made it a point to make

himself the toughest bastard he could be.

Jonas Harrow [Height: 6’ 1”, Age: 50’s]: Jonas Harrow is a criminal doctor who is responsible

for Hammerhead's implant and the powers of Kangaroo, Megawatt and Will o' the Wisp. Here

Hammerhead employs his duties as a torturer as well.

Jackie Dio a.k.a. Underworld [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 40’s]: Jack "Jackie" Dio evidently has a

long and sordid history. At some point, he may have worked for Silvermane, presumably using

another codename and identity. He’s become a favorite among Hammerhead’s group.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Herman Schultz a.k.a. The Shocker [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 40’s]: Herman Schultz was a career

criminal who built a battle suit that sent out shock waves to quickly open safes as well as give

himself a one-up on the authorities. The Shocker had the ability to shock his enemies with his

hand held vibro-shock units, but because the vibrations were so fierce, he wore a heavily

insulated suit.

Carl Burbank a.k.a. Bushwacker [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 40’s]: Carl Burbank was a former priest

that became the mercenary known as Bushwacker after the CIA granted him cybernetic

enhancements and made him an assassin under the codename Bushwacker, but ultimately he

became a freelancer, going after mutants, superheroes, and anyone he was paid too.

Brock Rumlow a.k.a. Crossbones [Height: 6’ 4”, Age: 40’s]: Crossbones is a ruthless

mercenary who has operated as the right-hand man of the Red Skull, a member of the Skeleton

Crew, the Serpent Squad and, surprisingly, the Thunderbolts. His skills came from the

Taskmaster’s school of villains where he became the most impressive student. The Kitchen Irish

Two warring head of a massive Irish Mafia. Once ran by an Old man named Nesbitt, who

died and left a great deal of money hoping his onetime enemies would work together to find it.

The feud has brought war among them with the only surviving bosses being Finn Cooley and


Finn Cooley [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 50’s]: Finn Cooley was a former IRA soldier and terrorist.

Finn suffered an accident when attempting to rig a bomb at a Belfast police station which had

gone off too soon, severely disfiguring his upper face. Forcing him to wear a plastic mask that

kept the flesh of his ruined face from falling off. Finn left Ireland and move to the United States.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Peter Cooley [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 20’s]: Peter Cooley was an IRA terrorist who killed several

British soldiers in Northern Ireland. He was disgusted by the IRA entering peace talks with

British government and broke off from the group wanting to continue fighting the British. He

visited his uncle Finn Cooley in Canada when his uncle got a letter about 10 million dollars and

the death of the old Irish gangster, Nesbitt in Hell's Kitchen, he and his uncle returned to the U.S.

Maginty [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 30’s]: Maginty is a criminal gang leader who supposedly lived in

Dublin before coming to New York City in order to make a name for himself out of the territory

where Irish mafia ruled. He was the errand boy of Nesbitt of which there was a mutual hatred.

Maginty’s only rivals were Finn Cooley, the River Rats, and The Westies. Where Finn

eventually took control of the Westies Maginty took the Rats.

Napper French [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 60’s]: A Torturer/Killer for hire, Napper commonly works

with The Irish Mob. Although he is in his autumn years, he is still as rotten as he always was, as

his methods became fueled by the safety of his grandchild, whom Maginty had kidnapped.

Roussel Dupont a.k.a. Rapido [Height: 6’3”, Age: 30’s]: Roussel Dupont was a former member

of the French Foreign Legion turned mercenary for hire. His right arm is replaced by a chain gun

and dubs himself Rapido. The Rose Organization

An empire given to Richard Fisk, in effort to show his father he could be an effective heir

to the Kingpin moniker, Richard branded his new-found organization the Rose. Wearing a mask

and having several duplicates working under him this has led to a complete anonymity through

the organization.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Richard Fisk a.k.a. The Rose [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 20’s]: Son of Wilson and Vanessa Fisk.

Took up the identity of The Rose to become a rival to his father, and earn his respect in the idea

of becoming the future Kingpin of crime.

Philip Hayes a.k.a. The Rose [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 30’s]: He took up the Rose mask, joining

Richard Fisk, after he lost his funding in the gene therapy research after an accident in the

Phelcorps laboratory, because of which was the new heroine Jackpot.

Sammy Silke a.k.a. The Rose [Height: 5’ 10”, Age; 20’s]: Best friend of Richard Fisk since

childhood, Sammy had at one time worked for Richard’s father Wilson. He left Wilson’s

employee to work for Richard as a High lieutenant in the Rose Organization, helping his best

friend take a top spot in the Mob world.

Roderick Kingsley a.k.a. The Hobgoblin [Height: 5’ 11”, Age: 40’s]: Roderick Kingsley

became a worthy heir of the Goblin legacy, creating his own identity, of the Hobgoblin, rather

than being just another Green Goblin clone. He uses technology to brainwash Richard Fisk,

taking place as the puppet master of the Rose organization.

Maki Matsumoto a.k.a. Lady Bullseye [Height: 5’ 6”, Age: 20’s]: Born in Japan, the young

girl (it has not been revealed whether Maki Matsumoto was her birth name, or an assumed one)

who would become Lady Bullseye was imprisoned by the Yakuza, who planned to sell her and

many others into sexual slavery. However, Bullseye, on an unrelated errand, arrived to slaughter

the mobsters. The sight of Bullseye effortlessly killing her captors inspired the girl to escape and

become a killer.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Silvermane Order

Led by the last living Old School Gangster, living in a mostly cybernetic body, The

Silvermane Order has been the status Quo of the New York Mob scene until its initial take over

by Kingpin of crime Wilson Fisk.

Silvio Manfredi a.k.a. Silvermane [Height: 6’ 2”, Age: 70’s]: Silvio Manfredi, nicknamed

"Silvermane" for his near-white hair, is a professional criminal originally from Corleone, Sicily

that started his criminal career as a racketeer in an organized crime group called the Maggia, the

Mafia of the 1950’s and 60’s which eventually became the New York’s modern Criminal order,

the Mafia with Silvermane as the Godfather. Seeking salvation from his mortality he was placed

in a cybernetic body, that makes him nearly invulnerable.

Joseph Manfredi a.k.a. The Blackwing [Height: 6’ 1, Age: 30’s]: Joseph Manfredi was born

in Orlando, Florida, and is the son of the Silvio Manfredi, better known as the crime lord

Silvermane. Somewhere along the line he learned how to control Bats and make them do his

bidding, Joseph with his own costume and renaming himself Blackwing.

Leland Owlsley a.k.a. The Owl [Height: 5’ 11”, Age: 30’s]: Leland "Owl" Owlsley was a

ruthless financier, although he had a respectable image. An internal audit by IRS discovered files

relating Owlsley with different illegal business enterprises. Somehow, "the Owl" managed to get

a serum he supposedly used to glide and even fly for short distances; he had to use the serum

frequently to retain these powers.

Zebidiah Killgrave a.k.a. The Purple Man [Height: 5’ 11”, Age: 30’s]: Having come to New

York City, the Purple Man used his superhuman ability to force people to do whatever he

wished, and even robbed a bank by this means. The Purple Man now intended to use his power

to become master of the world.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Michael Marko a.k.a. The Man Mountain [Height: 6’ 11”, Age: 40’s]: Man-Mountain Marko

joined the Mafia. They gave him his wish and through a series of experiments had his strength

body enhanced through genetic engineering. Using his new-found strength, he became the loyal

lieutenant to Silvermane.

Jaime Ortiz a.k.a. Damage [Height: 6’ 1”, Age: 40’s]: Damage was a member of the street

gang Bunsen Burners, whose criminal career came to a sudden end when he was caught and

nearly killed by Punisher's Battle Van's defenses. Hearing about his encounter with Punisher,

Arranger has him cybernetically rebuilt to be a part of Kingpin's assassins.

3.3.2 Side Mission Antagonist

The Main Antagonist The Punisher encounters during the Numerous Side Missions of the

game, unrelated to the Main Story. The Assassin’s Guild

A group of assassins, some of who have battled numerous X-Men, coming to New York

in hopes of establishing themselves by killing The Punisher.

Bella Donna Boudreau a.k.a. Belladonna [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 30’s]: Ex-wife of the X-Men

Member Gambit, Belladonna has left her New Orleans home in search of more prosperous

ventures, taking her guild to New York and targeting The Punisher.

Buck Cashman a.k.a. Bullet [Height: 6’ 11”, Age: 40’s]: Bullet is an agent to the Unites States

government who performs covert activities of an unrevealed nature and who has the highest-

level security clearance such an agent can hold. He is commissioned by Belladonna to help the

guild kill The Punisher.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Frederick Myers a.k.a. Boomerang [Height: 5’ 11”, Age: 30’s]: Fred Myers was born in

Australia but moved to America when he was a small child. In America, his great love was

baseball and he developed an extraordinary pitching arm. He became a professional baseball

player in the minor leagues after graduating high school, and a few years later entered the major

leagues. Within a year, he was suspended for accepting bribes. Embittered, he was eventually

contracted by the subversive criminal organization, the Secret Empire, and offered employment.

Harvester [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 30’s]: Thought to be dead after going for Scarlet Spider in

Houston, Harvester was saved by other members of the Assassin Guild, given some cybernetic

enhancements to compensate for losing parts for a new body.

Douglas Scott a.k.a. Razor Fist [Height: 6’ 3”, Age: 40’s]: after losing their hands in a car

wreck, the Scott brothers, Douglas and William were each given a long metallic blade, replacing

the missing limbs, together they share the Alias of Razor Fist. Douglas being the younger of the

two has Trouble reigning in his anger and is typically calmed down by his brother.

William Scott a.k.a. Razor Fist [Height: 6’ 2”, Age: 40’s]: Called Razor-Fist because of his fast

punches, this man and his brother took the same title and pretended to be only one person. Each

brother lost one hand in a car accident, which were subsequently replaced by long knife-like

stabbing weapons by Carlton Velcro. Velcro employed the brothers at his mansion on an island

in the Marquesas. The brothers were assigned by Velcro to hunt down Shang-Chi and Pavane. The Church Of The Sheltering Hands

The Triads most major American based affiliate and ran by a former member of the

Hand. The Church of Sheltering Hands is a major criminal syndicate having dominated the

Chinese Triad.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Tenfingers [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 40’s]: Tenfingers is a former member of the ninja clan the Hand

until he left them, stealing mystical powers from them in the process. Tenfingers became an

aspiring crime boss in Chinatown. He founded the Church of the Sheltering Hands in order to

lure other illegal Chinese immigrants, offering them protection in exchange for their total

devotion. The Church also served as a cover for Tenfingers involvement in taking control of

downtown gangs, extortion and killing. A few months later, Tenfingers applied for federal

recognition, to acquire legitimacy, tax-exempt and a legally protected front for his operations.

William Li a.k.a. Billy Li [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 30’s]: Right hand man to Tenfingers, Billy has

moral doubts of the operations conducted by the Church and wishes for a more normal life away

from the aspiring crime lord.

Nonefingers [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 30’s]: Nonefingers was the codename used by one of the

followers of the Church of the Sheltering Hands, and one of Tenfingers' top henchmen.

Onehand [Height: 5’ 7”, Age: 50’s]: Onehand was the codename used by one of the followers of

the Church of the Sheltering Hands, and one of Tenfingers' top henchmen.

Lu Wei a.k.a. Eight [Height: 5’ 6”, Age: 40’s]: Lu Wei was one of the Tenfingers' top

lieutenant, and a member of the Eights, a group of select individuals who had a portion of

Tenfingers' power bestowed on them. The Grip

A Group of armed hitmen working under the orders of Drug Kingpin, Señor Muerte, a

South American terrorist.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Señor Muerte [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 70’s]: Drug Kingpin and Terrorist from South Africa

coming into New York with his force, known as the Grip, to gain power and fear among the


Napalm [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 40’s]: A member of the Grip, a small team of mercenaries acting as

the personal army of a drug kingpin

Sprint [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 30’s]: A member of the grip, armored in a suit that enhances his

strength and speed, he’s a powerhouse of force.

Uzi [Height: 5’ 11”, Age: 30’s]: A member of the Grip, Uzi wore body armor that included

assault arm-mounted semi-automatic weapons.

Vice [Height: 6 6”, Age: 30’s]: A massive powerhouse member of the Grip, Vice had the tensile

strength of machinery allowing him to crush many objects with his bare hands.

Windmill [Height: 5’ 4”, Age: 40’s]: Wearing a suit that allows him to generate winds or even

fly, he’s a very powerful figure in the Grip. The Midnight Sons

A group of satanic worshipping Biker transporting product for the Zodiac Cartel as well

sacrificing numerous victims to a demonic deity known as Mephisto.

Bobby Blackthorne a.k.a. Blackheart Vengeance [Height: 6’ 2”, Age: 30’s]: President of the

Biker gang, often named Vengeance for his cruelty towards anyone that disrespects the ‘Sons.

He tries to make a deal with the devil in exchange for demonic abilities.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Dillon Zarro a.k.a. Bullet Biker [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 40’s]: A cruel Biker and Number 2 too

Blackthorne. Zarro drives faster than he thinks and is nicknamed Bullet Biker. He is often a

vandal and trouble maker even for Biker standards.

Garry Dawson a.k.a. Big Daddy Dawson [Height: 6’ 5”, Age: 40’s]: A biker who has had the

unfortunate luck of being hunted down by Ghost Rider, has done his best to hide from the Spirit

of Vengeance, now hanging out with the Midnight Sons.

Emmett Jax [Height: 6; 6”, Age: 30’s]: Emmett Jax was an enforcer for Kingpin, having

crossed paths with Bullseye many times while tracking and attacking Daredevil. He considered

Bullseye to be the best man to have on his side when his life was on the line.

J.D. McCready [Height: 6’ 2”, Age: 50’s]: J.D. McCready was a member of the Hell Riders, a

biker gang, who met Bullseye during a night where he stopped at their dive bar to have a game of

pool. His membership with the Riders dissolved and he joined the Midnight Sons. The National Crime Syndicate

Third rate Mobsters in New York City, more or less copy catting the Exchange but on a

much smaller playing field.

Eddie Envers a.k.a. Three-Fingers [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 50’s]: Leader of the NCS. Eddie is a

career gangster whose family had done it long before him. Struggling for relevance in the world

of the Modern Mafia.

Muldoon a.k.a. Honeysuckle [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 40’s]: The researcher assistant to the

secretary of the National Crime Syndicate.

Weasel [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 30’s]: Resident hitman for the organization, often preferring sniper

rifles for taking his enemies out at a distance.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Louie Frenchetti [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 50’s]: Head of the NCS’ Chicago, IL chapter. He runs his

business in the New York Area through a nightclub called ‘Midnight Mobs’ a chain that

stretches from Chicago to New York.

Lonnigan a.k.a. One Eyed Lonnigan [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 40’s]: Member of the NCS and head

of the Detroit gang known as the ‘Rat Pack.’ He has numerous operations tied to New York

through the NCS. The Punisher Squad

A group of Vigilantes inspired by the Punisher, operating in three separate areas of New

York, wishing to clean the city up, even if Civilian Casualties can’t be avoided.

Father Hector Redondo a.k.a. The Holy [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 30’s]: A psychopathic Reverend

of the Catholic Church in Spanish Harlem. He makes frequent break into homicidal rages.

The Elite [Height: 5’ 11”, Age: 40’s]: Described as a Nazi by The Punisher, for his sadistic ways

of keeping his neighborhood clean from any sort of filth. He is without compassion towards even

the innocent victims that he’s claimed, only concerned with the Property Value of his

Neighborhood. Possible Occupation would be a Realtor.

Mr. Payback [Height: 6’ 1”, Age: 40’s]: A member of The Punisher Squad along The Elite and

The Holy. He's a sloppy vigilante who caused the death of an innocent cleaning woman. He tries

to argue that innocent casualties are a part of war, and that all wars have numerous casualties.

The statement causes much disgust in The Punisher. The Rivals

The Rivals is a gang that operated in the Harlem, New York. Predominantly black, they

have a history of mischief by rioting and dealing petty drugs.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Tilda Johnson a.k.a. Nightshade [Height: 5’ 4”, Age: 20’s]: Tilda Johnson was born into

poverty, the only child of a family living in the Harlem district of New York City. When she was

sixteen, Johnson had accumulated an extensive knowledge of genetics, cybernetics, and physics,

and using her knowledge she began a career of crime, believing that this would be her fastest and

most lucrative way out of the ghetto. This gave her a superior intellect allowing her to control the


Cornell Cottonmouth a.k.a. Cotton Mouth [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 50’s]: Cornell Cottonmouth

was one of New York City's leading crime bosses. His criminal enterprise controlled most of the

heroin trade in the City. Cottonmouth joined Nightshade's gang The Rivals. He was given a

section of the city run his business.

Willis Stryker a.k.a. Diamondback [Height: 6’ 4”, Age: 30’s]: Co-Leader of the Rivals and

former friend of Luke Cage, having been responsible for sending Luke to prison. Stryker is a

ruthless individual and fond of playing mind games with his enemies.

Commanche [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 30’s]: Comanche was a young street thug living in Harlem,

New York. Not much is known about his past or his real name. He was a skilled archer and

marksman. The 'Vores

A gang of Puerto Rican Criminals, disguised in Animal masks to hide their identity.

They’re prone to back ally brawls and all out robbery.

Wolf [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 20’s]: Leader of the group. A monster and a sadist, he rules over the

gang with an Iron fist.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Bull [Height: 6’ 3”, Age: 20’s]: The muscle of the group, powerful but dumb. A living cliché and

completely unaware of it.

Goat [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 20’s]: What amounts to an accountant, or money-man, of the group.

Goat isn’t terribly but does wonders with money.

Pig [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 20’s]: A rapist and a pervert. Loving to perform the Gang’s ritual for

new members Pig is certainly considered the vilest and disgusting person of the group. The Zodiac Cartel

The Zodiac Cartel was founded by New York businessman and criminal Cornelius van

Lunt. The Zodiac's goal was that of world economic and political domination.

Cornelius Van Lunt a.k.a. Taurus [Height: 6’ 2”, Age: 50’s]: An ardent believer in astrology,

Van Lunt amassed a fortune under the guidance of his personal astrologer. Van Lunt invested

that fortune in the formation and outfitting of a nationwide criminal network, which he named

Zodiac Cartel. Van Lunt himself chose the eleven criminals who led Zodiac along with him.

Jacob Fury a.k.a. Scorpio [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 60’s]: younger brother of Nick Fury, has been

known both as the criminal Scorpio and undercover as the terrorist leader Kraken, Jake was

approached by Cornelius van Lunt, alias Taurus, who asked him to join the Zodiac Cartel.

Zachary Drebb a.k.a. Aquarius [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 30’s]: A member of the Zodiac Cartel,

Drebb is a newer addition after the death of his predecessor.

Grover Raymond a.k.a. Aries [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 40’s]: Grover Raymond, based in Chicago,

Illinois, was the replacement for the original Aries in the human Zodiac Cartel. His first known

activity as Zodiac leader was to attempt to kill every Manhattan citizen who was born under the

sign of Gemini, using the Star-Blazer weapon.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Jack Kleveno a.k.a. Cancer [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 40’s]: Jack Kleveno was a member of the

original Zodiac gathered by Taurus (Cornelius van Lunt). Operating out of Texas he was given

the sign Cancer as his identity.

Willard Weir a.k.a. Capricorn [Height: 6’ 3”, Age: 30’s]: A professional criminal, hired into

the Zodiac Cartel by Van Lunt, it gave Weir a broader range to expand his skills as a mastermind

of criminal empires.

Joshua Link a.k.a. Gemini [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 30’s]: Joshua Link was a member of the

original Zodiac gathered by Taurus (Cornelius van Lunt), and operated independently of the

Zodiac on occasion, Gemini could mentally control his twin brother's mind and body and could

add his twin brother's physical strength to his own.

Daniel Radford a.k.a. Leo [Height: 6’ 2”, Age: 40’s]: A powerhouse of the group. He was

drafted by Van Lunt into the organization, acting as muscle given the avatar of Leo.

Gustav Brandt a.k.a. Libra [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 40’s]: A father operating out of the United

States his wife was gunned down by her brother in a vicious firefight in the country of Vietnam.

He was barely able to save his daughter and sent her to live with relatives. Upon his return to the

United States he was he was approached by Cornelius Van Lunt who offered him a position in

his crime organization known as Zodiac. Gustav accepted and took his position as Libra in

Honolulu, Hawaii.

Noah Perricone a.k.a Pisces [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 20’s]: One of the youngest members of the

Cartel, Perricone was a young repeat offender who was able to impress Van Lunt. Van Lunt

harnessed Noah’s criminal aspirations and brought him into the Zodiac Cartel.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Harlan Vargus a.k.a. Sagittarius [Height: 5’ 8”, Age: 20’s]: A member of the Mexican Cartel,

Harlan’s ruthlessness brought him to the Attention of Van Lunt who brought him into the Zodiac

Cartel setting up drug shipment through Mexico and the U.S.

Elaine McLaughlin a.k.a. Virgo [Height: 5’ 6”, Age: 30’s]: A cold hearted woman, probably

the most sadistic member of the Cartel. She aims to replace Van Lunt as the Head figure of the

Cartel and often lobbies for different ventures, speaking highly of corporate espionage and

human trafficking.

One of the most important pieces to any video game, an under or overworked story can

cripple or empower the game. The story, as well as its execution and use of characters to the

narrative can be a saving grace or the icing on top of any video game. Many legendary games

like the original Super Mario Brothers, had a very thin and simple story. Other games like any

Assassin’s Creed, Batman Arkham, or Metal Gear Solid entry have often used their stories to

tell a very cinematic and intelligent story. Video Game stories have taken characters through an

arc that challenges them. Stories gripping players before any sort of gameplay is a necessity, as it

sets the precursor to their interest and willingness to play.

There are numerous items a game using established comic book characters must cross to

deliver a memorable experience. First and foremost is quality storytelling, as a main fixture of

life, quality is key. Once a quality talent is assured then there must be a gambit of characters to

be interacted with, from the character’s (often short lived) rogue’s gallery, to all the helpful faces

that allowed the character to operate as efficiently as they have for a few years.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Once that is established, another key factor is focused, the story must challenge the

character, physically of course as there couldn’t be a game without challenge to overcome, but

also intellectually. By either targeting the character’s actions, beliefs, methods, and/or state of

mind the story must cause the character to learn and develop. Character development with The

Punisher is often thought to be non-existent as the character is often written as a force of nature.

The Punisher has had moments of growth. He’s shown moments of caring and humanity to other

characters and has interacted with them based on their mutual pains.

The character isn’t just a force of nature, but a force of nature with a soul. Crafting a story

where players get to experience that is a fundamental concept that would help this adaptation

stand amongst others. In preparation for that the best way to view this action is to do what even

the best have done when adapting other material, return to the source material and craft from

that. In that mindset, for my vision of this adaptation I have developed a story tying together

some of the best Punisher stories, in a clear and coherent manner, that allows for some new

material added in and paying homage to the original stories themselves.

With a plethora of Punisher Comic Books to use to put together a story for this adaptation it

has become very easy to craft a story that meets the essential requirements for a comic book

based video game. With that, we will continue to…


The villains of the piece are a newly formed organization known simply as ‘The

Exchange.’ An international crime ring (created by Punisher writer Greg Rucka, and artist Marco

Checchetto). A criminal organization ran like a business, the Exchange carry information on all

known Criminal elements in the world, as well as a vast resource of money.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

What they represent is not only new world order crime, but controlled chaos. Challenging

The Punisher’s mission of killing all of organized-crime and criminals. As the Exchange

represent that, they’re sending a message as the face of crime, their existence on a basic, primal

level challenges the very notion that The Punisher might accomplish his mission. This challenges

his state of mind, in a way the comics have, but with a player bases result.

It sets an established challenge for The Punisher to go through, making him wonder if

there was ever a point that he thought he could eliminate all crime, or if he knew it was a pipe

dream from the beginning. This also engages players to think about these actions. Can the crime

be eliminated is spiritually the same question as ‘Can there ever be world peace?’ will the answer

be a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ or a much more grey-shaded ‘Maybe but probably not?’

The Exchange’s mission will be to assist other Mafia families in killing The Punisher, in

return for that the other families have agreed to join the Exchange under titles of ‘Share

Holders.’ The entire operation of the Exchange suggests a more wall-street type depiction.

They’re criminals in suits and that fundamentally changes their perception by many others. Their

methods being unorthodox but effective challenges The Punisher. If a criminal element can be

effective at uniting all crime, is it possible his methods wouldn’t be effective against them? That

is a question the Punisher, and the players, to ask and answer their selves.

While the action will be quick and fast paced, there will be numerous characters too point

out that they might not have known they were working for the Exchange, or might beg The

Punisher for mercy. Being as the player is The Punisher it leaves the decision up to them to spare

or execute any enemies like this.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

This is putting to task The Punisher’s overall code. ‘If you’re Guilty, you’re Dead!”

Allowing players to make moral judgement as to whether the person can make a change. While

some, if sparred, would, other enemies might return to only beg forgiveness again. This is

putting the choice in the player’s hands and while it doesn’t affect the story it does affect the

overall perception of The Punisher. This is here to challenge The Punisher’s beliefs and allow

players to fill that option, allows a little challenge to them on how they see The Punisher and

how they would act.

The Main Story takes place In New York; various mobsters are hailed by an international

crime ring known as the Exchange. The Exchange is a highly powerful organization that could

very easily crush any members of the mafia and any families brazen enough to go to war with

them. They’ve brought these families together to offer them a deal of working with the Exchange

under their umbrella of organized crime.

The Mafia members see this attempt as a joke, but when the Exchange shows their power

the Mafia families take time to discuss the offer. They see that they can’t defeat the Exchange

but they are the better of two scenarios. The Exchange or The Punisher, they choose the

Exchange and establish a counter offer. The Exchange must eliminate or assist in the elimination

of The Punisher. The Exchange agree to the offer, and begins the greater conflict.

All while the conflict rises for this newer ‘Super-Mob’, other criminal organizations afraid

of conflict with The Punisher come to life, taking advantage of The Punisher’s Busy Schedule.

This places the entire criminal element in New York right in The Punisher’s cross hairs. Forcing

The Punisher to take on all-comers that intend to prove that crime does pay.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

4.2.1 The Punisher’s Involvement

Word on the street gets to The Punisher, several ex-members of terrorist organization

from A.I.M., Hydra, and the Shadow Council have gotten together to form the most powerful

international crime syndicate. The Group known as the Exchange has a grip on most New York

based crimes. Rumored to have files on all criminal elements in the World, the Punisher makes

the Exchange his number 1 Priority. Upon the news, other Mafia organizations have joined, The

Punisher finds out the war he’s been fighting has gone to a whole new level.

4.2.2 Main Story Prologue

The Game opens with the numerous Mafia Organizations being contacted to meet in New

York City. These Mafia Family heads include: Ma Gnucci, Silvio Manfredi, Hammerhead Joe,

Richard Fisk, Nicky Cavella, Finn Cooley, Cristu and Tiberiu Bulat, and Fancy Dan Brito. They

have the discussion that the Exchange wants them as partners, ‘Share Holders’ instead of

enemies. Cavella brings to the table that they need assistance in eliminating The Punisher.

With the group in agreement, the Exchange makes a peace-offering, personally hiring

Known Supervillains as Body Guards for each of the Mafia Heads. Ensuring their safety against

The Punisher. Each of the Mafia heads are given a token of their affiliation with the Exchange, a

ring with the sigil of the Exchange embedded.

4.2.3 Act I
In a linear format, each act is split into 3 separate parts. Each family is up for grabs, save

for the Exchange. To continue to the Next Part, a family must be eliminated. Cinematics for this

section involve The Punisher learning of the Exchange, and the advancement of their criminal


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Part I
The inaugural part opens after the cinematic start of the story, with The Punisher, tied to a

chair in the south end of a Harlem Crack house, controlled by the Rivals. The player must escape

as The Punisher and eliminate all inside. Upon the execution of the obstacles, it cuts to a

Cinematic where The Punisher finds a letter where the leader of this specific Crack house was

summoned by the Exchange.

The Punisher takes this letter to Microchip and thus begins his involvement with the

Exchange. Following this and the Information offered by Micro a group of families are available

to select from. The Family chosen becomes The Punisher’s target for the duration of the Part and

the Game continues upon full elimination of that family. While that’s available, New York is an

Open World were players are free to explore as The Punisher. Side quest become available

gradually as the game progresses. Players can continue the path of hunting down the Rivals or

move onto other menacing threats. Part II
A family has been eliminated, The Exchange has recognized this and has held a meeting

to reshuffle the duties evenly among the remaining 8 groups. After a Massacre the Police have

joined the investigation, were introduced to a quartet of Cops all a part of The Punisher Task

Force, and in different capacities. The cops met are: Detectives Martin Soap, Molly Von

Richtofen, and Walter Bolt. Leadership is redirected by joining Lieutenant Oscar Clemons.

Following their role, The Punisher has informants in the NYPD to call on. Gaining new

Intel from both the NYPD and files on the collective Members of the mafia he’s targeted, The

Punisher begins a more strategic run at the families. Using updated tech for infiltration, made by


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Part III

The Conclusion of Act 1, The Punisher has hit the families hard, and they’ve taken

notice. Supporting Characters join The Punisher’s mission, adding Intel allowing him to go after

more families as darker parts of the Exchange’s organization is brought to life. With more

information and more target’s now on The Punisher’s list, his map opens to include outside

sources the Exchange has been looking at.

In response to the frequency of The Punisher’s attacks, the NYPD has established an

S.W.A.T. Force dedicated to taking The Punisher down. Kept under the watch of Oscar

Clemons, who suspects some of The Punisher S.W.A.T. Force might be dirty cops with

connections, Complicating things significantly. The Act ends on a Cinematic of what will be

known as the Wedding Day Massacre, furthering Clemons’ and Bolt’s involvement in the

Exchange and The Punisher Task Force.

4.2.4 Act II
The Exchange, displeased with their current results in taking out The Punisher, bring in a

Supervillain team known as the ‘Red Vultures’ led by Jimmy Natale. They hold another meeting

this time to discuss the current progress among the members, who are starting to see the

Exchange as a massive joke considering their constant inability to live to the main request of

eliminating The Punisher.

Remaining families are given an increase in manpower, to protect assets. The element of

Supervillains is more present, showing them in the cinematics with the Exchange’s meetings

with its associates. The Dynamic changes as the Exchange is now attempting to put The Punisher

in their crosshairs, instead of being in his.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Part I
Opening on an infiltration of a crack house, The Punisher is surrounded by the S.W.A.T.

Force. Clemons and Bolt arrive on scene to negotiate a safe evacuation for The Punisher. The

already doomed negotiation turns to shit when a Group of the Red Vultures appear trying to take

out The Punisher, who kills them and escapes in the confusion, continuing with a new target.

Micro begins working on new tech to help Frank battle the Red Vultures, by bringing

them down to him. This unlocks a series of upgrades for Frank, the armor, and weapons.

Clemons begins to get frustrated as The Punisher continues to elude him. Bolt has Information to

give and the pair begin working on the new players in New York themselves, after being caught

in the Red Vultures’ attack on The Punisher. The Task Force begins testing new methods of

capturing the Punisher, setting up traps (affecting some random crimes.) Part II
Rachel Alves, the sole survivor of the Wedding Day Massacre wakes from a coma. With

her ability to identify numerous members of the Exchange, she becomes a high-profile target.

Upon the Intel drop of her waking, The Punisher begins staking out the hospital. Visited by

numerous members of the press the only one who makes it through is Norah Winters, who acts

as an informant for The Punisher.

The hospital is attacked, upon the attack The Punisher protects her and gets her away

from the Hospital, Rachel is taken in by Norah and The Punisher selects another target to go

after. Working with Micro, Norah and Rachel get some new information on the Exchange,

naming several goons she saw in the massacre.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Part III

With Alves alive, and The Punisher still active the Exchange begin getting paranoid. The

Punisher continues his target list going after another family, collecting combined information on

the Exchange and how they operate. Alves insists on joining the Punisher. Micro gears her up

and The Punisher is given the option of bringing her along for cover.

The Part and Act conclude with an ending Boss Fight with Jimmy Natale and his

Soldiers, The Punisher must use an E.M.P. device developed by Micro. It is designed for short

burst so it should be targeted at each one of the Red Vulture Soldiers 3 Engines, 1 on each wing,

and then one on a ‘tail feather.’ Punisher must take out the Mutated Red Vulture up close.

4.2.5 Act III

The two remaining families are pissed. The Exchange has failed to kill The Punisher and

is falling apart fast. The Exchange pressures them, telling them they’re in it together and they

must work together to kill The Punisher. For this the Exchange is bringing in a specialist –

Taskmaster. The remaining are very skeptical but they have no choice, they’re in too deep.

The Punisher knows the pressure is on them. He’s got them where he needs them and

isn’t backing down. He’s collected information from each family so far and is very close too

knowing everything he needs to, too hit the Exchange. They know it, and they’re not ready for it. Part I
The Last two families merge their resources. The Punisher goes after one of them, taking

them out. The Punisher Task Force is getting wise to the situation and begins staking out areas,

making it more difficult for The Punisher too infiltrate the areas unseen and go without innocent


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

They begin planting innocent people in their buildings, hoping that they can be used as a

deterrent from The Punisher’s attacks. This will give players the challenge of getting someone

out of harm’s way before opening a fire fight, or forcing players to avoid civilian casualties at all

cost. This will challenge players and The Punisher in unique ways. Part II
The Punisher has advanced on the Last of the families working with the Exchange, Police

can’t get to The Punisher or the Exchange. He’s taking them out, gaining information on the

Exchange’s holdings. He knows who they all are, having combined the information on them

from other families, Micro can pin point their locations. Micro makes more equipment for him,

having him armored too the teeth.

Other mob bosses have talked about the files the Exchange has on something referred to

as the ‘Omega Drive’. Punisher and Micro know the files could further their efforts in

eliminating the criminal presence in New York. With Alves and Micro’s help, The Punisher gets

ready for an all-out assault on the Exchange. If they get the Omega Drive, the criminal’s in New

York will never be safe. Part III

The Punisher rips through the Exchange, none of their buildings are holding the files the

other Mafia bosses talked about. In the Final Mission, he finds the Omega Drive. Containing the

information on all known criminals in the New York Area. The Punisher dispatches the

Exchange, proving no criminals are safe. With the Omega Drive, it opens all side missions,

giving information on all the criminal groups active in New York. All side missions are open,

with many criminals to kill.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

4.2.6 Main Story Epilogue

Clemons and Bolt still assigned to the Punisher Task Force. The Punisher has the info to

clean up the city in a big bad way. New missions become available for players, as they take on

smaller groups and gangs. The Story has taken Punisher through a journey and has given him

some degree of comfort that yes, he can kill crime off. Taking down the Exchange proved his

methods are effective and he believes he has done some good to the world. The Public’s

perception is still mixed, but depending on the Player’s actions it might be more favorable or


4.2.7 Side Mission Stories

While the Main Story of the Game exist as a through line, several outside criminal

elements are operating during the chaos caused by the Exchange’s war on The Punisher. Many of

them get the bright idea to increase their activity thinking The Punisher won’t have enough time

to really go after all of them. The Assassin’s Guild Story

Criminals are having a field day. Belladonna and her guild of assassins have come from

their New Orleans home to make a name for themselves. Wanting to establish themselves as the

best Assassins you can buy, they target The Punisher, making him put his full attention towards

taking them down so he can continue his work. The Church Of The Sheltering Hands Story

With The Punisher distracted the Church wants to increase their heroine output. Have

stayed low level to avoid his attention they feel his distraction is the best time to increase their

work. Sending trucks to the Docks that The Punisher must intercept to get where they distribute

and where they pick up their product.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Grip Story

Señor Muerte is coming to the United States, wanting to set up an alliance with the

Zodiac Cartel and its affiliates. Muerte has never come to the United States before and this is a

rare opportunity The Punisher Must take advantage of. Not only will it make waves in South

America it’ll scare most of the Higher Functioning Mobsters into thinking even Outside affiliates

are not safe from punishment. The Midnight Sons Story

A couple are found dead a block away from a biker bar owned by the Midnight Sons. The

bodies were desecrated in the manner of ritual sacrifice. The Punisher has had enough of this,

and begins hunting them down one by one. The Sons are an occult, Satanic, Biker group and so

The Punisher is going to teach them what fear is. The National Crime Syndicate Story

A Bunch of big wig mobsters from all over the country picking up the scraps that the

Exchange has left for them. They’ve gotten together for a series of meet and greets to further the

profitability of their business. So many Mobster together is something The Punisher has waited

for, and isn’t hesitating to wipe them out. The Punisher Squad Story

Father Redondo has gathered together a group of Vigilantes, including himself. Aiming to

Clean up New York and hoping to get The Punisher’s help, as the group is completely

unorganized. They sit and wait continuously advertising an invitation to The Punisher.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Rivals Story

The gang The Punisher was going through at the beginning, when tied up. After being

diverted to take out the Exchange The Punisher returns to take out the Harlem based Gang from

pumping out any more Cocaine out of the neighborhood. The 'Vores

An up and coming gang operating out of Spanish Harlem. Disguised in Animal Masks,

they’re prone to rioting, which recently cost the lives of six Neighborhood locals. While they

have little connections, they have been able to bully protection money out of some of the locals.

It’s time for the punks to be put in their place. The Zodiac Cartel Story

The Cartel is increasing their work load, making a deal with the Grip, getting distribution

through the Midnight Sons, they’re making waves and are aiming to become a massive

organization. The Punisher’s possession of the Omega Drive puts them right in his cross hairs

and with their identities and businesses revealed.


The Main story of the game is split into a three-act structure, those of which are

themselves separated into three parts. Each of the Parts are complete upon the full destruction of

each family. With each family containing 10 Missions that work into the scheme of the Main

Story. This gives a Main Story Mission count of 90 all with various Durations, Field Objectives,

and Level Sizes. This adds a fun element to the game having a massive amount of the game to

play through in just the Main Story. The Side story varies, there are 9 different groups of

missions with various ranges.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game


Throughout the story described much of who survives was left ambiguous as when the

game starts, the players are given free range to go after any of the affiliating Mob Bosses. With

little to no information on the Exchange it keeps them hidden until the final part of the Last act.

This is where the player’s choices make an impact. In that the player’s actions determine which

of the Mafia Families the Exchange interacts with as the Story Progresses and gives minor

changes to the overall story. With the numerous variables, it’s impossible for all possible

scenarios to be planned in this document.

Choosing which families to go after, and their numerous different effects on the Main story

gives the game a higher replay value. Challenging players to explore the numerous options for

story to change, and making the levels either more, or less, challenging with more enemies added

or less enemies to combat, more powerful or less powerful weapons all based on the player’s

choices. With the specific story detailed it highlights this idea, giving a through-line to follow the

story without forcing too much of a straight path in front of the players. Doing this enhances the

mechanic of driving unique challenges among players as the scope and difficulty of the level


This is set to give players unique challenges focusing their efforts into strategic attacks.

Doing this gives a realistic implication of how The Punisher operates and allows the players to

experiment different methods. Doing this allows players a sense of freedom in how to act as The

Punisher in this environment. Tackling different challenges in different manors and effectively

becoming The Punisher they wish.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game


Levels and Missions are the muscle and bone of every game. It is where the game takes

shape as a Game, and becomes something unique among the Video Game world. Every game

has its levels and missions. When it gets to the details it really becomes something unique. As

important to the story as its characters, the levels and missions of a game push the story along,

whether they’re presented in a linear or non-linear format.

As a function, it works similar too issues and panels of a comic book, both continue the

story further and have to be explored. The advantage games have is the benefit of not having to

be regulated and having the option of multiple different directions. The Non-Linear format is

best serving on this vision as it offers more options for the players, as The Punisher, to continue,

and to move through the levels in their own roundabout way.


Setting is truly the genesis of the Game. Everything boils down to the environment. From

that entire game really evolves. The Setting for this vision is an Open World New York City, but

not any typical New York City, this is the New York City of the Marvel Universe.

5.1.1 The Open World New York City

Many games have taken place in a New York environment, with the Island of Manhattan

being one of the largest cities in The United States. With a population of over 8 million citizens,

there is no wonder why so much Marvel Action takes place in the famed city. With the amazing

detail and design of the Chicago area in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs the idea of an open world New

York for players to traverse through from a ground view is very tantalizing.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

It’s the grit and grime, and the everyday world that The Punisher sees. Swinging as

Spider-Man is certainly very fun but it is a different environment from the New York The

Punisher sees. Walking the streets as The Punisher will see that New York. Living in it as The

Punisher does, it gives players the first-hand account of life in the crime and corruption of the

New York of the Marvel Universe.

Players traversing the New York environment will see notable Landmarks, as the full city

and several upper state areas are available to them. Seeing the Daily Bugle, Doctor Strange’s

Sanctum Sanctorum, The Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building, and Other locations will allow

players the comfort of feeling like they are in the New York of the Marvel Universe. With areas

open for exploration from the Daily Bugle to simple Gun Shops, this allows players a greater feel

of the environment as they traverse the land between missions.


The Game has a foundation of arenas available for players to traverse. Some Mission based

and others for the sake of just exploration. All of this designed to give a thorough and detailed

environment that is New York. In doing that it helps liven the population of the game and set the

player in the Marvel Universe’s New York.

There is a multitude of environments available that The Punisher can go to, really giving

the New York flavor giving the player the option of looking through a New York that is deeply

detailed and alive. This will see to that players aren’t bored just a few hours in and really

challenge them to explore the entire New York area. A comprehensive list will detail some of the

many open environments. While most the game takes place in Manhattan, the intention is for all

5 boroughs: Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island, to be open to players.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

5.2.1 Areas Of Casual Exploration

Some areas of the game will have a casual atmosphere that players can enter without

being watched. These areas are open without any possibility of opposition. This is the detail of

The Punisher’s everyday routine, allowing him to venture through different areas and explore as

a normal New Yorker. The Punisher’s Lair

The Main base of operations through the game. The Punisher’s Lair are several safe

houses in the New York Area. All of them have a similar, but not same layout. Some will be 1

floor while others will have upstairs, but all houses will have a multitude of rooms available for

the player to explore. The Rooms Inside The Punisher’s Lair

Having such a massive area for players to explore, The Punisher’s lair are massively

designed levels with a multitude of rooms for the players to be in. Each room having an overall

purpose for the character and the player.

Armory – The full extent of The Punisher’s massive arsenal. A room dedicated to his weapons

and upgrading them, complete with a full sound proof firing range.

Bathroom – Where the player and The Punisher can enter and refresh by showering after

missions, giving physical and mental relief. A simple function that has been used in many other

games, most popularly in Konami’s Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Bedroom – An area for The Punisher to sleep, another way of helping the character refresh.

Sleeping has been a long-time function of many Role Playing Games and has interesting aspects

to it. Giving a sense of refreshing the character which continue to see the character function at

top condition.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Kitchen – A place for players and Punisher to eat. Helping Health stay high functioning,

refreshing mentally and physically this allows The Punisher to be at his best condition. While

other places in the New York area offer food, this is a solution that doesn’t cost players (in

game) currency.

Garage/Workshop – Area that allows players to routinely upgrade the Battle Van, armors, or

other items. Allowing for the most dangerous weaponry and vehicles possible while also

upgrading armors and skulls to be more protective and intimidating.

Interrogation Room – Sometimes some enemies are too powerful to interrogate in the field.

When some enemies have valuable information, they require some more painful tactics, this is a

room that allows players a variety of gruesome and inventive ways of interrogating enemies.

Training Room – Area where The Punisher can train, against simulated combat, done by

holograms built by Microchip. This enhances his Hand-To-Hand combat skills, and allows him

find new ways of killing enemies or knocking them out without a gun.

War Room – An area where The Punisher has his targets listed. A Family tree, files, and the

War Journal, where players can relive events narrated by The Punisher, watch cutscenes, and

learn more about the character’s personality.

Loadout Segment – Before Missions this is a secret room of The Punisher’s lair where players

can select equipment, with freedom of switching it out before every mission. With the entire

Punisher arsenal, equipment, and armor available to the player. This gives players the freedom to

change their weapons and gear before each mission.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Microchip’s Apartment Building

The trusted friend of The Punisher, Microchip has always been a figure The Punisher has

had some reliance on. Best friends they’ve worked together for years but have always lived

separate, finding it safer for the both. The Apartment itself only has a few rooms available for

exploration, the rooms available for Exploration would be Living Room, and a Work Room, the

latter of which is very much like The Punisher’s War Room. In the small apartment building

players also get too meet Joan the Mouse, Nathan Bumpo, and Spacker Dave. Greenwood Cemetery

The Gravesite of The Punisher’s family. Whom he usually visits once a year. Safe Houses

Houses spread through the city, usually one or two per neighborhood, where the players

can hide out. Each of them much like The Punisher’s Lair. Meant for a quick escape should

police be involved in hunting The Punisher. Coffee Shops & Restaurants

Some Diners and small areas where players can explore and ‘eat.’ A variety of different

ones exist throughout the city. This adds to the depth of the explored New York Populace. Alias Investigations

A Nod to super sleuth Jessica Jones, an area the players can approach, unfortunately

unable to enter. Players would be greeted with a sign that says ‘On a case, leave a note – JJ.’ Nelson & Murdock

The law office of Nelson and Murdock, another area where players can peek but not

enter, with a ‘Closed’ sign displayed on the front door. Another nod to the larger Mavel


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Luke’s Bar

The Bar used as Luke Cage’s primary business. A human powerhouse Luke won’t be in

but players would be able to enter and explore the small area. The New York Bulletin

A newspaper office where players can enter, lightly explore and buy a newspaper. A

small environment but a fun little nod to the existing Marvel U. Josie’s Bar

A bar once operated by a Criminal Presence, Nelson & Murdock were able to get the

original owners to sell, largely thanks to Daredevil, to current owner Josie. A kind woman who’s

had a rough life. It’s an area for good people to drink, often inviting regulars such as Matt

Murdock and Foggy Nelson. The Other Place

The Other Place is a small family-owned diner in Brooklyn. Operated by a woman named

Gena Landers, it was once one of Moon Knight's key meeting spots while operating under the

guise of taxicab driver, Jake Lockley. Daily Bugle Office

Norah Winter’s job, an area where players can enter to get information during the day,

they may often be asked to meet somewhere safe, like a bar or a restaurant. Players can get

information by casually visiting. Lucky’s Bar

The Favorite Bar of Detective Martin Soap, who assists The Punisher in giving

information. A meeting spot between the two. It’s a small Brooklyn based bar that sees a lot of


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Police Station

Cop houses. Occasionally a contact might have some information on the gang populace

of New York. Dropping a note off, only to be sent a message later for players to learn some

information about some areas. Empire State Hospital

The Hospital where Rachel Alves is taken. Several floors high, some nurses know who to

contact. The Punisher often helping the nurses feel safe from various nighttime attacks.

5.2.2 Mob & Gang Dominated Areas

Because it’s New York, and the player is The Punisher, there are a multitude of different

areas that will be explore in and out of missions that are mob controlled territories. These explore

might find some aggression and unwanted attention when not in a mission. Bars
Numerous bars spread throughout the city, largely operated by Mafia Families or Gangs

depending on which area the player is in. Often small, some are much larger and offer more

areas for players to explore and hunt criminals. Night Clubs

A great area for drug dealing, nightclubs in New York are very popular. Some of them

having strong ties requires a bit of force and stealth to get through without causing trouble from

some idiot meatheads. Usually the Mob owned night clubs see the more illegal patrons with

some clubs having extremely questionable entertainment.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Strip Clubs

Seedy environments where some thugs often go to ‘relax.’ The gang controlled ones are

often poorly held together, while the mafia controlled ones often extend the seedy atmosphere,

these clubs are often large and occasionally connect to brothels. Brothels
Houses of Illegal and forced Prostitution. While some are connected too Strip Clubs,

others are houses out in the woods, or hidden in neighborhoods. The workers there are forced

into the lifestyle and very complacent from fear of their ‘owners.’ Entering these areas is an

indication of The Punisher about to shut it down. Hotels
Some of the more upscale Mobsters, like Silvermane, traffic their victims through hotels

that often double as ways of laundering money. Hotels are often heavily guarded and very large,

allowing for a large group of guards to operate unseen or unquestioned. Players will often face a

large amount of opposition when missions bring The Punisher too areas like this. Motels
Strips often out in the middle of nowhere, Motels are usually single story strip hotels

where Hookers often bring Johns, or human trafficking victims are kept by their captors. Areas

like this are usually lightly guarded as the environment doesn’t warrant the need for many

guards. Junkyard
Auto salvage yards, an area where some mobsters tend to meet to discuss deals, conduct

business, or are secret hideaways. They offer great areas for coverage and supports a large

amount of guards to cover the area. A dangerous place to get into a firefight.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Restaurants
Eateries owned by Mobsters, patrons are often members or some sort of affiliate to the

owning mobster. These Special restaurants are held in the back, keeping business away from the

prying eyed public. Usually these establishments will have a secondary entrance and exit. One

from the front, an exit through the kitchen and a hidden wall playing both sides. Underground Casinos

Large Casino’s may exist for the honest gambler and the mob loves laundering money

through them. But Mobs get greedy and hold underground Casino, not only will they have

traditional Casino Games but will also have illegal activities and games, such as pit fighting,

available. Anyone involved in this is some type of crook, con, or criminal. A heavily guarded

area, Enforcers litter the Casino grounds. Shipping Companies

Companies or locales that allows the Mob to send out their drugs, weapons, or people

from their various exports. These are reprehensible areas made solely for mob workers to send or

receive merchandise to/from the docks. Some of these companies work in connection, and are

connected, to factories that make product. Always a heavily guarded environment when the

money allows it. Dry Cleaners & Laundry Mats

A cash based business where Mobs launder money and hide. Many Dry Cleaners have

underground tunnels or secret rooms and passages. This design was intentional in case of a bust

the bosses could get away.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Aquariums & Zoos

Another public place where many other mob figures hold meeting. Public makes it

peaceful and uninterrupted when done during closing hours. The Zoo gives enjoyable scenery for

mobsters to conduct business and intimidate a low-life or two. With such a massive area to

canvas Guards are usually kept in groups to be effective. Car Dealerships

Parts from the underground chop shops often get sent and sold to mob owned car

dealership. Like many other places drugs can occasionally be sold or distributed through them.

Mostly the deal with car dealerships are to sell jacked cars and car parts to hide them from police

investigation. A place designed to also launder money. Chop Shops

Underground areas where carjackers, both unaffiliated and affiliated with gangs and

mobsters. Some are in abandon buildings others are in unregistered garages hiding as legitimate

services. While higher up bosses never visit these areas, some of the underbosses hang out

around them, giving them a sense of control. Many Chop Shops might be connected to abandon

foundries, Junkyards, or other locations that allow for more real estate and often see more guards

hanging around to protect the underbosses. Church
Many of the Mobs have some strong religious affiliations. Some use Churches as a base

of operations, while others visit for repentance. The Punisher, being the strong force that he is,

drives a great many of them to Church begging for forgiveness.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Penthouses
Large Building holding an apartment at the top. Many inner-city mafia figures live here.

They’re allowed to heavily arm and guard the area being an inner-city home, with every level

belonging to the mobster at the top. Areas like these are often as well guarded as humanly

possible, ever since The Punisher has existed many mobsters tend to stay as guarded as close to

home as possible. Safe Houses

Houses unknown to law enforcement that are owned by various mobsters and ganglands.

Punisher has a few of his own scattered around the New York area. Many mobsters, when

spooked, will venture to a safe house keeping them from being spotted by any law enforcement,

or in their minds, The Punisher. Mob Mansions

Houses of where the Head of Mob Families live. Heavily guarded and well-armed, these

areas are special locations that Mobsters will often do anything to keep safe. Some are located

relatively close to the city, while others are deep in the upper state of the New York woodlands.

These areas are the most guarded and out in the woods where most of the mansions are, Cops

have no way of getting to them and the closest back up for thugs is often 20 minutes out giving

the players and The Punisher plenty of time to operate. Drug Labs

Abandon Buildings, Large Houses, Laundry Chemical Shipping Plant Basement, or a

full-scale Apartment Buildings ran by gangs or mobs that produce large quantities of drugs.

These areas are populated by scum and have a massive amount of guards protecting the area.

These areas are high in profitability and are strict on its ‘employees.’

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Distribution Houses

Neighborhood houses or apartments where junkie can go to get high. Areas that have a

few guards to keep things inline, distribution houses are often segregated from labs and only

really connected to sellers. These areas are highly disgusting but very easy to move through

being that many people that will see you are often too high to know if you’re real or part of some

trippy high. Being The Punisher many junkies might freak out into a full on bad trip and in some

cases, may cause them to die over a panic attack. Apartment Buildings

Gangs with enough power often have full apartment buildings under their control or

possession. Gangs like to keep their neighborhoods very close to them and under control. With

so many gang bangers in one place it makes for an easy target to go after. With nearly every

living gang banger living with their gang taking as many out together seems like a great

opportunity. Neighborhood Blocks

Areas of a neighborhood with numerous houses under control of individual gangs. These

areas might have some unfortunate people living under a gang’s thumb but anyone attacking is

certainly a part of a gang. These areas are often very decrepit and nearly unsalvageable without

taking out the gang leaders. Construction Site

When closed for the work day construction sites often fall prey to the corrupt owners.

Mobsters who use the areas to hide bodies in cement, conduct business or let dealers work in the

area. They’ll have a few guards around to keep things in order and it gives a good opportunity to

hit them unexpectedly.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Recycling Plants

Areas where Mobster launder money through an untaxed green initiative. Recycling

plants offer Mobsters a way of doing business in the daylight while looking like concerned

citizens. Striking at certain times is tricky as a lot of innocent people are employed to actually

work, while at night mob groups will take it over to conduct business and guard secret areas

(such as possible drug dens.) Abandon Factories

Abandon factories, great for a meet and greet between bosses and associates. The quiet

area allows for real discussions to be had and progress to be met furthering business. Being some

of these areas are large and opened guards are brought to ensure neither side, nor The Punisher,

can disturb business. Warehouses
Buildings near shipping yards containing product, be it guns, girls, or drugs, something

goes through the warehouses on a routine basis. Always active Guards are constantly on watch.

Several warehouses may relate to business making them primary targets to hit. These areas

directly affect the profitability of a family draining their most important resource – money. The Empire State Building

A Longstanding New York Landmark. The Empire State Building is a hot spot for

mobster to take some ladies on dates. An impressive site it offers the opportunity for a very big

and very clear message.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Hospitals & Morgues

Areas where criminals who are unlucky enough to survive might get transported.

Criminals might come to pay their respect to family members. This makes some easy pickings

for The Punisher. Banks
Owned by Mobsters and occasionally subjected to Robberies. Banks are often heavily

guarded and used as a way of laundering money through the system. This is one of the most

important Mafia controlled areas. Mobsters tend to hang out after hours gambling each other,

with Guards watching over them. Court Houses

Courts in the Marvel U are often bought by the guilty. Whenever some arrive to meet

their court date The Punisher likes to take the guilty ones out. A good Sniper rifle and patience

can carry a mission a long way. With the area being so public, it makes it very hard for Mobsters

to stay heavily guarded. Funeral Homes

Funerals are a mournful occasion, when Mobsters gather for them it makes for the best

time to strike, getting many wise guys at once is great way to keep the pressure on them and to

keep them afraid. Heavily guarded or not, no one expects to be hit.


The story, having been broken down to several parts, continues through a series of

missions. The missions for the game, to players, are referred to as Ops/Operations. A military

term, Black Ops, slang for Black (or Covert) Operations, meaning a covert operation by

government or military, using methods or employing measures not authorized.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

It’s a term Frank used in the military and it carries over here for a bonus of some

terminology for players to refer to the game with unique manner. The Main Ops/Story Missions

of the game all are themselves broken down between Families, called a Family Tree and/or a

Mission Set. This is an effort to “Chapter” the events. It’s these Missions where players really

bring in the strategic mindset of where to attack what, when. With the overall results impacting

the rest of the Mission Set.

5.3.1 Main Ops

The meat of the story where players, as The Punisher, will go through hell and emerge

victorious. Broken down into several Family Trees that are (save for the Exchange, the main

antagonist on display last) Displayed here in alphabetical order. When starting this Mission Set,

many missions will be available while some missions will only be unlocked once the other

Missions are completed, to help with some story-based movement, there will be full Mission Sets

to counter act the ones that have some linear narrative allowing players to take on any mission at

any time. The Bulat Slavers

Based on The Punisher Max arc by Garth Ennis and Leandro Fernandez of the same

name, the Slavers tells the story of a young girl who escaped name Viorica, who informs Frank

of the monsters who captured her.

Here they have a connection with the Exchange due to their Human Trafficking Ring

being the top one in the United States. Through The Punisher’s involvement they kidnap Viorica

and attempt to break her as well as use her as bait for The Punisher.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Bradstreet Dock Yard

A dockyard in New York where the girls are imported. Heavily guarded for an

intimidation factor on the girls. From here they begin a horrible life. The Docks stretch a fair bit,

the Dock’s Customs agent is in the pocket of the Bulats and turns the other cheek, allowing the

business to operate through there. Dockyards are often separated into three sections: The Boats,

The Docks, and Container Yards. The Brothel

A house in Up-State New York, A large manor with numerous rooms, the Pricey house

where the best and most complacent girls are kept, in more luxury then new girls. Johns brought

here are very rich, and very disgusting human beings. The house requires a passcode to enter, but

offers multiple ways of entering. Being so deep in the woods, it’s very quiet and closed off to

any wanderers. Police wouldn’t be able to find the area. The Brushwick Hotel

A house close to the city, well-hidden and only obtainable by Johns via Shuttle. A small

area and closed in. It makes getting through very difficult. Cristu’s Safe House

Cristu’s private home, where he escapes the stress bestowed on him by his father.

Guarded well, Cristu’s safe house is a riverside area and very quiet. The house itself is a single

bedroom, small house, with two entrances – a front door and a back door. The house is gated

with a mile of grass land surrounding it. This mission is unlocked when the Bradstreet Docks,

The Brothel, Brushwick, Dipalm Circle Missions are completed.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Dipalm Circle

A Brooklyn based strip-club where the John’s are lured or get information about the

Brothels or Hotels. It’s a massive, one-story area, with loud music and lights. Some “light” work

is done by some of the workers in the private club rooms. The Flat House

An abandon factory where the victims are brought to be tamed and trained for service.

Surrounded by numerous guards to keep them afraid, the victims are given highly addictive

drugs as well as being routinely attacked to break them. This is a Mission Unlocked after the

Cristu Safe House Mission. Konstantin International

A skyscraping office building in New York where Vera handles most of the work with

their European connections. There are numerous office workers are often connected to smaller

trafficking rings bringing in girls from all over the United States. Security officers are employed

by outside sources operating in New York, unfortunately for The Punisher they’re all legitimate.

Challenging players to navigate through without killing any innocent workers. This mission is

unlocked by the completion of the Flat House and St. Agnes Missions. St. Agnes Orphanage

A rundown orphanage where girls are re-broken for trying to escape or injuring a John.

This is a full out torture shack. It is an area with numerous rooms, each of them with different

types of tortures. This is designed to keep girls inline and keep them from escaping. The

Orphanage is a real-life hell for the girls, re-breaking them into the horrid lifestyle. This mission

is unlocked after the Cristu’s Safe House Mission.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Shack

Lured to a shack in the middle of nowhere The Punisher must get through armed guards

to get to Viorica, being held captive by the monster known as Barracuda. Use as a way of getting

The Punisher out in the open, Barracuda aims to kill The Punisher and make a name for himself

as the ‘Baddest Mother Fucker Around’ Tiberiu’s Mansion

Tiberiu is the head of the Bulat Trafficking Ring. He’s the owner of a massive Mansion

hidden from prying eyes. He’s got a massive amount of guards at his home. He often brings girls

there and takes advantage of them. This is the Final Mission of the set. The Cavella Family

Ran by Nicky Cavella, the Cavella family has grown from Boston low leveled punks to

the top of the food chain. Nicky, a spiteful prick, takes a dig at The Punisher by pissing on the

bones of his family, setting off a chain reaction of horror for all the mafia associates.

Teamed up with a former friend of Frank, Johnny Nightmare, to put The Punisher on a

mind-bending trip. The Punisher is going to have to outsmart and outlast Cavella. All Missions

for this Set will be available, save for the Mission O’Brien’s Apartment. Cavella’s Compound

Disguised as an old office building in little Italy, the compound is a small office off the

radar. Cavella stays here after antagonizing The Punisher, thinking it’s the one safe place for

him. It’s accessible by one door that leads to a set of stairs to the full 2nd floor apartment.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Cavella’s Munition Warehouse

Cavella has been stockpiling guns for a while, getting ready for a full-scale war against

The Punisher. With the Manpower given by the Exchange, he’s ready to put them to use. Getting

rid of them could make a world of hurt present for Cavella. Cavella’s Narcotics Warehouse

The Product that Cavella has rebuilt his empire on. With numerous hood rats constantly

trying to get high Cavella has the product as he slowly distributes it out too his dealers. This is

his livelihood and he takes very good care of it. Cavella’s Office

A large office Building his other mobsters work at. In the city, it is a massive area that is

done in fine luxury. This is Nicky’s favorite place. Somewhere where he can be alone and happy.

Here he gets too indulge in any sick fantasy he can dream up. This area includes several rooms

many of which are dedicated to pure torture and one where he has the stuffed corpse of his

Auntie Mo, so he can practice his marksmanship. Cavella’s Strip Club

A great place of laundering money, the Strip Club Cavella owns is a high-end

establishment for his Mob buddies to really get their rocks off. Girls exposed to this environment

are often very weak willed and controlled by the need for drugs. This is a way of getting control

of his ‘business partners’ and establish his demands over the group. The Midas Building

The Midas Building is a place in the Financial District where Cavella likes to meet some

of his underbosses, often resorting to sending Ink, Pitsy, or Terri. The Building itself has several

floors functioning with other business but the top floor is controlled by Cavella. Split into several

offices and a massive Boardroom, where the meetings take place.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Midtown Museum

Nicky, with few options left, uses the help of Johnny Nightmare. Luring The Punisher

into the Museum, and letting Nightmare use his powers to mess with The Punisher’s head, in

hopes that Nightmare will be able to kill him. This is Cavella’s last gamble to kill The Punisher. The Moondance Diner

Eating dinner, The Punisher sees the defilement of his family’s corpse. His reaction isn’t

pretty as several gang bangers enter the establishment wishing to rob everyone, while The

Punisher is a new kind of mean, and angry. This is the Opening level of the Mission Set. O’Brien’s Apartment

Kathryn O’Brien is an associate of The Punisher’s having been part of the C.I.A. and

thrown away when she failed a mission to capture The Punisher. She aids The Punisher, saving

his life, and brings him back to her apartment. There the unlikely couple are attacked by

Cavella’s Hitmen. The Mission is Unlocked after completing the Red Cent Mission. The Red Cent

A restaurant and a favorite spot of Cavella’s the environment is the traditional Italian

theme. Nicky organizes a hit on The Punisher, with the assistance of William Rawlins, by

placing himself in the open at the Red Cent. Making himself such a stand out target for The

Punisher. This is here Nicky’s schemes begin to fall apart. The Enforcers

A group of Supervillains themselves. The Enforcers are used to working with

Supervillains against heroes. Their Partnership with Bullseye comes to be a very beneficial

partnership. The Punisher has to take out the Enforcers to gain more information about their

partnership with the Exchange. All Missions are available from the start of the Mission Set.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Corral

The Corral is a Supervillain School ran by the Enforcers. Training recruits to be the most

vicious people they can be, with some good fighting training to back it up. Often taking new

recruits and having them join the ranks, or turning them lose and even selling some into slavery

to bigger groups like A.I.M. or Hydra. The Corral is located over a series of warehouses in New

York, connected to an apartment building. It’s a massive land and the Enforcers always seem to

have numerous recruits. Ennis Tavern

Ennis Tavern is an underground Supervillain Bar, a favorite spot of the Enforcers.

Populated by numerous villains, the Tavern has existed as a haven from law enforcement from

those on the run. With the location changing every few months, only the regulars are always able

to find it. It’s a popular spot for celebration among the criminal community. The Foundry

The Foundry, former corner market of the auto industry. It now serves has a series of

holding cells and torture chambers for victims of Montana’s kidnapping ring. Taking politicians,

Men, Women, Children, and even Pets. Montana extorts information from some, tortures others,

and tries to ransom them back. With dozens of active kidnapping cases taking over a year.

Montana has set the operation up as a long-lasting event for negotiation, giving his victim’s

families more time to get the money he wants. His Guards for the area are very hostile towards

the victims and often torture them for their own pleasure. The Gangout

A hangout spot for gang members, Hammer Harrison and Ox often pay a visit to show

the local gangs who is in control. Forcing them to fight the two, showing every one of them

whose boss. It’s a grizzly area, an underground basement of a dying neighborhood.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Hela De Shoah

The Hela De Shoah is a Massive cargo ship. Coming into New York, with as much as

several tons in pure Heroin, The Punisher Must Board the ship and take it down, as well as the

smack peddling crew. Courtesy of Snake Marston’s effective running of the Heroin Trade. With

multiple levels the Ship is a massive beast to get through, and harbors a great number of the

Enforcer’s goons. The Junkyard

The Prime meeting and planning spot for the Enforcers. A junkyard they’ve populated

and kept afloat since the 1990’s, it gives them a space to covertly plan their jobs with no issues

and worries about who might be listening in. A great place for The Punisher to tackle them all at

once. Liberty Unified National Banks

A chain of Banks in the New York area routinely robbed by the Enforcers. The Bank is

constantly receiving shipments of money from federal loans against these attacks. Security is

horrible and the cash stashed away in the vaults make up about $10 Million. The Enforcers

usually carry a group of five additional guys to keep things inline. The Pit

An Underground Fighting Ring set up by the Enforcers. Making a great deal of petty cash

out of the many gambling addicted New Yorkers looking for a new itch to scratch. They take

freshly High Addicts they’ve drugged up to fight. The area is populated with a lot of scum and

greatly skilled fighters, some even the Enforcers take on, raising the steaks and the pay offs.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Snakebite’s Chop Shop

A chop shop owned by the Enforcers and operated by Snakebite. Keeping the goons on

an organized schedule. Shipping parts out all over the world. The shop deals specifically in high

end cars, setting itself up as one of the top shops in New York. The Villain Zone

A house out in the sticks of Upper New York where the Enforcers stay. A

mansion/military stylized base. The area is armed in the manner of a paranoid military-driven

nut. Hard to get into and guarded all to hell. A high risk, but necessary, target for The Punisher.

Populated by the new associate Bullseye looking for a chance to get at The Punisher. The Gnucci Family

Ma Gnucci, her younger brother Dino, and her sons are some of the vilest crime figures in

America. With an almost barbarian style hatred for The Punisher. The Punisher goes after them

and their connections with the Exchange due to their grip over the Police Department in New

York. The Mission set opens on The Alpha Warehouse and concludes on the Mission the Gnucci

Mansion. The Alpha Warehouse

Eddie Gnucci has a history of trying way too hard to impress Ma. He’s developed a new

middle man system to keep any cops from catching on. The System keeps cops from knocking

on the Gnucci’s door as well as house $30 Million worth of product. Bobby’s Safe House

Bobby’s safe house is the location of the Gnucci Drug distribution. Bobby is the eldest

and by far dumbest of the Gnucci Sons, not to mention a complete and utter coward. He’s

usually well-guarded on Ma’s orders who, despite being a monster, is very protective of her


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Carlo’s Club

Carlo operate a Club which is one of the hottest spots in New York. A whole front end

establishment is the top club in the city, while a whole back area is reserved for him and his drug

dealing, drug using pals to party in private. Carlo is very fond of his guards when he’s not about

to get laid and is as much a coward as his brother. The Central Park Zoo

Ma often holds meetings here after hours. Initially the players have the option of light

armor for The Punisher, who scopes the area out as a recon mission. The Central Park Zoo has a

number of animals and can certainly be of use. The Mission is Unlocked after the previous

missions: The Alpha Warehouse, Bobby’s Safe House, Carlo’s Club, The Court House, The

Empire State Building, and The Empire State Morgue, are completed. The Court House

Fearing an emanate attack from The Punisher, Dino Gnucci turned himself in for police

protection. Hoping to squeal on several other associates in exchange for protective Custody,

Dino Gnucci is about to enter the New York Municipal Court House, if he does The Punisher

won’t have another crack at him. So, The Punisher is going to have to bypass Dino’s Guards

watching the rooftops as well as the police protection, in order to silence Dino for good. Dillon’s Dry Cleaning

A front for Ma’s Organization, a way of laundering the money out and keeping it clean.

Brought through a small cash based business. This is where Ma’s income is tied too as she

doesn’t trust other forms of Laundering Money. Sticking with what she knows a large amount of

money is kept on hand and the workers are very aware of whose money they’re working for.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Empire State Building

Carlo loves to bring women to the Empire State Building on Dates. Buying some of the

guards allowing them to go straight to the top of one of New York’s most famous skyscrapers.

The area doesn’t have much for guards beyond Carlo’s personal bodyguards. The company and

location make for a massive wake-up call the Punisher can’t ignore. Empire State Morgue

The Hospital Morgue where the late Gnucci child Eddie is brought after his demise.

Bobby and a group of his men go to identify the body and are ambushed by a very opportune

Punisher. This Mission opens directly after the mission Bobby’s Safe House. The Gnucci Mansion

Ma, after being humiliated at the hands of The Punisher is now without any external

Limbs. Still very fearsome and now very angry. She is awaiting a full-scale assault on her home

ready to completely and utterly wipe The Punisher out. When The Punisher does appear, only the

few loyalist and Tombstone stick with Ma. This mission opens after the completion of the

mission Micro’s Apartment. Micro’s Apartment

Attacked in Micro’s apartment by Ma Gnucci’s number 1 assassin – The Russian. The

Punisher will be fighting for his life against this behemoth. The full mission is a lengthy boss

battle putting the players to the test on their skill. This Mission opens after the Central Park Zoo

Mission. The Hammerhead Mafia

Ran by the villain Hammerhead, the aptly name Hammerhead Mafia has risen from the

ashes numerous times. Hammerhead has constantly thwarted off wars from his old mentor, and

boss, Silvio Manfredi. This has caused Hammerhead a well-deserved Ego amongst other Mobs.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Now that The Punisher considering wiping Hammerhead and every other mob off the

face of the earth, the Two have been working close with the Exchange to stamp out The

Punisher. All missions from this set are available when selecting the Hammerhead Mafia as a

target. The Avanti Aquarium

A local Aquarium owned by Hammerhead where he has a pet Hammerhead shark as a

star attraction. The Environment is a very peaceful area or him. Always guarded in his presence

this is a place Hammerhead finds to be a lovely area. Hammerhead Manor

The Home of Hammerhead, a large house in the Upstate section of New York, well-

guarded and decorated in memory to the Soviet Union, a time Hammerhead remember very

fondly. His associate Bushwacker is often kept on premises as a body guard and oddly enough a

confidant for the grizzled mobster. Little Russia

A Neighborhood Hammerhead has taken over, on the lower east end of the Bronx,

Hammerhead has a small deli adorning the neighborhood title: Little Russia. Practically every

business here is loyal to Hammerhead, and carries some of his thugs as security. The Majstro Casino

The Pride and Joy of Hammerhead’s professional career. An upscale Casino littered with

his thugs as pit-bosses, making a lot of people’s lives hell. Hammerhead is one for the

environment built at this Casino, carefully selecting certain gamblers to join the real fun in a

backally casino underneath the Majstro where numerous illegal games are held.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Nails
A chop shop often lead by Underworld, one of the Top enforcers for Hammerhead. It’s

covered by armed men ready to kill and slaved mechanics working to save their skins.

Hammerhead’s guards are very abusive to the workers. New York United National Bank

A Bank robbery that Hammerhead and his goons infiltrate. Hammerhead often

participates in these activities along his men, just for the fun of it. This Mission would occur

randomly in the Hammerhead section. Hammerhead employs the work of Herman Schultz – The

Shocker, for his expertise in the Bank Robbery game. The Punishment Hotel

A debauchery ridden S&M Club. Hidden around where various mobsters go as a way of

networking with each other while enjoying some “entertainment.” This makes Hammerhead a

powerful figure in the New York Mafia, having dirt on everyone reach levels of power nearing

the Kingpin and Jigsaw. With so much important information located in one place and so many

illegal and disgusting things going on, it’s a high priority target. The Red Square

Underground fighting, Mob bosses and Gang leaders all over New York come to put their

best fighters against each other. With Hammerhead raking in massive cash by tricking his

competition into a pissing contest, this keeps Hammerhead on top without question. Saint Michael’s Church

Hammerhead’s favorite spot of religion. An area with blackmail information.

Hammerhead often visits it for deposits of new information and new cash. Holding his faith

oddly strong it’s constantly well-guarded.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Timely Pharmaceuticals

Probably the only taxed business on the control. His smartest design as a mobster, he’s

built a pharmaceutical empire where he constantly manufactures the highest quality of drugs sold

to the One Percent. As a legitimate company, it keeps many law enforcement and FDA Agents

off his back. It has become a high-profile target in The Punisher’s eyes. The Kitchen Irish

A full fledge Mob Civil War. The Cooley’s and Maginty fighting for a top spot as the

Irish Mafia Kingpin in Hell’s Kitchen, set up by the Exchange to get the higher powers. Pretty

much every level in this section is going to get more complicated due to the mob war. The

former gangs known as the River Rats and the Westies haven been forced to choose a side with

either Cooley or Maginty. All missions from this set are available when selecting the Kitchen

Irish as a target. Finn Cooley’s House

A house in the Hills of New York, a nice manor dedicated to the IRA. A harsh arena to

anyone he hates, often having them brought there to be tortured in front of him. The House is

covered with IRA agents dedicated to making a deal with Cooley, many protecting him at all

costs. Hell’s Kitchen

The Neighborhood famously protected by Daredevil, who is currently busy elsewhere, is

now overrun by the Irish. With Several of Maginty’s and Finn Cooley’s men taking it over

prepping each side for a war with each other. Abandon buildings, shops, everything is desolate,

waiting for the oncoming war.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game IRA Munitions Warehouse

Cooley has been building a massive Empire on arms dealing. Keeping his growing

munitions empire. Selling him to his brother in arms at the IRA. The funds driven will help

Cooley fund wiping Maginty off the map! The massive amount of merchandise is estimated in

the tens of millions in value, and is guarded by a bunch of dumb street hoods. The Leandro Hotel

Hotel were Finn Cooley and his nephew sell their drugs, and record and blackmail

politicians with hookers or other incriminating acts. Armed all over the place with Finn’s

greatest soldiers, the Hotel is rundown and has fallen to age. A large area that’s very dark and

old, barely held together. The mission ends with a boss battle with the sniper: Rapido. Maginty’s Apartment Building

A Neighborhood of apartments owned by Maginty used as his refuge. Heavily Guarded

and a very rough neighborhood. Sending The Punisher through multiple areas to find Maginty,

while combating his thugs. The whole crew seems too stay high on drugs and move as fast as

possible. O’Malley’s Bar

Being rebuilt after an explosion, this allowed Cooley to acquire it. Resetting it as a bigger

Irish-man styled club to launder money. This has become a base of operations for Finn and his

IRA associates to set up various deals. The Bar is practically a church for Finn. The O'Shaughnessy Construction Site

War ground for the Kitchen Irish Civil War, The site of Nesbitt’s death, the Irish

Godfather. All of them fighting each other for Control over the Kitchen Irish. The area is

practically a War Zone.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Other Place

A Diner turned into an instant war zone from an IRA Bombing. Unfortunately for Cooley

and his clan The Punisher was eating at the establishment and had been able to shield himself

and other patrons in the bombing. Other Members of Cooley’s gang enter the establishment. The Rave

An Underground Tunnel where Maginty has taken over the River Rats and turned it into a

Raving drug den. Selling the product out and forcing them to use it in his tunnel, keeping

overdoses an easy to dispose of manner. A necessary target in shutting down Maginty’s

operation. The Seller’s Market

A Pseudo market, where Finn Hosts his armed sales to the IRA. Maginty’s crew often do

what they can to screw this over. It’s constantly armed with tough thugs. The market being a

back alley deal often changes locations routinely, from Funeral homes to Abandon Factories, to

Junkyards. This is the lifeblood of Cooley’s business. The Rose Organization

A new-age crime syndicate ran by Richard Fisk, son of the New York Kingpin – Wilson

Fisk. In the Rose Organization, all members were a similar outfit, disguising the Identity of the

True Rose.

Once the Organization joins the Exchange they’re given access to the uses of Lady

Bullseye for protection. All missions from this set are available when selecting the Rose

Organization as a target.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Armory

The Rose Organization handles their people well, having paid to train numerous goons to

be more than average in their training. Making each one of their enforcers dangerous. They train

them all at a facility in the upper New York region isolated from the main island. This area

pumps out new goons on a frequent basis and is a very important target for The Punisher. The Blood Rose

An elitist back ally nightclub in downtown Manhattan. A wretched place of scum and

debauchery. Top spot for all the top dealers to bring in their product. Pumping out a large

amount of product in a nightly basis. With a massive amount of Income, it has to be taken down

to make a massive impact. The Factory

Fisk’s own private torcher arena. A small abandon factory where alleged crossers of the

Kingpin Empire are brought to be taught a lesson. The young Fisk being very proud of his

father, really puts to use the lessons he learned when dealing with anyone crossing the Fisk or

Rose name. Numerous victims are kept at the factory as constant reassurance that the Rose

Organization can’t be touched by cops. Fisk & Hayes

A military Contract company, developing new age weapons. A Highly-secured facility

tough to enter without being an assault infiltration. A gift to Richard from his father Wilson. The

Company takes the military hardware developed and sells it too smaller gangs giving them better

firepower, and a little extra money in the pocket of Fisk.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Fisk Tower

The Home of Richard Fisk’s reputable business. An international trading company owned

by Fisk. International cash easy to launder one of the many resources he holds over the

Exchange, making his involvement an asset to them. The Goblin’s Pit

The Private Holdings of Roderick Kingsley, an elite member of the Rose Organization as

well as the Hobgoblin. This is where he keeps his Hobgoblin Gear. Kept under guard by various

grunts in the Rose Organization. He keeps the appearance as a hired gun for the sake of keeping

his true role as a Kingmaker secret. Kingsley Fashion & Modeling Agency

Ran by Roderick Kingsley it takes aspiring models, turns them into low-level prostitutes.

The Agency building is in Downtown Manhattan as one of the more prestigious buildings,

Roderick’s role in the Rose organization as The Hobgoblin allows him to manipulate Richard to

bend to his will. Making Roderick the kingmaker of the empire. Phelcorps
Under the direction of new C.E.O. Phillip Hayes, he manufactures Chemicals and became

the largest distributor of the drugs used for Lethal Injection. Side selling to various terrorist

organizations, including A.I.M. and Hydra. The massive chemical laboratory is a corner stone of

the Rose’s business. The Rose Board Of Directors Building

A warehouse very well decorated in Upper West New York were the High-level members

of the Rose meet to discuss their weekly business. Meeting in secret, allowing the numerous

members of the Rose to keep business in an iron grip.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Silk & Partners

The Lawyer of the Rose Organization, the middle man connecting everything together for

Fisk and the other members of the Rose Organization. Sammy Silk has major protection being

the best friend of the supposed head of the Rose Organization. The Silvermane Order

Led by the Eldest member of the Mafia, and a former Kingpin, the 101-Year-old Silvio

Manfredi. Using Cyborg enhancements to keep himself a viable leader. He has a new sense of

energy through the Mob, who thinks he’ll never die. He’s become one of the most ruthless mob

bosses in New York and has a very strong hold on the city. Now with the aid of the Exchange,

Silvermane has grown more powerful. All missions in this set are available when selecting the

Silvermane Order as a Target. The Andru House

Silvermane’s house in Hell’s Kitchen, where he keeps family members of Cops or

Politicians hostage to get his way. In the Mission, it will hold the Daughter of an NYPD

Detective. Giving the challenge of eliminating everyone without the daughter getting hurt.

Silvermane keeps a very valuable amount of black mail information in the Andru House as

protection against anyone big enough to try and step on him. The Conway Hotel

Silvermane runs a prostitution ring out of the Hotel, one of the most esteemed Hotels in

New York, giving Silvermane a flood of customers via Hotel guests and John’s paying his

women. He keeps it well guarded because of its value. This is the closest thing Silvermane holds

to a legitimate business. Keeping everything at the Conway under lock and key and the

ownership a mile-long paper trail, this is just in case feds try to bust in, so that Silvermane is


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Lion’s Mane

Silvermane’s Jungle Theme Strip Club, using his newly acquired assets to expand his

human trafficking empire and funnel it through his Strip Club. Having a massive canvass of

rooms available for private entertainment crossing the line of taste, dignity, and legality. This is a

fond addition to Silvermane’s empire. Manfredi’s Fine Italian

Silvermane’s restaurant, made to honor his mother, he often dines at the location. It’s

kept in an Underground basement, allowing Silvermane to conduct Business in a relaxed

Manner. The restaurant is open only for the invited Guests of Silvermane, which often includes

many other Gang and Mob Bosses. The Silver Dollar

A hood rat multi-level Pawn shop. Here new talent can sell items to Silvermane and

based on the value of the item can gain and use drugs inside the upper area. Held up by one of

Silvermane’s cronies this is the place he got his start and developed into the infamous crime

lords. The area is guarded by Damage. The Silver Luck

Silvermane’s Underground casino, in New York. Here he has non-traditional Casino

Games, including pit fighting, Torture related games. It’s a sadist den ran by the Purple Man on

Silvermane’s behalf. Silvermane Holdings

Silvermane’s accounting Firm, where Leland Owlsly launders all the Silvermane Order’s

funds. Kept in decent care as a standard office building. The large building houses most of

Silvermane’s income, as it’s often not been properly laundered.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Silvermane Manor

A penthouse in Central Park South, Owned by Silvermane. Guarded by his absolute best

guards. This is the refuge of Silvermane. It lords over most of the city, making Silvermane feel

like the top dog. Many floors of the Multi-level building belong to the Silvermane, giving him

clearance to do whatever he wishes. Silverspoon Estates

A rundown neighborhood owned by Silvio Manfredi. The Whole Block is dedicated to

his drug manufacturing and distribution wing. Roughly a hundred goons set up to take on any

trouble that erupts at the heart of Silvermane’s drug empire. Smythe Industries

Advanced robotic Manufacturer where Silvio was given his Cybernetic body. Often

having to return for repairs or to “Rest” certain parts of his cybernetic body. Well-guarded the

Robotics factory is an important place, keeping Silvermane’s robotic body moving as well as

keeping him alive. Chances are here, you’ll run into Damage. The Exchange

The Criminal Element that pursues The Punisher in effort to gain maximum control of the

Criminal element around the world. Having used the other families as bait with the aid of Super

criminals to stop The Punisher, and seeing them having been killed off puts them in a state of

desperation. Thus, they employ the Taskmaster as a final defense against The Punisher.

The Punisher has gained information from the previous families and has figured out the

list of properties, holdings, and base members of the Exchange. It’s time for The Punisher to hit

them hard, and wipe them out. All Missions in this set are Available. Completing these Missions

results in all of the Side Missions becoming available.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Auto-Exchange Car Dealership

The Exchange is a business of numerous assets and that allows them to launder money

through Car Dealerships being one of the most notable and famous car dealerships in the New

York Region. With an Exotic Car Dealership and Museum. This gains many rich customers and

enhances the profits of the Exchange. It’s well guarded and has a multi-floor design. The

Dealership is meant to be one of prestige among the New York Elite. Numerous Thugs watch

over it at night, when the business has settles. Empire State Hospital

(Note: This is a singular Mission available at the beginning of Act II, Part II in the story

mission and will activate following the end of Act II, Part I.) Once Rachel Alves awakes from

her coma, the Exchange targets her, locking down the hospital keeping her from escaping, with

numerous guards, some on their payroll. Punisher must enter without killing any honest security

guards who might be doing their jobs and extract Alves to keep her safe. The Gravesend

A Criminal dive bar favored by several members of the Exchange, hosting their

celebrations in different events as well has a place where many find refuge from The Punisher.

The large number of criminals and ex-cons make it an easy target to get through, anyone in their

already has a past that put them deep in the hole. The Midnight Road

The Midnight Road is an old Crack House in the outer edges of town. This is where The

Punisher first encounters the Red Vultures, while being held up by NYPD SWAT. It’s heavily

guarded on the outside by cops and lightly guarded on the inside.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Midtown Dinner Party

Atop a penthouse in New York one of the Exchange members hosts a dinner party with

other insiders helping them gain assets into smaller criminal empires in the city. Hearing about

this The Punisher makes a point in crashing the Party and getting the names of the Elite members

of the Exchange. The Penthouses

A home away from the Exchange, an area heavily guarded and filled with those working

for the Exchange for assigned living quarters. Spread out over 3 Buildings in the New York

Area, one in Central Park North, Manhattan, and Queens. Each one being able to warn the other

of an attack, putting to test The Punisher’s skills, speed, and resilience. The Queen’s Bay Recycling Plant

A lot of what the Exchange does is P.R. to disguise their activity. A recycling plant in

Queens is used as a decoy for shipping out drugs and guns to dealers as well as an office for

laundering money. They have goons protecting a Recycling plant and help move inventory for

the larger families, giving the Exchange their cut. Numerous dirty ties to one location a high-

priority target for The Punisher. The Sovereign Hotel

A Sister Hotel to the Madripoor. Owned by the Exchange used for blackmailing the elite

of the 1%. This is a great area to gain blackmail while also serves as a standard of luxury for the

Exchange. One member works as the Hotel Owner taking their duties seriously. This leads the

area to be heavily guarded.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Station

An abandon Train stations where The Exchange conduct the contractual business with

Criminals for worldwide Criminal activity. Guarded here by the (remaining) Red Vulture Goons

equipped with the flight tech. It’s going to take a lot of power to take the station down. The Tower

The Headquarters of the Exchange. This is where the hold their meetings and work. It’s a

key area in the Exchanges organization, as it contains Intel on all criminal organizations

worldwide, being a very asset for The Punisher. The Winter House

Their safe house. A Fortress deep in the Canadian woods. Often covered in snow.

Heavily guarded by mutated freaks, it’s a struggle in and of itself without the addition of

Taskmaster watching over them. Harboring the Omega Drive, the winter house is a Necessary

target to hit regardless of who’s watching.

5.3.2 Side Ops

Side story missions, mostly active when the Main Story Missions are complete. The

Criminal organizations targeted here are a result of The Punisher taking hold of the Omega Drive

and running a gambit taking out all the criminal Organizations on the Omega Drive. Some

Missions will be playable from the start others will be active as the players explore New York

City. Random Crimes

The Random Crimes, are crimes witnessed through the player’s exploration of New York.

As players walk or drive down the streets they might come across these crimes or they might be

pointed out by Micro.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Code Adams

Visiting local areas for The Punisher is never simple. A Small case of exploration can

turn dark when someone attempts to snatch a kid in front of the player. The Punisher is required

to act and save the child. Hostage Crisis

Some homes or buildings will eventually become the setting of Hostage Crisis, where a

Gunman or group of gunmen have taken a family or a group of employee’s hostage. With the

NYPD at the scene, The Punisher must enter the area and dispatch the criminals without letting

any civilians get injured or killed. Muggings
Strolling down the Street, it’s common for New Yorkers to be mugged. Some will be

mugged in front of The Punisher, while others will be stumbled upon, and even a select few will

attempt to mug The Punisher themselves. These are part of the common place crimes that exist in

New York City. Murderer On The Prowl

A Murderer on release stalking his victims. The Punisher gets word from Micro that the

Person being hunted has a reputation of Murder, inspiring The Punisher to follow the person and

if caught attempting to kill someone, kill the Murderer. Low level crimes like this are a constant

with The Punisher. Pimp Rampage

Certain areas of New York are extremely seedy. Many prostitutes are considered under

the protection of The Punisher, as most of them often give him some good information. Every

now and then a Pimp attempts to step up and take the place of head honcho. The Punisher is

always there to take care of the would-be pimps.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Rapes
New York is a vicious city. It’ll hurt the good people. Some every day citizen will be

apprehended by a rapist as the player moves through the city. When encountered it’s up to The

Punisher to make sure the victim gets away and the rapist is dealt with. The Assassins Guild

Assassins from all over the world moving to establish a union in New York. Ran by

Belladonna, the Guild attempts to make a name for themselves by killing The Punisher proving

they’re the best assassins in the World. Once the main story missions are complete the player can

target the Assassins guild. Bella’s Club

Belladonna, leader of the Assassins Guild runs a small club in New York. Luring The

Punisher too her in effort to Kill him. After dispatching a few guards Belladonna will take the

matter in her own hands and go after The Punisher. Bullet’s Range

A firing range for the Assassins guild on the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen turns into the

sight of an intense Sniper battle, after Bullet leaves clues of his whereabouts for The Punisher.

Challenging the vigilante to a Sniper Battle to see who the better shot is. Boomerang Assault

On a mission to check out the Assassins Guild HQ, the member known as Boomerang

attacks The Punisher in a parking garage. Accompanied by a group of thugs, Boomerang intends

on taking fame by killing The Punisher.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Harvester’s Sorrow

Harvester is a very talented Ninja-esq fighter of the Assassins Guild. Attacking The

Punisher at the HQ of the Guild. Taking the player’s combat and tactical skills to the test in an

intense multi-level battle. Heated Harlem

The Assassin Brothers known as Razor Fist steak out Harlem to catch The Punisher,

using some of the gang members of the Rivals, the group intends on killing The Punisher and

establish their dominance once and for all. The Church Of The Sheltering Hands

Chinese Triad Organizations operating out of Chinatown in New York, ran by

Tenfingers, a former member of the Hand’s Elite. Smuggling massive amounts of heroin and

opium, Ten Fingers rests in The Punisher’s sights, thanks to the Omega Drive. Chinatown
The massive neighborhood in New York now under the thumb of Tenfingers. People are

afraid of his control over the Chinatown population. The Punisher is going to have to go through

the neighborhood and wipe out all the members of Tenfinger’s triad to help the citizens of

Chinatown feel any safer. The Church

A massive building, repurposed an old warehouse to a house of praise for Ten Fingers.

Taking kidnapped youths and training them to be elite warriors. Kids are in the crossfire,

challenging the player to find a way of attacking without injuring the youths. With the Church

being the base of operations it’s a hard target that The Punisher must wipe out.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Heroin Trade

Large convoys travel through the seedier neighborhoods and industrial areas of New

York. The Punisher is going to have to stop the trucks dead in their tracks and eliminate

everyone involved to keep the heroin from spreading through the city. The target is guarded by a

large convoy and is going to take a lot of skill to take them out. The Ryu-Shi Ri

A Chinatown based nightclub where Tenfinger’s supply of Heroin is dealt. With a full

upper level ran by one of Ten Finger’s most trust associates known as Eight, a skilled fighter of

the Church. The Shi-Kei

The Heroin arrives by a Cargo ship, called the Shi-Kei, from China. The Punisher is

going to have to sink the boat to cut off the supply the Church brings in. Not an easy task as the

boat is packed with many triad members deadest on keeping their product safe. The Grip

International Drug Dealer and Terrorist by the name of Señor Muerte has set up a group

known as the Grip, who act as his personal guards. With Muerte making a first-time trip to New

York City The Punisher has to put his other attacks on hold to take down a long time target. The Arrival Of Señor Muerte

Arriving by private jet, planned to be taken by a motorcade to a private meeting in the

downtown district of New York, The Punisher has an opportunity to take him out. The player is

left with the choice of doing it up close and personal and risking it, or take the safety of sniping

him from a distance and hoping it’s one shot needed.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Napalm
A member of the Grip making certain arrangements for Muerte. Having come to New

York with the other members of the Grip in preparation for the bosses visit. Napalm oversees

some temporary living arrangements, which lead to the use of a Mob Bosses Penthouse. Spoiling

the Plans, keeping Muerte on edge before his visit becomes something of a plan for The

Punisher. This makes Napalm a primary target to The Punisher. Sprint & Uzi

Two hard hitters of the Grip. Getting the Bosses ready for the visit of Muerte. A large

opportunity for The Punisher to cross out a few extra names on his list. Hitting them hard in the

middle of an underground Poker game, liken to the effect of catching them with their pants

down. Vice
Shopping around the Seedier parts of Brooklyn for some “Entertainment” for Muerte.

Vice is running through groups of women trying to find some suitable for the boss.

Unfortunately for him, most of the girls he’s working with give information to The Punisher,

making Vice an open target from the start and how The Punisher learns of Muerte’s visit. Windmill
The Guard readying the motorcade for Muerte. Taking him out right before the visit

makes Muerte a very open target. Catching Windmill with a group of other Mobsters readying

themselves for the Boss’s visit. Hitting them hard could make an up close and personal tactic

much easier.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Midnight Sons

A Biker Gang, operating out of New York City, ran by Bobby Blackthorne, or as they

call him Blackheart Vengeance. The Satanic Group Runs drugs for the Zodiac Cartel, a

partnership long kept secret from The Punisher until the discovery of the Omega Drive. Bullet Biker’s Run

Bullet Biker, the Chapter’s Co-President, takes a few guys on a run to escort some

product into New York. Using a still under construction Highway for cover, The Punisher must

stop them from bringing the Product into New York and send the Sons a message The Punisher

is after them. The Gun Run

With an oncoming attack from The Punisher, the sons intend on getting more firepower

to fight with. Sending a group of riders along with Emmet Jax and Big Daddy Dawson, they

attempt to take some military hardware and use it to bring The Punisher down. The Mephisto Sighting

The Sons have kidnapped a young girl and have brought her to a desolate part of Central

Park they’ve deemed the Mephisto Sighting. Praying to the demonic entity and sacrificing the

girl. These sacrifices are usually performed by the Sargent-At-Arms J.D. McCready. This is

something that must end, and The Punisher intends on stopping them from sacrificing anyone

despite the opposition he’ll face. The Midnight Run

The Midnight Run is the Biker Bar and Headquarters of the Sons. With Blackthorne often

hanging in the Bar, he’s able to run business through the bar. Taking it out can severely

dismantle the ‘Sons operations.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Vengeance Ride

Blackthorne takes the Sons on a Ride, with a strong Majority of them together, it makes

taking out the Sons much easier then singular attacks. It’s a great opportunity for The Punisher to

wipe them out. The National Crime Syndicate

Second stringer Mobsters working together to unite their national crime affiliates

together. Taking a great deal of Inspiration from what the Exchange had attempted thinking they

could do it better. The Honeypot

A strip club in New York ran by Honeysuckle, the Secretary and resident launderer of the

NCS. Operating after hours for special guests, hoping to use them to expand their Syndicate.

Honeysuckle takes good care of his friends, wanting to upscale profit. Midnight Mob

An Underground Casino operating from Hell’s Kitchen, the Midnight Mob is a massive

source of income and is a standard in black-marketing and underground casinos. The Location of

which rests under a funeral home, offering a suspicious amount of opportunity with few Law

Enforcement Officers every checking out a Funeral Home. The Rat Pack

A Warehouse in the dockyards holding most of the NCS’s product. Located in the

Throggs Neck neighborhood of the Bronx, it’s frequently thought to be safe from prying eyes.

Well-guarded it’s a good target for the player to tackle.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Three-Hand Cleaning

A Dry Cleaners in the Bronx used for Laundering Money, harboring excess product from

dealers as well as to discuss business. A massive underground set up allows for business to be

discussed in private. The Warf

An assassin working with the NCS known as the Weasel hangs out at the Warf on

occasion. A professional hitman with little experience is still a dangerous target that needs to be

dealt with in secret, especially if the NCS has guards’ intent on protecting him between missions. The Punisher Squad

A group of wannabe vigilantes that idolize The Punisher. Grouped together, the three of

them came together after reading about one another. In the Papers and discovered their hero The

Punisher. The Neighborhood

Held up and managed by Elite, a true sociopath, who has kept a deranged order for a ten-

block radius of his Neighborhood, leaving the clue to lead The Punisher to join The Punisher

Squad. In the Nieghborhood a group of gangbangers come around looking for revenge against

the Elite, which quickly becomes The Punisher’s Problem. St. Michelangelo’s Catholic Church

A church located in Spanish Harlem, Ran by the Holy, and the main base of operations

for The Punisher Squad. Planning a major attack, they hope to get The Punisher to lead them

together as a massive vigilante force. Clues lead players to here for a first and final confrontation

with the Squad.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game World Wide Investment Corporate Services

An Office Building and home to one of the largest Aeronautics business in the country,

later crime scene, where Mr. Payback slaughtered several board room executives. A clue is later

left for The Punisher after Payback joined the squad. The Punisher must move through police

and covertly enter and search the area for clues. The Rivals

A Harlem based Gang used to run with Luke Cage before his imprisonment. Now the

Rivals are on the rise as the top Gang in Manhattan. Aiming to take center stage as the toughest

group out there, they become The Punisher’s target, as he continues going after them since

learning about the Exchange. The Big House

The Big House is a drug den in Harlem, operated by Diamondback, the Big House cooks

and deals all together. Hitting the young kids hard, and using them as drug mules. It’s a strong

target to hit when dealing with the Rivals. Commanche Street

A Several Block Long Street in Harlem where Commanche and a group of Rivals like to

hang out. Commanche being a high-ranking member of the gang makes the whole street worth

taking on to help wipe out the Rivals. The Cotton House

The tutorial level of the Game, The Cotton House is a torture den ran by Cottonmouth. A

house dedicated to making everyone who enter beg for Death, it’s here where the Game begins

in Act I, Part I. Teaching players the basics and letting them take out Cottonmouth himself.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Diamond Back’s Gym

A Gym in Harlem where future members of the Rivals are trained by Diamondback.

Taught to be hard, mean, and cruel fighters the gym teaches would be gangbangers how to fight,

how to shoot (incorrectly) and how to act and what to do when encountering the Police. Momma’s Manor

Momma’s Manor is the house belonging to the Rival’s Leader Nightshade. It’s the nicest

2 story house in all of Harlem. Guarded heavily outside the Manor is a source of refuge for

Nightshade, who finds leading the Rivals just too small a step for her. The ‘Vores

The ‘Vores is an up and coming street gang hooligans too dumb to operate efficiently.

They’re prone to robbery and act as a nuisance among the community. DeZunga’s Pawn

A Pawnshop where the ‘Vores like to sell their victim’s belongings. DeZunga himself

being a lowlife who has some information on the ‘Vores. Making the whole establishment a

primary target in taking down these hooligans. Freshmen Deli

A local New York Deli where the ‘Vores Gang Member Wolf likes to hustle protection

money. Intimidating the elderly couple running it and taking their valuables. Romita Street

A Street located near an abandon tunnel where ‘Vores members like to hang out and get

high. They think they know the gang life. The Wallace Residence

A house where the ‘Vores has gang raped and murdered a family. The Punisher has to put

a stop to their actions, going for a full-on assault on the gang.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Zodiac Cartel

One of the biggest emerging crime syndicates. Led by Politician Cornelius Van Lunt. The

group has dabbled into numerous Criminal organizations and has established themselves as the

next big Empire. Aquarius
One of the figureheads of the Cartel, Aquarius runs a building in Manhattan dealing with

the shipment schedules for their products, be it Drugs, Guns, or Women. The building is heavily

guarded due to the nature of the business being ran. It’s covered by a Shipping Company as a

front. Aries
A training ground operating out of a Junkyard for upmost privacy Aries trains squads of

goons willing to give their life for the cartel, as well as use them to keep the women from their

Human Trafficking ring complacent with Drug addiction and Physical abuse. Cancer
Operating out of the Midas Investment Firm, Cancer operates as an accountant and

launderer for the Cartel. Moving money around and keeping everything legitimate. Guarded

strong because of his knowledge, feeling himself to be the most important member of the cartel. Capricorn
A Drug dealer operating out of a nightclub on the east side of Manhattan. He gets the

product moving fast and keeps eyes surrounding him low. Having a lucrative deal distributing

the Cartel’s product throughout the city. The Capricorn is ground zero for the dealers to get

ahold of product.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Gemini
Operation a warehouse where the Cartel’s product is kept between dealings. His work has

dropped considerably since The Punisher wiped out the Midnight Sons but the Cartel remains

strong in its flow of Product. Leo
Operator of a Munitions warehouse where the Cartel arms their guys. With a massive

stockpile of Military Grade hardware, Leo stands as a massively powerful force in the Zodiac’s

Circle. His men are as well-equipped as possible having direct access to very powerful

hardware. Libra
Working with Aries to keep the ladies Complacent, Libra runs the Brothel where their

victims are tortured into the sex slavery lifestyle. A true monster, Libra even dabbles in his own

products, testing them for what he calls “quality.” Libra has the position of running the largest

known brothel in New York, roughly the size of an apartment building. Pisces
Owner, Operator of a Front business the Cartel runs. Operating out of a Dive Bar for Ex-

Cons. Money is travelled through the network set up at the Pisces’ Bar. Involved with all breeds

of scum, this makes for a valuable target of The Punisher. Sagittarius
Operating out of a construction site, Sagittarius moves around the different sub groups for

the Cartel so business can flow as expected. With a massive army at his call, Sagittarius can

move the different positions as he pleases with very little grips from the underlings.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Scorpio
Hearing The Punisher is on their Tale, Scorpio goes on a hunt to take down the Vigilante.

Scorpio wishing to go on the offense sets a trap for The Punisher in an Abandon Factory in the

Bronx Area, hoping to drag The Punisher to his death. Taurus
Operating out of the Van Lunt Building, Taurus is Cornelius Van Lunt the Mastermind

behind the Cartel. Taking him out is a key factor in dismantling the entire organization. After

Scorpio’s attack, he becomes a primary target for The Punisher. Virgo
Operating an Underground Fighting Pit, and an Underground Auctioning den for their

human trafficking operations and for numerous scumbags to Gamble, and test out new talent.

Virgo has an eye for such happenings. With such a multi-faceted arena, she packs a lot of

protection anticipating The Punisher’s Attack.

5.3.3 Objective Thought

Every Video Game Mission to exist has had the singular goal known as an objective. For

some it’s to beat the level and continue the game, others it gets more complicated. The game

itself currently sits at roughly 140 Missions as envisioned. With a game that massive there are 2

worries, repetitive gameplay and repetitive objectives. The former is more of a challenge to the


The game itself will alter and evolve based on past missions, this ensures that the combat

of the game continues to evolve. This evolution is key in getting the players to evolve their own

tactics as well keeping the game feeling new and interesting. This type of evolution the game

will go through is to be brought up in the Game Mechanics segment.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Changing even as players replay the game itself, adding a constant challenge to the game

itself, and keeping players on their toes as they evolve their gameplay styles. As Far as ‘Mission

Objectives’ go, we’re dealing with The Punisher. The Character only ever has three distinct

objectives: kill the criminals, gain more information to kill more criminals, and save anyone in

danger. The challenge is to use the gameplay mechanics to really enhance the operation of the

objectives so that while they might follow the same pattern, they still feel distinct from mission

to mission. This is as important as gameplay and story as it sets the tone that the player’s won’t

be involved with repetitive feeling objectives. Adding in something unique to the Objectives

allows the game to have an added layer that grab’s the player’s attention as they play the game.

The importance of the objectives in the missions as they are, are simple. It’s intended to

give players a singular purpose for being The Punisher. While the objectives are there, it’s all

designed to help players get into the head of Frank Castle, act in a tactical manner, and be The

Punisher. With a story and character interactions in game, players will find there’s more to the

missions than just objectives, ranks, or any outside goals. Gaining a rich experience from the

world of The Punisher, and giving the players the experience of being The Punisher is the Main

Mission of the game.

5.3.4 Post Ops

There’s no doubt that The Punisher is always one to leave a massive crime scene behind.

Completing a mission in game will certainly leave that impression, but the question here is, after

the mission is complete what becomes of the area? As most of the mission areas are part of the

natural game world, it’s certainly possible the characters would come across the mission areas

after the mission themselves has been completed.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

There are going to be certain changes effects that have affected, with the mission areas

being the only completely destructible environment. There still lie some questions about the

entire Post Mission effects on these areas… Taken Over?

Most games have had established a precedent that once an area is conquered it’s

completely open for the player. In The Punisher’s world, it’s not entirely the case. Post Mission

effects on areas don’t allow the player to simply take it over. More so, players will still be able to

explore the area, but will be surrounded by the forensic details of their assault on the location.

This adds an element of naturalism to the world, murder is committed Police will

investigate it, and it is cataloged into the ongoing Punisher investigation. It carries a fun element

of letting the player see their handiwork as The Punisher as well as adding a detail that makes the

overall experience significantly more fun. Embedding the effects of the player’s attack on

different gang and mafia strongholds adds a detail of realism and gives a little bit more interest in

player’s exploration of finding and seeing their work. Replaying Missions

While the missions have permanent in game effects, the mission areas are still a ranked

venture. Players will have the option of replaying every mission in the game. Players that want

the best possible scores should be well indulged in this venture. The option of replaying missions

gives the game an assistance in garnering fans and gamers to replay the game. As well as

allowing them to test out new ideas as they change and evolve their style of gameplay. This is

designed to keep the interest in playing the game continues. With a storyline that can have

alterations, difficult situations, and new techniques open to players all based on the player’s

decision, it makes the player the overall decider of how the game can go.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Bonus Challenges

As the game is set to challenge players, an added feature in assisting this would be

‘Bonus Challenges.’ Set as a way of giving Players the opportunity of an enhanced score or rank,

as well as bonus experience points. Bonus Challenges can set a precedent and can get players to

evolve their overall play style to meet the challenge. Considering the high-level count of Main

Missions being 91, and side missions being 49 calculating the numerous bonus challenges will

take the work of the developers and writer(s) of the game. This document will not go into Bonus

challenges now as the point of this document is to give a precise and descriptive execution for

this particular vision of the game.


There’s no other way to put it, the Game Mechanics are the game. They make the rule, style,

and element of the game that the player is in direct contact with. Everything about the game

flourishes from the Mechanics and how the game operates. The Mechanics of any game make up

the virtual existence, populating this world, establishing the rules the players will come to figure

out and learn.

With the Game Mechanics, it sets up the Goals, Means, Ends, and Actions of the game. It

gives the game the elements that players will be tied too. Considering the Genre and Placement it

is a continuing factor that the game’s mechanics are as supported by those factors as it does

support those factors. It’s a unique partnership between three elements that are what makes

gameplay powerful. When the factors align for gameplay, characters and story to be involved is

when the game becomes a product. Like a Car, a game is assembled from numerous and often

unseen factors.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Unseen factors are what make up or inspire the overall product. All things considered a

game is all a marriage of Gameplay and Game Mechanics, working them together with Genre,

Placement, Story, and Character for the whole experience that players interact with. With those

elements aligned only then is the game the discovered product it’s envisioned. Once envisioned a

product has the greatest opportunity to shine. This is ground zero for what the game is becoming.

This segment will cover the essential ideas of what Game Mechanics will be involved in

limited degree, as I am not an engineer, and will cover more-over the gameplay aspects of the

title. This will be to illustrate to the fullest degree the vision intended for the game and how,

from a design stand point, is best to execute it. It will lightly touch on the earlier detailed Open

World, this time talking more about population, and go in depth with certain aspects of the game

that enrich the story and player experience.


As discussed earlier, the game is set in the Open World New York of the Marvel Universe.

The game’s story lightly spans across the five boroughs in New York: Brooklyn, The Bronx,

Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Such a massive environment for players to handle isn’t a

new concept, and while adding this entire section of New York might seem a task to handle it’s

worth expanding and giving players such a detailed experience.

The scope of an open world version of New York City is certainly a feat not to look down

upon. With literally hundreds of buildings and millions of citizens all of whom are unique it’s a

herculean task in theory. With environments pulled from the Marvel Universe to the real

skyscrapers all over, this is a massive environment populated by hundreds of citizens. There is

no doubt that this is the style of setting perfect for The Punisher.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

6.1.1 The People Of New York

New York is, at best, a divisive crowd when it comes to superheroes. Players who walk

the streets and boroughs will see the public’s opinion of The Punisher and other heroes as the

citizens will not be quiet about their opinions. This is considering the conscious public, people

will remark their approval or disapproval of The Punisher, and sight the player as a supporter of

the vigilante in either pro or con connotations. This gives a very good air of the public and adds

dimensions to actions.

The People players will encounter are going to differ in Looks, Thoughts, Feelings,

Attitudes, Perceptions, and Mannerisms. This is the effect of being in New York, the colorful

people met. Getting a sense of the population that The Punisher has sworn to protect and

allowing players to feel they’re in Marvel’s New York. It’s an important part of the experience to

know this environment and to be around it. This lets the player gain a sense of duty over the area,

seeing the good and the bad in common citizens and how those people see The Punisher.

6.1.2 The Environmental Feel

With numerous open world games, there’s a certain feel the citizens and the environment

carries. It’s a notable feeling of that population that exists in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto

Series, and to a lesser extent 2k’s Mafia Trilogy, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Series, or THQ’s Saints

Row Series. All those games, and their respective series have had a certain feeling in their

environment. The Open World Crime aspect, or the Sandbox Crime. While the environment

feeling is similar, and the A.I. of the everyday citizens is the same. On principal, the tone of The

Punisher is different. Most of the previously mentioned games are Crime games. This Punisher

game is more inline of being the ‘Reverse Grand Theft Auto.’ A tone that accurately depicts the

character. It’s not about stealing it’s about Punishment.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game


There’s no question that the player is travelling through New York, there is question in

‘How?’ With New York, as massive a city as it is, and with The Punisher’s perspective on

carjacking it leaves the idea of transportation a bit limited. Granted the player has the option of

walking or running everywhere, but this is a City the Size of a small country spread out over

many places. There has always been a certain mode of transportation that The Punisher has used

in the Past – The Battle Van. With each method carrying certain advantages to The Punisher, this

will give detail to why players would want to go one way or another when playing as the

Vigilante, as well as other modes of transportation available to the player.

6.2.1 Foot Patrolling, Parkour, & Swimming

Travelling through New York on foot, interacting with the people of New York, this is

the best way to catch a random crime in action. Without the Battle Van keeping the player off the

sidewalks and out of the alleys. Foot Patrols are a great way to get to the more common monsters

in New York. Allowing players to roam the back-alley areas of the city. Seeing the crimes up

close and personal allows The Punisher the ability of taking direct action to save someone’s life.

While walking, and running might seem slow, this Punisher will have some knowledge

and skill in Parkour, derived from Military Obstacle Courses Parkour enables The Punisher to

travel through complex locations without assistive equipment as efficiently and as fast as

possible. Frank being a former Marine would have had training that has given him some skill in

Parkour. This allows The Punisher to gain access to rooftops, to leap down fire escapes, and to

vault over obstacles. For the player and The Punisher, it is a very effective and useful way of

getting across the city.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Other areas may be covered in water, or there might be opportunities in hiding in water.

For this, players will have the option of swimming in water to get around. Not a very common

way of getting around, especially for The Punisher but it’s certainly one of the modes of

movement players have at their disposal. It could make for some great imagery for players,

seeing The Punisher emerge out of water to take out an enemy, and it keeps the game from

having the pesky ‘Water Death’ issue.

6.2.2 The Battle Van

This is by far the most famous piece of equipment The Punisher has employed. A fully

tactical van with Police Radios, Weapons, and an armored shell protecting The Punisher.

Drivable by the player or by Micro, the Battle Van is a powerful beast. Explorable to the player,

albeit due to the confined space it would a First-Person view which the van is explored. Seeing

the area as a micro-sized version of the lair, it has certain advantages in allowing The Punisher

gain access to his different weapons during a mission, if the Battle Van is nearby.

The Van itself is a 4 Wheel drive, it’s massive and hard for others to knock it off the road.

It can ram through gates, pull down structures, and crush bodies. The Van is a great way to get

around the New York area in style and speed. Crossing over the main bridges isn’t too much an

issue with the massive power of the Battle van itself. Unfortunately, due to having to drive the

Battle Van on roads, there’s a separation that keeps The Punisher from seeing some of the

random crimes that happen on the streets of New York. With the Battle Van as a mobile Weapon

during missions, it’s a great piece of equipment to have regardless of the player’s tactics.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game


In the comic books the NYPD has always played some role in The Punisher’s stories.

Whether this be from the Police chasing down or catching The Punisher or from giving him

information and allowing him to leave. It only makes sense to weave these elements into the

game itself. With various elements to balance this, players will find new functions and adapt to

those changes. This is elemental in the Punisher Task Force.

6.3.1 Police Chase

The Police have sworn an oath to the people, while others have sworn an oath to the deep

pocketed mobster that have them on payroll. They’re going to chase The Punisher. The question

coming to minds would be “when?” The chase won’t be automatic as The Punisher is just

randomly spotted by the cops. This is a ranked system, based on player’s actions in world,

without being tied to a mission.

Certain actions taken might spur the public to call 911 dispatch, reasons being seeing The

Punisher attack someone in open public or seeing The Punisher pull a gun. These actions if done

by certain Police officers will gain no response, these are Punisher friendly officers, members of

the NYPD who support his actions.

There are other officers who, if seeing The Punisher pulling a weapon or attacking

someone, will chase or attack The Punisher. These incidents and the resulting action depends on

two factors. 1. They are gaged by how the player conducts the situation, for example waiting to

get a target in the alley to get away from people will usually prevent the NYPD from taking an

action. Police will either not see or will not be alerted to the attack. 2. Which officers are

watching or being alerted to the incident itself.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

With some enemies, they will run or force a more public confrontation. Citizens will call

the Police or for Officers witnessing to join the chase, depending on which group of Officers

happen to be watching informs who they’ll chase. Only a small group of Police will cover for or

aid The Punisher while others attempt to capture or execute him. This gives players the added

pressure of securing the area before acting out against enemies outside of missions. Players will

be challenged by this, continuing the stealth elements of the Main Game itself. Police Urgency Rank

The Punisher is a figure that divides the cops. There are 3 separate groups of Police

Officers that exist in the game. The 1st is a group of honest cops who support The Punisher’s

efforts, many are veterans and some are younger officers, finding his work to be a godsend. The

2nd group are other honest cops who disagree with The Punisher and still believe in the system.

The final category involves cops on the payroll of the mob, a group which by numbers largely

overtake the other groups. For this a ‘Rank’ system of Police Attention. The Rank, dubbed

‘Punisher Awareness Level’, judges the player’s actions and the attention deserved by the Police

and by which group it’s deserved.

1- Basic Level, a Simple 911 call, a cop witnessing the Punisher getting rough. These

dispatchers are often Punisher sympathizers and is largely overlooked.

2- A more urgent level, multiple 911 calls, The Punisher evading the Police, or a more

public view of an execution, these dispatchers are a random mixture of the different groups, but

will lean more towards the Anti-Punisher crowd.

3- The most urgent level, a full-on manhunt will be opened for The Punisher. This happens

when the situation the player is in escalates to out of control.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

The whole design scheme of the game is too let the player infiltrate areas operated or

owned by members of the mob, infiltrate and dispatch them. A clean tactical infiltration and a

quick dispatch is how The Punisher operates. It’s where the player’s choices in the game really

evolve and become an element of the game’s operation.

There are the several types of core Infiltration tactics. These tactics will be employed by

players in effort to enter several areas of the game and eliminate the enemy presence. There are

numerous tactics available to enhance the player’s actions. The Infiltration is akin to the style a

player will play. Each mission has a multitude of ways for infiltration. Allowing for players more

comfortable with a stealth solution to use that type of gameplay to go after criminals. Players can

choose full on heavy infiltration as The Punisher, with the ability take out targets in a very

effective manner. Alternatively, it allows players to plant explosives or bug the place to make

different plans based on different areas open for attack via explosive, stealth, or straight on


6.4.1 Stealth Infiltration/Tactical Sweeps

The game is inherent to Stealth Tactics, available for players, allows for The Punisher to

enter Enemy areas and take them out. Players can hack devices or have Microchip hack into

security cameras to scope the area and spot enemies for infiltration. Giving players a tactical

advantage against enemies. This allows for Stealth operations to move more fluidly for players

with elements of an RPG sensibility to it. The player of course will be plagued by issues like

security cameras, laser alarms. But with that added stress comes the benefit of allowing players

to plan around this and even cut the power causing the enemies to freak out, adding an advantage

to the player’s infiltration.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

This is an effort to allow the players to plan tactically, entering an environment and

dispose of enemies. One of many styles The Punisher uses to enter areas, doing this often gives

the presence of a ‘Boogeyman’ among the Mobsters, making them less rational when attacking

them by stealth tactics. Employing the tactics that allow for stealth is going to be challenging

from level to level, but doing so does have a bonus. Causing the criminals to feel fear, keeping

player’s health from dropping, and certainly looking very dangerous as a killer.

6.4.2 Guns Blazing/Tactical Hits

Guns Blazing is a term for someone who’s quick to enter an area and fire. The Punisher

has a similar style known to him as a ‘Tactical Hit.’ This is entering an area, allowing the enemy

to know your presence, setting them to an immediate unease, and combatting in a well-armed

firefight. This is advantageous as it destroys some enemy’s perception causing them to freak out,

lose aim, or even in some extreme conditions commit suicide. Taking them out in this manner

might be considerably more difficult but is effective as a scare tactic.

With a superior source of fire power, using military grade hardware, The Punisher has the

basic superiority. Players are also able to throw out landmines and other type of traps, luring

enemies to step on them and blow up, as well as setting grenades and C4 explosives by tripwire.

This can work to evolve the process of combat. This puts an advantage on The Punisher, as he

has a calm mind about the process and the enemy is swarmed by chaos.

Because of hitting the enemy presence very openly, this becomes a more challenging one

to get through, players simply wouldn’t be able to take a rocket or grenade launcher and just

clean house, information that would assist them in other levels could be lost or too many

Gunmen could gather together and really make it hell for the player, once the enemies too scared

would be eliminated. This style takes upmost tactical planning.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

This would probably take the most skill to get through, beyond the initial planning and

doing so would build a reputation for The Punisher to certainly aid that thought. It’s another

tactic that the character is use to employing. This style allows players uncomfortable with stealth

to still have effective methods as The Punisher. With Psychological, Physical, and Firepower

Superiority over the enemy this makes The Punisher more frightening to the enemies.

6.4.3 House Demolition/Tactical Demolition

Some players, rooted fully in destructive methods, might forego any bonuses or

advancements available by information and vote for a more Tactical Demolition. This involves

bombarding the Mafia Strongholds by constant bombing or using devices such as an RPG to

demolish the area. At some point, it might be a tactic needed for players but the overall result

isn’t as beneficial albeit quicker than the other methods.

6.4.4 Infiltration Set Up Opportunities

With numerous missions taking place at unique arenas, infiltration gets tricky.

Somethings might be easier said than done. Some Mission Areas will be environments in the

New York City areas. Massive sky scrapers next to them, dark alleys, loading bays. Sewer or

subway tunnels. Infiltration set up is a simplified overview of various alternatives the player can

take to infiltrating an area. It is small advantages each style of playing the game can benefit.

It takes numerous possible entry points in the New York area and makes them available

for the player to use. Adding an edge to their tactical skills as well as a fun dynamic to the game

itself. This allows it to feel unique in way many games can’t achieve, giving full control of a

tactical battle plan over to the player.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Joined Skyscrapers

Areas of New York that are mob controlled that have sky scrapers or are near them. This

allows The Punisher to get on top of buildings, fire a zip line launcher to enter the Building at a

higher floor, or in some cases gain access to the top of these buildings and enter them. A way of

covertly infiltrating an area or allowing The Punisher a head start on the chaos by firing into the

building. The Joining Buildings used are often facing alley ways as to avoid any civilian injuries. Underground Tunnels

Some buildings, especially warehouses, are built over the massive sewer tunnels of New

York. This is an advantage where The Punisher could plant bombs to collapse building or enter

through manhole covers in the warehouses or on their premises. This gives a bonus of an

unexpected attack on the enemy, within the grouped area. Allowing the player, a head start in

this manner is a full tactical advantage and really reflects their ability to use the assets at their

disposal. Subway Tunnels

Some of the areas might be buildings or offices connected in part to abandon Subway

tunnels. These tunnels are also a different way for The Punisher to make it back to his

Headquarters. While players can ride the subway as a good way to fast travel, it also helps as a

disguised method of entering restricted areas. This is in part to reflect some of the more Comic

Book elements of The Punisher. The Battle Van

Using The Punisher’s Battle Van can be a useful way of entering, hitting gates or

openings like a battering ram and then opening from an M-60 and/or any other weapons


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

6.4.5 Infiltration Results & Rewards

Like most games this one is intended to grade players on their efforts and executions.

This is designed to give players of any style a way of improvement on their methods as well as

give Bonus Points for certain tactics and objectives as well Experience points for how they


The Systems for the Results, Rewards, and overall Grading & Rank is entitled “The

Punishment Due System.” Having several criteria that the player’s score will be graded, various

ranks they can achieve as well as results and rewards for their efforts. On top of this, there is an

element to enemy interaction, this is known as the “Cause and Effect Wheel” an in-game

mechanic intended to give more realistic results to The Punisher’s works. Cause & Effect Wheel

As the players hit certain targets in the game, there will be a chain effect. The chain effect

in and of itself depends entirely on the player’s actions. This is a random ‘wheel’ designed to

give the game a very unpredictable nature. Challenging player’s actions as they progress onto the

next level. This also looks into the player’s choices of target’s evaluating and giving different

scenarios for how the other families deal with it. Cause & Effect Battle Assessment

In game, players hit certain targets of Mafia strong holds. What order they attack enemy

areas will cause varying results in game. Hitting the Money Operations first can cause a shortage

of enemies in the later levels and making the overall missions much easier, as there are less

people to have to kill. While it can also change, and make it difficult for the player, hitting the

Money Operations first so many times could cause other enemies to contribute to their Mafia

cohorts and help them pay more people for protection.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

This is one of the elements of the Cause and Effect Wheel. An In-Game Pre-Mission

Battle Assessment that determines how the players operate and punish them for keeping to a

standardized formula. This is meant to give players a challenge in game, and teach them to not

repeat past tactics too often. The Punisher, as a character, has never been predictable when it

didn’t give an advantage.

Predictability isn’t advantageous in this game. It exposes a pattern that Enemy A.I. could

take advantage of. With limitless results, as to how this can play out over a 91 Mission Long

Main Story, players must keep a unique pace, hitting targets very often and very hard. It would

take much longer than this design document permits to cover all the various possibilities that this

system could cover.

The idea remains that this can reward or challenge players. Giving an overall example of

this system works, first covering how it can go negative: “player Hits W’s Money Laundering

Business as the first Mission of the Family Tree. The Result is some later levels have less guards

available due to inability to pay. This gives player an advantage. Player has hit X, Y, and Z’s

Laundering front as well, at this point remaining families see a noticeable pattern, and they will

increase protection on their fronts as well as adding men to X, Y, or Z’s strongholds, if either of

them are remaining. The player now has to combat a larger enemy force, who will have better

firepower, having had bosses X, Y, or Z who learned the mistakes of their cohorts and have

decided to show what they have learned.” This shows the effects that the player fell into,

revealing an overall pattern to the enemy, making their job much harder. This added Guards,

Guns, and possibly better physical protection for them. It’s a trap that players can fall into very

easily. Meaning to encourage players to attempt new tactics in their playstyle.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Then we look at how it can keep the pressure up and stay advantageous to the player:

“player has hit W’s Laundering services. Less guards are protecting the strong holds. Player

moves on, eliminates W, and now faces X, Y, Z. Player attacks X’s Munitions, causing a similar

amount of guards but less firepower, giving the player Superiority. Player hits X’s Drug Trade,

taking out a major arm of business, and now X is less valuable to Y and Z. X is eliminated.

Player hits Y’s Eatery, keeping Y very paranoid. Player also hits Y’s Drugs and Laundering so

that Y has no more money to distribute among the group. Y is eliminated leaving Z with full

resources, but paranoid guards. Player hits Z’s Money, Drugs, and Munitions. Z has few guards

left and is easily defeated.” This shows how altering tactics and a change of method. This keeps

the pressure on the families and could allow players to have an easier mission. Keep in minds the

Positive and Negative Examples aren’t the only possible outcomes. They’re just the simplest and

fastest explanations of how the system is designed to work. Enemy A.I.

Artificial Intelligence is a part of the game that informs enemy actions. Enemies are

scared, mad, or happy because of the result of an action in the game informing that decision.

Being that games are meant to challenge, a smart A.I. is needed. Unfortunately, you can’t have

the A.I. too smart, which would allow it to guess every move the player would make and thus

make the game impossible to complete.

It’s desirable that the enemy A.I. acts as the character would act. When it comes to basic

street thugs, it’s easy to use an unfit A.I. who will make mistakes such as holding a gun sideways

and firing, throwing accuracy and safety to the window, and opening them up to be eliminated.

While other characters, such as Bosses can be much smarter, for example holding guns properly

and instead of radically firing, aiming first allowing each shot to count.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

It is important to add triggers to each group, something to play from to get them to act the

way the players wish. Certain items are available to the player that would normally see no

tactical advantage but are useful. In Example: A Bank Dye Pack. Hundred dollar bills, possibly

counterfeit, with a blue dye pack that can disable an enemy rending them sightless for a moment.

This would play of the Enemy’s greed. As everyone in the game is doing what they do for

Money, it’s not above them to pick up loose cash laying around.

Other examples might include a deceased Enemy being held up in a chair or against a

wall, causing other enemies a sense of unease or panic. This affects the emotional state of the

enemy and tells the A.I. to act like people who panic. With that they will be very prone to

mistakes allowing for the player to have openings to execute the enemy.

There are limitless ‘triggers’ for players to gain an advantage over the enemy, all of them

in some form tied to how they operate. This is a strong effect and window the enemy Artificial

Intelligence. Constantly playing into the actions of the player and evolving based on that gives

the game a unique frame for its genre. A reputation that causes enemies to always be afraid can

be unlocked by earning certain consistent ratings making the player appear to enemy forces more

in line with how thugs perceive The Punisher in the standard Marvel Universe. This is an added

layer that encourages the players to do more than just complete the Mission. Natural Selection

Players have the option of hitting certain crime families through the game. Taking out the

Families itself gives players a tactical advantage. With different elemental factors taking hold.

Every decision the player makes, and The Punisher makes is a tactical one. Each choice has an

advantage in how it is to be perceived to the Exchange and other Mafia Bosses.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

This adds a shock element to the mix. Certain targets are thought to be indestructible

while others are just being waited on to be killed. This is closest to the most concrete scenarios a

player will face. Mob Bosses the likes of Finn Cooley, Nicky Cavella, or Tiberiu Bulat are hated

among the collective group, and their deaths will be met with praise. Bosses like Ma Gnucci,

Silvermane, and Hammerhead are thought to be invincible and cause a wave of unease among

the collective group. With Richard Fisk and Fancy Dan, they are valuable assets but their lack of

experiences knowledge sees their deaths met with a sign of relief as the Amateurs are off the

table. Punishment Due System

A grading format for players. The Punishment Due System is a way of grading the

player’s progress, and effectiveness. This is where ranked challenges are employed for players.

This is a system of Graded Ranks and Scores. Scoring
Scoring for the game comes into several forms: Kill Ratio, Accuracy, Completion of

Objectives, Unique Opportunities taken, Any Available Pick Ups and Time taken to complete

the mission. Not all Missions require a speedy end to gain the highest score, but speed is still a

factor to The Punisher. One of the baser Mission objectives would see the player eliminating all

enemies, discounting any ones who have valuable information. This system of scoring doesn’t

knock players for having alternative playstyles. It encourages the most effective style of playing

for a character, allowing them to become The Punisher of their own style. With no knocks

against the player for not having stealth tactics, the scoring is reflective of how effective they are

of their tactics. With that in mind it should be difficult for all players to gain the best possible


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Grades/Rank
A system of Grades and Rank for the players Score and Effectiveness during the Main

Story and Side Story Based Missions:

Punisher – Perfect Execution of Methods, Highest possible dispatch Rate for Criminal elements

in Missions and Possible use of Unique Opportunities.

Castle – Perfect Execution of Methods, Highly Effective Dispatch Rate.

Kill Dozer – Maximum Dispatch Rate, Highly Effective Execution of Methods.

Vigilante – Maximum Dispatch Rate and effective use of Methods while taking advantage of

Unique Opportunities.

Specialist – Highly Effective if not Perfect Execution of Methods, highly effective Dispatch rate,

as well as taking advantage of Unique Opportunities.

Marine – Medium Effectiveness of Methods and Dispatch Rate while also taking advantage of

Unique Opportunities.

Soldier – Medium Effectiveness on all counts.

Dumbass With A Gun – Poor Execution on all counts. Pick Ups

A bonus of infiltration is gaining assets of the Mafia stronghold or Family. This can be

anything from Files, Money, to Mafia Underbosses with Information. These pickups add unique

opportunities to the player and gives them the option of taking the opportunity to expand upon it.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Money
In Game Money, IGM, allow The Punisher a resource for upgraded equipment. Most of

the IGM is collected by stealing it from the Mafia bosses the player dispatches, collecting the

entire sum of money available for players could end well in the billions. Players are challenged

to find it and put it to use, using Blood Money to take out the Mobs that collected it. This can

certainly hurt a mob at its core and give a tactical advantage to The Punisher. Files
The Mob doesn’t like someone lording over them. With the Exchange being able to lord

over the various Families they’ve worked tirelessly to get whatever information they can over the

Exchange. This provides The Punisher with the ability to gain information of the collective threat

as he takes out each of the Mafia Families. Underbosses
Some Underbosses can’t be interrogated onsite. This gives The Punisher some issues.

Thus, players will have the option of Tranquilizing or choking out the enemy and taking them to

The Punisher’s lair for an Interrogation Mini-Game. Gaining information from the Underbosses

afford the opportunity to take out Higher-Up enemies in more advantageous opportunities.

Interrogation is an important part of gaining information, it’s also something The Punisher

doesn’t routinely to get information on enemies and their interest. In the game, there are two

forms of interrogation present. On-Site interrogation, which is a mini-game available to the

player and best executed when using Stealth Tactics. Alternatively, there are Off-Site or “HQ

Based Interrogations.” Some enemies having enough Valuable information that The Punisher

chokes them out or drugs them to bring them back to a Secret room where he can operate.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

6.5.1 On-Site Interrogation

On the Mission Site, The Punisher can grab an enemy, take them somewhere secluded

and interrogate them very painfully and very violently. This involves The Punisher Using a

Knife or Gun, whichever the player has currently equipped, and a Mini-Map of the Anatomy

popping up. The player then must find pressure points and nerves that will cause the Enemy to

give information. This involves the player using cruel and gruesome tactics.

Unfortunately for the player most enemies have been in a fight or two that has caused

some nerve damage, and certain areas to the enemy will be numb. This forces the player to

experiment without killing to get the information. Using the knife or gun the player should

physically hurt the enemy until they are willing to give the player information. Due to the length

of time an interrogation like this might take, players who’ve taken to stealth tactics will have

more time as no one outside the interrogation victim has been alerted. Once the information is

gained players will be able to dispatch the enemy without worry.

6.5.2 HQ Based Interrogations

Interrogations on-site don’t always work. Some enemies, especially underbosses, require

advanced tactics. Allowing The Punisher to drug or choke them out, after the mission is

complete a Menu Opens with a variety of different tactics available to the Punisher. Here the

player can use some advanced tactics to get the information and even use these Enemies as traps

(for example, strapping C4 to them and forcing them to step into a Mob Den.) There are a

multitude of various Interrogation techniques available in The Punisher’s HQ. Holding a private

room specifically for interrogation. Interrogation Tactics

These are the different offsite interrogations tactics available to players:

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

The Popsicle Burn – Hanging an Enemy upside down, causing blood rushing to their head can

eliminate the element of rational thought. The Punisher delivers a scary monologue of burning

nerve endings going cold as a defense mechanism when being burned at 2000 degrees. The

Punisher then uses a Popsicle to stick against their back, while burning meat to convince the

enemy of being burned in small spurts and talk.

Spilling Your Guts – Laying the unconscious Enemy, player open them up and string their

intestines all over the room, with the Enemy tied up. Players then will operate a number of

dialogue to intimidate and extract information from the Enemy.

Funeral Pyre – Enemies are strapped down are burned several times with a lighter until The

Punisher decides to toss small amounts of Gasoline on them and threatens to set them ablaze

unless they divulge the information.

Pain In The Neck – Pressure points in the Neck can hurt, with a knife or bare hands. Here

players will slowly and methodically break the enemy’s neck in the most excruciating manner

until they crack.

The Human Anatomy 2.0 – Tied to a chair. The Punisher has the resources of a Knife, A

Spoon, A Scalpel, and a Saw. Players then use the collective Items to rip apart more enemies

until they give information. Allowing The Punisher to Rip out fingernails and Cut out Eyes. The

most on hand gruesome tactic The Punisher uses.

Waterboarding – A form of torture by strapping an enemy down, holding a washcloth over their

mouth and pouring water onto it. It simulates drowning and can cause massive paranoia among

various enemies.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

These tactics enhance the player’s control over the Enemy, causing them to do what the

player wishes them to do. Creating a gruesome standard and allowing players to step into the

darker side of how The Punisher operates. This lets players explore the techniques of The

Punisher beyond the field of Combat. This is an important aspect in advancing the Game.


One of the best elements taken from RPG’s and adapted to nearly every game sense then.

This allows players to customize their character and equipment to create a Punisher perfect for

their vision. Players will have a multitude of various items to Customize and Level up so they

can equip the best possible gear. This allows players to put a little bit of their own style in The


With most modern video games employing Customization, for fans of the character it

would be considered a major win for some of the customization elements to be present in the

game. With access to their own unique take on The Punisher, and his gear it makes for some very

interesting concepts from fans. Seeing all manners of fan created Content it’s certainly an

advantage to the popularity of the game to employ these aspects into a Punisher experience.

6.6.1 Building Your Punisher, Customizing Frank

Frank Castle is a human being. He can get stronger, he can learn, and he can adapt.

Players will be given an opportunity to build their own Punisher. With a numerous number of

stats available to them, they will start with an already very effective character and be given the

opportunity to grow upon that. This is the player building The Punisher they envision. They can

use experience points to enhance The Punisher’s strength, with a peak level allowing him to kill

enemies with Punches in Hand-To-Hand Combat combos.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Players of course will be able to customize things such as Health, Speed, and Aiming.

Allowing the character to be more effective as a vigilante and suitable to The Punisher’s

techniques. All of this is part of the game’s mission of putting players in The Punisher’s mindset.

Giving players the experience of being The Punisher, while taking them through an interesting


Players will not have any customization features over The Punisher’s core design (facial

and physical features). With that in mind players also get to customize The Punisher’s outfit,

allowing the vigilante to operate in the standard T-Shirt and Jeans or giving him tactical

Equipment. Players will be able to operate in The Punisher design of their own choice. Adapting

The Punisher in a format they have envisioned him. Players also have the option strolling

through New York with a Long Coat or Trench Coat to cover the massively armed Punisher, a

smaller more Military based jacket, or simply no jacket and just their Punisher Design. Leveling Up The Punisher

Players will upgrade The Punisher both in physical attributes as well as in terms of

combat proficiency. The Punisher is already a highly proficiently skilled fighter. Players will

have options of making him more so as a fighter, making the character more lethal against

skilled fighter’s they’ll encounter, such as Taskmaster or Tombstone.

There are numerous Categories from which players will be able upgrade The Punisher in

effort of creating a Punisher in tune with the player’s playstyle. With numerous categories that

evolve naturally over the course of gameplay, players will be able to put a sense of importance in

what areas will be upgraded or evolve. Through a player’s style of playing, or how they

strategically level up. The areas players can upgrade are:

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

- Strength: The Punisher is a human being who engages in regular exercise. That

means he’s got a core strength set. Players can select to make him a stronger

opponent. While this won’t allow players to lift Cars, this will allow them to hit

enemies hard enough to crack skulls or even kill through a combo chain. Each

upgrade does have a slight effect on the character’s speed, and is aimed more at Run

and Gun styled players.

- Speed: The Punisher carries a massive amount of gear and that does leave him with

having a great deal of speed for a normal human being. He isn’t the fastest man in the

world. Still he is a stealthy figure and does place importance on speed. Players can

upgrade his speed, allowing them to get to enemies faster. Upgrading this allows The

Punisher to sprint fast, grab enemies faster, and reload weapons much faster.

Upgrading speed is detrimental to the characters Strength.

- Combat Skills: The Punisher is proficient in all forms of armed and unarmed

combat. Player’s advantages in upgrading his Combat skills allow for shorter combos

to take down enemies, as well as getting better accuracy in shooting. There will be

two separate sub-sections for Combat skills. The Two sub sections are: Armed

Combat and Unarmed Combat.

- Pain Tolerance: This relates to Health. In game, it’s more of a function of how many

hits The Punisher can take and keep moving without being alerted or needing first

aid. Allowing the player to pursue despite current injuries. The Punisher has become

very legendary in character for his Intense Pain Tolerance, and it’s a feature that can

certainly be explored in game without the story drawing too much attention to it.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

6.6.2 Building A Better Battle Van

The Battle Van is an important part of The Punisher lore. As the Batmobile is too

Batman, and Web Swinging is to Spider-Man, the Battle Van is The Punisher’s go to mode of

transportation. With useable features in game the Battle Van itself is subject to some

customization. While the Standard Van Design may go unchanged, being an inconspicuous

vehicle, there are elements that allow the players to alter for a more player fit Battle Van.

Players will be able to put various large caliber weapons in the can for a quick access.

Tires can change and players can even upgrade the van giving it better speed and handling.

Being those are some of the more important features to automotive ownership. Players will be

able to attach a customized Battering Ram fit for busting through Mob controlled areas with little

to no effort. This allows players full access to one of The Punisher’s most important tools. Battle Van Upgrades

As important a piece of equipment as the Battle Van is an important tool the player and

The Punisher will be free to interact with throughout the game. Upgrades that the player can

place in game are vast and cater to the player’s overall interpretation of the Battle Van. Such

Upgradable and customizable features include:

- Suspension: The Handling of any Vehicle is a key factor. In many games driving is often

a poor experience. Upgrading a suspension allows for the Battle Van to run smoother for

players. Giving it better handling in even the most extreme scenarios.

- Engine: Improving the engine of the Battle Van so it has a better power to drive the

vehicle. It gives the dynamic of the vehicle itself a new life and a meaner attitude more in

tune with The Punisher. This allows players to drive faster, and hit harder. An essential

upgrade for many.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

- Tire Upgrades: Every vehicle needs new tires now and again. With Microchip

constantly developing new tech for The Punisher, something as simple as Tires can

always be upgraded. Upgrading tires allow for better handling on various tractions, such

as Road, Grass, and Dirt.

- Armor: Players will have the option of using the Battle Van Against enemies if that’s

their type of gameplay. The Armor enhances how much damage it can take from bursting

through as well. Offering more protection allows players a “safer environment” for them

to recoup momentarily.

- Weapons: When upgraded, players have the ability to add high caliber weaponry to the

back of the Battle Van. Players using such high caliber weapons makes for a very

powerful entrance as well as a massive fire fight against enemies. High Caliber weaponry

could be a powerful against enemy back up they might encounter during missions. This

isn’t just a Run and Gun style upgrade, it holds benefits for Stealth as it could allow

players use of High Caliber Sniper Rifle to get enemies from a greater distance.

6.6.3 Armor
As previously mentioned, players will have control over The Punisher’s outfit. Having

different classes of armor available to The Punisher for different purposes. This all fits into the

various armor classifications and uses. Players adapting to certain styles will see numerous

outfits specifically designed to suit their playstyle. Each armor gives players the appropriate

base to start for their own modeled Punisher. Enhancing on the qualities they will use for their

particular play style as The Punisher.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

The Punisher has a multitude of different pieces of armor. Suited for the player’s style,

there are a multitude of different purposed armors and designs for said armors, divided into

armor classes with appropriate upgrades for players to hone their strengths. Armor Classes

Different style of armors, each one adaptable to different scenarios. Styles of armor

developed for multitude of purpose. Each armor type has a multitude of different styles players

can choose from, expanding from being a basic three armor system to add more elements of an

Action/RPG feel. This gives players the opportunity to create their Iconic Punisher.

Giving players the ability to build different looks for different armors based on their

armor and infiltration choices. Players would also have options for a more urban based Punisher

which would include the classic Jeans/T-Shirt and Jacket look, allowing players to fully immerse

themselves into their favorite version of the character. With a multitude of different armors and

armor classes available it plays to the player’s desire on how to design The Punisher.

The Numerous Armor Classes Include:

Heavy Infiltration Armor – Thick armor that slows the player down but enhances health. It has

better protection allowing for heavier invasive attacks employing bombs and explosives. Terrible

for stealth, bullets can get through this armor easier than the Basic armor. Upgradeable for

thicker armor, better ballistics protection, and better shock absorption.

Basic Combat Infiltration – Designed to take more bullets, an averaged weighed armor. Built

for direct, SWAT like intrusions on enemy strongholds. Better at taking Bullets than the heavy

infiltration armor and stealth, but slower than stealth armor and very vulnerable to explosions.

Upgradeable for better Bullet resistance, better melee resistance, and lighter weight.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Stealth Infiltration – Designed to be sleek, agile, and stealthy. This armor allows for players to

quietly move through levels taking a more covert approach to punishing criminals. It can handle

knives, but it doesn’t take too many bullets for the armor to get ripped apart. Upgradeable for

better stealth, enhanced armor, and lighter weight.

Urban Infiltration – As Frank can Travel New York this would be a more incognito design for

him, allowing him to move through the streets in jeans and a Jacket with lighter armor, while all

infiltration armors are playable in the open world New York, this is designed specifically for

Stealth infiltration and for a more Urban design to The Punisher, like the Character’s appearance

in the Punisher Max Series. Armor Upgrades

The Punisher wears a powerful armor set. The traditional armor The Punisher employs is

a Kevlar Vest. The Punisher has been known to wear stronger and more revolutionary armor. In

the game this newer armor is developed by Micro and is upgraded by buying them. The money

goes into the material for Microchip to develop. These Armors are upgraded upon the new

development of different styles. Each armor will have several different variations of each class,

and the players will be able to select as they please when playing as The Punisher. Such

Upgraded Armor Attributes will include:

- Fire Resistance: Armor built for being able to absorb intense heat and explosions.

Absorbing heat and hits, keeping the player from being highly injured. The armor is still

capable being able to take a massive amount of damage from Bullets and knives. This is

designed mainly for players using more explosive means of combat. This type of armor is

more in favor of Tactical Demolition Based Infiltration.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

- Sound and Shock Absorption: Armor developed mainly for Better Stealth Attributes.

Absorbing sound through the armor and keeping from causing sound. It also absorbs

Shock and kinetic energies, this absorption makes hits from enemies, shockwaves, or

other types of kinetic hits take less damage.

- Lightweight Armor: An upgrade that differs in amount from armor to armor. It makes

the armor a player wears lighter weight and allows them to move faster. It is something

all armors are initially developed with lightweight properties in mind. Now completely

lightweight armor won’t be available, but lighter variations of other armors are available.

Lightweight primarily favors Stealth Based Combat, as stealth armor is much easier to

make lightweight, same as Fire resistance favors Tactical Demolition Based Combat for

the reasons of tougher coverage.

- Bullet and Knife Proof: Armor for a Run and Gun Style player. This allows players a

happy medium between Tactical Demolition and Stealth Based Combat. Players have the

best Protection that either category can offer without favoring one side. It’s a powerful

armor set that favors Run and Gun Players, but can certainly be used for other tactical

infiltrations, giving the Players coverage, in some cases slowing them down and in others

not offering enough protection.

These upgrades are gradual and give the player a greater frequency of choice. They can

shape their armor to fit their playstyle as well as enhance their tactics. With numerous

upgrades, players will certainly be forced to really choose what upgrades to go for at any

point, making it a tougher choice for the player.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

6.6.4 Weapons & Equipment

Obviously, The Punisher’s equipment doesn’t end at armor. The character has a long

history of Weaponry at his disposable. The Punisher in game will be able to carry 2 Primary

Weapons, 2 Side Arms, and a Ka-Bar Knife. Outside of basic Weaponry there is also a large

amount of equipment the Punisher has on hand. Primary Field Weapons

This acts a comprehensive list of the types of Field Weapons The Punisher will carry, due

to the existing amount of different style of weapons for each category, it will be a continuing

process of adding weapons that The Punisher will use. The Categories of Primary Field Weapons

available to him are:

Assault Rifles – A rapid-fire, magazine-fed automatic rifle designed for infantry use.

Shotguns – A smoothbore gun for firing small shot at short range.

Grenade Launchers – Any of various devices allowing a single soldier to launch small

projectiles, as a shoulder-fired 40 mm weapon.

Sniper Rifles – An extremely powerful rifle developed for the military; capable of destroying

light armored vehicles and aircraft more than a mile away.

Machine Guns – An automatic gun that fires bullets in rapid succession for as long as the trigger

is pressed. This group includes high caliber weapons such as Gatling Guns and Mini Guns, two

massive types of machine guns.

Rocket Launchers – Rocket launchers, heavy weapons meant for destroying vehicles and large


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

From these categories of weapons, players will be able to carry two at a time. This

allows them to switch tactics to increase their effectiveness as The Punisher. With numerous

types of weapons available, there is no shortage of avenues that players are permitted in dealing

Punishment. From guns to knifes, to explosives, players aren’t too limited to what they can do. Field Side-Arms

A secondary Weapon kept at One’s side, for protection or in Military Use Continuing

assaults without the worry of reloading Primary Weapons. Side-arms are weapons worn at the

side, weapons like pistols, or submachine guns. Side Arms are divided into Several Categories

for players to choose from. This give players Secondary Options, allowing them to carefully

select their Side-Arms.

Side-Arms are categorized as:

Revolvers – A pistol with revolving chambers enabling several shots to be fired without


Semi-Automatic Pistols – A semi-automatic pistol is a type of handgun that is semi-automatic,

that is it utilizes the energy of the fired cartridge to cycle the action of the firearm and advance

the next available cartridge into position for firing. One round is fired each time the trigger of a

semi-automatic pistol is pulled.

Machine Pistols – A machine pistol is generally defined as a firearm designed to be fired with

one hand, and capable of fully automatic or selective fire. Good for heavy fire fights.

Sub-Machine Guns – A handheld, lightweight machine gun. Fitting for a side arm, great for a

fire fight and something that will chew through enemies. These are small compared to the

standard sized machine guns, making them very easy to carry and conceal under a jacket.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Tranquilizer Pistols – Some enemies carry useful information, for players who don’t feel the

urge to choke an enemy out, this allows them to silence an enemy and take them back to base for

advanced interrogation tactics.

Players will have the option of single or dual wield for pistols or revolvers, single wield

on Sub-Machine Guns. Duel wielding pistols, as it does in most games, causes a loss of

“Focused Aiming.” Making shots harder, although players would have the option of having two

carry side arms and only using one at a time as a way of conserving ammunition and keeping

their “Focused Aim” Field Equipment & Support Weapons

Items to help The Punisher in the Field. Prepared for various Situations there is an 8

Table system for players to equip. This allows them to add new dimensions to their tactical skills

and plan per what equipment they may need or plan to bring.

Nigh Vision Goggles – Goggles designed to give players night vision.

Gas Mask – To assist The Punisher’s health when activating a smoke grenade. When brought on

missions automatically activated when using smoke grenades.

Claymore Mine – An 8lb explosive, triggered with a wire, players can use it as a method of

infiltration or attack.

Drones – Miniature drones, Punisher can use to scope out open areas to allow players a battle

plan. This is a way of helping players develop a plan of attack with better success rate.

E-Dossier – A device created by Micro allowing Punisher to easily hack security cameras,

laptops, and other personal computers.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Smoke Bombs – A Blast of heavy smoke, good to distract and disorient enemies.

E-Stun Grenade – Electrically stuns enemies, opening them up to be shot.

Flash Bang Grenade – Disorients enemies for a few seconds allowing a full on infiltration.

Landmine – A landmine, spread out or hidden can kill enemies, when escorting civilians causes

players the need to be cautious.

C-4 – An explosive property that can be remotely detonated, allowing players a more powerful

infiltration method.

Poison – Some areas have pets that will attack, Poison treats gives them a nap. Some areas were

enemies might be eating, such as missions and safe houses, during certain times of day, allows

players to poison food that can kill them or put them to sleep.

Money Dye Pack – A way of luring enemy in, playing to their greed, once exploding it severely

impairs the enemy making them easy picking.

Empty Mag – An empty Magazine to throw to draw in lure enemies to an area.

Screecher – A device that emits a loud screeching causing enemies to drop their weapons and

cover their ears, opening them up for assault.

Utility Mask – A mask that works for stealth and tactical infiltration for a small dose of night

vision and clean air.

Emp Grenade – Some enemies carry Electronic Equipment this will short it out, frustrate

enemies causing them to make mistakes.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Ka-Bar Knife – Automatically equipped in an item slot on the wheel, a Ka-Bar is the standard

issued knife used in the United States Marine Corps. When equipped to use, players will be able

to use knife based combat techniques to eliminate enemies when players engage in combat.

Combat Medical Kit – A first aid Kid designed to help heal combat wounds. Carried as a just in

case. Requires players to find a secluded spot or a safe spot where they would be able to

administrate medicines, like anti-biotic ointments or staple wounds shut. Weapon Modifiers & Upgrades

Weapons have numerous modifiers. These modifiers are available for certain weapons

and can be available. With numerous types of modifiers, so numerous it’s nearly impossible to

round them off all on hand. There are numerous upgrades and modifications to go through as the

player is going to be constantly upgrading their weapons. Such upgrades available are:

- Modifiers: Objects or Upgrades such as: Scopes, Laser Sights, Flashlights, Grenade

Launchers, Silencers, and other numerous upgrades. Some are available for Side-Arms,

others aren’t, just as some aren’t available for Shotguns. These Modifiers can be selected

based on the weapon they choose. Some will only be available after the weapon itself is


- Unlockable Weapons and Upgraded Models: While players will start with a decently

stable weapon set, some weapons must be unlocked, or as it’s referenced in game,

“Bought.” Players should work for these weapons, gaining money by stealing it from

Mobs. Despite their weapon set being a stable small amount, they will be challenged to

unlock and seek more advanced versions of the Weaponry they choose to bring with

them. Unlocking these new Weapons opens the door for some of the newer modifiers to

be applied.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

- Enhanced Distance Based Upgrades: Upgrades available for field and support

weapons that increase the distance in which they become active. Items such as C-4

Charges or Screechers that requires the player to detonate them. This allows the player to

be a further distance away when detonating them, as well as a greater frequency of

damage. A useful upgrade that goes on a basis of Item instead of upgrading all groups at

once. The E-Dossier

An electronic Dossier, from which Frank can download information, access maps, the

level of enemy alert for the area, and check out the mission objectives and progress. The E-

Dossier was designed by Micro and built as another method of helping Frank as The Punisher.

Outside of upgrading Frank’s weapons, Micro continues to develop different tactics to assist The

Punisher in Field Work. This gives Micro a voice in player’s ear as an assistive force. This will

mark certain items on map as well as give any new information obtainable. The Dossier has

numerous basic uses:

Digital Map – A digital map of the area, once enemies are spotted they show on the Digital map

for convenience of the player. The map itself transforms to reflect the areas the players are in,

giving a small radius of free roam space for players to look around.

Mission Intel – Information about the mission including: objectives, progress, alert level.

Information about enemy elements can be uploaded to the Dossier by Micro, for Frank to


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Dossier – Information Microchip downloads to the handheld, letting Frank see what enemies and

what types of enemies he’s about to face. This gives the player a detailed analysis, allowing

some more substantial information to base a battle plan on.


Over the Years The Punisher has worn numerous skulls. Different artists have taken

numerous liberties with The Punisher’s insignia and it has made for some of the best designs in

comics. This has always been an element of The Punisher. The Skull has existed as his symbol

since the beginning. It is The Punisher’s symbol.

Criminals are often thought to believe in the otherworldly, especially when it comes to

being a part of the Marvel Universe. The Skull is an ancient totem signifying death. Every

civilization has some skull totem unique to it. With the Skull system, players will have a number

of Punisher Skulls to choose from, from those Skulls enemies will have a unique reaction to the

skulls as part of said skull’s perks.

Each Faction of the Criminals will have a different, unique reaction to the skulls in what is

referred too here as the ‘Skull System.’ The Skull system stems from the Multitude of different

skulls worn by The Punisher during his history in the comics. In the game to enhance the

customizable features allows players complete control over The Punisher.

Skulls, outside the enemy’s reactions, have additional bonuses that forces players to

choose from several iconic skulls. Some Skull built for different armors allow for an additional

perk, based on the proper skull being associated with the proper armor giving the associated

skulls and armor a bonus rating.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

However, once skulls are destroyed (from armor damage) their effect is disabled for said

mission. This puts the player in a unique position to strategize their movements in a more

Punisher, military styled fashion.

6.7.1 Designed Effect Of The Skull System

The Skull system was created for a design standpoint to honor the various popular skulls

of The Punisher mythology. Fans have different favorite Skull and this lets them use that in a

Game Mechanic. With development, there will be a basic Skull designed, but it seems more

important to include a series of Different Skull Designs that influence the player’s actions. Using

Skulls from Both Comic Book and Live Action Portrayals give fans a stronger connection in

developing their own version of The Punisher, which is a key trait of the process.

6.7.2 Designed Effect On Armor

The Design of the Armor Classes Reflect a very strong change. There should be multiple

different armors for each class and each should carry a unique design that would be affected by

the simple fact that each armor is a little different, the variety of it gives a unique effect in the

player’s mind and allows them to have fun developing their own take on The Punisher. The

Punisher is just as particular on his choice of body armors as the fans would be.

This could allow them to create an armor to match his original comic book costume, or a

more urban version of The Punisher costume. These play an essential role in the player’s

connection with The Punisher. With players fully immersed the story will drive the players,

while still being a basic story to them, leading them to different conclusions on how they see The

Punisher and their actions as him.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

6.7.3 Skull System Perks

The Skull system has several perks, stemming from the style of the skull itself. Each skull

will carry a Basic Perk, a Unique Perk, and a Bonus Perk based on how it uniquely fits the armor

players choose. Each perk basic, unique, and integrated can be upgraded. Just as the Outfits can

be upgraded.

All part of building the perfect Punisher for players. Additionally, each skull affects each

group of enemies differently, these effects are called Fight or Flight response, unique to each

Skull and Family.

The Response system is called “Flight or Fight”, the idea is that a specific skull will scare

a specific family, while the same skull might illicit an enraged response from the other families.

Each skull will have a unique design to it, based off several different skulls appearing in The

Punisher Comic Book Series’. This factors into the skull perks enhancing the impact of the

player a choice in what to upgrade concerning the skulls.

These numerous perks for the skull system Include:

War Zone – Basic Additional armor of 10%, Melee attacks do more damage, takes more 20%

Explosive Damage when integrated with appropriate outfit. Based on John Romita Jr.’s Punisher

War Zone Comic Book Skull. This Skull is particularly effective against The Rose Organization.

1st One Is Free – 10% more armor, when spotted by enemies this skull will cause them to freeze

allowing for a first kill, 20% more stealth capabilities with appropriate outfits. Based on the 2008

adaptation Punisher War Zone Movie Skull. This particular Skull is highly effective towards

The Silvermane Order.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

It’s Punishment – 10% more armor, Enemies surviving from large groups are intimidated into

giving up information without interrogation, Enemies are 20% more likely to run away. Based on

the 2004 adaptation The Punisher Movie Skull. This carries a strong effect against the

Hammerhead Mafia.

A Rib Gone – 10% more armor, serious injuries (from bullets, melee attacks, or falls) do 15%

less damage, Explosions do 20% less damage. Based on the Lewis Larosa Punisher Max Skull.

The Skull is considered highly effective on the Cavella Family.

Dodged 1, Not 30 – 10% more armor, 15% of all enemy gun shots miss, 20% improvement on

stealth. Based on the Steve Dillon Design from Welcome Back Frank. Considered a frightening

and effective image to the Gnucci Family.

Army Of One – 10% Better marksmanship, 15% more armor when engaging a direct assault,

20% more damage using melee weapons. Based on Tim Bradstreet’s Marvel Knight’s Punisher

Skull. Highly effective perks against the Enforcers.

One Shot, One Kill – 10% more armor for stealth, 15% Armor against Handguns, Last shot in

Weapons are Kill shots when fully upgraded otherwise Bullets do 20% more damage center mass

shots. Based on the Marco Checchetto Punisher Skull Design. An absolute horrifying image that

affects the Exchange.

Something Like Peace – 10% more armor, Explosive weapons do 15% more damage on the

enemy, 20% more damage on long range weapons. Based on The Traditional Punisher Skull

Displayed in Punisher Max. This skull is one that is found frightening by gangs from Eastern

Europe and is especially effective against The Bulat Human Trafficking Ring.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

I Don’t Do Redemption – 10% more armor, Experience Points and Experience Weapon and

Combat gain 15% Faster, and Explosions do 20% less damage. The Mike Zeck Punisher Skull.

This Skull design strongly effects the Traditional Gangs (side story missions) more than the

others. The gangs hold this skull as a symbol to fear.

1 Batch, 2 Batch – 10% Increase in Basic Infiltration Armor, 15% Enhance on Hand-To-Hand

Combat, 20% Faster Cool Down on Mini-Gun & Less Reload time on Guns. Based on the

Daredevil Season 2 and Punisher Season 1 Skull Design. This is effective against the Kitchen


6.7.4 Upgrades of the Skull System

The Skull System is a unique idea in homage to the vast history of the Characters’

massive history in comics. With numerous perks tied to the skulls, players also have the ability

of upgrading these skulls. These Upgrades allow numerous advantages for the player to explore,

encouraging them to upgrade when possible. These Upgrades Include:

- Skull Effect: Increasing the effect of the Skull a player upgrades, making the effect it

has last longer and be more powerful. A psychological tactic to disarm enemies

psychologically making them much more vulnerable. Enhancing the effect makes

openings wildly available for players that allow them to dispatch enemies at a larger


- Skull Resistance: The Resistance of the Skull helps the effect of the Skull stay in

place longer. Being able to take more damage before the Skull would be destroyed

and the effect would dissipate. It’s a necessary upgrade that makes the Skull plating

stronger and allows players to be more effective.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

With Upgrades like these the Skull system takes a gameplay based focus allowing players

an advantage against the enemy in similar fashion to the advantage The Punisher has. This is

another way of putting the player in his mindset for the game and letting them define The

Punisher as they see fit. It allows them to become a more legendarily regarded Punisher

enhancing the player’s status as the character. This makes them The Punisher.

The Punisher is a master of Combat. Serving in War with advanced Military training as

well as having taken to constantly learn new and evolving forms of Combat, The Punisher has

become a Martial Arts Master. His Hand-To-Hand Combat skills make him just as deadly

without a gun.

Having a history as being one of the most skilled fighters of the Marvel Universe, players

will experience all sides of Combat as The Punisher. With the Game Carrying 2 basic categories

for Combat, Armed and Unarmed. There is 4 listed in the game, again playing to different

playstyles. The goal with combat is to require players to not only use all forms of Combat, but to

be able to switch seamlessly between them. An effective trait The Punisher himself has mastered.

This makes the player feel more in tune with the character, as well as being more effective.

6.8.1 Armed Stealth Combat

A silencer is a useful tool in keeping quiet. The Punisher employs the use of them, with

an advantage of staying under the radar, this allows players to grab enemies and use a silences

Pistol to execute enemies without alerting anyone. Players can switch between Armed and

Unarmed Stealth after grabbing an opponent and selecting a button in the pop-up mini menu.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

6.8.2 Unarmed Stealth Combat

Stealth takedowns, enabling The Punisher to sneak up behind an enemy and take them

down by choking them out, slitting their throat, breaking their neck, or crushing their throat

leaving them gasping for air. Players are also able to interrogate enemies in Stealth Combat. This

makes The Punisher a very threatening force, sneaking up on enemies with a knife at their throat.

6.8.3 Unarmed Hand-To-Hand Combat

Combat in the Field, allowing players who are caught or spotted close to the player,

allowing them a silent and very effective way of neutralizing or killing enemies. The Punisher

uses a chain of the martial arts moves to systematically disable the enemy. Players also have the

option of equipping a field knife for direct melee based assaults used in field combat.

6.8.4 Armed Combat

Armed combat is the standard form of combat in a Stealth Action Shooter. In the game

players have a Focused aiming, similar to First Person viewpoint enhancing the aiming accuracy,

hard to use when engaged in a firefight but allows more accurate shots. Standard aiming is lined

by a mini faux scope that fades from white to red once a player highlights an instant kill, and

green when there is a damaging shot. This gives players an opportunity to judge taking a shot

and chances of instant elimination on enemies.

6.8.5 Combat Reflexes

When spotted by the enemies, combat reflexes will kick in, allowing players to take an

enemy down before they can scream or alert other enemies. Castle being a former Marine

Captain would feel an adrenaline rush that allows him to act, this slow motion effect would allow

him to take out an enemy and continue undetected. This is a way of showing The Punisher’s

reflexes and skill, as well as the calm demeanor.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Getting spotted like this permits The Punisher an opportunity at a quick execution. It is

more assistive than it could be harmful to the player’s score, as it allows for quick action, failure

of the action will cause alert. This is certainly an instance for players to take advantage of when

it arises, or risk being outgunned, especially if they’re partial to a stealth based style of


6.8.6 Human Shields & Quick Kills

Players will be able to grab enemies turning them into Human shield. This is what opens

up the option for onsite interrogation. While that tactic is certainly an avenue to go down, players

also have the ability to use the Enemy as a Human shield, for a finite amount of time, as they will

struggle to get out, unless they’re shot. This is a realistic tactic that The Punisher takes in effort

of not only take out one more enemy, but keep himself safe to keep moving forward. Human

shields do offer other uses such as allowing players a Quick Kill.

Quick Kills differ from enemy to enemy. Be it a throat slit, neck snap, shooting in the back

of the head, a stabbing, or suffocation. There are numerous ways a Quick kill can go. Each of

them being more dangerous and painful than the last. Helping the player in building a more

frightening reputation, leaving the bodies to be found.


Every so often along The Punisher’s journey he has gained assistance from others on

similar Journey’s. Characters like Rachel Alves or Kathryn O’Brien. These characters have their

own arcs in game and join The Punisher for selective Missions. These Characters are part of the

game’s narrative, so it’s important to put them in the game. So they’ve joined the game in the

Joint Operative System.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Based heavily on the way Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain enabled players to

bring assistance, so will The Punisher. The game has developed a Joint Operative System that

allows the player to bring someone along for extreme infiltrations. This system allows players

some assistance, especially on hard missions. With a leg up the players then have another tactical

advantage. There are numerous Ways of using the Joint Operate System.

6.9.1 Tactical Uses

There are numerous Tactical uses that enables the player to have strategic advantages.

With full control over a second operative, players can command with numerous options. This

means players can improve the effectiveness of their efforts as The Punisher. This creates an

effective dynamic that the enemies won’t expect, making them vulnerable targets.

This dynamic will force players to tactically plan 2-Person Operations over the Single

Person Operation they’ve grown accustomed too. However the J.O. System is an optional

addition that players are given. Players are free to reject the assistance of a secondary Operative

without any change in the game’s story. An optional assistance in a tactical manner. Tactical Spotting

When using a Joint Operative, they can be stationed at a high point and map out enemy

locations on Frank’s map. This gives players an advantage on time based menu during missions

but allows players to move faster in genuine missions. This gives players an advantage in taking

out more enemies and anticipating their movements. It is something that could replace a player’s

use of the Drone in their field equipment. Drones can still be a useful tool, getting into areas that

the Joint Operative simply won’t be able to see.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Tactical Sniping

As a Joint Operative Sniper, this can provide Tactical Takedowns allowing players to

move into enemy areas allowing for a full tactical submersion into the enemy area. With a

silenced Sniper Rifle the Operative can make it easier for the player to enter Mob dominated

areas and execute. With this option players can be more effective during their missions, and

faster with an assistive force. This can assist players by improving scores, and ranks for

missions. Tactical 2-Person Infiltration

For certain Missions requiring a full-on assault, the player can command the Operative to

“take them out.” This puts the Operative in a kill mode where they effectively dispatch enemies

alongside The Punisher. The command can end whenever the player commands it, which will

cause the Operative to exit and take a sniper’s point. The Joint Operative then takes a natural

stance and acts only as a Spotter.

Although players wouldn’t be able to only rely on the Joint Operative during missions.

The Operative will back out if the player isn’t contributing to the assault. This forces the player

to have to keep pace with the Operative, as well as keep their position as a field leader. This is

The Punisher’s operation, players that choose to bring Joint Operatives along will be required to

keep command. Tactical Cover-Fire

Alternatively, if critically injured the Operative will give cover fire so the player can

administrate a Combat Med-Kit for critical injuries. Cover fire will also catch oncoming threats

that might be behind the player won’t see. This gives a feeling of comfort that players will only

need to worry about oncoming threats. This is yet another tactical advantage for the player.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

6.9.2 Injured Operative

If The Joint Operative is injured in the game or during a Mission they will automatically

retreat. Saving their life, but making it much harder for the player. This is a mechanic set to teach

players to plan tactically for situations where they may be by themselves. If the Operative is

injured, they will preserve their life, regardless of player’s situation.

6.9.3 Boss Battles?

Some Boss Battles will allow the employ of the 2-Operative system. Unfortunately Not

All or Even most Boss Battles will be compatible with this System. This forces players to step up

their game during any Boss Battles. This allows players to be challenged even when using the

J.O. System.


Health in The Punisher is based on the regenerative Health system popularized by First

Person-Shooters. This system requires characters to find cover and keep from getting injured

while regenerating Health. Being that this is The Punisher, this method is only going to work for

basic, or flesh wounds, that haven’t penetrated too deep into the skin or that has barely cracked

through the armor. Being that this is a standard mechanic for a health system in war games it

certainly applies here.

6.10.1 Critical Injury

Critical Injuries are when players are severely injured in game. This is the result of taking

massive damage from enemies. Players who get critically injured will have Combat Med Kits

they can apply. To apply the Combat Med Kit, players need to find cover so it can be applied

without enemies further injuring the players.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

As mentioned earlier, fatigue exists. The Punisher is certainly vulnerable to it. This fatigue

isn’t due to running or action, but is due to the weight of the mission. Every mission will have

some degree of effect in causing this fatigue. It’s the fatigue that can certainly affect the

battlefield for players. Eventually affecting the player’s aiming, strength, and speed.

6.11.1 Fatigue Effects

Some the basic effects of Fatigue will cause the player’s aiming to be off, their hits do less

damage and be slower when moving. The longer The Punisher goes without refreshing himself

the more damaging it becomes to him. Blurring the line between obsession and crazed obsession.

This is to add a challenge to speedy players. Going through the game too fast can cause the

character to suffer for it.

As the issues continue players will begin to hear things or even have vague

hallucinations, very common side effects of sleep deprivation. This is a way of affecting the

player and showing them that perhaps the path of just burning through the game can be a

dangerous one. The Punisher, like anyone else, needs to eat, sleep, and refresh himself so that

each attack is easier and looked at with a fresh set of eyes.

6.11.2 Refreshing
Going for long periods without any kind of physical refreshing, will warrant comments

by characters like Microchip, or any of the other allies the player encounters. The comments are

there to establish the importance of a character being physically and mentally refreshed. There

are numerous ways to individually refresh certain aspects. Players can eat to refresh The

Punisher physically, Sleep to refresh him mentally, and Shower to do a bit of both. It takes a

health combination of the 3 to fully restore the character.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Doing so at later points might be a treat for some players. This could involve hidden

cutscenes, references, or other potential Easter eggs to the larger Punisher canon. It’s a fun little

element that adds a unique dimension to the game, setting it apart from other adaptations. The

Punisher will challenge its players in numerous tasks and this is one that can certainly add to the

more human aspects of the character.


In the Punisher’s corner of the Marvel Universe, there’s no short of enemies. Groups

coming in all varieties all carrying different status in different groups. From Mafia Families to

Supervillain Organization, The Punisher encounters numerous enemy types on a frequent basis.

There is a hierarchy to the Mob, with an internal structure running from small time hoods to the

big bosses. The different forces for the mobs makes for enemies for The Punisher. In Video

Games enemies are an important element. Adding challenge and conflict for the players to

triumph over. With a character like The Punisher, these enemies are rich in variety and conflict.

The Punisher is a character with an inherent solution to enemies, he kills them, but it’s important

to address.

When bringing The Punisher into the medium of video games, it’s important to dissect

the various league of enemies that would be encountered and defeated by the player. With

numerous enemies the players will face in the game, there are different types that have different

strengths and weaknesses unique to those types. From Soldiers to Bosses it’s clear that there are

numerous types of enemies that The Punisher regularly faces and it help add dimension,

excitement, challenge, and conflict to a video game adaptation. Here the document will tackle

the various types of enemies from standard thugs, to bosses, and supervillains and their


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

6.12.1 Associates
Associates are characters like Detective West of the Bulat family. A non-family member

associated with the outfit but not considered a member. In game these figures are considered the

weakest link of the enemy chain. Having no weapons, skills, or armor to be distinctively

different from normal goons. These characters are few and far between.

6.12.2 Enforcers
These are the hoods that hold up mom and pop shops for protection money. They muscle

areas like drug labs without unique weapons beyond: baseball bats, crowbars, and police batons

and riot sticks. With no armor available they’re easy to take out in any tactical sense. These are

some of the most frequent enemies encountered in the game, as most of them are considered

highly expendable.

6.12.3 Soldiers
Soldiers, sometime referred to ‘Made Men’, are the main arm in the game. Most enemies

of this caliber have various types of weapons and are likely to wear basic bulletproof vests. They

aren’t tactically bright but do gang up with a numbers advantage. They’re very prone to finding

cover and waste bullets like candy. Suit Soldiers

Soldiers dressed in suits, higher up on the food change. They are permitted to carrying

automatic weapons, making their firepower more dangerous comparatively to the other soldiers.

This is a more stylish group and work together as opposed to the others who just fire aimlessly.

They are considered more dangerous, having much better aim and concept of a bullet count.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Sniper Soldiers

Soldiers who’ve been trained to specifically decent shots with sniper rifles. Arguably the

most dangerous of the Soldiers. These are soldiers who are positioned at high points, taking care

to aim, and making their shots count. They can certainly disrupt the flow of any infiltration and

often require a lot of body shots or a decent headshot to take down. Standard Soldiers

Soldiers who carry standard handguns and fire them like morons. Most of them holding

guns sideways in effort to add misguided style to them. Some of these more standard soldiers

will wear more casual clothing, others will just have the bulletproof vest exposed. They aren’t

bright, but will fight for cover. Low Level Soldiers

Soldiers who are only armed with knives or in some cases machetes. They are the dumber

group of enemies. They are helpless in terms of direct combat. Using knives as if they’re an

actual fighting style, thinking it improves their fighting ability. Be it bullet or Hand-To-Hand

Combat they’re very easy to take out. Soldiers of this caliber are pretty easy to spot, with a bad

sense of style, making them look like they’ve stepped out of the average meth lab.

6.12.4 Captains
Captains of the various mob armies. More experienced then soldiers. Better shots, better

armored. Wearing thicker bulletproof vests and either armed with automatic weapons or

shotguns. This gives them a tactical edge when grouped with soldiers. In a standard grouping a

Captain would command about ten soldiers. With several littered through the levels, they have a

number advantage on the player and minimal tactical training.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

6.12.5 Underbosses
2 in command to the bosses. Often carrying valuable information and acting as

confidant for Bosses. They’re not particularly well armed, but are well armored and well

protected by soldiers. The Underbosses are frightful to others but are fearful themselves and on

edge as of hearing The Punisher is after them seeing them in game will show them greatly over

confident in their protection and extremely frightened when left alone with The Punisher.

Characters of this nature would include figures like Ma Gnucci’s Sons, Vera Konstantin, Philip

Hayes or Sammy Silke.

6.12.6 Bosses
Some bosses of the game are beyond the common clay of enemies. Characters like

Silvermane or Hammerhead fit more in the supervillain category but are mob bosses. Bosses are

harden criminals and won’t scare easily. Non-powered bosses, like Nicky Cavella or Ma Gnucci,

are very prone to acts of courage but can be scared. The standard boss is often protected by the

Captains, and are heavily protected by the best armor money can buy. Most of them pose no

challenge in form of combat, but can aim and fire weapons very well.

6.12.7 Supervillains & Assassins

Villains either having existing ties or are paid to assist the Mob Families. With strange

abilities, skills, or outlining attributes that make them more threatening. These characters are the

main set for boss battles. With extenuated circumstances that initiate the need for boss battles.

These enemies are by far the most dangerous of the various enemies. Combatting the likes of

The Owl, Shocker, or Hobgoblin put the player at disadvantages. While characters with powers

or unique attributes are tougher, there are still Villains and Assassins who aren’t super-powered

that do pose a serious threat in their battles.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Characters like the Barracuda, or Tombstone are some of the tougher opponents to face.

They are dangerous enemies despite having no powers and just a foundation of strength and

training to work from. It is enemies like them that have a similar fire in them that The Punisher

does. They are closer to a dark mirror for The Punisher to show him how he might have turned

out if he didn’t have his extreme moral compass. Henchmen
Henchmen are employed by supervillains as an aided force. Minions willing to die for

their bosses. Characters like Crossbones, The Red Vulture, or Taskmaster have a league of

henchmen in their likeness. With less protection and less powerful weaponry to work with, the

henchmen work with what they got and most have done it well. The henchmen are unique

varieties among them making them more useful and dangerous than nearly any mafia outfit by

themselves. Henchmen require players to find unique ways to combat them, seeing as they have

the same weaknesses as normal soldiers, with Henchmen enemies players are require to go

outside the box. Their willingness to die for their employer make them significantly more

dangerous than the average Mafia Soldier. The Henchmen are groups who pretty much know at

some point they’ll die as a result of their employer. The Bone Crew

Crossbones henchmen, armed with explosive vests and unafraid of suicide bombings.

Each of them carry high powered rifles and make The Punisher’s day that much harder. They’ll

do their best to make sure that when they’re going to die, they’re near the player in hopes of

seeing The Punisher die with them.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Enforcers

Trained at the Corral, the Enforcers are the prime henchmen of the Enforcers gang.

Trained Mainly for Hand-To-Hand Combat as well as being able to shoot. A talented, dangerous

bunch. Encountering them over the basic Soldier’s the Enforcers Employee makes the day a bit

harder for players. The Jack O’ Lanterns

The Jack O’ Lanterns are the private soldiers of Roderick Kingsley, a.k.a. The Hobgoblin.

Wearing large Pumpkin shaped helmets, and carrying guns and Pumpkin bombs. They aren’t the

best shots, most of them are just part of the Roses own soldiers who’ve been promoted to work

for the Hobgoblin. Their armor isn’t supremely durable and makes them easier targets. The Red Vultures

Led by the Mutated Jimmy Natale, the Red Vultures work off of tech powered suits.

Linked to follow Natale’s every order, they have a dangerous advantage being sky-based

enemies. The device that gives them their advantage can be worked against them. Shooting out

engines could send them flying into each other, or items like EMP grenades could send them

falling to their deaths. With their abilities being unique as a measure for gameplay challenges,

players will be able to really find new and creative ways to take them out. Taskmaster’s Students

Trained by Taskmaster to be experts at Hand-To-Hand Combat these henchmen are close

to being some of the most dangerous figures players will encounter. With advanced training in

weaponry and fighting, Taskmaster’s students make great snipers and excellent soldiers.

Encountering them comes to be a strong hassle. They’re very prone to copying the player’s style

of movement, which can cause some dangerous missteps and great opportunities for players to

take advantage off. Another opportunity for players to go outside the box to dispatch enemies.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game


Boss Battles are the symbolic “Best You’ve Got” challenge of a Video Game testing

players skills, will, and overall dedication. It’s imperative that a game with such challenges have

these types of tests for players. It helps give the game some notable features, challenging players

to really develop new tactics and evolve. With The Punisher, it’s necessary to have such

challenges to combat players.

The Punisher as a character still has a rich rogue gallery, while also borrowing villains

from other corners of the Marvel Universe. This is an attempt to really give the players, and the

game itself, the feeling of being in the Marvel Universe while also giving some characters

appearances that they may not necessarily qualify to appear in games of heroes like Spider-Man

or the X-Men.

The use of higher enemies again allows the feeling of the greater Marvel Universe as well

as pose some very interesting confrontations and challenges for The Punisher. These show his

reputation of being able to eliminate Supervillains. Many A-List villains have been encountered

The Punisher and some have paid big for it while others were lucky enough to escape. Its

encounters like this that really stand out and grip the readers, and now in this medium players.

6.13.1 Alternative Scenarios

Boss Battles may be the very foundation that the best video game stories are told. Boss

Battles tell a story in a physical manor. This allows the story new types of exposure, giving a

Pathos to the situation for the player and Character. Boss Battles are another environment of

putting the player directly into the story allowing the game to not overly rely on cutscenes. Part

of this storytelling that is present in Comic Books is enemies reappearing, sometimes in dramatic


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

The game is strongly Non-Linear with its story and with the game containing a massive

amount of Boss Battles there are some elements of alternative scenarios. With some Bosses in

the game appearing in more than one battle (i.e. characters like Damage or the Enforcers)

making their placement in either battle subjective to whether certain battles have been

completed. While it won’t have a major effect on Opening Cutscenes, it would certainly alter or

change many Ending Cutscenes from the boss battles.

With the Alternate Scenarios allowing Villains to survive and move to a later

confrontation, it allows for some interesting conflict to be dissected. This is a benefit for fan’s,

allowing them to digest and look deeply into the confrontations as they have the story illustrated

for them. The Non-Linear quality of the game allows for players to have numerous avenues of

exploring a story with the character. The Boss Battles certainly play a strong part when it comes

to these alternative Scenarios. These Alternative Scenarios can certainly be a fun element and

would certainly make the game stand out, as well as make the reasons to replay it much higher in

concept alone. The players have continuous options of seeing a story evolve in numerous ways.

Just a couple of alternative scenarios here or there, the game can have dozens of alternative

scenarios and make the overall experience highly different for the players.

6.13.2 Main Story Boss Battles

Each of the Families in the Main Story provide at least 1 Boss Battle for the player. While

players combat the numerous amount of bosses the game provides, player’s skill at the game will

continuously be challenged by the various bosses. The battles are both a test of the player and an

extension of the Main Game Story. It’s a physical representation of wills and beliefs clashing

against each other. This is a designed effort to really feel like there is an effective reason for the

player to encounter in these Boss Battles.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

As the Majority of the game is non-linear there is almost no specific format in which

players will come across these bosses. Players have full control in which they target families and

in most cases where they target families. Players can really feel in control in these battles as a

result knowing they’ve chosen the paths they’ve taken for these battles. This gives each of the

battles a gritty aesthetic to their structure.

It was an important choice to thoroughly discuss the different battles the players will

encounter. Placing a significant amount of importance in making each boss battle feel very

distinct. As a way of assisting this uniqueness, opening and ending cutscenes will be used to

help set the mind set in which the battle begins and ends. This assists in determining the overall

situation setting the rules of engagement in each of the boss battles. While cutscenes will be

talked about, there is a more in-depth description of each of the stages while providing some

looser details that can be expanded upon in further development of the game. There will be a

simple structure in these boss battles. Listing them in Alphabetical order. As listed they will then

be dissected into: a basic write-up of battle details, a description of the opening cutscene,

detailed information of each battle stages, and ending on the ending cutscene and any possible

alternatives. This document will detail the staggering 34 main story boss battles and will only

lightly touch on the Boss Battles for Side Ops. Barracuda – Boss Battle

A 3 stage Boss Battle, Location: The Shack. Players face Barracuda, armed with a

Machete and a Grenade Belt. Players are only armed with a Ka-Bar knife, Flash Bang Grenades,

and Smoke Bombs. Barracuda has 3 Health Bars, one for each stage of the battle. Barracuda is

highly prone to using foul language, especially as a battle tactic to get his enemies uneasy,

something that doesn’t faze The Punisher. This battle doesn’t allow the Joint Operative System.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Opening Cutscene-
Punisher Enters a motel, finds Viorica gone and a note showing Barracuda and a Shack.

The Punisher enters the Shack, gun up. Barracuda holds his Machete against Viorica’s throat. He

calls out The Punisher for being a coward, Punisher throws the gun down, Pulls out a Ka-Bar

knife. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
Players are pit against Barracuda, for this first section of the Boss Battle it is up to the

player to out-combat Barracuda using the Knife and Hand-To-Hand Combat. Hitting him with

the Ka-Bar knife damages his Health Bar. Barracuda using the Machete gives him a bit of reach

over The Punisher. Players have to find a tactic to get to him that works and use it.

-Stage 2-
Players now need to start using the Smoke Bombs and Flash Bangs. This section

challenges players to sneak up on Barracuda and throw him to the ground. Using the Flash Bangs

or Smoke Bombs to distract him and momentarily stun him. Players knock him to the ground

several times, on the final time a Mini-Game pops up: players need to hit several buttons for The

Punisher to overpower Barracuda and stab him in the eye. This blinds Barracuda.

-Stage 3-
A blind Barracuda is enraged now, completely blind. He will thrash at the player.

Barracuda is off aim and swings blindly around. The Punisher has leaped and grabbed the

Grenades off of Barracuda. The Punisher tries to throw it at him, Barracuda Blindly hits it back

with the Machete. Every time a grenade is thrown he’ll kick or smack it back towards the player.

The player has to sneak around the blind Barracuda and attach the grenades and pull the pin to

injure him. Doing this several times beats Barracuda.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
The Blind Barracuda Swings at The Punisher, screaming profanity at him. The Punisher

stands, looking around the shack. He finds an A.K. 47. Aims and Fires at Barracuda. He fires the

full clip, reasoning ‘to be sure.’ The Punisher calls out too Viorica, tells her it’s time to go home. Blackwing – Boss Battle

3 Stage Boss Battle, Location: Silverspoon Estates. Blackwing has the trained ability to

control Bats. He wears a combat armor that allows him to fly in short bursts. Blackwing, like

most the bosses, is equipped with 3 Health Bars. Players are fully armed with their loadout

section for this battle. This is one of the Battles Suited for the Joint Operative System, the

operative side-by-side can be ordered to act automatically to assist the player.

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher has eliminated nearly the entire set of Drug Cooks, Drug Dealers, Mafia

Soldiers, and Thugs at Silverspoon Estates. The Punisher does a sweep of the area, takes out a

couple extra enemies. The Punisher enters the Final House – Searching through, a Force knocks

The Punisher out onto the streets. Blackwing stands taunting The Punisher. The Punisher stands

holds his gun towards Blackwing. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
Blackwing attacks players. He uses his Bats as both a Weapon and Armor. Underneath

the Bat armors is his traditional suit that is needed to be destroyed. Players are forced to shoot

the Bats to eliminate that layer of Armor. Blackwing will get frustrated, and send bats to hit the

player. Destroying his first layer of armor under the bats is what will deplete his 1st Health Bar,

as well as severely weakening him. When doing this he resorts to the tactics of throwing Bats at

the player.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 2-
Enraged from having his pets Killed, Blackwing knocks The Punisher Down and Flies

onto the roof of the houses around the Estate. He will result in firing at the player with Guns.

Players need to knock him off the roof by shooting him while he aims and fires at the player or

Midflight while he leaps onto the roof. Sending him to the Ground to deplete his 2nd Health Bar.

-Stage 3-
Blackwing is brought down. It’s just between The Punisher and Blackwing (Any joining

Joint Operatives will just stand aside). It’s a simple fight of Hand-To-Hand Combat. Blackwing

might be skilled but isn’t a match for a fighter like The Punisher.

-Ending Cutscene-
Blackwing drops on the ground. The Punisher steps over to him and raises his gun. He

fires and it clicks. Out of Ammo. He scoffs, takes a knee. Grabs Blackwing’s head and snaps his

neck. Stands. Blackwing is out of the equation. Bullseye – Boss Battle

3 Stage Boss Battle. Located at the Villain Zone, each stage of the Battle is separated by

Standard Gameplay Sections, where players must chase Bullseye Down, killing enemies in

between, as they look for Bullseye so they may continue the battle. Contrary to normal state of

Boss Battles in the game, Bullseye actually only has 2 Health Bars, in place of the 1st Health Bar

is actually a Pride Bar. Bullseye is legendary for his massive amount of pride. Players will have

their loadout weapons selected, but in the first stage of the Battle the player doesn’t really need

to attack Bullseye, they are encouraged to conserve Ammunition for the later staged battles with

him. This Battle doesn’t allow Joint Operatives to assist and is strictly player versus enemy based


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher enters a room of the Villain Zone similar to a Shooting Range. Bullseye

greats him. The Punisher Taunts Bullseye for being an unfiltered psychopath. The Punisher tells

Bullseye he couldn’t hit him if he had a bullseye on his chest. This hits Bullseye in the wrong

light – Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
Bullseye is throwing items at The Punisher from a distance. The Punisher can’t hurt him

at this point. Bullseye uses all manner of throwing items. With the Pride Bar, players just need to

simple dodge enough of Bullseye’s attacks to diminish his pride. Once his pride is diminished he

runs off, players have to search the Villain Zone for him.

-Stage 2-
Players have finally found Bullseye. This time in the Armory of the Villain Zone. Now

it’s a battle. Players have to injure Bullseye with shots to the head and chest, depleting his Health

Bar. Bullseye will dodge the attacks and will try to keep the player from dodging attacks. Once

his Health is depleted Bullseye will again run off, forcing players to chase him again.

-Stage 3-
The Punisher finds Bullseye again. This time on a Customized Baseball Diamond.

Bullseye begins throwing Vibranium Baseball at The Punisher. Players need to be able to shoot

the Baseballs and send them back at Bullseye. Doing this hits Bullseye in the Arm, the Head, and

finally the Chest. Shooting the balls will often send the Baseball flying different areas, some will

hit Bullseye in the same areas twice. Players will be free to move about the baseball diamond.

Bullseye keeps The Punisher at a distance with wired explosives surround him to keep the

players at distance. Hitting in the chest practically caves it in and sends Bullseye to the ground.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
Bullseye is on the ground. Crawling away, gasping for air. The Punisher steps over

Bullseye, pulls his side Arm. He aims, fires. It hits Bullseye in the head, (Bullseye’s metallic

skull radiates with a loud Ping). Punisher turns to a noise – Steps towards it. Looks back,

Bullseye is gone. Punisher scoffs. Bushwhacker – Boss Battle

3 Stage Boss Battle, located at Hammerhead Manor, in the Court Yard of the Mansion.

Bushwhacker is covered in 2 Layers of Demolitionist Armor, which accounts for 2 of the 3

Health Bars. He has an arm that can mutate into various weapons. Players are armed with their

loadout selections. In this Boss Battle players have access to a Joint Operative, but they are

restricted to just distracting him from a distance and spotting him while players hide.

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher looks through the house. Kills an emerging enemy. He gets a cursory glance

out the window. Sees Bushwhacker ordering men to surround the House. Seeing him angers The

Punisher. He scans the area, continues to move – Cut to: The Punisher entering the courtyard.

Carefully, scanning for Bushwhacker. A Grenade drops in front of him – The Punisher evades it.

The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
Bushwhacker is scanning the Gardens, looking for The Punisher. Players are sneaking

around the gardens, using the shrubbery as a way of cover. Bushwhacker will shoot on sight, it

really test the player’s stealth abilities, but players can have the Joint Operative spot and distract

Bushwhacker to keep him from spotting the player. Players need to plant C-4 charges and

Landmines to Blast away at Bushwhacker’s armor.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 2-
Players get ahold of a Grenade Launcher, either by loadout, assistance by the Joint

Operative, or Picking it up off a dead mafia soldier. They need to use the Grenade launcher to

blow away the 2nd layer of armor. He continues to shoot at the player, and players still need to

use their stealth tactics. This allows the battle to pick up in intensity forcing the player to stick

their neck out a little bit.

-Stage 3-
Bushwhacker’s armor is gone and he is fully exposed for attacks. With such a dangerous

weapon still connected to him, players need to find a way to damage. At this point the Grenade

Launcher is depleted. Players have to sneak around or blind Buschwhacker with Flash Bangs or

Smoke Bombs to allow the player to get close enough for Hand-To-Hand Combat. The First-

Time players beat him in Hand-To-Hand combat The Punisher gets Buschwhacker to the ground

and Pulls his arm out of socket. Bushwhacker throws him off. The second time the player beats

him, The Punisher dislocates his arm, making it hard for him to put it back into socket. On the

third, a mini-game pops up and players must hit a button sequence depleting the Health Bar and

resulting in The Punisher pulling Buschwhacker’s arm off.

-Ending Cutscene-
Dazed from Blood Loss, Bushwhacker steps on a Landmine. Punisher steps up to him,

tells him about how Landmines work. Bushwhacker questions if Punisher is going to make him

beg. The Punisher says “No.” He measures the distance, backs up and pulls his side arm. The

Punisher shoots Bushwhacker in the head, he falls off the Landmine and it blows his body up.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Crossbones – Boss Battle

3 Stage Boss Battle, Located at the Red Square, in the bottom of the “Fighting Pit.”

Crossbones will be as armed as the player despite having 3 Health Bars. He makes it fair in each

stage, having a pride in being able to beat The Punisher face to face on even playing fields. This

could be amplified by the crowd betting on the fight. The Battle doesn’t support Joint

Operatives. Players won’t initially have their loadout weapons available but will gain them.

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher has wiped out a majority of the people habiting the Red Square. He’s

planted numerous charges through the area. He travels through some tunnels, sees Crossbones

through a graded fence. A Bone Crew thug attempts to sneak up on The Punisher. The Punisher

lets him take him. Cut to – The fighter’s pit. Crossbones punches somebody to death. The

Punisher is brought to Crossbones, he removes The Punisher’s guns, Crossbones wants a fight


-Stage 1-
This section is a Simple Hand-To-Hand Combat section. Surrounded by howling thugs, it

is a full on pit fight. Player won’t have any weapons available to them. Crossbones himself is a

very good fighting on par with The Punisher. The Dynamic of this fate should be akin to a

Military-styled MMA Fight.

-Stage 2-
Crossbones gets frustrated at The Punisher. He grabs a knife, throws Punisher the Ka-Bar

knife. The dynamic of the fight changes, players are more encouraged to dodge the knife, as it

takes away more health. Players are still on even ground, and can certainly attack him. The

player will need to be strategic and wait for opening inviting attacks.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 3-
Crossbones is livid. He brings out Guns and fires at The Punisher. The Punisher pulls one

of his guns from a thug, using him as a human bullet shield. Chaos ensues of various criminals

running away, a nearly constant stampede of people running. Players need to aim through the

crowd, constantly find cover and Shoot Crossbones. The two taking cover, making this a

strategic game between the player and the Enemy. This is set to add intensity and action, putting

the player in an intense gun battle against a skilled marksman like Crossbones.

-Ending Cutscene-
Crossbones is shot up, on the ground. People surround him and The Punisher. They’re

ready to lynch The Punisher. Crossbones says to him “Even if you get me, you ain’t making it

out alive.” And The Punisher responds “Funny, I was going to say the same thing.” He shoots a

couple of thugs, making it too a tunnel he pulls a device out of his pocket. The Detonator. He

presses the Button and the C-4 Explodes, the Fighter’s pit is crushed by debris. Damage – Boss Battle

A 3 Stage Boss Battle, Located: The Silver Dollar. Damage is a former gang leader that

The Punisher nearly killed, he escaped miraculously by the work of Dr. Oswald Silkworth, who

just so happened to work for Wilson Fisk. Damage is armed with numerous retractable weapons

such as: Grenade Launcher, A Flamethrower, and a Mini-Gun. On top of his numerous weapons

is his Durability and Strength heavily increased due to the cybernetic portions of his body. He

carries 3 Health Bars and as an oddity a nearly unlimited supply of ammunition for his weapons.

This battle is suited for the Joint Operative assistance, again the operative will only be able to

supply the player with distractions and cover fire. This Boss Battle Carries an Alternative

Ending, due to the Non-linear Story setup. Players have their loadout weapons equipped.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher has worked his way through the Silver Dollar. Hitting each and every room,

taking a couple extra goons out. He gets to a final door. A fist punches through it sending him to

the ground. The Punisher stands, Damage grabs him – fully revealed, The Punisher tries using a

side arm to shoot him. Damage laughs it off, Throws him through and onto the roof of the


-Stage 1-
Damage doesn’t hurt easily and he’s armed to the teeth. He’s a difficult person to combat,

keeping the player at distance with his weaponry. Damage does have an Achilles’ heel to him.

His Cybernetics weren’t terribly well designed so he has various parts that are exposed. A good

shot can get these exposed parts destroyed, and invite players to get in some good close range

attacks while he’s vulnerable. Attacking the Leg’s first is a good way of getting him not only

immobile but highly vulnerable to various attacks.

-Stage 2-
With Damage now immobile players need to destroy the gears operating his arms. Since

he’s constantly using them for weapons, it makes this situation difficult. It’s a game of waiting

and aiming for the player. Once he takes out the arms, Damage is practically defenseless. Open

for even more attack.

-Stage 3-
Completely vulnerable and unable to move, Damage is literally waiting for attack. The

Punisher, and the player get a chance to really get out any frustration and just attack and

dismantle him. Weapons or fists the player just gets to bring on the pain for Damage. This up

close and physical Damage will take out the Final Health Bar.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
(There are alternate ending cutscenes for this Battle, depending on if the player has

completed another Boss Battle “Damage & Silvermane” if so, this is the ending cutscene)

The Roof Collapses Under The Punisher and Damage from the battle. The Punisher grabs

onto debris and makes it to safety. Damage is on the lower floor, impaled on a steal rod. The

Punisher aims and measures the distance. He drops and Lands, one boot on Damage’s Chest, the

other his head. The force literally knocks Damage’s head off. Completely severing the

connection and killing him.

(Alternate ending cutscene, if the player has not completed the “Damage & Silvermane”

Battle. If not, this is the ending cutscene)

The Punisher grabs Damage, the roof is beginning to Collapse. Damage jokes “Like old

times.” The Punisher responds with “Yeah.” And now throws Damage off the roof, this stabilizes

the roof. Damage hits a Dumpster. A garbage truck picks him up, Damage looks up at an

unpleased Punisher and gives him the finger. The truck drives off with Damage. Damage & Silvermane – Boss Battle

A 3 Stage Boss Battle. This time Located at Smythe Industries. A robotics lab that

operates for Silvermane, officially owned by Alistair Smythe, son of late Silvermane business

partner Spencer Smythe. The Battle itself being in a Factory Portion of the robotics lab. Each

Figure carries 3 Health Bars. The Battle does support full Joint Operative Assistance against the

Duo. The player will equip an item from the Robotics Lab during the battle, an EMP grenade and

an Experimental Grenade Launcher. Initially before the player acquires those items they still

have the full loadout selection to work with.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher enters the factory portion of the lab. He watches from a distance as Damage

and Silvermane filter through, looking for different parts. A Massive Spider-Slayer as well as

numerous different types of advanced technology are all over the factory floor. Damage and

Silvermane are piecing themselves together, arguing with each other. Punisher fires on them to

get their attention. Steps in plain sight for them. They throw something at The Punisher, he rolls

out of the way and grabs an EMP grenade, tosses it at them. Silvermane Kicks it, his legs are

shorted out. Damage grabs Silvermane and plugs him into the Factory computer. Silvermane

takes control of dozens of Miniature Spider-Slayers. Damage opens his full weapon set up,

they’re ready for the fight. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
Damage plugs in Silvermane into the Factory Computer. Damage is fully vulnerable in

this state. Silvermane now operates dozens of very tiny Spider-Slayers. Players need to eliminate

the 3 hordes of Mini Spider-Slayers. Upon Defeating the Slayers, players need to injure Damage

to open up the opportunity to injure Silvermane. This is where the EMP grenade really comes in

handy, hitting Silvermane and Damage from a distance making it easier to attack them.

Attacking Damage or Silvermane when the EMP is affecting them eliminates their 1st Health


-Stage 2-
The Two Villains are pissed, they activate magnets on their exoskeletons and throw

debris at The Punisher. Players need to dodge the attacks, and hit them when they’re gathering

parts. The EMP Grenade will short them out, but not as long this time, making the openings for

attack very finite. The Two in this stage have exposed parts very vulnerable to gunfire. This

eliminates the 2nd of their health bars.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 3-
They put themselves into the Spider-Slayer. They warm up a Blast from the Slayer’s laser

cannons. The Punisher Leaps out of the way and grabs an Experimental Grenade Launcher. The

Battle now focuses on the player firing an EMP grenade to dismantle them momentarily and

firing Grenades to injure the Supervillains. Players will be forced to constantly move and find

cover. When the EMP hits the two, they’re extremely vulnerable to the attack giving the player

an edge. Attacking them over and over will deplete their final Health Bar.

-Ending Cutscene-
(There are alternate ending cutscenes available for this Battle, if the player has

completed the Boss Battles “Damage” and “Silvermane”, this is the ending cutscene)

The Spider-Slayer winds up for another round. The Punisher fires the EMP Grenade at

them – the System shorts out. The Spider Slayer falls on top of Damage and Silvermane,

Crushing their legs. Punisher shoots out the gears working their arms. Looks up, sees the factory

ceiling. Shoots it with the Grenade Launcher, the Roof turns to rubble and collapses on the two

of them. The Punisher escapes.

(Alternate cutscene, if the player has completed neither of the previous Boss Battles

“Damage” or “Silvermane”, this is the ending cutscene)

The Spider-Slayer staggers back. Damage and Silvermane pull each other out. The Two

leap through the roof. The Punisher fires the Grenade Launcher at them. The roof begins to

collapse. It crumbles, The Punisher escapes but sees Damage and Silvermane on a Helicopter

flying off.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

(Alternate cutscene, if the player has completed one of the previous Boss Battle

“Damage” but has not completed “Silvermane”, this is the ending cutscene)

The Spider-Slayer winds for another attack. Silvermane sees The Punisher aiming the

Grenade Launcher and leaps out of the Spider-Slayer. It blows up the Slayer, Falling ontop of

Damage. Silvermane is thrown through the Factory walls. The whole facility begins to crumble

and The Punisher exits. Outside he sees Silvermane aboard a Helicopter flying away. The

Punisher measures the distance. He can’t make it. Punisher flips him off.

(Alternate cutscene, if the player has not completed of the previous Boss Battle:

“Damage” But has completed the Boss Battle “Silvermane”, this is the ending cutscene)

The Spider-Slayer crumbles. Damage is freaking out. It lands and Damage leaps out of it

and runs. Silvermane is stuck in the Spider-Slayer, screaming at Damage for being a coward. The

Punisher steps up to Silvermane, he pulls out a C-4 Charge. Forces it into his mouth. Silvermane

lets out muffled screams. Punisher walks away, Exits the building. He detonates the charge –

Silvermane’s head explodes! The Punisher looks around to see Damage riding off in the

distance. The Punisher measures his shot, he wouldn’t be able to make it. The Enforcers – Boss Battle

3 Stage Boss Battles on the Cargo ship known as the Hela De Shoah. This is a full on

Battle against all six members of the Enforcers. They are armed with guns as well as their

preferred weapons (i.e. Montana also using a Lasso, Hammer Harrison using Steel Boxing

Gloves.) The battle will take place in the Cargo Hold of the ship. Each of the Enforcers have 3

Health Bars as well. Players are armed with their loadout selections and have the full assistance

of Joint Operatives.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher enters the Cargo Hold. The Enforcers stand in the middle of them. They

measure him, he stares them down. Punisher has his weapon up. Fancy Dan shoots out the cable

holding one of the containers, it drops separating them. The Punisher searches around, gun ready.

He begins moving through the Cargo Maze as the Battle itself begins.

-Stage 1-
The Punisher is trapped in a maze, moving through the containers. Players will spot a

Member of the Enforcers. A game of Hide and seek in a cargo maze. Players need to spot each

member of the Enforcers and shoot them. This will send them out of this arena depleting the 1st

Health Bar. Players have to essentially tag each of the 6 members of the Enforcers.

-Stage 2-
They encircle The Punisher, Ox Running to grab the player. Ox will run and grab the

player leaving him vulnerable to the Enforcers to attack. The player, when grabbed, must hit a

series of buttons to get free. The player needs to send Ox into three members of the Enforcers to

take them out. The player will need to be able to send Ox into several members of the Enforcers

around three times. Each Time he does it knocks the Enforcer out, keeping the player from

having to re-aim and retry within reason. Doing this Three times will knock out the numerous

members of the Enforcers. Once these Enforcers are knocked out, the 2nd Health Bar is depleted.

-Stage 3-
The Punisher throws a smoke Bomb. Players then need to exit the area reaching the stairs

and get above the Enforcers. Players must shoot them from up top, taking them down while they

are distracted or as they fire at the player. This will deplete their Final Health Bars, and it will

end the Battle.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
(This Battle has alternative ending cutscenes based on player’s performance in completing

other Boss Battles of this section. If the players have defeated each of the Enforcers in all

their earlier Boss Battles, this is the ending cutscene)

The Punisher stands above the group, dazed and beaten. He looks up, sees another

Container held be a cable. He aims and fires shooting the cable and dropping the container on the

Enforcers. The Punisher escapes the Cargo ship, blowing it up.

(Alternative ending cutscene, If players have not defeated all members of the Enforcers in

all their previous Boss Battles, this is the ending cutscene)

The Punisher is pulled off of the catwalk above the Cargo hold. His feet are lassoed. He

grabs a container, planting a C-4 charge. He’s pulled into the Center of the group, the Enforcers

start beating on him. He presses the charge! The container rolls after the group – The Punisher

rolls out of the Way – Puts His weapon up and fires at the Enforcers but they escape.

(Alternative ending cutscene, If players have defeated any of the Enforcers in their

previous Boss Battle, this is the ending cutscene)

The Punisher is pulled off of the catwalk above the Cargo hold. His feet are lassoed. He

grabs a container, planting a C-4 charge. He’s pulled into the Center of the group, the Enforcers

start beating on him. He presses the charge! The container rolls after the group – The Punisher

rolls out of the Way – it crushes member(s) of the Enforcers (ones that the players have defeated

in all the specific members Boss Battles) The Punisher puts His weapon up and fires at the

remaining Enforcers as they escape.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Fancy Dan – Boss Battle

A 3 Stage Boss Battle with the leader of the Enforcers Fancy Dan Brito. This battle takes

place in the Villain Bar: Ennis Tavern. Dan has 3 Health Bars each attributed to a stage of the

battle. This battle doesn’t support the Joint Operative. Players will have their entire loadout

weapons available.

-Opening Cutscene-
The Ennis Tavern, Punisher Enters, approaching Fancy Dan at the bar. They exchange

words. Fancy Dan moves to bash The Punisher in the Head with a beer mug, Punisher grabs the

mug and hits Dan across the face. A bar fight erupts. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
This section is a very Hand-To-Hand heavy part. Fancy Dan has a history of strong

martial arts training, priding himself onto it. The Punisher, with a history of Military training, is

certainly suitable enough to combat Fancy Dan. He forces a Hand-To-Hand through Various

drunks interrupting the fight to attack the player, as well as Fancy Dan keeping himself close to

the player making them unable to pull a weapon without getting heavily pummeled in a fight.

-Stage 2-
Fancy Dan disappears in the crowd, moving for a gun cache in the bar. Players have to

combat various drunk patrons to get too Fancy Dan. With numerous enemies coming up to the

player, allowing the player to take them out mostly with Hand-To-Hand combat. Players again

can pull out a weapon but risk getting massively injured while pulling the weapon out.

-Stage 3-
Fancy Dan pulls a piece. He begins firing into the crowd. He takes a spot for cover.

Players need to find cover and shoot him. Hitting him in between the patrons escaping the tavern.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
(This Battle has alternative ending cutscenes based on player’s performance in completing

other Boss Battles of this section. If the players have completed the “Enforcers” Boss

Battle, this is the ending cutscene)

Fancy Dan is shot, he drops to the ground. The bar is empty, The Punisher Approaches

Fancy Dan. Dan grabs a gun, goes to shoot The Punisher. The Punisher fires, hitting Dan right in

the head, his brains all over the Tavern. The Punisher leaves.

(Alternative ending cutscene, if players have not completed the “Enforcers” Boss Battle,

this is the ending cutscene)

Fancy Dan moves through the crowd, The Punisher takes several shots. He ducks and

runs. He exits the tavern. Punisher runs after him outside. Dan attempts to run The Punisher

down. He leaps out of the way and sees him driving off, speeding fast. Hammer Harrison – Boss Battle

A 3 Stage Boss Battle at the Corral, the training grounds for Future members of the

Enforcers, Henchmen more powerful than the standard Mafia Soldier. Hammer Harrison has the

standard 3 Health Bar system. He’s armed with Metallic Boxing Gloves. Players have their full

loadout weapons available to them. This Battle doesn’t support Joint Operatives.

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher reaches the training ground of the Corral. He wipes them all out, Hammer

Harrison rushes The Punisher. They Exchange a Small Hand-To-Hand fight between each other.

The Punisher gets him with a Left Hook, kicks him back. Harrison, frustrated insults The

Punisher. The Battle Begins.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 1-
Punisher shoots at Harrison, he hits the bullets, literally. Players need to get close to

Hammer Harrison to shoot or hit him with fists or the knife equipped. Players combating him

need to find ways to get him distracted or dazed so he’s open for a proper attack. Getting close to

him without dazing him subject the players to get injured by Harrison using his Metal Boxing


-Stage 2-
Hammer gets close to The Punisher engaging him in a pseudo boxing match. Players are

challenged to hit a sequence of buttons to allow The Punisher to counter moves. This allows The

Punisher too not only dodge attacks but get his own attacks in. This completely depletes

Harrison’s 2nd Health Bar. This sequence ends with The Punisher dislocating Harrison’s arm.

-Stage 3-
Hammer pulls out Mechanical gauntlets. He hits the Ground to cause shockwaves. The

player needs to dodge the shockwaves and attack Harrison. Shooting him several times to deplete

his final Health Bar.

-Ending Cutscene-
(This Battle has alternative ending cutscenes based on player’s performance in completing

other Boss Battles of this section. If the players have completed the “Enforcers” and

“Hammer Harrison & Ox” Boss Battles, this is the ending cutscene)

Harrison is aggravated. He leaps into the air, going for a strike against The Punisher. The

Punisher pulls a side arm, aims. Fires. Hammer Harrison drops hard. His brains all over the


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

(Alternative ending cutscene, if players have not completed either or only one of the

“Enforcers” and “Hammer Harrison & Ox” Boss Battles, this is the ending cutscene)

Hammer Harrison leaps and hits the ground, causing a massive shockwave. The Punisher

leaps out of the way of the shockwave blast. He looks up, Hammer Harrison is running off. The

Punisher goes for a shot, Harrison still escapes. Hammer Harrison & Ox – Boss Battle

A 3 Stage Boss Battle, located at the Gangout. Players battle the two members of the

Enforcers, each of them having the standard 3 Health Bars. This battle does support the Joint

Operative system. Players will have the full use of their loadout weapon selection.

-Opening Cutscene-
Hammer Harrison and Ox have sent out requests to all the new gangs for a meeting. The

Punisher has wiped them out, actually sits atop the bodies waiting on Harrison and Ox. The two

villains arrive and are shocked to see The Punisher waiting on them. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
Harrison and Ox are completely pissed. Harrison starts creating shockwaves with the

mechanical gloves. If the waves hit The Punisher it leaves him open for attacks from Ox. Players

need to dodge the shockwave and shoot Ox, while running, to diminish his Health. Knocking

him down. Players then need to injure Harrison while he attempts a shockwave to knock him out.

-Stage 2-
Harrison again uses the shockwave attack, this time Ox actually rides the Shockwave.

Players need to dodge him on the shockwave, causing him to slam into a wall opening him up for

attacks. Harrison then lunges at the player. Players must dodge the attack and shoot him in the

back or back of the head.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 3-
Ox and Harrison now switch places. Ox Begins picking Harrison up and throwing him at

the player. Players are going to have to dodge the attacks, causing Harrison to be thrown into a

wall. This flat out damages Harrison, Ox will run to pull him out of the wall leaving him open

for attacks from the player.

-Ending Cutscene-
(This Battle has alternative ending cutscenes based on player’s performance in completing

other Boss Battles of this section. If the players have completed the “Enforcers”, “Hammer

Harrison”, and “Ox” Boss Battles, this is the ending cutscene)

Hammer Harrison leaps at The Punisher, he swipes his stomach with the Ka-Bar knife.

Ox runs at The Punisher. The Punisher dodges and grabs Ox’s arm, breaks it and forces Ox to his

knees. The Punisher pulls a side arm and blasts Ox in the head with it. Harrison lays freaking

out, he screams out loud for help. The Punisher steps in front of Harrison, aims his weapon. The

Punisher shoots him in the head.

(Alternative ending cutscene, if players have not completed either or only one of the

“Enforcers”, “Hammer Harrison”, and “Ox” Boss Battles, this is the ending cutscene)

Harrison and Ox stand, they exchange a look that knows they can’t win. Ox runs and

shoulder blocks The Punisher. Harrison takes the opportunity and causes a shockwave, The

Punisher dodges. The two run off, The Punisher fires off numerous shots at them. They escape to

their car and drive off. The Punisher can’t catch them. The Punisher tells Microchip to run the

license plate number. Says he’ll catch up to them soon, not soon enough.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

(Alternative ending cutscene, if players have completed the “Enforcers” and “Hammer

Harrison” Boss Battles, but not the “Ox” Boss Battle, this is the ending cutscene)

Harrison runs at The Punisher, the two go into a Hand-To-Hand battle. Ox runs off,

telling Harrison he’s on his own. The Punisher bests Harrison, breaking his leg, arm, and then

neck. The Punisher raises a weapon to Ox but he’s driven off in the Enforcer’s car.

(Alternative ending cutscene, if players have completed the “Enforcers” and “Ox” Boss

Battles but not the “Hammer Harrison” Boss Battle, this is the ending cutscene)

The Punisher signals to “bring it.” Ox runs for him, Harrison screams at him to stop.

Harrison runs to the car and drives off, telling Ox he’s on his own. Ox moves for a shoulder

block, The Punisher dodges. This force Ox into a brick wall. The Punisher puts a gun to his head

and shoots him point blank. Ox drops dead. Hammerhead – Boss Battle (A)

1 of 2, 3 Stage Boss Battles featuring Hammerhead. This Battle is located at the Avanti

Aquarium. This battle doesn’t see Hammerhead with many weapons outside of a side arm and,

of course, his metallic flat top skull and the standard 3 Health Bars. This Battle doesn’t support

the Joint Operative system.

-Opening Cutscene-
Hammerhead is relaxed at the Aquarium. It’s a place of refuge for the mobster. Two

guards stands on both sides, watching him. A gun raises into frame, blasts the two guards. They

drop dead, Hammerhead turns. The Punisher stands. Hammerhead rolls his sleeves up. Punisher

takes a shot at Hammerhead, it rings off his skull and he punches the gun out of The Punisher’s

hand. The Battle Begins.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 1-
Hammerhead begins Boxing The Punisher. They hit each other as they’re two close to go

for each other’s side arms. Hammerhead really brings the strength to his punches, they do impact

the player’s health. Players are challenged to really get aggressive against Hammerhead,

matching his savagery with tactics and skill. This stage is meant to really enhance the feeling of a

street fight between the two. Hammerhead’s combat is very reminiscent of old school boxing,

this gives players an edge, as The Punisher Hand-To-Hand combat is military based and much

more skilled. It’s a very fast paced section, each hit from the player will take out a good section

of Hammerhead’s health.

-Stage 2-
Hammerhead resorts to shooting at players as well as running at them to hit them with his

head. Players need to dodge his attacks and shoot him when he’s open for attack, in the middle of

running or after hitting something and being temporarily dazed. When dazed his back will be

very exposed and open for attacks. Players have to take advantage of the openings they are

presented and use these opportunities wisely. This is teaching the player to advance their tactics.

Players need to really use their wits in order to take out his health.

-Stage 3-
Hammerhead runs head first into an empty tank. The final stage of the Boss Battle is

more of a Mini-Game. Players are hitting a button sequence in order to shove Hammerhead’s

face into the glass of the empty tank. Hammerhead will throw wild elbows at the player to

damage health and attempt to mess the player from properly completing the full sequence. Every

few correct hits The Punisher pushes him in close enough to cut him. Completing the sequence

will deplete his final health bar.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
(This Battle has alternative ending cutscenes based on player’s performance in completing

the other Boss Battle of this section. If the players have completed the “Hammerhead (B)”

Battle in Little Russia, this is the ending cutscene)

Hammerhead knocks The Punisher back, kicks him down. He begins to march towards

The Punisher. The Punisher raises his weapon, Hammerhead stops and laughs. The Punisher

takes a shot. Hammerhead flinches, checks himself. He laughs it off, above him a tank begins to

crack, he looks to see the water busting with a Hammerhead shark flowing right out! The shark

lands on top of Hammerhead, biting and chewing him in half.

(Alternative ending cutscene, if players have not completed the “Hammerhead (B)” Boss

Battle in Little Russia, is the ending cutscene)

Hammerhead knocks The Punisher down. The Punisher takes a shot hitting Hammerhead

in the skull. The bullet bounces off. Hammerhead staggers back, Returns fire with his side arm.

Punisher aims for a shot, Hammerhead runs, The Punisher fires, it knocks the edge of one of the

tanks. Hammerhead is gone. The Punisher follows him, exiting the Aquarium. The Punisher

stands, puts his weapon back. Hammerhead – Boss Battle (B)

A 3 Stage Boss Battle, located in the Little Russia neighborhood in the Bronx.

Hammerhead here will be equipped with his signature Tommy gun, and has 3 Health Bars. This

area is under complete and utter devotion to Hammerhead. Several different businesses operate

completely under the thumb of Hammerhead. Players will have been through the Majority of

these mob owned businesses. This battle doesn’t support the Joint Operatives, players are

equipped with their loadout weapons.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Opening Cutscenes-
Hammerhead stands in the streets of the Little Russia. He calls for The Punisher, calling

him out. The Punisher steps out, Hammerhead fires the Tommy gun, The Punisher ducks. The

Punisher calls Hammerhead a moron.

-Stage 1-
Hammerhead is blasting the Tommy gun. Tommy guns have had a very common history

of Jamming, this gives opportunity to the players. Players will have to wait for the jam for an

opening for attack. Players will have to shoot Hammerhead several times in the head to deplete

his 1st health bar.

-Stage 2-
Hammerhead begins throwing grenades at the Player. When they blow up Hammerhead

gets in close to shoot them. Players need to get him to move around and shoot him. Doing it as

he holds a grenade will cause him to drop it and it injure him. Players will have to do this

multiple times to deplete Hammerhead’s 2nd health bar. Players have the alternative option of

using smoke bombs or flash bang grenades, which would allow players to sneak up behind

Hammerhead and attack him in the confusion.

-Stage 3-
An enrage Hammerhead begins running at the player. Players need to dodge these attacks

so that he rams into cars, buildings, or any surrounding structures. The actions dazes

Hammerhead making him severely vulnerable for attacks, depleting his Health. Players have

numerous ways of injuring him from Gunshots, Knife swipes, or even basic Hand-To-Hand

Combatting. This will allow players to fully deplete his final health bar to bring him down and

complete the battle.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
(This Battle has alternative ending cutscenes based on player’s performance in completing

the other Boss Battle of this section. If the players have completed the “Hammerhead (A)”

Battle in Avanti Aquarium, this is the ending cutscene)

Hammerhead gets dropped with a blast to the chest. Punisher steps over the writhing

Hammerhead. Pulls his knife. The Punisher pins Hammerhead down with his knees.

Hammerhead struggles, The Punisher slides his knife against Hammerhead’s throat. Blood pours,

Hammerhead’s eyes roll back. Punisher stands.

(Alternative ending cutscene, if players have not completed the “Hammerhead (A)” Boss

Battle in Avanti Aquarium, is the ending cutscene)

The Punisher approaches Hammerhead, his primary weapon is up. He fires, bullets hit

Hammerhead in the skulls, bouncing off. A large panel van pulls up, a Magnet attached. The

Punisher fires at the van. The magnet pulls the Weapon out of his hand, and pulls Hammerhead

along with it, Cars move and slide. Magnet shuts off and Thugs in the Van pull in Hammerhead

and drive off. Punisher pulls his weapon, fires at the van as it drives away. They’re gone. Hobgoblin – Boss Battle (A)

A 3 Stage Boss Battle featuring one of the most dangerous villains in Spider-Man’s

Rogue gallery, the Hobgoblin in his layer “The Goblin’s Pit.” The Hobgolin, in this stage, is

armed with his full weapon set, this includes his own customized Goblin Glider, Pumpkin

Bombs, and Razor Bats. Hobgoblin has the 3 Health Bars. Despite his demeanor the Hobgoblin

isn’t insane, but still has a massive amount of strength to them. This boss battle doesn’t support

Joint Operatives, although players will be equipped with their loadout selections during the


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Opening Cutscene-
Hobgoblin watches security footage of The Punisher executing his henchmen. Hobgoblin

jumps onto his Goblin Glider. Cut to: Punisher in the Goblin Pit Warehouse, dispatching the

different henchmen. He hears the Hobgoblin’s laughter, the glider dives towards The Punisher,

he ducks. Hobgoblin asks how the hell he was found. Punisher tells him he tracked him from his

meetings. Hobgoblin swipes again, The Punisher dodges sticking a grenade to the Glider. It

blows up and enrages Hobgoblin. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
Hobgoblin glides above players. Players are going to have to avoid pumpkin bomb

attacks and Hobgoblin trying to hit The Punisher with the Goblin Glider. Players need to toss

EMP grenades to short out his glider temporarily. This opens Hobgoblin to attacks from the

player and deplete his 1st health bar.

-Stage 2-
From the glider Hobgoblin begins throwing both Pumpkin Bombs and Razor Bats. The

Razors Bats can injure and stun players leaving them open for attack from Pumpkin Bombs.

Players need to throw EMP Grenades, this time it will force the Glider to land. When the

Hobgoblin lands his glider it leaves him open for attacks from the player and have his 2nd health

bar depleted.

-Stage 3-
Hobgoblin leaps off the glider and begins physically attack the player. The glider flies

above them firing Pumpkin Bombs and Razor Bats as a build up to blasting Laser weapons at the

player. Though the weapons are more dangerous, Hobgoblin is open for attacks from the player

to deplete his final health bar.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
(This Battle has alternative ending cutscenes based on player’s performance in completing

the other Boss Battle of this section. If the players have completed the “Hobgoblin (B)”

Battle in the Kingsley Fashion Tower, this is the ending cutscene)

A Hand-To-Hand confrontation, Hobgoblin vs The Punisher. The Punisher bests him and

pins him up against a wall. Punisher goes for a weapon, Hobgoblin kicks it away, calls for his

glider. The glider flies straight at The Punisher, he ducks and it hits the Hobgoblin in the chest.

The Punisher watches him die.

(Alternative ending cutscene, if players have not completed the “Hobgoblin (B)” Boss

Battle in the Kingsley Fashion Tower, is the ending cutscene)

A Hand-To-Hand confrontation, this time the Hobgoblin bests The Punisher. Hobgoblin

drops The Punisher with a wild kick, The Punisher goes for his weapon. He fires at Hobgoblin,

running for his glider. Hobgoblin jumps on his glider and throws a Pumpkin Bomb at the

building. The bomb explodes causing the Goblin’s Pit to crumble and collapse. The Punisher

escapes the Structure. Hobgoblin has escaped. Hobgoblin – Boss Battle (B)

A 2 Stage Boss Battle, at Kingsley Fashion Tower in Manhattan. Hobgoblin only has 2

Health Bars for this section and isn’t as heavily armed as he is in the Goblin’s Pit. The battle

takes place in a photography and fashion studio known to the world as the “Kingsley Fashion

Tower.” This battle doesn’t support Joint Operatives, players are allowed their full loadout set

for the battle. This gives the player an elemental advantage, assisting in the Battle’s overall

nature of feeling like an Assault.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher busts in on Roderick Kingsley, in his office. Kingsley goes for his weapon;

The Punisher shoots it out of his hand. The Punisher smacks him around the office. Kingsley

takes on the offensive and tackles The Punisher. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
The first section is a very simple Hand-To-Hand Combat. Players do have the option of

using weaponry, although it could cause the player a massive amount of health to take the time to

equip the weapon. Kingsley is a skilled fighter, having a history of extensive Martial Arts

training as well as having enhanced strength from an augmented form of the Goblin Formula.

The player is going to have to out skill Kingsley, having inferior strength.

-Stage 2-
Roderick gets knocked out of the window – Punisher looks over to see if he feel. The

Punisher is uppercut by Roderick, standing on the Goblin Glider. He begins firing the Laser on

the glider, throwing Pumpkin Bombs and Razor Bats. Players are required to dodge these attacks

and fire back at Kingsley. He’s certainly vulnerable and player will be able to injure him with

their weapons.

-Ending Cutscene-
(This Battle has alternative ending cutscenes based on player’s performance in completing

the other Boss Battle of this section. If the players have completed the “Hobgoblin (A)”

Battle in the Goblin’s Pit, this is the ending cutscene)

Roderick fires at The Punisher, ducking out of the way he throws a grenade. It blows up

destroying the motor. Roderick shoots a grapnel hook, it hits the wall, embedding it. The

Punisher steps to Roderick. He shoots the cable attached to the hook. Roderick falls to his death.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

(Alternative ending cutscene, if players have not completed the “Hobgoblin (A)” Boss

Battle in the Goblin’s Pit, is the ending cutscene)

Roderick drives the Glider at The Punisher. The Glider clicks, its weapons have been

exhausted. The Punisher shoots the motor of the Goblin Glider. Roderick freaks out, drives it

out. He swears to kill The Punisher while flying away. The Punisher aims his weapon takes a

shot, it clips Roderick, but doesn’t seriously injure him. Johnny Nightmare – Boss Battle

A 3 stage Boss Battle against the mutated former friend of The Punisher, located at the

Midtown Museum. Johnny has a massive amount of Strength, with only 1 Health Bar. With the

ability to take hits from such weapons like an RPG, Bullets, and explosives, it makes Nightmare

a hard opponent to face. This Battle doesn’t support Joint Operatives. Players are equipped with

their full loadout selections.

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher has tracked down Nicky Cavella to the Midtown Museum. He enters, taking

out Cavella’s guards. He aims for Cavella, ready to fire. A fist knocks The Punisher down,

throwing him through a wall. Stepping through, the man with the fist – Johnny Nightmare. The

Punisher stands, fires at Johnny, the bullets bounce off. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
The Punisher has a wide arrange of weapons, many of them only seem to piss of Johnny.

Players need to get him dazed and toss a grenade in his mouth to injure him. It takes a massive

amount of force just to hurt Johnny, the grenades in his mouth are a good start, hitting vulnerable

tissue of the inside of the mouth. This really dazes Johnny and makes him weaker, giving the

player a much needed way of attack.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 2-
Johnny is enraged, he begins running at The Punisher. Players need to run through the

museum, avoiding Johnny and his attacks. His mouth is raw from the grenade burns, players

have a side arm available while running. Players will be able to injure Johnny by firing shots

directly into his mouth, this brings Johnny down a peg, exposing a major vulnerability for the

players to exploit.

-Stage 3-
Players are facing Johnny in the main gallery of the Museum. The Museum has a large

amount of modern art, much of it is sharp and painful. Players are going to have to use the

setting to their advantages. They need to distract Johnny by stunning him with shots to the mouth

or use of Smoke Grenades or Flash Bangs. Once he’s distracted players will need to jump on

Johnny and drive him towards the painful and sharp sculptures and beat him against it once they

reach them, this will take out Johnny.

-Ending Cutscene-
Johnny is getting his head slammed against a sculpture. The Punisher stops, dropping

Johnny to the floor. He backs up, grabbing a grenade and pulling the pin. Johnny lays on the

ground, Punisher shoves the grenade down his throat. Johnny grabs at his throat, trying to claw

out the grenade. It blows up! Johnny’s head rips into pieces! Lady Bullseye – Boss Battle

A 3 Stage Boss Battle with Richard Fisk’s new Assassin – Lady Bullseye. Located at

Richard Fisk’s private torture site known as the Factory. She has the standardized 3 Health Bars

and is armed with a Katana, Shuriken, twin Sais. Players are armed with their loadout selections,

but do not have the assistance of the Joint Operative.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Opening Cutscene-
Punisher blasts a Rose Soldier. He scans the area, making sure no one else is around. He

opens kennel like cells, freeing a massive group of foreigners. Someone screams in another

room. The Punisher raises his weapons and heads to the door. He opens it, Lady Bullseye is

torturing a young woman, waiting for The Punisher. She throws a shuriken, The Punisher

dodges. She reveals more, gives a very snarky grin. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
Lady Bullseye throws shuriken at the player. While she is highly vulnerable she is

insanely agile and is a very hard target to hit. She forces a distance between herself and the

player, keeping from any Hand-To-Hand attacks. Players will certainly need to focus on shot

accuracy in taking her on, spraying isn’t effective as it only barely catches her and hardly affects

her health compared to aiming and accurate shots.

-Stage 2-
The player has bested her at Long range combat. This aggravates her. She pulls out a

Katana. She can certainly swing it fast enough to cut bullets, and is intent on getting close to the

player for damaging attacks. Players are on the flip side, wanting to keep from getting close and

hitting her with ranged attacks, anything that really brings her down or depletes her health.

-Stage 3-
No more distance attacked. The sword cuts through The Punisher’s primary weapon. He

grabs the sword from her. She pulls out twin Sais. Players, now equipped with the knife need to

attack her in Hand-To-Hand based combat. Hitting her several times opens a combo option

through a button sequence. Getting through and successfully completing that sequence ends the

battle, depleting Lady Bullseye’s health fully.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
Lady Bullseye is frustrated. She holds the Sais up. The Punisher tightens his grip on the

knife. They ready themselves. She runs at him, he doesn’t flinch or even move. She leaps at

him, he dodges her and the knife slashes across her stomach. She lands on her feet, falling to her

knees. Her guts drop out, The Punisher kicks her down. Flips her over and sees her eye’s

rollback. She’s dead. Man Mountain Marko – Boss Battle

A 3 stage Boss Battle located in the Lion’s Mane strip club owned by Silvermane. Man

Mountain is a super strong thug with little brains too him. With 3 Health Bars and bulletproof

skin, he is an insanely powerful foe dedicated to the ancient godfather of crime. Players are fully

equipped with their loadouts and won’t have the option of Joint Operatives for support. Players

are trapped against a super strong thug, needing to really out think the situation to defeat Marko.

-Opening Cutscene-
Punisher cleans out the strip club. Shooting all types of criminal patrons, The Punisher

rips them away. A powerful figure steps up, the Bullets bounce off him, Man Mountain Marko.

Marko grabs The Punisher and throws him through a wall of the strip club. Marko follows,

they’re in a Maintenance Hallway. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
Marko chases players down this long hall. Players need to outrun him and find a way to

injure him. Shooting him doesn’t work, Steam pipes cover the side of the Maintenance Hallway.

Players can shoot this to hit Marko with piping hot steam. Players can also shoot items on the

Ceiling of the Maintenance hall causing debris or other steam pipes to hit and injure Marko.

Doing this enough will deplete the 1st Health Bar.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 2-
Marko backhands The Punisher back into the main room of the strip club. In this room he

will chase players around, throwing objects at them. The area is poorly put together leaving a lot

of wires for lights on different stages exposed. With a fully working sprinkler system, players

need to lure Marko onto the wires and shoot the sprinklers and shock Marko, severely depleting

his 2nd Health Bar.

-Stage 3-
Marko is enraged, takes out a Beam and swings it at the player. Players again can shoot

the ceiling for debris to fall and injure Marko. Injuring him at the right points causes him to

knock out other support beams. Doing this causes even more debris to fall on top of him, players

need to be strategic where they are, as some of the Debris can injure the player as well.

-Ending Cutscene-
Marko Throws The Punisher against a wall. He steps over and begins strangling him,

raising him up on the wall. The Punisher pulls his side arm, Marko insults him for using the gun,

Punisher fires it against a steam pipe on the wall and it blasts Marko in the face. Marko steps

back, Punisher fires a round, knocking him over against some hanging wires. Marko is

entangled, The Punisher rises his weapon, fires at the sprinkler. Marko is electrocuted by the

wires. Marko falls dead. Montana – Boss Battle

A 3 Stage Boss Battle featuring Montana, a member of the Enforcers, located at the

Foundry. Montana is a skilled Marksmen, Martial Artist, and proficient in the use of a Lasso as

a Weapon. Montana has the standard 3 Health Bar system. The Battle does not allow for Joint

Operative assistance, but players are fully equipped with the loadout selection they’ve chosen.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher has ripped through the Foundry. Many of the Enforcer’s henchmen lay

dead. The Punisher advances through the facility to find Montana, waiting for him. Surrounding

Montana is a large amount of Soldiers. Montana and his Henchmen fire at The Punisher,

Dodging their shots and ducking for cover. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
Punisher takes on Montana and his Enforcers. Players are going to have to take out as

many of the advancing Enforcers as they come. Continuously taking cover and dispatching

enemies. Players need to take shots at Montana to injure him. His health matters more than the

number of enemies taken out. The player’s goal is certainly taking out Montana.

-Stage 2-
Montana begins throwing his Lasso at the players. Players need to avoid the Lasso, if the

Lasso catches the weapon or the player, they will have to hit a button sequence to pull out of the

rope or pull the weapon back. On a second throw it’ll wrap around the player opening them up

for attacks. Players need to take shots at Montana while avoiding his Lasso. Headshots do the

best damage, shots to the body bring him down but not as fast.

-Stage 3-
Montana runs out of the room into another. The Punisher follows. The Punisher bursts

into the room, Montana has a hostage on a rope. Players have to complete a Quick Time Event

Sequence to save the hostage and take out Montana. In Sequence: The Punisher fires at Montana,

hitting him in the leg, Fires at the rope, hanging the Hostage, The Punisher leaps and catches the

Hostage, The Punisher fires a double tap, two to the chest of Montana, the Kevlar soaks up the

hit but Montana goes down.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
(This Battle has alternative ending cutscenes based on player’s performance in completing

other Boss Battles of this section. If the players have completed the “Enforcers” Boss

Battle, this is the ending cutscene)

The Punisher stands over Montana, The hostage cowers in a corner. The Punisher picks

him up and begins to literally beat him to death. Montana attempts to fight back, but doesn’t do

well. The Punisher breaks Montana’s leg and both arms. The Punisher punches Montana in the

face, breaking his nose. The Punisher grabs him and wraps him in the lasso, the lasso is tied to a

bar on the wall. The Punisher kicks him out of a window hanging Montana in the process.

(Alternative ending cutscene, if players have not completed the “Enforcers” Boss Battle,

this is the ending cutscene)

The Punisher attacks Montana, beating him in a Hand-To-Hand confrontation. The

Punisher punches him down. He turns and checks on the hostage, freaking out in the corner.

Punisher turns to see Montana running, Punisher fires at him but misses. Montana leaps through

the Window. The Punisher runs to the broken window, Montana crawls off the top of a car

henchmen help him inside the vehicle and drive off. Owl – Boss Battle

A 3 Stage Boss Battle, inside the office of Leland Owlsly at Silvermane Holdings. The

Owl is a dangerous enemy of Daredevil. He possess the ability of flight, superhuman sense,

superhuman strength, and is weaponized with Metallic Claws he wears over his hand, and the

occasional gun. He has the 3 Health Bar system most bosses have. The Punisher will combat the

Owl with his full array of weapons from the loadout. This battle doesn’t support Joint Operative


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Opening Cutscene-
Punisher bursts into the Office of Leland Owlsly. He searches around, weapon up and

ready to fire. - P.O.V.: The Punisher stepping into the Office. - The Owl swoops down hitting

The Punisher with his metallic claws. The Punisher stands, Holds his weapon up. The Punisher

fires, the Owl flies around the shots. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
The Owl is flying around his office, swooping down to hit and injure the player. Players

need to shoot the Owl as he flies. Getting him to fly at them, players will have to counter his

attacks and injure him further to deplete this 1st health bar. Players will have to time their attacks

accordingly to keep from taking any damage.

-Stage 2-
From Various Vantage points in the Office the Owl perches himself up and fires at the

player with a pistol. Players are challenged to not only dodge the bullets, but take Owl and force

him to the ground. Players have a few ways of doing this, from shooting his perches down, to

shooting the Owl. Players just need to bring him to the ground.

-Stage 3-
The Owl is changing tactics. Now instead of flying swipes, he pounces onto the player,

swiping them with his Claws. Players are going to have a rough time dodging these attacks.

players do have the option of using Smoke Bombs and Flash Grenades to insight a pounce with

the cloud covering The Punisher’s sent and damping the Owl’s visibility of the player. This

opens the Owl to attacks from the player. Players can also allow him to pounce and fighting him

off in a button mashing mini-game. At this point in the fight the Owl is weaker by a considerable

amount and knocking him off in the Mini game opens him up for attacks, finishing the battle.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
Bullets rip through the Owl. He lands hard. The Punisher chases after him, firing more

shots. The Owl pulls out one of The Punisher’s Smoke Bombs. He throws it on the ground, it

erupts into a cloud of smoke. The Punisher fights through it, The Owl shatter the Glass flying

off. The Punisher holds his weapon up, too far away for a shot. The Owl is gone. Ox – Boss Battle

A 2 Stage Boss Battle with Ox, the primary muscle of the Enforcers. The fight is located

in the drug den known as the Pit. Ox is powerful but still a human being, he only has 1 Health

Bar but his strength makes him much harder to injure. He has numerous weaknesses,

unfortunately he’s still tough as nails and is hard to be brought down. This battle does not

support Joint Operative assistance, players will combat him with their full loadout set.

-Opening Cutscene-
The Pit is live with Junkies fighting each other for a fix. People bet on them, they go

rabid on each other. The Punisher breaks the fight up, shooting all the betting customers, as well

as a couple of the Junkies. Ox intervenes and manhandles The Punisher, tossing him into a sea of

the Junkies. Ox gets to cover. The Battle Begins

-Stage 1-
Ox has a strong influence over the various Junkies and a few of his Enforcer Henchmen.

He sends them after The Punisher. Players are forced to dispatch each of the Junkies and

Enforcer Henchmen. This action leaves Ox with no other forces, as most of the crowd was either

killed or fled from The Punisher. Player’s won’t be able to injure Ox in this portion, as he’s taken

cover in a Bullet proof glass sealed room. Dispatching the Junkies and Henchmen draws Ox out,

who has few other forces to rely on.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 2-
Ox is enraged, he attacks The Punisher directly. Drawing him into the Bullet proof room.

The Punisher and Ox battle it out. Instead of it being as Basic Hand-To-Hand confrontation. This

battle really ups the game of a Hand-To-Hand fight, by using a counter button sequence. Where

Ox might get ahold of the player or perform chained attacks where the players have to be able to

complete a sequence to break his chain. Upon breaking it, a secondary chain will commence

where players will be able to continue through and perform hard hitting combos that will deplete

Ox’s health bar.

-Ending Cutscene-
(This Battle has alternative ending cutscenes based on player’s performance in completing

other Boss Battles of this section. If the players have completed the “Enforcers” Boss Battle

as well as the “Hammer Harrison & Ox”, this is the ending cutscene)

Punisher brings Ox down. Punisher climbs on top, pinning him down. The Punisher

viciously begins beating Ox in the face. The Punisher really hammers home pain. He pulls a gun,

sticks it under Ox’s chin. Ox tells him he “won’t beg.” The Punisher responds “Don’t care.” And


(Alternative ending cutscene, if players have not completed either or only one of the

“Enforcers” and “Hammer Harrison & Ox” Boss Battles, this is the ending cutscene)

Ox punches The Punisher through the Bullet proof Glass. Punisher pulls a side arm, takes

a shot that catches Ox in the arm. The Punisher stands, Ox kicks him hard and sends him through

a wall. Ox steps through and gets a massive kick to the head. The Punisher beats him down. Ox

punches a pillar that buries a wall between the two allowing Ox to escape.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Purple Man – Boss Battle

A 3 Stage Boss Battle featuring Zebediah Killgrave, or as most Marvel Characters know

him: The Purple Man. Located at the Silver Luck Casino, Purple Man’s ability of mind control

can be a powerful influence that allows him to force various gamblers to ruin their lives with a

simple suggestion. He has the standard 3 Health Bars, and carries his own weapons, notably

a .357 Magnum. In the battle players will have full use of their loadout selections to attack

Purple Man, the battle however does not support Joint Operative Assistance.

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher enters the lobby of the Casino, dropping in. He blasts the Casino floor with

his Primary Weapon. He only hits Guards trying to kill him, pit bosses, or other Mafia associates.

He blasts the machines. Purple Man steps up to the clear windows from his office, he begins

ordering his private guards to go kill The Punisher. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
The Pit Bosses attack The Punisher. Players have to take out the first wave of them. After

this first wave, players need to damage the bulletproof glass. Players will encounter another

wave before being able to break the glass. After a 3rd wave players will be able to injure Purple

Man, fully exposed due to the Bulletproof shielding being broken.

-Stage 2-
Purple Man joins the fight on the floor, sending more men after The Punisher. Players can

hide behind different game tables and settings that allow Players to take out the enemies in a

stealth-based manner. Players will only need to dispatch one wave of enemies before being able

to injure Purple Man. Players need to keep a distance when injuring Purple Man, getting too

close to him will be seen with Purple Man forcing the Player to injure themselves.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 3-
Purple Man is now isolated. He fires wildly at The Punisher. Players are free to attack in

numerous ways, in this Stage the stronger attacks are up close. Players have the option of

shooting Purple Man or of clouding Purple Man in smoke or blinding him with a Flash Bang that

allows players to get close enough to injure him. The effects of smoke or blinding him won’t last

long, so players need to react fast and injure him.

-Ending Cutscene-
Purple Man fires at The Punisher. Clouds of smoke erupt all around Purple Man. He

freaks out and fires blindly into the smoke. He backs up, a sickening “slit” radiates. Purple

Man’s eyes’ go wide. A hand wraps around his mouth, a knife swipes across his throat, blood

pouring from his neck. The Punisher stands over Purple Man’s dead body. Rapido – Boss Battle

A 3 Stage Boss Battle, located at the Leandro Hotel. Rapido is a French sniper with one

of the most impressive résumé of kills. Rapido has 3 Health Bars tied to each stage of the intense

battle. This battle is patterned as a Sniper Battle. Players will only be equipped with a Sniper

rifle during these sections. This battle doesn’t support Joint Operative assistance. The battle’s

stages are separated by sections where players would have to hunt down Rapido, encountering

heavy opposition in between the battle stages.

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher enters a room of the Leandro Hotel. Searches around. Against an open

window lays a Sniper Rifle. The Punisher scans the area, the outside. He grabs the Rifle. A note

under it. “Put your skills to the test, Frank. – Rapido.” Punisher looks up, Rapido looks at him

from a distance, waves at him. The Punisher drops to the ground, dodging it. The Battle Begins.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 1-
Rapido is on an elevated floor, shooting at The Punisher. He moves along the floor while

the player is confined to a single room. Players have to shoot him with the rifle without getting

shot themselves. Once they get a shot that diminishes his 1st health bar, they must chase him

down, taking on an onslaught of enemies before encountering Rapido again. Clues will be left

too players to find Rapido yet again.

-Stage 2-
Players find Rapido in the Balcony. Players will have cover from various pillars. Rapido

this time will be in a room with much better quality coverage. Players need to yet again shoot

him to diminish his health. Once this happens he runs off forcing the player to yet again hunt him


-Stage 3-
The players find Rapido on the roof. The two stand on even ground with the same amount

of coverage. Players are challenged almost head on in this sniper battle, forcing them to really

develop new ways of causing him to expose himself. Getting him to move, firing near him to

cause him to jump up to move for new cover. Players are going to be tested to see how skilled

they are as Snipers.

-Ending Cutscene-
Rapido fires at The Punisher, The Punisher returns fire. 3 shots hit Rapido in the chest.

He stumbles backwards towards the ledge. Rapido Goes for a weapon, The Punisher fires but

only gets clicks. The Rifle is empty, he pulls a side arm, fires and hits Rapido in the head. The

sniper falls off the roof, a long silence before the sound of him splatting on the ground radiates.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Red Vultures – Boss Battle (A)

A 2 Stage Boss Battle initiated at the opening part of Act II. The Red Vutures attack The

Punisher at a Crack house known as the Midnight Road. The Red Vulture Himself has 2 Health

Bars. Players have a basic weapon selection of a primary and a sidearm. Players won’t have the

option of a Joint Operative to assist leaving them to battle the Red Vulture by themselves.

-Opening Cutscenes-
The Punisher has taken out a crack house. He hears the sirens, helicopters, Police talking

outside. A trap on one end. The voice of Oscar Clemons calls out for negotiation. The Punisher

ignores him and begins preparing a back way out. A loud screech erupts. The Police turn to see

the horde of Red Vultures. The burst through the Crack house snatching The Punisher. The

Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
The first section of the stage is a Quick Time Event based sequence. Players are being

attacked by the Red Vultures. Pulled into the air, the entire first stage of the battle takes place in

the air as the Red Vulture flies. Through the sequence players will go from being captured by the

Red Vulture to attacking them with several blows with a knife, to actually driving one down to

the ground.

-Stage 2-
The Punisher is dropped onto the roof. Equipped with a Primary Weapon and a Sidearm

and some Field Equipment, players battle a group of the Red Vultures. They will actually chain

together and perform a whirlwind attack. Players will have to dismantle the Red Vulture

henchmen while they perform their whirlwind attack. This leaves the Red Vulture himself open

for attack. Player then will be able to injure him and deplete his health with their weapons.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
The Punisher has dispatched a large number of the Red Vulture Henchmen. The Red

Vulture attacks The Punisher, he responds with throwing a knife that catches Red Vulture in the

Arm. The Red Vulture screeches and flies off. The Punisher fires at him, missing a few of the

shots, the ones that lands hit the Red Vulture in the leg or arm. Micro contacts The Punisher

through their communication unit. Punisher affirms he is fine, just “pissed.” The Red Vultures – Boss Battle (B)

A 3 Stage Boss Battle, this time located at the Station, a meeting place for the Exchange.

This is The Punisher’s final confrontation with the Red Vultures. This time having a full loadout

selection available as well as if the player chooses, the full support of a Joint Operative. The Red

Vulture has 3 Health Bars tied to each stage of the battle.

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher stands at the Station, above the meeting grounds, sniper rifle ready. He aims

his shot. He hears the Red Vulture’s screech. The Punisher turns to see the horde flying towards

him. He fires a shot out of the rifle. The Exchange escapes during the encounter. The Red

Vulture goes to grab The Punisher, he gets a shot off at the Red Vulture, forcing him to back up.

The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
The Red Vulture’s henchmen swarm The Punisher. Players will have to fire on Red

Vulture in between dispatching his waves of Henchmen. These shots injure Red Vulture causing

him to screech sending more waves at the players. Players are going to have to be more focused

on this section in dispatching the Red Vulture henchmen. Players have EMP Grenades as well as

standard Grenades they can use to disable the enemies.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 2-
The Red Vulture encircles the players while the hordes attack him. The players can attack

the henchmen individually or attack them during the whirlwind attack. Using the EMP or

standard Grenades can really damage these Henchmen when they attempt their whirlwind attack.

Once they are dispatched, players can attack the Red Vulture, who will attempt to swipe at the

player with aerial attacks. Players can use this attempt to counter with their own attacks to really

injure the Red Vulture.

-Stage 3-
The Red Vulture is out of Henchmen. It’s down to him and the player (and if brought

their Joint Operative.) Players are combating the Red Vulture directly with different tactics. He

pounces the player, injuring them severely. Players need to dull his senses via Field Equipment

to allow players the maximum opportunity to attack and injure the Enemy.

-Ending Cutscene-
The Red Vulture picks up The Punisher moving high into the air. The Punisher pulls his

knife and begins stabbing Red Vulture aggressively. They plummet to the ground, The Punisher

Maneuvers Red Vulture to be on the bottom and absorb most of the shock. The land hard on the

roof. The Punisher wraps his hands around the Red Vultures throat and strangles him. The Rose – Boss Battle

A 3 Stage Boss Battle against Crime Boss known as the Rose, located at the top of Fisk

Tower in the Gardens. The Rose in this battle is Richard Fisk, armed with a Silver 1911 Colt, the

head of the Rose Organization. Players have their full loadout weapons available. Attacking

Rose over the course of 3 stages each of the stages players are challenged to deplete his 2 Health

Bars. Players don’t have the assistance of a Joint Operative in this battle.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher has made it to the top of Fisk Tower. The entire roof is covered as a

Garden. The Punisher holds his weapon up and searches for the Rose. Smoke Bombs detonate,

The Punisher backs out of the smoke getting his back against the wall. The Rose appears in the

Greenhouse of the Garden, Goons stand outside the greenhouse. The Rose knows The Punisher

is here, he sends the goons out for him. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
The Rose is in the greenhouse, he lets his goons do the work for him in this stage. Players

need to eliminate his guards by any means. Players can sneak around the garden or stand and

shoot them to pieces. Once players eliminate the goons, the Rose will come to face the player

leading directly to Stage 2 of the battle.

-Stage 2-
Rose shoots smoke out at the player, goons will attempt to attack from the cover of the

smoke. Players are going to have to use this to their advantage. Be it stealth-based kills or luring

them into the smoke to attack The Punisher to draw enemies to them, players have numerous

ways to defeat the goons. When players encounter the Rose, all they really need to do is simply

counter his attacks to injure him and deplete his health.

-Stage 3-
Players will battle the Rose in a sequence of escalating combat. This goes from Hand-To-

Hand, to Knife based Hand-To-Hand, to Gun Fighting. Players are challenged to seamlessly

transition from one battle type to the next, each one allowing him to show his superior tactical

mindset. The player is certainly challenged to overcome any disadvantages the Rose might set,

showing The Punisher is a superior combatant on all levels.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
The Punisher takes on the Rose, fighting him Hand-To-Hand. The Punisher grabs him

and twists his arm out of socket. The Punisher removes the Roses’mask. Richard Fisk snarls at

The Punisher. The Punisher flips him over the ledge, watching Richard fall to his death. The Russian – Boss Battle

A Single Stage Boss Battle at Microchip’s Apartment. This battle involves a dangerous

Assassin known simply as the Russian. Players are not armed beyond what the sequence

provides them and are acting without assistance from a Joint Operative, players are battling the

Russian as they battle in a Quick Time Event where they need to deplete his Single Health Bar.

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher has visited Micro. They plan and strategize their next move. A knock rings

at the door, Micro says it could be his neighbor Joan. The Punisher goes to Answer, holding a

Sidearm. He looks through the peep hole, a Fist Punches through the door, nailing The Punisher.

The door is pulled from its hinges, The Russian stands, powerful, he throws The Punisher against

Micro, knocking the latter out. The Punisher stands to face the Russian, now smiling. The Battle


-Stage 1-
The Battle is entirely Quick Time Event-Based battle where The Punisher goes through a

sequence to battle the Russian. Unlike the traditional Quick Time Event based battles, this one is

a sequence of gaining more hits than it misses. Players won’t need to be able to complete the

sequence flawlessly to defeat the Russian, but it won’t be easy, as most of the Russian’s attacks

will severely diminish the player’s health. Players will have their skills and speed tested by the

event, as they battle the Russian all over Microchip’s apartment.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
The Punisher is thrown through a wall by the Russian. Bumpo, Dave, and Joan exit their

apartments, freaking out at the site. The Punisher is being demolished. The Russian drops The

Punisher and bursts through Bumpo’s Apartment. Microchip steps up to the Russian, a lighter

and Hairspray up, he blast the Russian with the homemade flamethrower. The Punisher tackles

the Russian out of the window. The Shocker – Boss Battle

A 2 Stage Boss Battle featuring the Spider-Man Villain known as the Shocker. Employed

by Hammerhead to help the crime lord rob banks, the boss battle is located at: New York United

National Bank. Shocker is armed with two gauntlets that can both shock and create concussive

waves through vibrating air patterns at the target. Instead of having a health bar for each stage,

the first stage is more centered towards destroying the Shocker’s primary weapon, resulting in a

Single Health Bar. While the weapon won’t fire an electric stream, it can cause severe damage

through the vibrated air as it blasts its targets. The effects of this blast can range from causing a

minor nosebleed, partial or full deafness, to caving in someone’s chest and killing them.

-Opening Cutscene-
Hammerhead and a crew burst into a Bank. Behind them comes the Shocker. They begin

to round up the Customers, forcing them to the Back. Hammerhead’s goons Aim weapons to

keep them in line. Shocker and Hammerhead head to the safe. Shocker cracks the safe, and he

and Hammerhead begin grabbing massive amounts of Cash. They hear a crash. They rush out to

see – The Punisher standing in the back of the Battle van, firing away at the soldiers. Shocker

knocks The Punisher out of the Van with a concussive blast. Hammerhead runs off as Shocker

declares to take care of the situation. The Battle Begins.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 1-
Shocker and surviving goons attack The Punisher. Players are forced to attack Shocker

from a distance to avoid any concussive blasts. Players will have to dispatch the remaining goons

and use EMP Grenades to disable the Shocker’s weapons. Shocker will attack players by

vibrating the ground to shock players and damage their health, as well as focusing shots directly

at the player.

-Stage 2-
With his Weapons now destroyed, players need to simply injure and defeat the Shocker.

Using numerous available means, the Shocker is very vulnerable to attacks. Wearing a padded

Quilted and Kevlar costume, he is more susceptible to attacks from bladed Weapons and Hand-

To-Hand hits over bullets. Players might have a hard time, as the Shocker has prided himself to

being somewhat self-sufficient as a fighter.

-Ending Cutscene-
The Shocker pulls a pistol and fires at The Punisher. Running for the exit. Punisher fires

back. Shocker taps on his gauntlets, now beeping, he throws them at The Punisher, The Punisher

throws them into the back of the Battle Van and slams the door, while Shocker escapes. A

miniature blasts erupts inside the Battle Van. Silvermane – Boss Battle

A 3 Stage Boss Battle against Silvio Manfredi, the crime boss known simply as

Silvermane. The battle takes place at: Silvermane Manor. The players will battle the aged

Cybernetic Crime Boss. Silvermane has 3 Health Bars as well as numerous weapon at his

disposal. Players are equipped with their loadout selections, but are operating without Joint

Operative assistance in the battle itself.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher has ripped through Silvermane Manor. He advances on the west wing of the

mansion, taking out more of Silvermane’s Soldiers. Operatic Music plays through the west wing.

The Punisher finds the source of the music, entering the room. Silvermane stands, inserting a

piece of technology into his chest. He looks at the fire, The Punisher stands behind him with his

weapon up. Silvermane gives The Punisher a talk about the way the mafia, and how in his day it

was the Maggia. Punisher tells him it’s time. Silvermane leaps at The Punisher. The Battle


-Stage 1-
Silverman pounces at The Punisher. Players right off the bat have to counter a major

attack from the enemy. He has exposed gears similar to the battle with Damage. Hitting him in

various areas, players are damaging his health by hitting various exposed parts that could cripple


-Stage 2-
Silvermane presents an A.K. 47, using it to attack the player from a distance. Players are

challenged to distract or daze Silvermane, in order to get close enough to attach a grenade to

him. Each explosion severely damages his health. Giving players better odds at defeating


-Stage 3-
The explosion has damaged Silvermane’s legs, crippling him. Shrapnel hit The Punisher

in the knee, forcing him to the ground. Silvermane will crawl at the player, attempting to beat,

claw, or strangle The Punisher. Players will need to crawl backwards, firing at Silvermane to

keep him from advancing, until the player can grab Silvermane’s A.K. 47 and fire on him.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
(There are alternate ending cutscenes for this Battle, Depending on if the player has

completed another Boss Battle “Damage & Silvermane” if so, this is the ending cutscene)

Silvermane advances on The Punisher. Crawling ontop of him. The Punisher shoves the

A.K. 47 in Silvermane’s mouth, forcing him up. The Punisher fires directly in Silvermane’s

mouth, the bullets rip through his head. The Punisher pushes him off, standing, ripping the

shrapnel out of his leg. He aims his sidearm at Silvermane’s forehead. Fires the rest of the clip.

(Alternate ending cutscene, if the player has not completed the “Damage & Silvermane”

Battle. If not, this is the ending cutscene)

Silvermane crawls on top of The Punisher, they continue fighting each other. They hear

goons rush down the hall. The doors burst open, a Soldier fires an RPG, hitting the wall behind

Silvermane and The Punisher. The Blast thrusts them forward. The goons pick Silvermane,

dragging him out of the room. Silvermane orders them to kill The Punisher. A dazed Punisher

pulls his sidearm and fires at the goons, nothing but headshots. The Punisher pulls himself up

and leaps through a window. Escaping Silvermane’s forces. Snakebite – Boss Battle

A 3 Stage Boss Battle inside the Enforcer’s Chop Shop, ran by Snakebite. Snakebite is an

experienced combatant having a long history as an assassin. Equipped with military grade

weapons, he is a frightening person to take on for normal people. He’s been on The Punisher’s

list for a while. Players go at this one without Joint Operatives, armed with their loadouts to

combat Snakebite. Snakebite has the standard 3 Health Bars, as well as waves of Henchmen at

his disposal, putting the player at a numbered disadvantage.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher rips through the chop shop, taking out henchmen after henchmen. Snakebite

and another wave of henchmen arrive. Snakebite sends the Henchmen after The Punisher. The

Punisher begins shooting the henchmen, Snakebite takes cover and more henchmen come

through and begin shooting at The Punisher. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
Players take on Snakebite and his henchmen in the workshop of the Chop Shop. Players

are challenged to focus on getting rid of the waves of enemies before attacking Snakebite.

Players are going to need cover, as Snakebite is an expert marksman and can certainly get shots

off at the player. Players are certainly going to need speed and accuracy to go hand-in-hand to

thrive this stage.

-Stage 2-
Snakebite resorts to shooting down cars on lifts to injure The Punisher and open him up

for attack. Players have to constantly dodge the cars as they come crashing down on the ground

as well the enemy fire from other Henchmen or Snakebite. This gives players better opening with

so much focused fire being pointed away, but also pinning the players down forcing them to

weight their options as well as look for new solutions. Players will be able to certainly diminish

his health with a wide opening available.

-Stage 3-
Snakebite ups his firepower. Take a spot behind coverage and firing a Gatling gun as well

as throwing Grenades at the player. This reduces player’s opening for attack down to the Gatling

gun getting overheated, or taking a break to throw the grenades. Players are going to have to take

advantage of every opening to take out Snakebite’s 3rd health bar.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Ending Cutscene-
(This Battle has alternative ending cutscenes based on player’s performance in completing

other Boss Battles of this section. If the players have completed the “Enforcers” Boss

Battle, this is the ending cutscene)

Snakebite fires the Gatling gun, bullets pour out, The Punisher takes cover. The Punisher

flings a grenade at the gun, it explodes throwing Snakebite against the wall. The Punisher rushes

him, sticking a knife straight through Snakebite. He spits blood in The Punisher’s face, The

Punisher opens up Snakebite’s stomach. The Knife gets pulled back, Snakebite drops dead.

(Alternative ending cutscene, if players have not completed the “Enforcers” Boss Battle,

this is the ending cutscene)

Snakebite fires the Gatling gun at The Punisher. He throws a grenade, Snakebite leaps

away from the grenade. He pulls a pistol, begins firing at The Punisher to keep him pinned down.

The Punisher takes shots at Snakebite. Punisher catches a bullet in the shoulder, he drops. The

Punisher fires back at Snakebite as he escapes. The Punisher stands, makes for an exit. Snake Marston – Boss Battle

A Single Stage Boss Battle against Snake Marston, located at Liberty Unified National

Bank. Snake is an expert contortionist, having an insane amount of flexibility. Players will battle

him equipped with their loadout selections through the battle. The players do not have the benefit

of Joint Operative assistance, fighting Marston on their own. Marston only has a Single Health

Bar and only a handful of henchmen with him. The massive setting of the Bank, and its maze-

like structure makes for an interesting battle for the players. This battle is set to really test a

player’s abilities in stealth combat.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Opening Cutscene-
Snake Marston and his gang of henchmen enter the Bank, firing at Customers. They

corral the bank customers. Snake sends some of his guys to get the vault. He fires at guards, they

drop dead. Cut to: The Punisher in the Battle Van, speeding towards the Bank. The Battle Van

bursts through the Bank wall, hitting several henchmen. They fire on the Battle Van. The

Punisher hides behind a pillar. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
Snake Marston chases The Punisher, hunting him through vents trying to attack him from

behind. His henchmen will fire at the player on sight, the player being tied to the necessity of

having to strike first. The players need to take out Marston and his henchmen in stealthy fashion

before they attack the player. Players will be highly tested on their stealth skills when

encountering Marston or his henchmen in the bank.

-Ending Cutscene-
(This Battle has alternative ending cutscenes based on player’s performance in completing

other Boss Battles of this section. If the players have completed the “Enforcers” Boss

Battle, this is the ending cutscene)

The Punisher stands next to the wall. Snake Marston crawls through the vents. He sees

The Punisher’s back. Crawling slowly towards him. He slowly opens the vent, a gun barrel

presses against his temple. The Punisher stands. The Punisher cuts the wires holding the body up

by the hands. The Body drops in front of Marston. Punisher pulls Marston out of the vents.

Delivers a hard kick to his face. Marston spits on The Punisher. He fires. Marston’s brains

splatter the wall.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

(Alternative ending cutscene, if players have not completed the “Enforcers” Boss Battle,

this is the ending cutscene)

Snake Marston hides in the vents. He watches The Punisher taking out his soldiers. He

snarls and moves through the vents looking for an exit. He burst through the vent and runs

heading for the door. The Punisher fires at him, several shots, all of them miss. Marston is gone. Taskmaster – Boss Battle

A 4 Stage Boss Battle with Taskmaster. This is the final boss battle of the Main story,

located at: the Exchange’s Winter House. Taskmaster is a villain with photographic memory and

photographic muscle memory, allowing him to adapt his fighting style to match his opponents

fighting style perfectly. One of, if not the, most dangerous foe players will face. Taskmaster has

a health bar for each of the 4 stages. Players will have their full loadouts but will not have Joint

Operative support.

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher enters the massive Winter House. Taskmaster stands, waiting for him. They

battle each other in Hand-To-Hand combat. Taskmaster tells The Punisher that he’s been on his

list. The Punisher tells him he’s had him on his list as well. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
A Quick Time Event sequence extending from the Opening Cutscene. Players are

challenged to hit the sequence nearly perfect to accurately counter Taskmaster. Taskmaster

doesn’t leave very many openings. Players can cause him to create opening by deliberately

hitting wrong buttons in the sequence during less powerful attacks, Taskmaster’s muscle

memory will cause him to miss, in these moments a players attack through QTE will impact

Taskmaster more so and faster than completing the sequence perfectly.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 2-
Taskmaster takes the attack to a new level, throwing more attacks in aggression. Players

are going to have a trickier time countering his attacks. Openings are few and far between, this

challenges players to really hit hard on their openings. Players will have only split seconds to

react on attack opportunities.

-Stage 3-
Taskmaster pulls his sword out. Players are going to have to go out of their way to dodge

his attacks. Dodging some attacks will cost them the opportunity to injure Taskmaster. Players

are going to have to take a few hits to get a few hits in. Modelling this after The Punishers higher

pain tolerance, it teaches players that to take out their enemies they’re occasionally going to have

to sacrifice some health for it.

-Stage 4-
Taskmaster pulls twin Berettas, firing at The Punisher. Players are going to have to take

cover and aim well as they take on Taskmaster through a gun battle. Players are going to have

think of new ways to daze, confuse, or distract Taskmaster, giving them opening to shoot

Taskmaster down. Player’s skills will be tested in all manners as they battle Taskmaster in this

gun battle.

-Ending Cutscene-
Punisher vs Taskmaster continues. They each kick their guns from their hands.

Taskmaster pulls his sword, The Punisher his knife. They hold the blades at each other’s throats.

Taskmaster taunts The Punisher for being predictable. The Punisher Kicks Taskmaster back, the

sword goes up, it cuts through The Punisher’s side, plunging his knife into Taskmaster’s chest.

The Punisher pulls the knife out, Taskmaster drops. Taskmaster is done.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Tombstone – Boss Battle

A Single Staged Boss Battle against the dangerous mafia enforcer known as Tombstone.

Taking place at Ma Gnucci’s mansion, in the torture gallery. Tombstone, an Albino Supervillain

from Harlem. Having grown up with a tough life he has become one of the most dangerous

killers in New York. He has massive strength at his disposal wishing more often to beat his

enemies to death. When players encounter him, they won’t have the support of Joint Operatives

or many weapons from their loadouts. Since the battle is single stage, Tombstone only has a

Single Health Bar.

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher strolls through Ma Gnucci’s Mansion. Dispatching what soldiers he finds.

He enters the basement. The entire area is dark. The Punisher flips on a Flashlight. A powerful

hand grabs the weapon, slaps The Punisher with it. Tombstone stands, in front of The Punisher,

the lights turn on. Tombstone breaks the weapon over his knee. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
Players combat Tombstone in Ma Gnucci’s torture room. Players have to use Hand-To-

Hand against Tombstone. Tombstone has a high pain tolerance, leaving players attacks to do less

damage. Tombstone will make mistakes such as blindly running at players, hitting the ground to

cause a quake, both of which will leave him stumbling. Players must be agile in not only dodging

his attacks but also in reacting to the attack openings Tombstone will present.

-Ending Cutscene-
The Punisher kicks Tombstone down. Tombstone pulls a piece, Punisher dodges, the

Bullet hits the light. Tombstone stumbles in the dark. He backs into a Gun. The Punisher fires, it

drops Tombstone.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Underworld – Boss Battle

A 3 Stage Boss Battle in the Chop Shop owned by Hammerhead known as Nails. Under

world is a large Supervillain, having augmented strength, healing, and agility. He’s

Hammerhead’s most dangerous associate. Players will combat him with their weapon loadouts

but without the aid of a Joint Operatives. Underworld has 3 Health Bars, each connected to the

Stage of the Battle the player is in.

-Opening Cutscene-
The Punisher blasts through the Chop Shop. Underworld watches from his office. He

steps up to a wall and punches right through it – Grabbing The Punisher. He throws the vigilante

at the wall. The Punisher opens fire on him. Underworld keeps coming. The Battle Begins.

-Stage 1-
Players shoot an oncoming Underworld. Backing up as he marches towards them. Players

have to fire at the ceiling to cause falling debris or at the floor to cause pits for Underworld to

trip in. When injured by being tripped or hit by debris, this leaves an Opening for the player to

attack Underworld and injure him. Doing this often and fast will diminish Underworld’s 1st

Health Bar.

-Stage 2-
The Punisher shoots Underworld as he attacks the players with his bare hands. Players

need to dodge the attacks and catch him in the back where he’s more vulnerable and unable to

block. Injuring him by overloading his healing factor with rapid attacks. When players seriously

injure him, he’ll get enraged and make mistakes (i.e. leaping at the player leaving his torso wide

open for shots, or for players to dodge him and allow him to smash into a wall.) This will take

out Underworld’s 2nd Health Bar.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

-Stage 3-
Players will need to equip the Ka-Bar knife. Dazing, Distracting, or sneak attack

Underworld with the knife will seriously take out his health. Players attacking him with the knife

will open up opportunities for combo attacks that damage his health more so then bullets. Doing

this allows players to cut off his Leg and Arm. This effectively knocks out his final Health Bar.

-Ending Cutscene-
The Punisher swipes at Underworld’s throat, kicks him down. Underworld grabs his

throat tight. The Punisher leaps at him, knocking him down. The Punisher forces his arm away

and begins to rabidly stab him. Underworld attempts to block before he’s too weak. The Punisher

cuts his head off and grabs his gun. He fires at Underworlds head. It spills everywhere.

6.13.3 Side Op Boss Battles

While Side ops make up 49 different missions, boss battles for Side-Ops aren’t found in

the game. This is designed for a number of different reasons. It gives players a break from the

numerous amount of Boss Battles already found in the game itself. Boss Battles make up over

30% of the Main Story Missions. Not involving any Boss Battles in the Side Ops allows the

game to keep its supervillain element without growing over encumbered in its amount of Boss


This effectively changes the importance of the Side Ops compared to the Main Ops. But

not all crime figures in the Main Ops are treated with Boss Battles. Instead this is saved for

significant characters that can warrant such a needed element through unique attributes. While

there are certainly characters in the Side Ops that do warrant a Boss Battle, it’s been saved for

the Main Story intentionally to give it significant power and importance in being the main focuse

of the game.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Characters in the Side Ops will not be completely regulated to basic Soldiers. Instead

Side Op Bosses will perform more in line with what would be equivalent to a Mini-Boss battle.

With Mini Boss Battles effectively acting similar across the board, having a basic structure for

each of their battles. This keeps all confrontations for both Main and Side Ops feel earned and

necessary and keep them well in line with how confrontations take place as well as how they

serve the game itself as a whole. Side Op Boss Battles/Mini-Boss Battles Operations

These battles are distributed through the levels. These are the Main Bosses of the Side

Operations as well as the Under Bosses of the Main Story Operations. These battle are very

similar to each other. Revolving around the Boss being surrounded by several of their mafia

soldiers. The Boss might be have 3 Health Bars and have a Special Weapon equipped. Players

will be challenged to eliminate or capture these bosses, while also dispatching their horde of

Soldiers. Depending on the Environment these take place in determines the overall sizable

conflict for the battle, smaller locations like houses won’t have as many guards, but apartment

buildings or bars can offer more enemies due to the large size of the location.

6.13.4 Quick Time Events

A popular tool in Modern Gaming, Quick Time Events (QTE) give cinematic quality to

scenes while allowing player interaction. Most of, if not all, of these are deeply connected to the

Boss Battles. Allowing for some battles to take a new shape or introduce a new dynamic to the

overall game. Battles involving QTE really take the conflicting elements of the two characters

and portrays them in a more cinematic light. Giving players a hand in crafting an amazing

cinematic action scene as well as delving deeper into the story with this gameplay mechanic.

Introduced as a way of carrying faster paced action in certain areas that otherwise might be dull.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

The way they are displayed through this story and the gameplay are fluent in how to

approach certain enemies. This isn’t a thrown in mechanic that might as well be a cutscene, this

is a genuine battle players are participating in, in a different format then the game normally

suggests. Since QTE is very reactionary based, it adds a fun sense of urgency to the Battles

where it’s the main mechanic being used. This all plays to the realistic control the players have

over The Punisher, and his control over the situation. Sometimes this is an advantageous effort,

allowing the player to really study the moves of their enemies, others see this as having the effect

of being in virtual shock, having been attacked in an unexpected manner and reacting as best

they can.

QTE plays a very small role in the grander scheme of the game but it is an important

mechanic. It’s valuable to help the story continue without isolating the player from the action in

the scenes it appears. This makes the player feel in more control of what they’re experiencing, as

well as keeping them on the edge of their seats whenever a cutscene or a battle plays out.

Leaving normal cutscenes for a situation more rooted with finality, than the ever progressing

QTE, players will see these events as a warning to never just trust a cutscene to only be a

cutscene and keep their hands on the controller.


One of the most popular and well known attributes of The Punisher mythos was a diary

written by Castle, detailing his life as The Punisher. As it is an important part of The Punisher

mythology it comes to no doubt that there should be some element of the War Journal in the

game itself. There are a multitude of different ideas for incorporating the War Journal and to

they should be explained together. This section will be dedicated for the multiple uses of the War


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

6.14.1 In Game Applications

While missions are listed under “Family Trees” an in-game War Journal, accessible in The

Punisher’s safe house, will present the player with various logs of progress, actions, and allow

for a recount of various cutscenes for players to review, with optional narration from The

Punisher himself. It’s a simple way of recording the player’s overall progress as well as revisit

and review previous material including gameplay footage of the player’s efforts.

6.14.2 Sharing
Sharing Gameplay between friends, or moments players have wanted to be documented

has become a massively popular trend. It allows players to give or get tips and show how they

operate as The Punisher. It’s an important aspect and can really add a dimension of fun for the

player. These videos would be logged as “War Journal Entries” and would allow players to either

speak over a Microphone or simply just display the game footage as is. It gives the player’s a

deeper connection to The Punisher, having to speak from their perspective as The Punisher,

logged in these War Journal Entries, and allow them to share with their friends for a more

enriching experience.


Activated from the Map or from The Punisher or Microchip’s HQ, this allows players to

appear at their Mission Location. Before going to the Mission area they’ve selected they will be

taken through a Loadout section so they may choose weapons. For mission use only or allowing

players to activate Missions. This is so players go through the city of New York and Experience

it on a first-hand basis as well as encounter localized crime.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game


Marvel Comics has a long history of hiding different goodies for fans in their products.

From Movies, Television, and Comics themselves, it seems natural to involve that element into a

fully working Video Game. These are fun little pieces that add a layer of awareness, comfort,

and giddiness to the player. Anyone picking up a Marvel Video Game are more than likely to be

completely and fully aware of the great Marvel Universe and will certainly catch many

references delivered. Seeing as this game is set in an Open World New York Environment there

are endless possibilities for various different Easter eggs and hidden messages.

Many will of course be tied to the titular character, but others will be sly callouts to the

larger Marvel Universe. It seems important to express some of many possibilities for some

hidden goodies that players could be on the lookout for. With only more to be added as the

development would progress, it’s always good to have an early rough idea on different little

gems that Marvel fans can be challenged to pick out through their journey in the lifestyle of The


Some of these wonderfully hidden gems are:

- White Gloves Mode/White Gloves & Boots Mode. An Easy and Very Easy Mode, in

game. Performing under a certain rank, or failing a mission numerous times, these

modes will activate automatically, and feature The Punisher brandishing White Gloves

for Easy Mode, and White Gloves & Boots for the Very Easy mode. Each mode of

course being named after the article of clothing as a tribute to The Punisher’s original

costume (as well as a hidden nod to Chicken Hat from Metal Gear Solid V: The

Phantom Pain.)

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

- Punisher’s Captain America Costume. After Captain America had been killed, The

Punisher was one of many heroes who had taken up the Stars and Stripes in honor of

Captain America. Including this in The Punisher’s lair could be considered a cute call

back to the creative design, as well as his Ultimate Marvel counterpart.

- The Central Park Massacre. Sometimes players need a reminder of what is always on

the edge of a characters Mind. After achieving a certain rank and exhaustion level,

sleeping will activate a cutscene featuring the Central Park Massacre where Frank

Castle’s Family were Murdered.

- Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum. Latin, “If You Want Peace, Prepare For War!” Inscribed

in The Punisher’s room, where players can have him rest to refresh. A reminder of the


- Max. Max is a dog owned by The Punisher, rescued from a dog fighting ring. The

Punisher has taken great care of the lovable pet. Having him in The Punisher’s or

Microchip’s safe house is a fun nod and a reminder of how human The Punisher is.

- The Daily Bugle. The Premier newspaper of the New York Area. The Daily Bugle is a

paper that employees Peter Parker as well as Daredevil ally Ben Urich. The Front Page

features an Image of The Punisher’s trademark skull.


While the Main Game has a strong System too it. Many games live on replayabilty. This is a

concept that causes players the desire to replay the Game. This is how a game is truly graded in

the community of gamers. This gives them more challenges to overcome as they play the game

again and again. Replayabilty is an important and necessary aspect of any game’s desire to live

on beyond an initial playthrough.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

To aid the level of replayabilty there are numerous avenues to take. These forms here will be

taken as Game Modes and Modifiers. Players won’t always stick strictly to the Main Story.

They’ve paid for an experience, they will explore and allowing that exploration is an assistive


6.17.1 Game Modes

Modes that the game will take will be extensions of the game’s mission without the

necessity of the Main Story being supremely relevant. There are a few modes available to players

that allow them have another area to explore. With Modes that cover various operations of the

game that allows players to have ranked scores and as well as compare against other’s scores,

locally or online. Battle Van Mode

A series of Races, and Vehicular Combat through the streets of New York where players

smash against enemies running them off the road and Killing them. This includes various

challenges. Players can open the Back of the Battle Van and shoot at enemies while allowing

Microchip to drive the Battle Van, or Ram them off the road while getting to certain areas of

New York in a race against time. Infiltration Mode

A mode where players are challenged to infiltrate a Mob territory, either timed, or with a

maximum score goal. This allows players to practice techniques and not need to worry about the

effects of the story itself. Allowing players to try new stuff without it impacting their main story.

Facing different challenges in this mode, some of which might be hostages or timed infiltration.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

6.17.2 Mission Modifiers

Missions in this game are meant to be replayed. Players always have the option of

continuously replaying missions, but with differences added. These could be differences that

could enhance the game for many players. Whether it’s to assist the player or challenge the

player. Modifiers exist as a way of enhancing the experience for players making them want to

replay the game. These modifiers won’t have be placed in Boss Battles due to some battle


There are numerous Modifiers any game has, and this allows developers free reign to really

advance the basic mechanics of the game. Giving them a wide open range to try or adapt new

ideas. Although the modifiers would be more aimed at a developer to add in as they wish, there

are a couple of basic ideas for Modifiers that could be added for an idea of what players would

expect. Full Auto

Players are challenged to go through a level, with less Ammo. This forces the player to be

more resourceful in their approach. Taking away a reliable source for attack, with only the ammo

they have on them. Allowing them to test their stealth approaches as they continue through the

mission. Army Of One

More thugs to go through. This increases the amount of enemies that players encounter in a

mission replay, ignoring any tactical hits they’ve made to reduce the number of enemies. Making

their attempts at infiltrating areas much more difficult. Their progress is certainly challenged by

the addition of reinforcements. For this modifier Joint Operatives are unavailable for use.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game The Naked Kill

The player is challenged by starting the mission with no weapons and only using

weapons that they pick up from enemies. Restricting weapon modifiers such as Silencers or

Laser Sights that might have been available if the player brought their own weapons. Only able

to use what weapons they pick up from the enemies they kill. This forces them to advance their

stealth tactics, or hit harder and much smarter. Hard Targets

Enemies are given better equipment, including a more powerful Kevlar vests. This

challenges players to go for more vulnerable areas and to be cruel. They will have an advantage

over the player with numbers, as well as equipment that makes standard Mafia Soldiers more

dangerous. They will have strong weapons that will eat through the player’s armor. Confederacy Of Dunces

A modifier to assist the player, the Dunces Modifier dumbs down enemy A.I. This allows

players a better tactical advantage. This sees the Mafia Soldiers making more mistakes and

giving the player more openings for tactical takedowns. This is one of few of the Assistive

Modifiers for players. Means & Ends

The player is challenged with killing every enemy, using only Side-Arms or Support

Weapons. Going through the entire mission without the use of their Primary Field Weapon. This

is a way of getting players to develop more strategic battle plans as a way of destroying the mob

controlled territories. Players can show how superior they are as The Punisher with the battle

plan that they use.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game


It happens to all of us, when we play a game. We are so enamored in a world that we’re

exploring that we forget our mission objectives. This is a common occurrence for some Players

in nearly every game. Games sometime set up a faux-time limit. Setting the idea that missions

must be attended to at a rapid rate, or in a manner treating each mission as being supremely

important above all else. While this is certainly to happen even in this game, it is necessary to

remember, this is The Punisher’s world. Lingering around and exploring for too long pays a


6.18.1 Prices To Pay

The Punisher’s work is important. His method of keeping pressure on Mobsters causes

them to behave erratically. When that pressure is alleviated and the Mobsters can get their head’s

straight it means The Punisher will pay a price. While a player might be exploring New York in

between missions, taking a while or outright ignoring missions will see players attacked.

Whether a player is exploring the city streets or just out at a diner to replenish health, keeping

from continuing missions will see the enemies going after him. This is intended to remind

players of their missions in a way that fits The Punisher’s environment. A Bonus effect is the

enemy mechanic giving the Game more interaction and action for players to be involved in.

There are numerous reasons why a player would want to avoid this. Leaving a mission

for too long and causing enemies to hunt you through the city could cause the enemy A.I. to

attack or kill citizens and those deaths will be placed on The Punisher’s head. This causes added

stress and fatigue effects.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

This keeps pressure on the player to continue the missions in the same form and fashion

as The Punisher would. This gives a grisly real-world take on how criminals would react to the

character. This can be a driving force for Players to continue the game. Hunting The Punisher In New York

The Punisher is a hard-to-kill and high-value target for numerous mobsters. The Punisher

to them is the boogeyman. When they see opportunities to hunt him down without risking or

making their businesses more vulnerable. Enemies will be hunting The Punisher once players hit

a certain amount of time away from the main missions. This will result in numerous different

types of attacks on the player. Each different type of attack will get the attention of The Punisher

is some sort of attack.

The attacks that could occur range from Hostage Situations intended to lure The Punisher

to direct attacks. Any Public area that a player will inhabit in the game is subject to these attacks.

This forces the player to resourceful as these attacks won’t have any type of mission load out and

a basic selection of firearms will be equipped. This will show the player’s ability to act and move

like The Punisher. The types of attacks are meant to be randomized, with the attacks designed to

lure The Punisher into a trap will involve The Punisher gaining the information from T.V.

reports or from Microchip.

6.18.2 Evaluating Player’s Progress

Every system has an internal clock. Developers have used the internal clocks to numerous

imaginative, inventive, and revolutionary ways. The Metal Gear Solid Series used it avoid a boss

battle as well as destroy and ruin rations gained through the game. While The Punisher isn’t keen

to use the system’s internal clock in that way it is using it to an appropriate manner for the Game.

The Game using the clock is designed to evaluate the amount of time between missions.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

When hitting certain points away from or ignoring missions will cause enemies to hunt

The Punisher down, causing disturbances in New York to find the player. This uses the

technology of modern gaming on a game mechanic basis.


The Controls are ground zero for player involvement. This section is dedicated to the

numerous available controls. Dedicated to each of the Buttons on a Standard Game System

Controller. Looking at the different sections that have different functions. Many of the controls

are universal among many other games, while others might be slightly quirky.

The section will cover Combat Controls, Driving Controls, Drone Controls, and On/Off

Sight Interrogation Controls and will be formatted from Front to Back for the L/R Controls, then

Left Side to Right for the rest of the controls when applicable. This will cover the numerous

button count and current generation design of Game Controllers, both the Playstation 4 and X-

Box One controller scheme. Incorporating the equivalent buttons from both Controllers allowing

the scheme to be very thorough from both types of consoles.


Controls of Combat Function for the game. Starting from the Back Bumper/Trigger

Buttons and then moving from Left to Right.

7.1.1 L2/Left Trigger

Equip or Ready your Primary Field Weapon. This brings it up and causes a display for

the player to aim for distance and accuracy.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

7.1.2 L1/Left Bumper

Radio for Intel when players use their binoculars, Outside of selective Intel request, Intel

will be gradually fed over the course of the missions. When the primary weapon is drawn, if the

weapon has an additional piece of weaponry, it will fire the additional weaponry, including

electric lances, or attached grenade launchers.

7.1.3 R1/Right Bumper

When No Weapon is selected, hitting the R1/Right Bumper activates Binoculars where

players can mark enemies. With a Weapon selected this changes the Aim setting, at first it brings

a scope, and on a second tap it switches the Aiming to a First Person view, for maximum

accuracy, hitting it a third time restores it to the original setting. If players have such items as C-

4 equipped, the R1/Right Bumper will detonate said item.

7.1.4 R2/Right Trigger

A Primary action command. When players have a Weapon “Ready” (Via L2/Left

Trigger), R2/Right Trigger fires the Weapon or uses the Weapon (such as swiping with the Knife

or Planting a C-4 Charge, or throw empty magazines or Dye Packs. )

When No Weapon is equipped hitting the button engages Hand-To-Hand Combat.

Holding the button down, when close enough, will see The Punisher Grabbing the enemy,

offering other button prompts when that is activated.

7.1.5 The Directional Control Pad

The Directional Pad is a Master Key/Hot Key Function for different items for Different

Items. One for Primary, One for Side Arms, One for Field Equipment, and One for Commanding

the Joint Operative. Each of the four arrows are the hot keys for the various categories. Allowing

players to move seamlessly between different categories.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game Up
This opens the Two Primary Weapon choices, where players can switch seamlessly

between them and Select their own choice for a Primary Weapon in combat. Down
This opens up the Menu for the different side Arms a player will carry. Weapons such as

Pistols, Sub-Machine Guns, or other smaller hand held weapons. In this menu players can access

Silencers (via Triangle/Y) or a Flashlight/Laser Sight (via Square/X), or selecting duel wielding

applicable weapon (via selecting the weapon and double tapping “Down.”) Left
This allows players to select Field Equipment, like Money Dye Packs, and Support

Weapons, like the Ka-Bar Knife, and activating said Item to be equipped. Right
This command allows players to give orders to any Joint Operative they’ve brought along

for their missions. With Commands, such as: Marking, Sniping, Duel Infiltrate (Moving with

players and firing at enemies unassisted), or Distract Enemy.

7.1.6 Left Analogue Stick

This allow players to move the character through the levels. Continuing in different

methods, be it walking, crouching, driving, selecting a weapon, or using the Drone.

7.1.7 L3/Left Analogue Trigger

Selecting this while moving allows players to sprint or run instead of just walking. This

gives the Player the ability to move through the city at a higher speed without relying heavily on

the Battle Van.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

7.1.8 Share
A popular trend in modern gaming is sharing screenshots or images from their own

gameplay experiences. In a way to really further this trend, the Share Button allows players to

upload their videos under the title “War Journal Entry” Allowing players to keep their own War


7.1.9 Playstation/X-Box Menu Buttons

Like any other games, this allows players to break from the game to go to the game

system’s menu, pausing the game and keeping any progress from continuing at the moment.

7.1.10 Touch Pad/Menu/Options

Selecting this activates the Electronic Dossier The Punisher uses to figure out who his

targets are, as well as a digital map of the area programmed by Microchip. This also activates the

Pause Menu or Options Menu.

7.1.11 Right Analogue Stick

This allows players full control of the Camera angles, moving it to certain areas for their

tactical advantage. When using Binoculars or Scopes (i.e. from Sniper Rifles) moves it so the

players can see through the item.

7.1.12 R3/Right Analogue Trigger

Reset the Camera, allow players to restore and move the Camera. For Sniper rifles or

Binoculars the button command acts as a way of zooming in for a closer look.

7.1.13 Square/X
This allows players to dive to the ground for a quicker drop for a stealth stance. This

gives them a speedier way of taking cover under and keeping from being spotted by an enemy.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

7.1.14 X/A
This allows players to crouch, lay down, or stand. Players placed against a wall or object

that could offer cover, would be able to double tap the command to take cover at the wall or

object. Often used for stealthier infiltrations during the game. Players will come to use this often

as it aids in getting players cover.

7.1.15 O/B
This allows players to reload equipped weapons. When holding Enemies, this will cause

The Punisher to simply quick kill the enemy.

7.1.16 Triangle/Y
In normal play it allows players to gather items, the “Action Button” allowing players to

integrate with items in the field. When Holding an Enemy this will open the on sight

interrogation tactics.


Controls for Driving the Battle Van, as well as using the Mini Gun in the back of the Battle

Van, when doors open. Utilizing the Bumper/Trigger Buttons and the Analogue Sticks.

7.2.1 L2/Left Trigger

The “Gas Pedal”, propelling the player forward in the Battle Van as they travel through

New York.

7.2.2 L1/Left Bumper

Switches to reverse. Allowing Players to back up or just drive backwards.

7.2.3 R2/Right Trigger

Break or Emergency Break for a quick stop while driving through the City, or allowing
players to slow down.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

7.2.4 R1/Right Bumper

Holding this will cause the Battle Van to drive itself, going towards the Mission area,

regardless of the area or location. More or less a form of in game Fast Travel without using the


7.2.5 Left Analogue Stick

The steering Mechanism. Allowing players to dictate the direction in which they drive,

whether forward or in reverse.

7.2.6 Right Analogue Stick

Control of the Camera, while driving, allowing players to see behind them when going in

reverse or for different angles while driving forward.


Control Scheme for the Drones. Drones used to inspect areas to gain useful Intel, including

enemy locations and objective areas, and key elements. These controls only utilize the analogue


7.3.1 Left Analogue Stick

Move the Drone forward and backwards, side to side. Allowing players to encircle enemy


7.3.2 Right Analogue Stick

To move the Drone up and Down, allowing players to move it detected or undetected.

Moving it to higher area or lower areas giving The Punisher a full degree look of the area.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

7.3.3 R3/Right Analogue Trigger

Controlled Zoom of the Drones Camera, getting players better vantage shots and a closer

look, as well as allowing players to Mark enemies, knowing their whereabouts.


Controls for the interrogation used in the field, while encountering enemies. With a simple

scheme of using a Body Map and Gun or Knife to torture them in Silent. This utilizes the Left

Analogue stick as well as the Command buttons “Square/X” and “O/B”.

7.4.1 Left Analogue Stick

On the Mini-Map this allows players to choose certain specific areas such as “Left Eye”

or “Pinky Finger.” So that players can choose where to apply “pressure” into forcing them into

giving information.

7.4.2 Square/X
Fire the Weapon or Begin cutting the Specific Area chosen to gain a reaction in breaking

the Enemy to force them to divulge information.

7.4.3 O/B
This allows players to Cancel the action, whether they’ve broken the enemy or not.

Returning them to being held in front as Human body shields, as they were earlier held.


Interrogation Controls for HQ-Based Interrogations. Controls are reduced to a simple

“Pressure enhancer.” A singular control that the player must be careful with while interrogating

particular enemies, as well as controls for various dialogue options.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

7.5.1 Left Analogue Control

The Pressure enhancer control (i.e. Throwing Gasoline, tapping with Popsicle to mimic

intense burning, or how much water is used for a waterboarding.) Players need to be careful not

to go overboard on the Pressure, as it may cause them to die from damage or have a panic attack.

7.5.2 Directional Control Pad

The Control pad offers different dialogue options for players to ask certain questions to

gain information from different Interrogation victims. Each option gaining a different result or

walk through different paths gaining different information. Each response will get a different

answer, the cooperation of the interrogated victim is subject solely to how much the player has

worn down their resolve or their tolerance to the interrogation tactics.


Design is an important aspect of Games. It gives the player early notions of the type of game

they’re going to be involved with. This ranges from Over All Graphics, Character, and

Environment Designs. Focusing on the elemental style and tone of the game itself. This goes

into character models, environment models, different items such as the Battle Van and The

Punisher’s Weapons. This is where the Game itself becomes a viewable world.

Developing the overall design and how it joins the overall style of gameplay and tone of the

story itself. The design of the characters and the worlds are elemental in factoring the tone and

style of the game making the overall product something completely unique. This also goes into

Graphic Style and the choice between the styles chosen and alternate styles. Discussing the

reasons for the chosen style over other styles and how it assists the tone.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

The basic Idea is to go with as realistic graphic design as possible, most games that go for

that have a very cinematic quality that certainly enhances that experience. Other games that

might fall into the genre often look closer to a Comic Book, like Telltales’ Game Library, but it

could be detractor from the serious nature of the content as well as detracting from the player’s

overall connection to The Punisher.

Realistic designs help players come to The Punisher’s viewpoint without keeping the

forethought that the game is too silly in merit. The Design gives a realistic view of The

Punisher’s world. Seeing a dark edge to the New York that The Punisher sees and interacts with

is an important attribute. Realistic designs play a stronger role in properly representing The

Punisher, his environment, locations, and the things he does. It’s best to properly represent them

in as much of a Realistic venue as any other war game.

This is a game that isn’t specifically targeted to be gory, but it’s a result of what The

Punisher character does. Keeping it looking as realistic as possible would work best in keeping

the game a serious natured work as well as not glorifying or undermining The Punisher’s actions.

This is to keep the players from seeing it as really something slightly on the comical side as it

could be if done in a cel shaded format, or in cartoony or comic book styled graphics.

The best way to describe Visuals should be the simple terms to describe The Punisher.

This is an experience to drive players into the mind of The Punisher, it would undoubtedly look

distinguished from that concept alone, seeing a darker edge of New York that is the character’s

life. Using the more realistic designs that best represent the character open up for a good, strong

visual connection. This is fitting in the tone of the story and style of gameplay.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

8.1.1 Character Models

The Models of the Character should take the more distinguished parts of the Comic Book

characters and put them in realistic Context. In terms of The Punisher, players do have the option

of selecting overall costume look on offered design and choose whether or not to have The

Punisher in that design as well as a jacket.

The Punisher is a designed character, having a basic set look based on a model. The

Overall model set, should represent the character as The Punisher is traditionally depicted:

squared jaw, short hair, powerful physique from exercise and a history of intense physicality

from the Marine Corps. There are numerous artist that can act as inspiration, going from Ross

Andru’s original interpretation, to Steve Dillon’s Classic Design from Welcome Back Frank, to

the Marco Checchetto modern looking Marine.

While it could be simple for The Punisher it could be considered a very rough task when

dealing with characters like Bullseye or Bushwacker. The villains have unique designs and

finding proper materials to adapt and assist the look making the villain designs look more

grotesque and threatening. Using their underlying attributes and mannerism and putting them

into a physical context.

The overall product from that will give intense, scary, and horrifying villains that work

well as Boss Level Characters. This gives the characters some very distinguished designs while

remaining faithful to their comic book counterparts. It should look like the Marvel Universe

brought to life, despite how some view certain costumes as “Silly” as its entire notion and tone

depicts how the characters are visually depicted. It is in the tone alone on how the characters are

viewed, and viewing them seriously is a simple task when properly displayed as well as

matching the tone and style of the overall product.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Basic New Yorkers and Mafia Family Members should be varied. Designs need to take

new shapes and have character in their own right. New Yorkers have different tastes and account

for a multi-cultural environment. While Mafia Members they are more themed to the family

they’re a part of. Some might be lesser leveled and could certainly look to reflect their status.

Variety in their design might be tougher but can still look unique among each other.

8.1.2 City & Area Models

This is New York. Even if it’s The Punisher’s darker New York, it should represent the

city accurately. Taking scans and using building designs in the more realistic light. Only

enhancing the darker qualities of the city, such as slight exaggerations to crime ridden areas of

the city to look more so. This is all to be fitting in The Punisher’s view of the world. It shouldn’t

be as bright as it is for Spider-Man, or as Hopeful as it might be for Daredevil. This is The

Punisher’s New York and should be represented in that state of mind without compromising the

realistic view of New York. Areas of New York like The Punisher’s safe house are more

reflective of The Punisher’s mindset. Seeing areas like Microchip’s apartment are more

indicative of that worldview but with their own touches. Microchip is more optimistic in his

basic world view and his environment will reflect that.

8.1.3 Object Models

Objects in this world should look as realistic as Possible. Items like guns or other

weapons should look virtually lifted from reality. Slight exaggerations could be made for items

like the Battle Van or other vehicles to give a richer texture to how it fits in the city. No item

should be or feel out of place.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

The design of the game, while adhering to the realistic nature of the subject matter, the

design should still reflect the Comic Book while keeping the realistic design. It is part of what

the character inhabits. The Punisher isn’t entirely a designed character, he wears his Uniform and

many artist have come to give their own interpretation of it which is beneficial to the character.

Players do have the opportunity to really put in their own visual design for The Punisher’s


His comic book history with various artists interpreting their own designs for him is the

primary inspiration for the Skull System. Allowing players to take multiple different Skulls and

put them on an outfit that the player feels fit their incarnation of the character, or how it pertains

to taking on the enemy. Giving the character a Skull they love as well as having him in just the

classic Punisher T-Shirt design or giving him a more realistic Military Based Outfit gives them a

sense of control over The Punisher and allows them a more comfortable platform to put

themselves in the mindset of The Punisher.

While the design should pay homage to the comic this is still a game that lends its designs

to two bigger factors, one being the RPG elements of the game, including the Skull System, and

the Realistic nature of the Graphics. It’s not hard to create a realistic looking game for The

Punisher that also happens to be very distinguished with their portrayals of The Punisher’s edge

of the Marvel Universe.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game


Most games carry a memorable cinematic score and The Punisher should be no different.

It’s a highly cinematic game with a very dark edge to it. The score is a massive key factor in

helping the tone of the story get through. It can also establish the Game’s connection through it.

The Soundtrack of the game is the score incarnate. Put to the game itself. Many games

have gone the route of doing only an original score with little-to-no licensed music. It’s an Idea

that fits. The Punisher might fit, as a character, to a Heavy Metal Musical theme but it doesn’t fit

the Frank Castle portion. It takes a more classical score to really get to the soul of the character.

Licensed Music cost considerably more than an original score.

From a few different platforms the argument of an only Original Score seems to be an air

tight solution. Using the Original Score really evolves the tone of the game as well as flexing

different musical muscles. Many classic war themes are more in line with a composed piece than

of a heavy metal song. This is a game with a score.

The score should certainly follow suit some darker, anti-hero movies. Not too steal their

edge but emulate what they’re about. Ideally the soundtrack should sound elementally darker,

with themes carried through it more reminiscent of something like the scores of such films as

John Carpenter’s films (also scored by Carpenter) Assault on Precinct 13, Escape From New

York, and The Thing (this time scored by Ennio Morricone), as well as films like: George

Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road, composed by Junkie XL, Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, scored by

Hans Zimmer, Terrence Malik’s The Thin Red Line, also scored by Zimmer, and Richard

Donner’s Lethal Weapon Films, Scored by Michael Kamen.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

These scores are dark, character driven scores that play to their character’s situation,

personality, and overall tone of the film. It is this type of score that The Punisher needs for a

video game outing. Video Games are wide open for more character based soundtracks. Scores

that reflect a character approach can certainly enhance the storytelling element of the game,

making the entire experience feel whole.


Gaming has a history of using Composers from the world of Film and Television and using

them to create some of the most memorable scores in gaming. With composers like: Brian Tyler,

Greg Edmonson, Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, and Henry Jackman. Most notable

composers to have crossed over into the medium from film and television. It’s an idea to explore.

With composers crossing mediums it proves that music plays an important role in game

development. Composers take the opportunity to develop new styles of Music that interacts with

a story that creates a newer dynamic than it does with other mediums. Music is an avenue in

setting the precedent of tone and style for the game itself. As the game takes a serious nature, it

fits that like many Games it has a score that’s darker in its thematic approach.

Brining in a darker approach and fitting the gritty style from a musical perspective is a very

subtle of introducing this tone and aspect. Using a modern aspect to the score allows for the

Music to be a strong representative figure in the style and tone. Many talented composers have a

history developing a stylistic tone and developing it to suite their and the director’s vision.

Bringing in composers from the alternative arts mediums gives a bit of publicity. Using

composers with strong ties to gaming works as a positive motivator for the gaming community to

look into the project.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Bringing in these composers gives the overall positive perception by others, giving an area

of extreme focus for journalist and the public, and keep more of the in-game offerings a secret. It

can take a tone of dark and gritty environment and put music to it that would fit the world and

subconsciously slip the player into The Punisher experience.

There are numerous examples of Composers of outside media creating award winning

Game soundtracks. When magic strikes the overall composed score is done in such way that

resonates with fans the score itself becomes an alternative form of income out of soundtrack


This has become a popular trend with many video games, releasing soundtrack from at

least as early as 2002, with the release of the Halo Original Soundtrack, composed by Martin

O’Donnell, from Bungie’s revolutionary First-Person Shooter. This is a popular way of alternate

income as well as publicity.

The style of the game depicts a lot of features in terms of gameplay and player based

options, while the tone of the game depicts story and development. The soundtrack is one of few

elements that tie that together. Using tonal and stylistic elements into crafting a theme and a

soundtrack that embody the heart of the game and the messages behind it.

Getting Composers behind this is all in the spirit of similar vision, and with hundreds,

maybe thousands of composers working in the industry that can be sought. Finding the perfect

composer for this project is simply a game of patience.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

When it comes to gaming, casting the proper voice actors for the roles is a very tricky deal.

Many big name actors have done video games with the results often sounding stale, uninspired,

or just wrong for the project. It’s a focal point of criticism in gaming. Casting The Punisher and

his world is a very important aspect. Numerous actors exist and getting actors who can serve the

story and characters is a prominent need through the service of the game’s story.

Marvel has a history of doing excellent casting for their characters, and if possible utilizing

their choices would be wonderful. It’s not realistic to expect an actor with film or television

commitments to take time to work on a game. Some characters and performances have resonated

with actors in such a way that compels them to continuously return to the character in search of

exploring the characters in different lights, be it Video Game, Film, or Television roles. It’s

certainly the aim of the game to have that quality of a story that draws in some of the most

talented Performers of the Gaming, Film, and Television industries. This would really allow a

reputation of the project having very strong, intelligent, and emotional material for the

Performers to use.

As a point everyone should be auditioned for the role, but gaging interest of actors with a

love of the character (i.e. Jon Bernthal for The Punisher) would be reasonable to invest in, as

they have given a popular performance in that role. Numerous characters appear in the game and

obviously bigger named actors (like Bernthal) won’t be entertained for every single one, but

many industry veterans are wonderful performers. It would benefit the game immensely to use

such industry veterans like Troy Baker, Tara Strong, or Nolan North, can do just about any role

you need them for with deep and layered performances.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game


For the purposes of auditions Casting Sides should be prepared. Instead of using any in

game script, it would be better compiling Punisher Material from the various story arcs the Game

uses and finding a consistence voice among them. Experiencing different perspectives fused into

one voice. In terms of characters the likes of Bullseye or the Hobgoblin, using comic book

material involving them would be suitable, still using a variety of writers to nail down a singular

voice among them.

This allows the casting process to run smoother in finding the right person, finding a

performer that can take wildly different motivations for character and keep their own unique

approach to the character. The Material using to cast the characters should be the same iteration.

Material featuring the Jason Macendale Hobgoblin shouldn’t be mixed in for casting side for

what appears to be the Roderick Kinglsey Hobgoblin, as the two characters only share an Alias

and are very different characters.


When cast, it would be fun and certainly beneficial of taking scans of the performers and

incorporating a few, if not many, of their features to give the dialogue a little bit more of a

natural fit in the character speaking it. Doing scans could impact the design of the game, (i.e. if

Bernthal was cast as The Punisher in game, the game design would be retrofitted to his physical

appearance) But it’s not a ridiculous change without merit. It’s there to serve subtle notions

about the story itself. The purpose of doing the scans really has merit rooted in helping the game

look well. Scanning those features help aligns the dialogue so the odds of mix-matched or

unsynchronized lip movement would go down.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

Using the physical movements of performers for the role is becoming a more and more

frequent trend. One of the most popular and well known gaming performances comes from actor

Troy Baker, who performed the Motion Capture work as well as voice for his character, Joel, in

Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us Video Game. Allowing the Actor to do as much of the work to

put their performance in is a way of giving players a deeper performance out of The Punisher

without disrupting the player’s playstyle for the character. This is an important way of giving the

player an enriching experience as The Punisher, through a performance in the Cutscenes,

movements that identify with The Punisher, but moving in the manner and rate (i.e. Stealth or

Run and Gun approach) that a player wishes to.

Downloadable Content has become a new corner stone of the Gaming Industry. Offering

players new and exciting content, after they’ve bought the game for a prolonged experience. This

is a method that has become highly lucrative. Developing this is certainly necessary.

There’s no doubt that filtering some ideas for this would certainly be advantageous. The

Game is already hefty in its current content and Downloadable Content is an entire cornerstone

of marketability on its own. There’s no doubt that for a game as high profile as The Punisher

could be would certainly require Downloadable Content add-ons. Downloadable Content only

works when the character and the Game function is fitting for it. Many Video Games in this

generation are often sold with Downloadable Content in development. Selling an additional

“Season Pass” that offers the Downloadable Content for a reduced price than if they were to buy

each item separately.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

The Season Pass is a promise from Developers to Fans and players to deliver top dollar

content for the price they paid. Players and Fans will always hold Developers to their word and

expect the best quality. With Season Passes and Downloadable Content they need to be of the

highest quality to justify its existence. There is also a point to make sure that the additional

content the player Purchases is not only worth what price tag is placed on it, as well as have

loose connections to the Main Game. This is so that players don’t feel they’re required to buy

this additional content, and feel cheated in having paid for the content.


Obviously, the Downloadable Content (DLC) is built on certain ideas, early on so they can

become fully developed. There are numerous ideas Developers can bring to the table, but there

are ideas for the DLC that exist. It is an important enough subject to cover. There are numerous

ideas and many of them will be explored. This will range from various Mission sets, Additional

Skulls, Additional Weaponry, as well as new challenged and Trophies or Achievements for

players to go for.

This is the Planned DLC:

- Mother Russia: Based on The Punisher Max Story arc of the same name. It sees The

Punisher at a Nuclear Missile Silo in Russia, on a rescue Mission for a Little Girl, who

is infected with a dangerous virus known as the “Barbarossa.” The Mission starts in a

small Russian town, as The Punisher goes to the Silo in search of the young girl, who

might give The Punisher back some of his humanity.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

- The Year Of Punishment: 12 targets, one released each month. Each target is voted

by players and fans to see which Marvel C/D List Villains The Punisher lines in their

gunsights. This is a way of showing how lethal The Punisher can be.

- Year One: The Origin of The Punisher. Starting with a mission in Central Park during

the massacre that destroyed his family, escalating to The Punisher’s first assault. With

a comic book accurate skull, players get to explore The Punisher from the Beginning.

- From Beginning To End: Two Missions. One from The Punisher’s time as a veteran,

known as the Firebase Massacre at Valley Forge, the last tour of duty for Frank Castle.

The End sees The Punisher in Prison, The last men who’ve killed The Punisher’s

family are incarcerated. The Punisher is tasked with breaking into the Prison Wing

where They’re hiding, and kill them.

- Skull Pack: New Skulls and Perks. Skull designs voted on by Fans, adding 5 more

Skulls in game with various “Super Perks.” Used in game giving The Punisher a

legendary presence.

- New Weapons: Additional firearms added to the game based on new military

technology and advanced weaponry. This gives players new weapons to test out on

various thugs and soldiers.

- Armor Plus: New armor developed for The Punisher, usable for repayable missions

that gives The Punisher near perfect protections. With new Punisher outfits, including

such outfits as: 1st Appearance Costume and his Circle of Blood Uniform.

- Los Angeles Alves: Players take control as Rachel Alves, as she visits L.A. hunting a

mobster, known as the Angel, with connections to the Exchange. This allows players to

become The Punisher’s most famous partner.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

- The Return To Big Nothing: The Return To Big Nothing, a massively popular

Punisher story, written by Steven Grant and Penciled by Mike Zeck. This sees The

Punisher encountering his former commanding Officer in Colonel Ray Schoonover

operating a drug ring out of Las Vegas. A multi-level Event delivered in 4 Episodic

Missions, delivered one every month.

- The Punisher vs The Monkey: The Tale of The Punisher, during his war Days against

the most dangerous enemy sniper in military history. Trapped between a village in the

middle east and countless of miles of desert land, the players act as Frank Castle and

encounter the Monkey in one of the most dangerous sniper battles of all time, as well

as witnessing the origin of The Punisher’s skull.

Not all of these Ideas may make it to the final cut of the DLC selection. With each of these

DLC packs would certainly gravitate some interest from players, Fans, and Developers. With

new challenges and exciting fast paced gameplay with new ideas explored. This allows players

participate by voting and telling Developers what they want for an overall enjoyable experience.

The DLC is without a doubt another way of keeping a lasting impact with the overall game.

When games are well executed, fans and players are wanting more. This is how you give it to


The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

As a Stealth Action shoot this is dedicated to work on player’s perception of the character.

It’s a project that allows them to really develop a characterization of The Punisher that either fits

their current perception or the version they’ve always wanted to explore with the character. With

a full open world New York to explore. Notable Landmarks like the Daily Bugle and Avengers

tower appearing more to reassure players they’re in Marvel’s New York.

Travelling over experiencing random muggings, robberies, or murder attempts is what

would help players feel immersed in a world where they felt they were The Punisher. The whole

view and Point of the game is to see violence and to go through a journey to see if the violence

The Punisher is constantly involved in is what the world needs.

Its answer that should be different for different players, while also still being a fun

interactive adventure in its gameplay. The player is The Punisher and this is letting them really

explore that, choosing their whole approach to the character from basic design (even use of white

gloves and boots if players so desire) to really get into the player’s mind to find out who they

think The Punisher is, and should be.

The interactive qualities to the player’s perception is by far the most enjoyable and

interesting part of the game and would certainly allow this to be the First Punisher Game where

the character would be explored versus being in a situation with no change. Certainly, something

inspired by The Punisher as depicted in the MCU, which gives the players something to really

gravitate too.

The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

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The Punisher: A Marvel Comics Tactical Operations Video Game

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