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M. Tech. EXAMINATION, May 2018
(Third Semester)

(Re-appear Only)

Time : 3 Hours] [Maximum Marks : 75

Before answering the question-paper candidates

should ensure that they have been supplied to correct
and complete question-paper. No complaint, in this
regard, will be entertained after the examination.

Note : Attempt Five questions in all, selecting at

least one question from each Unit. All
questions carry equal marks.

(3-28/13)M-CC-722 P.T.O.
Unit I Unit III

1. (a) Write a brief note on Indian Remote 5. (a) What are the requirements for proper
Sensing Programme. 8 planning, implementation and
(b) What is Spectral reflectance Curve ? management of GIS. 7
Discuss the significance of Spectral (b) Explain key Element to make a GIS
Reflectance Curve. 7 Successful. 8
2. (a) Explain various interaction of EM energy
6. Write short notes on the following : 5+5+5
on Atmosphere. 7
(a) Quality Management
(b) What is Remote Sensing ? Explain briefly
(b) Plan for planning
about the process of Remote Sensing. 8
(c) Benefit and cost of GIS.
Unit II
Unit IV
3. (a) What is GIS ? Discusss Different
Component of GIS. 7 7. Write short notes on Application of GIS
(b) Explain various Data Format in GIS. in : 15
8 (a) EIA
(b) Traffic congestion analysis and accident
4. (a) Explain working of GPS. Explain, what
are the various types of error involve in
GPS. 7 8. How GIS is used in Urban Planning ? Explain
(b) Write difference between Static and with suitable example. 15
Differential GPS. 8
M-CC-722 2 (3-28/14)M-CC-722 3 30