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CSIR-National Envi ron mental Engineeri ng Research lnstitute (NEERI)

Delhi Zonal Centre, 4-93194, Narains lnclustrialArea, Nevrr Dethi- 110028

Ref. No.: DZClPN01t2O20t Date: 30/06t2020

Empanelment of Project Assistants / Research Associates under externally funded/

sponsored Project(s) at Delhi
Applications are invited for empanelment of Project Assistants/ Research Associates at various
levels under the externally funded / sponsored project(s) and other projects. Job-requirement wise panel
will be prepared fortheirselection in various projects as perthe need of the project.

Post Job Requirement Preferred Qualification Age /

Stipend (Rs.)
Research Monitoring Action Plan for Compliance Ph. D. (Engineering/ManagemenU 35 years /
Associate-lll Monitoring of Environmental Clearances Computer Science/ lT)with 4 years 49,000t +
Conditions working experiencein relevant field HRA
ME/ M.Tech (Civil/ Mechanical/
(Experience preferably in EIA ,
Chemical/ Env. Engineering/
and Environmental Clearances) Computer Science/lT / Management
with 7 years in relevant field
Research Ph.D. Engineering/Management) 35 years /
Associate-ll with 2 years working experience 42,000t- +
in relevant field HRA
ME/ M.Tech (Civil/ Mechanical/
Chemical/ Env. Engineering/
Computer Science/lT / Management
with 5 years working experience
in relevant field
Project BE/Bffech (55%) with Civil/ 35 years /
Assistant- lll Mechanical/Chemical/ Env. Engg. 35,000r +
Plus two years working experience HRA
B.Tech with MBA in
H R/Enviro nm enUAna lytics
ME/M.Tech. (55%) with Civil/
Mechanical/Chemical/ Env. Engg.

(with Good Proficiency in English and

MS-office (Word, PPT, Excel)and
having working knowledge of EIA
orland Modeling Tools orland
Statistics or/and Data Analytics/ML
Project Report Compilation and lntegration (on MCA/BE/B.Tech.(55%) in 30 years /
Assistant- ll different environmental components), Computer Science/ lT and 31,000/- +
Report Typing, Editing, Formatting etc. , related subjects with proficiency HRA
File Management nd General in English and MS-Office and
Assistance in Administrative Work understanding of data analysis
related to Projects and report writing skills
Project B.Sc. / Diploma in Engg. or 28 years /
Assistant- | equivalent (55%) 20,000t +
*Any one fulfilling
the job requirement criteria/capability may also apply.,
The cut-off date of the maximum age limit will be the last date of application submission.
Number of posts and empaneled candidates may vary, HRA - as per applicability.
Age Relaxation : Age relaxation as per applicable rules.
basis under the externally funded/ other project
The engagement will be purely on temporary and contract
undertaken by cSlR-NErnt wnicn may be extendeo
or curtailed depending on the status/ duration of the
with the project duration' Maximum
project, satisfactory performance / conduct, and shall be co-terminus
in cslR shall not be more than five years in any
duration in one project or in different projects taken together
minimum and should be in the area mentioned as above'
case. The prescribed essential qualifications are the
Mere possession of the same does not entiile candidates
to be called for interview/ test. The duly constituted
the candidates. The candidate should, therefore'
screening committee will adopt its own criteria for shortlisting the
experience in the rerevant area over and above
mention in the apprication ail the quarifications and
and ensure that all details are complete and
minimum prescribed qualification, supported with documents

ln case candidates are called for the interview, candidates have

to bring printed (duly signed by
copies of document in support of date of birth'
candidates) apprication form supported by seFattested
educationar quarifications and experience etc.
(to be orougnt at the time of interview only (or any time
pandemic), ilong with originar certificates for verification)'
before finar selection, in view of covrD-lg the rights of the
Any deviation in the iniormation provided may oeat
to cancellatiJn of your candidature and all
srm" .t. reserved with Director' CSIR-NEERI'

l'lr}w t0 APPIY:
as per the attached.format (Annexure ll) along
Ail eligibte and interested candidates may send the application
of canclidature (soc) for job specified' key strengths
with computsory one page write up inoicating suitabiiity
points). Application received without one page compulsory
and Future plan for next three years (in bull;t;
write uP shall not be considered'

WFrurn tc stnd appli**tian: drc@neeri'res'in by 15'07'2020

internal screening committee and the shortlisted

selection process: The applications shail be scrutinized by
phone. All the shortlisted candidates shall be required to appear
candidates shall be intimated by e-mail /
before the Assessment and Recruitment'committee
for Projects (ARCP) for a personal interview or a test
pandemic, the interview may also be
(or both) at NEEni, Delhi Zonal Centre. ln view of covl6-19
conducted through online platform, which shall be
duly informed to the shortlisted' The date of
well in advance'
interview shall be communicated t0 shortlisted candidates
/ test. The engagement shall be an assignment and
No TA will be admissibte for appearing at the interview
lt would, therefore, not confer any righuclaim'
not an appointment in cslF/NEERl, teirporary or otherwise.
against any post in cslR-NEERI or under any other
implicit on the candidates for regularization/ aosorption
to improve his / her qualification during the tenure'
scheme of cslR. However, each candidriu ir.n.ourageo

No lnterim enquiries will be entertained in this regard'

'-:> *4 '-
*.: j:Y:5-
(Ankit GuPta)
Project Leader

\\M\-r. to.r,ra"ra
Scientist & Head,
CSIR-NEERI Zonal Centre, Delhi

Ref: Notice No.
Project No.
Post aPPlied for Paste
Title of Project here

1. Name

2. Father's Name:
3. Date of Birth:
Year Month DaYs
4. Age as on closing date of the application:
SC ST OBC General
5. Category:
- -
6. Communication Address:

Phone No. STD Mobile No.:

Email, if anY

7. Qua lifications Division and

UniversitY Year of
Degree Discipline /
Passing Percentage

L ExPerience:

9. Name of the close relative(s))" Name.

in NEERI/CSIR (lf anY) i RelationshiP:

on the Project' lt
I understand that it is a contractual
engagement on purely tempo.rary basis
of regularization /
wourd, therefore, noi any righuctaim imfticit or explrcit for consideiation
"onr",. post'
absorption against any CSIR/NEERI
to the best of my knowledge and belief' I

I declare that the above particulars are correct found to be incorrect'

me if these are
understand that action can be taken against

and those
* Relations would include wife/husband/sons/daughters/brothers/sisters/sons-inlaw/daughters-in-law
who could be termed as blood relations