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1 About this manual Generator protection with machine differential protection

LAN Local area network

Ethernet-based network for computers and devices

Latching Digital outputs and indication LEDs can be latched, which means
that they are not released when the control signal is releasing.
Releasing of latched devices is done with a separate action.

LCD Liquid crystal display

LED Light-emitting diode

NTP Network Time Protocol for LAN and WWW

OVF Indication of the event overflow

P Active power

Unit = [W]

PF Power factor

The absolute value is equal to cosφ, but the sign is 'IND' for
inductive i.e. lagging current and 'CAP' for capacitive i.e. leading

PLC Programmable logic controller

PM Nominal power of the prime mover

(Used by reverse/under power protection.)

POC signals Binary signals that are transferred in the communication channel
of two P3L30 line differential relays in both directions. POC
signals are used to transfer statuses of the DI, VI, VO and logic

pu Per unit

PU Depending of the context, the per unit refers to any nominal


For example, for overcurrent setting 1 pu = 1 x I GN .

P3G30 P3G30 generator protection relay

Q Reactive power

Unit = [var]

RELxxxxx Short order code

RH Relative humidity

RMS Root mean square

RS232 or RS485 Standard defining the electrical characteristics of a serial

(EIA-232 or EIA-485) communication interface

RTU Remote terminal unit

P3G/en M/F006 15