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From the Podium

"While vour adversarydid evervthina in his wwerto out civilian lives at risk, vou. our coaliton Dartners,took such areat care


want the Iraai wo~bto live in freedom so that thev can build a future where Iraai leaders answer to the Iraai people instead

of killingthem.' ~ndbecause of you, they wll have a chance todo just

"There's still work to be done. The remnants of that regime need to be removedfrom every comer of this county. We still have to find and deal with the remaining elements of the former regime. We haw to root out and eliminate terrorist networks operating in this country. We have to help Iraqis restore their basic services. And we have to help provide conditions of stability and security so that the Iraqi people can form an interim authority, an interim government, and then uttimateiy afree Iraqi government based on politicalfreedom, individual liberty and the rule of law."

the lives ofnnocent iiviiiins,

indeed, in a reat sense, many of the Iraqi people werehostages to that regime We


.Secretay of Defense DonW RuTOlefd

TownHaflMeetingwrft Coalion Troops


From the Podium

The WMD Discovery Process

'[The Coalition [has] a comprehensive approach to identifying, assessing and eliminating Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programs and delivery systems, and that effort is focused on three things. We're looking to interview and obtain cooperation Horn key Iraqi personnel, some of whom are doing so as walk-ins end voluntarily, others are those who have been members of the former regime. We're looking to access and to assess and exploit a number of sensitive sites throughoutthe country. And we're working very hard lo obtain and emtoit documents, comouters, hard drives, fandl thirws like that which can give us some indication of how Ithel WMD spte-n . So mat vie nave orgo ng nere is e n qh y newve &vceis in tne !neate' Anere ie try m . iahe aoiantage of each bft

of iformat on to p1 :n tie n~xiyep n .rravel iq the 0.72 e iftat is tie weaponsof mass oesrrucbin program '

On the SusDected Iraal MobileWMD Lab 'mu end up. asking : What's the equipmentfor? What are the suppliers? Where do we know they've been connected? How did the

fit in here?

documentation come together? How is the van configured7 [HIOWdo you think the process woks? Where do the

And so vou oo throuoh . all that. and vou ask vourself: What oftier nmcesses muht be accomvished bv this kind of CmiOumtiOnand Inis lyse of eqii pme'n? An0 1w cone JS in [me expens] nave con& m mi-s far is inat tney hive nor nad one. So now /ou go 10 ire

nexrs'ep an0 it:aces ime





And it isnt sonof an nsiarl eureka.' 11sa constant effolto get to lie answer '

SecretaryRumsfeld's Messaqe to the Iraqi People

'Let me be clear' Iraq belongs to you The coalllion has

no intention

of owning or running Iraq Our coalition came herefora


and itwas to removea reaimethat oooressed your oeook and

trreaiened o~rsC-ir goas :o restoresia:>l'\'an" sec,ri$

you can form an iiefrn government of liw fa\: ymiernmoPt agcveniTen'ui text at Secretary'sMessaqe

so tat


own and e.ei%ally a

y~di21 00s-ng . ' Cw$ete


From the Podium

Gravesite Evidence of Saddam Brutail 'WI!~the d~smveryth~sweek of mssegs:r

discovery was still another chilling rerninderof why so many nations came together to remove Saddam Husseinfrom power. Lookingat that mass grave and the photographsof it one cannot help but feel that ifs a good thing that a rqime with Such disregardfor innocent human life is gone and will not possessthe tools of mass murder."

in Iraqw have %en still more evidence of the brutalib of bat regime. Tk


May 15,2M13

Free fromTvrannv. Iraa on Road to Recovery

"Across most of Iraq, life is already getting better. The regime of fear and oppression is gone. The Shi'a of Iraq have been

able to honor their religioustraditions for the first time in decades. Town councils and local politiciansare already starling to meet and openlyand freelyselect their leaders.Waterquality today is better in Basrathan it has beenfor years. More Iraqis

today have access to electricitythan ever before,"


Special EnvoytoIraq

May 15,2003

From the Podium

Gravesite Evidence of Saddam Brutality

"With the discovery this week of mass graves in Iraq we haw seen still more evidence of the brutality of that regime. The

discovery was still another chilling reminder of why

Looking at that mass grave and the photographsof it one cannot help but (eel that it's a good thing that a regimewith such disregardfor innocenthuman lifeisgone and will not possesshetoolsof massmurder."

so many nations came together to remove Saddam Hussein from power.

-Secretary DonaldRumsfeld


FreefromTyranny, Iraaon Roadto Recovery

"Across most of Iraq, life is already getting better. The regime of fear and oppressionis gone, The Shi'a of Iraq have been able to honor their religioustraditionslor the first time in decades.Town councilsand local politiciansare already startingto meet and openlyand freely select their leaders. Waterquality today is betterin Basrathan it has beenfor years. MoreIraqis

today have access to electricitythan ever before,"

- L. Paul Bremer

Special Envoyto Iraq

May 15,2003

Fromthe Podium

JSA 0s reconstn.cnon learn re~ors"ic:re5oemal dec1r.c CJSI~~In tne norin and

soutn d raci nave more electric service toda;

man at any lme in me pas1 12 years n Basra opetalon .eak Stop Decanoo May l4ti wma team 0' rag piJnod's mot ng mroiigtitne cfty

1301 16

pr na'\ healh care centers am &6 of 56 warn care fml-ips are no* opera1 ma In eag%an imp ma lion is emp oy ng some 1 WO Iraqisto

Pmow trasi an0 wan overllowng swap m me ne gnrorpood o* Tiroran. formen; ¥(ncças Saooam C 1.,

M is'ry of ".$ice

other portionsof the country.' IDoD News Briefing . Secretary Rmsfeld end Gen. Mvers)

repan rg cans n waw spes wcn nas oeen a far y con!Inm.s prooiem oecadeof timwrmamof ~ienhasiruclute n Kmi

an0 c ear _p arto rpfurb sh Ihe

Tne Ol for Fm o.str c iron systen ha tppn re-artwaled r Unun Oasr ana :hem tons woxng to maan I frnwh

Secretary DonaldRumM(May 21,2003)

BÈt Fmdm k a Cilllnolot Anwricant

'Tre advance of freedom ,s more Iran an nterest we p-m~e,it

saw ling we folw 0-r mnhy was creaiaa In the name and caused

freedom, arl f me sef-e'noem 1r.m~ of odr foup(1 ng are he for JS my am me tof a1 As a pew oed cawd ro CM rights ware Om

lo oe'cm

me Human now of otters

Vie are the nation ma1 I Derated corn rents ma comntrslol camas. We're

me naton of lim Marshal

Plan me

Berlin A i fl an1 tne Pcm Corps Nc mCII

naron mat endw the oppressm 0' A'ghan women am we

am tne lam mat closed

IW 1oi.r~ cnamwm of rac ' ("reswer De ivers Ccmnencemem Aooress at Coast G~arcl)

The Defense Department wll observe Memorial Day at basesanddeployedlocationsworldwide Soldiersofthe 3^

U S InfantryRpq-I

MIdace 285 000 flags81graves m

Anixflon NMirna Cpmeipfy Tne hoaaj mains ire star of

&am Tn~en Fmcm a omm of rndt~q sliled for me weeks and months ahladthat demonstrates publicappreciation for semce members accomplishments and sacrifices in me Global war aqainst terrorism Thii mom, ninevetaransif Operation Iraqi Freedomwill ring

We openin Del 91 ¥mhe# \ox Sm Excranp Trey

*> 1 a.~free' NVS: Cnermgn DICKWrasse 810 toam meroe's anc mno-a nteww or me u?aig floor à m mnma media lne em1 sLSI one ol'i-.r,irpnn niantfnr Oneraton Tribute to ~reedbm (For OTF uodaies and additional Memorial Day events, please go tothe Defend

hw website htlD'//www.defendarnerica.mil/.)

New Office to H~DSet DoD Intellloence Priorities

WfSHINGTON- Looking to the future and setting the debflee ptblitia

for the intelligencecommunity MI be the focus of the new Officedthe

Undersecretaryof Defense for Intelligence m the Pentagon. Steve

Canbone is the undersecretary incharge of the office The office is part

of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's move to transform the department Rumsfeld said dunng a press conference May 20 that the office will Wlp pull together these [lntellgence]aqendes in the dipartment so that they can interact with the CentralIntelligenceAgency and the other intelligenceentitiesh the UnitedStatesgovernmsnlina more professionaland coordinated way ' (full story at DefenseLINK News: New Ofcito Heh Set DoD Intelltaence Pnanlles)

Joint Logistics Effort Made a DifferenceIn the War

WiNGTW - Tne ,pew ut nx: odifle in tq slra w4 Ire ogistcs

eftn ndme sew ,e iw i a mm~reup to Ire tds sad hy

Iqsucs cffcals n ,fa<] an0 ineLnnel Sidles Speamw; viaa

frcm rm Pnq Gen LAC St&

uwrecedented speed of the miition attack into Iraq and theenormous

distanceUiewarfighters covered strained the logistics system But It was

never in danger of breaking and Ite logi9ticians were able tosupply

warfighterswith the ammunition,W,water and fuel they needed to

completethe mission Stultzsaid me pint logistics effort made a differencein the war 'P.rmy, ManneCorps Navy and Air Force

looisticianslwere able to combineour loaistics efforts


3 sadm

combinetk use of

-- Fromthe Podium

On Weapons of Mass Destruction

'[Iraq] is a country the size of California It is not as

chemical or biologicalor

The teams of people are out nvesbgatngsite aftersite after ste And they have found these twomobilebiological laboratories,which the[Defense

Intelligence]agency assesses to be jusl

though we've managed to look [In] every dace. There are hundreds and hundreds of suspecl

Why? Because we've only been !here seven weeks.

nuclear sites that have not been investigatedas yet it will take time

that- biologicalweapons laboratories.They're still doing investigations and checking them out, but at the

Secretary of DefenseDonaldRwnsfeld Council& ForeignRelations, May 27,2003

moment mats me currenteval~atonof the mveshaamrs~

" pln the case of the weapons of mass destruction,fiere'sbeen 12 years of conscious, deliberateeffort to Mae the program, as indicated,for

example, in

the UN effort,we put so much emphasis en giving theinspectorsunprecedentedaumonty to take Iraqiscaentstsand other knowledgeable peoplewt

oflhecwntry, with iheir families,so they could be interviewedincircumstances thatwerefree from inlimldaton." DeputySwrataryofDefensePaulWotfowifl Senate ForeignRelationsCornitlee, May 22,2003


mobile trailers that we have discovered, that SecretaryPowell spoke about atthe UnM Nations. That's why from the beginning of

'Coalition experts .have been unableto identifyany legitimateindustrial use

capability. We have investigatedwhat other industrial processes may requre such eqipment

agentproductionis the only consistent,logicalproposefor these vehicles.'


would justify theeffortandexpensofa mobile production


agree wth the expertsthat[biological weapons1

-"Iraqi MobileBiologml WarfareAgent Produdion Plants' Report by !he CIA S Defense intel1,genwAgency


From the Podium

Secretary Rumsfeld Testifies BeforeSenateon Do0 Civilian Workforce Transformation "DoD is working to deal with the security threats of the 2Ist century with a personnel system that was fashioned for the mld-W century. We have an industrial age organization that is struggling to perform in an information age world. We need the helpof the

.J~Edoes not mean an end to congressional


Members of Congress to free us so we can better serve the American

What it means is that we need to work together to ensure that the Department of Defense has the flexibility to keep up with

the MW threats emerging as thiscentury unfdds," (Prewrd Statement on the National SecunW Personnel SVStem)


Secrelary DonaldRmsfeid(June4,2003)

DwutvSecurittWolfowitz in Seoul

'Our commitmentto the defense of Korea remains firm. H has been the basis of a half a century of democratic and economic Moaress here on the peninsula that has benefited both our countries We want to continue building the foundations for another half century of close partnership between our two nations. We believe that the kinds of capabilities that both our countries can introduce can

contribute to deterring war on this peninsula,

substantially counter the asymmetric advantages that North Korea pursues and further

which is our most fundamental obiectve." (DoD News Deouti Secretary Wolowitz Press Conferencein Mull


Deputy SecretaryPaulWoIfowltz(June 2,2003)

Bush Praises Coalition Tmon Durlna QatarVlsit President Bush thanked coalifon service membersforenlarging¥trie.realof llkrtf" during astopin Qaaron June 5 It was the last stop of a triplhattook himto Europe, Russiaand the Mmdle East In loodegree heat, Bush praised the US soldiers, saying thaiAmeric.3had sent them on a mission 'to remove a crave threat and to liberate an opp-essedpeople, aid that mission has been accomplished"Bushalso addressedthe fact that coalitionforces have not found Iraqi weaponsof mass destruction yet. "We're on the look,' Bush said "We'li reveal the truth.' (DefenseLINKNews: Bush Praises

Pentaoon Launches Nationwide Trow Thank You initiative Operation Tr~buteto Freedom is 'a way tothank the menand wmenin

have done such anamazinQjob,' said Chris Wiliwx, a deputy assistant secretary of

defense forpublic affairs.""Thereare an enormousnumberof

gong on around lhecountry,from Kiwanisevents, Chamberof Commerce events.

paradesinsmalltownstodeclarationsbycities and towns thankingthe menand women in uniform.' (Tributeto Freedom)

spontaneous events


From the Podium

Secretary Rumfdd; BefaianWar Crimes LawAbsurd Secretary Rumsfeldsa'ri Thursday in Brussekthat Americanofficials mav stcc attendin0 NATO meetinas in Belaiumbecause ofa law that allows 'spurious" s-iils accusing American leaders of warcrimes. he united Stateswill withhold any furtherfundingfor a new NATOheadquartersbuildinghere untilthe matter is resowed, hesaid. The problemstems from Belgium'sUniversalCompetenceLaw. Under this law, U S. Central Command chief Army Gen. Tommy Franks has been charged with war cnmes for his actions in Ope~tion Iraqi Freedom. The lawgives Belgiancourtsthe power to try citizensof any nation for war crimes, 'These suits are absurd," Rumsfeid said. Hesad Franks wentto great lengths to spare civilian fives duMg the war in Iraq. "The point is this: By passing that law, Bebium has turned its legal system into a platformfor divisive, politicized lawsuitsagainst officialsof its NATOallies," DefenseLINKNews Beluien Law Mav FOTOU.S to Stop Atiendiw NATO Meetinqs

SecretaryRumsfeld,June 12,2003

Ambassador Paul Bremer, Director of the Coalition

"We've completed, I think it's fairto say, the first phase of the Coaliton'sefforts towards the reconstitution of Iraq, The focuson that phase was gettingbasic services delivered,utilitiestumedon,and providingbelter law and order for everybody.We'vegotthe water

and the Doweron In manv Dartsofthe country it'sactuallvnow above levelsofwhat it was beforethe war

reconW~tmhn en ma y beg rs row nas as is man eflpnas 3 restor ng econom c act /it\ ' ;raiscnp' CoalTicn Post-wa-Reconstnriion and Siao zauon EM%1

Provisional Authority, Gives Update on Iraq

Thesecond ohaseof DoD News Bwfinq on


AmbassadorBremer,June 12,2003

News& Notes

1 Rumfeld Discusses NATOMembennio Wth AJbanin* TIRANA, A.>an a, Jm 10 200? - An-er can and A ban an defense officialsdiscussedthe Balkannation'sdesire to becomea full-

fledged member of NATO and the waron terrorism during meetings

here today. Defense Secretary Donald H. Albanian Defense Minister Pandeli Majko

governmentfor theirhelp in Afghanistan and Iraq. *The whole

Albanian population in the region considers the United States of

Maiko said. 'In hotareas ofthe abbe is be nq fc-g'ufor peace arc oe&craq

A cai a s caqng us aurymere' L'eknse- hf News Runsfeld

Dsc-isseshA'0 UemoershD A

America a strategic allv'

wee ,me war


Rumsfeld also

and the rest of his


Lt A 3an ars

OPERATION TRIBUTETOFREEDOM Fansat13 Maor .eag-ie Baseball games on , ne

watch as flags flown over the Pentagon will be raised in honorof our troops. Gen. Myerswill throw the first pitch at the Yankees-CardinalsGame. And D.C. Unitedsoccerteam

will host Armed ForcesAooredation Dav. All events areDart

of Opera*on Tqb-te to :reedom

D~~&LIVKNew iaia

- LeagueBaseoa .Soccer ta £.ie Trcops 01 FaÂDay

14 wll


Paul Rock (left),a Vietnamveteran, organized an OperationTribute toFreedom paradeinLongmoniCob,,forhlsson. 1Syear-old Zachary, a U S Marinelancecorporalwho servedin Iraq.


1 of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told araduates of the ~ationalDefense

S am ma Lon fo CPS nam ach e'ied sig~ricant


n'o a sense cf comp aceicy * rle

War on Terrorism Is Tou hest Challen


- Gen $hard

Jn /pfq Ihal


n Afman stan ana raq

we ocnl let o~'s.cc3sses J -s

Yet M sra i,&rs.%nnan

Yet I is paramount he sa c

1waoons of massdmtructrm me oenera remarked. notino that

emphasized that the war on terrorism is far from

over.' Another

modem-daythreat to global security involvesthe proliferation of

From the Podium

Secretary Rumsfeld, Retired Lt. Gen. JavGarner Brief on Progress in Iraq 'ir, the north and south, eiectrc service is better than it's been in 12 years Basra has power 24 hoursa day. Baghdad is now a~6iaging somethino like 18 19 or 20 hours a day. Gas lines for cars that mark the first weeks of after-liberaton are disappearing, and production and imnortation of oasoline continuesat am'-nximatelv 14 miliinn i'tpr; a dav There has not been a maior health crisis. There is nota hdinai'!3 a?crss"r thcco-np A cf lre'ncrqo.c~~cn-3%prs ^no -'am ~ooen nave m careo'tnaltnarsme case DoctO6am rimes ?age acre bxit 10 MO^ Twe !eo.; c ixpla's n 3agtcadae ixct in lg ana rece ving DoW irac cn dren are retLmng 10

sctiuos !n'eiqency Ccnrne'i!s nae teen maat -i [me Min'iti, i/ EJ.&uo?

as mei as lo scme 2C 000 teazhers .nBaghdad alone.

The de-Ba'athification process is underway. And hundreds of ;ndividuak have beenremovedfrom their positions." (transcript DoD News SecretaivRumsfeMMedia AvailabMvwith Jay Gamer)

MaJ. Gm. bvOdierno Discusses

Secretary DonaldRmnsfeid,Washington(Juna 18,2003)

lnfaniw Dvislon's Ongoln~RoieMnq

'A'nouqh maor cornoat opewcis nave ¥MP doe^ OLI soide~s'e wwed in a most daily miact wlh nonmmp am forces,fmr regime members and common criminals. To defeat these attacksand tocontinue to improve thesecurity and stability within our area, the task force is conductingsearch and attack missions, presencepatrolsand raidsto disarm, defeat and destroy hostileforces,as well as to camre the former reoime members These effortshave nrodimada stabilizinaeffect throuohout the regionand resuited in the captureof several top 55 "most wanted" individualsof the former regime within our area of operations,"(tranicrlpt' Do0 News: Mai;

Gen.OdiemoVideoconferencefrom Baghdad)

Mej.Om. Wino, Baghdad (June 18, 2003)

MACDILLAFB.FL, June 18-Genera AbiO HamidMahmudat-Tikritiisnow in

custody of Coalition Forces. He was senior bmlyouard (CEWTCOM: Ace

Saddam Hussetn's persomi secretary and of Diamonds]

30" Annlversaw of All-Volunteer Force WASHINGTON, June 17- President Bush will hoa a reenisi ceremony at the WhBe House on July 1 to mark the 30" anniversary of the AUVolunteer Force. Enlistment ceremonieswin also be held at65 military entrance-processingstations around the

DesertScomlon Missions: Hunt for Saddam, Aid HumanitarianEfforts WASHINGTON.June 17- OoerationDesert Scorpion confnuesthroughoutIran. Officialssaid Combined JointTask Force 7commanders are using all available

Fromthe Podium

Secretary Rumsfeld: U.S. Committed to Stability and Security In Iraq

"In Iraq, dificult

killed. And they con!inue to pursuethose that remainat large

coalitionforces. Just as they were unable to stop thecoalition advance in Baghdad, thedeath squads will notstop ourcommitmentto createstabilityand security in postwarIraq."

now some 32 out of 55ofthe most wanted, and an additional two were They're making prcgress aqainst thedead-eiderswho are harassing

work remains. Coalition forces have cap'ured

ltranscnptof press conference DoDNews Briefinc- Secretary Rumsfeldand Gen.Myers)

Secretary DonaldRumsfeld,Washington(June24,2003)

Ambassador Bremen Economic Freedom Must Be Priority In Iraa

BY imwrina domestic economic wlicv, Iran will be able to particbate fullv in the afobal marketnlaca. Todav. Irea's workers, factories






and consumersrely onequipmentand technologiesfm

the Ideas and technologiesthat have lined lwing standards aroundtie wortd. It is not just a questionof buyingbettermachinesor


that also raises economic growth, Like other countries, Iraq will no doubt find that opening its borders to trade and investment will

increase competitive oresure on

poieoiei) $ene 'arm.iano an eoucatw pop. aton eager to om tie intematcna 'commi.1 ty,aid 3.^earn lUanscn-3t Cnel Aom srator I lac Am4 Econonc Foflim)

Hie 1950s and 1960s. Free trade and investmentwillallow Iraq to benefitfrcm

better blueprints. By limiting foreign investment, Iraq has been denied the chance to benefit from the world's best know-how

its domesticfirms and therebv raise Dforiuctivitv.Iran starts this orocess with manv advanmas:





Ambassador L. Paul Bfemer Ill,hrdan (June 22,2003)

In the News


Ripkenopen the acidil T-ball game by welcomi& the learnsfrom Fort BelvoirandNorfolk The June 22 event was dedicated in honor of themen and women in uniform Owfation Tnbdte toFreedom:T- &&&y

Fast Facts Link

Total Reserve and Nations Gum on active

day ~207.911Forreease anti cJmJaive


DoDNpwf June 25 2003

carriedout safely with few serious adverseevents,"Data from our researchare

vitally important to the

conduct this vaccination programsafelydemonstratesthe capabilityto protect the

public at large from thespecter of smallpoxasa weapon ofterronsm," he said (story:DoDNews: SmallpoxVaccination Study]

preparednessofthe nation. The ability of the military to

Gem Mvers Ai -Voldnleer M'ihaw GoingStrong

AASh NG'Oh Je25- Todafs al-voi~pieerfmceis sirom vibrant ax has successfullv met mvnad chalienies inthe abbal waron terrorism, the U.S. 1

military'stoo officersaid

pan e.e-)body *no is sen, ng s someone -ma dams toserve 'asserted Air

Fire Gen Ricnard 3 Myers

conscnron o' d-aft m iary *I CI

July 1, 1973, draftees were required to spend two years

~do~tionof the ail-volunteer miltary concept resulted in having people stay in uniform Ionoar. Mvers oointed out. and in turn enabled the military to focus on improving the training and quality of life for service members


has reaixec bt me 2i.w Jnieer system

here ~uie25 ~hiiislaroelvso. because "forthemost

ire cna rmanof ine


m Criefe of Staff Under the

in the active military.





From the Podium

our troops will be met with direct and decisive force. As America fiahis our war mainst terror, wewill continue to depend on tne skill

and thecourage of cd .o mee' m .mr\

in every mosson. Amencas sewerren an0 men nabe 3'ougii ciedt to tne ~nfornto w flq and 10 OJI country We have

needed you aid ~OJnave new PI JS dowi .(transcrpt A

i inese ast t2 montns. oirkmed or& nave men lesled anc tesleo aqan in every case

Loi~rteerForce Re-en stmenl Cerenoiy)

President Gmp W. Bush, Washington (July 1,2003)

Secretary Rumsfeld Press Briefing: Thanking ThoseWho Make Freedom Posalblq

"This Friday Americans will mark the 227th anniversary of our

engaged across the globe, defendingour people against adversarieswho have a desire to kill innocent men, women and children, and disrupt our way of life. And as we stop10 give thanks for our freedom, we also glve thanks forthose who makeour freedom possible:

the men and women of our armed forces This war in Iran.Americanfisaw our forces in actinn. but it is imvortantto remefnterthat Operation Iraq Freedom was JSI cce me n a c KCLt ano oangerx nar tiat s st11going on tie gma war on tenw Tooay and every oaf brave Tien anawomer are fqit ng ma' Aar nswq ire rlw to de'eio xr pmpe Iron ten'onsn On .~ly4th. a grateful

na'on st2Ps to man6 mem ai ' (Tansmp' Secrew? Rms<e.dLGen-4ye6

country's independence. We do so in a time of war, when our forces are


Secretary DonaldRumsfeld. Washinaton(JuneM,20031

In the News

Thousands of Troops Take Part In Operation Tribute to Freedwn WASHINGTON,June 30- Morethan4,000 military troops and Defense Deoartmantcivilianswill take part in IndependenceDay eventsacmss the United Stales as pan of Operation Tribute to Fresdom, the DoDinitiaIiveencouraging Americansto thank and support US troops The "HometownHeroes" program is sending more than 1,000 tmoos back to their hometowns lo participatein FourthofJuly evenis (storyDelenseLINKNews: Fourth Events)

DoD Web Links


Operation Tribute To Freedom Ways to Support Our Troops Secretary's July 4 Messaoe to Trooos

CENTCON Channe of Command

WASHINGTON.July 2-Army Lt Gen. John P.Atlizaid issetto receivehis fourth star and TOtakeover U.S CentralCommandfrom outgoingcommander

Army Gei Tommy R, FranksatcsrmoriesinTampa, Ra,,July 7. TheU.S.

Senate confirmad President Bush's nominationof Abizaid June 27. (storyDefenseLINKNews.AbizaidNew CENTCOMCommander)

Bremtr Says More IfaaisCooDentim With Coalition WASHINGTON, July 1-The remnants08SaddamHussa'n's regime are nol only attackingCoalitionforces, but alsothe infrastructureall Iraqisrelyon, said the presidentialenvoyto Iraqtoday The death squad leftoversand unreconstructedmembersofthe IraqiRepublicanGuardand BaathParty loyalists "areincreasinglyalienatingthe rest ofthe population,which is beginning to enjoy their new-foundfreedoms,' Paul 8remer said [storyDelenseUNKNews: Bremer PressConference)

From the Podium

kmfw R~msfeldTesbfis Before Senale Ann& Sewws Commiltee "One c'mecna ewes fa: nq tne Cot lid sf id 10 raq s weapms o' "idis oestrucaon asme cna [man menbmed We're still early in

that Drocess, and the task before us is sizable and ~omolex.Maior combat o~erationsended ksslhan 10 weeks aoo. The Iraai regime

had 12 vears to conceal its oroorams.to movematerials. hide documents. disoerseeaui~ment.develw mobile ~mductionfacilities and

weapons of mass murder We acted because we saw the existing evidence in a new light, throughthe prism of our experience on September 1lth." (transcript Testimonyon lraqj

Secretary DonaldRumsfeld,Washington(July 9,2003)

Director of Iraqi Reconstruction and Develoment Council Briefs Pentagon PressCow 'Theobjectives of those people, the remnants of Saddam, are different from theobjectives of theIraqi people. Theobjectiveof the Iraqi people1s to enjoy liberty and start the democratic process.They are tookingforward having a free and just Iraq, and they tryto enjoythe new future that the United States is helpinu to build in Iraa. And unfortunately,those remnants will be thereuntil we take themout, I thinkonce the Iraqi people realize ~addaiand his sons are either dead or captured, we will havemuch morecooperation mthis process." (transcript Briefina on Post-War Developmentsin Iraa)

Director Emad Dhia, Washington (July 7,2003)

Bush Savs US. Committed to Peace In Africa WASHINGTON,July 9- President Bush said lhe United Slatesisfirmly committedto peacein Africa and said America would su~portpeacekeepingefforts in Liberia, He spokeat a joint press conference with South African President Thabo Mbeki in Pretoria. Bushsaid that LiberianPresident CharlesTavtor must leavethecountry for any peaceeffort to have achance. Bush also said that he will not over-extendthe US, military,He said the U S mililav has helped tram seven battalionsof West African peacekeepers,and their presence will help ensure the U S. military is lot over-extended, (DefenseLINKNewsstoyl

PTOldmt SaÈ U.S. WtilStaythe Courseln Iraq

WASHIMGTOK,July 10-The United States 'w\\ stay thecourse' In Iraq, President

Bushsaid today in Gatemne, Botswana, foilowinq a meetingwith President Festus Gonlebanye Moqae. The U.S. president notedthat AmbassadorJew Bremer,the Amencan civil administrator in Iraq, reports that "mevast majority of Iraqicitizens are thrilled thal Saddam Hussem is no longer in power.'(DefenseLINKNewsstow)

en Masr SVeet USA a! Wa'l Disnay World en July 4 as spectators cheer Hundreds of OTF events wok place across the country to hirihosa who serve (Disney photo)

FmnkaHindiOverCENTCOMReinsto Abjzaid TAMPA, Fla , July 7 -Amy Gen John P. Abizaid assumed command of US. Central Commandfrom Army Gen. Tommy R. Frankstoday during a ceremonyat theSt

PeteTimes Forum. Ablzariserved

He said the greatest Honorfor any soldier IS to command the sons and daughters of

America."it isa particularhonor to embark upon this command in timeof war" he sari "Central Commandwill continue to take the fight to me enemy on his ground. We will continue to do ourwork with our friends and alias to defeat our mortal enemies." IWenseLlNK Newsstoyl

as the Certrai Command'sdeputycommander.

From the Podium

Resioent hsn, Prim4 M nister Bla r hold While House-Press Conference


aq ire. r ten States Brts.1 aiootrw n(::3rs :on ^:IW

a i Uev re; ~e mat am m tnreaten I~e~eace,^^a1cututed bes m

terror and defied the clear demands of the United Nations Security ~ouncil~addamHussein producedand possessedchemicaland biolwical weanons and was twin0 to reconstrtutehi?nuclear wfianons nmoram. He used chemica wftaoons in acts of murder aminst


nrs oir pecpe The i. k Ser.r',

reso tons Y~manong :na'*re c ctato' rem 2nd oesira, a 21 nn i^ @:aweapons Afina Se^.r'y

ser.oJs wnsec-ences

and security, we chose ours."( White House transcrwtl (OefenseLINKstow]


Corn .act ?Qon .ntamaton kranare. red om nany

passed mo'e man aoozen


Come ~esoi~ttarpromised an0 fo'tre saneof peace

f ne contn.~n 5 defaice Tre former o'clao of l'w ct'ose ns cw'sp otx'or

Presdent George W. Bush (Juhf 17,2003)

CENTCUM Commander Gen. John Ablzald

'I thinkour current force levels are aboiitriaht if the siiiiflfifin nets wnrw i nuon'ihesitate tn ask foi mewft The &irnca~Wnlthiio

al of Ins s ca~sinqtne led of \ o ence to do COAI

preny nteresing way And mrk inat - yo- rave 10 un'Jeistand tnat tnere w l DC an ncrease n vo ence as we xrdeve po %a1 success, becausethe people that have a stake in ensuringthe defeat of the coalition realize that time is gettino short as me iraaiface becomes more and more prevalent on the future of Iraq And thats precisely aafs going on now" (DOD~ewstranscri~t)

Briefs Pentagon Remiters on Inia Situation

in sc tnat governance can mew forward An0 governance nas moved forward in a







Gen. John Abizald (Julv 16.20031

newest Nimitz class aircraft carer USS Ronald~eagan'

(CVN 76) rLn up the brows to"b7ngthe ship to life,"

traditionduringa ship's commissioningceremony (Navypfioteby Photofirapher'sMate3rdClass Rusty Black)

Mass Grave Found In Al Ham

News & Notes

Mllltare Prdmslonala Know MluionCorneaFInt WASHINGTON,July 16,2003-"We can eitherfightthkbattleagainst

terrorism at home, or we can fight it abroad,' U.S. Army Gen. John Abizaid


Habmari ' Tk new O~ratlonIraoi Fredom mmmanderaavp-an uodate on

the security situationin Iraq. He also discussed how long &ps&ld

In iraq,a question being posed by the public, military family membersand the

trooosthemselves. "It's verb lmnortant :o all of us to make sure that our

soldiers, sailors airmen and Marines know when they re coming home. i know this pereonally"Abizaidstressed DefenseLlNKstory

said. 'Oursoldiers haveto knowin (herheart of hearts that


Baathisla Organized. CoalitionFacet DeterminedEnmv

WASHINGTON,July 16, 2003-U.S. and Coalihonforces arefxi-

organized oppositionby

John Ahivaid told ranorters He said mfd-level Baathist intellimnce Snerial

Sec~n'i&an zat& an0 ~epuocai~;kpeco->nave&&ized

at tw rq.a'"ai e.ei n ce .ar sr^c'.re aro aracniouctrQwnal worn

1es:ice as a cassca

ccnl i il 2.r ooctrra !err s 0:

Is ow-lnten3ty oesw ce it'

Baathist remnants throughout iraq, US Army Gen.


a-VDCcarncagi aqsn? .s

IS w31 rowem {o.

MOSUL iraq,July 17.2003-The estimabd 200pax*werefound

remainsof an by Killersof the 101st


Airborne Division(Air Assault) recentlyin a massgrave

Qperatton Scda Mountatn Nds lmalWea-

in Al

Hatra, about40 miles south of Mosul, according to

BAGHDAD,iraq, July 16,20(13-Tk 4th infantry Divisionseizedaneatenshe


CentralCommand0fficials.A mass grave

amwni of weapons in OperationSoda Mountain in support of the effort to

assessmentteam confirmed the find by partially excavating the site located on a slight depression on the

createa secure environmentin Iraq,US CentralCommandofficials said. Since theoperation bqan July 12, the4th ID has conducted 85 raidsand

edge of a wadi, or dry riverbed, ijnk to rmredetailsabout Saddam'satrocities

detained 482 individuals, including48 indiwiuals identified as key fornner regime loyalist leaders, DefendAmencastory

From the Podium

Secretary Rumsfeld. Ambassador Bremer Brief Pentaaon Press Corps on Proqress In iraa "In Iraq Coalition forces removed a regime Now, they're destine ¥'orce'"ullwilt the remnanls of that regime. As they do so, Ihere will be continued

attacks,some by me remnants, more byourforcesgoing after thcsewhza'e still attempting torempose theirdictatorship

The formlion of an Iraqi nal'onal army has

have captured or killed 38 of Iraq's55 most wanted Thousandsof lower-level Ba'ath Pam bvalisls have been roundedup or otherwise de%all%ht,i

Iraq has returnedIDthe world oil market At1 of Iraq's universitieshave reopened Power and water are, in most places, at prewar levels, and we're makingprogress in Baghdad The food distributionsystem has been restarted Nearly all ofIraq's240 hospitalsand 1,200dinlcsare open. in all

major alies and

bvernirg hnd IYS begunexercimg executive aulhonv, appoinhng m~nistersand prepam3 the way for3 nw nabnal constitubon ''M

Progress is taking place:

begun, 30,000 Iraqi policehave been hired.An

Iraqi civil defensecorps is being formed Coalihonforces

in 85 percent of the towns, municipal councils have been formed of Iraqis Ambassador Bra has helped establisha new rational

SecretaryRumsfeld.July 24, Washington

Vice President Chenev Addresses the American Entnmrlw instituteon the War on Terror 'America and our allies havecontinued the relentless pursuit of the global terror network Of those directly Involvedn organizingthe September 11th attacks, many are now incustodyor confirmed dead. The IeadershipofalQaedahassustainedheavy lossm.Wemust recognize, however,bat terrorismisa long-termchallenge, and fightingterrorismwill requirea long-tern commitment. Thelooseanddecentralizednetworksof terrorismam

8hli hdng mils still ploW~gatiecks A ha:&

iddqy, Wich defiles ayeat religlm, has taken rmt ln many pm% of the world*-

Vlcn PrmklenlGheney, July 24, Washbgbr

I News &Notes

Iran: Coal tlon Provisional Authority Head DescribesProwess Future Plans

NAJAF, Iraq-(July 21) Pdty Otcer lit

Class Pasquale N. Dudas, a constructionsite



schoolthatthe 1stMarine Division sponsored m Najal (Photo by Sgl. Michael Sweet)@&)

Iraa Ucdate

AfghanistanUpdate War on Terrorism Prowess


ftASn N5Eh

.dl) 26 - r a speecn 13 me hatona Pess C -0 Ansassaocr b. Eremar.

aofi rsraw of IneCoa OOP Pro. sma A.mo?ty

mlornq ow goifemmentnefe ne sac me Cp~sntes th'eem qf5 set-urg oic


democratic aokmefit "id~nall three areas - &tv

have a pian," he sad "It is a plan with clear benchmarkiforthe next 60and 120 days. Itis a plan thatw11su~deour wxk and our mlwm m ihq. a

tmsec or s.mssns

'i reb

a $


old mereon


$erw me %mm#on a om m ~rowmat" L om me lk.noalm

me economy and oovernance

Officials Announce Plan for ImaTrooo Rotations into 2004 WASHINGTON,July 24 - Defense officials have come up with a troop-r&talionplan for Iraq that will give the commander of U.S Centra, Command "the force he needsto decisivelydafeatthose elements that threatensecurily,'theac!ingArmy chief said July 23 The troop-rotationplan will use active Army brigade combat learnsand forces hornthe other militaryservices, inductingthe


reserve comoonents Gen. John Keanesaid in a Pentanonmess hefm The olan alsocalls for


more use of internationalforces and rapidly developing Iraqi police,awl defenseand mithry

forces In thefuture, Iraq tours fly US service memberswill be'upto 12months," Keanesaid in

laying out

the detals for upmhg m8 rotations [stowl lhmm~tl

1WAStitNGTON, Julv 24,2903 -The de:tha of Udav ard Qu~v~s$lnmtvawr#clear~mal

to the Iraqis that the~usseinfamily is finished and iil not be returningto terrorize them again,'

DefenseSecretaryDonald Rumsfetdsaid today. 'To gelclosure that two particularlyM~S

members of (the former) regime are, in facl, dead is

Photos of Hussein Brothen' Bod1 s Provide Proof!



something that will contributelo mom


From the Podium



De~utvSecretaw Wolfowte Testifies on Iraa Before Sen*

"Just 69 days after the end of major combat operations, our forces and tieir Coalition partners are making significantprogress in helping Iraqis buildthe kind of country that will reflecttheir enormous talents and resources and that they can be proud of one day. Gettingrid of the Hussein regimefor good is not only in the interest 0'"the Iraqi people,it enhances the security ofAmericans andof people LhroifqhoutfneMiddie East .,The military and rehabilrationeffortsnow underway in Iraqere anessential part of the war on terror. In fact, the battklo secure the peace in Iraq IS row thecentral baele ~nthe war on ierror."M~

Foreign Relations Commiltw

Deputy Secreliny of Defense Paul Wofcrilz (July 29, 2003)


"Major operations, as well as the daily patrols and trainiw and assistance that our forces perform each and every day, areslowly but defiberateiy buildinga more stable and secure iraq,,.h the last48 houre, coalitionforces conducted nearly2,000patrols, 900 ni$X patrols, as well mover 100day and some 140 night patrolsconductedjointly with Irqi police, They alsoconducted 30 raids. Intotal, theseraids have resulted In 241 arrests for various criminal activity, fromcar theftto !nuder, and demonstrate that law and order are gradually being restored in Iraq' f1mmcM[stow)

Lt. Sen. NononSchwa*, Directorfor OpeittionsforttrJoin1Staff (July 29,2003)

The wwanj on Saddamstandsat $25mBlton, The

Coalition ProvisionalAultiorily has recently announcedrewards for informationabout attackson theCoalition, Iraqi officialsand police: sabotage of wlerand utlltes, and weaponscaches &AFJ@' J

I News & Notes

Gen. Richard MyemMeets wittiPakistani Countmart

29 -Joint ChiefschairmanAir Force Gen. Riiad 0.

Myers continued wnsultahom in SouthAsa with meetingswffi his Pakistani

counterpartsHeretday The leaders discussed ongoing operations on the border

with Afghanistan. Coalition!cops working countryare cmtinuing me mtlilm effal lo

ISLAMABAD,Pattatan, July

inAfghanistan and Pakistanitroops in their trace Talban and a1 Qaeda.


WASHINGTON,July 25,2003- Members of iraffs medical community -wBhU.S. and allied Help- are determined to restore their nation's health care systemafter decades of abuse and neglect by Saddam Hussein's regime, Do0'slop medical officialsaid heretoday. Dr. WilliamWinkmwe'der Jr., assistant secretaryofdefense for healthatfais noted that Iraqhas ban energizedand educatedmedicalwnmunity that's ready amdcapable ofreestablishing' the country'sposhionasone of the heal* careIeadeEintk M,ddleEBt /tranSCriDt)WJYJ

Allies, Help IraalsReoairTheir HealthCare System

From the Podium

Secreta~Rumsfeld. GmeM-


r acdnon to :Y n ¥ars~ccesses"a: me forces are hi^

tk Coa ton Pronsmal A-itrwr ty nas naa smesses on the c rfi side

is w' 'ne open nq of 'ne -r .m'e^i ano ncszita s tne w

ifan Iraqiarmy, and the local municiPal councils that are takina offceall across Iraa. Most immrtant ifcoursi is theformalionofthe raq Gem nQ Co~nc The 25 pew cam ncl~desSm ~h a Kurds Tmomen Assfmans men and women t is broaoly epresentabncof tnc raqiw~~anon inaced AILIO s~spec'tna' l svery he11 me most representat x ow; mat raq naseve'had *


o- req to ttie

wnd 0.1 mawet. men r-no of raa -KM ce and me farmawn

Secretary DonaldRumsfekl,Aug. 5

.L Gen Norton Schwartz Briefs Pentagon Press Corm on Operations

Coal ton forces aremitnid ng to ?a:% corn former req re oyals's am noncomp an forces SpecfcaBy. Operaton Vmry Bounty is ram QI down fenan m e enenis of ne Sa'3oam Fetfa,een S nce it wan last wek Vctorv Bo.niv has rened nearty 70 former

'edayeen fighters, includino several general and field wade officers. Thidailv raids and oat&

iteac f anfoe matei, o.c

!/ev aa{, h.ndreds

In Iraq

tfiat our tram conduct every day are

a mst 2.000 kt&

nq a mire ste am s&m Ira<; On averaqa~oaion forces aremid.ct"a

of n qnt 2a:ro s m many of mose ale conducted arl y ffl~ne raq. DO .% ' (t'awcnpt. (story)

Lt. Gen NortonSchwartz,Aug 7

Saddam Hussein, who killedcountlsssinnocent raqis,was himself a weaponof mass destruction, ad Shall FadllAlsaliianl of Be Al. Khoa 'oundation DeputySecretary PauiWolfowiizwas he kwnote sneaker at the memnai service for the

News & Note8

Army Medical Teams to Investigate Overseas

WASHINGTON.Auq 5 -The U S Army is deploynq twomedicat teams overseas -one to Germany and theother to Iraq- to examine a spate of pneumonia cases withinthe US CentralCommand region that apparentlykilled two soldiers Since March1,about


operationsinAfghanistan and Iraq havecomedown with pneumonia. DoDcivilianand

mdrfarymtc8 officiahtold reportersat a Pentaganpre bnefing today. &m@J


active duty sewice members deployed to Southwest Asia in support of military

Pneumonia Cases

DoDWill Examine Options Before Reouesfing MoreTroops WASHINGTON,Aug 5 -Ifneeded, Do0 will ask Congress to authorizemoresoldiers

But firstofficialsat the department would like to see if there are otherways to handle

Donald H Rumsfeid said

during a Pentagon news conferenceAng, 5. If after careful consideration, Ruirisfed

decides that the

President Bush. But first, there are a number of other methodsto extendthespan0fU.S. ~WC~S(kanm~t)bb~)

deployments and not raise me troop ceirmg, Defense Secretary

military needs more service members, he will recommend mat to

The "Straight

Scoop" -A Seabee Shaw His Perspectiveon Post-war Iraq





Senior Chief Ait Messer, a Navy Seabee serving southernIraq, shared hisperspectm on

postwar life InIraq Ins recent letter to American Legion Post45 He gave permission to

h MA.<

,.- -,.",

Dear Post 45 I caughtwindofand read the recent newsarticlesbeing circulatedback

From the Podium

Secretary Rumsleld and CENTCOM Commander Gen. John Abizaid Brief Pentagon Press Corps Ys notthe loneAmerican nfkman out here defending Iraq, We're working inconjunctionwith Iraqis tornake the place a betterplaceto live. That havmo been said, here's a hell of a lot more work that has to be done to secure iraa in terns of buiidina their capacilv And I knowthe secretary'stalkedto you a number of times about what we want to do with regardto bui ding international capacity. True. &?got 27 nations as parto*the Coalition. They're up over20,000, and we hope lo increase that number over time We're hopeful that over time we (will) get Islamicforceshat would come into Iraq to help us So, it is notan Arnencan-o'liy mission by any stretcl o*the imagination. It's an Iraqi missbn, it >sa Coaiition mtssim, and wa are wti~ipating."(transcriotI lstowl

Gen. JohnObizald.Aw.21

Ambas s ador Br emer Discusses Bomblna at U.N. Headquarters In Baahdad "The security problem now has got a terrorist dimension, which is new, hut the rest of the secunty is basically in betler shape than it was three monthsago when Iarrived here It is true that we're takiw somecasualtiesamong the Coalition forces,but that's largely comhg froma smaU groupof biler-e~!ersfrom!he former regime, and almost all of it in avery smallgeographicarea. Theattacks on the pipelinesthat you

mentioned and on the electricityare basicallv

ckarin his pressconference4 Saturday",ianscnct of&

a different ~roblm.Those are attacks on the Iraai oeoole. as t$e actina minister of oil made

Eartv Snow)

AmbassadorL Paul Bremer.4 20

ChemicalAll in Coalition Custody No. 5 on Most Wanted List

News & Notes

BremerSaysWork to Rebuild Iraa Will Go Forward

WASHINGTON.Auo. 20.2003-US work with the United Nationsto helobuild liaoMI

a0 forward. ~rmass"ador~,Paul Bremer said todav

~nfortunateIncKient, but it doesnot derail ourefforts: he said on CNN's 'Arne& Morning "As the presidentsaid in his statement at Crawford(Texas),we're goingto go forward We havee wry good plan to deal wth problems of secunty and more importantfy

to get themnomy gmg here Tk plitica process is well undw

'IThis was! obvtoustva w


Rumsfdd: Colombia Is Doing 'An Excellent Job' FloMIrm NarcotenorisK BOGOTA, Golambfa,Acg 19 -Tk Colombian government and its milltary have made

great progressin fightingnarcoterrorislsin the past year, U.S DefenseSecretaryDonald

H Rurnsfeidtoki rewrters here lodav. He said bat

country's military"have done an excilentpb and they are making very good proyess"in fighting narcoterrorlsiswho are fundinganb-govsmmentgroups,such as the leftist

Revol!Am8ryAmed Fomsof Coiombia, know

President Alvaro Urik and his

by me Span~hauonym FARC M

mcla s:No Intention of Lowerlna Pavfor Troops in Iraa. Afahanlstan

MWiLLAFB, Tampt, Acg. 21 - GEN Hum i-MajidWChemicdAf hm teen equred and isin ustodyof Coafitionforces,Ali Hasan at-Majidwas ie former Revolutionary Command Council :ommsnderand he is No, 5 on Central Command's iraai TOG55" list Coalition farces will continue to mric atapprehendingformermembersof Saddam fussan s reqm iI00~55msler~

J Asr ',G'Oh,&q

I5 - Fenlaw cTcasnafe no ireiron c* wring tola

consensanontor 7x0s n raq EX Afpn s!en sea Dm0 S C Cnu wfen&g

.roeCsec-eiaryfor perscnne an: rem ness A! me are remfary ncrem'i Congress iooro.e'~ n mi lof taobms c* comersalw m"n ren'oanaer oat an: fd~il;

separation all&ance

have urged Congress not to extendthem, saying they are unfunded 'We are not going to reduce their compensation,' Chu said Instead, fhe Defense Department would preferto compensate thetroopsthrough other means "We havesome incentivepay with which we

<star sio. 0 ne ?-?en- al wmce pfovsons

on pensa'e peoole in raq (ant Aynan


The two increasesare sat to expire Sept 30, and defenseofficials

nru sad Awna inesaarenn'm o0-y cw we ncenw oaf resa:




From the Podium

Secretary Rumsield Addresses Troops at Lackland Air Force Base "Our world is a different place than rt was two years ago Sep!embe"111^1ushered ina new age, anage of-somearecalling, of asymmetric warfare In this age, tte threats we have faced have no1 been so much large armies, large navies and large air forces locked in great battle, but su~c~detanks,cyber-temnsk, bw-lntens~lywaflxe, and the spread~ngco?tagbn of weawns of mass destructun"[transcriDt) IStWd


LacklandAir Force Base. SanAntonio, Texas

Ambassador Bremer Briefs Press In Baghdad

"it is important to accelerate the Iraqi Involvement in the reconstructionofIraq, and in particular in thesecurily procedures beingtaken for Iraq,

Today there are more than 50,000

FacilitiesProtection Service, which has been set

believe !hat the Governing Council has made wry clear in the statement they issued on Wednesday that they encourage Iraqisto take part in

these various processesand encourage Iraqisto step up and becomepart ofthe security forcesdefendingtheir country again64terrorists and Saddamisk''M

up to protectfixed SUES, and in me new Iraqi army, as well as the IraqiCivil DefenseCorps. i

Iraqis already serving in security areas in thedefense of Iraq: in theIraqi police, the borderguards, n the

Ambassador L. Paul Bremer.Aug. 23

Weapons Search

"RPG ley "11has beeithe site ofmanyattacks or military convoys and patrols DoD photo by at, Michael Barranti, U.S. Army (Released)

News~-~--&Notes~ .---

vver; TiisVia U.S. Making'AmizInn Difference' In k8q WASHiNGTON,Aug.26 -Americanservice membersaremaking'an

amazing difference' inthe hvesof Iraqis,Air

Myers said Aug. 25.Speaking at the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars

convention in San Antonio, Myers said the deaths of Uday and Qusay

Hussein sent a messageto me Iraqi people that America 1s not gotng to

let a smiar regime back in power Mwl

ForceGen, RichardB.

OfficialsDkciiss Rebiiinc no Guard. Rftwrv, Active Form AASdhGTOh AJG 26 - TneYa,s cf tne kana ~arnof'1are gone, Thomas F. Hall, assistant secretary of defense for reserve affairs,said Guardsmenand rese~sisaregiving muchmorethan a weekend a month and twoweeks of annual training a year, he said.

Many serve60to

the 1 2 million guardsmen and reservists have been called up in eiqht

mobilizationsIn :he past 13 yea's Hail said it's the same kinds of

specialties- civil affairs,air lrafliccontrol,mortuaryaffairsandforce

protection- that always areneeded "It's anew wodd and weneed to

trans~tlon: he sald

120days a year. Aithough only about 2 percentof

BushVow 'No Retreat' InGlobal Antl-Terror Cammlnn WASHINGTON,Aug. 26- PreadentGeorgeBushvowed todayto continuethewar againstglobalterrorism America and itsallieshave achieved many vlctones agams'global terrorists sincethe attacteon the United States, Bush declared at the American Legion's national conventionin St. Louis. The president note0 that al Qaeda no longeris usingAfghanistanas a haven, and that Saddam Hussein's brutaland ~ermrist.frrandlyWime was kicked out of wwr in Iraq.0

Secretary Rumsfeld en Routeto Iran

From the Podium

combinatfonof all of those IhinQsthat I nink is impodant. " ltranmioll MOM

SscretaryDonaldRumsfeld. Sept 4

itwasa moreslent and in someways a moreawful terrorism So I would sayto Iraqis I understand their anguish -and share it- about the car bombs. It'sa fight we're now going lo haveto win here-this fight againstterrorism.But the Iraqi people are nowfree. And they dond have tow about thesecretpolicecomlnq afterthem in the middleafthe nlaht, and they don't have to worry about their husbands and brothers blng takenoff and shot,wthe~rw~vesbeingtaken10 rapems, ~tisedaysaieow"-.

DoDAnnounces Sedtember 11 Commemorative Events The Departmentof Defensewill commemoratethe terrons

attack of Se~t.11.200*, with Secetarvof Defense haid

Rumsfeld participating in a wreath-laying ceremony

National Cemetery or Thursday, Sept. 11, at

11 a.m. EDT. Secretary Rumsteld, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs

B. ~yeriUSAF, and Speaker Dmns Hastenwill


at Arlington

9:30a.m. EDT, At

join Pentagonchaplains and employeesin a cnapei flag presentationand stainedglass windowdedicationceremony,

Ambassador L. Paul Bmnmr. Sect. 2

News & Notes

Mvers. Rumsfeld Eveto Eveon Intemationaliino Iraa Mission WASHINGTON. Sept. 4,2003 -US military leaders have no reason to try to "go round" civilian defense leaders to make policy, because Defensa Secretary DonaldH Rumsfeldandother leaderstake their


advice Gen.Rlchmd B Myerssaid tcday &@

Iraqi Ministry of Health More than 500 security people have been trained,and a posttraumaticstress programfor childrenand adub has begun. Doclors' salarieshave gone from$20 a monthto between$160 and $26C a month.Some9,OOOtons ofdrugs have beendistributed

Deolwed Trooos Get BreakonSchool Loans

WASHINGTON,Sept.4- Military personnelwho have beendeployed

or mobilized are not requireOtomake student loan paymentsduring Iheir absences. Federalregulationsrequire lendersto pastponethe studentloanprogram paymentsofactiveduty military personnd.This appliesto members01the NationalGuardand ReadyReserveswho have been wiled to active duty, as well as to active dirty personnel whose duty station has been changed as a result of a military mob!llzatim.

Patriot Dav Observances



President Bush "Today our nation remembers- we remember a sad and terrible day, September the 11th. 2001. We remernberiives lost. We remember the heroic deeds We remember the compassion and the decencyof our fellow citizens on that terrible day,"

St. John's Episcopal Church, Washington, D.C., Sept. 11

Pentagon Chapel Window Dedication

'And to us, for whom ffre lask To seekjustice'has beenset

MI on high, wepray that for evermore ourgriefbe emoered with a faith to look to the future and fhe resolve to mite in thestwqgleforpeac8:

SecretaryDonaldRumsfeld "ThomasPainesaidduring ths AmericanRevolution,'America shall makea stand not for itself alone, butfor the worid."Andfrom

that day to this, the voices of other patriots in olhertimeshave Nng

out in support of humanfreedom. President Ronald Reagantelling

Mr. Gorbachevto "teardown mat wall " PresidentBushatopthe nibble at the Worid Trade Centertellinn the terrorists that they would 'hear from all of us soon.'

11"Theydid hearfromus. and the fightfarfreedomcontinues





because we know that Ifwe do not fight the terrorists over there in

in Afahanistan and across the world, then we will have b face

them here and many moreinnocen: men women and cmaren. as well as me patrots defend ng :nem M pensn mars wny we wil



Benediction by Chaplain~obert~eltram,Sept. 11windowdedicatton)

:wr slained+s

iedicatedSept. 11,2003, in a ceremony of remembrancefor

the 189victimsatthe Pentagon and on American Airilnes %ght 77.

windowsinthe Pentagonchapel were

he window was dedicated to the Office of the Administrative Wistant to theSecretaryof the Armv: one to theArmv G-1 itenpowerantReserveAffairs ana Defense ntet&ce Igencv. one to trose on Amencan A n.nes Fi pnt 77 ard )re to Navy personnelmo cec

nthe tourpanels,the anchor (topleft) illustrates strength; I tree (bottom,nght) representsgrowth and life, andthetwo

Enter panels, which mirror each other, show an symbol of our nabon,


k fifth window in theshape of the Pentagonwas dedicated ast year. ~stoivl

Mingion Nmiond ,-

Sept. 11

Gen. Richard8. Mvem

"Those who lost hir lives In the Pentaaontwoyears wo were

aircrew members mnocent~assenoe; offcereana en sled activeosy and re-

cor.ran0-s Some werej.st

inside the ~entaoon. civi servanis

oq nnq [her careers ano somenao


long record of honorableservice

Itwasn'tjust their deaths that

made them heroes. They're heroes because they lived lives of

dedicationto duty and serviceto country.'

Alfryton NationalCemetm,Sept. 11

(link to full text of President Bush's message) (lmk to %xemv R~~~f~ld~Gtn~U~en-w

t nk m oeqns tor me memora oam to be bi. non me gm~rasof

me Pentqoi mnonng me 18fl vicbm of me Sepr

11 attach on the






Secretary Rumsfeld Addresses National PressClub "Our goal is not to create a dependency in Iraq by flooding it with Americans. our goal is to get a broad -still broader Internationalface on it, and then a considerabtvoreater Imoi face on it as thev contribute more and more to their own ooliikal future and their own emrwmc t-t-re '~'neeflen~oi,aretoo neaq a tcotpnni yo- don1hepmem yod h~rnrem&a~se toregn low n a mtry

am ar anomaly Tney rc no! nat.ral

to creak a re awe cr acepeioency. he nail rem 13 !q n stead y nc'easing tner assJnstion ctlne r own (tMSCflDt) fsbW~

Tney're -ma'i.rai

And to tneem they re mere. peope ma lo re y on nem And w don't want

esponsbi les'

Seaetary Donald Rumsfem,Sepl. 10

De~utySecretary Wolfowlk Testifies Before SenateArmed Services Committee

'I'd like to focus

specificissueof obtaining theresourcesand the authority to train and equip and Held foreign militaryforcesfiqhtirq alongsideourown;

second, to giveus the flexibility that we've asked for to reduce thestresson active duty end-strengih by making iteasiertoconvert militaryjobs tocivilian jobs, and most important, and most demandirq, to supportthe President's request, expressedsoforcefully

Sunday night, br tk resources n&d


threecnllcal areas where we seek the support ofÈÈCongres and particulaity, of MscommBee: finl, lhe

to wage and mn this war. We ned resources for our mi ma^,' (tesbmanvtramcn~tl

Deputy SecretaryPaul Wotfowrtz,Sept 9

School Days

Iraqischoolqidsshow off their new chalkboardsdonatedby

friends and family of U 5. Navy Seabees assigned to Naval

Mobile ConstructionBanalionFour. Naw Seabee units have

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MvmWolfowtk Cite Progress in War on Terror WASHINGTON, Sept 11 - Tw years afterlarrorlslattacksat the Wodd Trade Center and the Pentagon,defenseleaders saidAmerica has heeded that wake-upcall to the real threat of international terrorism,'and ismakingsolid progress in the warm terrorism,"We've had great success in the last twcyears," Air ForceGen, RichardB. wen, charmanof the Jo:nt Chisfs of M,said.

ManyIrani Artifact* Found,but MenvStill Mining WASHINGTON, Sept 10 -Precious artifacts looted from Iraqi museumsstortiyafter IhewarMth Iraq beganslowlyarefindingtheir way back to where tney belong, said Marine Corps Cd. Matthew Bogdanos,the official leadingthe ibagency investigation. Bogdanos said so fardunw a fourmonth investigation, about 3,500 artifactshave been recovered and returnedto the Iraqi people, but many items rmin mksing [transcrivl) fstorf~

Afnhan NationalAnnv Kevtotfnhan Nabnlltm GAR32 Alglan star Sep; 7 - Tne A'ciar r^tirnalhy sme key tooceno nr me ilenm ~c mwvs nfl.ence tnr~ghoul

Afgnsnisia- Crfw=e Sec'eiary 3oia 3 P-n-sfe a TW a pdmdmat

army oumg a mi lo me Pro. nc ai Roconsir~cion Team neavq-artm

lerelocsy OTc 3 ssao ne A'pn am, nasarm 5 000 sodiirs

resorts 13 tne mer m gunner neacw by 'he fe~'T~Ima ' ef'ons ir A'gnm 5197 "ne


Karza 1 s armof s trat :ne army m pfui fit a gdwnioi

-am o




n h*ido,h fr ¥tnr IT I

From the Podium

SecretaryRumsfeld News Conference on PronressIn Iraq 'if vou com~arethe ~roaressin Iraa to what haocened in Germanv afterWftrM War il. 1'm told that in Germanv it took three wars beet

an ndepenoen cenlra iaiit

gel a new Germai c-rrcncy. tnrec {ears In w, two and a naif mlns To nae a German wo.net 14 mcntns %some m ngs a-e oe 7g acn em ata gm c fp' mmwt4 imW



n lra]


wvo'mont~~Tc got ~ermanpo ce estab med r mi(14 moms in Iraq, rwo months To

In Iraq. four moms.

Secretary Donald Rumsfetl, Salt.16

SeCretaIVRumsfeld Apoearc on CBS SundayShow "Face the Nation"

The $67 billion lreauested bv the oresidentof ConoressI is oart of the olobal war on terror and ft isa tot better to be flahlim . terrorists

in raa an0 Afghan Stan man n tie "r Iec Sales 6e effort i one tiat ;as no1 as its purpose I mnk

raci s are 9o.n~lo nmto reD. 4 Iraq V\na f- s prowsa by the presdent really does is 10 say ook &e nave acnance 10 om ttial Countryon a path todemocracy, a path towards representativegovernment, a path so that we'll havea countrythafs friendly with its neighbors instead of invadiw its neighbors. and that will be a vervoood thina forthat reaion It will tea vewowd Wiina for the wrid ' [transcna MOy)


as you phrased '. feb~id oq Iraq





SacretawDonaldRumsfeu. Sent. 14

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MvmSetsUpbeatRepot on Kosovn

PRISTINA, Kosovo, Sept. 17 -Air Form Sen. Richard 6. Myers hadjust finished answering a news conference question hers on how long U.S. troops would be in Iraq when a Kosovar

reporter piped up, 'We want you to slay here for a hundred years:

while thesituation in Kosovo isstabillzing,challenges remain. Hesaid

Kosovo as Dart of the greater NATO mission. The United States will stand with the NATO allies and will not teaweark. he said. "In together, out together is the plan." he saidduring the press

conference. Thechairmansaid NATOwll continueto study the situationin the region, and is ~almostcon~nuously"reviwing the Imp leveb Weânthe country

he said Myers said that

the U,S militaryis in

Imtalleibni Gear Uc for Hurricane Isabel

WASHINGTON,Sapt 16-Military basesalongHieEasl&&are

people, ships, aircraft and facilitiesfrom the potential destructive winds and water of Hurricane Isabel.Ships were beingordered out tosea, aircraftwe'eflying west, and instllAcm

throughout the mid-Atlantic were bracing for

115 miles per hour. In addition, newsreports said the Navywas callingfor the voluntary

evacuation of all ts personre in advance ofthe humane's approah &y)

taking stepsto protect

the potential of maximum sustained winds near

FilioinoTr- Contributeto Ing Stabill

CAMP UDAIRI, Kuwait- Soldiers and civiliansfromthe Philippines deployedto Iraq in late August to provide peacekeepingand humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people. The Philippines has also sent a last; force of civilian medml and police nrofessionais. The mce

will trainthe Iraqi policeforce, and the engineerswill providesome assistancewith construction for civil and military projects," said Bra. Gen Pedro Ramboanga,commander of the Philippine Humanilar~anContiwent toirao. The Phiti~olneshas oldced a totalot 500~eoote- both

1 soldiersand civilians-

to assist with nest-war rehabiiiatiin and reconstruction.'lstav!

Sept 19 is NationalPOW/MIARecoqmtion Day Morethan 88,000Americansstill are

specialistswork every day aroundTie

wrtd to locate and identify them Since

tfe end of the Vietnam War US teams havelocatedandidentifiedmore tan 700 /Americans who were missingas a result of

fre VietnamWar lstorvl

From the Podium

Sacrataw Rumsfeld Testifies About War on Terror Before the

"As a sign of his conviction that we must prosecutethis war, and defeat those who threaten us, the President has requested $67 billion in

emergency funds to fight the war on tenor The vast majorityof the funds the President has requested will go to the troops who are risking

their lives In this struggle.


remaining $21 billion is to heip the people of Afghanistan and Iraq secure their nations far freedom - so that they can get on a path to stability, self-pwrnment and sen-reliance' Dreoaredstatement]

Pay, fuel, transportation, maintenance, weapons, equipment, lifesaving body armor, ammunition and other cnticai military needs

Of the $87 billion in the Resident's request, $66 billion Is to support ongoing military operations -- money for military

SenateADDrODriations Committee

SecretaryDonald RumsfeM, Sept.24,2003 Washington, D.C.

Gen. John Ablzald TeMKiet Before SenateArmedServices Committee

"We an focusing our efforts in five areas. (1) improving intelligence; (2) developing Iraqi security forces; (3) internationalizing our security effort; (4) protecting the inqrastructure,and (5) helmng to communicate our aims, plans and successes to the Iraqi people. We have also

Iraq's borders In areasin which

we achieve stability, we will disengageour forces and turn over security responsibilitiesto Iraqis while maintaining the capabilityto anticipate and respond rapidly lo any changes in the situation. Later, as the New Iraq expands its security capacity, we intend to move our forces to less Vkible locations from which we can react to externalthreats and prepare to relinquish national defense responsibilities to the New Ira1 Army,' heDarec statementlu

reposltonedforces to concentrate our efforts in problem areas and establisha higher degree of control over

Gen. JohnAMzaB, Sepi 25,2003, Washington. D.C.

News Stories

New Iraqi Army Training

matter of 'must haeW

R 6 R LeaveBeolns for Troops, Civilians inOIF WASHINGTON,Sept. 24 -Service membersand Defense Departmentcivilianson 12-monthorders in Iraq and Jordan supporl!ngOp?rationIrqi Freedomnow havea restand recuperation leave program that will allow them to take up to 15 days, excludirc travei time, to visit famiiv or friends in the United States or Europe. &CJ)



corduced weekly in Baghdad to ran new ,raqi recruits ir soldier skillsand prepare ta tlm to won< with coalition forces supporting Operation Iraqi

Freedom. (U S. Ar Force photo by Master Sat Robert R

HarareabesJr !


From the Podium

Secretaw Rumsfeld. Gen. Mvers Brief Pentagon Press CorDs: SecretarvSays Bulk of Money for Iraa Will Come From Iraals "Some have properly asked why the Arrerican taxpayer should pay $20 billon to train Iraqis to providefortheir own security in that country and to repair Iraqi infrastructura,It's afair question. Theansweris so that Iraqiscan take responsiblttyfortheir own secuiityand for th? reconstruction oftheir country as quickly as possible, and U.S. forces and Coalition forces can turn the responabilfly over to the Iraqis. The $20 billion lhe President requested is not Intendedto cover all of Irq's needs The bulk ofthe funds for Iraq's reconstruction wit! comefrom Iraqis- from Oil revenues recovered assets, international trade, direct foreign investment, as well as some contributions we've already receNd ar% hpe to receive from the inlemationalcommunhy,"{tranmipt~Men\

SecretaryDonaldRumsfeld, Oel. 2,2003

Brio. en. Cone Brlellna on Joint Lewms LeaM FromOmrationmdee&&r I

"The (lessons learned) process Involvesthousands of hours of observation, of key meetings and key decisions wiih people In the room taking

notes. etcetera,

having better and morelimely informationthan the enemy- again,a relativecomparison:theabilitytolevaragethe air and sea arm intothe

ground fighl because we achieved air and sea supremacy soquickly, and !hen the application of precision, precision fires on a scope and

scale tMs unpreedentd, lhnked to


key points !hat the leaders I interviewed mentioned were: A,

having initiativelo determinetime and place of attack; B,

sped and depth of ground manewer"~lranscriot~lsI04

Brio. Sen Robert W, Cone, Oci 2,2003

News Stories

NORTnCOMCUMSaw J.S. BetierPremrtdTo FaceTen-orktTnmB AASh hGTON,On 2 -The .n tea Stares 6Ocre'wepatea to face tenorst

mrm'cca, an0 me. S kcn-em Cm-tm w mmue

tc mprove 1 %

2003 Basedin Colorado Sennas, Colo., it is resoonsiblefor

homeland defense mission. h he mmn-and's credo 1s to deter, prevent and

defeat. Eberhart sad the key is to have actionable mteltgence.

me U.S. militarv's

.- UboriaMillion W Mi Gown &AS% hGTON Sepl 30- Tie L S .om Task Wa mat partopalaom

slm v werations n .ma s 0. mc.t Dc'ewa 3e~amento"iaasflftlo

Mil taifarces

succeeded in establishinga safe area so humanitarianoperations in Liberiacan proceed, said officials A total of 55 Marines will terrain in Monroviato bed up

At itsgreatest,US presence m Libena wasabout

300 US officialssaidlslorvl

security at the U S embassy

fromthe ~conomic~ommunityof West African Stateshave

WASHINGTON,Om.2 - Poparttat Peter Max has unveileda new


~ufafAI-Neil pn&ry

school in






mmbzm hondcd out schw WPPI~~,hmene PrOdals 3nd toys that had been donated by US orqanizations (US Annv

photo by Spc Snauna McRoBerts)

11th~ictimsFund.After vi&g

Pentagon tasl October to see the

restoration efforts,he said he fen


programmed end strength for thefiscal year was 350,000. As of today, they have 351,091 members. The Army NationalGuardhasachiewd Its end-sfengthmission for seven consecutiveyears The Air Nabona Guard's pfogrammedend smgn for the fiscal yearwas 106,500 They

From the Podium

Secretary Rumsfeldand NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson Briar Press at NATO Meeting In Colorado S~rinos,Colorado "The goal ofthe Coalition is not to become the permanent provider of secunty fo' that country Rather, lt is to be there fcr a short penod, whatever it

takes, assist in getting the Iraqi forces up to speed

the job of Iraqis, not of Americans, not of Coalition forces, except for a period, and then allow them to take that over. The same thing's true in the political area, Mere the transition will go from the Coallwn ProvisionalAufrority, a transfer of sovereigntyover a period of tme to the Iraqi gmment as it wolves: lbansoi~t.stm

and armed an0 equipped end trained so that they can, In fact, provdefor Iraq's security, Mich is

Secretan Donald Rumsfeld,Oct 8.2003