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Taurus Horoscope For April 2020

APR 20 - MAY 20


APRIL 2020

Dear Reader:

Only a month ago, we were all living normal lives, seeing friends, booking dinner
reservations in favorite restaurants, traveling to nearby cities. Then, in the blink of an
eye, the world turned inside out and upside down when it was clear that the pandemic
was hitting hard.

We learned to stay home almost all the time, to keep our social distance when we go out
to the grocery store, and to wear masks and latex gloves. We wash our hands over and
over, we scrub our house keys, and wipe down our smart phones and keyboards. The
coronavirus was upon us. We stay glued to the TV for every news report and realize that
we are all connected in a way we had never been before. My early morning trip to the
supermarket and to the ATM remain the high points of my week.



You have a powerful chart at the moment, especially for progress in career.
How is that possible, you might ask. We are all working from home, and the
world is in chaos. I say that does not seem to matter in your case, dear
Taurus, for you are headed to praise and a possible promotion.

In every crisis, some people rise to the top like cream in a way that would
never have been possible previously. That’s because those people have
strong leadership skills or wise ideas that turn out to be extraordinarily
successful in ameliorating a problem. As a Taurus, you like to keep things as
is, without change, but sometimes that works against you. Breaking the chain
of routine can free you to nd a better role for yourself. Sometimes
untoward events, as dif cult as they may be initially, are blessings in disguise
for they pull us out of the past and into new and unfamiliar territory. In
dealing with new circumstances, you will allow different elements of your
personality to emerge—strengths and talents you may never knew you

With Uranus passing over the early degrees of Taurus (those born April 20-
25 are especially feeling this now), life is changing at warp speed, but you will
see—it’s all part of the plan, and all for the good. Other Taurus will feel the
changes in time, and the bolt of creativity and evidence of your expanding
imagination will be the bonus Uranus has for you now and in the coming six

Two big planets just moved into your prestigious professional tenth house of
fame and honors last month. One planet was Saturn, the taskmaster planet
to push and prod you to reach new heights. Saturn will teach you the ropes in
a new arena of your industry. This planet is known to want your full
attention, but Saturn will also bring an older person who will teach you how
to comply with new standards in connection with the new role you are
growing into. Saturn is brie y in Aquarius from March 21 (last month) to July
1 to give you a preview of what is coming in 2021 through early 2023. During
that time, Saturn will tutor you from your tenth house of honors, awards, and
Saturn will return to Capricorn, your ninth house of academia, the media,
travel, and immigration, from July 1 until December 16. At the end of 2020,
Saturn will re-enter Aquarius to stay without interruption from December
16, 2020, until March 7, 2023. The last time Saturn was in Aquarius was
February 1991 to January 1994, so you only get two to three visits of Saturn
to Aquarius in a lifetime. These visits are rare, which means you will notice
the difference—think of Saturn as a high-priced professional that has been
sent to you to enlighten you and prod you to bring out the best in you.

For the time being, in April you will have both Saturn and Mars in your
prestigious tenth house of career. Mars entered this part of your chart last
month on March 30 and will remain until May 12. This is why, if you have a
job, there will be pressure on your shoulders to be productive. Mars arrives
every two years in this part of your chart, and it is, in truth, considered a big
advantage to have Mars lighting your career house. From now until May 12,
you will nd it easier to get in touch with high level people, most likely on
LinkedIn, Twitter, or other venues, for Mars will be in Aquarius, the sign of all
things newly invented and futuristic, including social media, the Internet, and
the digital world.

If you lost your job last month by being laid off, actually you have some of the
strongest aspects possible to get back on your feet with a new and better
job. There is no doubt that it is terribly hard to be out of work, especially with
a deadly virus circulating the globe, but you have luck on your side. Start by
calling or writing to in uential people you know and perhaps worked with in
the past. If they don’t need your services, then ask each for one name that
you can petition.

A project you have been working on seems to be nishing up on April 7,

which is the full moon in Libra, 19 degrees. Venus, your ruling planet, will be
beautifully oriented toward Mars and Saturn at the full moon. As said, Mars
will be in your career sector so it might be that you will get a bonus or fee for
the project you just nished. The Sun and full moon will both be in hard angle
to Pluto, however, so before you get the project done, you may have to deal
with a demanding client who seems oblivious to the fact that everyone is
operating under impossible circumstances. Mars will be at 90 degrees, a
harsh angle, to Uranus, so you may make a bold move to break with the past

and strike out in a new professional direction. Opportunity will come up this
month, even though it is likely you will be working from your living room. You
are the exception to the rule, dear Taurus—everyone wants your services.

Your career will be lit up

brilliantly throughout April, for
you will have Mars in your tenth
house of fame and honors for the
rst time in two years. You will
nd it easier than usual to get in
touch with in uential people who
can help you elevate your standing
in your industry. ”
Saturn (the past) and Uranus (the future) are now within orb of a sharp clash
to each other, and this is the rst glimmering of a dispute they will carry on
throughout 2021. This indicates that the structure of things around you will
need to change suddenly. This will happen because the universe will feel it’s
time to bring elements of your life into alignment to the new way of the
world. All of us, of every sign, are in the same boat. Go with the ow, and
never worry about things you have no ability to control—just focus on what
you can control.

The full moon—a sturdy, one—will appear April 7 in Libra, your sixth house of
work at 19 degrees, and this house also rules health. If you have wondered if
you have the coronavirus now or did have it and recovered, this full moon
will likely bring you the test and answer you need. Allow four days, plus or
minus, from April 7. After you get the answer, you will decide what you need
to do next. If you had it and recovered, you are doing well. If you feel sick,
then you will likely need to sleep, and if you have no food in the house, you’ll
need to ask a friend to help you get a few things, including water, juice, bread
for toast, soup, pasta, and other light fare. (If you are sick, you won’t feel up
to ordering on-line or eating much.)

If you have stayed shuttered in your apartment or house and kept your social
distance of six feet from others, the way authorities have asked us to do, you
are likely to be ne. So again, don’t worry about something that has not
happened (or could happen, against all odds). The world is going through a
historic and radical social and economic adjustment, and some parts of life
will change permanently, perhaps when workers see that all their commuting
was exhausting and that working from home can be equally productive.
Certain methods will need to be modernized and made more suitable for the
life you are living now, for that is what Uranus is known to do. Uranus is
always asking us to look ahead to the future.

The new moon on April 22 will be your big moment, for it will fall in Taurus,
three degrees. This new moon will arrive with her partner, the Sun, and also
with Uranus, at six degrees Taurus. This might bring a surprise, or you may
announce a new, major decision to family and friends—something big that
represents a move in a new direction. If anyone has hemmed you in, you will
bolt, for Uranus, now moving overhead for Taurus, is the planet of freedom
and the breaking of bonds.

This new moon is a bit mixed in outlook—it’s not perfect. The trio of heavenly
bodies in Taurus, the new moon, Sun, and Uranus, will be at sharp odds to the
trio at the top of your chart, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto, a stately group.
Saturn, at sharp, hard square angle to the Sun, will make life seem hard, as if
many are depending on you to deliver. You may feel the pressure to step up.
Yet you are a dedicated worker, and VIPs know you are a star on their staff.
The Sun rules your physical home and family life (including parents), so you
may be taking on more responsibility in your private life.

Venus, however, will save the day, for Venus will be in ideal position to beam
her mythological lover Mars. Mars is in your house of fame, and Venus, your
ruler, is in your second house of earned income, so your income should stay
strong and may possibly increase after this new moon of April 22.

If your birthday falls on April 22, plus or minus four days, or you have Taurus
rising at three degrees, plus or minus four degrees, you will be very affected
by this new moon. The same is true if you have a natal moon in Taurus or a
natal planet in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces at three
degrees, plus or minus four degrees, you will see bene ts from this new
moon, so be ready to respond to opportunity when opportunity knocks. Help
things along too, by looking for ways to make money, for with your sterling
chart, even in a crisis, you can nd ways to generate more.

See my article on the Coronavirus Outlook on the home page

of AstrologyZone.com or on the premium version of my app (an in-app
purchase, $4.99 a month) on the menu, Life, Love + More, and then go to
Susan’s Essays.

This month, the emphasis is on your career, money, and home and family, but
not on romance. Stay home, dear reader, and know that life won’t always be
this way. It will be so glorious when we all can go outside again as much as we
like. For now, stay safe.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º,
not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.

Your career will be lit up brilliantly throughout April, for you will have Mars
in your tenth house of fame and honors for the rst time in two years. You
will nd it easier than usual to get in touch with in uential people who can
help you elevate your standing in your industry.

You will likely wrap up a major work project within four days of the full moon
in Libra, April 7. This project could bring you praise and attention from
higher-ups, along with a handsome sum.

You will have fortunate experiences also in connection with the media, in
terms of publishing and broadcasting, academia, immigration, and legal
matters, for Jupiter and Pluto will be helpful in those areas, too

Your birthday gift from a loving universe will be the new moon in Taurus on
April 22. Your life is transforming before your eyes, due to the rare, once-in-
84-year visit of Uranus to Taurus. Those born at the end of April are feeling
the message from Uranus rst. Uranus is due to bring major life changes.
Uranus brings all kinds of surprises, so although almost nothing in life is
straightforward, that holds especially true now. You will need to expect a few
twists and turns—some surprises will be exciting, others not so much. You
can and will untangle obstacles and keep moving forward. At and after this
new moon, April 22, Venus, your ruler, will be in divine angle to Mars in your
tenth house of fame. Both planets will work together to help you see that a
sum of money is directed your way.

How to use this important new moon in the days that follow April 22?
Consider the fact that you will get but one new moon in Taurus in a year. Use
this moment to stop and think about your birthday year ahead. What is most
important to you? The universe will be helping you to think in highly creative
ways, no dream will be beyond your ability to capture. Dream big—even baby
steps taken at month’s end will get you there. With your chart, this is true
even if you are working from your living room and practicing social
distancing. Stay optimistic! You have a winning chart.