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Escritos sin dirección

Writings without direction

To See
The eye perceives the world,
the mind perceives the eye,
Consciousness perceives the mind,
Who perceives Consciousness?

To Sit
To sit in silence, naked listening…
Naked listening, alive senses.
Alive senses, ghost mind.
Ghost mind, naked listening.
Naked listening, awaken silence.

It is very true that the Tibetan people have, so it seems, an obsession with the
“rainbow”, this has always caught my attention…
If we leave aside all well-founded superstition (religious believes), we encounter a
(marvelous-wonderful) example, a (marvelous-wonderful) analogy!
Nature of ALL phenomena is exactly the same as the rainbow’s nature!! IT CAN BE
Each phenomenon in its impermanence, reveals its intrinsic freedom… freedom of
being owned, freedom of making sense…
(Needless to say that thought is a phenomenon, ha ha ha)

I come to destroy your world,
Even though you don’t like it, I come to destroy your world,
Even though you like it, I come to destroy your world,
There is no escape, I have already devoured the future,
I come to destroy your world,
There is no God to save you, nor Devil to conspire,
I have devoured Them both, I come to destroy your world,
There is no “past as a place of refuge”*, there is no going back home,
I come to destroy your world,
There are no friends, family, masters who can give you final advice,
I come to destroy your world,
Where could you escape? Where do you hide?*
I come to destroy your world,
Nothing matters anymore, I come to destroy your world,
Only that way, the dream that you are a human being will run its course towards
I come to destroy your world,
Ignore the chit-chat and listen!
Can you really do anything else?
If you believe so, then keep on running towards nowhere,
When you are tired of running I am there to destroy your world,
I have no face,
The lover calls me Passion, the religious calls me Love, the vicious calls me
The paranoid calls me Fear, the seeker calls me Mystery or Frustration,
And none of those names I Am,
I have No name, I have No face, I come to destroy your world,
And you do not need to understand it…

Asana (yoga posture) finds its plenitude in understanding I am not the body.
Pranayam (breathing exercises) finds its plenitude in understanding I am not the
one who breathes.
Meditation techniques, all of them, find their plenitude in understanding I am not
the thought.
It is so, that confirming in situ what we are not (Sadhana), we can Recognize What
We Are…

Here is not where I am… Here is what I am

Life is not chosen nor made… It is discovered, Eternally here/now

I Am That
What It Is… That of which Nisargadatta said To Be (“I am That”) is precisely T H I
S… So explicit, so immediate and previous of the sense/direction* (concept), that in
the world of concepts it is called “mystery”, “esoteric”, “secret”…and nonetheless It
Is all there is.

Relaxation is comprenhension. Comprenhension is to realize. To realize is
effortless. Effortless is just Now. Now Is… Peace.

Dikr (memory of God)

You forgot who you were
When you learned who you were…
In the absence of what was learnt,
Or when the learned doesn’t mean anything,
What It Is, without appearing or disappearing,


You hear everywhere that ego must be overcome and transcended to be free, and
to live happily ever after!
But what is the ego? What do you call ego? To some, ego is an evil entity that lives
“within ourselves” (?), to others it is a set of defects or flaws swarming, again,
“within ourselves”. In other words ego is, for most people, the “invisible culprit” of
everything considered wrong or just bad in life.
Do you realize that “entity living within us”, “set of defects swarming within”,
“invisible culprit”, etc., are IDEAS-THOUGHTS? Do you realize that to divide oneself
in shadow and light, defects and virtues, ego and Being, is just fiction happening as
When you didn’t know yet, that is, when culture (family-school-friends) hadn’t
taught you yet about the existence of defect and virtue, right and wrong, where
was your shadow?, where were your flaws?
The more data and information are incorporated to the experience, the more
concrete the world appears. Ergo, if the world appears more concrete and defined,
the individual appears, proportionally, more defined and concrete.  This is the
decisive point in all this.
Believe it or not, what gives the world of phenomena concretion and reality is only
data, ideas and learned concepts. In other words, the more information I have of
the phenomenon, the more it reveals itself its shape, its limit. Grasp this, and the
ego is exposed.

The allegedly terrible and evil ego is something much more simple and innocent. It
is only the idea you have of yourself within the experience, what you have learned
that you are and should be. Ego is just a thought, an idea. The more information
and data you have of yourself, the more concrete and defined you appear. The more
defined you are, clearer is the fiction of “shadow and light within you”.

You are taught an image/concept, for instance, spirituality. In order to learn this
concept, you must know its opposite, which is mundanity.  Given that spirituality is
contrary to mundanity, it is a way of setting apart of everything that you call
mundane or worldly. There is no spirituality without mundanity. Spirituality is
another name for “non-mundane”, as mundanity is also another name for “non-
spiritual”. There is no universe where the concept of mundanity exists without the
concept of spirituality. Do you realize its impossibility? That is language, and
thought is language HAAAAAAAA!

Shape or non-shape… the same Presence. Movement or stillness… the same
Presence. Empty or full… the same Presence. Thought or non-thought… the same
Presence. Shiva or Shakti… the same Presence. Note until this noting “is all there

Blessed anxiety! You do not stop showing me how futile it is to try to anticipate to
what is here now…
Blessed frustration! For leaving me empty handed over and over… Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you!. It has been revealed, within that impotence, the supreme
relaxation in which emptiness knows itself as pure goalless space…
Blessed mental chatter! For confusing me over and over again, within total
confusion I have been left without certainties nor goals, and you have revealed
your nature of pure sound-echo without inherent meaning. How comfortable and
easy it is to listen to the crickets in the country side, when its sound has no
meaning… Crickets…Thoughts... Any difference?
Flatter of impulses that adorn the presence where they are known, and therefore
Incandescent awareness, where here and now are not divorced and time nor space
are considered…
Awaken silence, bright space, eternal immediateness, no name sticks* and all
names ARE within You, and what You are is Here.

Maybe we can’t tell between understanding and Awareness. Are you Aware or you
just understand?
Whoever understands is thinking, whoever is aware is not!
Silence can’t hide, there is no such thing as “what’s hidden”… everything is
explicitaly as it is,
Sharp immediateness that consumes distances,
Wild* glare that illuminates experience,
Nobody has ever read this… you’re just aware.