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International Workshop on

“Solar Park and Smart City Development”


Hosted by:

Energy & Petrochemicals Department

Program Details
Program -13 January 2011
Time Topic Speaker
ADB – GOB Session, Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
0900-0930 Registration
Inaugural Session
Chair: Mr. Mr. P. Uma Shankar*, IAS, Secretary, Ministry of Power, Govt. of India,
Co-Chair : Mr. Hafeez S. Rahman, Director General South Asia Energy Division, ADB ,

0930-0935 Welcome Address Mr. D.J. Pandian, Principal Secretary, Government of Gujarat

Mr. Mr. P. Uma Shankar*, IAS, Secretary, Ministry of Power,

0935-0945 Address by Session Chair
Govt. of India,

Policy & Initiatives of MNRE for Ms. Gauri Singh, IAS Joint Secretary, Ministry of New and
Solar Energy Development Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India

Policy and initiatives of DEA for

Mr. Venu Rajamony*, IFS, Joint Secretary (MI), Department of
0955-1005 finance for Solar Energy
Economics Affairs (DEA), Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India
Mr. Hafeez S. Rahman, Director General South Asia
1005-1015 Address by Co-Chair
Energy Division, Asian Development Bank
Mr. Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Government of
1015-1025 Keynote Address by

1025-1030 Vote of Thanks Mr. Yongping Zhai, Director, South Asia Energy Division, ADB

National Anthem
1030-1240 Session I -Solar Park
Chair: Dr. Pramod Deo, Chairperson, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, Chairman
Co-Chair: Mr. Yongping Zhai, Director, South Asia Energy Division, ADB

Introduction to Gujarat Solar Park – DVD Presentation

audio-visual presentation
Mr. P.K. Mishra, IAS (Retd), Chairman, Gujarat Electricity
1045-1055 “Current and future FIT and others”
Regulatory Commission
“World Trend of Policy and Ms. Anjali Shanker, Managing Director International Energy
Regulatory Framework” Agency-Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (PVPS)
“Lessons learned from Spain’s Mr. Diego Martinez, Director of Plataforma Solar de Almeria,
Experiences” Government of Spain
“Solar park and power purchase &
1125-1140 Mr. S.B. Khyalia, Executive Director, GUVNL
sale agreements” (PPA/PSA)
“ADB’s potential role for Mr. Ajay Guha, Lead Specialist (energy) in South Asia Energy
1140-1155 supporting the Government to Division, ADB
develop solar park”

“ADB’s potential role in providing Mr. Don Purka, Senior Investments Officer, Private Sector
1155-1210 relevant financing to project Operations Department, ADB

Energy & Petrochemicals Department

1210-1240 Q&A and Closing Remarks Chair / co-chair

1240-1335 Smart Grid for Solar Park and Smart City

Chair: Mr. Naoki Sakai, Senior Climate Change Specialist and Project Officer, ADB
Co-Chair: Mr. Surinder Negi, MD, GETCO
1240-1250 “Overview of Solar Park Smart Mr. Surinder Negi, MD, GETCO
“Issue on the Grid and Ms. Kim Massey, National Renewable Energy Laboratory,
Dispatchable Power” Government of the United States of America
Mr. Yoshifumi Murase, Director, METI, Government of
“Smart City Development in Delhi
1305-1330 Japan
Mumbai Corridor”
Mr. Anurag Mishra, Senior Project Officer, GTZ, India
1330-1335 Q&A, Closing remarks Mr. Hafeez S. Rahman, Director General, ADB
1335-1430 Lunch (Main Venue)
1500-1700 One to One Interactions with ADB officials (PDPU Campus)
1900-2100 Dinner (Cambay Hotel)
Program -14th January 2011
Field Tour
0730 Departure from hotel
1130-1330 Charanka Village field tour including lunch
1730 Arrive at hotel Cambay
Follow-up discussion (Mr. D.J. Pandian, Mr. Surinder Negi) (Cambay Hotel)

GEDA – Mr. Sharad Patil

GPCL – Mr. Rajendra Mistry
Government of Spain – Mr. Diego Martinez
Government of Japan – Mr. Yoshifumi Murase
EPIA – Ms. Simone Sweerts
KOPIA – Mr. Seongho Lee
Abengoa – Mr. Shiv Shukla, Mr. Prem Verma
Q Cells – Mr. Manasij Kar

Energy & Petrochemicals Department