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Date: 28th June 2020

BCMS Policy

At MyFood and Services for You our BCMS policy establishes our groups commitment to minimize
disruption to our business processes and services and minimize financial impact in the event of a
disaster while ensuring the safety, security of the people, data and other assets through continued
business operations in a resilient manner upholding our legal and regulatory obligations such that
our customers trust and can depend on us.

Sunil Kulkarni

Objectives : Purpose of BC management process is to reduce disruption caused by disaster & security
failures & recover sustainable services/Process

High Level policy

My food shall device an effective & viable business continuity plan to enable the recovery of
operations in event of a disaster. Business continuity steering committee shall ensure that plan is
driven by business needs to ensure wide acceptance.

Lydia -----

My Food Pvt Ltd is dedicated in providing its services or products continued even in case of any
disruptions to meet customer requirements by addressing hazard and opportunities without
impacting Quality, Nutritious of “ready to eat” food products and “Services For you “ company is
committed to provide continual business without impacting Security, Privacy of Organizational and
Customers data


My Food Pvt Ltd is committed to continue to improve hygienic, quality & nutritious ready to eat
food products to the extent possible even incase of disruption to the business , by analyzing and
addressing risks and opportunities appropriately to meet the customer needs and expectations on
timely basis and also to provide reasonable assurance to vendors for continuity of products and

Kushal D

The Board of Directors and Management of My Food Pvt.Ltd located at Mumbai which operates in
ready to eat meat food products are committed to preserving the continuity of My Food Pvt.Ltd in
meat Processing, Storage, distribution and ensuring the quality and other functions in the face of
disruptive incidents in order to preserve its competitive edge, legal, regulatory, financial and
contractual compliance and the organization image.
Mohamed Rafi

My Food Pvt. Ltd. is committed to deliver Hygienic, Quality, and Nutritious "ready to eat" food
products across India without any disruptions at any circumstances and will make sure utmost
customer satisfaction.


High Level Policy

My Food private limited is committed to provide our products and services to our customers in case
of a disaster. We are also committed to continue to help our partners to reduce impact of disaster

Detail Policy for Continuation of business

Identify critical business process--Refer the Risk Analysis and find out what is the required in the
current scenario

Identify critical resources--Defined in Business impact assesment to restart the process

Comunication of envoking business plan-- Comunication to people involved people in BCP

Start recovering the critical process of business- Recover after confirming if everyone is safe and can
support critical function

Recover the BAU--Defined team can continue to process to up the business as normal


Objectives : Reducing Business impact in case of an incident as defined by management causing

Business disruption and trying to recover BAU

High Level Overview

My food company is committed to effectively plan and manage business continuity plan to enable
the recovery of operations in case of an incident. BCMS management committee shall ensure that
plan is driven by Organizations objectives to ensure customer satisfaction.

BCMS Objectives
Objective 1: By 31st August 2021 improve our production recovery time by 18 hours and maintain
production capacity at 80% during a disaster

What will be done establish 5 mobile production plants which can be mobilized to a safe zone
(away from the primary production location) in case of disaster
Resources required R&D
Technology Partners (Suppliers)
Responsible Head of Engineering
Deadline 31st August 2021
Evaluation KPI: no. of mobile plants installed and tested

Objective 2: By end of Q2 2022 reduce the use of grid electricity to 5% in all our cold storage

What will be done Install inverter based refrigeration system with a long lasting battery
Resources required R&D
Technology Partners (Suppliers)
Responsible Head of Engineering
Deadline 30th June 2022
Evaluation KPI: no. of refrigeration units converted to inverter system

Objective 3: By end of 2022 implement drone based distribution in the whole Mumbai area

What will be done Pilot a drone based delivery in a rural area before deploying to the City
Resources required R&D
Technology Partners (Suppliers)
Responsible Head of Logistics
Deadline 31st December 2022
Evaluation KPI: no. of successful delivery tests done

Objective 4: By end of 2025 create 3 datacenters in North Pole region and replicate all services

What will be done Acquire land, permits, technology and erect datacenters
Resources required R&D
Technology Partners (Suppliers)
Responsible Head of Infrastructure
Deadline 31st December 2025
Evaluation KPI: no. of successful datacenters established services migrated