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Types of irregular plural

There are many types of irregular plural, but these are the most common:

Forming the
Noun type Example

Change f to v knife knives

Ends with -fe then life lives
Add -s
wife wives

Change f to v half halves

Ends with -f then wolf wolves
Add -es
loaf loaves

potato potatoes
Ends with -o Add -es tomato tomatoes
volcano volcanoes

cactus cacti
ends with -us Change -us to -i nucleus nuclei
focus foci

analysis analyses
ends with -is Change -is to -es crisis crises
thesis theses

ends with -on Change -on to -a phenomena
criterion criteria

man men
Change the vowel foot feet
Change the word child children
Add a different person people
ending tooth teeth
mouse mice
Singular and plural
Unchanging deer
are the same
fish (sometimes)

When you are sure that you understand the lesson, you can continue with
the exercises.

1. The plural of "bus" is

A. ? bi

B. ? buss

C. ? buses

D. ? busa

2. The plural of "shelf" is

A. ? shelfs

B. ? shelves

C. ? shelvs

D. ? shelfes

3. The plural of "woman" is

A. ? womans

B. ? womanes

C. ? women

D. ? woman

4. The plural of "phenomenon" is

A. ? phenomena

B. ? phenomenons

C. ? phenomeni

D. ? phenomenon

5. The plural of "child" is

A. ? children

B. ? childs

C. ? cheeld

D. ? child
6. The plural of "deer" is
A. ? deers

B. ? deeres

C. ? door

D. ? deer

7. The plural of "stimulus" is

A. ? stimuluses

B. ? stimuli

C. ? stimula

D. ? stimules

8. The plural of "calf" (a baby cow) is

A. ? calfs

B. ? calves

C. ? calf

D. ? celf

9. The plural of "thesis" is

A. ? thesises

B. ? thesies

C. ? thesi

D. ? theses

10.The plural of "buffalo" is

A. ? buffalos

B. ? buffals

C. ? buffalose

D. ? buffaloes

Type all of your answers in the spaces and the and click on "Check
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1. foot
2. wolf


4. person


6. goose

7. echo

8. fish


Matching exercise

Choose the correct plural form

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tax ? ? ?

a) taxs b) taxes c) taxies

watch ? ? ?

a) watchs b) watches c) watchies

bike ? ? ?

a) biks b) bikes c) bikies

potato ? ? ?

a) potatos b) potatoes c) potatoies

lady ? ? ?

a) ladys b) ladyes c) ladies

monkey ? ? ?
a) monkeys b) monkeyes c) monkies

match ? ? ?

a) matchs b) matches c) matchies

tomato ? ? ?

a) tomatos b) tomatoes c) tomatoies

time ? ? ?

a) tims b) times c) timies

door ? ? ?

a) doors b) doores c) doories

computer ? ? ?

a) computers b) computeres c) computeries

kilo ? ? ?

a) kilos b) kiloes c) kiloies

worry ? ? ?

a) worrys b) worryes c) worries

fly ? ? ?

a) flys b) flyes c) flies

toy ? ? ?

a) toys b) toyes c) toies

baby ? ? ?

a) babys b) babyes c) babies

book ? ? ?

a) books b) bookes c) bookies

boss ? ? ?

a) bosss b) bosses c) bossies

fax ? ? ?

a) faxs b) faxes c) faxies

a) pianos b) pianoes c) pianoies
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