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Tine. I hon. aod ld ninurc6

l Why water .eal h Rqoired jn 6 lrap?

(A) To dlow th€ ps4E ofsa.t€ water
(B) To prcven! th€ flow of sr6t? wat€r
(c) To prev€nt thg p$.ase of foul g,.e. nob ih€ drain
(D) To bldl ihe mil plsce
2. Rotary punps dro i
(B) Dtuplaceneri itT€
(D) IIud operatcd i}}o

3. T}!e presorce of MireMl, caus6d iq wator :

(A) Eddncs (B) Tubidity

(c) cblour (D) Tadre

.t. The pemisibl€ lurbiility of dossshc wat rb:

6, Ite Cravity sy8tcn ofr.td &.hibution i6 depend. on:

(A) size ofpipe (B) Ecishb o{dilEiburion bnk
(c) Sir. ofdisftbutio! iank (D) raadod orv.lv€6
6- Shnd pipe6 e pffidod rt rh€ dbtribution system oI:
(A) atalting point (B) Ethell Doint ofdihibution ayst€s
(C) Low..t poht of disdbutio.y8t€n (D) D€lil end ofdndblridn sFt4D

?. Pr3@ Rlrid %lv€s 5a pdidcd in r sat2! Dne for :

(A) In@&e ihe wate. pres@ (B) R€ti.v€ hishDE$uF fDn the line
(C] R€gubte tL€ pE Noff,ow (D) DiveiitlepEs@

3, Hydrsnt d prc''ded 6r:

lC) Fire iglrins puryoe

9. sell. closinc *aier iapd ae capable for i

(A) Wtsh basin (B) Kii'hensirl
(C) Public ddn*ing touniain (D) Baicl room

r0. Re*aiins t@l is u.d for :

(A) .lo iDgofv,Iv€ 0l) gettiDs of varve

(C).[lnantlingolealre (D) Lv'llil'g tnd cleuine ofval\€ &ai

rr. TrE nan€ €mDloyed tor a 6tti.g, having t l.tce' si* at one end than d the oth€' :

(A) Elhow (D) Reduer

(C) Te joi!! (D) Union

rr. lvhai shoutd be th€ nininuD didtance b€twecD the hot snd old-watei risl n a
pluDbina syat€n?
(A) r6OnD G) 900bn
(C) 25obE (D) 30o lM
13. Ih. .ir€ of wnt pipe is dei€lnin€d r@.di4 i. :
(A) A!@.ding io tb€ SiE of drtin and Numba of drailpipe
(B) r'ordile to th€ Lrndn of drsin ald Nunber of drai!
(q Acodi.s to ih€ Nunb!. olittirlgs ana Si@ or 6tiinc!
@) A@rdils to the Nunhar of tnpo ialaU€d in the rire

14. Wly botton of tLo lcachitrs cs6spool Ddo waietiilht?

(A) for store ile em!€ti
(B) eflucnt get ihsp€Bed in to ihe .urcnndinc soiL

(C) lo spaEd.mu.nt io grolnil

(D) for saf€ depodit

16. Wh€rs lim€ @Mete i6 ued?

(!t H.." dn6truction
duty (B) Lish'dltvoDhuciion
(C) Under fou.daiion (D) BofondetinB
03,92016 { A
16. NIyret orcebcnrisaddod in cencnt oncrcre?
(A) Ioreser*rins Ol F.. i D.reasins lod cap.city
(c) l'.f hc.vy pre$ure (D) ForwridfpMt
l?. Mild stei pile lnar salranization id ca:lled :

(B) GI lir€

lA. Thc nan. oa v6lee whic! pErenr€ ih. back tow of x.!t€f i5 trm s?
(A) cat vllve (B) BaI valvd
(C) ch€ctvdlve (D) Stop vtrlve

19. ThcEeishiofsatsrneref trb.verhewat€rsupplylincghoutdbe:

($ lmcn (B) 50cn
(q 30cn O) 20cn
20, io. checlins od clei.ing ol honse a.rin, thc a@s i6 pNided by :
(A) chanb.f
Inspoction (B) Dor rcc
(c) Man-bole (D) tmp 6ot€
2r, Thc minibun sia ofa public sewer shoutd b. :

(A) lnmn (B) 6ocb

(C) 60lrch (D) 6oFor
22. Tlo ninibun di3tame ber{een e vat f souh snd . 6ephc r!r& shodd be j
@) r5n (B) 20n
(c) 25n (D) !0on
23. A .ttudure @lsr.ucred io. dfawins rrrcr fton re3.doir is called :
(A) dam
Chcct (B) lol
(c) ln raLe (D) casspml

(A) Ac disinfent
(Ci Codsulaot

26. Tne tlap which pbvi.led ar dtop men Lols i! c'lted I

(A) cu1ly t.oP G) lntt@Pringir4

(C) Floor tlap (D) Boiil€ trap

26. An mvod.d siphon re t

(A) saniiait ittiac G) Matonry frthn3
(C) s€w6..etun (D) Eou' &wer stid
2?. Ptre p.ef€.r€d io 6x su. valvo it :
(A) In drs dilr;buiion sFted tt d€aA 6nib
(B) ln th. ditilibuiion svci€n at niddle
(O h ths distabutior ststas ai hjrhost por6d
(D) In ih. dltribution svstln lowesi poli'on
2s. The @l la. cottirg of CI pip5 ir dore to :

iA) Protoct !cai..t €orR.ti,n (B) Protet agaiNt brit eress

(C) Pretcd aglin.t trdibiutY (D) P6tat 'saiEt nDiblitY

,9. Stad pipess ioined bY :

(A) catill*vioint. G) adhc'ie j'int
(c) w€td;dJoint (D) Boil ;pisbi joilt
' 30. L!'thsla.ding pesw oDtdtvof'kt Dipe s:
O) Ersho! thln 0l pipe (D l'wer ihan Cl pire
(C) Ider tils AC pipe (D) Lkr tlsn SWG pip'

. 31. Cuppcr PiP..M.lsilY t€nd hut :

LA) c,ntcut (B) &mt$3

(c) @.tredD@ (D) odr t joint

32. Son elde!€pilarvjoitt ale u!.d 6r:

() cI PtP€ joiar
(C) AC PiP..joint
3L Plr liDe o! e.bt:
(A) sigh 4isrn.l load (B) M6t itdg.nic c!€bicab
(C) ltigh tedP€Etcte @) Exila beaw w.t4r pressrs
3tl. The lateft of C.Dposite pipes e :
(A) Polyethyhns, Almjnum and Polyorhytene resp€dively
(B) l,olrtlryLn€, Fibbe. and Polyeihylene Espccavay
(C) l'ibber, Alunitre dnd PolyerMcnc re4eclively
(D) Allni.un, !'ibber and Potyethvlcne resperivery

95. Thc natly ued Cl propiDe mrin joini !ft i

(B) SdLet and 3pisot joint

,6. The deltl of Henp Md in I Seker and Bpisoi joini lre :

(a) 50cn (B) 30 cn

(c) 2o.n (D) 5cn
37. fhncldjointrrecspablen)r :
(A) WheF it nryb€ r€J. underybud
(B) Wherc ii f,aybe ecaeiorllly dignanrle or ras&ablhg
(c) Where il niybe belr vihrllion d defl€ction ol ripe
rD' WbpF r brybe b.s bish vrrmrrol0oB
34. sAod @st Cl pipe u*d in water olpply shall @nlori io i
(A) lsl2526 (B) L9t.%25
(c) lslr$6 (D) lst.r?zg

39. o. d sat€ valve water ltrow &on 6bhil ihe sruGng bor Wh_\,?
(A) vrlve *st wolr{ut (B) D€r€chve prcti.s in rhe srufirg box
(C) h a sate valva (D) Vdlve i3 old sil undorviceabte

.0. h which vals Iare ,n inbmal pdtition in it?

(A) caio valve
ic) ChdcL valvo

.n. WIore the nu.h hydra.l k insuht€d?

(D) Upb 90 d lbore tlD srcuad leEl

,12, The *ater m€te. shich u*d lor neasui,8 3ha[ !o1 or *ate' :
'3 {atef mabr
(A) Venturinetcr G) Posnive di'placeDc'i
(C) R@pdaliw (D) Turbin' ttT€

.13, Union jdi.t nust b€ ;

(A) n
Ai erery 60 (B) Atei€rY76n
iC) At derr 100 b (D AievorY2ooB

,14. Watd is mdr@iolly iiiled by means of :

(A) BY tulley
(C) Bt buckst

45, whlt n ihs fundioD of 6ot valt€?

(A) To hold wdler in d.liv€ry (B) To draiD out water ftom ileliv.ry
(c) To lold *ater in suclion (D) To &ain out waier &!n suction

46. To p€wnt the w.le! had.r

(A) Valves lnd iaps snould be avoid

{B) ValE3 md taps shotrla b. cloed slosrv

(C) Valves and taps sbouh b€ alwavs open
(D) v,1ves and taps 3hould be aldavd cl@e

a7. wsrrr suppb is dd.Eled for :

(A) popul'tion
An esrinat€d (B) Qndniitv ofwatet avan'ble
(c) rle €tcbDent e, (D) Qualitv oawate.

4E, ln Indi! shicn |}Te otsupply dy6ien il fdlloR€d?

(A) ltr dusr 3}!t€n
(B) Direcr Punping sy6t€b
(C) Inthe intornnt€ni .lpplt sy8lom or{tt r
{D) CoDtuuou6 suPPlY tYsteD qarer
40, The r€rident ol wat€f is iler€nd upon the :

(A) QuM.ityofwlt€r (B) Qudliryorwab.

(C) Tubidiry ofRaisr (D) Hrdn€.lofw'te!
03r!016 8
50. Pornor ble h* rdness of sofr r at€r E :

61, Lihc sda prdds is enplor€d fof:

({) Sedhentarion ot war€r
(A) Renovrl or tenporarr lurdncas otwaro.
(C) R€novrr orpernd€nt hardn€s6
(D) nEndal ololroidal inrurjties oi waer
_ 52, pII valua ,@!rable in publc vat€r rlpply ie :

( ) 0.0br0 G) ?t 3.5
(0) 66to92 (D) sjtos.b
63. Iilhtion pro€.s is rcnoval ofl:
(A) Flo6ti.g nafies
(il) sBpended rafteB
(C) !'ie Sus!€nted natter!
(I)) Mic.ooEanbbs add olloidal Mttds

(A) Ne,rilE sure orwar€f (B) Id rron r[€ sour€ ofv.t4r

(C) ltiRh* inan ihd Bou.eofNaler (D) No any diet.acrion
66, Sloe send 6lt $are:
(A) Glavitytype (B) Prcsu.e tlTe
(c) Noap.essu€ type (D) nd i}}€
66, Cloesed lilrer D€dia in R pid rina 6iter is reEoverl tly :
(A) @ilia
Chansins (t,) By ffiapins
(C) Escl wash (D) Ne@ to d€an

67. M@t fbqu.ndy u*d Etting in wat€r Bupply iE :

53. Prihinsi6 tbe pr@ss ofl
(A) Renovinc the t wst€r
lpDeil (B) &d@ing tne trapped tir
(C) Ranovinsthe happed wsrt€ mlttlE (D) R'nodns tle {tanaeed palts

69. To infta* the suhcielt pEs@ oa di.tlibucion 6rsten :

(A) Jer ptrnp is requiad (B) ftrlin€ pup it rquitsl
(c) Stlse pmp b required (D) BGler p@! i6 leqftd

60. The valv€ wbict in*€Ied 6uctror 6.d i! :

(A) ch€ck valve

(c) F@t valve

61. Iutalt wator heaterd dl

(D) Nor predsure t'"e

61. w.t€r herter to b. s't h on :

(A) Afte.tettilg (B) Aftar lodiling rrt'r
(C) Aher drainolt O) Withoni'ate'
6r. One of rb. benp6b olmi! rat€r h.re.tila i! :

(A) CFuDd ?tFr rabLe r,ir. (B, surfae ffi * er dN

(O Seal€reIwin r.ise (D) Ru ofiwi! cl€n tlE 8reud

64. Th. tl€ tuE! siall be r5o no

top or abore ile lomation of srcund 1*l Wlv?
(A) !o. id€nii6caiion
(B) Fo. nade a stl@lue Nr it
(C) Fo. prsenhDg ihe ontlv ol .urfaca wote.
(D) For saite a office buildinc ow! it
66. 1!. bGi impFreil.v.t6n of..dttry plunpila E :
b€st rnd
(A) on pipe dy.t€b (B) Tepip€ 8Ft'n
(C) InBl6 3tact dyst€E (D) CaFbined"€ten

60. Tl'e sebd *t piF tro pip. ov.t€n

or ! llemold'd 6t :
'. (B) caFy,nc sitw6t
(A) C*ryDc sun4t wa.t!
(C) Canyi4 n@. *rb. dtty (D) CaEyiDgr hg€ ad eil {a.io
0E42010 lo
6?. Ldteral dttings are caled:
(A) ttti.s!
Soll (B) Waste fuines
(c) Comnon,iiiinss 0)) 8orh soil wasle tillinss
68. Which one ol ihe folloving is rlb ncrnod ol drarins wdter f.om livcr bad2
(A) Docp*eU (B) ctuun.lweU
(c) Inrale w€ll (t)) Tubseu
69. Ware. win mt available fo. fi@ exlinguidhing fron?
(A) I! d$l sysi€n
(B) Continuour supply dysrem wat r
(Cl Direct puspine sydbn
(D) ln ibe internitt€nt supply syelem of qaer
70. Wllich syst€m ol w.ter supply syslem js suitihl€ aor n.ecularly gFrirS bnsl
(A) Rins6y6@D (lt) TEe sysbo
(C) Radialsr6.cD (D) Crind itun srsren

71. Dual.ystem i3 al6o &M a. :

(A) Ganrtr 6y6t€o

(B) Conbin€d s.avity ed pupiw sy.t n
(C) DiFct prdpins sysreE .
(D) ndial.yrr4n
72- In b,s enn,.ge pe*r :

(A) High turbidi.y waior €D use (B) Filimtion is rc. required

(c) No sludge is lormed (D) Sludso E fomeil

73. AerarD. prde$ is usd t r r.novll ol :

(A) D issolvc d sa$e, tasles a nd odouB (3) Suspendednan !s

(C) Fr.e Sudp€ld€d naltels (D) MiNorganbns and 6[oi&l natte.s
74, Eow lo Fnov. iddle forDation lmm th€ wet€. h€.t€r?
(A) Applyiq sdirn chldride
(B) Applying dilut€d lydrdhloric acid
(C) App\rry dilured sllph\.ic acid
(D) Appblns conen[ated nitric acjd
75. The * ater storcgetirl at el€vat€il ndilion ee call€d :

(a) overhead tantr G) Suria@ tsnl<

(O c.nnon t'nk (D) subp

?6. Pipes whi.! cdr1a.s siltg€ water ioE balbd are c.ll^'ll
(Al pipe
Sojl (a) l{astepipe.
(C) Rainvalerpipe O) Siphon P'Pe

7?. -l'. pe.ahsrbl" do$s" or.h)odho h dflnldng *'Fr i'

(B) 105io I r0 ns/rit€!
, (A) 025to210me4itor
(O 01.10t 2.ross^lq (D) 005to010ng^it€r

?3. Frtting whicn Nsd to. m.neciing scrice conneciion to wai4r mai! i3?
(A) union ferine G) n!du@ snd cuppirc
{c) R.ilue 6nd valve (D) R2duce and uron

79, On $me rooda. &m€ wheF a little port nav be

b.d, 6s€ out wbne €uiiins or
hdb€nns wLat i. the nah€ of tll t 9ut?
(A) Cain G) I{mt
(C) shal€ O) Pra.!8
80- U:herc the nstrholes arc pdidcd in .traight lcnslh5 oI pipe lines?
(A) meterinieFals
At50 (B) '1o
(() 30 nei€r inte.mls (D) 20 ne16' int€mro

31. ln whici yer the First Ahe.dment.d ofhilian @ntiituiion us passeiP

(a) 1950 (B) 1951

<c) 1952 (D) 1963

8!. The Tra'ao@.e Di{dn Nho rrernitt d the Shennar wonen t @ver thei upper larts :

(A) Dae
Rija Kesata €) Velu ThaDpi D6lawa

(O OonhiniThanPi (D) Cll JohD Munrc

s3. Whoc ideas ol s@ial .efom de Fpr.&nied bv 'Kerala l(aunudii?

(A) SreeMrayana Cntu (B) Chlibnbiswanit'l
(C) Awa.i€Ii (D) K P KaTPPd
0342016 l2
8.1, Whichisthc lndiah strr€ siven aur.noncus 6r,rus by tha Article 3ro?
(A) Xd,ls (B) tteh.nshrra
(C) B'lDr G]) ,Janmu {DdlGsh,nir

85, RadonalisD is not r Elicion. It is an atrrtudc to acepr knusledge hasd upon .eason...,
*lorc words !€ thcsc?
(Al l,orlaril YohMnrh (B) s,hourin ri Ayyappan
(C) SradesAblinani Ranakrjrhla Pjlhi (D) V,kran Abdul Khudir M a ulayi

36. Who tu the plc&nt cIaL!€Fon of NatioDai Ou'nmi$ion for sonen i. India?
(A) P,tnaik
Jayanthi (B) Ixlitha (unarumangaldnr
ic) Itllnlashr.n, (D) Dr. Cirijs \']:s
37. The 6rst .theisi rc*rprper in fietuld, Yu]rdvodi was published irtherlat:
!\) lo2? (B) 1923
{c) rrr0 (D) 1030

86. To shicn ruld rhe Mal!}ah Mendi.l w$ submitled?

(A) Tifunil
srcc M@l!o (R) S€e cnthlru Tilunat
(c) swnti Tirundr @) ArilyanTnuml
89. \i!'ho ruthorcd '(a.n uiaulli"?
(,{) vullathol Nara-\'enr Menon
(C) Nullpp5l N,rarua Menon (D) Xuttip urad! xesdv,n Nlir
90. \rihi.h place *u6 tle main rcnu€ ol$lrSarrasr.ha in Ilda]a?
(A) vddalda (B) llqysnnur
(c) Tirur (D) PoMa.i
91, who is tie prcrcnt prcsidenrofrh. Pf.€amana lGla S{hitya6rn*han?
(A) (.drnaniriu Ran dk.ishnM (B) U l$uder
(c) Vaishakndr O) V.K. saDo

92, wlrd l"iled Tcmple Dntry P.tul,nnalion as d ndra.le of no.lem iines ?

(A) sec Chithira tunu.rl (B) T-K.Madhcvan

(C) ItV. itaDaewirdy Nricker (D) Moharns Cundti
l3 034/2016
sonan activi.t {ho 10n the IGlrla Sabitya Academv A*ard in r9?7 :

(B) BalananiAnh.
{c) (D) klith.nbiks AtrharFlaD

9a. who wa6 the i$i Presidcnt ofih.lndidn

(A) Dr. Stchidlttdd Sinha (B) B.R.,1Dbe.I{d
(C) RljerdB Pmdad (D) B.N. Rao

96. Wlncb article of lndian Consii.uuon psvid.s for Nttional Anerxltct?

(B) 351

(o 352 @) 353

96. (an*.r ws imnolaild s Sair b 1937?

In whi.h Indi.n rtate Rup
(A) Bihar (B) Rajatihar
(q Maharctir' (D) MadlYa P"de'h

97, wlro *a3 the archit€ci of vidhan Bhava., Bhc,lal which hrcught Asa}h'n Awdrd to India?
(A) clarle. Coea (B) Bv.DcLi
ic) satish Gujml (D) L.urie B'l<dr

06. "A,lhnalrth.lrtod A.E har" i! ihe lubbiocathv of :

(A) A.kkamn, Chedan

(C) tuttin€lu dna

st. which 6EEurib/ ol fi.mla is FpEsent€d by the Yoc.r{shona sabhq?

(A) Ezhav,s (B) Mu.li66

(D) Namb@tlili3

100. fte winn€r ofvallaihol Atard in 20151

(A) O.Nv' (urup (B) I('v.laF Nsnyana P.niler
(q P. N.rrvu. Ku.up (D)