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Timeline of Philippine–American War August February June

1898 * August 12 - Armistice ends * February 4 - Philippine- * June 5 - Filipino Generel Antonio
Spanish-American War American War begins Luna assassinated by Aguinaldo's
May men
* August 14 - U.S. sends 10,000 * February-5 - First and largest
* May 1 - First battle of the troops to occupy the Philippines battle of the Philippine-American * June 13 - Battle of Zapote Bridge
Spanish-American War: Admiral War: Battle of Manila; Americans - On Luzon, Lawton's American
George Dewey destroys the Spanish September drive Filipino army out of Manila forces rout a larger Philippine force
fleet at Battle of Manila Bay. under General Maximo Hizon, and
* September 15 - Philippine * February 6 - U.S. Senate votes to inflict heavy casualties on the enemy
* May 19 - Emilio Aguinaldo assembly ratifies Malolos ratify Treaty of Paris 57-27 (2/3 plus in 2nd largest battle of the
returns to the Philippines from exile constitution, establishing Philippine one) with only 2 Republicans Philippine-American War.
in Hong Kong where he had been Republic as an independent state opposed: George Hoar of
since the failure of the Katipunan Massachusetts and Eugene Hale of November
revolt of 1892-1896 October Maine
* - Boxer Rebellion in China begins
June * October 1 - Paris Peace March * November 11 - Battle of San
Conference begins - U.S. President Jacinto - U.S. General Loyd Wheaton
* June 12 - Having defeated most William McKinley instructs William * March 31 - American forces drives Filipinos out of San Jacinto.
of the Spanish forces on land and Day to not annex all the Philippines, captures Malolos, capital of the Luzon.
having surrounded Manila, General only Luzon, Guam, Puerto Rico Philippine Republic on Luzon, driving December
Aguinaldo signs the Philippine out Aguinaldo and his government
Declaration of Independence and * October 24 - McKinley comes to * December 2 - Battle of Tirad
becomes first president of the a decision during the night. He woke April Pass - On Luzon, 60 Filipino patriots
Philippines. up and received an answer from under General del Pilar fight off an
God - there was "nothing left for us * April 9-April 10 - Battle of Santa attack of 500 U.S. Infantry for 5
* June 15 - Anti-imperialist league to do but to take them all, to Cruz (1899) - U.S. General Henry W. hours, before nearly all Filipinos are
formed to fight U.S. annexation of educate the Filipinos, and uplift and Lawton captures Filipino stronghold killed, including del Pilar.
the Philippines and other insular Christianize them. And then I went of Santa Cruz and pushes into
areas, citing a variety of legal, to bed, and went to sleep, and slept Laguna province on Luzon * December 19 - Battle of Paye -
economic, moral and racist reasons. soundly," On Luzon, Filipine General Licerio
* April 11, 1899 - Battle of Geronimo routs an American
* June 20-21 - Battle of Guam; * October 28 - McKinley cables Pagsanjan - American sharpshooters brigade under General Lawton, in
U.S. takes possession of Guam from new instructions to Paris delegation: skirmish with Filipinos outside of which Lawton is killed.
Spain "the cession must be of the whole Pagsanjan, succeeding in driving
archipelago or none" them out. General Lawton's troops 1900
July take Pagsanjan in the second action
December of the Laguna Campaign. April
* July 3 - Battle of Santiago de
Cuba; U.S. destruction of Spanish * December 10 - Final Treaty of * April 12, 1899 - Battle of Paete - * April 15 - Siege of Catubig -
Pascual Cervera y Topete's fleet Paris signed by Spain and U.S; U.S. General Lawton's forces disperse Filipino guerrillas launch a surprise
pays Spain US$20 million for Filipinos blocking rout to Paete in attack against a detachment of
* July 4 - U.S. takes possession of possession of Guam, Puerto Rico stiff fight. Paete taken by the American soldiers, and, after a four-
Wake Island from Spain and The Philippines. Americans. Last action of the Laguna day siege, force them to evacuate
Campaign. the town of Catubig on Samar.
* July 16 - Santiago de Cuba, Cuba 1899
falls to U.S. * April 23 - Battle of Quingua - May
January Philippine General Gregorio del Pilar
* July 25 - U.S. takes possession of stops American cavalry scouts on * - General Arthur MacArthur, Jr.
Puerto Rico from Spain * January 23- Emilio Aguinaldo is Luzon, but is then routed after an replaces General Elwell Stephen Otis
sworn in as President of the First artillery bombardment and infantry as military governor (until July
* July 25 - August 13 - Last battle Philippine Republic. ground assault. 1901), and William Howard Taft
of Spanish-American War: U.S. and arrived as civil governor of "our little
Philippine troops defeat Spanish brown brothers" (Governor-General
troops in Battle of Manila of the Philippines) (until 1904)
June Kitchener in the Second Boer War in
1901 South Africa.
* - General Arthur MacArthur, Jr. 1902 1903
proclaims 90 day amnesty and offers March
30 pesos per rifle. The amnesty January * guerrilla war continues
pledges "complete immunity for the * March 23 - American General
past and liberty for the future." The Fred Funston directs capture of * January 31 - Lodge Committee * December 23 - William Howard
results of the amnesty were Emilio Aguinaldo at his Palanan begins. Senator George Frisbie Hoar Taft, Governor-General of the
disappointing. It is suspected that camp with the help of Macabebe pushes Congressional investigation Philippines negotiates with Pope Leo
many of the natives surrendering scouts - Emilio Aguinaldo swears into the conduct of the war by the XIII. The United States buys Filipino
were opportunists collecting bounty allegiance to the U.S. and asks his standing Committee on the Dominican friar lands for $7.2
for obsolete weapons.[1] followers to surrender, but Philippines headed by Senator million and resold to Filipinos,
* June 4 - Battle of Macahambus - resistance remains strong. Henry Cabot Lodge. Testimony by mostly to absentee landlords.
On Macahambus Gorge in Cagayan American soldiers portrays routine
de Misamis, Northern Mindanao * - Lonoy Massacre - In a reverse brutality, torture. 1904
(present day Cagayan de Oro), ambush, U.S. Infantryman launch a
Filipinos rout an Americans surprise attack on Bohol natives and February * guerrilla war continues
regiment and inflict heavy kill over 400.
casualties, but take less than 5 * February 17 - Filipino General * - Massacre at Dolores - On
casualties of their own. May Vicente Lukban captured on Samar. Samar, 47 Philippine Constabulary
Resistance continues in the Samar Scouts ambushed by 1000 pulajans
September * May 27 - First Supreme Court interior. and nearly all killed.
rulings in the Insular Cases. The
* September 13 - Battle of Pulang Supreme Court rules that colonies March 1906
Lupa - On Makahambus, Filipino are constitutional and that U.S.
resistance fighters under Colonel constitutional rights need not apply * March 2 - Court-martial of U.S. * guerrilla war continues
Maximo Abad ambush 55 American to colonial peoples. Marine Major Littleton Waller
Soldiers, killing, wounding, or begins for the January execution of * March 5-March 7 - First Battle of
capturing all of them. 11 mutinous porters on Samar. Bud Dajo - One-thousand Moros
Court votes 11-2 for acquittal fortify themselves in an extinct
* September 17 - Battle of September volcanic crater on Mindanao and
Mabitac Filipino forces outmaneuver April battle a large number of American
and route American forces on Luzon. * September 28 - Balangiga soldiers, before virtually all Moros
Massacre - Over 50 Americans are * Philippine General Miguel Scouts killed.
November killed in an ambush on Samar in the Malvar surrenders in Luzon,
most infamous incident of the war. followed by 3,000 of his men. Last 1907-1912
* November 2 - William McKinley Gen. Jake "Howling Wilderness" Filipino general to surrender in the
defeats Democrat William Jennings Smith orders retaliation against the war. * guerrilla war continues
Bryan in the presidential election. Samar civilian population
Bryan was hurt by Aguinaldo's May
endorsement of the Democratic December 1913
party. Albert Beveridge, the * Court-martial of U.S. General
freshman senator from Indiana, * December 7 - American General Jacob H. Smith for ordering killing of * United States promises eventual
emerged during the campaign as the J. Franklin Bell begins concentration all males over 10 years of age on Philippine independence.
"golden orator" of Republican camp policy in Batangas on Luzon - Samar; convicted; verbally
imperialism, debating Senator everything outside the "dead lines" admonished; sent back to U.S; * Moro rebellion phase of the war
George Frisbie Hoar, using his tour was systematically destroyed-- retired from service. ends.
of the Philippines to claim direct humans, crops, domestic animals,
knowledge of the war, holding out a houses, and boats. A similar policy June * Philippine-American War ends.
golden nugget from the islands to had been initiated on the island of
prove its potential wealth: "I was Marinduque some months before. * June 28 - Lodge Committee
there." The American Anti-imperialist press adjourns without taking any action
argues this policy is similar to the
reconcentrado policy of Spanish July
General Valeriano Weyler in Cuba
and British General Horatio * July 4 - President Theodore
Roosevelt declares the war ended