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necessarily speak for all of them. If any map) are alive, and he doesn’t know any tion.

PCs are killed in Illefarn, Wild Elf other way in, except by the long-lost ref- Korin Ironaxe, male dwarf, 7th level
replacements may be rolled up as fight- uge of King Devin. There used to be a fighter: AC 1; MV 6”; hp 53; #AT 1;
ers, druids, or fighter/ druids. These bridge/stairway to the battlement, but Dmg 8-11; THAC0 9; S 18/65, I 12, W
characters are considered to be young that was destroyed by invaders centuries 11, D 15, C 16, Ch 16; AL LN. Equip-
enough to discard their conditioning and ago. He encourages them to find this ment: dwarven throwing hammer +2
join the party. Similarly, if Melandrach place and promises them all the help he and shield, ring of regeneration, amulet
doesn’t see anyone coming out for a can give. If the PCs ask for mapping help, of proof against detection and location,
couple of days, he’ll start recruiting any- he can give them general information dust of disappearance (3 uses).
one who passes near. about all of Illefarn except the refuge. Ibin, male dwarf, 3rd level cleric: AC
If the PCs don’t bring the sigils with 4, MV 6”; hp 15; #AT 1; Dmg 3-6;
The Battle in Illefarn them, Korin is naturally suspicious of THAC0 20; AL LG. Equipment: chain
them. If convinced of their sincerity, he mail and shield, hammer. Spells:
As the adventurers explore Illefarn, they will offer his help as outlined above. 1st level: cure light wounds (2)
will encounter members of three distinct However, when swords start flying, 2nd level: hold person
groups fighting for control: the dwarf fac- Korin’s dwarves and gnomes won’t be Kain, male dwarf, 5th level cleric: AC
tion, the orc faction, and the necroman- much help. They are more concerned 4; MV 6”; hp 28; #AT 1; Dmg 3-8;
cer faction. Each group is described with saving their own skins than aiding THAC0 17; AL LG. Equipment: chain
below. the PCs in combat. Even if Korin sends mail and shield, mace +1. Spells:
some troops along with the PCs, they will 1st level: cure light wounds (2), protec-
The Dwarf Faction hang back and protect themselves in tion from evil
The last of the dwarves, along with a few hopes that the PCs take the brunt of the 2nd level: aid, detect life, silence 15’
gnomes, are led by Derval Ironeater’s fighting and the brunt of the dying. radius
brother, Korin Ironaxe. In all, 21 dwarves Korin figures that the more orcs and ban- 3rd level: remove curse
and five gnomes are left of the brave band dits that get killed without sacrificing the Gorn, male dwarf, 9th level cleric: AC
that took up the occupation of Illefarn lives of dwarves, the better. If the PCs do 3; MV 6”; hp 50; #AT 1; Dmg 4-9;
some three years ago. There were origi- a good job, Korin just might get Illefarn THAC0 13; AL LG. Equipment: chain
nally 11 others with them, but they have back. mail +1 and shield, staff of striking (13
all died in combat with the other two fac- Korin, however, would be grateful to charges), ring of faerie, figurines of gold-
tions. any PCs who found the crown of Devin en lions. Spells:
Korin’s family has tried to protect Ille- for him or otherwise aided him in clean- 1st level: bless, cure light wounds,
farn since the main body of dwarves left ing up the old homestead. Korin will detect evil, protection from evil, purify
many centuries ago. They had occupied reward adventurers with money from his food and drink
Illefarn for hundreds of years until about treasure hoard and will let them keep 2nd level: augury, chant, hold person,
a century ago when the lack of numbers most of the loot they find. His gratitude slow poison, speak with animals
forced Derval to bring his family out of does not extend to risking dwarf lives 3rd level: continual light, dispel mag-
Illefarn and take up residence in Dagger- when an adventurer is on hand to take the ic, cure disease
ford. risks. 4th level: cure serious wounds, protec-
But Korin disagreed. He felt that Korin will also offer the PCs the sanc- tion from evil 10’ radius
dwarves should occupy Illefarn, so he led tuary of his holding inside Illefarn. In the 5th level: dispel evil
all the allies he could find back into the same way that the PCs can return to Dorus, male gnome, 3rd level illusion-
warren three years ago. When he did, he Melandrach, they can also rest up in ist: AC 7; MV 6”; hp 10; #AT 1; Dmg 1-
found that orcs had occupied part of it. Korin’s holding and utilize experience 4; THAC0 20; AL NG. Equipment:
These days, Korin is primarily inter- points earned from killing orcs and ban- wand of illusion (42 charges), dust of
ested in recovering the crown of Devin, dits and acquiring magical items to appearance (2 uses). Spells:
the ancient dwarf king, and bringing it advance in levels. Again, experience from 1st level: color spray, detect illusion
out of Illefarn to honor it in a more money must wait to be used until they 2nd level: hypnotic pattern
defensible place. Unfortunately, Korin’s can get back to Daggerford. Morri, male gnome, 5th level illusion-
family has lost track of just where the Korin does not want his presence men- ist: AC 4; MV 6”; hp 13; #AT 1; Dmg 1-
crown is located. tioned to Melandrach. The party may try 4; THAC0 20; AL LG. Equipment: ring
If the PCs arrive in Illefarn with the to tell him that the Wild Elves don’t want of protection +3, bag of tricks, dust of
sigils given to them that the gargoyles on to come into the mountain, but Korin illusion (2 uses). Spells:
the balcony in room 41 (in Area B — see isn’t taking any chances. 1st level: change self detect illusion,
Following are the members of this fac- phantasmal force (2)